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The Cast and Credits section will help you find out the names of PS performers and the roles they have played. You can also link to actor biographies, character profiles, and more.

This is an up-to-date list of the contract and recurring roles on Passions. For your convenience, the cast list now provides links directly to our actor biographies in the About the Actors section as well as to character profiles in our Who's Who in Harmony section. Simply click on a performer or character's name and you'll be taken to the appropriate page.

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The Stars of Passions

Recurring Roles on Passions
Amy Castle
Viki Vanderheusen
Daniel Chalfa
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald
Nicole Cox
Valerie Davis and Vincent Clarkson (as Valerie)
Phillip Jeanmarie
Vincent Clarkson
Christopher Maleki
Abby and Emma McCoy
Camille and Kate Schwary
Colton Shires
Seth Stern

Production Team
James E. Reilly
Executive Producer
Lisa Hesser
Richard Schilling
Mary-Kelly Weir
Co-Ordinating Producer
Jeanne Haney
Associate Producer
Denise L. Mark
Head Writer
James E. Reilly
N. Gail Lawrence
Marlene Clark Poulter
Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.
Peggy Schibi
Clem Egan
Pete T. Rich
Maralyn Thoma
Nancy Williams Watt
James Sayegh
Karen Wilkens
Phideaux Xavier
Grant A. Johnson
Peter Brinckerhoff
Gary Tomlin
Production Designer
George Beckett
Costume Designer
Diana Eden
Assistant Costume Designer
Dominie Holladay
Music Directors
Jill Diamond
Ron Brawer
Casting by
Jacklynn Briskey, CSA
Casting Associate
Don Phillip Smith
Casting Coordinator
Debra Manners
Associate Directors
Tina Keller
Robbin Phillips
Stage Managers
Roy Friedland
Bret Warren
Production Associates
Dania Guthrie
Cherie Wall
Post Production Supervisor
Ken Rissolo
Technical Director
Wayne McDonald
Lighting Directors
Craig Chaddock
John Nance
Mark Torromeo
Production Audio
Bruce Bottone
Ricky Alvarez
Carol Benedetti
Anthony Dalfares
Randy Johnson
Jack Chisholm
Michael Denton
Victoria Walker
Dean Cosanella
Bill Scott
Jim Velarde
Video Tape Operator
Ed Lindsay
Linda Cook
Music Supervisor
Paul Antonelli
Offline Editors
Mary Ann Benson
Paul Hartel
Online Editors
Schooner Darrow
Shel Sandman
Assistant Editor
Kevin Martinez
Post Production Audio
Walter New
Daniel Bosworth
Digital Video Effects
Sean Naughton
Production Manager
Tim Stevens
Art Harding
Kathleen Harding
Natasja Hewitson
Pam Phillips
Marina Torpin
Hair Stylists
Linle White
Gina Bonacquisti
Marie Elena
Fabrizio Sanges
Production Accountant
Roger Parkinson
Production Coordinator
Tom Rotolo
Production Supervisor
Debbie O. Sullivan
Production Administrator
Mike Caron
Assistants to the Producers
Brenda Glazer
Colleen Pumfrey
Continuity and Research Coordinator
Clem Egan
Internet Coordinator
Sharon Spaeth
Writers’ Assistant
Scott Miles
Production Assistants
Phil Cooper
George Starbuck
Original Music by
John Henry Kreitler
Wes Boatman
Music Produced by
Ed O’Donnell
Theme Song "Breathe" Words and Music by
Jane French
John Henry Kreitler
Theme Song "Breathe" Performed by
Jane French
Main Title by
Frank Xray Inc.
Executive in Charge of Production
Susan Dale Ross
Production Companies
NBC Studios
Outpost Farms Productions
CBS Radford Studios
National Broadcast Corporation (NBC) [USA]
Premiere Date
July 5, 1999
Final Show
August 7, 2008

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