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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
by Love264

Luis was overjoyed to see Theresa and hugged her. Theresa then complained that she was not able to be with Ethan because he made vows to Gwen. Ethan stood his ground and repeated that he made vows to Gwen. Sheridan begged Gwen to give it up. Antonio chimed in and said to Gwen that Ethan did not love her, and Gwen asked Antonio to stay out of it. Juanita gloated and stated that she loved seeing Theresa in pain knowing that Theresa was not able to be with the man she loved.

Upstairs in the church, Rebecca fought Little Ethan for the video camera that had her and Gwen's secrets. The church started to shake, so Rebecca let go of the video camera. After the church was settled, Rebecca proceeded to take the camera from Little Ethan, but Little Ethan tricked Rebecca and ran away with the camera.

Theresa begged Ethan not to deny his love for her, but Ethan reminded Theresa that he had made vows and could not break them. Theresa realized that she had to play hardball, so she told Ethan that Gwen had been lying to him all these years. Moreover, it was Gwen and Rebecca who exposed Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. Gwen asked Theresa to show proof, but Theresa had no proof, and Ethan refused to hear it.

Upstairs in the church, Rebecca continued to chase Little Ethan for the video camera. Little Ethan was able to hear a portion of the tape. It stated that Rebecca and Gwen were keeping a secret. Rebecca pretended that it was something silly and embarrassing. Little Ethan showed some pity on Rebecca. Rebecca grabbed the video camera from Little Ethan and refused to give it back. The camera fell on the floor, and Rebecca thought that it was broken again, so she ignored it. Little Ethan quickly grabbed the camera from the floor.

In the basement, Theresa remembered that Gwen was the cause of Juanita's reign of terror in Harmony. Theresa told Ethan that Gwen had been threatening her for months by using Juanita to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Ethan refused to believe Theresa. Theresa was desperate, so she asked Juanita to back up her story. Juanita laughed in Theresa's face. Gwen made the mistake of calling Juanita a crazed murderer, so Juanita admitted that she spoke to Gwen. Theresa got her hopes up, but her hopes were dashed when Juanita admitted that she only spoke to Gwen as a nun. Gwen told Theresa that since she did not have any proof, Ethan would not believe her. Theresa was desperate, so she decided to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Theresa admitted that Little Ethan was Ethan's biological son. Ethan asked Theresa why she kept the truth from him, and Theresa and everyone else told Ethan that Theresa tried telling him the truth, but he refused to believe what was in front of him. Ethan hugged Theresa and said that he forgave her for everything. Gwen mumbled to herself that she would not let Ethan go. Theresa stated that she and Ethan were going to be a family, and Gwen said that she and Ethan already had Jonathan. Gwen claimed that Theresa had no proof that Gwen lied to Ethan, so she had no basis for stating that Gwen was lying.

Little Ethan managed to get away from Rebecca and ran to the basement. He screamed on top of his longs demanding everyone to see what was on the video camera. Both Gwen and Rebecca were nervous. Gwen tried to convince Ethan to leave with her to go on their honeymoon, but Theresa insisted that everyone sees what was on the camera. Rebecca grabbed the camera from Little Ethan, and Theresa asked what Rebecca was doing. The church started to shake. Ethan grabbed the video camera from Rebecca because he wanted to know what was on the tape. Ethan hugged Little Ethan and called him "son." Little Ethan was overjoyed that Theresa had told Ethan the truth. Gwen and Rebecca used the distraction to try to make a run for it, but Ethan stopped them before they could leave.

Back at Tabitha's house, Endora realized that more love was needed to stop the volcano in its tracks, so Endora conjured up Norma and Edna. Endora claimed that their love was the truest love in Harmony. Not even Norma and Edna's love was strong enough. Despite Tabitha's warnings about Kay's unstable powers, Endora decided to zap Kay and Miguel to the house because Kay's powers were strong. The volcano started to erupt in the magic bowl, but it was halted by a force field. Tabitha begged Kay to use her powers since the force field was only temporary. Both Endora and Kay joined forces. They were able to zap Tabitha, Eve, Julian, and Miguel out of Tabitha's house before the volcano erupted. Tabitha feared that Endora and Kay had died in the explosion, but they eventually resurfaced. Kay and Endora stated that it was Timmy who told them how to save Harmony.

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