A storm is brewing

by Nita
To my great relief if not to any other fan's, as hoped, it appears Nick and Victor have indeed each placed one well-shod foot on the path toward reconciliation. Although the community center was the olive branch Nick finally accepted as a worthy way to end the vengeful vendetta his wayward wife's actions begun, he may not be able to give it his full attention just yet. Because now that Sharon has unearthed about a year's worth of dirt from atop her dark deeds, Nick will likely be consumed with making Cameron pay. Initially, I expect this will begin with the usual Newman "get out of town" directive aimed at Cameron. Of course I expect Cameron will follow the example set by all the other unwanted citizens who once heard those very words fall from some Newman's outraged lips - pay them absolutely no heed. All the puzzle pieces to the Cameron case are now on the table and even Nick and Sharon were able to assemble them practically unassisted. The bottom line is, there was a dead body, and Sharon had nothing to do with making it that way. Which means, unless it just happened to conveniently expire from natural causes at the opportune moment, Cameron probably did. Counselor Baldwin, who, by the way, quite enjoyed his rousing game of Cheshire cat with two guilty-looking Grace and Cameron mice, is one of the few Genoa City-ians with more than empty air whistling eerily between his two ears, and had no trouble totaling one and one and coming up with plenty of potential problems for Grace. I must say I agree wholeheartedly with him. Grace hasn't a clue as to the true nature of the monster to whom she's hitched her happy hopes and future dreams. Of course, as comeuppance crawls ever closer to Cameron, Grace could begin to see him from a different angle. The one where she's supine on the floor, looking dazedly up at him. No not THAT one. I meant through a pair of bruised and blackened eyes, most likely.

So, as this twisted Cameron course winds ever closer to closure, there are a few questions to ponder. Just how much does Grace know? Does her knowledge date back to Denver? I doubt it. And what about the traveling corpse? I'm guessing she's in the dark about that too. And finally, just what exactly did Cameron give Grace as the reason Sharon conked him in the cranium, forcing him to return to her hotel room all battered and bloody that dark New Year's Eve? And how will all this end up? Since the Newman's appear to want to subtract any police intervention from this convoluted equation, will they dangle the decomposed body before Cameron's pressed together nostrils as a way to convince him he'd be better off selling his software in some other town? Or will Grace wind up being the one who brings his house of crooked cards crashing down around his conniving crown?

Licking her lips and grinning with glee, much like a cat that has just enjoyed a particularly plump and tasty canary, Diane figuratively chewed Damon up and spit him out at Jack's grateful feet. Immediately adding theft to the sparse list he'd compiled as a basis for banishing Damon to the land of unemployment, Jack took great and immediate pleasure in summarily summoning the beaker baker and with a minimum of fanfare gleefully uttered the line Trump is fast becoming famous for: You're fired. It isn't clear, at least not through my prescription glasses lenses, exactly why Diane decided to turn traitor against the only two people in town who have shown her the least bit of friendliness. While listening to Damon drone on for more than a minute might give one the impression he isn't the brightest bulb burning in the attic, I doubt it will take much pondering for him to figure out who opened his suitcase and showed Jack the Jabot property hidden inside. But in the event he doesn't figure it out, I'm guessing Ashley won't think twice about releasing the hissing Diane cat from the bulging burlap bag.

What is with Ashley anyway? Never too soft and approachable to begin with, more and more she's become completely unlikable. Intent on not being thought of as little more than a piece of brainless fluff who mentally melts into a hunk of helplessness on a semi-regular basis, the caustic chemist is showing little loyalty when it comes to family. She obviously doesn't believe the one about blood allegedly being thicker than water. Of course I don't know why that should amaze and mystify me. She is after all married to her sister's ex, stepmother to her own niece, and likely in her muddled mind, Jabot really is one big unhappy dysfunctional family that apparently shouldn't turn up its collective nose at including Damon in the Jabot family mix that edges pretty close sometimes to an incestuousness line most families never come close to. Of course Jack's actions toward Damon zigzag straight across professional lines and stop deep into highly personal areas. Yet who could blame him for having no desire to deal on a daily basis with the smirking manjack who waltzed arrogantly away with the woman he's still in love with? And yes, he's made yet another unilateral decision without the input of Jabot's figurehead board. But what's new and unusual about that? Ashley is so intent on not being known as a powerless powder puff executive she'd rather keep a disloyal, untrustworthy thief on the Jabot payroll than let her brother have his CEO way. And while the Abbotts aren't aware of it, none of us have forgotten that Damon fully intended to tender his resignation after pilfering the hair destroying product, planning to barter it to the best and most generous bidder so he and his paramour could spend the remainder of their boring days lounging like leopards on pillows around the parlor, gazing lovingly in one another's eyes and spouting romantic prattle many would fast forward through. It was only after watching Dru's hair cascade floorward in clumps that he decided to slide his quitting card back up his sleeve. In my opinion, he showed his true character and deserved Jack offering to show him how to best get out the front door without getting hit by the hard doorknob squarely on his questionable principles. But if Ashley has her arrogant way, she will be rescinding Jack's CEO announcement and making one of her own, by placing Damon right back to bask in his spot in the cosmetic sun.

Although I admit I didn't try very hard (well I tried hard not to hit the fast forward button and just barely managed not to) I confess my heart remained rock hard as Dru sobbed brokenly in her sister's arms over the loss of her badly treated tresses. As I've mentioned before, it's really been beyond my capabilities to feel much sympathy for someone who regularly smothers those strands she's now so concerned with beneath a weave, a wig or some elaborate headgear.

Over at the mansion, the bonding continues as Jill wraps her supportive arms around Kay who'd like to quit drinking, but isn't quite sure how. Maybe it's just me, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but something crucial seems to be missing from this picture. The appropriate sympathy music is playing, the right words are being murmured, but I'm not feeling a whole heck of a lot. While it seems Kay is making all the right alcoholic moves, you know, the shakes, the doubt, the cravings, and I say think, because I admit I've never been up close and personal with a drinker trying to become an ex-drinker, and Jill is doing a decent job as dutiful daughter, it needs more. Perhaps I've just become accustomed to Jill and Kay snarling and tearing at one another's throats, and their new relationship will just take some getting used to. What about you fans, is their interaction tugging at your heart strings? Or does it seem like everyone involved is just trying too hard?

Well, what do you know? Breaking news flash. Christine has voluntarily become unemployed yet again. Is anyone's mouth hanging open in disbelief? I didn't think so. The only surprise is probably that she lasted this long. Considering the amount of time she's been spending puttering placidly around the palace instead of reporting to the office, it's amazing she was able to quit before getting fired. The pristine princess having become accustomed to her obedient public servants dutifully obeying her uttered commands, she didn't think twice about summoning Richards into her royal presence. When her pleas for compassion for Kevin fell on Richards' deaf, and as usual, doubting ears, and she was told in no uncertain terms to act like a prosecutor, she tendered her intention to terminate her tasks as ADA ASAP.

So how will she fill her time now? Well, let's see, what are her choices? A return to the law offices of Baldwin? In partnership with Paul in a possible crusade to crush Mr. Lewis and the mob? Lined up next to Danny to resume the battle with Phyllis for Daniel's affection? Well, she is the mighty Christine, able to leap tall legal issues in a single courtroom session, solve convoluted criminal cases, triumphing over all comers, all at the same time and with one delicate hand tied lightly behind her back besides, so why not do all of the above? Fans, what are your guesses? Whose lifetime gratitude will Christine earn next?

I doubt any of us have to waste too many guesses trying to figure out what Kevin will do next. Playing crazy so expertly, one couldn't be completely sure what was real and what was not, unfortunately Kevin revealed every card in his hand to Weber a few minutes too soon. Relying on Michael's information of imminent release which unbeknownst to both of them, hadn't received the latest update, Kevin couldn't resist rubbing Weber's woebegone face into the truth of how thoroughly he'd been hoodwinked. But Weber enjoyed the last and loudest laugh as he informed Kevin there was still a cement-hard cot in a claustrophobic cell reserved especially for him, since PI Prather, his arm supposedly painfully pressured by what is assumed to be some unknown menacing mob men, was now refusing to stand behind a log he'd adamantly insisted to Neil could be taken confidently to any judge's court. For Kevin, jail is definitely not the place he wants to be. I just hope his next escape goes a little better than the last one.

Even though Weber and Richards have chosen to close their disbelieving eyes to even the possibility Prather was criminally coerced into changing his tune, Bobby has his eyes wide open and plans to use them and the rest of his senses to ferret out the identity of the real electrocution culprit. Like any noble knight in shiny, nickel plated armor, he's willing to use any means necessary, up to and including their immediate cessation of life, to protect his mistress from distress. And unlike many of his supposedly manly Genoa City counterparts, I have a feeling he makes no empty threats. As for the infatuated object of Bobby's love and desire, after watching Brittany firmly rebuff Raul's romantic advances, it's obvious in which direction her affection now lies. Bobby has asked Raul to take Brittany far away from the scene of any upcoming crime, but I doubt Raul can use the expected time away to deflect Brittany's course from a temporary future with Bobby. It certainly looks like his days as the sun in Brittany's blue skies are over. After learning of his exhaustive internet research as to the many available ways to obliterate even the most horrendous facial scar, I have to wonder whether his parting gift to her will be returning her safely to Bobby's arms with a newly perfect face.

So, as June continues, I expect some mysteries will deepen while others creep cautiously toward a calamitous conclusion. I look forward to the beginning of the collapse of cocky Cameron's house of trick cards, as he is driven out of town, if not to jail, and probably followed forlornly thereafter by his no longer so confident co-conniver. Also in June, I trust Kevin will finally be lifted off the criminal hook for Brittany's jittery pole jig, if Bobby, as I anticipate, is successful in sniffing out the proper jolt producer.

So, keep those water buckets close at hand because even as romantic summer fires of the young and the young at heart begin to smolder before bursting into feverish flames, I expect there will be lots of other hot spots between discontented denizens which may need dousing. On Genoa City's buffet table of delectable delicacies, there should be something for everyone.

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