Poor Frank Barritt

by Nita
For the Week of July 12, 2004
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In memory of the man we barely knew, a moment of silence for his untimely demise.

Like Matt Clark before him, Frank Barritt became the second man to pay the ultimate price for a long-ago involvement with Sharon as we learned he was the mysterious John Doe who first lay swaddled in snow-covered sheets behind a smelly dumpster, next was manhandled into a trunk and driven haphazardly around the city, and finally wound up dropped down a drain into an even smellier place, the sewers beneath Genoa City. So in memory of the man we barely knew, a moment of silence for his untimely demise. Now, Nick recently informed Cameron and us that ALL other women pale when placed shoulder to shoulder with the erotically unmatchable love goddess that is Sharon Newman, so perhaps it might be prudent for Nick to pay heed to the calamities which have stricken other men who have at one time or another fallen prey to Sharon's incomparable charms, especially if they have participated with her in an intimate encounter or two. Because his turn could be coming.

But not quite yet because obviously Cameron will be the next unfortunate individual to add his name to the ever-growing list of those whose lives have forever changed because their path once crossed Sharon's. Cameron, instead of re-investing his software company's profits to make it an even greater force to be reckoned with, has chosen to use them to feed his insatiable obsession with Sharon, along with every means at his disposable in order to ferret out every detail of her life. And although I'm sure Grace probably used every single trick in her impressive arsenal, none were apparently enough to erase the sweet memory of the taste and touch of Sharon from Cameron's mind and longing heart, and. As for Cameron, who obviously believes wholeheartedly in the adage "if I can't have her ...", has decided to do all he can to ensure Nick won't be cozying up to Sharon on those stifling summer nights and frigid winter evenings either.

Some of my many questions: When exactly did Cameron hatch his implausible plan to kill Frank and hang his murder around Sharon's slender neck? After he regained consciousness behind the dumpster on New Year's Eve? Or was it even longer ago, like when he awakened in Denver to find his punching bag had rolled out of bed and disappeared? I assume Frank left Genoa City after being verbally abused by both Sharon and Nick since we never saw him quaffing any more cappuccinos at Crimson or having a lazy lunch at the Athletic Club. So did Cameron have him killed in Madison and transported by car trunk to Genoa City or was he lured back to GC in Sharon's name? And, as Nick suggested in their latest confrontation, is there some darkness in Cameron's distant past that formed the foundation for the demon he is today?

Well, I know most of my questions and yours will be answered in time, perhaps during one of those brief Perry Mason-like courtroom trials GC has become so famous for. For even though we all know Sharon didn't do it and will likely never spend a lonely night on a hard jail cot, it's a certainty that at first all clues will point directly at her. Perhaps clues like Frank's body being wrapped in what will likely turn out to be the hotel sheets, someone (maybe Alice) testifying to Sharon's determination to keep Frank's identity from Cassie, and probably plenty of other pertinent pieces of circumstantial evidence. But no matter how it may appear in the beginning, we can all rest assured that in the end, likely with Grace's incriminating intervention, Cameron will be held accountable and wind up paying heavily for his heinous crimes.

While many of us were able to easily figure out most of the Cameron non-mystery, I'm guessing the one surrounding Nikki Newman won't be nearly so predictable or have as many plot potholes. Although the mystery has only just begun, I'm already intrigued and as anxious to know what those shadowy visions of Nikki's mean as she is. In my humble opinion, Melody Thomas is a tremendous actress and I'm thrilled she has finally been given a storyline of substance to sink her teeth in. Although I've heard a lot of rumbling internet rumors, I'm not even going to waste my time guessing at this one. I'm just going to sit back, munch my popcorn and wait to see what happens next.

While I'm on the subject of Nikki "Doll Face" Newman, I couldn't have been the only fan who enjoyed her scenes with Bobby Marsino as he tried unsuccessfully to interest her in his business proposition for launching Marilyn's into the socially acceptable mainstream of Genoa City nightlife. I thought they played quite well off each other. Which made me wonder if he figures at all in this ruby earring mystery. The cute little black-haired boy in the birthday video, perhaps? Could Bobby and Nikki turn out to be related? Obviously Cassie's ruby earring has triggered Nikki's long-buried memories of something traumatic. Did she witness someone being killed? And since Nikki so quickly turned down Bobby's offer of a Cabaret half-partnership, I wonder who he'll turn to next for the financial backing he needs? Looks like we're finally about to learn a little more about the mysterious Marsino. Sounds good to me.

Phyllis finally telling Daniel most of the truth was worth waiting for. I had fully expected her to present herself in the most pleasing light and I wasn't disappointed. But while she skirted the truth by a pretty wide margin about how she and Danny actually came to be, and severely minimized the outlandish methods she used to convince him it was where he belonged, at least she freely admitted Danny had been the best father he could be although I would beg to differ with her on some of that. Danny, when it was his turn to tell his side of the tale, of course, was quick to fill in all the sordid details Phyllis had purposely omitted, but they didn't seem to make a big difference in Daniel's confused mind. And I confess I absolutely loved it when it was the pristine Princess' turn to plant her bottom on the hot seat. An irate Daniel soon had her squirming in discomfort and while she had a pat and perfect answer to most of his demanding questions, the one that left her speechless was the one asking whether his mother had loved him.

But their exchange wasn't the end of my enjoyment. It only grew when Danny confronted Phyllis. Oh how sweet revenge must have tasted to her when Danny came begging for her intervention. After all the times she had been the one on her knees hoping he or Gina would toss her a tidbit of Daniel information, in that particular instance, I had to agree with Phyllis that turnabout was indeed fair play. You reap what you sow, Danny boy; I bet right about now you're finding the harvest pretty darn bitter, aren't you?

Well, I was slow to warm up to young Daniel, but I admit he's finally beginning to grow on me. He easily held his own with Phyllis, Chris and Danny for which I give him all due props and respect. And he did an equally commendable job with Mac. Mackenzie, by the way, reminded me this week why I always liked her and why I'd hoped she'd one day come back. There she was, ecstatic to have once again found affection (a little early to call it love) after the disastrous outcome of her first cousin love. And along came J.T. (whose interfering and bullying behavior has caused him to lose fan favor) to scribble "He's only 16" all over her rose colored dreams with his black and purple crayons. So even though it is clearly breaking her heart, moral adult Mac forces herself to do the only honorable thing in her eyes, bid her minor suitor a sorrowful adieu, withdrawing her romantic affection and handing him the unsatisfactory friendship stick instead. While we know from the past Mac can stand quite firm on her beliefs no matter how much pain they cause her, in this case, I'm guessing it will only be a matter of time before she reconsiders and gives Daniel another chance. After all, the way the young people age in this town, it can't be long until he advances to a suitable age.

I wonder how Daniel's new animosity toward Chris will affect Chris and Danny's plan to play the happy family game together under Chris' condo roof. Something tells me if it happens at all, the inhabitants will be a cooing twosome rather than a thrilling threesome. But where is Daniel to go if he spurns the hospitality of Chris and Danny? Somehow I doubt he'll be scampering over to his non-Aunt Gina's to beg for a room. So that only leaves a threesome of a different sort. As in Phyllis, Daniel and Damon. Guess that means their sheet aerobics will now have to be contained to the bedroom. And while Danny is off trying to repair his shattered relationship with his son, whose strong supportive shoulders might Chris find herself leaning against, Paul's perhaps?

At last, relief from the silly squabbles between Phyllis and Dru! Equally relieving is seeing that Dru has for the moment retired her hats, slid on a pair of spectacles and temporarily toned down her over the top behavior. But unlike other GC residents, who often don their glasses to view their warped worlds through a rosy hue of how they'd like them to be, Drucilla's seeing quite clearly and after spying much of herself in abandoned boy Devon, has morphed overnight into a caring Mom on a mentoring mission, distressed not only over Devon's fate but that of other foster boys and girls in a similar unwanted situation. Something if I'm not mistaken, Victoria Rowell supports in real life. But back to unreality. What will this mean for Devon? Who, by the way, I like more and more as some of his hard shell crumbles to reveal glimpses of the vulnerable boy beneath. The sadness and hopelessness that came through when he admitted to Nick he had no father made my heart hurt for every boy who lives that reality. So, will Drucilla try to make him an honorary member of the Winters' clan? If Neil is adamantly opposed to this idea, I have a feeling Devon won't lack for caring supporters. Victor and Nick probably won't mind lending a helping hand to alter Devon's future. By the way, when Nick was providing boxing pointers to Devon, did anyone else notice he seemed to have picked up a few of Victor's mannerisms? This isn't the first time I've noticed this phenomenon and it could be that, as many fans have begun to suspect, Nick is indeed going to one day grow up to be his father.

As I had hoped, Jack, his whiny side nowhere in evidence, showed what he was made of as he stepped up to the plate and bowed gracefully out of the company so his family would be spared having to shove him out kicking and flailing. It was a well done, emotional scene, and many fans were likely near tears as Jack and John played it out. For the moment, in spite of his unemployed status, Smilin' Jack is still grinning at the world, planning to fill the long, empty hours with playboy fun and games. But we all know he'll soon tire of that and will start looking for a challenge that will set him back on course for another collision with Victor. I'm sticking to my guess that Jill will play an important part in his immediate future, and no I just don't mean the nights.

Well Neil needn't look for me to past any gold stars on his scorecard for his recent behavior. Could the man have been any more overbearing or less tactful in his confrontation with Michael? I know Neil's trying to be a good and caring Father, wanting Kevin to pay at least a pittance for taking advantage of his gullible little girl. But I guess Neil didn't have a grandmother who taught him honey was a better way to catch bees. I'm sure that had he come to Michael like a rational man and suggested Kevin might benefit from a spot of psychiatric treatment (I tend to agree), he might have had more luck getting Michael to listen. But Michael didn't listen and getting that kind of help is obviously the last thing on Kevin's meandering mind. His first order of business is landing a job and Lauren's little shop of trendy trinkets is the first place he thought of to beg for one. And Lauren, due to that soft spot she still has for Kevin, seems on the verge of giving his one. While I've long ago forgiven Kevin for his many faults, I can't help but wonder if she'll one day wind up asking herself that famous question: "What was I thinking?"

And finally, there were copious tears all around as Kay's family and loved ones rallied around her trying one last time to make her stop looking at them and the world through her liquor glass. Unfortunately their entreaties fell on Kay's deaf, inebriated ears and when all had given up and one by one marched mournfully away, the intervention party was quietly crashed by two unexpected guests; Rex Sterling and the third Phillip Chancellor, both looking quite wonderful, I might add. I enjoyed seeing and hearing them, even in their ghostly form and apparently Kay did too because once they were gone she'd made the decision to go to Rehab and take back her life. And I know I speak for many of you who were more than ready for that to happen. So scribes, does this mean we can finally have that romance between Kay and Arthur?

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