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by Nita
For the Week of October 11, 2004
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Although fans can be a nitpicky bunch, always able to find things to rant and rage about, there were still plenty of things to love this past week.

When all was said and done, I quite enjoyed the week. Although we fans can be a nitpicky bunch, always able to find things to rant and rage about, there were still plenty of great moments. No matter how much I tug at the tangled threads at the edges of this City's daily doings, it's still one of my favorite ways to spend an hour. And since many of you keep coming back week after week, I suspect it may be yours too.

So let's get started, you know the drill. First me, then all of you.

As many expected, the Abby tumble once touted as an imminent misfortune of monumental magnitude, wound up being downgraded to a dislocated shoulder. In keeping with her hit and miss mothering, while her diminutive daughter's shoulder was being slipped into a sling, Ashley hastened, hanky clutched in claw, to Victor's side, in case he'd trickled a tear or two. While lovingly gazing upon Victor's concerned countenance, the semen stealer's beady eyes began to glow from the brightness of the idea bulb that had just lit up her crafty cranium. It had just dawned on her that with Brad Cleveland bound and Nikki pacing impatiently at the ranch, she'd just been given a perfect opportunity to further cement the bonds between Daddy and daughter! Pretending to be a fractured family, Daddy Victor could drive them to their Brad-free home. And while Mommy murmured lovingly, Daddy could tote the tuckered out tyke up the stairs. Once the bedcovers had been anchored securely beneath their drowsy daughter's chin, Mommy and Daddy could perch on either side of her little white bed, beaming benevolently at one another in a "look what we made" proud parental moment.

But before Ashley could finish coloring in all the pastel parts of her pretty family picture, to her chagrin, Brad, a victim of cancelled Cleveland flight calamity, appeared like am angry avenging angel and determinedly dashed her family dream to bits. Oh how I laughed at the thwarted look on Ashley's sour face. In the end, although Ashley leaped immediately and ferociously to Victor's defense, assuring him he had no blame in what had befallen Abby, the victim herself seemed to feel differently. The pain of the dislocation still all too fresh, Abby is no longer enthralled with Starfire, or Victor, for that matter. So, at least for now, it appears any Daddy-daughter bonding will presumably have to take place between classes at the Rec Center.

After being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time - in the midst of a crowd of teens netted in a Chicago tenement allegedly teeming with precocious prostitutes - enraged runaway Devon was returned to the care and custody of Warden Lorena Davis. Along with Miss Davis, the wedded Winters formed the rest of the receiving line waiting to greet Devon as he shuffled shamefacedly into view. Neil, who never leaves home these days without wedging that stick up his spine to make certain he won't inadvertently bend, looked as if he wished to be anywhere but there as Dru, all caring, near-tears compassion, aimed abject apologies at Devon, all of which failed to penetrate either of his closed and disillusioned ears. By the way, fan Sandi wonders, as do I, why a state probation officer slash social worker slash whatever she is this month would be handling state matters in Victor's privately owned Rec center. But I guess I'll just chalk that up to another of those "only in our town" oddities.

Devon, as always, was excellent and completely believable as a soul-broken boy tired of being bandied about like a bedraggled rag doll. The look of despair on his face as he waited hopelessly for the wheels of juvenile justice to run him the rest of the way over, was much like the one I imagine would be worn by a condemned convict who'd just been told the Governor had rejected his last appeal and execution was moments away. Even if you're not a fan of Devon, which I am, it would have been difficult not to be nudged near to tears by his situation. That is, unless your name is Neil Winters, of course. While he was obviously moved in some minute measure by the distressing turn of events in Devon's life, it was not quite enough to make him re-offer his home as a place of refuge. Of course, I doubt anyone really believed Devon would actually spend a tossing, turning night on a hard cot in a locked Level 12 dormitory. And, as it turned out, he probably won't. Assailed simultaneously by soul-aching memories of his own hand-to-mouth abandoned boy history, and pinpricks of pain at the belief he'd somehow failed every one of his bio children, Victor asked to be allowed to play temporary Papa to the unwanted urchin. But having been seduced once by the trappings of wealth and privilege, Devon is determined not to be tricked again and chose a cot in a back Rec Center room over being waited on hand and foot by Miguel at the ranch. So for now the boys will do their bonding there. Actually, I rather like the idea of a Victor/Devon pairing and think that at least right now, each may be exactly what the other needs.

For J.T., when it comes to the laughable love affair of Bobby and Brittany, as some would say: "methinks he doth protest too much." It certainly appears J.T. has come to care for Brittany much more than he has admitted to himself. And judging by the amused look in Mac's eyes as she questioned J.T. about his inordinate interest in Brittany's love life, it seems she might agree with me. I'm sure you all know by now how much I loathe the Brittany-Bobby pair-up, as well as how silly I think they look and sound together. And although at first I favored a romance between Mac and J.T., the J.T.-Brittany link up has definitely grown on me. Perhaps before the wedding takes place, it will also have grown on them.

When it comes to the parents of the bride-to-be, however, the thought of Bobby and Brittany together till death do they part is a bitter pill that can't be gagged down. Although Anita gave it her best shot, her plans of circumventing the wedding by way of the Reverend went down in flames. Because after looking at every derogatory dart she stuck in Bobby's character, the Rev still opted to preside over the nuptials. I don't know if there's anything more the parents can do now but grit their teeth and bear it, then sit back and wait for this mismatch to die an unnatural death. That's what I plan to do.

Never one to wait for opportunity to tap once on her hotel door, let alone twice, Diane seized the moment when it appeared and offered herself to Neil as an alternative to recently fired Dru and Phyllis. Apparently the demand for architects is nonexistent in this town so Diane is desperate for something constructive to do. Stuck in an elevator belting back straight tequila, the squabbling she-cats were unaware Diane had slunk behind their backs to hiss for their jobs. And while Phyllis and Dru's infantile antics usually cause my last nerve to be pulled so tight it comes dangerously close to snapping and putting out one of my eyes, they were at least tolerable during their elevator escapade. While they never exactly called a truce, at least no blood was drawn during their close encounter of the elevator kind. It remains to be seen whether the temporary cease fire in their blasts of bickering will continue. Even if it doesn't, I expect it won't be long before Neil reverses his decision and invites the debating divas back on board the Newman barge.

So, Michael and Lauren agreed to temporarily cool their romantic jets for Kevin's sake. Unbeknownst to them, however, their tender, tearful, temporary parting, hand-kissing and all, was witnessed by Kevin. The heartbreaking scene between brothers that followed almost had me crying inconsolably in my Kool Aid, right along with Kevin. I couldn't help but notice, though that although Kevin repeatedly opened the door and invited Lauren and Michael to stroll through bearing their version of the truth, neither took him up on his unspoken offer.

Although on the surface, Kevin appeared to be taking his lumps like a brave young man, accepting the friendship consolation prize Lauren offered him while knowing his brother was to get the blue ribbon of love, I have a very bad feeling about this. While I'm a fan who'd love to see Kevin redeemed, things in this City are never solved so quickly or easily. I had hoped that after an appropriate period of mourning over the loss of his first real love, Kevin would be gifted with a girl of his own and mentally paged through the sparse list of available ladies. With the exception of Mac, every other lady currently residing in Genoa City is either too young, too old, or already involved. And while I know I may be teetering on this limb all alone, I could easily see Mac and Kevin as a cooing couple. Well, I had barely hatched the thought when voila, the two crossed paths. And I thought Mac looked quite pretty with her upswept hair and peach top. Having cut her experimental man tamer teeth on bad boys Billy, J.T. and Daniel, Mac may be just the lass who can show this bad lad how to walk on the civilized side of the road. Interest in her could also leave him less inclined to seek revenge against Michael and Lauren. Of course, any romantic involvement with Mac would likely put an end to a future friendship with Daniel, who made it clear his infatuation with Mac hasn't lessened.

Still unshaven, Damon continued to carry his placard of pain all around the town. Talking in that soft careful tone people adopt when they're afraid the person they're dealing with might detonate like dynamite, Phyllis treated Damon with white kid gloves, encouraging him to attend the hearing of Elias' killer to speak against his possible release. Then, fearing she'd spoken in error, she put on a pretend lawyer hat, and asked some questions of some Georgia official. Not liking the answers he gave her, she convinced Christine to play temporary Mama at the Tack House so she could jet off to Georgia. Now, remember, this is GC where the impossible is probable, so I suspect Phyllis will manage to get all the way to the visiting room where she will put the fear of Phyllis and Damon into the killer. I'm probably not the only fan who is less than enthralled with this slow-moving story, so here's an easy way to tidily tie this one up. After being granted release, the former gang banger, having come to greatly regret his horrible deed, or having seen the error of his ways once Phyllis forced him to gaze upon Damon's pain, whichever scenario you prefer, can make his way to GC where he can beg Damon's forgiveness.

I know our show occasionally throws us a curve when we think we have things all figured out, so unless Brad is just a dolled up decoy designed to lead us down the wrong path, it appears more and more likely he is the missing Casien boy. The sparse and tiny tidbits Nikki got him to divulge about his past are a perfect fit in this puzzle and he could have legally changed his name in an attempt to leave the painful past behind and give him a clean Carlton slate for the future. If Brad is indeed the boy Nikki so desperately seeks, then she's another client who has solved her own case. With this kind of track record, perhaps Paul should rip apart his PI license for real.

* * * * * * *

The viewers were just a wee bit vexed over their soap last week. As always, fans, thanks so much for your contributions. If I could, I'd include them all. But, here's a sampling of what some of you had to say. Scribes, perhaps you should slip on your hard hats, you might need them.

Jamie - "I'm so tired of the Victor/Abby/Ashley fiasco. I also would like Phyllis to just be friends with Damon; he's got issues and she needs to focus on Daniel. She needs to get back with Jack. The storylines don't make any sense anymore and they're frankly quite boring and drag on way too long, let's move on people."

Renee: "I absolutely positively hate the storyline with Ashley and her sperm stolen child. She should be in jail or at least have her parental rights stripped. She acts as if she has done nothing wrong and so does Victor. Where is the anger on his part? He seems completely fine with how this child came about. She needs to leave the show. I wish they had never brought her back."

Ivellise - "I just want to say how disappointing it is to see what I believed to be the best soap ever to what it has become now. I believed myself to be a die hard fan, but I can't take it. I've gone back to All My Children for now. If Y&R gets their act together maybe I'll come back. Hopefully by then Ash will be gone."

Mary Ann - "Just why are they pairing Chris and Paul (yet again) for another go round of their sickening romance? The fans all wanted Michael Damian back. They could have had him resettle in GC and start his own music company and bring in new artists that he could produce (like Brittany & J.T.) instead of that dumb blue robe storyline they kept saddling him with."

Kathy - "Remember back in the beginning of the Nikki/Victor thing, when stripping was a no-no and it was thought that only the scum of the planet did it? Yuppers, times have changed haven't they? So other than Nick needing to give his wife a "real" job to do to keep her busy, it seems that we are stuck with the concept that being a stripper is the new "IN" thing to do for filthy rich, bored wives."

Anne - "What I have always disliked about this program is the incestuous round of relationships, everyone eventually marries everyone else or nearly does. Victor has become a tiresome one-note, Ashley never used to be such a nasty Victor-besotted b---h and Jill is being written completely out of character nowadays. Writers...write better plots and dialogue or Y&R is going to slide down the ratings.

Dick - "Just once I wish the Y&R writers would take the trouble to research the basics of their plots. Example: Elias's killer has submitted an application for "pardon and parole." Five minutes on the internet revealed that (a) parole applications in Georgia are automatic after a prisoner has served his minimum time, and that before that he will not be considered for parole; and (b) pardons are granted only under two sets of circumstances: either (1) the prisoner proves by means of new evidence that he is innocent of the crime for which he is incarcerated, or (2) he has served his full sentence, and has been free of involvement in any crime for five years after release. My understanding is that none of these situations applies to the prisoner in question."

Michelle - "For once, can't Katherine just be happy. Let her have the gold years as the best ever."

Toni - "Enough of Brittany and Bobby. He's too old for her and would fit much better with Jill or Nikki. And Sharon....did someone give her a lobotomy?"

And, finally, for Dee, it's the small things that drive her crazy. Like how Dru and Phyllis could have guzzled down all that Tequila without being in desperate need of a bathroom break!

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