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by Nita
For the Week of November 22, 2004
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Not wanting to be known as a woman who learns from her past mistakes, Phyllis decided to take matters into her own manipulative mitts.

Not wanting to be known as a woman who learns from her past mistakes, after hearing Dominic had sung an entirely different tune than the one she and Damon crooned to Weber about the events leading up to the clash between the sword swinger and the gunslinger, Phyllis decided to take matters into her own manipulative mitts. Perhaps left over from the good old nights with Jack when she used to play dress up for their amorous marital marathons, Phyllis stepped into her walk in closet and stepped out clad in the perfect costume for issuing threats to a dangerous criminal. Nattily attired in immaculate hospital greens, our fearless female crime fighter confidently convinced the inattentive public servant allegedly guarding Dominic's door she was the doctor on duty. Having previously played the intimidation card with Alex with unheralded success, Phyllis apparently thought it was worth a second try. Since Dominic's goal was to convince Detective Weber he was the victim in this vicious vignette, he should have bellowed like a banshee that Phyllis was trying to do him harm. Weber would surely have considered Phyllis's threatening visit yet another circumstantial piece of the conspiracy puzzle. Of course, not a peep of protest popped from Dominic's mouth, who, though he has no idea the convoluted lengths Phyllis has often gone to in order to get what she wants, nevertheless appeared to possess just enough street smarts to wonder if he dared call the redhead's bluff. Christine, on the other hand, knows Phyllis all too well, yet after being cornered by a concerned Daniel, allowed herself to be convinced to legally drag Phyllis hide away from the fiery flames Weber is stoking

Like the Grinch who stole Christmas from the ever-cheerful Who's in Whoville, something apparently made Neil's heart expand at least two sizes. Fearing loving two teens would overtax his then flinty heart, Neil coldly sent Devon back to the juvenile system much like one would return a misbehaving mutt to the pound. But, redeeming himself in my eyes, if in no one else's, Neil's has now reversed himself, deciding Devon can become an honorary and permanent member of the Winters clan after all. I suspect, however, despite all the yellow ribbons of love tied tightly to the olive branch Neil's finally extended, Devon won't be quite so quick as I to let bygones be bygones and won't be dropping his protective guard any time soon. And I'm guessing Malcolm and his unforgiving bitterness will add a few potholes to what is likely to be an already rough road between Neil and Devon.

What in the world is going on in Mac's mind? Badgering him unmercifully, she came close to convincing J.T. to make a wedding day confession of love to Brittany. Yet now she's behaving as though she wants him for herself. As for that particular eligible man of the moment, he doesn't seem to be wasting any of his free time wallowing in loneliness or pining with unrequited love for Brittany. For J.T., last week's love is old news and he's already sampled a new female treat. The morning after was painfully awkward. Guess the old love em and leave em J.T. is back.

When it comes to looking for love in all the wrong places, in the Chancellor family, it's definitely a case of like Mother, like Daughter. Now that Elliott's deception derailed the love train Jill so eagerly boarded, she seems determined to make sure her mother misses her love connection as well. Although she knows equally little about both Arthur and his stepson, Jill seems inclined to give greater credence to Harrison's accusing claims. Obviously, Jill's distrust of Arthur will throw a major monkey wrench in Kay's wedding plans and will probably chase away the man who likely represents Mommy's very last chance at love. And if Jill is the reason Arthur flounces off in an affronted huff, Kay won't easily forgive her daughter for her suspicious intervention. Too bad Jill wasn't nearly so discerning when it came to seeing the rust and tarnish pitting the armor on her own tainted knight. How clear things appear when you're thinking with your head instead of ... well, enough said. Perhaps Kay might want to think seriously about the companions she keep close. With friends and relatives like Esther and Jill, who needs enemies? Because those two seem to be doing a fine job of keeping lovers far from Kay's bedroom door.

Just what is Jack plotting? After months of insisting he no longer wished to busy his brain with business matters, some of Jack's recent remarks seem to be saying otherwise. First we have his cryptic comment to Brad insinuating that when it came to Victor, something vengeful was already afoot. The past week added his seemingly casual inquiry as to the status of the recently vacated Chancellor CEO seat. And finally, what's up with his request to Nikki to be invited to dine at his enemy's table in his absence? Nikki already has a seat at the Jabot boardroom table and Jack's now bought both Nick and Sharon's gratitude by convincing Brad to hire Sharon on Nick's very own dime. He certainly seems to be lining up sacrificial pawns to use to capture Victor's Queen.

After only 45 minutes on the job, Sharon delightfully informs the reporters everyone has been wonderful. My question is just who and where did she find all those wonderful folks? They certainly couldn't have been in payroll. And even by stretching the truth nearly to its breaking point could she have considered Nikki's reception welcoming. By the way, where were inquiring reporter minds when Dru was made spokesperson? Apparently Nick making CEO after a near fatal backstabbing of his father wasn't nearly as newsworthy to the corporate world as the fact that Sharon's face would soon be plastered prominently on future Jabot billboards.

For Nick, his first day on the job proved quite eventful. He began the day by having Neil for breakfast. Despite his father's assurance Neil could finish what he started without Nick's greasy paws picking his projects apart, the latter threw his now significant weight around anyway, casually dismantling what Neil had painstakingly assembled. With his wooden head swelled alarmingly and his chest puffed out with righteous self-importance, he knocked aside any Newman employee foolish enough to venture into the hallway. His new responsibilities apparently bringing out the worst in him, Michael was the next to feel the hot heat of Nick's power hungry breath. Despite the barrister's repeated assistance in helping Nick's air for brains bride to climb out of the muck she'd rolled into with Cameron Kirsten, a callously ungrateful Nick rudely dismissed him from the premises, advising him to think twice before stepping back onto Newman hallowed ground.

However, by the time lunchtime rolled around, Nick was forced to choke down an enormouus plateful of tough and stringy crow meat when he found himself floundering in shark infested bribery waters way over his foolhardy head with no idea how to get back to shore. Lucky for him Michael is a glutton for punishment and for the relatively painless price of an insincere apology picked up an oar and baled Nick's inexperienced derriere out of the water.

Even though Brad long suspected he was Ashley's second best throughout their marriage, once Ashley had actually confirmed it, he tossed down his game piece and refused to play the happy family game anymore. Ashley, on the other hand, hoping to change his mind, suggested she moved her nighties to the spare bedroom, and for Abby's sake start a new game entitled Let's pretend we're still a family. I guess she was hoping that instead of familiarity breeding contempt, it would perhaps lay the groundword for forgiveness and a renewal of Brad's love. Abby seemed to take her parents parting pretty much in stride, shedding not so much as a tear, although her parents went through plenty of facial contortions attempting to match her example. Receiving the separation news apparently left Abby with little desire to attend school that day and asked to return to her room, perhaps to play with her dolls, a request her parents quickly granted. It will be interesting to see whether Abby remains so well-adjusted.

Now that Victor has done as I hoped, left Ashley on the trash heap of dashed and broken dreams, I'm going to change my mind about something, which I've always heard is a woman's prerogative. I would now be okay with Brad eventually forgiving Ashley her transgression and taking her back some time in the future. He probably owes her one anyway for her forgiveness of his wander outside the marital lines with Olivia.

But that's for later. For now, Ashley will probably spend most of her time attempting to destroy her father's recent marriage. Apparently just an old fashioned man at heart, John wasn't willing to continue cohabitating in sin, and while away, wed his breath of fresh air. For his impetuousness in wedding a woman he knows nothing about, he deserves everything she plans to subject him to. By the way, was I the only one picking myself off the floor after helpless laughter landed me there when John explained to Gloria being there for one another in their time of need was how families worked? How would she know? It's not as if she was the kind of Mom who was there for her kids. Just ask Kevin. Who adds their guess to mine that it won't be long before John finds out more than he ever wanted to know about the former Mrs. Fisher? But until that day dawns, unsheath the claws and let the hissing begin. The Abbott house probably will barely contain these fighting felines.

And finally, speaking of Kevin, has he finally turned the corner and started marching determinedly down sanity lane? Has he been cured, Genoa City style, or will he still need to detour to the nearest therapist to exorcise any remaining childhood demons?

Okay, that's my time. Your turn.

* * * * * * *

Trish - Well, tap me on the head with the stupidity stick. I was positive Lorena Davis was Devon's social worker - but wait!!! - Jamal has been handed the reins. Nikki also had me chuckling with glee when she told Sharon she stayed home with her children. I guess she forgot the part where she sent Nick and Victoria to Switzerland at the age of 6 and 7 was it? Abby's age though, is the one that amazes me the most. She was born not even 3 yrs ago - after Ashley's 13 month pregnancy, and now she's 6. Oh, wait the lengthy pregnancy causes a rapid aging process much like dog years.

Shell - I am so sick of the bickering between Sharon and Nikki! When the writers can't come up with a real conflict for them, they make something up. When did Nikki discover the importance of stay at home parenting? It pains me to take Sharon's side, ever, but at least Noah and Cassie get to live in the same country with their parents!

Nancy in Englewood - I absolutely cannot believe the Brad-Ashley-Abby-Victor thing has gone as far as it has & NO ONE has requested a DNA test to see if Victor really IS the father!!! Although, I can barely watch Ashley - a.k.a "It's-All-About-Me." I am soooo glad how Brad isn't taking her crap anymore ... Boo-hoo Ashley!

Wanda - Why can't the Y&R writers "wrap up" storylines instead of just dropping them?? e.g. J.T.'s big singing career, Nikki's childhood nightmare, burned Abbott pool house, CEO for CI, Olivia and Wes, Danny just gone?????? Don't the writers relize we don't just forget these things because they decide to drop them??

Lynn - Nick must be crazy sending his pant hopping wife to another desperately soon to be single man. And since when did Phylis decide she really doesn't love her blade swinging boyfriend, but when did she really love any of them but maybe Danny. Not meaning to be racist but how come the issue of interracial relationships not been encountered here. I know it's a touchie feelie thing but a real issue in some families and a good issue to explore.

Linda C - I have a favorite line of the week from last week. Brad to Ashley, "It's my house" I loved that one. The day Brad wised up and walked out I said, "It's his house." Great minds you know.

Patsy - Talk about TIRED lines; if I hear "they are going through something" one more time, EKKKKKKKKKKK, (that is a scream).

Marilyn - Victor, my man,your son, that you gave the keys to the kingdom to, has the I.Q. of a bucket of wallpaper paste. You could be drowning in it before you know it. If John's Breath of Fresh Air turns to halitosis after they tie the knot, and he finds out Kevin and Michael are her sons, I would not want to be the germ killing Listerine.

Mary R- I have heard the actor who plays Arthur is leaving November 29th. I guess that means Katherine won't marry Arthur. I think it is kind of sad that the screenwriters took the sl in this direction because I think it was interesting. Poor Katherine obviously the screenwriters like to write about the younger characters. Which again proves that this society is youth oriented.

Marilyn - Did anyone notice how Malcolm when speaking to Lily says she wouldn't remember him since she was an "itty bitty thing" but then five minutes later they state it was two years ago when he died in Africa. Once again the soaps age these kids so much but the storyline doesn't follow. Gee and I don't remember Nate leaving for boarding school. What is it with people and sending kids to boarding schools, doesn't anyone raise their children anymore?


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