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by Nita
For the Week of December 6, 2004
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It will soon be time to rehash all the highs and lows of cataclysmic Genoa city events.

Due to an electronic malfunction (my usually reliable VCR inexplicably taped three days of television static), unfortunately, I am unable to pen my usual column this week. I thought about trying to piece together a column from recaps from various unnamed sources, but it just wouldn't be the same. I really need to see the faces as well as hear the words in order to give my version of an accurate accounting. To those fans that look forward to consuming my opinionated helping of the hijinks of our favorite fictional folks with their Monday morning coffee, I sincerely apologize. My VCR has now been triple tested and appears to have fully recovered from whatever ailed it. Just in case, though, in the future, I will be checking it daily in case I need to badger my Mom for her taped copy of the day's events.

Well, fans, the end of 2004 is creeping ever closer. And you know what that means. It will soon be time to rehash all the highs and lows of cataclysmic Genoa city events. And fans, that is where I'd like your help. From east to west, north to South, Switzerland, Canada, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Florida, Oregon, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Louisiana, Minneapolis, St. Paul, California and all the many other points and ports all across the land from whence an email has come, send me your opinions. Thumbs up, thumbs down. So-so. What did you like? Or not. Who do you miss? Or not? Did you suffer bravely through an unbearably boring storyline? Or did you have to replace the batteries in your remote due to overuse of the FF button? What made you race home to your VCR to see what would happen next? What put you to sleep faster than Sominex? Which love connects did you abhor and which ones were adored? Which he or she do you love best? Or, if it was up to you, who would find a one-way ticket to Timbuktu in his or her Christmas stocking? If you wrote the show, what would happen to whom? What are your guesses (or wishes) for the coming year? Who needs to make a New Year's Resolution and stick to it? What should they resolve to do?

No need to limit yourself to answering only the questions I pose. Make up your own. Just want to vent? Send it here; I'll be happy to read it. You've got a couple of weeks, so let the communications commence. Then watch for what fans have to say the last two weeks of the year.

Before I turn it over to Sandi and Patsy, let me once again take a moment to say a heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU. Just as many of you look forward to my weekly rant, I, too, look forward to your missives in my mailbox. If I didn't have you, I'd have probably stopped writing long ago. I greatly appreciate all your feedback.

* * * * * * *

Sandi - I told myself that Y&R is getting way too over board with the unbelievable storylines, but I could not resist this one. Gloria, when snagging John, made sure she was dressed somewhat properly. But since marrying John, she wears the most awful tops and that coat she had on yesterday, I think is a throw back from the 70's. Apparently, John is so in awe of his "breath of fresh air" that it just does not matter to him or the writers of the show for that matter.

And Jack, just out of the blue comes bearing a wedding gift to Katherine; why not his father and new stepmother? Now for Newman Enterprises and Phyllis and Drucilla -- never doing any work, while at work, but just talking about their own particular problems. No wonder they are so unproductive and can't seem to get the beauty pageant off the ground. And what happened to Diane; what happened to the millions of dollars Victor gave Jabot?

Patsy - Ah HA! I told you it was Bobby!! Man, I just love being right (it happens so infrequently). I must admit the tired lines and old themes are making me a bit restless round 12:30. I detest Ashley to the point I find myself rooting for Gloria (my God, how low I have sunk). And the nonsense with Phyllis and Damon just isn't worth my time to watch, it is tired and predictable, with gumshoe Weber on the case, what the h... can go right??

I DO NOT want to watch one more pompous meal served at the Winters... if I was Devon, I would throw down that damn butter knife and run for my LIFE! These people are a bunch of kooks, and Ms. Davis, should have seen that right away.

You know I love Victor, but what is with these run off and find himself trips? My Goodness, he is old enough (so am I) to have found himself 30 years ago. A responsible man doesn't walk off and leave his business in a nutcase like Nick's hands, or with a wife barely clinging to sanity, like Nikki. Hummmm, come to think of it they are a tad mentally impaired, now aren't they?

Speaking of Nikki, maybe she will evict Phyllis and install Bobby in the guest house. Wouldn't you think with all the money floating around the Newmans, the offspring could afford a home of their own? I have always wondered why they all nested on the grounds with the father they loudly profess to dislike and not trust.

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