Who is without sin?

by Nita
For the Week of January 24, 2005
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Who is without sin?
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People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. How funny to hear Jack accuse Victor of looking out only for his own interests.

Or, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Talk about the pot pointing accusatory fingers at the skillet! How funny to hear Jack accuse Victor of looking out only for his own interests. In my opinion, Jack might want to look over his own shoulder to check out his past and present ulterior motives. Because from where I sit his record hasn't been much better than Victor's. And with his already expressed intention to squander Chancellor funds in his eternal pursuit of his Victor vendetta, it doesn't look as if he's planning to change his self-destructive business behavior.

And then there's Brad, still shooting off his big mouth in his tiresome game of pin the tail of blame on Victor. Am I the only one who wishes Brad would quit or get fired? I am sick to death of his complaining mouth and cross face. You've heard it all before ad nauseum so I won't bother to repeat him here. He too caused me to choke on my Pepsi when he accused Ashley of acting without board or company executive approval when she decided to bring Victor on board. Considering the many decisions the former CEO made without anyone's approval except his own, Brad was actually surprised by Ashley's lone ranger actions? Well, Silly him. He sounded even sillier with his boast that Jabot merchants and buyers would snarl and snap at any hand that wasn't his. What about their loyalty to John and Ashley? I can't wait to see if all those Jabot employees allegedly loyal to Bradley Blowhard will follow him all the way to the unemployment office.

I enjoyed Ashley and Nikki's confrontation and their mutual dislike. For a change Nikki's insecurity was nowhere in evidence even though she clearly believes Ashley is as enamored of Victor as ever. I don't know if Ashley actually believes her own press about having no interest in Victor beyond business, but I certainly don't.

So the battle for control of Jabot begins. On one side stands Victor, Ashley, Nikki and grudgingly, John. On the other, Brad with help from Jack, probably Jill and untold numbers of Jabot employees. I can't say I'm exactly on pins and needles waiting for this one, but I am curious to see how Victor is going to pull Jabot's fat from the fire.

Several GC citizens have expressed concern that by trying to save Damon, Phyllis is taking the chance the rickety limb keeping her from falling into the pit of prison may splinter and crack if she doesn't inch backward and save herself. Well, as far as I'm concerned Phyllis SHOULD be doing all she can to make things right. After all, it was she who caused the noose to be placed around Damon's neck in the first place. It's true he hated Dominic and wanted nothing more than to see the life snuffed out of his worthless hide, in fact, made no bones about the fact that he was more than willing to be the man who dimmed Dominic's life's light. But it will forever remain unknown whether Damon would have followed through on his deadly intentions. Phyllis was the one who poked her snout in Damon's business, lied her way into that prison visiting room, brought Dominic to Damon's apartment and finally, she who summoned Damon to Dominic's. So, since she made the mess, it's only right she should be the one swishing the mop around trying to clean it up.

While Phyllis' latest act of Dora Dress-up wasn't quite as entertaining as the role playing costumes she used to don to titillate Jack, she was pretty funny as Sandra, the southern reporter. Just my opinion but I didn't think she was as well hidden as when she played a drunk man and even though Chris claimed she couldn't "see her in there", I certainly could. And it wouldn't surprise me if Webber's eyes were better than Chris'. I hope Phyllis was thorough enough to take on the identity of an actual Atlanta reporter employed by the paper she named. I guess we're going to see just how good a detective Hank is. Because it shouldn't be too hard to find out if Phyllis is who she says she is.

So Brittany "Whiny" Marsino has been bitten hard by the green-eyed monster of jealousy and wants big, brawny Bobby to lean his sorrowful head on her soft shoulders and weep inconsolably into her blonde tresses instead of Nikki's? Well, if she can't stand the competitive heat in the ranch house, perhaps she ought to find another rent free nest to roost in. Determined to give Bobby something Nikki hasn't, it appears Brittany is probably going to track down little Joshua's bones on behalf of her husband. Which means more tears and fears and hand-wringing on Nikki's part while she worries whether she might be prosecuted. She won't, of course. Unless it turns out the skeleton isn't Joshua, looks like this part of the story is nearly over. What could possibly be next? Bobby and Nikki continuing to grow closer is all I can think of.

Back we went on the teen teeter totter as J.T. and CC gazedinto each other's eyes, neither wanting to be the first to blink and admit they still careduntil they kne for sure the other felt the same. Am I the only one who noticed J.T. can't seem to make up his easily distracted mind? Am I mistaken or did he or did he not tell Colleen she shouldn't expect them to just trot on back to where they left their little romance and slip back into it like a pair of old, comfortable jeans? I guess seeing Zack cleared up the cloud of confusion swirling around in his cranium. So does his re-infatuation with Colleen make him officially out of love with Brittany? By the way, did anyone else fall off the couch with mirth when J.T. told Colleen he hoped he hadn't disappointed her? I guess he hoped she didn't count his bounce in the bedcovers with Anita. Or the time she had to smile bravely through her tears when he publicly claimed she didn't exist.

Speaking of confusion, I wish someone or something would clear up Mac's. She's becoming almost as man-needy as Olivia, without the sheet aerobics, of course. Continuing to try to tape her romantic hopes to J.T.'s Teflon armor is an exercise in futility. Even if Colleen wasn't in the picture, she'd still probably come in a distant second to Brittany. It really is time to bring in another boy toy for the unattached girl-women of Genoa City to pant after. Mac could do worse than Kevin. At least he probably wouldn't wind up cavorting in the covers with anyone's married mother.

Michael and Damon might not agree on the best way to handle the conspiracy case, but their minds were certainly running in tandem in another way. Who would have believed that two minds would conceive the same thought at practically the same time? Horseback riding in the middle of a Wisconsin January. Was it an unusually balmy day or what? Damon and Adrienne, after a short jaunt down painful memory lane actually climbed aboard the horses and went for a canter. But Michael and Lauren never even made it out of the stable, contenting themselves instead with another kind of romp - in the tack room hay. If their separate encounters were meant to be funny, they succeeded. Michael's facial expression was priceless as he listened to Damon's description of him as a battery operated workaholic barrister. And Michael popping out of the hay was even funnier.

Not amusing at all is Lilly's obsession with Malcolm. Disregarding his directive to give him enough space to take a deep breath without bumping into her, Lilly continued to make a pest of herself, just as she once did when chasing down Kevin. But instead of sending off repeated emails pleading for Malcolm's attention, instead she left him little notes and pictures. How old is Lilly again? Twelve?

It appears Malcolm may finally be about to remove his hateful hat and make amends with his brother. I certainly hope so because I can't take much more of his "you don't know what I've went through in Africa" refrain. I understand his heart was broken when he overheard the conversation between his brother and his fiancé. But his slate isn't squeaky clean either. What he did with his brother's wife was much worse than Neil's longing for Alex. If a truce is in their immediate future, both should enjoy it while they can. Because if it turns out Malcolm is Lilly's Daddy, their fragile bond will immediately come undone. And will Lilly learning about Malcolm's long ago betrayal be enough to knock him from the pedestal on which she's placed him? Already on shaky ground mentally, learning her Daddy is her Uncle and vice-versa will surely push this drama queen right over the edge.

* * * * * * *

Okay, I've done what I came here to do, so I'll let my fellow fans have their say. Thanks to all of you who share your opinions. You make my week!

CAROLYN - I am SO sick and tired of the broken record Brad Carlton keeps playing...'Victor ruined my marriage...Victor ruined my life!' For goodness sake, I don't recall Victor telling Ashley that it was okay to take his seed and get impregnated...I don't recall Victor telling Ashley to get into her car, drive like a bat out of he!! and come see him asap; thus the accident that caused her to lose her baby (which I'm convinced Ashley didn't really want anyway)...I don't recall Victor telling Ashley that he loved her and wanted her to leave Brad and he would leave Nikki and they (Victor and Ashley) would live happily ever after. Brad needs to take a good hard look at himself and his airhead ex and place blame where it belongs. I was SO glad that Victor told Brad to 'take responsibility for his part in the failure of his marriage'. Brad's retort, 'I have taken responsibility for my part in the failure of my marriage'. Since when? Is whining and blaming Victor taking responsibility for your failed marriage, Brad? Writers, PLEASE give Brad some new dialogue and soon! #2 - did I miss something with regards to Lily and Malcolm? Were they really close when Lily was little? Lily keeps saying that she 'won't lose Malcolm again'. Huh? I know he's her uncle, but I just don't get her actions. #3 - I wish the writers would NOT go there w/r/t Jack and Victor again! Victor needs to take back his own company from Nicholas 'it's my way or the highway' Newman! I sure wish Victoria would come back - then Victor could boot Nicholas' ungrateful butt right out of that NE CEO chair and give the position to who rightfully deserves it. I can't stand the way Victor lets Nicholas talk to him. Get some gumption about you, Victor, and show that little snot that you are and always will be in charge of NE!

MARY R -I have really become bored with a lot of the SLs lately. The only one that is interesting is the shakeup at Jabot with Victor taking over. I guess he has to find something to do now that he gave the reins up to Nicholas at Newman. And I really don't think in spite of Jack's paranoia he will buy the company out because of Abby. However, Victor may become their CEO, competing with his son at Newman. Throw in Jack (the new CEO at Chancellors) who will probably keeping trying to buy Jabot and it will be an interesting SL. Btw what kind of industry is Chancellors? The rest of the SLs forget it. I am tired of Malcolm's attitude, tired of Damon and Phyllis being tried for attempted murder. I miss Kevin/ Daniel/Mac. Another yawn is the SL with Bobby, Nikki and Brittany. I suppose they just don't know what to do with the newlyweds so we are subjected to all of these blasts from the past. I am not sure if they are trying to create a triangle or what. But its doomed if so because I can predict Nikki and Victor won't separate. Finally, J.T. and his women friends, Colleen, Mac and the married Brittany that SL is also a yawn. I am not sure where they are headed with that. I just wish they would put front and center the Jabot shakeup.

PATSY - I have a few things I MUST get off my chest or my tiny mind-first of all the story of Lily's daddy is driving me to drink (tea), come on, either he is or not, never have I seen fed ex so damn slow in delivering a package and they can get Lily's DNA off her toothbrush or hairbrush, so COME ON already. And speaking of the Sisters, why in the world would an M.D., experienced woman and mother, educated and professional, ACT LIKE AN IDIOT over any man?? I know Malcolm is hot, but all that pawing and fawning over him isn't natural. I liked the old Gloria better, the new one is a great actress but not nearly trashy enough for the image first projected. Brittany has turned into a real witch, (she always was a whiny baby) but this is ridiculous, and Nikki better remember her 40 mil is tied up and Victor is a very very good husband when it comes to paying the bills (and I have always liked him anyway). Bobby is cute as always and I think they need to clean up his act a bit (better haircut, nicer suits) and reveal the classy guy I believe he can be, and WRITERS for god's sake GIVE HIM a real woman (one that isn't married). Hey, how bout Victoria, if she ever comes back. LOL that would tweak old Victor I bet.

DICK2H - One of your correspondents remarked that the Damon-Domenic storyline had more than run its course. It most certainly has, and the situation has not been helped by the insertion of Glen Richards, everyone's nightmare as a DA, into the situation. I understand that the Y&R is the most successful daytime program around; surely the writers could afford to hire a criminal attorney as a consultant? If they did, they would find that it requires at least two people to create a conspiracy - since Phyllis has pretty much been absolved, who is Damon's co-conspirator? As to the attempted murder charge, the basis is so weak that no self-respecting third year law student would even consider taking it to court. Yet Richards blunders ahead, unhindered as usual by practical considerations, the law, common sense or the realization that the next time he comes up for election his opponent will use his record to crucify him. Haven't we had enough yet of these legal straw men who serve only to justify the notion that Michael and St. Cristine are the sharpest legal minds since Clarence Darrow? Give us a break! Cristine can't even seem to figure out that Damon's defense is to attack Domenic's credibility, which stands about as much chance of survival as a toothpick in a bonfire.

LON - I always wondered what took Victor this long to get into Jabot with all the problems they have had. I believe this will end up being a corporate takeover. The inaugural ball Thursday I dedicate to Victor Newman. He now has a 2nd (term) chance to build another empire like the 1st. On the other hand Ashley Abbott should be denied existence in life. What a sh-- head she is. Then she turns around and ask Victor's wife to watch him in case he is up to anything. I tell you this one nauseated me big time.

WANDA - This has got to go down as one of the most boring weeks on Y&R ever. The stable scene was absolutely ridiculous. Who goes horseback riding in Wisconsin, in January, in a foot of snow? NOT Lauren and Michael. If I have to endure one more of Phyllis' disguises, I am going to scream. Who actually believes a reporter could sway a DA about whether or not he tries a case? The writers got Damon and Phyllis into this storyline and now they can't figure out how to get them out of it. I have enjoyed seeing J.T. and Colleen getting back together. I have also enjoyed NOT seeing Brit and Bob going all google-eyed at each other. Enough already with all the stupid little side stories. I want to see the Abbotts, Newmans, and Katherine Chancellor. I do not want to see the Winters, Porters, Marsinos. It is time for Damon and Adrienne to go back to Georgia. Malcolm to go back to Africa. Victor to go back to NE and the kids need to all go back to school. Lily needs to stop her weird obsession with Malcolm. GC is an Eden for people who do not want to work and kids who never attend school. The GCAC and Crimson Lights is the only place where people work. That is so that all the "deadbeats" have some place to hangout and have lunch with each other.

DEBORAH - I was wandering have you or any of the other Y&R fans ever thought that Brad could be Bobby's brother? I seem to remember Brad taking a trip to Cleveland not to long ago and his past has always been a mystery, plus we don't know for sure whose bones were found at the rec center. Just a thought, it would be a happy ending to the story for Bobby and Brad to find each other after all these years.

TARA - I must say I really enjoyed Adrienne's scenes in the stables with Damon. She wasn't brought on the show to be the Giggly-Girl to Malcolm's Mysterious-Man -- she was cast to re-live her emotions with Damon and to recount the tragedy that ultimately divided them. And I thought it was nice for us to see her actually "act" again, after her all-too-many encounters with Mr. Coffee. And speaking of the stables...Michael & Lauren were hilarious! I just love them together. But CLB has great chemistry with everyone with whom he shares the screen. I especially loved the jab he took at Damon -- "it's a good thing you didn't have your sword on ya." Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the $$ flash in the New Mrs. Abbot's eyes when Victor said to her "I am a billionaire many times over..."?!?! When they were shaking hands at the conclusion of their discussion I could just SEE the wheels turning in Gloria's helmet-haired head! She's got a plan for Victor...and I don't think Nikki's gonna like it. At least we got 1 week without having to endure seeing Nick's scruffy, weasly, beady-eyed face. But he's probably off somewhere dreaming up new schemes to manipulate people's lives. Unfortunately he'll make his return soon enough. Will we ever see Brad smile and have fun again? Will we ever see Malcolm's forehead again? Will Lily ever stop being an insipid, whiney little irritant? Will Phyllis ever put away the wigs and stop playing dress-up?

* * * * * * *

Once again, thanks to all of you who share your opinions with me. You make my week!

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