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For the Week of March 28, 2005
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Like Toto did to the man pretending to be the Wizard of Oz, certain citizens had their concealing curtains yanked away, revealing the secrets buried beneath their half-truths and outright lies.

Everywhere we fans turned last week, we saw someone being busted. Like Toto did to the man pretending to be the Wizard of Oz, certain citizens had their concealing curtains yanked away, revealing the secrets buried beneath their half-truths and outright lies.

Let's begin with the almost million dollar man. Correctly reading the guilt written all over Kevin's face, Michael angrily snatched back the lottery ticket Kevin had taken back from him. And even though she hadn't actually pinched a penny of it, right before her avaricious eyes, Gloria saw her share of Kevin's fortune dribble right through her claws. But if Michael really meant what he said about strengthening the bonds tying this dysfunctional family together, once he gets over his ire at nearly being cheated by the two people he's tried to do so much for, hopefully he'll generously agree to divide the winnings three ways. By the way, it seems that in Daniel's case, the meddling fruit definitely doesn't fall far from the base of the tree. Like his mother, Daniel's life is so empty, he has nothing better to do than to stick his snout into matters not his own.

Of course, losing out on a chance to talk Kevin out of most of his money will soon be the least of our resident gold digger's problems. Because Gloria is the next resident to find herself standing just below the BUSTED sign. For the first time, Gloria actually seemed human as she showed what appeared to be real regret when taking belated responsibility for her unmotherly inaction. She even managed to shake a few leaves off Ashley's sympathy tree. But now that Ashley and Paul have discovered the secret Gloria tried so painstakingly to keep, Gloria won't even get to savor her new and improved relationship with her stepdaughter. Because the elaborate house of cards she built to hide the two jokers in her family pack is literally on the verge of imminent collapse, and I expect she will find herself buried right up to her bulging eye sockets. I bet John won't find his breath of fresh air nearly so fragrant once he learns the extent of her trickery.

Jack used more than a wisp of smoke and about a half dozen mirrors in his presentation to entice Victoria home, or Nu-Victoria as she's commonly called on various message boards. So what do we all think about the latest incarnation of Victoria Newman? I will probably always miss Heather Tom in the role, much as I used to long to see Terry Lester back in Jack Abbott's skin. But times they do a-change and I have no choice but to grin and bear them or turn the channel. And I'm not yet ready to do the latter. I'd probably be willing to give the devil a chance in the role if it would wind up putting Nick's arrogant donkey's behind in his place. As for the new Miss Newman, while she initially shouted nay to both the offer from Jack and her parents, we know it's only a matter of time before she returns to see for herself the extent of the mess her brother is making. So I'm going to sit back and see what she will do. I'll just be glad when she moves her pots of paints and cookware to Genoa City and gets busy doing whatever she's going to do. And since Nick has sown up the only substantial hole in Newman's employment fabric with Drucilla, if Victoria wants to be a business force to be reckoned with, she'll likely have to take her talents straight to the CEO office at Jabot.

Not only should this anger Brad at being passed over so scornfully by Jack, I doubt Ashley will be jumping up and down with enthusiastic joy since she likely has about as much love for Victoria as Victoria has for her. But as I said before, Victoria is first and foremost a Newman and Jack might want to delay his delight at besting Victor until he sees where his new CEO's loyalty will really lie.

Speaking of loyalty, although Jack doesn't yet know it, his might be called into question since Phyllis has discovered the real reason he wanted her to sniff out Victoria's whereabouts. At the rate Jack is going, he could soon wind up the most disliked dictator on executive row. But back to Phyllis. Accustomed to usually being the master puppeteer pulling all the strings; she wasn't at all pleased to find this time it was her mind that was being manipulated. I'm glad Jack so enjoyed his recent home delivered hot and flaky croissants because now that Phyllis realizes she was just a convenient pawn in Jack's little game of corporate chess, it's doubtful she'll be playing delivery girl for awhile. Of course, this is Smiling Jack we're talking about, a man who can show certain citizens a lump of coal and convince them he's holding a sparkling diamond, so I don't imagine Phyllis will have her undergarments all twisted in an uncomfortable knot for too long. It's not as if there are any other potential partners clamoring eagerly for her romantic attention.

After all the years of hating Newman, to everyone's astonishment, Brad has hurried, homburg in hand, to Nick, hoping he might consider handing him a cushy job. After hearing Nick gave responsibility for the entire Newman cosmetic division to an underqualified former motor mouth, he probably figured it couldn't hurt to toss his derby in the dirt. Who might go a-begging next? Jill?

Even though I like Sharon and Phyllis about the same, which really isn't saying much since I like neither of them overmuch, Dru, with her superior attitude and inexperience doesn't make for a very likable employer either. Boss or no, Sharon and Phyllis completely disrespect her, though not without good cause I will admit. Phyllis is already in possession of Dru's carelessly guarded secret, how long can it be before Sharon shares the knowledge and uses it against her.

It's not as if Sharon has much else to do. Now that she's lolling lazily on the Newman side of the fence, she's discovered the grass that looked so green from Jabot's executive office window, is actually patchy and even brown in spots. Because contrary to what her husband lead her to believe, her infrequent work days have not been spent lingering over long lunches stretching into mid-afternoon lust fests. The woman who once asserted wearing makeup qualified her to speak knowledgeably about all cosmetic products has found to her dismay what we fans knew the instant those nonsensical syllables fell from her lips. One has naught to do with the other. It turns out that being the bid dog's um ... wife, affords her few perks after all.

When she isn't bemoaning her hubby's decision to place Dru in a position of power over her, Sharon continues to find amusement in occasional training for her annoy my mother-in-law marathon. Like a puppy playing tug of war with its owner, Sharon just refuses to let loose of the Bobby and Nikki cloth she has sank her teeth in, hoping it might wind up being something she can dangle threateningly over Nikki's head. But Sharon might want to turn her attention away from what may or may not be going on in Nikki's life in the big house and refocus her inattentive eyes on the melodrama that could be beginning in her own little house. Little Cassie Newman isn't all that little anymore and if Sharon doesn't rein her in, she may repeat Mommy's mistake and find herself with child at the tender age of a sweet, but knowledgeable 16.

Not a whole lot on Bobby and Brittany during the week, much to my eternal gratitude. I know mine is just one opinion, but the fewer sightings of Bobby and his beloved Brittany, the better. Because those two together make me long for a freshly painted wall to watch dry. I refuse to fast forward, though and watch and listen to all they have to say. Not that fast forwarding would have made me miss much. Because mouth still set in that discontented frown, Britt repeated for the umpteenth time the same old "I don't trust you anymore refrain. Well if it means I see less of them, I don't care if she stays mad at him forever. The now famous kiss did accomplish one thing, however. It finally got them out from under Nikki's roof. And thanks to Angelo's down payment windfall, Bobby is now apparently awash in enough cash to pay for a place for his bride and baby to be and will sandwich his tall frame onto a too short couch in his old office. Does that mean Bobby now works for Angelo?

Looks like Lily is over her snit with her mother and is now ready to work on repairing the broken bridge that once connected her to her Uncle Malcolm. As far as the paternity issue is concerned, for Dru it must be much like waiting for the other high heeled shoe to drop. Right on her fragile little family, possibly breaking it to bits. Will Malcolm take Adrienne's ill-considered advice to let Lily in on what's quickly becoming an open secret in Genoa City? As for Lily, will learning Malcolm was keeping the biggest secret of all from her sound the death knell on any hope of a relationship between them? Okay, excuse me for just a second while I extend all ten of my cat claws and sharpen them at Adrienne's expense. I think she's a pretty woman, but really wish she'd follow Malcolm's makeover example and retire that very unbecoming raggedly cut rug she has plopped atop her head.

Victoria's wasn't the only new face to be added to the Jabot canvas during the week. The new Mac has also arrived and I have to agree with fan Dee below. This one looks way too old to be a barely legal virginal maiden.

Fans, the space now belongs to you!

* * * * * * *

Dee - Is it just me or is the new "Mac" totally wrong for this part? I'm in shock! She looks old enough to be the former "Mac's" mother, and can you see her mooning after "J.T"? She looks like his mother too! What's up with this casting? The new "Victoria" looks to be the right age at least - whether she's right for the part it's too early to say - Heather Tom will be a tough act to follow, but at least she's a "fit." C'mon Y&L - get with the casting program! But you're still the best and I love you anyway!

WANDA - I am sooooo sick of the snootiness of Drucilla Winters. When she came to Y&R she was a street person (at least Brad was a pool boy). Nick had just told Dru to go to work and then Silly Lilly came to see her and she stopped whatever she was doing to chat with her daughter. I usually don't think much of Sharon but she is right on about Dru. Nick sure is indifferent to her complaints since he got her to quit Jabot. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Victoria come back and put that rude little jerkwater in his place. I never liked him much anyway but his part on the show is almost intolerable these days. Victoria was really quick to whisk her parents off to the "nice little hotel" down the street. She hasn't seen them in months and she couldn't wait to get rid of them. Did anyone notice that Victor never even took his coat off? Does Katherine know that Smilin' Jack is in Italy on Jabot business? Who in the world is minding the store at CI? At least Jill would be around.

BOB - My rant this week concerns the Y&R writers, who have now lost any shred of respect I may have had for them. I refer to the Kevin lottery ticket storyline. Must they constantly send the message that you can be an Internet predator of underage girls, a person who gets revenge on his perceived enemies by locking them in meat lockers and setting places on fire, who remains delusional despite getting professional help, yet good fortune keeps falling into his lap? I understand the reasons for his demons and if this were a real life situation I would have lots of sympathy. But the scribes that be constantly take the low road on this story. At some point he MUST pay in some fashion for his misdeeds. And furthermore he did not come by these winnings honestly while Michael, who I used to despise, truly seems to have rehabilitated himself, yet gets the short end of the proverbial stick. Once Mac forced him to get help, he should have owned up to everything he's done, taken whatever consequences ensued, and then at the very least written out of the story for awhile. If this is indeed a vehicle to bring Terrible Tom into the story, they should have scrapped this Dream Wagon and found another mode of transportation!

LINDA C - What's with the show anyway, they seem to be repeating storylines. Like the paternity thing. Ok Phyllis is the bad guy. But does anyone remember what Dru did with the Victor, Ashley, Abby thing? Come on we've seen it before. Unless they're tryin to prove what goes around comes around. I also don't care for the Phyllis/Dru arguing. They should both be made to stand in the corner. And Phyllis preaching honesty!?! Get real! Gloria? Well, remember being told if you can't say anything nice about somebody say nothing at all? Enough said.

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