Have we been down this road before?

by Nita
For the Week of April 4, 2005
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Have we been down this road before?
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Because it certainly seems as if Cassie is poised to place her polished toes at the start of the same traumatic trail once taken by the lovely, but silly, Lily Winters.

Or at least one awfully similar to it? Because it certainly seems as if Cassie is poised to place her polished toes at the start of the same traumatic trail once taken by the lovely, but silly, Lily Winters. Disdaining any dalliances with Walnut Grove boys her own immature age, Cassie has become embarrassingly entranced by a male specimen presumably three or four years her senior. But unlike Lily, or Sharon for that matter, post pubescent Cassie has prepared for the possible by keeping a protective device, or condom, as it is commonly called, close by. But perhaps Cassie should have kept said condom concealed on her person rather than in her purse. Because once she'd dug for flower delivery tip dollars in her daughter's inadvertently left-behind purse, Sharon decided to rummage around to see what else was inside. To her horror, the what else she found was Cassie's contraceptive secret. Which put Sharon in a rather precarious position. That of trying to play a role that hasn't fit her well in a very long time. The one as Cassie's mother. And how very funny it was watching her try to put her little foot down. "Too much freedom!" she pronounced to her pouting 14-year old. "Which is about to end," she further decreed. Cassie should have cackled in her face, because I certainly did. Because in order to actually enforce that directive, Sharon would probably have to do something almost unheard of. Stay home and see to her own two charges instead of pawning them off on Miguel, or worse, on each other. And is it any wonder Cassie is, to quote Daniel, scantily dressed as a "Do magnet." Look who has been her lifelong model. A Mom who undoubtedly lives by the motto "if you've got it, you should flaunt it," as often and as prominently as possible.

Even Sharon, not always the brightest of bulbs, could see her words didn't make it very far into her barely civil seedling's skull. So she left the rest of the birds and bees banter to the other 15-watt bulb in the crush-proof family pack. As usual, preferring polite repartee with Daddy over Mommy, Cassie practically promised she'd not mirror Mommy's mindless action and wind up with another heir to the Newman millions. Even though I wasn't convinced Cassie meant many of the placating words she was parroting, Nick seemed satisfied there was naught to fear save fear itself. And despite the warning words of Lily of the self-experienced dangers of dating too far above your age, I guess only time will tell whether Cassie was listening or has learned.

Cassie isn't the only Newman who may prefer to make her own mistakes instead of learning from those made by other unfortunate souls. Time after time, just when I decide there can't be any more foolish decisions left for Nick the Numbskull to make, he proves me wrong and is well on his way to setting a town record of making a mistake a minute. After surrounding himself with a hand-picked team of misfit minions, at least two of which have been known to lie, steal, scheme, and cheat indiscriminately, can his stupidness really hope to become a Genoa City force to be reckoned with? More like the butt of many water-cooler jokes, most probably. But his questionable staff is probably only the first of the many problems I expect will soon assail him. His second is continuing to believe Daddy Dearest is a useless man long past his business prime who only wants to pull on his son's fraying puppet strings. By rejecting out of hand everything his father has to say, Nick is determinedly digging his own professional grave. Thirdly, rightly aware the presence of Daddy's darling little girl would likely completely obscure his own CEO sun; Nick has contractually committed an incompetent to command his cosmetic division to ensure his sister is kept locked out of the company loop. Just another bad business decision in a string of many Nick is sure to regret.

Oh, but the fun is hopefully about to begin in earnest now. Because Nick's Phyllis-generated email, combined with his failure to telephonically urge his sister's return to the not so loving family fold, has aroused Victoria's dormant competitive spirit. And despite her recent refusals to the contrary, Sister-girl has exercised that woman's prerogative to change her mind and decided to exchange the peace and tranquility of a warm Italy countryside for the invigorating, frigid air of cutthroat corporate life. And thus should begin a dizzying round of venomous vitriol between brother and sister, father and son, husband and wife and in-laws. And that just covers a couple of branches of the Newman family tree. As for those who call the John Abbott Inn home, if Victoria takes Jack up on his CEO offer, which undoubtedly she will, the words being bandied across the breakfast table are likely to be a bit acrimonious. Although it's expected John will be a bit preoccupied pondering whether or not to continue his marriage to Mrs. Omission, he should still have time to be less than thrilled that Jack chose a Newman to captain the listing family liner. In the one man Carlton camp, Brad has already delivered his end-of-day ultimatum to be made CEO or else. Will this threat, unlike the thousand empty ones he's uttered in the past, actually have teeth? Will he walk away and re-offer his services to Nick or will he simply tuck his dragging tail between his legs and slink back to his desk to await notification of his new duties?

Getting back to Gloria, Ashley wasted no time sharing her recently-learned knowledge of Gloria's two white lies, pun intended, giving Gloria the opportunity to choose the lesser of two evils. Tell the tall tale her own way, or have Ashley tell it for her. Okay, I have a confession to make. I never thought I'd see these words flow from the end of my fingertips and land upon the screen but here they come. I found I have developed a grudging liking for our Gloria. It was a soggy Puffs moment when Michael offered awkward comfort to his devastated Mom that was thoroughly believable. Confession time, while it probably wasn't that good for Gloria's troubled soul, made equally good watching. And even though Kevin was just a tiny bit annoying, kind of like a pesky fly, I still loved how he didn't hesitate to take on all Abbott comers in defense of his Mom.

Although minutes into the explanation, John was insisting Gloria could tell him anything; that Mom shouldn't hold herself accountable for what her sons had become, it didn't take him long to start singing an entirely different tune once he'd learned their identity. Disillusioned hardly covers John's horrified reaction to his new stepsons and it's for sure he won't exactly be putting out the welcome mat for either of them. We haven't yet learned what John intends to do next, but I don't expect Gloria to go, or if she actually does, I doubt it will be for very long. As we all know, Tom the Terrible is due to make his appearance this week, an arrival I've definitely been looking forward to. The Fisher Baldwin reaction to his presence should make for some very interesting watching indeed. I can hardly wait.

I know it takes time for new characters to fit in, and I admit it could just be me, but so far I'm feeling nada, zero, and zilch for the newest Mackenzie Browning. If there is any fire between her and J.T. or her and Kevin, it must be so slow burning the smell hasn't reached my nose yet. I'm still willing to give her a chance, but so far, not so good.

As expected, Phyllis' fury at Jack for using her to find Victoria has already abated. An evening of fine food and wine, with a massage tossed in for good measure, left her feeling forgiving. But don't bother hauling out the planner to set a wedding date just yet. There's probably still a ways for these two to go before they repeat their trek down that flower-strewn aisle. Since the two are still working for competing companies, the major source of their problems, is it even worth it for them to try to make marriage no. 2?

Michael wasn't nearly so forgiving as Phyllis once he'd figured out who helped Ashley dig up the dirt around Gloria's family plot. Guess the contractors can take Michael's name off their backlogged list of renovations to complete since Paul won't be needing an office now that Michael has flung the dreaded "You're fired" line in his face. Not to worry, though, that Paul will have to put all his pet projects on hold. I'm sure he'll simply set up his metal briefcase and conduct his PI business at a table on the Crimson Light patio.

I must say I'm looking forward to the coming week and seeing the look on Nick's face when he finally comes eye to eye with his sister. If Victoria sets up shop at Jabot, does Dru and Brash and Sassy/Safra stand a chance of competing since it's a given Victor won't be offering any bribes to stack the odds in his favor. And how will Nikki and Victor feel about their daughter switching sides?

I expect Bobby and Britt will return this week to annoy me. By the way, despite all Bob's insincere sounding words of lasting love for Brittany, any wagers as to how long before he and Nikki are again steaming up the air between them with those hot and longing looks?

Okay, fans, your scribe has just about emptied her little mind, so let's see what kinds of thoughts have been occupying yours.

* * * * * * *

BOB - There are two phrases in soap land that, if not the Kiss of Death for a relationship or marriage, are at least the Kiss of a Long Term Illness. They are: "You know you can tell me anything....." and "Whatever it is, we can get through it." Not to be cold, but I have the feeling John Abbott, the latest victim to utter these words prior to a Secret Revealed is headed for heart attack or stroke city again. If that's the case, it will take a Groveling Gloria, dutifully standing by her man 24/7 and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt to John and all the other Abbotts that she doesn't care squat about the money or power anymore, to win back the heart of her wronged husband. Dropping her guard to Ashley and to her forgiving son Michael seemed sincere, if not realistic.

If Nicholas had any smarts or powers of observation (and he sorely lacks both), he would have known instantly that sending Victoria an email from his computer and posing as him is EXACTLY the kind of stunt Phyllis would pull. Lord knows she's done it enough in the past. And please, are we really supposed to believe that Phyllis thought Jack was going to Italy to lure Victoria back to NEWMAN?? In my opinion, these two conniving bozos deserve each other! As for Daniel, if he lives long enough to be an adult in the story he would make an excellent sleazy politician---lie, cheat, steal, use operatives and whatever means necessary to get what you want!

FAITH - I think Y&R did a horrible job of casting Mackenzie. I have to agree, this Mackenzie looks too old for Mac, and she doesn't fit the part at all. She seems to be overacting, trying too hard. She doesn't seem to relate to the other characters, I can't seem to believe that she is Mac! I trying to give her a chance, but I don't think she is going to work out! What were they thinking?

ANN - I enjoy this segment very much. I don't know if this is the right place for a question but here it is. Where and what has happened to Lauren's son that should be grown now?

(In answer to your question, Ann, last we heard, Scotty was away at boarding school.)

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