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by Nita
For the Week of May 23, 2005
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What with all the entrances and exits and new older looking faces replacing those that were younger and sweeter, there's not much left to like about the younger set of characters.

Before I get into the make believe stuff, first, real life congratulations are in order for this year's Emmy winners.

My pom poms were pumping powerfully in the air Friday night as I leapt to my feet, cheering like a wild woman for Greg Rikaart, Christian LeBlanc and David Lago, for their respective Emmy wins. Just my opinion, but they couldn't have been awarded to three better men. Kevin and Michael have long been two of my favorite fictional figures; a list that used to include Raul until some executive coin counter decided he was expendable and should pack up his duffel and depart the City. Of the few teens who represented the "young" in the Restless, I liked Raul the best and hated to see him sacrificed in exchange for Bobby. I'm one fan who wouldn't mind him transferring his college credits to GCU.

What with all the entrances and exits and new older looking faces replacing those that were younger and sweeter, there's not much left to like about the younger set. Yes, the scribes are working hard to make Lily and Daniel the new super couple and so far I think they're okay, but still a pretty fair distance from anything magical. Sierra and Devon are little more than fill-in material, providing their ear or shoulder for other people's problems. Mac and J.T.? Well, more on them a couple paragraphs down. Suffice it to say that due to my intense dislike of this coupling, I'd welcome Colleen Carlton's return.

Speaking for myself alone, because I know other fans don't necessarily agree, Raul's presence was the only thing that made Brittany Hodges tolerable. There was something quite appealing about the two of them together, especially in the early days when his sweetness was slowly diluting her surliness. Yes, she still had her unlikable moments, but the demise of that Brittany and subsequent reincarnation as the always agreeable Mrs. Marsino is insufferably saccharine, completely unbelievable and a sure cure for my insomnia. A reincarnation not wholly explained by that Marsino bun she's toting in her tummy. All of a sudden, she's all goo-goo eyes and sweet, sticky tongue because she has a man she can trust who loves her. Excuse me, but didn't she have all that before? In Raul? And it's been terribly tough for me to believe she's now so thrilled with being a puttering around the apartment Mommy when not so very long ago, so terrified by the possibility of delivering a little Raul or Raulina, she disappeared for weeks while she contemplated termination. I do agree, however, that she's no longer that other Brittany, the self-centered, sharp-tongued, pampered little princess who craved constant and complete adulation from friends and strangers alike. Unfortunately, even though the old Brittany often trod on my next to last nerve, this new one is even worse. Every time I see her vapid, cat-ate-canary grin, I groan at the agony her presence is about to inflict upon me. And Bobby, as her smitten sidekick is equally annoying. Not since the dog days of the illogical and ill-conceived Cameron Kirsten cadaver caper have I so heartily wished for two people's permanent disappearance. Come on Vinny, do something, anything. Put out a contract on their lackluster lives, force them to run to the Feds and beg for placement into the witness protection program. Just make them go away!

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. But they're not, so I guess me and the beggars will have to keep plodding along on foot. But, if you really could rub a lamp and conjure up a genie to grant your fondest desires, mine would be no more maddening Mac and J.T. nonsense. Mac nearly caused me to lose my meager mind with her whining and moping around. What does the silly woman want anyway? An undying declaration of devotion? A marriage proposal? Is chasing unashamedly after J.T., begging for tiny tidbits of his undivided attention what the scribes meant by taking Mac in a new direction? Ugh! The infantile way she's acting, the only direction I want her to go is the one that takes her right out of town. And unless Miss Never Been Touched is ready to saw off the rusted padlock and throw wide her virginal gates, what's the big deal about being J.T.'s girl anyway? They're still only going to hold hands and share chaste closed mouth kisses. Exactly what they've been doing as platonic roommates. My biggest problem with this new and supposedly improved manifestation of Mac is her complete change of character. The straight-laced, self-sufficient Mac, as she's been written to be, would never act in such a desperate manner. If they wanted a new character, they should have just sent Mac back to the Indian reservation and just brought in a new Genoa City girl.

I'm sure all have heard the rumors swirling like stinging desert dust all over cyberspace about Cassie. But since even the most allegedly reliable rumors do not always turn out to be true, and out of respect for the many fans who avoid seeing, hearing or reading rumors at all costs, I won't say another word ... until next week. In the meantime, like them, I'll just wait and see for myself what does or does not happen.

Genoa City Memorial was again the hub of most of the week's wheeling and dealing. Back and forth we swiveled, to the park bench and back, from hospital pay phones to the ranch, to Paul, to Crimson Lights in a desperate search for the wandered away Cassie, in Sharon's voluminous coat and huge scarf, matched with what appeared to be paper hospital slippers. And for all our diligent attention, in the end, after making her painstaking way to Daniel, Cassie never got to whisper a word of what she now fully remembers. Daniel was left to wonder in vain what in the world Cassie wanted to say. As for Cassie, she was very believable as the fever-ridden patient although I doubt any fan was surprised that her tortuous journey had all been for naught. Mommy Newman was her usual all over the place self, weeping, wailing, ranting and raging at people whose fault it wasn't and periodically winding up enclosed in Victor's comforting arms. Nikki after an inexplicable disappearance during which she left with Victor upon hearing the runaway news, obviously decided to hold down the fort at the main house since she never made it to the hospital. Victoria manned the phones at the Tack House, taking comfort a time or two on Brad's muscular shoulder. Jack, his own CI, Jabot and Abbott responsibilities still not enough to fill his day also briefly parked his luxury sedan at the Tack House to lend his support to Victoria as well.

I do think it was an odd time for Victoria to initiate a playful flirtation with Brad (yes, I know she was tired and supposedly hardly knew what she was saying, but I confess I didn't buy that weak explanation). Brad looked more amused than intrigued by it all. While I don't feel much at all as far as romance goes for this pair just yet, I definitely think it would be a novel idea for them to forge a business partnership that has nothing to do with any of the big three, Newman, CI or Jabot.

Taking a break from all the doom and disaster plaguing the Newmans, it was fun and game time at the Abbotts. The live in therapist wound up dining with her patient at the Athletic Club and made it crystal clear she would be amendable to being married to some influential American male who could magically make her green card problems go away. Although my mouth hung open in disbelief at her audacity, John merely giggled it away. I doubt Gloria, dallying nearby with Kevin, would have been so amused had she been a fly on the table and privy to their pre-dinner conversation. But instead, she and Kevin were making plans of their own, that of how best rid the Abbott Inn of Gitta. It appears her amulet may be the key to unlocking the pool house door and sending the superstitious muscle builder on her way. I had nearly as much as fun watching as it appeared Kevin had scampering around the Abbott Inn, messing with Gitta's mind. And Gloria was nearly hysterical with her talk of doors mysteriously opening and closing accompanied by inexplicable whooshing and whistling. John seems to be softening toward Gloria and I'm hopeful something will happen soon to bring these two back together.

Although Phyllis has barely moved in, she's already made her obnoxious presence known. Although to be fair, Gloria did start their latest round of bitter repartee. Not that I blame her, would you like to meet someone like Phyllis coming and going in your own house? Talk about seriously disturbing any sliver of peace Gloria might find that Ashley and Jack hadn't already disrupted. And yes I know, technically, it isn't Gloria's home. But until John files for divorce, it's as good as hers. Of course, Gloria really shouldn't take Phyllis' antagonistic attitude personally. Other than Isabella, herself a master mistress of manipulation, I don't recall a woman yet who Phyllis actually got along with.

So long Damonporter, and as expected, Adrienne. Damon's departure should force Ashley to lower her up in the air nose and press it firmly to the grindstone. Her return to full time duties should also keep her too busy to keep pushing her nosy snout into Daddy Dearest's marital matters, but it will probably also put her on a contentious collision course with Jill. Clearly Jill is going to be every bit the overbearing CEO from the hot place everyone expected her to be. Jill has never been one to stop power from going straight to her head and I doubt she's about to start now. It's likely Kay's intervention and perhaps misplaced support has indeed probably created a very big and scary monster. Oh well. It couldn't happen to more deserving people than Ashley and Jack.

So Michael has popped the big question and received a resounding yes! I really can't see any obstacles to their marital happiness so unless someone has a trick card up their sleeve, Lauren will eventually become Fenmore-Baldwin.

What's going on with Terrible Tom? My hopes that were once sky high are beginning to droop a little as the days go by with nothing much to put me on the edge of my sofa. Granted, most in the City have been busy with Cassie's crisis, so it's not likely a lot will happen until that is resolved. Terrible will probably use the time to get closer to Ashley.

Depending on what happens with Cassie, it's likely going to be awhile before any light will be detected at the end of Daniel's pitch black tunnel. But at least he won't be stumbling around in the darkness alone. Because Lily will never let a little thing like parentally placed keep away signs detour her around Daniel. The only thing capable of doing that would be Detective Weber tossing him in jail and tossing away the key. Which, being that this is Genoa City; a place where you are considered indisputably guilty despite such things as lack of evidence or thorough investigation, until someone else proves your innocence, that could very well happen.

For next week, I already have my hankies placed handily next to the couch just in case. Sharon may not be the only one shedding copies tears.

As always, the fans had plenty of strong opinions about the hectic happenings in our favorite city. So I'll get out of the way so their words can be seen.

* * * * * * *

FAITH - Gloria/Michael/Kevin have been my favorite storyline. They are all such great actors! I cannot stand Ashley's character anymore! I used to like her a long time ago. She is so hypocritical. Talking about hypocrites....Drucilla, Neil, Phyllis, J.T., Paul, Ashley, Jack.....they have become so hypocritical, I can't stand it. I'd like to lay out their sins one by one when they open their mouth and insert their feet! I can't believe how Phyllis was calling Kevin a freak! She has no room to talk! She is the biggest freak of all. I cannot believe the scribes are trying to pair up Victoria with Brad and Jack! That is sick! Jack was her stepdad and Brad was almost her stepdad. What are they thinking? I cannot stand the Brittany/Bobby pairing. I had hoped they wouldn't get married. That storyline is so boring. I agree that Mac/J.T. have lost their sizzle. I can't see them together anymore. I can't understand why Mac isn't working. Remember when she first came to live her grandmother? She wanted to work because she wanted to pay her own way? What happened to her character? She has changed so much. She moons over J.T. all the time. She would never have done that before!

KRIS - What had me laughing so hard was the fact that Lily is at the tack house w/Daniel. Dru storms in and notices Lily's purse and demands that she go to her car! The funny part is, didn't Dru see Lily's car in the driveway? She freaks out after seeing her purse but misses the car? How dumb do they think we are?

P. DIDDI - The scene where Cassie got her memory back was a show stopper and excellent ending on a Friday. I was so happy, I was screaming at the TV. I thought they would drag it out forever. I am so glad she got her memory back. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't like this crap about her leaving the hospital as sick as she is. All I could think was here we go again. I am really liking Daniel and Lily together. I also like how she is trying to help him, no matter what. Daniel is such a good kid and doesn't deserve this. Phyllis one of my favorite characters. She really rocks, I wish she would get her own place and stop living off of other people. I received an autograph picture from her and a letter regarding the soap opera awards show. She has also answered all of my emails. Phyllis rocks and so does Daniel.

TRISH - I saw a couple of clips from the movie Psycho recently, and suddenly realized that Kevin is very much like Norman Bates, not only in looks, but in behavior at times. Greg Rikaart does an amazing job in this role. I thought Esther was now an alcohol rehab counselor - but wait - no, there she was back in her "Esther, ESTHER - get in here" uniform. Abby - where are you? Why oh why do they have Dru flounce around like she is the Queen of everything? The only time I like her is in her scenes with Devon, which are too few and far between. Why bring in characters and then not utilize them? You are right on in your Phyllis comments - I thought I was the only one who remembered her bad girl days as a murderer etc.

JANA - I have watched Y&R for over Twelve years now. And can I say that the storylines are getting old. I am a Danny and Chris fan I was so happy when they brought Danny back but I realized the only reason they did that was to bring Daniel into the mix. There's so much they could do with Danny and Daniel. I hated they way the writers handled the truth about Danny not being Daniel's real father, having Daniel move in with Phyllis that makes a lot of sense NOT. I don't like Michael and Lauren together; I would much prefer to see Michael back together with Chris. I loved the two of them together, and I don't think Michael and Lauren will get married. And whose bright idea was it to put Paul and Ashley together?

MACARENA - Is there any chance Lyndsey Fonseca will stop doing creepy Lifetime/Hallmark movies and return as Colleen? Because J.T. is unwatchable without her. No one's going to eat crow over falsely blaming Daniel; when they find out Cassie drove, they won't care that she didn't put a seat belt on drunken Daniel or that she forgot her own. She won't be a "monster"; she'll be what each of them is: a dumb teenager. "Matlock" is another show where the suspect was never guilty, and Matlock's defense "strategy," which is complete b.s., was to get the real killer to confess on the stand. You would think Dru would bond with her daughter because Lily is hell-bent on getting her man! And can she stop being rude to Malcolm? I know it isn't shame that makes her wish he would disappear. But I will treasure the moment she felt something and decided not to fire Phyllis.

JUDY - My comment on Ashley being such a hypocrite. She has done so many deceptive acts. It is troubling to see her trying to destroy John's happiness with Gloria. Gloria's deception was wrong but I feel John should forgive her.

TARA - Dumb@$$es of the world, stand and rejoice, because this week in GC, it was all about you. And I want to deliver slaps to all of you. J.T. & Mac. (slap, slap! I got two with one swing) Their coy games are wearing quite thin, and if we weren't yet convinced that this NuMac wasn't right for the part, her "controlling bitch" comment sealed it for us. The Ol Mac would've never spat that B word. Gypsy Gitta is a dumb@$$. And so is John. (slap, slap!) What "therapist" a) moves in with her patient; b) takes him to a romantic dinner to "get him out of the house"? Jeeze Louise, walk his @$$ around the block if you think he needs to be exercised like a hamster. Don't take him to dinner and drop hints about needing to marry an American man to keep your Visa status. Crazy Cassie is a dumb@$$. (slap!) Sharon, here's yours (slap!)'re one, too. Why didn't she use Victor's cell phone to call Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on the bus bench? Brad is a dumb@$$. His too-tiny pink shirt was more Queer Eye for the Straight Guy than sexy Pool Boy Turned Jabot Exec......movin' on.

Now that I've slapped almost everyone in need of a good slappin', I'd just like to say that I am so happy for Michael & Lauren, and until they are forever united in holy matrimony, shall be called BaldMore. The whole theme was "taking a gamble on love" and they did it. They make the best couple in GC.

I'd like to say how proud I am of our little Greg Rikaart for winning his Emmy Friday night. Kevin Fisher belongs to him and Greg plays him to a T. Congrats GR! But I was happy to see that Daniel (Michael Graziadei) cut his hair short. I can't wait to see him onscreen with the new do! In closing, I would be remiss if I didn't deliver my final smack to the producers of the daytime Emmys for rushing Christian Jules Leblanc off stage with the tacky music. (slap!) It was in extremely poor taste. CJL is the OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR winner for cryin' out loud! He should have had more time for his thank yous than all of the winners before him. Rude!

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