A long week

by Nita
For the Week of July 4, 2005
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A long week
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The female half of the runaways cruised through most of another week in vacation mentality mode, continuing to have more fun than she's ever had in her short, pampered life.

Maybe it's the hot sunny days or maybe it's just me, but I had trouble maintaining my interest as the week in Genoa City dragged by, paying halfhearted attention as our fictional folks said and did little more than what they'd already said or done the week before. As soon as Nick's face popped up, I knew the look that was likely to be on it, and I could pretty much guess the gist of the words that would explode from his unhappy mouth and fly like poison arrows straight into Phyllis' heart. "Your son killed my daughter and he must pay." And even though, without his fellow searchers' knowledge, Nick let LA's finest in on loop, it's not yet clear whether he intends to let them do their job or plans to take matters, or in this instance, Daniel's youthful, allegedly guilty neck, into his own vindictive hands.

Neil also spent a moment in monotonous rewind mode, continuing to blame his daughter's bad judgment on Daniel in absentia. And back in Genoa City, his marriage mate mirrored his pass the money mentality, pointing irrational fingers of blame at Daniel, Phyllis, and just to make sure all her bases would be covered, Malcolm.

The female half of the runaways cruised through most of another week in vacation mentality mode, continuing to have more fun than she's ever had in her short, pampered life, and trying to make plans for even more frivolity. The way she saw it, they'd come all this way, an accomplishment that was "huge," so surely they could carve out some time to view the prints of Cruise. Daniel at least gave token lip service to their predicament, somewhat weakly insisting it was time for Lily to toss her duffel over her thin shoulders and return to her boring life in GC, even threatening to call her parents and reveal her whereabouts. But Lily quickly vetoed his vote, pointing out correctly that he would also reveal his own. Eventually a compromise was reached; Lily would leave but not until they'd worked and saved enough for air fare. And voila, the thought immediately became the deed and we soon saw the runaways frolicking upon the hot beach as a banana and a strawberry, advertising smoothies. I must admit, that was a rather funny sight; it drew a chuckle from me. They were chuckling as well, at least until Lily spotted Phyllis doggedly displaying their likenesses to sunbathers. While Phyllis didn't immediately recognize her son, having never seen him in full banana attire, something about the fruits activated her Mommy antenna. We'll have to wait until the coming week to see if she follows her intuition.

Alas, the lunacy surrounding the mob's unhealthy interest in the Marsinos lingered. Mac floundered in a virtual vat of self-pity sun tea, bemoaning the fact that every man she falls for fails to catch her and she keeps hitting her hard head on the ground. But Grandmommy Kay was jackrabbit quick to point out the positives. In a sense imparting something nonsensical along the lines of "My dear, dear granddaughter, although right now your tears are flowing like water and your heart feels as if it's been shattered into slivers, put your sad little chin up and poke out your pairs because how proud you should feel for finally relinquishing that which you held so long to one such as J.T. Hellstrom." Well I don't know what Mac thought about Kay's little pep talk, but all it made me say was, Whaaaat? Along with her prior suggestion that the Marsino baby should be given away like last season's evening wear, I'm beginning to wonder about her sensibility. She's just not acting much like the kindhearted Katherine I used to believe her to be.

As for Bobby, some of his behavior left me scratching my head in bewilderment as well. Even though she didn't know her name had been submitted for the role of sacrificial lamb, Mac, through J.T., is doing him and his bird-brained beloved a favor. So perhaps he could have been just a wee bit more sympathetic to her emotional distress. At learning she's taking the news a bit badly, his callous comment to J.T. was "So, what do you want me to do, cry?" Well maybe he didn't feel a need to soak his hanky with his sobs, but a little understanding would not have been amiss. And it's a little hard to feel the menace of the mob when although he insists his every move is being monitored, and we saw for ourselves that at least some of them were (though not the ones where he visited the loft, and, as if communication by phone or email had not yet been invented, met the disguised little diva in the middle of a public park practically at high noon) he's not exactly meeting my criteria for caution.

Scorning Grandmommy's advice to move on to other meadows and taking Kevin's instead to "fight for her man" I'm guessing Mac is not about to have her hurting heart healed. On the contrary her announcement that she's retaining her hold on love and returning to the loft (again) is likely to be met with resistance. Because for this Marsino scenario to be believed, Mac just can't be in the picture portraying the inhabitants of the loft. Will Mac abandon her girlish hopes of J.T. love and tap Kevin for the role of second best?

Speaking of looking for love in unlikely places, Devon easily found the mother he sought. But, sadly, things in her life had not changed for the better. Looking more like his not much older sister rather than the woman who had given birth to him, although she was thin, she seemed surprisingly unmarred by her life of illegal street drugs and homeless life drama. Now that Devon has seen her, will he finally be satisfied with his life with the Winters?

For the only Newman executive still in town, the pity party was officially brought to a close. "I feel your pain" was part of the message brought directly to Drucilla's door by the Interim CEO messenger, but it was clear if Dru couldn't drag herself off the self-pity pot and pay the piper his pennies, she'd soon be collecting her check from some other company. It's about time, too. Because I'm ready to see how deep Victoria will make her mark.

In the absence of her vengeance seeking spouse, Sharon continues to search out substitute shoulders to lean on. Used as little more than eye candy on the fringes of everybody else's drama these days, Malcolm didn't mind murmuring some supportive sentences. And loose ends Brad was more than happy to lend her his strong shoulders. Although Sharon claims to desperately need something to cling to other than a pillow on her couch in her empty of life home, apparently her spokesperson position isn't one of her first choices. Instead, Crimson and the AC are the places she likes to be. Where are Nikki and Victor in all her loneliness? Didn't Nikki tell Victor it was up to them to hold the family together? Well, they better get out the string and wrap it around Sharon before it's too late. Seriously, though, despite how it looks, for once I really don't see Sharon seeking sexual solace in unhusbandly arms. Been there, done that, surely that tired tune won't be played again.

Tom the Terrifying continued to shower doom and gloom on his former family mates, even though one of them remained unaware there was anything to fear. While I can see the potential in Michael's plan he nevertheless still caused me to mumble a confused "Whaaat?" for a second time during the week when he advised Gloria to declare Tom dead as a proverbial doornail. Don't get me wrong. It's an interesting idea and if done right, a thick, meaty whodunit would be a wonderfully absorbing way to spend a lazy Genoa City summer, but the key words are "if done right." Imagine the possibilities if Tom were to expire and the tie that once bound Tom, Michael, Kevin and Gloria together was uncovered. By not showing his actual "murder" only the after the fact suspicious activities of all who could be counted as murderers, we could wind up with a genuinely mysterious Who Shot TT, with the aforementioned three as possible perpetrators. Perhaps even Brad and Paul could be drawn in as suspects, Paul attempting to rid himself of a romantic rival, Brad, protecting his precocious adopted progeny from falling into Tom's abusive clutches through his still-lawfully linked wife. Okay, so it's a soot filled pipe dream, but what's soap watching life without a little hope?

But, back to reality. Given that the reason Gloria became estranged from her husband in the first place was due to the intricate web of lies she spun around them, Michael's suggestion seems a little less than well thought out. Why not simply tell Gloria and John what's going on; she could rid herself of Tom, albeit not likely without sacrificing some of the Abbott gold, and then remarry John. Since 10 years or so has passed since she last lay eyes on Tom, surely his contesting a divorce couldn't be credible. Instead, Gloria taking the arduous steps of declaring Tom dead seems to make little sense and will only drown her in more deception. Because I presume she doesn't plan to let John in on the little task her son has assigned her. Besides, can someone just hire an attorney and say they want someone declared dead? Just like that? By the way, how unbelievable is it that with Tom flitting all over town, frequenting the very places favored by Gloria, he has yet to run headlong into her? He's certainly seen every other person he's met since his arrival. As for Michael, when is he going to fill his fiancé in on all the nefarious goings on of his wicked stepfather? I thought he said there were going to be no secrets between them?

Though I thought the prior week moved a little slowly, I'm much more optimistic about the coming week and months. The rumbling rumors say plenty of drama and intrigue could be slowly oozing down the muddy pike. At least one horrifying creature from the bottom of the murky sea of manipulation, her evil visage concealed by a mask of seeming civility, is still expected to arrive and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting citizens of the City. But will Sheila be acting alone or has her lieutenant in larceny of love (perhaps Tom) already been accepted into the fabric of Genoa City life. A long unseen son is also said to be due for resurrection (and no, it isn't poor Nate, who's apparently been abandoned). Memories are rumored to be returning; a gunshot could shatter the silence. Is the crashed car finally going to be examined? Is Malcolm going to get to leave the sidelines and step directly into the fray? Will Nikki really turn her attention to her son's family? Or will she be more concerned about the Marsinos?

All right. I've related things the way I saw them. Fans, give me your viewpoint.

* * * * * * *

MACARENA - Bitternay to Mac: "No, I need you to leave." Welcome back, poor little rich girl! Even though I suspected the over the top fight at Gina's was a ruse, I totally fell for the J.T.-dad story. I was excited, and looking forward to it. It would have shaken up the dull couples. I didn't know it was a lie until Monday's show; I thought Bobby had just decided his love was stronger than J.T.'s idiocy. Why is Mac mad NOW? She's always known J.T.'s an a$$. She couldn't get him to live by her standards, so she dropped them. She made herself worthy of his attention by sleeping with him -- after he sang, argh! --and she has only herself to blame. It is sad to see Brittany schmoopy over Bobby, or whining to Mac. She's totally headed for the always annoying "you don't have kids, so you couldn't POSSIBLY understand." If the real Mac were around, she would be suspicious. Of course, SHE wouldn't have slept with J.T.. Is Brittany's story that she never suspected and just had a free DNA test on amniotic fluid? Maybe they could bring back Raul for Mac. I put up with him (and Sharon) for the pleasure of seeing Diego, but he is wasting away fully clothed on GH. Sigh. **** I expected more from Katherine. But K thinks adoption is nice and neat and your daughter's son never marries your granddaughter. Do they expect J.T. to go to her doctor's appointments now? God help us if they make us watch him feel her belly and finally learn what love is. Or worse, what if he sings to the baby? Actually, that would result in immediate fetal evacuation, and we wouldn't have to see Brittany clutch herself. Ever. Again. I can sense the relief already. **** I hope Sharon and Brad get together. When times are tough, Sharon casts about for a new man, and she was eyeing Brad as if she'd just found a new dad for Noah. It was creepy when she stared at Abby, who's nothing like Cassie. I guess any girl will do, too.

TRISH - Well can you believe the 3 Stooges are together again and living on the Y&R? I refer of course to Phyllis, Nick & Neil. Yuck. Hopefully, Daniel will send Silly Winters packing & Dru can begin paying more attention to poor Devon. What is she thinking screaming at him like a shrew? For someone who proclaims Tom is just barely a friend & doubts it will turn into anything more, I find that Ashley seems to be doing a lot of flirting with him, just hoping for who knows what. Is it just my imagination (good grief, I can only hope it is) or do Jack & Victoria seem to be having more going on in their scenes than should be happening with a former stepfather/stepdaughter. Eeuwwww!!! I really hope the writers don't go down that road. It will be even worse than Bobby & Bratney. There's another storyline which is just ridiculous - even though I don't like the actress in the role of Mac, I still felt sorry for her when she just began a relationship (finally - oh lord please put us out of our misery on this storyline) with J.T. and now it's over because of the scheming designed to protect Brat & her baby. How stupid is this?

SANDI - Nick and Phyllis pairing up to look for the 'darlings'. How did Phyllis get to St. Louis so fast -- the Chancellor Industries or Jabot jet? I do agree with the whole car thing -- nowadays the crime scene people and insurance people go over car accidents with a fine tooth comb and they would have taken finger prints off the steering wheel and see that the seat was up farther (good one, who ever said that). If this Ashley, Abbey, Victor, Brad thing starts all over again the FF will be getting a lot of use as I do the FF when I see J.T. and Mac; but now I may want to hear how this J.T. being Brittany's baby's father plays out. WAY OVER THE TOP!!!!

RENEE - I hate the new Mac. I hate their pairing. I skip right over them. They make me ill to watch. No chemistry whatsoever.

RUBY - I understand Nick's anger completely because no one knows Cassie was driving and not Daniel. Cassie was Nick's little girl and now she is gone and he doesn't know how to let her go. Nick can't accept that she died so tragically and he doesn't understand why either. Daniel believes that he ended Cassie's life and doesn't know how to make it right again. I was in an accident myself so I understand a father's rage when their child is hurt. Mine was a result of a boy crashing our car and leaving me for dead. I just hope in the end Daniel isn't made to suffer anymore than he already has for something he didn't do.

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