The big beach adventure has ended

by Nita
For the Week of July 11, 2005
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The big beach adventure has ended
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After a brief foot chase, Nick caught the culprit he's sought so diligently, though thanks to Phyllis, was denied the longed for sensation of his fist smashing into the boy's face.

But that by no means signals the end of the runaways' story. However, I am just grateful we will soon be shaking off the sticky sand of LA and returning to the sin-filled City. LA was at times an interesting diversion, but I'm temporarily satiated from multiple days of an "I love you, I love you, too" two-course diet of Daniel and Lily. And the three's company ensemble of two angry fathers and a mad mom has worn a little thin as well. So, after a brief foot chase, Nick caught the culprit he's sought so diligently, though thanks to Phyllis, was denied the longed for sensation of his fist smashing into the boy's face. So, part one is over. It's now up to the inept force of Genoa City lawmen and women to prove their case against Daniel in part two. Of course with representatives of the law like Weber and Richards, whose percentage of successfully solved cases speaks loudly and clearly to their detriment. that could be a very long time coming. Thank goodness for Christine "he's like a son to me" Williams and her solemn sidekick, Paul the P.I., who will probably eventually save the day.

Daniel's obviously going to be spending his next little while enjoying the hospitality of the GC County Jail, though I expect Lily will be serving her sentence in a much more relaxed setting of confinement. The Winters compound where the warden is loud and threatening, but frequently becomes so distracted by other concerns, prisoners can just let themselves out of their cells by way of the key hanging within easy reach. Think the Mayberry jail overseen by Andy and Barney.

Of course, there aren't enough nearly enough miles as the Newman jet flies between LA and GC that will distance us from Nick's continued rage. Shrugging off Daniel's recalled memories as nothing more than the desperate ravings of an unrepentant rogue, Nick isn't even close to running out of enraged steam. So I expect that even after we return to the City, we will continue to hear variations of his favorite phrase, "you killed my little girl." Because without Daniel blocking his view, Nick can't help but see the angry face in the mirror and he'll be forced to admit the man behind it at least had a bit part in this tragic play.

Although Sharon has spoken to her husband on at least a daily basis, each time posing the question, "When are you coming home?" when he does arrive, I doubt it will be the happy occasion one might assume. While Nick's behavior since Cassie's untimely death has been almost over the top in intensity, by contrast Sharon's near tearless and rather restrained acceptance seems almost mechanical. Nick's physical presence, while his mind remains clouded and consumed with revenge, is undoubtedly going to leave Sharon in the precise position she now finds herself. Looking for someone to hear her fears and dry her tears. And her recent antagonistic response to Nikki's attempt to steer her in a direction that doesn't lead to a man other than her mate made it clear just anyone's support won't do. Sharon's whitewashing has nearly been completed; enough coats of paint have been painstakingly painted on, her indiscretions with Diego and Cameron are barely visible, so I can't imagine the scribes will pick now to return her to a floozy who has an extramarital affair with also still married Brad. Yes, undoubtedly Sharon will always likely need a man to hold her in his muscular arms and reassure her that all will eventually be well, but I don't believe it will go any further than that. But more than likely, once home Nick will split his attention between avenging Cassie's death and burying himself in Newman matters, leaving little time to pet and paw on Sharon. So, for the time being, I expect the rest of the Newman's road to marital recovery will still contain plenty of rocks and craters.

Speaking of Newman Enterprises, although Victoria has barely dipped her dainty toes in the corporate waters, I don't expect her distracted brother's return to the company fold to result in her nonchalantly handing over the reigns with a carefree "you're welcome" to his gruff "thanks for filling in, sis." In fact, Nick may not even be ready to resume his tightfisted rule on a full time basis. It's a certainty, however, that even on occasional visits to the office, he won't care to see the face of the mother whose son, say it with me, fans, killed his little girl. Victoria's thoughts, though, may run along more business, rather than personal, lines, and she's likely to be reluctant to accede to her brother's wishes. And Brad could be another bone of contention the siblings will eventually bicker about, especially if Nick gets a whiff of the growing closeness between Brad and his bedmate.

While I'm on the subject of other's people's marital mates, I might as well make a comment or two about Brad's. Noting with a raised eyebrow how comfortable Sharon looks attached like cling wrap to Brad's comforting chest, while Ashley didn't admit to any pinpricks of jealousy, she hopes Brad won't let Sharon use Abby to fill the lonely void in her life. Which I found a bit amusing, because just a couple of weeks ago Ashley though it perfectly fine for Abby to be used to fill the empty spaces in Victor's.

It appears the shine is beginning to wear off the slumming excursion Ashley embarked upon for a lark. To Terrible's chagrin, right in the middle of the dating game, Ashley suddenly whipped out the friendship joker and dealt it to Tom. Turning his dream of living a luxurious life of leisure as Mr. Ashley Abbott into an impossible fantasy and switching his sleazy smile to a frozen frown. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving fellow. But now what is Tom the Terrible to do? Kidnap Ashley and demand a ransom? Sheila can probably give him a decent list of dos and don'ts. Or will he result to blackmailing his former family to pay for his frivolous lifestyle?

Obviously a greedy glutton for extremely painful punishment, Mac began the week by prostrating herself at J.T.'s feet, offering him one more opportunity to tread upon her already love-bruised and battered heart. And still caught between the rock of his true blue regard for his childhood friend and the hard place of Mac's dogged devotion, J.T. was forced to oblige, plunging the blade of betrayal even deeper into Mac's hopeful heart. While my angelic side was not completely without sympathy for Mac's distress, that devilish imp on my other shoulder was jumping up and down trying to slap Mac sensible. "We love each other," it mimicked sarcastically in Mac's plaintive voice, a sneer on its tiny mouth. "Well, I've been listening closely," it sniggered nastily in its own, "and I never heard those lovesick words drip from that boy's mouth." And even as I knocked the interfering little imp off my shoulder and winced when she kicked me in the ankle, I had to agree with her assessment. I thought J.T. made it clear as Windex-polished glass the first time he gingerly lowered Mac's love-blinded derriere to the dirt-encrusted curb. But it apparently was about as clear as Genoa City mud to Mac who had to hear it a second time before finally believing.

Although the all important necessity of utmost secrecy was stressed numerous times, so much so that Mac's heart allegedly needed to be snatched from her chest to ensure the plan's success, the number of Genoa Citians in the know about the muddled Marsino manipulation is already beginning to grow. All it took was one little nudge from Paul's steam-wet shoulder for Booby, I mean Bobby, to start singing like the proverbial cooing canary. And now we have Nikki nosing snoopily around, her newly developed clairvoyance somehow sensing "something not right" about the proud parents to be. And obviously believing the Newman prestige and massive money pot protects her from any possible harm from the mob and its minions, Nikki immediately positioned her pert little nose at its highest level in order to look disdainfully down its length at Vinny. Will Bobby now be forced to fill Nikki in on his sketchy bring down the mob scenario to keep her from making an already murky mess worse?

Even without Nikki, the needle appears to be edging over into the dangerous section. Probably having felt snubbed by the snooty patrons of the AC one time too many, Vinny wants to make someone pay. And Bobby's the man he has chosen to administer the punishment. The recipient, you ask? Do you really even need to? Why, it's J.T., who else? According to Vinny, if Bobby wants anyone to believe he's really one of the mob boys again, he must do something to prove it. And beating J.T. to a pulp is probably the something Vinny's referring to.

For the married Baldwins to be, the smooth calm waters are surely about to turn choppy. When Michael's not worrying about keeping his name from appearing on any of the paperwork Gloria must complete in her quest to declare Tom null and void, he can occupy his time by trying to discover why Lauren's so determined to keep son Scotty far from the nuptials. Since we all know which villainess will soon be coming to town, it's a given Lauren's reluctance has everything to do with Sheila. It's surely also the reason she's been so intent on keeping the wedding news confined to the vicinity of Genoa City. Of course, for the sake of the story, we'll all pretend news of the upcoming wedding of the Fenmore's heiress wouldn't have already traveled halfway around the globe by way of the haute couture gossip grapevine. Instead, we'll assume not a single Fenmore employee has heard the news of their boss' engagement, or if they have, have been closemouthed enough not to breathe a single syllable about it to anyone.

And finally, something that made my eyebrows draw together and my mouth go Hmmm: Malcolm's stated decision to "maybe leave town for awhile" to make things easier for one returning runaway in particular.

The fans below had a couple of other things that made them sit up and take a little notice.

* * * * * * *

ROBERTA - Did you recently hire a leprechaun in the clothing/costume department? I've never seen so many people wear such a variety of greens in my life. Sharon, Nikki, Gloria, Katherine, Brittany, etc., not to mention some of the men. I have to admit Gloria was actually a refreshing change at the 4th of July celebration - even though she looked like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

ERIN - one quick comment on the July 4th show. Dumbest line I've heard in a very long time: After Gina tells Nikki the AC is their private dining room for the afternoon, Nikki turns to Victor and says "You planned this all along, didn't you?" Duh! Like Gina just happened to have the restaurant free, with a table set up and a chef working when the place is otherwise closed? Of COURSE he planned it all along! Who would even say that? That's dumb writing. Sorry, it really struck me as stupid!

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