The plots are boiling over!

by Nita
For the Week of July 25, 2005
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The plots are boiling over!
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It's a given Daniel's not going to prison for a crime he didn't commit, so who will ride in like a white knight to save the day?

After twice trying and failing to force Victor to face any real consequences for his criminal activities, would Victor really have any influence with DA Glenn Richards, whose pride likely still stings at having a big silver-whiskered catfish yanked right off his tiny little hook? Line of the week that made me giggle: Victor to Richards: "I know it's unusual for you to conduct business out of the office." Ha! Since when? What would be more unusual would be to glimpse Glenn in his shirt sleeves, tie yanked askew, working diligently on behalf of the law-abiding citizens from behind his office desk. Luckily for Victor, Glenn, apparently more adept at walking the walk others only flap their lips ineffectually about, can successfully separate his personal biases from business ones, and has agreed to Victor's request to make Daniel's day of reckoning sooner rather than somewhere way down the long, winding road. I did find his quick acquiescence to Victor's request just a little surprising, because he's not usually so accommodating; almost always automatically vetoing any suggestion or idea not solely his own.

So how is this case going to end up? It's a given Daniel's not going to prison for a crime he didn't commit. So who will ride in like a white knight to save the day? CSI has finally stepped in, but since the car was totaled, will there be anything usable to find? Is there an eye witness to the tragedy who can place Cassie positively behind the wheel, one who has been inconveniently out of town and unaware a travesty of justice was in process? Who found the wrecked car anyway? Who dialed 911?

I must confess I'm all for Daniel's case being rushed willy nilly down the fast track. Because I have a short attention span. And I already used up Lily and Daniel's portion of it. I'm ready for resolution so we can move right along to something else. Not that I don't like pretty little Lily, but truthfully I've had more than enough of her incessant one track whining about how nobody understands her deep, abiding, forever after love for Daniel. And before that, her equally incessant one track whining about how nobody understood her deep, abiding, and as it turned out not so forever after all affection for the Fisherman. Speaking of affection, mine for dear Daniel has grown by leaps and bounds. When he first appeared on the Genoa City scene, I groaned, thinking, "ugh, just what I need, another semi-talented teen to make me snatch the hairs from my head in frustrated boredom." But surprisingly, when it came to making me feel his many varied emotions, whether they were joy, pain, fear or rage, Daniel has become one of my two favorites, expressive Devon being the other. Of course, Daniel, with his shorn locks, being quite easy on my eyes has nothing at all to do with my admiring devotion. This young actor has probably only scratched the surface of his abilities and I'm looking forward to seeing how he will handles whatever comes next.

That Lily, much as I like her, most of the time my fingers itch to lock around her little arms and shake her sensible. What is she talking about, her mother is all about superficial things because she's concerned about the effect a felony could have on her daughter's future? Spoken like a spoiled little girl who's always had a silver spoon sticking out of her impertinent mouth. Off the subject and not that she's the wicked witch of the West but Devon's line to Lily: "Does a house have to fall on your head?" was hilarious. By the way, the net's been all abuzz about the decision of the actress portraying Lily to leave Genoa City to pursue movie and other parts unknown. So for those fans who can't stand this particular Lily, perhaps the next one will be more to your liking. But, a word of caution, as many Genoa Citians have learned to their dismay, sometimes it pays to be very careful what you wish for.

Boy, Sharon sure hasn't much use for her mother-in-law, except of course, at those times when she has a desperate need for her helping hand. Apparently considering her lapses with Cameron and Diego long dead and buried beneath the shifting sands of time, Sharon has deemed it safe to return to the nasty, snotty tone she reserves solely for her husband's mother. Her hackles already extended and quivering defensively in the air, Sharon waltzed into Nikki's home spoiling for a fight about her new and growing friendship with Brad. Nikki, her face a mask of injured innocence, expressed stunned surprise at Sharon's expectation of confrontation, pretending Brad was the furthest thing from her mind. But then almost immediately proved he wasn't by implying Nick's presence might perhaps put an end to Sharon's association with a man who sees nothing much amiss in successively sampling the marital charms of two sisters. For someone who has done nothing wrong, Sharon is nonetheless acting as if she has.

Even though seeing clearly through Daniel fogged eyes is a little difficult, Nick can see just enough to wonder whether he's missing something obvious in a purportedly innocent pairing of Sharon and Brad. Of course, one could say any concern he might have would not be completely without cause. After all, although presumably having forgiven his wife for her wanderings outside the marriage, a minute morsel of unforgotten memory might still remain. It certainly couldn't have been easy to completely erase the picture of Sharon locking lips with his Dad. Or to delete without a trace the odious slide show of her romp in the tacky room with Diego, a feature film that once played repeatedly in Nick's skull. If he knows his wife at all, he can't completely overlook Sharon's history, which has shown she must have an admiring man to lean on at all times. And Brad easily meets those scant requirements.

Okay, off the subject, a bit, but something else about Sharon has been bothering me, and now seems as good a time as any to address it. Fans who need to, feel free to prepare your sofa pillows to pummel me, or ready your finger to angrily engage the send button on your email screen. The subject I'm referring to is Sharon's grief. Or should I say her seeming lack thereof. And yes, before any of you say it, I know. We all handle grief differently. Sharon is just being strong for Noah. With Nick acting like an irrational ... well, acting the way he is, someone has to be calm and reasonable. And etc. and etc. But, remember, this is a woman who has soaked a package of hankies over much more minor matters. But for a much loved daughter, oh how few have been the trickling tears. Moving on is most certainly what one must do, but so quickly? Beyond the first night or two, no more sitting on the sofa looking longingly in Cassie's pictured eyes. Not for Sharon, sad little sessions perched pitifully on Cassie's canopied bed, fingering her most prized possessions. Just visits to the zoo - with Brad, working out at the Athletic Club - and visiting with Brad, 4th of July at the Abbott's - being cradled compassionately by Brad; the office where after suggesting Victoria hire Brad, yes, you guessed it, more comfort cuddling with Brad. But, I'll be quiet. I'm sure it's all just been Sharon's innocent way to train herself to live life happily after Cassie, one Brad moment at a time.

Off of Sharon, but remaining on Brad. He's certainly dived right in the corporate pool with both well-shod feet! And it appears he's landed painfully on Neil's burning bunions. In hindsight, perhaps Neil realizes he might have snoozed just a little too long in LA, leaving him open to blood-draining corporate losses. His answer-seeking visit to Victor not exactly allaying any of his fears, Neil might very well have legitimate cause for concern when it comes to Brad's assigned rung on the executive ladder. The words on Brad's contract are probably still being typed, but already Neil and Brad are knocking noggins in direct disagreement. And unlike the foot race between the trudging tortoise and the hopping hare, it's anybody's guess which one will cross the finish line first. This could definitely be shaping up to be a no-holds barred tussle between two Titans, the victor enjoying sole control of the Season spoils. Neil's preference is to tiptoe stealthily toward a 2006 launch date, while Brad's determined to sprint at top speed to a pre-holiday unveiling, using as much of Newman's gold as he can get his paws on to pave the way. And Brad's made it clear he doesn't plan to be just a high, piping voice squealing from the Seasons peanut gallery. No, he plans to be the man with the megaphone spotlit alone at center stage.

To reach his grandiose goal, Brad wasted no time attempting to entice potential players to his team and Sharon was his first draft pick. To keep Sharon on his side, my crystal ball predicts there could be many play dates with Noah in Abby's future. So much for Brad's aversion to Abby visiting the ranch because of Victor's alleged intention to embed his fatherly hooks in her the moment he was given half a chance. But Brad's admitted he's not a man to keep all his eggs under one hen. So he didn't hesitate to dangle his adopted moppet like a carrot before Ashley's eyes, in an attempt to lure her from the Jabot lab (and away from Jabot's hair care creation) to play unhappy stay at home mommy. But why the sudden urgency for Ashley's undiluted devotion to Abby? It's not as if Abby's still an infant. In fact, sometimes when that child opens her mouth, I swear she's older than me. And once summer's over, the lass will be in school most of the day. Brad claims he doesn't want her spending half her time with a nanny. So who's been watching Abby all those times Brad's been busy rocking Sharon in his comforting arms? Apparently Brad's back is still sore and tender even though the knives once lodged there by Jack and Jill have long since been removed, and he hopes payback will taste as sweet as a big, juicy Georgia peach. If he succeeds, his revenge will be three-fold. Armed with the Jabot hair care line secret he easily tricked Jill into giving away, if he can successfully beat Jabot to the punch by adding a hastily concocted hair scare line of Newman's own to the Seasons launch (guess he didn't learn a single thing from Jabot's untested orchid debacle), he will not only repay Jill for her treachery, he can also receive full payment for his pain for Ashley's obsession with Victor, which indirectly cost him not only his son, but his marriage as well. But most of all, he will finally have something he hopes will erase the famous ever ready smile from Jack's smug face.

Ashley and Lauren are certainly becoming fast friends. Could there be a matron of honor position in Ashley's future? With Tom in the picture and Sheila soon to be, both women are likely to need someone to confide in. I don't remember Lauren ever having a female friend and Ashley's friendship with sorority sister, Liv, just hasn't been the same since Liv helped herself to a sample of some of Brad's special stock.

When will Genoa Citians learn it's prudent to keep their thoughts and their words to themselves? Lauren obviously hasn't yet learned that lesson and chose to not only announce the newspaper item she was about to peruse, but proceeded to read it aloud once she'd found it. And in one of those coincidences which only occurs in fictional soap cities, the person in question was just close enough to hear every word she said. I don't know who was more surprised. Tom at hearing about his imminent "death" or Lauren at discovering to her horror that Tom the charmer and Tom the abusive bully were two sides of the same contrary creature. I do know who recovered first, though. And Tom wasn't nearly as quick as J.T. so wasn't able to stop Lauren's palm before it slammed into his cheek. But if steely eyed looks could kill, well, let's just say, Gloria's debut as a part-time wedding planner would never have come to pass. By the way, if the Athletic Club doesn't get a handle on all these violent outbursts from their guests and employees, business is going to fall off. Employees shattering glasses and engaging in screaming matches with their pregnant wives. Society women slapping impertinent young men. A middle aged man shouting at a disabled man half his age on crutches who's wildly waving a gun around while a gun-toting mob man and a PI with a very low solve rate watch intently. Another society woman slapping a not at all young man. Why, soon the place might earn a bad reputation and be avoided like the plague. But for now, the patrons of the AC seem to be inured to the violent goings on, a raised eyebrow or two the only indication things might not be business as usual at the OK Corral.

Although the patrons of the AC took it all in stride as Lauren aired every piece of filthy Fisher laundry in the basket, I thoroughly enjoyed every second that she ripped Tom up one side and down the other. She was like a Mama lion fiercely defending her cub. And now that Tom's thin veneer of insincere respectability has been stripped away, the decay in his terrible soul is clearly visible. The dead man has come back to life, and I bet he's going to be nothing nice to deal with.

As Gloria found out to her dismay when the Tomcat showed up at her front door, hissing and scratching as he slunk inside. Too bad. John has finally granted his bride full forgiveness, at the same time giving her one more opportunity to come clean about a certain secret he isn't aware she's harboring. Of course, Gloria let the moment slide silently by. Frankly, I would have fallen straight off my sofa if she hadn't. But I'm sure Tom will make sure she regrets letting her chance slip away. I can't wait to see what happens next because this is exactly the type of Tomcat I had hoped for when I first heard his nastiness was due in the City. But as bad as Tom is likely to be, I have a feeling his opponents, Fisher, Fisher-Abbott, Baldwin and Fenmore are going to turn out to be more than a match for him. I know Michael has supposedly changed for the better, but surely there are still some smoldering embers of the old bad boy hidden beneath that civilized façade. And I bet Tom is just the puff of wind needed to fan them into a fiery inferno.

Probably deciding his foster family was more than capable of solving its problems without his input or assistance, Devon continued to devote his undivided attention to a needy family member who actually shares his blood. His desire to help his Mom is admirable, but until Yolanda decides help is what she wants, Devon's hopes for her rehabilitation are bound to remain unrealized. Like his wife before him, Neil took a pretty hard line with Yolanda. But I couldn't help scratching my head in confusion as he warned her to stay away from "his" son. Because it's not Yolanda who is the problem. Devon is the one holding on for dear life. And I don't think there's anything either Winters parent can say or do to change his resolve to rescue her.

And finally, Marsino versus the Mob. Suspension of belief aside, it's still tough for me to take this mob madness too seriously. Mostly because despite the number of times Brittany has repeated how dangerous said mob is, her actions tell a different story. With nothing to occupy her day beyond lovingly rubbing her bulging belly, her mind stays busy with ways to see the beloved husband she misses so much. So, while shopping for the next seven days of new maternity tops, she apparently passed a Uniform shop. And even though it's presumed she and Bobby scarcely have two pennies to press together, she waddled inside and bought or rented one. Changing in the store and adding an eyeliner pencil mustache, she asked the clerk for the empty box behind the counter and off she went to Marsino's to deliver her empty carton. Somehow sensing neither Vinny nor Angelo would be there and at the same time knowing Bobby would be. I tell you, if I was gifted with the impressive ESP powers of some GC-ers, I'd be rich. By the by, it's a good thing Brittany was born a woman, because she certainly made an exceptionally unattractive man. But back to the mob. With Bobby's departure reported to be less than three weeks away (a departure alleged to be a multi-pack hanky performance), this mob stuff, as all good and not so good things are said to have to do, will eventually arrive at an unfortunate end. Now that Vinny's fears have been eased (by that little performance between Bobby, J.T. and his little cap gun, a performance some posters found cheesy and laughable, but I rather enjoyed), Bobby has returned to Marsino's and he and his little camera phone are busily photographing every incriminating form he can find. Unfortunately, if the churning rumor mills can be believed, we may soon see that Vinny is nowhere near as stupid as he has thus far been portrayed to be.

So, for fans who've found the pace of Genoa City life a bit slow and boring the past few weeks, it's time to batten down the hatches because it's predicted gale force winds will soon be blowing through this sleepy little burg. And before it's all over, the birthing process could begin, a busybody with a bitten off chunk of meat in her mouth too tough to chew or swallow could find herself in unexpected peril, bruised bodies could likely litter the land and a certain pair of mismatched soul mates could be taking the first steps on the path of happily ever after. Speaking of J.T., I'd like to borrow Nikki's palm and try to slap him again. Because like a disgruntled toothless dog with a bone he can't gnaw on but far too greedy to allow another mutt to make a meal of it, after all the trouble he went to in order to make Mac go away, J.T. has the nerve to sing a soulful sonnet begging her to stay. I'll say it one last time, if he doesn't want to lose her, then it's time to include her in this charade.

And just think, all of the above excitement only applies to Marsino and Company. The Fisher-Baldwin faction is a whole 'nother story. When last we saw him, Terrible was at the Abbotts reminding Gloria of the bad old days, and his raunchy recollections were about to drive her to mayhem by fireplace poker. But after plenty of close calls, this may be one time he's overstayed his welcome and he's liable to come face to face with John and Ashley. Gloria could have some "'splainin'" to do. Of course, if Tom thinks as fast on his feet as his son does, he can simply say he just stopped by to see his friend, Ashley.

We've finally had our first look at the long unseen Scotty, who made a positive first impression. He appears to be a handsome, well-adjusted young man. Not that he has much chance of staying that way once he steps foot in Genoa City. It will be both interesting to see who he might be paired with and how his fresh new presence will change the same old Genoa City young adult crowd.

Sounds like the next few weeks should be filled with multiple chills, thrills, twists and turns. Make sure your VCR doesn't go on the blink.

And, now some commendations for the week's work:

The "Quickest Thinker on his Feet" trophy was handed to Kevin, for his sleight of phone log trick to fetch Scotty's number from Lauren's cell phone.

An "Awww, He's Such a Sweetie" certificate" was made out in Michael's name for his touching, heartfelt "You're My World" words to Lauren.

A "Dumb Question" decanter was placed in the center of Lauren's mantle for her question to Tom: "What are you doing here?" Last time I checked, Lauren, the Athletic Club was a public place, frequented by members and nonmembers alike.

And lastly, the "Biggest Boor of the Week" award was easily won by Brad.

Okay, my bucket is coming up empty now, so I guess that means my well of words has run dry. Fans Trish and Wanda will now have their say.

* * * * * * *

TRISH - I guess most of the fans are on holidays or too busy with summer activities to share their thoughts with you and the rest of us. Here are a few of mine: Can we all sing to the tune of Mickey Mouse - "S-T-U-P-I-D - how stupid can they be?" Do Neil, Dru & Nick think Daniel's really capable of making such an impact on "My little girl" that Cassie & Lily will follow him to the death or prison? Apparently he's had some CIA training that we know nothing about, because they've all accused him of brainwashing both of them - in record time no less & with no pulling out of fingernails or the water torture. Let's share that secret with the rest of us. It seems that one good thing the writers have been doing in the last year or so, is injecting humor into the scripts. Time was that everything was so serious. Now with Gloria and Michael - there are some pretty hilarious lines. Even the other cast members are finally being allowed to let down their hair so to speak and give us a few guffaws. Hip, hip, hooray! The writing's on the wall, I think. Lauren is not going to share with Michael the things that Shei-devil has done to her in the past. That just opens up a whole world of things she can do to get Lauren into some big messes with her beloved, which she won't be able to talk her way out of - because she kept things to herself. My theory only - but it certainly is a possibility about where this storyline is headed.

WANDA - This week was certainly a lot better than last week. Nikki deserved everything J.T. said to her. She sure tends to forget her "roots" and acts like she was born a socialite in GC instead of being a stripper in a place like Marsino's. I loved the scenes between TT and Glo. She seems genuinely scared of him. I hope she uses that poker on him next week. NO WAY!!! They have made the ultimate casting "boo boo" again. When they cast the first Daniel it was the same thing. That man cast as Scott Grainger cannot possibly be Lauren's son. How old are they depicting her to be anyway?? He should have been maybe Daniel's age if not younger. He looks about 25-27. That would make Lauren in her late forties. What exactly did Michael learn from meeting him? That was sooo stupid where Brittany came to the club dressed as a delivery guy. How did she even know where Bobby was? Isn't the baby's delivery a few months away yet? She asked him if he was going to be there for the delivery. I have a perfect solution to this whole stupid SL. Bobby can bring down the "mob", go into the witness protection program, and take Brittany with him. Never to be heard or seen in GC again. Everyone who is for that let me hear from you.

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