Who will win?

by Nita
For the Week of October 3, 2005
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Who will win?
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With or without Phyllis' superlative cyber surveillance, Seasons must nevertheless march on.

After months of being AWOW (away without working) Drucilla has finally found a handful of moments to make an appearance at the office. Having had plenty of family fretting time to remind herself on which side of her bread the butter is lavishly slathered, she apparently thought it prudent to waste no time making amends with one formerly alienated Newman. Because although Sharon is not the one wielding the butter knife, she could conceivably have some influence with the knife holder who is. Besides, now that its clear in Dru's calculating mind that Sharon has no designs on her job, which is actually more title than authority, it was as good a time as any to magnanimously admit her prior suspicions of Sharon were unfounded.

Dru's second offer of an olive branch, however, was snatched from her proffering paws, examined without interest and then returned untaken. Because when weighing the choice of working in a Dru-free office in a Newman-less company, loosely overseen by her besotted bedmate, against the chance of engaging in invigorating verbal warfare on any given workday, Jabot was Phyllis' sage selection. Of course, I don't know what Newman will do now, since it seems to be universally believed Phyllis is the only competent cyber master, not only in the close confines of Genoa City, but apparently in all the world as well. I can't imagine how any of the other GC businesses are even functioning without her hi-tech finesse. And there's no point anyone looking toward recent GCU graduates for help, because as we all know, none of them ever make it that far. Why there must be scores of unhappy GC parents who paid through the nose to ensure their spoiled progeny were permitted to wander the privileged halls of Walnut Grove Academy, only to see them grow up to spend most of their time and much of their parents' generous allowances at Crimson.

But with or without Phyllis' superlative cyber surveillance, Seasons must nevertheless march on. And march on it's going to, despite Neil's pessimistic portents of possible pitfalls. It's probably because I still don't like Brad, but my fingers are crossed that it will turn out that Neil's sensible advice advocating a slower, steadier pace should have been heeded. Besides, given the somewhat limited experience of those piloting the Seasons craft, Neil's reserve is both understandable and reasonable. First, there's Nick, who originally gave the go-ahead nod to Dru to spurt ahead with Seasons. During his short race as head honcho in charge, I seem to recall his falling flat over more than one hurdle, resulting in his having to be hauled to his feet by Daddy Dear. Next on the track is Victoria, and while it was her lips on the Brash and Sassy bottle, her run to the top wasn't a solo effort. Seasoned sprinters, Neil and Ryan, were there to keep her going in the right direction. Now she has Brad, whom I'm not at all sure can be trusted to carry the baton on the next leg of this relay. After all, if he was doing such a bang up job heading up the Italian company he probably purchased with Cassandra's cash and assets, why was he so easily convinced to let it be swallowed and shelved by Newman? And when you add job hoppers Dru and Sharon, the former who has presumably finally re-grown the hair she lost through her ill-thought out plan to test an alleged hair straightener on her own locks (though full recovery is not easy to prove with all those hats she plops atop it) and the latter where the less said about her job history the better, you have a team that could easily take last place in the marketplace.

Speaking of Sharon, having seen this scenario done to death, I really do not think I can stomach another bout of her in heavy breathed pursuit of yet another man not her lawfully linked mister. If I have to listen to that whiny voice complaining about how poorly she has it, while arranging her face in that pouty-mouthed, sad sack position, I really do think I will climb atop my sofa and screech out my frustration to the soap heavens. She might as well slip into a cardboard sandwich board that proclaims to all of Genoa City how long it has been since her 1,000 count cotton sheets absorbed so much as a drop of sweat shed in marital bed activity. I know other fans might be able to feel this strumpet's sorrow but I am not one of them. Day after day she insists that all she craves is her husband's attention and her family back the way it used to be. Yet, despite the words that pour from her dissatisfied mouth, her actions telegraph a whole different desire. Does she mean those good old days when the raising of her offspring was settled mostly on Miguel's overburdened shoulders? I wonder sometimes why Sharon even bothered to have kids since she seems to have little interest in them once they've arrived. All Nick has time for is Noah, is Sharon's complaining criticism. Yet when Nick and Noah show up at the office to take her home, she refuses, claiming unfinished duties. Yet she found plenty of time to put her nose to the ground and follow Brad's scent to the AC with her laughingly transparent business reason. Victor's right about one thing. Sharon's throwing herself all right, but not in her work. More like right at Brad's libido. And once the party was over, why didn't she go home? No, she lurked around outside waiting for Brad, then went home and complained because Nick took too long with his bedside chat with Noah. At least he has one parent that's paying attention. Remember when Sharon claimed she couldn't bear to bear have Noah leave her sight? I know, it was over so fast, if you missed a couple of days, you wouldn't have even known it happened. Because that's about how long it took for that motherly sensation to subside.

Okay, I'm exaggerating just a bit in order to poke additional fun at Sharon, but not by that much. Seriously, though, of course all the conciliatory moves shouldn't be made by Sharon. Admittedly at times Nick doesn't make his wife feel very welcome, in fact sometimes seems to be purposely trying to make her feel she isn't, but Sharon could at least make as much of an effort to include herself in her family's plans as she does in her persistent pursuit of Brad.

By the way, a nudge to Kay's elderly ankle for inserting herself next to Nick at dinner, leaving Sharon to stare unhappily from across the table. I guess her matchmaking tendencies only come alive when it's Mac she's trying to buy a man for. And the reason Kay deserves only a nudge, instead of a kick, is because, unfortunately for Nick, it wasn't his proximity his wife panted for, but Brad's.

Now, to Nick. As I said, he's not at all blameless in this current state of marital turmoil. He has the right to withdraw from the corporate shenanigans, just as Sharon has the right to run into them headfirst. But, does the man bathe daily in the lake of oblivion? Does he never go back and re-read the past chapters of his mate's memoirs? Because if he regularly did so, he might have remembered that whenever he's not loving his lady (and sometimes even when he is), that probably means she's got her unfaithful eyes peeled for the next man who will. I know Nick's convinced his place right now is as stay at home Papa Bear, but if he doesn't pay attention to more than Noah's soccer games, then his Goldilocks is liable to scamper off to the forest to play grown up games with a sharp-toothed, big, bad wolf named Brad.

Because clearly the man positioned precisely in the center of Sharon's unsatisfied sight IS Brad. The man who has seldom met a rich woman he didn't wind up wedding. From the moment the man with no past he'll talk about appeared at the Abbott gates, he has used Genoa City women like stepping stones, each one bringing him that much closer to the most expensive estates on the outskirts of the City. Well, we know which two women have their hungry eyes on Brad, but in whom is the opportunistic Mr. Carlton interested? He's already proven he has a certain partiality toward sisters, so sisters-in-law wouldn't fall too far outside his predatory parameters. Both of whom are already salivating at the thought of adding his name to their respective lists of men sampled. And both have made it clear, Victoria much more obviously than Sharon, that he wouldn't be likely to find their boudoir doors bolted against him. But Brad must tread very carefully here. He may long to dip his candle wick in Sharon's pot of scented wax, but all that is likely to buy him is a Newman boot out the company door. So, for the man who has never yet married beneath him, Victoria seems the obvious choice. Especially since Victor thwarted his attempt to legally land the lady's mother.

But I doubt Sharon will sit quietly on the sidelines and let Victoria waltz off with one of the few eligible man prizes in the City. Okay, technically Brad's not completely eligible, since he's still married to, though separated from, Ashley. But since it's an irrefutable fact Sharon herself is not eligible, I doubt Brad's incomplete status will concern this moral-less bimbo in the least. Sharon has shown she is a sneaky little snake and I fully expect her to slither around and start slinging her poison at Victoria any day now. By hook, crook or reverse psychology, Sharon will undoubtedly find a way to wind up next to Brad. And when the blinders finally drop from her husband's eyes, which female will he seek out for comfort? Since this town can sometimes be referred to as Recycle City, when Brittany heads out the revolving door (a departure that has now been confirmed, by the way) will Grace be the siren who sashays in to take her place? No, I haven't heard anything like that, and in fact hope it's a fresh face and form, or at least one Nick hasn't already romanced before.

Because Nick deemed it too near bedtime to burden his brain with boring business matters, he had the displeasure of receiving the stock swap news not from Sharon but from Jack, who was quite happy to share the bad news. Obviously the disclosure didn't make Nick feel like lifting his glass in a congratulatory toast of welcome so it will be interesting to see what he does next. Perhaps he won't be able to remain as removed from corporate intrigue as he thought he wanted to just an hour before.

At the rate Nikki is deteriorating, despite what she says, that cruise isn't likely to do her much good. I know it probably wasn't meant to be funny, but forgive me for laughing anyway. I don't know about you, but I want to know the name of those pills the clueless Dr. Thompson prescribed for Nikki. So I can make sure no doctor ever gives them to me! I thought Nikki needed something to help smother the burning embers of her anxieties, not wake them up and fan them into an uncontrollable inferno. Instead of calming her, Nikki's condition shot from mildly manic to full-fledged maniacal when she hysterically went after J.T. with all claws extended for spilling her anxiety secret to Victor. Not that Nikki was completely off the mark with her accusations of being scrutinized by all and sundry. No wonder she didn't want J.T. at the party. He spent practically the whole of it watching her closer than a starving mouse might eye a chunk of cheese. Even someone not suffering from PTSD would be unnerved by J.T.'s unrelenting attention. By the way, is it just me or does anyone feel like they've watched Nikki travel this addicted side trail before? Complete with repeated peeps at her sanity saving pill bottle and mumbling to herself. What's next, swigging them down with a bottle of rotgut? Please get her some help, preferably far from the inept physicians of Genoa City. And bring Dr. Thompson up before a physician's review board for prescribing pills without even a cursory examination.

I haven't a shred of sympathy for Gloria's garishly painted twisted mouth histrionics at Tom's demands. First there was the poor example of a comforting Mom she showed Kevin with her quick, uncaring "you'll be fine" comment followed by two careless pats on the head before hurrying back to her own life and blackmail drama. So I wasn't surprised when Tom's hint of potential, perhaps fatal harm possibly befalling John wasn't enough to take Gloria's attention from herself. I guess nothing, up to and including the death of everyone she doesn't hold dear will convince her that the truth will set her free. And I guess in her case, if Tom has anything to do with it; continued lying rather than the truth holds the key to her freedom. Freedom to squander John's money that is. Of course if Tom isn't careful to protect his back from penetration by one of Sheila's knives, he may not be around to help her.

Sheila was more herself this week. Well, at least one of them, anyway. When she uttered the "I will die before I see you walk down that aisle with Michael Baldwin," line, was I the only fan shouting, "Oh, promises, promises." Having failed at convincing Scott to return to Toronto to continue penning their frightful fairy table, it seems Sheila is going to turn to poison to do away with Lauren. We know Sheila's runs through and through, but just how deep does Tom's hatred go. Deep enough for him to be an accomplice to murder or the attempt thereof? I guess time will tell. One thing about these two, a leech and an eel, together they leave a double trail of slimy residue wherever they go.

I don't know. Sheila and Tom are quite diabolical. Do newly formed partners in Tom busting crime even have a hope in the hot place of besting them? Unlike his brainless bride, John certainly proved he hadn't any qualms about facing off with Tom the Terrible. And for the third time since he decided to make Genoa City his home, Tom has taken it on the chin or thereabouts. First Michael, then Ashley and now John has forced the Tomcat to tuck his tail and run for cover. So far he's managed to stay on Sheila's more sane side, but should he anger her, I'm sure she will make it four for four.

For Mac, apparently nothing floats her romantic boat like watching the man she loves get ripped up one side and down the other. Nikki's attack put our Mac in a mighty amorous mood and accomplished what all J.T.'s sweet words and candle lit devotion hasn't been able to. Got her back into his sleeping bag. Maybe he should have tried singing her another sappy song. Yes, it appears all is fully forgiven and Mac is once again head over heels for her part-time P.I. Fan Sarah below likes Mac and J.T., but she is still, in my mocking view, the most boring babe to ever hop a ride on the J.T. express. And together they make two boring bookends. I wish they'd never come out of that tent. But like Sarah says, everyone's entitled to their opinion. And I respect hers. So, now that they the lovebirds are cooing happily together again, what's next for them? Because goo goo eyed glances will only take them so far. Maybe now they can move on to other, hopefully more interesting matters.

Again, my fellow fans didn't find themselves at a loss for words. Enjoy what they had to say.

* * * * * * *

ANTOINE - I really like the Ashley and Michael pairing NOT romantically, but they work really well together. I am glad they are protecting their family and Tom Abbott is going down! I love Y&R. It is really the BEST soap opera on daytime. It has a balance, it's realistic, and it's perfect. Were you laughing when Nikki came out and started to attack J.T.? I know Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious problem, and the writers and Nikki are doing an excellent job, but it was really funny. Sheila is researching poisons? Please, please don't tell me that she is just going to poison Lauren on the 28th of October so she can't make it to her wedding day. Passions did this, and its way too common and uncreative. I would feel exactly like Neil. He worked for Newman for years and has nothing to show for it. Besides a paycheck, and fringe benefits of course. Brad just walked in Newman for a week and has a small piece of ownership and Neil doesn't. That's very unfair; if Victoria, and/or Victor do not respond to his ultimatum then he should go to Jabot, or CI. Yolanda and her drug addiction/rehab is very boring. I don't understand what they are trying to do with this. Maybe they will send her to rehab, and once she successfully completes, she can go to Newman and cause competition for Neil if he goes to another company. Mac and J.T. are another bore. It's like together or apart they are blah. They are just there. Bland you may call it. I'm glad Daniel and Devon are cool with each other. When they were mad, it was too immature, and stupid. Oh yeah, and that was an excellent blow John gave to Tom. Now Tom definitely has motive to go after him and Gloria.

SANDI - Thank you Sheila! Hearing Scott whine about his mother and his childhood and not being together and being kept in the dark is working my nerves. All this time he never asked those questions? Why now? I really like Tom when he is on as at least there is something interesting to watch. Nikki needs a shrink. Jack needs to work. Phyllis needs to work. Brittany needs to be doing something besides taking a nap.

LON - What a cliffhanger last Friday's episode ended in. I am happy Tom interrupted the Lauren meet Sheila saga. As we are approaching the Halloween season, I usually make it my business to go see some scary movie or rent a video to embrace the season. However, low and behold, I realize I do not have to travel afar. Right here in "Genoa City" a.k.a "horror city" I faithfully believe, we will get our own dose of a frightful Halloween movie, when dear Sheila will take her chilling plan into action. I anticipate the most thrilling storyline ever written by the scribes of Y&R. As you indicated in your column we will be sitting on the edge of the sofa. I think the writers have done a great job this far and I am really looking forward to this thrilling plot and surprising outcome of the Sheila story. I am also happy to see the Jack/Victor game being played again; those two are always a good boxing match as far as I am concerned. What will Victor do with this enormous amount of Jabot stock? I think Jack will do something stupid and we will have another dose of how Victor (the always victorious) rules in GC.

DAWN - OK, Is anyone else a little confused as to why all of a sudden Lauren is "scared" of Michael's temper? I don't recall that ever being an issue with her. Also, poor, poor Jack. I love Jack, and just like Ashley, they are turning him into a brainless twit! Are the Newmans the only ones allowed to be business savvy? Didn't Jabot run brilliantly for years and now all of a sudden everyone is suddenly stupid when it comes to running the company? Where is John in the business world? And why on earth would Brad sell his kids out on their rightful Jabot stock? Sure, maybe Abby will get something, but what about Colleen? I think we need to see Billy come back as well as Tracy. Tracy and Lauren were never fond of each other so I think that would make a nice twist. And since when are Gina and Lauren so chummy that Gina is short on help, but bends over backwards to help Lauren at the drop of a hat? Yolanda ...YAWN. Drug storylines are never entertaining and I hope the writers wrap this one up real fast! I barely have regained consciousness from the drunk driving "entertainment." What's next? I shudder to think!

SARAH - I love reading everyone's opinions. I just wanted to say I have been waiting for Sheila and Lauren to come face to face. I also disagree with most people; I love J.T. and Mac together, but hey everyone has opinions! Keep up the interesting comments!

Keep those comments coming, ladies and gents. Don't forget, this is your expressive space too!

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