A toast to the fans

by Nita
For the Week of December 19, 2005
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A toast to the fans
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Week after week, month after month, year after year, late Sunday night, early Monday morning, or at some other time during the week, you make your individual ways to this little corner of cyberspace.

Today, fans, I lift my Koolaid glass to you. Week after week, month after month, year after year, late Sunday night, early Monday morning, or at some other time during the week, you make your individual ways to this little corner of cyberspace to read what I have to say about our favorite fictional folks. Though sometimes my sarcastic comments may indicate otherwise, I, like you, LOVE this show.

And I love hearing from all of you. Even though I've never seen any of you, I feel like I've made many new friends. Your emails and greetings have come from everywhere: Canada, France, Australia, Switzerland, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada, Louisiana, Missouri, and so many others. Your input makes writing the column worthwhile.

Last week I asked for your opinions on the best, the worst and the what could come. And many of you were kind enough to respond. So, since you're going to hear plenty from me about what I thought about the year in the next two columns, I decided to use this week to share those comments I've received so far. But, it's not too late to be heard; I will include any other comments I receive along with the coming columns.

* * * * * * *

WANDA - Boy, did Victoria look out of place at Crimson Lights with all of those youngsters or what? Where are the writers going her with her and J.T.? But then again, he did sleep with Brittany's mom. Sharon and her BIG mouth. Is her confession supposed to make Brad and Nick bosom buddies or what? Nick, by the way, sure is cool after having a wild night with Phyllis. He acts like he has done absolutely nothing. I really loved those frantic scenes with the two of them. That is more passion than the show has managed in a long time. They also look like they can't wait to do it again when they are together. I can't wait till they get it on again to see if it is as good as it was the first time. Wait until Nikki (Miss Purity) finds out about this. I loved how John handled the letter from TT. He is such a sweetie. No wonder Gloria loves him so much. How long do we have to think that Lauren is dead? Will TT still try to ransom her back to the family or will the two of them go after Sheila/Jennifer/Brenda? They know that Brenda will go back to Toronto to be with "her son." Wouldn't it be a hoot if they got off the boat but Sheila didn't? No such luck though I'll bet. The wedding was truly beautiful but I hated Lauren in the "mermaid" dress. I thought she would do better, being in the fashion business and all. It is good to see Jill and Catherine playing "nicely" together for a change. Next week looks promising for a change.

MARY R - I have watched Y&R on and off mostly off since they bought the character Sheila back on and had her joined in an-unholy alliance with TT. I did watch the wedding. My VCR is broken so, I can't tape right. But, I think it is just as well from what I have read in the spoilers apparently TT and Sheila are continuing to wreak havoc. I have been very disappointed in the scribes on Y&R for giving a character (child abuser) like Tom a lot of air time and almost in the process making him an anti hero of some kind. When and if he gets off the show, I may tape again. My problem with this sl has been that in the past when it comes to social issues they have never let unsympathetic psychopaths like him become a major character for such a long time. I say good-riddance to both him and Sheila and the sooner the better.

ALICE - What I would like to see is the return of the strong women who used to be a part of this show. OMG - Victoria making cow eyes - She's supposed to be a CEO for crying out loud. This is NE, don't they have some other product besides that blasted Beauty of Nature? Mac who does not appear to have a single independent thought in her head and is content to be led around by the nose by J.T. and his ever changing wishes. Jill who is a CEO, but is afraid to be one - for God's sake, it's her mother's company! Nikki who does have a job, but never really quite gets around to showing up at the office because she has so many people to give her 2 cents to. Phyllis has lost her fire. I still like the character, but give her back some of her excitement. Don't even get me started about Gloria or Sharon! Ashley is not strong, she is just a B*** you know what. I wish she would get what she deserves instead of being free to sling garbage in everyone else's direction! Let's see, that leaves us with Drew and Lauren. Although Drew is not always my favorite character, she really had backbone this year. She has convictions and sticks to them! I was glad to see Lauren come out of her shell. I am loving her scenes with Michael. And please, get Jack off that darn broken record of his. Give Victor something to do besides skulking around and causing trouble, he's the Donald Trump of GC, he's gotta have a more interesting life than that! And Please, PLEASE end the madness with Sheila, I can't take it anymore! Please make it stop!

LINDA - Wouldn't it be cool if Lauren and Sheila were both stranded on a deserted Island, first Sheila doing everything she can to kill Lauren and then having to work with Lauren to survive, AND just maybe Sheila actually having a change of heart and saves Lauren's life? I WOULD LOVE IT!

TRISH - Funny, my husband said the same thing about Lauren's dress making her look like a mermaid. Is it the year of the fish or something? My ick-meter was reading 10 when Phyllis & Nick got into their passionate scenes - I just can' see these two together. She's too old for him; J.T. is too young for Victoria - it seems that they've been pushing these two together lately - what with him (at Mac's insistence) driving her home and then having a "Gosh why didn't she invite me in?" perplexed look on his face. As for Paul, he couldn't find water if he fell out of a boat, so it was definitely surprising that "I am a detective, you know" deduced that Jennifer & Brenda were one & the same. The wedding was beautiful. Michael & Lauren have an amazing chemistry that made the ceremony seem so real. Wonderfully done. I am going to go digging into the archives to refresh my memory for my faves & dislikes for the past year that can hopefully help you with this major task that you've assigned yourself.

LINDA M - Why not bring back Nina and Little Phillip? He should technically be about 7 yrs old; however, in TV time he's about the age of Scott. Wouldn't Jill enjoy seeing her grandchild - not to mention her son, Billy? Since he IS an Abbott - why wasn't he invited to Lauren & Michael's Wedding? Seems Stephanie Forrester and Jackie Maroni should have been there as they are friends of Lauren and Jackie used to work as the buyer for her the Fenmore Stores. It's nice you're bringing Colleen back, but what about Traci? They are Abbott's and should have been at the wedding. Also what about Chris/Snapper; Laurie and Leslie; Patti Williams and the other brother; Lance Chancellor. No one ever mentions these people - not even in passing. They never return home for family events. Why??? No cards; no letters; no flowers; no gifts; no nothing. Do you really think those of us who have watched from the beginning have forgotten these people? There's even Victor's other wives and a child [son] by the blind wife. But NO mention. Sure seems there's something wrong in the family units and/or with the writers. Do they think we have "BRAIN FADE" once the characters have been written off? As for Sheila, she found out Taylor was alive and therefore she wasn't a murderer; however, she still broke out of jail and tried to kill Ridge; so if the bad writing ever allows her to be caught she should be extridited from Y&R back to B&B to complete her jail term for attempted murder on Stephanie, Lauren and her own mother; the deaths of Scott Grainger, Sr. and the PG&E man at the farm house, which burned down.

EVE - If I were Santa, I'd leave a big stocking full of coal for all the writers involved in the storyline of the Sheila/Scott writing team: first, because why on earth would they create a writer who needs to sponge off a crazy student to get a story idea and, second, because Sheila's story idea is so outrageous it wouldn't fly even in the Weekly World News. Another big lump of coal to Brad Carlton for following in the footsteps of Woody Allen, and sleeping with both mother and daughter (Yuchhh!). And one to Victoria, for not noticing the yuckiness of sleeping with her mother's former paramour. (But of course, this is the 2nd time she's done this -- remember Nikki & Cole in the tack room?) Big, big, big lumps of coal for all those who decided that Kevin could be cleaned and freshened in one jailhouse beating, but Daniel needed a whole summer's humiliation, and Cassie's death, to redeem him. A SECOND stocking of coal to the writers for totally trashing Mac's character, morals, and dress code. And yet a THIRD stocking for them, who, obviously having run out of ideas themselves, have us once more (groan), slogging through Sheila-land. Here's a couple of ideas, writers: give Sheila an interest other than Scott. Make her, say, become obsessed with Michael, fall "in love" with him. And THAT'S why she's after Lauren this time. I, for one, was sick to death of hearing Sheila maunder on about Scott and Scotty back the first time she was on. This time it's got about the same effect on me as Unisom. Well, now that THAT's off my chest, here's my awards for what I loved: Nick finally changing into someone loving (even if it's just his son, Noah), and rebonding with Victor. The heat (brief, but intense) between Nikki and Bobby back when she was helping him with the strip club. The TREMENDOUS heat between Lauren and Michael (writers, please do not mess this up -- this is rare!). Phyllis bonding with Daniel and building a new relationship with him was really well done; Ashley finally getting it through her head that Victor and she were never going to get back together (although I would have loved it a lot more if Ashley really had fallen for Tom -- rebound love can get SO nasty). The stuff that just makes me laugh, lame as they are: J.T. as a private eye; the look in Paul's eyes when once in a blue moon he gets a clue; the outfits of every single "business woman" on the show (get a clue, folks; in the real world women in their 40's and 50's DO NOT let their breasts hang out, mainly because they do hang down, and don't think we haven't noticed). If I think of some more, I'll send some more, but thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc.

ANTOINE - I can't believe Nick and Phyllis beat Sharon and Brad to the bed of sexual affairs, or should I say couch. Lol. Well, Tuesday episode was very shocking! I would not have guessed Nick and Phyllis would have sex, and so quickly. It was only 2 months ago when they hated each other. That's one thing I can say about Y&R it does not waste time. I had to wonder, when Victoria caught the bouquet who will be in front of the church while she walks down the altar. Would it be Brad?? I really think having Sharon and Brad pursue each other and possibly marry will cause more drama. But Brad and Victoria can possibly do the same, if the story is done right. Their marriage would have the potential for Drama, since both of them seem to have an agenda. I just hope Victoria's new husband isn't J.T.! That would be a disaster (in a bad way) they really don't have anything in common. And, I know I may regret this but J.T. and Mac may be a little more intresting..lol. Victoria and J.T. should just stay strictly friends! I was also wonderin' when Scott said he was going to return to GC and live their permanently, what is his storyline going to be. Assuming Sheila will be exposed and hauled back to the insane asylum, what possible SL can he get into? That's what I love about Y&R, it is not predictable. On Wednesday/Thursday Lauren should come face-to-face with Sheila. We all know how that's going to turn out, and a happy reunion is not one of them!

NICOLE - Ok, first off let me just say that I love the drama from this show! It keeps me going daily. I kew it was just a matter of time before Nick and Phyllis hooked up. All of the signs were there ever since Michael's bachelor party. Let's face it, Nick and Sharon are headed for a dead end. She's so skanky to me. I'd like to see Nick do something scandelous for a change (not that having his dad arrested wasn't enough). I just feel that it's time he gave Sharon a taste of her own medicine. I wish they would hurry up already with this Sheila character. I think she should go back to the Bold & the Beautiful, which I know she will. I saw her pondering about it when she heard someone say that Taylor was still alive. And why was Eric Forrester solo at the wedding? I'll have to disagree with Mac's dress. I didn't like the style, or her hair. Lauren was beautiful, but I didn't care too much for her dress. What about Miss Gloria; she is quite the character isn't she? Taking pictures with all of the "big fish" so that she can show off to her not so fortunate past friends. What will we do with pathetic Paul and juvenile J.T.? By the way, when will Jill get some better parts? Why is she here again? That Yolanda girl cleans up well. Neil will start to notice her, and they will have a moment. I hope Brad and Sharon get caught soon. They disgust me.

Next week: What and who we couldn't stand.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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