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by Nita
For the Week of March 27, 2006
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What marvelous fun it was watching Sharon's light bulb glow ever brighter as it began to illuminate the ugly truth.

That's the sound that reverberated in my skull last week each time Sharon fit another piece of the infidelity puzzle into place. For Nick, of course, it's also the sound of time running out. And, oh what marvelous fun it was watching Sharon's light bulb glow ever brighter as it began to illuminate the ugly truth. After months of being unable to see Phyllis and Nick frolicking freely behind the gnarled old oaks in the dark and spooky forest, Sharon's pink-tinted pair of designer glasses has fallen from her trusting face and oh how clearly she is seeing now. And almost everything she finds is like a stiff and accusing finger pointing the way to go next. First, it was Nick cockily charging the anniversary day hotel room he shared with Phyllis on his private rather than corporate credit card. Next, the monkeys, who, though they can't see, hear or speak about any evil around them, still managed to give Sharon a clue as to what could be going on. Nick provided another piece for this puzzle with his uttered one time too many "website problem" lie to explain why he's repeatedly found lurking in Phyllis' office. A close and careful look at the cell phone statement, Phyllis' digits sprinkled liberally throughout, added yet another. Then there was the matter of the wedding day picture in Phyllis' desk drawer (the one she claimed only the day before she had no idea where it was), in which the not yet lovers stared into one another's eyes. The bill for a Genoa City hotel room lay in another of Phyllis' desk drawers, coincidentally dated the day of Sharon's out of town absence. And what about that single leather glove Sharon tossed on Phyllis' desk while rummaging for further proof of wrongdoing? You know it's going to mean something, but what?

In a clear case of closing and latching the barn door after the cow has escaped and gone gallivanting around the pasture with the bull, Phyllis is in full remorse mode after nearly being caught in the middle of the compromising act. Her level of regret, however, does not seem to be matched by her lover. Maybe it was just the way it looked from my seat on the sofa, but Nick doesn't really seem much undone at all. What else could explain the ridiculous message he left on Daniel's voice mail with an invitation to cool his heels and his anger at the ranch. Tap, tap, tap, went my knuckles on Nick's concrete-consistency cranium. Hel-lo-oh, I called, is there a functioning brain in there? Daniel made it clear the sight of Nick, unclothed or otherwise, was the last thing he cared to see. So why would Nick think he'd want to sit across from him at the Newman dinner table watching Nick pretend to care about the wife he'd been stepping out on?

Of course I don't know why I should be surprised. This latest episode isn't the first time Nick's actions have made me wonder whether the heart in his chest pumps out chips of ice. After all, I was there when he plunged that jeweled dagger in the middle of his Daddy's back. His hands were steady and his eyes didn't show so much of a flicker of regret. But at least then one could partially chalk his treachery up to jealousy and anger over the "kiss". But he has no such excuse this time. How callously he dismissed his 10 year marriage. It doesn't count if your heart's not in it. That's what the man said. So, exactly when did his heart stop being in it? The day he put it in Phyllis instead? His heart, I mean. And if Nick is so much in love with his fiery feline, why doesn't he walk away from the marriage his heart is no longer in and start a new one with Phyllis? Does he really imagine Sharon is so hard up that she'd be grateful to have the second best crumbs of his affection?

I know many fans insist Nick and Phyllis are so much more than just a bout of hot energetic sex. They are in love their supporters say. And you can tell that, exactly how? Because they've worked through tough times together? Times like what? Following Daniel and Lily's easy to spot breadcrumbs to California? Neil was along on that trip too. I guess Dru is darn lucky Phyllis didn't grow an attachment to her man. Or maybe it was the glue-bonding Boy's Night before Michael's wedding that made them long to be attached at the ... hip. Or perhaps it was the night they spent laboring over the crashed Newman website. It could have been those titillating text messages, or their intellectual after the act mathematical discussions where they counted on their fingers how many times this latest romp made. Or maybe it was rolling around in the bedcovers with their second best choices while secretly fantasizing about their first that made them know they were in love. I know about all those things, but still all I see is sex. Sex on Michael's wedding day, in rented hotel rooms, in the stables, on Phyllis' couch. (By the way, how ewww was that, Jack unknowingly spending a half-sleepless night on THE couch.) Titillating sexual talk in the office under everyone's noses. Noah playing his heart out on the basketball court while his inattentive father hungrily watched Phyllis instead. After what he did with Disgrace Turner and now Phyllis, if I ever again hear myself mutter that Nick is his father's son, I will immediately go and wash my own mouth out with the strongest soap in my medicine cabinet. Though some would say it's a good thing, Nick is no Victor Newman.

So Lily and Daniel have tied the knot, gotten hitched, jumped the broom, pledged their troth, been pronounced man and thinks she's grown woman by an Elvis sort of lookalike. Or whatever you want to call what they did in Vegas. It's hard for me to say exactly how I feel about these two. I get that they think of themselves as a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Kept apart by her mean and spiteful parents. For the most part, I like Lily, at least, I like her better than I did the previous portrayer, but I confess I still don't feel much. Some people see heat and chemistry between them. I guess I'm just not one of them. And because of that, I'm having a hard time caring whether they stay together or are ripped cruelly apart. The last teen romance that made my heart palpitate with pleasure was the pairing between original Mac and Billy. I remember the days I'd be on the edge of my sofa hoping to see a scene between those two. They were sweet but not cloying and fans all over the world from teens to grandmothers and all ages in between were rooting madly for them, predicting there's could be a love that would rival the famed Nikki-Victor connection. And then, suddenly, someone in charge pulled the plug and darkened the room. Something I still don't understand. If ever there was a case of it's not broke, please, please don't fix it, that was it. But that's just my opinion, you may not agree.

Anyway, back to the teen romance of 2006. So what do you think? Will this one stand the test of time and the rigors of real life? Mr. and Mrs. Romalotti attending Walnut Grove Academy together by day, and laboring at part time jobs by night. What will they do? Bus tables at Auntie Gina's. Sort envelopes in the Newman mail room? Fold scraps of fabric at the Boutique? Fill coffee cups and wipe down tables at Crimson? At least they won't have to worry about paying rent or any other household bills. This is Genoa City remember? A town known for its plentiful rent-free family palaces.

Speaking of rent-free family palaces, it's clear Gloria is about to gnaw the fingers off the hands that are feeding her scraps. I swear, there's nothing but air up there in Gloria's skull. Tampering with the company-saving Glo Again. Although what she's done is wrong and is certain to backfire, sending thick, sooty smoke into her face, at the same time it's nearly impossible for me to feel more than a smidgen of sympathy, if that, for what's about to happen to Jack and Company. He's determined to live by a motto that goes something like "my way or the highway" no matter what the cost. Once again, his pigheadedness is going to damage his father's company. As for Gloria, if her past is anything to go by, she will likely wiggle out of this tight predicament without a scratch. Just once I'd like to see her have to pay the piper a hefty penalty for her misdeeds.

What could Victor have been thinking, forming an alliance with a loose cannon like Gloria? Most fans believe Victor never does anything unless there's something in it for him, but even as much as he hates Jack and would like to seem him dragged down in the dirt in the worst way, he couldn't have anticipated Gloria doing something so foolish. Perhaps he should have listened to his own words. Jack and Ashley are obviously not the only ones who underestimated Gloria.

I don't know if it's true that confession is good for the soul, but it was certainly pretty darn good for Victoria's romance with Brad. Although Brad couldn't stop himself from hurling a few snide comments in Victoria's direction for her few moments of mindless pleasure with J.T., he knew exactly when to button his lips before they talked him into a place his behind couldn't get him out of. Clearly, standing penitently by while Brad plays the martyr in their game of love is not on Victoria's list of things to do this week. Her attitude seems to be say Brad can either grin and bear it or walk away and leave her alone. With the Newman pot of gold so close he's almost blinded by its glow, there's no way Brad is going to let some greedy, green leprechaun leap in front of him and snatch it from the end of the rainbow. But what is Brad's real goal? Maybe I'm wrong about him having one other than Victoria's love, but I just don't believe he's as in love with Victoria as he wants everyone to believe. Although with Brad, it's hard to tell. Maybe it's just me, but he's never struck me as the most emotion-laden lad in the lineup of love.

While I'm on the subject of true confessions, Colleen continued to meet my low expectations by not uttering any. Adding yet another layer of lies to those she's told just about every time she's opened her mouth, she's willing to say whatever it takes to gain J.T.'s temporary time and attention. This time it was a tall, twisted tale of unrequited love as she labeled Daniel a player who trampled on her trusting emotions then tossed her aside like so much unwanted baggage. Sniff, sniff, boo hoo, she attempted to whimper on J.T.'s shoulder, her crumpled countenance crafty and calculating, as she tried to squeeze out a fake tear of distress. I sure hope she changes if she manages to land the J.T. prey she's worked so hard to capture because she's certainly become a quite unlikable carnivore.

So, it's official, Mac will soon be no more. Of course I'm disappointed. I'd been hoping for a Mac-Kevin pairing since Ashley B. was Mac and with the ending of J.T. and Mac, I thought there might be an outside chance. I guess word of Mac's imminent departure has answered one of my questions from last column. The pickings in Genoa City get ever slimmer, leaving Kevin once again the odd man out. Or is he? If Nick is indeed done with his loveless marriage, Sharon is going to find herself at loose ends in dire need of a shoulder to cry on once she's outed Nick and Phyllis. Hmmmm.

Okay fans, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. As you can see, I have no problem sharing mine and as always, I don't mind letting you share yours. So here they are, just the way you wrote them.

* * * * * * *

BETSY - IS IT JUST ME, FANS, OR IS OUR FAVORITE SOAP GETTING BETTER BY THE HOUR? Not just you. Just caught up with last week's 3-days and WOW! Suggested to hubby that he watch Wednesday's show if nothing else - even before I read your column. What a winner! I'm sorry to see Kimsey unemployed. I liked her and her acting - it was a bad casting job. I guess we all look for the chemistry in the GC relationships. I love it with Nick & Phyllis. Jack has just about killed any inkling that he and Phyllis might have had left - I know his non-support of her spa idea would have done it for me. I like Kevin with Mac as well as J.T. paired with Victoria. Sharon seems to perk up a bit with Brad, although when (not if) Sharon and Nick break up, it will be a hankie day. MY QUESTIONS: Is J.T. turning into a young opportunist Brad? Why do neither of them smile with their eyes? What dirt can Gloria dig up on Jack & Ashley that could possibly damage them and not alienate John? Who is Kevin reporting to if John/Jerry is off the show? Will he report on his mother's shenanigans, too? Will Dru ever congratulate Neil with the news he's an uncle? Is Colleen going to use Kevin as her scapegoat, saying he's dangerous, to get J.T. back? How much will she lie to do it? Has Daniel finally knocked some sense into Phyllis? Inquiring minds ...

ANTOINE - I have to say, as a Passions viewer what occurred in the 3 days on Y&R last week occurs in 1 year in Passions. I hate to degrade my soap, but really Y&R scenes flew by, and I am so GLAD! I can't tell you how much it irks me to watch a soap draaaaaaags by. It's not only boring, it's annoying. But, back to Y&R! Wow, those 3 days were great, and you were definitely speaking for me when you complimented the outstanding writing. Thanks. I wanted to talk about Brad and Victoria real quick. Man, it is sooo obvious he wants to be a Newman, or he wants his wife to be Mrs. Carlton. He is willing to forgive her for her one-night stand too easy. I know, Love conquers all. But, Brad has a secret agenda, and that is to own Newman, or at least get pretty darn close. The actress who is playing Mac has either been let go, or she wanted out of her contract. I wonder how is this going to affect Kevin and Mac. I know Kevin is not going to be leaving behind her, so it's either a recast, lonely Kevin, or Kevin and Colleen.

LAURIE - A girl that sits next to me at work who also watches Y&R faithfully and I were reading your two scoops and literally laughing so hard we were crying. You are just so good at writing this stuff. And the part of Phyllis nibbling on her finger and "paging Dr. Winters" and will Ashley ever get to try Mary's sauerkraut and ribs was just hilarious. You made my day!

MAUD ANN - I am so sad that we are losing Mac! She and Kevin have so much unfinished business - and what will he do without her! I really like this actress! I also like Mac - so sweet and squeaky-clean - a welcome contrast to all the harpies and the glamour girls. She brings goodness and light and kindness and all sorts of positive qualities that are really in pretty short supply in Genoa City. Brad's holy attitude makes me nauseous, and so does Nick's 'I can=t help it' attitude. Considering the shabby way their men have been treating them, maybe Victoria and Sharon should hook up! THAT would show them, wouldn't it? Talking about shabby, Lily=s insistence that Daniel screw up his life for her is pretty darn disgusting. I keep thinking I see an inkling of him getting the idea that he needs to jettison this ding-dong - I=m crossing my fingers and toes that he sends her packing. And could he please, please do something about his hair? He is a cute guy, and that weird hair is very distracting.

ELAINE - In regard to John's conviction, does no one remember that Tom lunged at him, which would make it self defense, especially since Tom's blood was on John's coat. Also, I love watching Nikki, she reminds me of the younger Elizabeth Taylor in her mannerisms and acting. I have watched Y & R since its inception. Best show.

DEE - Nita, love your column it's brought me to hysterical laughter at times. But your statements about your love for Y&R brought me near tears. I agree with everything you said. You're the best. I compliment whoever is in charge of casting for two things: one: finally realizing that the actress chosen to be the new "Mac" was a total misfit in the role and ending her contract, and two, making the brilliant move of re-casting the role of "Gloria" - the present actress is perfect in the role. This is truly a great show. One word to the writer "Trey" who identified himself as an African American and then began to judge his own people by skin color, hair texture and color, eye color, and then lumped all African Americans together as if they have no individuality. Trey, apologize to Dr. Martin Luther King for doing what he dreamed the world would stop doing. For shame! Sorry, Nita but this had to be said and said by one African American to another.

DARLENE - I have a comment for the reader that likes the new Lily and states that the old Lily was too white. Is this reader aware that Miss Rowell is half white herself? As a biracial woman I get very annoyed with those that insist that we must honorably choose the black side and forget the white as that is more PC. Silly. Anyway back to the show. Obviously I'm not fond of the new Lily; she is too street smart for having been a boarding school, Paris raised chick. Sorry. I liked the new Mac. I thought she made the character her own, however, I didn't see her as a former homeless person, she appeared like a rich girl that had always been. Sadly she and J.T. were just dull. She probably would have made a better Victoria she would have been more believable than the hot-clickity-heels-wearing-honey that we have now. Love Gloria; I hope she creates a huge mess for Ashley and Jack. Love Phyllis and Nick. I would like to see Devon do more than dream over the dreamless Lilly. Love Lauren and Michael and would love to see them doing something fun and exciting (not detecting something silly please). Please hook up Kevin and stop wasting his talents as well. Speaking of ... not too fond of the new Colleen; she's just too something unsavory (kind of like Brad).

Y&R FAN - I agree with the fan who said the new Lily is too ghetto, and completely disagree with the fan who said most African-Americans act that way. I too am a Black woman and I don't act like that nor does my daughter. Why people insist on thinking all Black people act a certain way is beyond me. I wouldn't mind Lily being ghetto, there are people out there like her, but it makes her storyline with Daniel less believable. Because most people who do act like Lily would not be involved with someone like Daniel. The old Lily, who by the way I found annoying and whiny, was at least believable as Daniel's soul mate. The storyline I'm most interested in right now is the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis triangle. Sharon has been getting annoying as well but still does not deserve Nick's playing around. Nick began to piss me off from the time he started treating her so aloofly when Cassie died, like she wasn't grieving too. He was being a real jerk and now is using that distance to hook up with Phyllis. I hope Sharon SMELLS THE DAMN COFFEE and leaves his butt. Because if Nick thinks he can make a life with Phyllis he better check the history books. She's a loose cannon and won't be his for long.

LEANNE - Note to Trey: I don't think people object to an African American character. Y&R has always been one of the best soaps in terms of having an integrated cast. It was just weird how they switched from someone, who I agree, looked and spoke one way, to another actress who spoke more in line with her culture. I never heard the old Lily call either Kevin or Daniel "Baby", but that's all you hear the new one call Daniel. I agree that this one is much more believable as Dru & Neil's daughter. Maybe they just tried to get it right this time with the recast.

TARA - I just wanted to say I agree wholeheartedly with Trey's comments about Lily. Although Louise may have not meant any offense by her comment, as an African American woman (and one who looks "damn near white" herself), I read the same thing as Trey did. The actress who played Lily before is actually half Middle Eastern and half African American. And, although we come in all shades, this new actress does look more like she could be their biological child.

LYNNETTE - I have read your comments about how you enjoyed Daniel ripping his mother about what she has been doing. I don't agree one bit. No matter what, you don't let a child talk to you this way especially when he is no better. I am speaking about when he helped Kevin set Lily up and she almost got raped. Phyllis knew about it and didn't turn on him. Sometimes, children really suck! Daniel is no exception to this. I do admit that Phyllis has done more than her share of dirt along the way, but when you think about it, who hasn't? Other than this sticking point, I have enjoyed your articles in the Two Scoop Commentary on the Young and the Restless.

WANDA - Where are all of the security cameras at Jabot? Why didn't someone ee Gloria in the lab "up to no-good"? I don't think she intended to hurt the project. She didn't know they were going to go public with it for another week yet. She was going to discover something wrong with it "just in time" to save Jabot's, Ashley and Jack's tushes. I'm sure that is why she insisted on taking home a sample. What is with Dan-yell and Lily (Romalotti)? Where are they going from Las Vegas? Lily can talk poor gullible Daniel into anything. Why does Phyllis blame her and Nick for them running away? They were on the lam because of Dru and Neil. I almost throw up every time Jack starts in about what a great person Phyllis is. What a short memory he has. I like the character and Y&R would be in trouble without her but she has quite a tawdry past (deeds too numerous to mention here). She has done a lot worse than most anyone on the show (including Kevin). I'm glad to get a reprieve from J.T. and Mac and "Bratoria" though. I do want to see more of Victor, Nikki, Jill and Katherine. When is John coming back?

SHELLEY - - I have to say I have never wavered from Y&R and the way the storylines are going right now, anything could happen and I have to say I love watching Phyllis and Nick together, I think they have more than a physical attraction going as another person wrote. There is definitely emotional feelings there, especially after Nick relied to Phyllis' proclamation of her love for Nick. When he told her he loved her too and then gave her that kiss before he left, that didn't seem to be just any old kiss, that was an endearing, loving kiss. The way he placed her hand on her face to hold her nearer. I love those two. That could be an awesome match up. Sharon is becoming a prude, and really, what would she have to be upset about, did she not profess her love for Brad when everyone thought Lauren had been kidnaped and dead? Sharon hasn't been totally innocent herself. I like Sharon, but they need to do something with her character, it is becoming so predictable. What's she going to do next week, tell everyone about the affair of Nick and Phyllis, meanwhile ruining the launch of the spas. Won't Nikki and Victor thank her then. I also have to say, I do not feel the chemistry between Daniel and this new Lily. In fact I see her as very phony, and a little selfish...I liked the other Lily much better, whatever became of her? Where is Sheila gone to? She wouldn't be getting a little facial and body reconstruction done, would she? Can't wait for that ball to get rolling again. Also, did Drucilla forget what her mother was like, and how it was for her when she first came onto the show as a messed up delinquent Drucilla? Maybe she shouldn't be so quick to judge anyone. Truth be told, I think she is desperate and very jealous of any other woman who may get into her spotlight of the day. Grow up Drucilla and stop acting so prim and proper, I think the young Drucilla would have made Phyllis look like a pure saint. Before I go, this new Colleen Y&R has is too out there. She is a real bitch. Conniving, evil and selfish bitch.....I guess that is what they wanted in her when they decided to have her be more aggressive, but c'mon they went too far the other way now with the character......Go Gloria, you deserve to be respected, and there comes a point when those who have been abused their whole life, turn one day and say, "no more" awesome! She is going to rise up I think and with Victor encouraging her and helping out along the way she will have no problem becoming the next Nikki one day. She was a Exotic Dancer when she hooked up with Victor, so she must have learned to "kiss up" really well to have accomplished everything she has too.

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