A woman scorned

by Nita
For the Week of April 17, 2006
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A woman scorned
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Determined to milk the infidelity cow until every last drop has been drained, Sharon continued to dangle Nick over the roaring inferno of her rage every day of the past week.

Determined to milk the infidelity cow until every last drop has been drained, Sharon continued to dangle Nick over the roaring inferno of her rage every day of the past week. And as if Nick hadn't been humiliated enough by practically getting caught with his pants pooled around his ankles, Victor chopped another couple of inches off his son's already emasculated ego. In front of the three women who undoubtedly mean the most to him; his wife, his former mistress and his mother, Nick felt the full fury of his father's belittling and scornful wrath when he dared to try to bum-rush 3/4 of NVP from the Newman premises at Sharon's demand. Unaware of the true purpose for his son's unreasonable urging, just as he recently did with Nick's sibling, Victor immediately began verbally lashing Nick from one end to the other, beating him about the head and shoulders with his 'I'm the Boss and don't you forget it!' placard. But at least Victoria was plopped firmly in her proper place in private. By the end of that conversation, Nick probably felt like one of the kids in that old 'Honey, I shrunk the kids' movie. Much as I like Victor, when crossed, he can definitely be a mean SOB, to put it as politely as possible. And at times, he shows no more mercy to those who share his blood than those who don't.

But Nick doesn't plan to let a little thing like his slashed and tattered pride stand in the way of rebuilding the broken bridge of trust in his marriage. Now that the 100 watt bulb of reality has been shined relentlessly on his clandestine dalliance with Phyllis, it apparently isn't nearly as irresistible as it once seemed. Why he hasn't had a flashback to one of their chemical clutches for days. So, despite his bride's edict that he vacate the little house down the lane from the big one, Nick took Jack's advice to do what he can before it's too late. And instead of paying an exorbitant amount for an extended stay at the GC Hotel, Nick has unpacked his bag and stuffed his folded undies in the bureau in the guest room.

As I mentioned before, I don't blame Sharon for wishing never to see Phyllis' face again, at least not in the halls of Newman. Were I hobbling around in her high heels, I would be screaming at the top of my lungs for the exact same unreasonable thing. But her contempt and continued rage at Nick because he wasn't able to force Phyllis from the 11th floor are directed at the wrong man. Nick's hands are kind of tied together here. Because regardless of the empty co-CEO title bestowed on him and his sister by their father, in reality, the only say the Newman children have in anything that matters, are the words Papa grants them permission to mutter after they've first recited them for him. So Sharon should have at least given her husband a couple of brownie points for trying.

Speaking of points, I was more generous than Sharon so I put a few stars in Nick's column for speaking aloud many of the words countless fans have been thinking when he reminded his wife the house from which she was flinging her flesh bruising rocks was made of glass that would undoubtedly shatter if he chose to pitch a few pebbles from her unfaithful past back at her. As many fans say, cheating is cheating, and while Nick's is the most recent, he's not the only one who's gone digging for desire in somebody else's dirt. Not that Sharon's going to let Nick use any of her past indiscretions to lighten his load. She wants her pint of blood, and she'd prefer to have it come in equal portions from both Nick and Phyllis. Even in her ire, Sharon knows no Newman is going to be shown the door, so she'll take the next best thing, the partner of a Newman.

But carrying the lion's share of the bulky burlap bag of blame alone is beginning to be a little tiresome for Phyllis. With Nick constantly saying how much he now wants to make things all better with his bride, Sharon huffily pointing out all the defects in her moral character, and Daniel treating her like she's something he accidentally got stuck on his shoe and is trying with all his might to scrape off, it seems there's no one left willing to pridefully carry Phyllis' banner on their lance. So she's saddled up her steed and is carrying her own. And the bold, block letters written on it spell out 'I ain't going nowhere.' But that was before new Newman hire Daniel let the hissing feral cat out of the bag in Victor's hearing. When are these people going to learn the benefits of closing open doors and spilling secrets in sibilant whispers? Anyway, contrary to what he was saying only last week, now that Victor has heard the rest of the story, suddenly Phyllis isn't 'almost' like a card-carrying member of the Newman clan after all. And without any apparent hesitancy or the slightest twinge of regret, Victor has ordered her out, not even allowing her the courtesy of packing up her own pads and pencils under armed guard.

At this point, a more soft-hearted person might be feeling a few pinpricks of empathetic pain on our poor Phyllis' behalf. After all, she does seem to be left holding the short, soiled end of the pointed stick, along with lugging around most of the baggage of blame that two actually earned. Unfortunately, a person with a heart like that isn't writing this column! When she turned her back to Daniel and showed him the 'kick me, everybody else already has' sign hanging on her back, then gazed sadly at him with enormous water-filled eyes saying words like: sometimes people's emotions, sniff, sniff, wipe, wipe, get away from them, sniff, wipe, I'm only huuuumannn, I almost reached for a nearby Puff. But, then I got a grip on myself, and had a few full color flashbacks of my own, remembering all Phyllis' little funnies and jokes about the situation. Where's all those ha-ha-ha's now, Red? Suddenly she's not giggling so gleefully now. Her academy award caliber performance certainly softened Daniel, but he wasn't there, I was, and I remember a few things happening just a wee bit differently than the version Phyllis is now pushing for all she is worth. For instance, Phyllis wanted to know why she should be the one to have to pay the piper more precious gold than anyone else. Maybe, because despite all her current claims to the contrary, this thing with Nick didn't exactly just 'happen'. It had a whole lot of help and while I didn't see any ruts in the road from Nick digging in his heels and being dragged onto the couch and straight into Phyllis, I haven't forgotten all Phyllis' elaborate pre-planning. She was the one renting those hotel rooms, paying the staff to put notes and keys in Nick's locker. She was the one sending text messages, ordering champagne, bringing video games, lingerie and snacks. And it was her in the office spouting most of the sexual innuendoes, dropping her jacket and posing provocatively for Nick. Where was all that concern about what should and should not be said or done in the office then? So forgive me for not really feeling much of Phyllis' pain now.

But having said all that, I certainly don't mean to imply Nick had naught to do with how things went in and out, I mean down. His deeds were just as dirty, inviting Phyllis for a ride on the moonlit range, then rolling with her in the hay on his dead daughter's birthday. Spending more time in her office than his own, grinning from ear to ear while making goo goo eyes of lust. And it was his feet that repeatedly plodded to Phyllis' door then couldn't turn around and find their way out without pausing for a lusty layover on her sofa. So, no, what they did definitely didn't just 'happen'. Both of them seemed to go out of their way to make it happen. Over and over and over again. And I notice Nick is still not coming fully clean with the truth. Am I crazy, or are they? Nick said he ended it the night Noah fell down and nearly broke his little crown. But if that's true, pray tell, how did they end up on Phyllis' couch getting caught bare-bodied by Daniel? But back to Nick. No matter how it may seem, he's not exactly getting off scott free. Rest assured for his part in this deceitful drama, he will be severely punished. By getting to remain locked in uneasy matrimony with Sharon, who, like an elephant, won't be letting him forget his misdeeds for a very long time to come.

As for Phyllis, come on fans, save most of your sympathy. It's not as if she's really going to suffer overmuch for this. Remember this is one ferocious feline who has always been able to take care of herself. And by my count she's nowhere near the end of her nine lives. So there's not a hope in the hot place she won't eventually land securely on all four painted paws. And where Phyllis goes, a man is sure to be standing helpfully by. Is there anyone out there who believes that man will be someone other than Jack? And while we're all playing this guessing game, which fans wonder if the infidelity secret will stay buried deep within the locked Newman vault for now? And which fans hope Jack will be the next to know?

Of course, Jack has so many unpalatable portions on his plate to choke down, he really won't have much free time left for mournful meditation of why his Phyllis went philandering multiple times with Nick. Thanks to the machinations of his monster mother-in-law, his hands will be full trying to keep the family company from going under. After another week of watching the uncaring antics of John's breath of stale air, I have to wonder where Gloria was when brains were being parceled out. In the ladies room putting on makeup? Out shopping? And when she finally did make it to the head of the line, were they all out so had to send her away empty-headed? How else to explain the nonsensical words that repeatedly pour from her lipstick-slathered mouth? The woman could be responsible for someone's death and this idiot wants to 'talk about something more pleasant'. Okay, how about we chat about the various possibilities of her demise, or if that sounds too harsh, her temporary departure? To prison, perhaps? She really is quite unbelievable. I couldn't believe I was hearing correctly when she told Kevin she'd done it all for him. That woman is some shoddy piece of work. Nothing is ever her fault. I know some citizens of this city often fall headfirst in a deep pile of doo yet still manage to emerge with their character unsoiled as well as smelling like a fragrant, dew-tipped rose, but the only way I see Gloria coming away unsullied from this is if it's discovered Emma Gibson didn't actually die from the Glow Again cream but suffered from some other heretofore unknown but life threatening ailment.

An attaboy goes to Kevin and his refurbished conscience. Infinitely more concerned for the unknown Emma than his monstrous mommy, he wasn't able to keep his lips buttoned around her tampering secret for long. Of course, Kevin has never been a closemouthed kind of guy, able to withstand much pressure. Remember how lightly Jack twisted his arm and got him to give up those duplicate disks he'd made? As for Michael, as always, he hit every impatient and exasperated note perfectly as he found himself once again in the unenviable position of plodding behind his manipulative mother with a pooper scooper trying to clean up yet another of her smelly messes. Oh what I wouldn't give to see this useless piece of train track trash tossed out on her greedy tush to fend for herself! But who knows. With Ashley passing the lie detector test with flying colors and that electronic log which will hopefully point a long, quivering finger straight at Gloria, perhaps my wish isn't completely out of reach.

Colleen is finally making headway as she continues her tireless stalking of J.T.. It seems she's determined to discover the identity of the one-date damsel that caused Mac so much distress. But once she does, I bet she's going to wish she'd left that Pandora's Box undisturbed. Of course, we are talking about Colleen here. Who, from the first moment she lay eyes on J.T., has made a career of hunting him down and trapping him in her scented net. So it's not as if finding out the damsel is Victoria is going to make any real difference to her. She's made it clear she'll take J.T. any way she can get him, be it rebound, sloppy seconds or sharesies. And it's not as if J.T. is the kind of guy to look inside a gift filly's mouth to check its teeth for cavities. If Colleen keeps wrapping it up and offering it to him, it's only a matter of time before he snatches the bait and falls with it onto the sofa.

The newlyweds continue to grow on me. Especially when Colleen and J.T. are the only other young adult offering. Ma and Pa Winters, while they aren't exactly jumping with jubilation, have no choice but to accept that which they are unable to change anyway. And now that the Romalotti's are employed, married life can begin in earnest. I hope they enjoy it while they can. Because in Genoa City, we know happiness doesn't last forever. But for now, there aren't too many flies floating in their ointment.

No so with Brad and Victoria. As the wedding day draws inexorably closer, everything seems to be falling into place. But ... say it with me fans ... in this town, things are seldom the way they seem. With Victor dead set against the nuptials and J.T. digging deeply into Brad's mysterious past, any number of things could go drastically awry. Since Brad's threats in the past have proven to be all bark and no bite, it's hard to imagine that he could actually be dangerous. Except for that rather malevolent look in his eyes when he was hugging Victoria. Maybe that was just a red herring tossed our way to distract us from what could really be going on, but that look sure appeared to be that of a man with an unsavory secret. Or a sinister agenda. Brad is definitely up to something. And I'm betting dollars to donuts Victoria is the pawn he's using to get to it. Watch your back, Victor. Bradley's sneaking up behind you and he has a dagger in each fist.

Speaking of what might be, how about Ashley and Mr. Bardwell? I can't be the only fan who wonders.

And lastly, after all the underhanded dealings, single-minded stalking and rancorous rage of so many Genoa Citians, it was a sweet relief to watch the Baldwins in their joy of their impending bundle of love. The rumor mill has been rumbling for weeks with this news, so while Lauren's announcement came as no surprise to me and many other fans, it was still enjoyable to watch and listen to Michael.

Exciting times are obviously ahead. For everyone. And, as always, like you, I don't plan to miss a single moment.

Now, here's what you had to say about the happenings in the City. Until next week, ta-ta.

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ELAINE - Brad and Victoria are so boring I want to sleep through their scenes. I guess Sharon's memory is selective - Matt, Diego, Cameron and she is ready to jump Brad at any moment, and she won't forgive Nick. Give me a break. They need to bring back the old Lily; at least she and Daniel had chemistry. Colleen hopefully will go back to school and actually grow up.

BRITTANEY - I have been watching Young and the Restless for a couple of years now and I have one comment. I realize that Mac is leaving and her and J.T. broke up. But, I really am not enjoying Colleen all over J.T. Colleen is getting on my family's nerves and we do not enjoy seeing her on the Young and the Restless. We love the show, but we feel she does not fit in very well and wish she would move on as well.

MARGARET - Wednesday's scene with Michael and Lauren was awesome. Lauren giving a distracted Michael tons of little hints about a baby and him being too distracted to notice. And then when she does tell him that a baby is on the way, WOW! I loved seeing all the emotions flash across his face. You could see each and every one . . . disbelief, shock, fright, and then happiness and utter joy. That's an Emmy performance! On another note, Colleen needs to stop chasing J.T.. She looks needy and ridiculous. Love the fact that Sharon is not giving Nick his second or third chance too soon. He slept with Grace twice and now Phillis. At least Sharon's indiscretions were short-lived and not long drawn out affairs.

SHIRLEY - Oh wow!!! There have been some scum bags on soaps, but Gloria beats them all. She is about the lowest character I encountered. I hope she leaves soon, I cannot stand to watch her, I hope she goes to jail for ever. I hope the writers get rid of her soon and her smeary lipstick and popped eyes. she is scary looking to say the least. I don"t like the new Lilly at all. The other one was really gorgeous. And please, please, please don"t ever bring back Sheila! Don't like J.T. or Colleen either. and for god's sake not Mac and Kevin. I love Katherine and Jill, they are not being utilized nearly enough. Kind of sick of teenagers. The Brad thing is good, I hope he does turn out to be Victor's brother.

MAUD ANN - A million points to Kevin for doing the right thing and letting Michael know what Gloria did. My fingers were crossed that he wouldn't keep her nasty secret - she really needs to hang for being stupid, mean, and vindictive. Wasn't it getting a bit comical that nobody was noticing how strange Gloria was acting, all twitchy and bug eyed. She practically had a flashing neon 'guilty' sign around her neck. I am LOVING Sharon's new backbone. She keeps bodyslamming Nick, and he (silly twit that he is) just looks dumb and bewildered. I can hardly wait to peek into the report Victor was reading on Brad's background. Ohhhhhweeee! It must be very juicy, and Victor will make the best possible use of it, we can be sure. But it's about time that smug Brad was exposed for the slug that he is. I love that Victor is back in the thick of things. By the way - was that Jack's voice at the beginning, telling us the show is brought to us by Polident? I don't usually get to see the very first of the show so had not heard it before.

EVE - OK, so Sharon's going to get rid of Phyllis because Sharon just KNOWS that Phyllis is laughing her tail off at her. Of course Sharon knows this -- it's exactly what Sharon would do if the situation were reversed. After all, Sharon's been spending as much time as she can possibly spare from the N&P saga to trash Victoria to "Bradley", and I'm sure she isn't done yet. And that touching little scene between Victor and Sharon just about made me gag. For one thing, is it really such a good idea for Victor to be hugging Sharon? (Who, I noticed, was dressed in mourning.) Remember the kiss? I was waiting for a reprise, especially when Sharon whispered tearfully that she didn't think she could forgive Nick. And why should she? Just because he forgave her over Diego and Cameron and helped her get out from under murder charges and took her back after she ran away and left her entire family for months, that doesn't mean she should ever have to forgive him for boinking Phyllis. As far as Phyllis goes, enough with the contrition. For one thing, it just isn't the red haired b****h I've come to know and almost love. And frankly, when I heard Sharon whining around demanding that Phyllis be fired, be gone, be history, be out, my main reaction was "Why doesn't Sharon just hit her over the head with a champagne bottle?" It's not like she doesn't know how to do it. And she would feel SOOO much better. Of course, there's the risk of jail, but it looks like Victor's taking Sharon's side all the way (watch out for that kiss, folks!), and he can do anything, remember? Except, of course, keep his own pants zipped up. When he was giving the lecture to Nick, all I could think of is all the women Victor has fooled around with...By the way, if Lauren can have a baby, isn't it about time Nikki got pregnant again, too? Or put it another way, if Lauren's suddenly, magically about 38, isn't Nikki suddenly, magically about 38, too? And Ashley? And this would make Victoria 20? And Nick 19? Only they're in their high 20's to early 30's, and Nick is somehow older than Victoria even though Victoria was born first? Let's hear it for soap time.

WANDA - If Daniel and Lily are so broke why don't they try staying out of Crimson Lights?? Can anyone imagine how much a coffee must cost in there?? Also, Daniel please see J.T.'s barber. Your hair looks really dumb. Nick, move on!! Your marriage is over. Nothing you do will ever be enough. I love that Phyllis is not letting them push her out of NVP. Excuse me, but wasn't Nick just as naked as Phyllis when Daniel walked in on them. Phyliss should have known that the Newman's would close ranks on her when the going gets tough. NVP was her idea in the first place. Get Michael to take care of this! Michael and Lauren are soooo cute. I know now that they got rid of Scott so that they wouldn't look too old to be PG. A 23 year-old and new baby is a bit of a stretch (no pun intended). Gloria cannot be so dumb as to think she has done nothing wrong. Maybe now John will kick her to the curb. Michael (as an officer of the court) has an obligation to tell the DA what he knows. He dodged a bullet with the framing of TT just going away. His luck cannot hold out for many more bad decisions he makes.

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