He loves her not

by Nita
For the Week of May 15, 2006
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He loves her not
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Sharon is some glutton for punishment, isn't she? What in the world was she thinking?

Whoa! That Sharon is some glutton for punishment, isn't she? What in the world was she thinking? Regaling Brad with the unhappy news that since she now knows her husband's been harvesting some other woman's crops, she's out of love with him and in love with Brad. Did she really believe there was a possibility Brad might still be pining away with dogged devotion for her? After all these months? Well, judging from her behavior, she obviously did. But she should have known better. This is, after all, Genoa City, a town where for most of its citizens, love has sometimes proven to be so fleeting that if one were to blink their eyes a few times at the wrong moment, they'd stand a very good chance of missing out on it completely. The past has shown that for more than a few of these fickle folks, love could be flourishing in full bloom one minute but five heartbeats later, not only has it dried up and blown away like a tumbleweed in the desert, they're already more than half in love with someone else!

Despite what Sharon said, however, I didn't quite buy the bag of goods she tried to sell Brad about her newly discovered desire for him. Obviously, it would be a big boost to her Phyllis-deflated ego to be able to triumphantly dangle the Brad carrot before her hound dog husband's face. And I'm sure no fan is unaware of the fact that she still harbors a Diego sized grudge against her sis-in-law. But, unfortunately, whether she really felt what she said or not is a moot point. Because Brad is standing so close to the Newman pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, he needs his sun shades to protect his eyes from the blinding glow of the coins. That was then and this is now, he didn't exactly say to Sharon about his once all encompassing love for her. But he may as well have. He's moved on to bigger and better things was what he actually said. Okay, so the bigger and better things part came from me, not Brad. Anyway, it didn't matter what words he used to try to gently let her down without shattering what was left of her broken heart. Because they still spelled out the message: Thanks, but no thanks.

So, does Brad really love Victoria with all his heart and soul? Even though he says all the right things, I remain unconvinced of his sincerity when he claims he's marrying the woman who completes him. Didn't he say similar words about his feelings for Sharon? I don't know. Maybe I'm the only fan left cold and unmoved by the lack of heat between Brad and Vikki. Perhaps other fans see an inferno when these two get together.

It really kind of sucks lemons to be Sharon these days. Her husband "has fallen" for another woman. The man she rebounded to just rebuffed her. She had to put on this black dress with a giant bow on it and stand there like a gift box watching him pledge his love to the woman he picked over her. And if that wasn't bad enough, when she blinked away her tears, pasted on a ghastly grin and turned to face the guests, who does she see but Phyllis the feline purring and preening on the back bench. The only way Sharon's day could have gotten any darker, would have been if she'd spied her mate, the man who though he repeatedly vows he'll fight for his family, still can't seem to stop gravitating inexorably toward Phyllis like he's a hunk of metal and she's one of those horseshoe shaped magnets. The way Nick is acting, perhaps Sharon might as well wrap up her man, tear that bow off her matron's dress, tie it around him and go ahead and have him delivered to Phyllis' door. Unfortunately, for Sharon, things are only going to get worse when she finds out Phyllis might be carrying her husband's child. I wonder whose strong manly shoulder she's going to lean on for support. Jack's perhaps?

But, back to the wedding. Maybe it was just me, but that was one strange wedding. First of all, it was one of the most sparsely attended ceremonies I've ever seen. When you subtracted the wedding party and their immediate family members, the remaining guests could have been seated on a single bench. With room left over. Which made Jack's earlier comment to Phyllis that if they sat in the back, the other guests might not even know they were there that much funnier. And I know it's shameful of me to find so many thing to poke fun at, but I couldn't help but giggle a little at their from the heart vows. Like when they kept tossing around that "F" word. Forever? In Genoa City?

Of course, forever wasn't the only part of the ceremony that drew a grin from me. Whirr went my rewinding VCR tape when I caught the look on Victor's face while Brad was so sincerely promising his forever love. Over Brad's shoulder, Victor wore what I've come to think of as his "Grinch" face. Because every time he slides that lopsided sneer on his face, and looks sideways at nothing, all I can think of is the Grinch's sour expression when he realized the Who's down in Who-ville hadn't lost their holiday cheer even though he'd just stolen their trees, presents and all their Who pudding. If you don't see it, rent the DVD and see for yourself.

But in spite of Victor's Grinch-like countenance at certain points during the ceremony, he did the right thing in the beginning when he walked his daughter down the aisle and handed her off to Bradley. That was the family first side of Victor Newman he seldom shows but I know is there. It was a touching, tender moment between father and daughter.

A hearty handclap to J.T. for foiling Colleen's plan to show up at the wedding on his arm. Such a catty, churlish child, that girl can be. J.T.'s determination not to mar Brad and Victoria's day was commendable and almost made me wish back every cutting comment I've made at his expense. Just kidding! But seriously, I respect him for his stance. Too bad I can't issue the same compliment about Phyllis. Far be it for that woman to follow J.T.'s example and unselfishly put someone else's needs before her own. As usual it's all about her and to heck with everyone else. Since she's no bosom buddy of Victoria or Brad, in fact I never even saw her talk to the bride or groom, the only reason she wanted to be there was to have another chance to look longingly at Nick.

And yes, before you point it out, I know it takes two to tango and Phyllis wasn't dancing by herself all those months. Mr. Fight, Fight, Fight for my Family was dirty dancing right along with her. Yeah, Nickster, that's a sure way to win back your wife. By chatting up your ex-mistress every time she sashays in your direction. How have you been, he asked Phyllis inanely. While Phyllis was still simpering at him, doing her version of an eyelid-lowered demure debutante, I was snidely replying for her. Same as when you asked me YESTERDAY! And while I'm speaking my mind, Phyllis in her fake concern mode irks me like fingernails screeching across a chalkboard. Like she really cares abut Noah's heartbreak or the sad, separated state of Nick and Sharon's marriage. I can still hear her saying coyly, "we did this again." Giggle, giggle, leg wiggle.

And now she's having a baby. A 'miracle' baby, a phrase I'm certain we're going to hear time and time again until we're sick unto death of the term. Will this baby complete Miss Phyllis' white wash? Turn her into a warm and fuzzy Mommy to be, make her long for a perfect family and future made up of Mommy, Baby and Daddy makes three? But before we find that out, we must go someplace else. Like on yet another who's the daddy journey of discovery. Right now, Phyllis seems to be hoping baby is a product of her love with her youthful stud muffin instead of poor pompadour pushing Jack, who, alas, was the gratified recipient of a little mercy sex on the side. But who will wind up being the Daddy is anybody's guess. My wish? I used to be a fan of the Phyllis/Jack duo, but so much has happened, I don't know if that ship will ever sail the seven seas again. But equally hard to imagine is Nick and Phyllis as a settled down Newman couple. Unless Phyllis is about to undergo a complete character/personality change. After all, others have had them and lived. Victoria, Colleen, Mac, to name the most obvious three. Stranger things have happened, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

But that's for much later. For now both possible papa's will probably remain in the dark until Phyllis decides which rehearsed speech to deliver. In the meantime, we're talking about Phyllis so that means she must have a man's sympathetic shoulder to lean on during this trial. Obviously, Michael will be her confidant. And what little pearls of wisdom might she impart in her explanation? She never meant for this to happen, of course. She didn't mean to hurt anyone. It just happened (Nick). She was despondent (Jack's mercy sex). She didn't think she could get pregnant (it's a miracle). She finally has a chance to be a Mom (and do it right this time) so there's no way she's not having this child. And maybe for good measure, she loves Nick (but she can't have him - or maybe she can since Sharon seems to be giving him away). And last, but not least, she loves Jack (but isn't in love with him).

Who is that man walking around in Victor's face and body? I must have blinked my eyes and missed the moment when the pod Victor broke through his cocoon and slipped into his skin. How else to explain his complete about face? Mere days after snatching back the corporate scepter from his bigheaded brats, Victor has reversed himself, announcing his immediate decision to vacate the throne and return it to his supercilious seedlings. Did Daddy's decree cause his son's soul to fill with love and gratitude? Not even close! Like the back-stabbing Newmans they are, only seconds after receiving the news, Nick and his wheelchair-bound Mommy immediately bumped their empty heads together, locked pinky fingers and swore they'd re-align themselves against dear Daddy should he return to singing that old takeover tune and try to cross them again. Wow! With family members like these beside him, Victor better have eyes transplanted not just on the back of his head, but on both sides as well. I just hope this is a ruse on Victor's part to lull his traitorous family into a false sense of security while he solidifies his hold on his own company. After their performance, I must admit it couldn't happen to a more deserving foursome.

Victor's decision, unfortunately, will once again leave Neil hanging by his fingernails from the top of Newman towers. And I don't see no safety net on the ground far below. What I do see is Brad's gloating face, his mouth open in a long, loud laugh at Neil's expense. Poor Neil, in his life, trouble isn't content to come tap, tap, tapping tentatively at his door. Instead, it breaks it down, barges right in and starts destroying everything in sight.

With the revelation of Dru's cold-medicated one nighter with his brother and the bitter pill that Lily came not from his loins, but Malcolm's, Neil already had more on his personal plate than he could comfortably carry. But I hope he's been working out regularly because he'll soon have to lug around a heavy business burden as well. Or will he even have any Newman business to handle once Brad and Victoria finish carving out their share of his pie?

So does Miss Truth At All Costs feel better now that her faux father knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but? Then why is she mewling unhappily to her husband about her fallen apart family. Did she actually think knowing the whole ugly truth would set the Winters clan footloose and fancy free?

While I do find Lily somewhat annoying in some ways (mostly because while she seems full of family importance advice for Coll, at the same time she seems awfully quick to get snippy and impatient with her own), none of them have to do with blaming her for letting the cat out of the bag. No, Dru has no one but herself to blame for the rock and hard place position she now finds herself between. Ordinarily the ice cold harshness with which Neil is now subjecting his wife to would make me feel sorry for Dru. But her antics make such a feeling of empathy next to impossible. For one, I always felt she should have come clean about her episode of cold-medicated amour with her brother-in-law long ago, if not immediately after the fact. But it's her more recent behavior that has kept my sympathy spigot in the off position. Because even after she was ensnared so securely in her net of lies she was unable to move a muscle, she still managed to crack her mouth open just wide enough to tell a pile of more lies. Most of the jig was obviously up, but still, she refused to come completely clean and tale the rest of the torrid tale. In the end, Lily inadvertently gave away the end of the story. So, I can't honestly fault Neil for his unforgiving rage against Drucilla.

Gloria. That woman is worse than a vulture. At least they wait till the prey has expired before swooping in to feed. But this carrion crow is picking the meat off Jack's bones before it can even die and putrefy. And how dare she compare her scheming carcass to the likes of Kay? She has the gall to call herself a strong woman? I don't think so. She's a weak, lying snake in the tall, yellow, stinking grass and I wish someone would send a mongoose after her to gobble her up.

And then there's Jack. Who jumps from the frying pan into the fire and right back into the hot grease again. Kay has hired the best in the PR business. But I doubt Carmen has a hope in the hot place of cleaning up the daily messes left by Gloria, the wretched, wicked witch of Genoa City. Without even breaking a sweat, she's easily pulled the wool over the usually shrewd and perceptive eyes of Jill, Kay, Jack, Ashley, John, and Michael. Which is not at all believable and no fun to watch. She's become the new Sheila. Hiding in plain sight and suddenly smarter than everybody else. Uh huh, yea right. I guess it must have been all those self-help books she used to read. Anyway, like Neil, I'm guessing Jack will soon have even more devastation to deal with it. Thanks to Gloria, his career is lying in shattered shards all around him and I doubt it will be long before the pieces of the love life he obviously hopes to have with Phyllis are scattered there as well.

Mac was here, but soon she'll be gone. From the reservation to Hurricane Relief. Too bad for Kevin. Struck out at the plate of love yet again.

And last, but not least, the plot porridge thickens around Brad. So Brad is possibly not really Brad. Well, that part's no surprise. Because didn't he once tell Nikki that was the name he changed his to? Or am I remembering something that never happened? So who is the real Brad Carlton and why is this Brad using his name and social security number? Oh I can hardly wait to find out.

* * * * * * *

WANDA - When is Phyllis gonna figure out how and who taped the meeting in the conference room at Jabot?? She is the computer expert. Dru looked really OLD when she was talking to Lily on Friday. I wonder how long it will be before Daniel is an executive at NE. I really hate when Victor talks "baby talk" to Nikki. What?? No paralysis for months and months? I'm sick of the Colleen "wronged" SL. When J.T. and Victoria slept together, everyone was unattached. Like J.T. said, if anyone was wronged it was Mac. She needs to move on or move back to New York (preferably). Are we ever going to see "Nyllis" again? I think Nick is about fed up with Sharon's constant harping too (like she never done anything wrong song).

ALYSSA - Frankly, I can't stand Sharon's 'holier-than-thou' stance. She cheated on Nick how many times? I thought the whole Nick and Phyllis thing was great fun to watch and can't wait for the pregnancy storyline to start. I'm glad Dru and Neil are finally getting knocked off their righteous pedestal too! The whole 'our family is just so perfect' bit was making me sick. And I agree with everyone that Gloria needs to be caught and slapped!

THERESA - Its been awhile, but I have to say that I'm really enjoying the changes in Sharon's character. I'd like to see her with Brad. I'm also rooting for Gloria. I know she's everything her detractors say she is, and that's why I like her! Go Glo! Just keep Kevin out of it. For once. I can't wait to see the stuff hit the fan when Neil finds out he's not the bio dad of Lily. Its about time. Let's see if Dru can weasel (and I mean WEASEL) her way out of this one. I hope not. Of course just when the three lesser Newmans are plotting against ole' Victor, Nikki has to have some kind of tradgey happen so Victor can save her, nuture her back to health (physical and mental) only to (mark my words) demean and belittle her at a later time. I would have told him to leave me the hell alone and call 9-11! Can the writers please do something with Katharine and Jill? How can these two ladies stand being on the set for all of five minutes, always together, and deliver their 4 or 5 lines and go home, I don't know. As I've always said, its time for a bigger cast. I would like to see Nina, Nate, Olivia (remember her?) Diane, and what about her son, was Jack his dad or not? And yes, CBS has the money to do this. And more Michael please, always! When is the news of their parenthood going to be public, or did I miss that? I know I'm in the minority, but I feel sorry for Jack. His lot in life needs to improve all across the board. Thanks though Y&R for the improved storylines with Sharon, Brad, and Nick. I think Sharon's marriage is over and she does need to be with Brad. I can't wait to see what Brad's secret(s) will be.

RUBY - Hi all, if you are going to refer to Phyllis as tramp, then I guess that can be labeled to almost all the females of Y&R. Have you forgotten about Jill, Nikki, Dru past? I know a lot won't agree, but forget about Phyllis' age there is a lot of spark between her and Nick. Sharon is being a sel-righteous so and so. When all is said deep down she wants Brad. See how fast she was re-offering herself to him. Let her hook-up with Brad and she will see how well Papa-in-law treats her. Victor forgot how Phyllis stood up for him in court at the expense of her relationship with Jack. Kevin needs to get some backbone. No matter how much you love your parent there is a limit to how far you will put yourself in trouble. He forgets he's afraid of prison. Where does Gloria get off saying she is protecting Jabot for them. Did she contribute to building the company. She is a THIEF. Michael also need a rude awakening putting his marriage and coming babe on the line for Gloria. She is one disaster after another. I hope they get what they deserve.

CATHY - I want to see more about Victor's other son with his blind ex-wife - would be great to see him come back and shake things up a bit.

SK - I think that there are more fans out there rooting for Sharon and Nick then they admit. I was completely grossed out when they hooked Nick and Phyllis up. Didn't you calculate her age to be around 47? Wouldn't it be more realistic to make Sharon accidentally pregnant (which she's due) and have her decide to be a single mom or go back with Nick? Phyllis should then go all fatal attraction on him. That's more her style. Hopefully she'll have a miscarriage and this storyline can be done. They definitely need new blood on this show. Never mind the huge age differences, most of them are somehow related... Victoria marrying her almost step-dad, Nick sleeping with his ex-step-dad's ex. Also I find the teen scene weak. Colleen is so annoying, and if she put on anymore makeup she wouldn't be able to lift her head. Same goes for Gloria. She creeps me out. Those eyes ... if anyone actually looked at her they'd know in 5 seconds she was responsible for everything. AND why does everyone trust what she says and suggests over Jack? They've known her for 10 mins and all she's done is trick and lie to everyone. Jack, some of them have known since birth. Poor Kay and Jill... they need more storylines. All they do is eat meals together, what a waste. Anyways I look forward to your comments weekly ... they crack me up and are usually dead on.

TRISHA - I agree with everyone's comments, very entertaining! I am so sick of Gloria! She is so freakin' dramatic, it is so fake! Also, I agree with one of the comments about the new Lily and Vicki. I cannot stand the new Lily! Of course, I got tired of the old Lily saying "like" every other word (can you say "valley girl .. omg"). The new Lily though, gets on my nerves with the word "baby" to Daniel all the time! Read a thesaurus! Also, it's funny how the old Colleen was all sweet and everything, and the new one is a total witch! She is good! Oh, and my thoughts about Phyllis being pregnant...since she is such a whore and doesn't know if it's Nick's or Jack's, she will probably just tell Nick that it's his. That will confirm her "psychotic" mind!

SANDI - Seeing Victoria and Brad's wedding with Sharon and Nick standing up reminds me of Nikki and Victor's wedding when they were standing up and Nick found out about Sharon sleeping with Diego; guess the storyline doesn't change that much except who is sleeping with who. And Sharon, coming on to Brad -- can't she live without a man! What was she thinking? Herself of course. And every time Nick sees Phyllis he has to go over and talk to her and say how great she is. Of course she can say the right things -- she's the mistress! Nick cannot stay away from her and I don't blame Sharon for getting mad.

DANNY - I read the part where one of the readers said Phyllis had a hysterectomy and she can't get pregnant. I did some research and found that in Jan of 2001 Phyllis was trying the fertility treatments and they almost killed. Then in Feb on the 21st the DR told Phyllis that she could try again to have a baby. Phyllis talked to Jake about, and about another woman carrying their baby. That was when Jake found out Diane's baby was his, and Phyllis got mad and the storyline went south from there. Readers go back in the archives and read whether or not Phyllis can have a baby for yourself. BTW, I love Phyllis LOL.

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