A disgusting week

by Nita
For the Week of June 5, 2006
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A disgusting week
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It's only a soap, it's only a soap, it's only a soap....

Every now and then, during the long and ever-growing number of years I've been caught up in the lives of Genoa City's flawed folks, I've had to snatch myself by the scruff of the neck and give myself a solid shake. And when it was necessary, I closed my eyes and muttered; it's only a soap, it's only a soap, it's only a soap. Well, by the time the past week ended, I'd shaken myself nearly senseless and muttered 'it's only a soap' so many times, I'm sure I'm mumbling it in my sleep.

Oh, if only you could see the derogatory words frantically frolicking along the length of my sharp tongue clamoring to be chosen! But, since I think of this space as relatively family-friendly, many of them will have to remain unseen and unread.

Where to begin? With the witless Newman patriarch? His I love you, I love you not son? The blind as three bats daughter? Or maybe I should start with the Newman matriarch. You know the one who has complained unceasingly about how she "just can't do it without Phyllis." Then, the second the wizard grants her wish, she begins a whole new chant consisting of variations of her alleged concern about Sharon and Nick and their all but buried marriage. Well, whip out the smelling salts, because I'm feeling faint from confusion. If Nikki was truly concerned, Phyllis, astride her broom, would still be haunting the halls and break rooms at Jabot instead of Newman. Give me a break! Heaven forbid that Miss Nikki should have to strain her brain and actually do some work. But at NVP, as at Jabot, Nikki's principal duty is apparently to wear the entrepreneurial crown. The day to day drudgery is left to someone else's hands.

But back to Mr. Witless. Get that man to a hospital and fix him already. Because if I have to witness much more of Victor and Nikki's mushy-mouth mumblings, I will be the one in dire need of medical aid. Their syrup-coated conversations have become like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Kiss, kiss, stroke, stroke, rub, rub, hug, hug, my darling, my bebe, ugh! Any day now, I expect them to start rubbing their noses together. Or to begin behaving like those polite cartoon characters incessantly telling the other, after you, my darling, no after you, my bebe. I had already begun to question the state of Victor's mind when he hauled out those snowflakes. But after listening to John's doctor talk to Jack and Gloria, he may as well have been talking about Victor. Does any fan have any doubt whatsoever that Jack will soon have occasion to recall that particular conversation? Except in connection with Victor, not John? And who else suspects it's about to be NVP, here Jack comes?

If Jack climbs aboard the Newman barge, it will be a wonder if anyone anywhere in the building gets any work done. Certainly not Nick, Sharon, Brad, Victoria, Phyllis, Dru or Neil. They seemingly arrive at work only to head directly to the break room to discuss the most intimate details of their lives. That is, when they're not discussing them in the middle of a hallway that should have traffic signals, there are so many people going to and fro). As for the rest of the staff, they probably spend most of their working day rushing from desk to desk just trying to keep abreast of the latest gossip overheard in the hallways and break rooms.

On to conflicted Nick. He loves his wife. He wants his marriage. Or so he says. So why does he keep gravitating toward Phyllis like a fly to dead meat? Does he have an office? With a desk in it? Does she? How many times can two people be going toward the same place at the same time so that they can constantly cross paths? Do they synchronize their watches? And what brilliant conversation they have. They make me want to hit myself in the head. And why must every second sentence in Phyllis' every conversation with Nick begin with the word Sharon? Am I the only one annoyed with the way she constantly brings Sharon up? Or the way she pretends she's such a victim? With her little throwaway remarks that seem designed solely to cause Nick to come after her to see what she's whining about now. It's true, Sharon's no helpless damsel, but then, neither is she. Yeah, Phyllis is about as easy to shove around as a bulldozer.

Speaking of bulldozers, someone needs to drive a couple of them into Victoria's life. To cut down all the trees in her way so she can see what's going on in the forest. Talk about life serving a person lemons! Except in this case, I hardly think Victoria is going to feel like whipping up an ice cold pitcher of sweet lemonade. They haven't even reached the one month mark and already her husband's eyes and everything else attached to his fickle body has gone astray. Normally, a woman in Victoria's situation would warrant my sincere sympathy. But it's hard to feel sorry for someone who is just plain stupid. She married a man who bedded and wedded two sisters and was a mere I do away from becoming her step daddy. The nastiness in that last one alone is enough to make one want to take a hot, cleansing shower. But not Victoria. It makes her want to give her man a copy of the Kama Sutra in hopes, I guess, of topping all the previous Mrs. And the second reason I feel no empathetic pain on her behalf is because of her too quick urging to nudge her brother away from his disillusioned wife and toward the life-killing embrace of Phyllis the destroyer. Just the same, I wish she'd rip every single one of those ratty extensions out of Sharon's head when she discovers her beloved sis-in-law has gone where she thought no other woman would get to go, at least until she and Brad were officially or unofficially "separated."

By the way, fan Judi below makes some interesting points about the Newman family's support, or lack thereof, of Sharon. Sharon definitely does not have a stain-free soul, and has been on antagonistic terms with each and every adult Newman family member at one time or another, but still blood is supposed to be thicker than water, or at least it should be thicker than lust. Business or no, if my family opened their arms in welcome to the woman my husband had been cheating with, I'd be looking for another family.

When it comes to this faithless foursome, I've hardly known upon whose forehead to paint the scarlet letter first: Brad, Sharon, Nick or Phyllis. Until recently, I'd thought of it as a four-way draw. But after the past week, I have to say Sharon and Brad have inched ahead and are leading by at least a nose. Or some other protruding body part, you pick your preferred part. Because of their despicable behavior, they get the lion's share of all those words I told you good taste wouldn't let me type. And I hope Sharon isn't going to try to peddle that poor "I was separated so I didn't actually cheat" excuse. So many cheating GC citizens have hauled that one out of the closet and dusted it off, there's hardly anything left of it. And I for one am sick and tired of hearing it. J.T. has an argument with Mac and is rolling atop the sofa cushions with Victoria an hour and a half later. According to him, it was a-okay because he and Mac weren't together at the time. Bull! Perhaps he should have shared that information with Mac, waiting back at the loft for him to come home, because apparently she wasn't aware they were over. Phyllis didn't cheat on Jack because they weren't in a relationship at the time. Occasional sleepovers, complete with activity, apparently do not count. So does that mean she cheated on Nick, or were they not "in a relationship" either? And now I suppose Brad didn't actually cheat on Victoria either. After all they were 'separated' at the time said non-cheating occurred. She in GC and he in New York. The way these immoral people look at commitment, perhaps the moment they say I do, or begin sharing the same roof, they ought to stick themselves together with super glue so as not to become separated. What's next? I wasn't cheating because my transgression happened when my significant other went to the market and I stayed at home. Some of these people have become pigs. Or is that an insult to the pigs?

But getting back to Sharon and Brad. Now this is just my opinion, and possibly I was the only one, but I was completely repulsed by their little sofa (where else) sojourn. I can't put my finger on it, but something about the whole scene seemed quite contrived and utterly unbelievable. A week or so ago, Brad was apologetically insistent that he loved his bride to be and turned down Sharon though she had arranged herself as seductively as possible on a silver platter. Now I'm to buy the bag of goods that he's now willing to risk losing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow simply so he won't have to kick himself later for not taking what Sharon gives away to any man with a flattering phrase on the tip of their tongue? I'm sure the intent was to duplicate or at least equal the heat between the other two cavorting cheaters, but, just my opinion again, it didn't even come close.

So, this is what Cassie's death has come down to. Her parents and their amours rutting like pigs in a sty full of mud and muck. Phyllis's belly will soon be swelling with a child. Please say Sharon's won't be doing the same. Or even Victoria's. This has become a mess whose stink could conceivably permeate the GC air for years to come. Perhaps it's time to slap a sign up sheet on the break room door. So that Victoria won't accidentally walk in on Brad and Sharon, or Sharon on Nick and Phyllis or Jack on Sharon and Brad or Nick and Phyllis. And does Brad really think that after having nibbled on Sharon's cookies, she will be content to simply slink around in the shadows and never waive their dirty infidelity banner in her sis-in-law's face. Remember, this is the woman who would have been willing to stand smilingly next to Brad while he informed the handful of assembled guests he wouldn't be climbing aboard the Newman gravy train after all. So if Sharon refuses to be satisfied with reliving the memory of her moments with Brad, I'd say it couldn't happen to a more deserving mongrel. A mongrel who has now left his distinctive scent on every female dog in the Newman kennel. As well as many of the females in kennels all over town.

As for Phyllis, were I Sharon, I'd keep Nick just so Phyllis couldn't have him. Nick couldn't buy a more loving wife than the one I'd become. I'd be a clinging vine you couldn't cut off Nick, all for Phyllis viewing displeasure. I know love shouldn't be thought of as a win or lose game, but I'm telling you, Miss Phyllis wouldn't get my guy until I was ready to give him away. And before I did, she'd live to eat every one of her smart-aleck words.

Okay, enough about the adults. If it's true that the intimate circle with one must be expanded to include all of his or her priors, then almost every adult in GC has sampled almost every other adult. A line of thought that I confess I find a little too nasty and disgusting to follow for long. It really is time for new blood in this town. Compared to their questionable and supposed role models, moving on to the young adults and their complications is like stepping into a large airy room filled with bright sunshine and fresh air. Despite his current disillusionment with Phyllis, Jack has not snatched the welcome rug from beneath the newlywed's feet. So Daniel and Lily have been allowed to continue their fairy tale marital existence, their basic needs fulfilled through the generosity of Jack and Gina. Yes, I know Lily's failure to be counted among the graduating ranks is a dark cloud on their happy horizon, but it's a small one and undoubtedly can be chased away with a couple of months of summer school. But we know in Genoa City, any good thing will eventually come to an end so I look for more clouds to appear in the Romalotti's loves. Since the beginning much has been made about the importance these two claim to place on the truth and nothing else but. And more than one "we're never going to be like our parents" statements have been made. Which probably means the time is nearing for Daniel's dark little secret to be dragged into the honest light of their marriage. If that happens, it will be very interesting to see if Lily still finds always telling the truth to be a black and white situation, instead of being filled with extenuating grey shadows. Welcome to the real world, Mrs. Daniel Romalotti.

Gloria Abbott continues to exist under a lucky star. The tainted face cream and its repercussions seem far from anyone's mind. Gibson has presumably deposited his multimillion dollar check, Jack has been diverted from his one day depression over his unemployed status by the questionable state of Daddy's health. He and Gloria are even, for the most part, behaving as allies, with barely a cross word between them. Once again, it appears Gloria has slogged through a mud-filled tunnel, wearing all white, and come out the other side without so much as a smudge on her white summer shoes. Perhaps she's related to Phyllis.

Speaking of that hissing feline, I can't wait to see how she's going to keep her swelling belly from easily being spotted. And when it is, so what? Once he's over the shock, Nick will probably be pleased as punch, at least at first, since he has no idea the woman he was cheating with was cheating on him with another. Yeah, I know, she says it wasn't cheating, but I have different standards and in my book, there's a big black x under the Cheating column. I'm looking forward to the look on his face when he's finally brought all the way into the loop. Phyllis, of course, will land on all four feet, as she inevitably does, and I expect she will come out smelling just like a fragrant rose.

You fans had lots to say about everything. So I'll step aside so you can say it in your own to the point way.

* * * * * * *

PATSY - Why does the Y&R constantly preach family, family, family? Family doesn't mean anything to anyone of the characters on Y&R. Commitment doesn't mean anything either. All these people have children but where do they go? When will Noah be shipped off to boarding school? Paul, where is your son? Jack loved his son so much he took him away from Diane but now they both have disappeared from the picture. Yes, I know this is only a "soap opera" but stop spouting family values when no one on the show has any. Brad pretends to love Victoria but he can't talk to Sharon without getting up under her. Nick walks the halls of Newman Enterprises to look for Phyllis. Do any of them work? Kevin is probably the only one trying to do what is right. Yes, he was bad and made a lot of mistakes but he is at least trying. And for goodness sake get that whiny Colleen off the show. Lily, be glad you have a daddy. The writers for Y&R must be out of material. How many times is Nikki going to get shot; nearly die and a week later make mad passionate love to her hubby? Get real people. Get something new going and take Gloria out of the picture. She stinks as an actress. Enough said. I rest my case. I have been a fan of Y&R since its beginning. The writing has changed so much since Mr. Bell died.

SK - I can't speak for all the Sharon and Nick fans, but I want them to stay together just because it'd be nice for at least one couple to stick it through. Yes, I've definitely had enough of Sharon's pity party and this thing with Brad is just gross. He's just creepy and dirty. And yes, she's no innocent wife herself, but if that were me, heads would roll. Now I've been watching for many years ( I remember seeing Sharon on her first day and really liking her) and I do tune in and out due to work and kids, but wasn't she raped by Matt, had one or 2 nights with Diego after being neglected by Nick (no excuse), and attacked and beaten by Cameron? NICK, runs to that icky slut Grace's bed any excuse he gets and went on with Phyllis for months while Sharon was throwing herself at him. Nick seems to fall into anyone's bed once he has a beer.... maybe he should stop drinking? And Phyllis... can they paint her anymore angelic in those awful white outfits? She's has no sense of morality at all. Maybe she should have used protection while sleeping with another woman's husband who is at least 15 years her junior? Didn't she try to kill Paul and Chris? Didn't she kill a nurse (or someone)when the whole Daniel paternity thing was going on? Didn't she sleep with someone else and claimed that Daniel was Danny's and it turned out to be this other guy? ( Didn't she kill him or something? I tuned out then) I know that she has slept with most of the men in town, but I just don't see the Nick thing. I hope the baby is Jack's... give him something to do. Not that he pays attention to his boy with Diane. ( how did she get paternity back?) As an Actor, I really like Michael. He's really good and when he gets emotional, I really believe him. But I don't like this bad turn he's taking...again. To the Head powers that be for Y&R : PLEASE WRITE OFF GLORIA!!!! I hate everything about her, her freaky looks and her storyline. As for Victor and his foreshadowing snowflakes? He's either snapped and going crazy or is planning to get everyone employed and under his thumb so he can take control of all 3 companies. I hope it's the latter. Maybe the snowflakes stand for all the kids he's actually sired over the years. They were pathetic anyway and Nicky is a mother and a grandmother and didn't know what it was? I totally agree with you on the bad recasts of Colleen, Lily (is she 12 years old in real life? It feels wrong having someone so young looking having sex) and Victoria. A bigger effort should have been done to recast a strong Heather Tom. Hopefully she'll come back and bring her brother too. Where's Olivia to back up Dru's story about Malcolm? She was there too! They need some new middle aged blood there... Nick's age. Poor Nick and Sharon have no friends of their own to play with so they have to resort to seducing/sleeping with people their parents (or in-laws) have done? I could buy this whole cheating thing if the ages and histories didn't clash so much. Too bad they wrote off Matt, Swampgirl (what was her name? the other girl that Matt raped) and Grace (thank God, I hated that actress, or should I say non-actress.... one paycheque away from a stripper poll). They have never had friends. Anyways, instead of coming up with wacked storylines, get some new blood! Thanks for the rant.

CANDY - Loved your column. This is the first time reading it. Here I go. What is up with Sharon playing that oh so good and pure as the driven snow? Someone should remind her of her ------. We all know how she even tried it with her father-in-law. And she wants to trash Nick. Stop taking it baby. And what is going on with Phyllis? Girl we know you bad, stop playing a saint and step to that Sharon. And Brad, just stop. You're just nasty. And Victor, you best be up to something or else.

DEE - Here are some absolute truths: Victor's head butting has caused some brain damage that has affected his personality which accounts for his very un-Victor-like behavior. Cutting out paper butterflies was bad enough, but giving his private jet to Neil was beyond belief. I mean really! Next: Sharon and Brad are going to get it on in New York, she'll get pregnant, and like Phyllis, won't know who her "baby's daddy" really is. Finally, everybody I talk to is sooo sick of hypocritical Sharon. Nick's infidelity was wrong, yes - but she did the worst thing a parent can do, running away and leaving her kids without a word or any contact for months. Then when she surfaced, she had crazy Cameron hot on her heels and all that led to. Did Nick castigate her and ask for a divorce? No! He forgave her and got her out of the mess she created. Then when I thought there was nothing more hypocritical for this self-righteous woman to do, she then tries to throw the entire family into chaos and take Brad away from her sister-in-law on Victoria's very wedding day! But the lowest of the low things she's done, she goes to Victoria, puts on an innocent act, and tries to get her to put the seal of approval on her seduction plans for Brad in New York! And she calls Phyllis a tramp! What a terrible, terrible hypocrite. Nick would be well rid of her. She and Brad deserve each other. Having said all that, I LOVE this show and I love your column, Nita. It and you are the best!

DR. SOAPS - Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea...Sound familiar? Yeah, Dr. Soaps prescribes Pepto-Bismol for a cure of this week's Soaps. Okay, lets start positive ...Wonderful to see Jewel- I think there was some sort of bonding that happened that evening at the benefit for Cassie that I haven't seen in a while. Any other positive comments? Hmm, think think think, think hard...NOPE! :) HA! Now, for the Negative! Okay, my favorite, SHARON! Yes, I know, everyone is hating her and I...will ENJOY doing the same! It's about time she gets herself together. It's much like Nita said (excellent commentary, btw! :)...) when Sharon hears "no", she thinks, "outright yes". When she sees "marriage", she thinks- "opportunity to cheat". And with Bradley Carlton?! Come on, where is her taste in guys! What does she see in him? He sure doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! Bradley Carlton! Oh wait- it can't be- he stole identities! Silly me! How could I forget!? How ironic, a cheat and a thief. Maybe Sharon can take Victoria's identity, and Bradley can steal Sharon. What a team! Speaking of Victoria- for a sharp lady, she is sure pretty slow- come on, Vikki! Catch Sharon in the act, and bust her for her hypocritical ways! Gloria, as usual is up to no good, and yes, because she puts a sour taste in my mouth, I will no longer speak of her. I enjoyed seeing Mikey this week. Becoming a daddy, and also a psychiatrist? Lol- Phyllis needs a doctor for her brain, and her tummy. Nice to know she's in the preggers bin, she'd better start acting like a Mommy who cares, or she'll be in the Trash bin. Man, sparks will fly when the City hears the news...Whose baby do you all want it to be? Nick, I know you understand the problems caused with Phyllis, and originally, I wanted you to go back to your wife, but she is being a stomachache, so forget it. I say we get some new lady in town for Nick (how about that gorgeous lady consultant for Jabot? what's her name? Carmen? Something like that) and maybe Victoria can have a small accident, and Brad realizes how close he was to losing Vikki, so he becomes a loving and devoted husband (I am really dreaming now, aren't I?)...And then we can leave Sharon all alone. I agree with Nita- putting Nick and Phyllis together would be like rewarding bad behavior.... You know, maybe Nick shouldn't get new Lady! Enough about those guys and gals! Man, disappointed to see a Neil- Dru tug o war- but Dru, Baby, it was about to come out soon enough. You can't sleep with someone, hide it for 17 years, and then expect Neil not to be mad. I think Neil is taking his anger outside his personal life though, and I am feeling the effects on Victor. Victor! What is up with you?! LOL Am I liking this new Victor? Yes, but this doctor knows the symptoms....Predicting he'll be back to his good ole mean nasty smart sly self in no time! If anyone has any comments- please reply!

KATHY - I was a little surprised at all your negativity towards Sharon. Granted, I wasn't watching the show when Sharon had her flings, nor was I watching when Nick was having his fling with Grace. And, I agree that Sharon is not right in going after Brad Carlton now that he's married to her sister-in-law, either. Two wrongs don't make a right. However, there is one point that I'd like to make in Sharon's defense. Yes, Nick has admitted that he's made a mistake. Yes, he's apologized. But, you have to remember that there was a long year when he was so emotionally unavailable for Sharon that she didn't feel she could count on him for much. And then, when it seemed that things were getting better between them, she finds out that the only reason is because Nick felt guilty because of his affair with Phyllis. Nick hasn't really done anything else that I can see to try to appease Sharon. He hasn't stopped seeing Phyllis, whether at work OR going to her apartment. He hasn't stopped telling Phyllis all the little insignificant details of his life with Sharon and his troubles trying to get Sharon to take him back. There may be no sex happening there right now, but there is still a connection, and Nick hasn't done anything to cut his connection to Phyllis. If Nick was serious about wanting to get back with Sharon, he'd stop seeing Phyllis and devote himself to trying to work things out with Sharon a little more than he's doing now. Sharon sees that, sees that he's still having interaction with Phyllis, and she doesn't trust him. He's still just as emotionally unavailable for her as he was right after Cassie died. So, nothing has changed in her mind. I don't blame her for going ahead with the divorce. Maybe that's the only thing that will wake Nick up. That, and having to deal with Phyllis on a daily basis when the bloom of first love has worn off. I bet if Nick knew half of what Phyllis is capable of doing, he'd get disenchanted with her really fast.

GENE - It gets easier and easier to accept The Young and the Restless soap as it is - fantasy. The writers co-mingle real public relations themes (underage drinking, etc.) and real artists with sheer nonsense and serve it to viewers who believe it's all real. Thank you for setting the record as straight as it can be on a rusty merry-go-round.

SANDI - I was waiting for Jack to put two and two together when Gloria was threatening the warden with going to the newspaper about John's condition, that maybe that is what she did with the Jabot lawsuit - but then he would have to really think about it. Also, what was giving Neil the Newman airplane got to do with anything - what is Neil going to do with an airplane, fly around the world as he has nothing else to do? Now that was lame, even for Victor and the writers are all brain dead. Neil should have gotten NVP or maybe go to Chancellor Industries.

TAD - Your point on Gloria is well stated. She is an unredeemable character. She has been as sadistic and conniving as a person could be. I will be very disappointed in the writers if she is allowed to skate on her reprehensible behavior. I do wonder whether she will pay or not as they seem to be down playing her evil deeds by portraying a "New & Improved" Gloria. Putting on a new face won't cut it with me. There are some acts that one cannot overlook, and she has committed several such transgressions. This wouldn't be the first time that such character profiles have been revamped. As I remember they did this for her sons Michael and Kevin. Doris said it best last week. All three are no good. If we all remember, they attempted to build Michael's character up by tearing Paul's character down when Paul forced himself on Christine. That storyline was ridiculous and was not believable. I didn't become any more ingratiated with Michael's character because of what Paul did. Kevin knew that what Gloria was asking of him was wrong, yet he did it anyway. His diabolical plotting and scheming since he came to town does not allow him any wiggle room. Kevin has used all of his "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards. It's time for all three to pay the piper.

STARR - What's so redeeming about the gift of the jet? It's not quite a present you use every day or even every week! And as compensation for losing a seat on the board it sucks. To me it confirms Neil as the idiot I've always thought of him as since he is just pleased as punch and very satisfied. I would have asked for a trade on a gift of my choosing to maintain my self respect and back up my strong discussion with victor on how unhappy I was.

RONNEA - [A fan] said that Jack never heard of being "Kind" towards Gloria, not true. Part of his anger towards her comes from her known deceit. It was Jack who first championed Gloria. He thought she was good for his dad even though they married too soon and without family present. It was Jack who felt bad for her not having her sons around for their first Christmas as a new family. He was the one banging on (unbeknownst to him) Michael's door pleading with him to put aside whatever problems there were so his mother could have a happy holiday. It was Jack who held her hand and told her that sometimes children and parents fallout over the smallest of things but they come around. It was Jack who told Ash to back off and let John be happy. Jack was not happy to find out that Michael was her son but he was willing to let it go. It wasn't until his mind concluded that if Michael was her son then so was KEVIN. The man responsible for nearly burning his niece to death. The same man responsible for the "rape" of Lilly Winters. And then came Tom. The fact that Gloria knew she was still married to the man, the fact that she never told anyone who he was or that he was in town. All of this leading up to John using a gun to commit murder, being locked up behind bars. Can you blame him for wanting to nail her to a wall? She betrayed his trust not just John's.

PAM - I have been a fan of Y&R for sooo many years that it really disappoints me to say I AM DONE!! Believe me I do get the concept of soap opera but pleeeezzzzeee. There have been many times before where there was a storyline that I just did not care for or even made me a little sick but now it is like there is absolutely NO one single storyline that I like or care enough about to continue watching the show. In fact most of the time I am either wanting to throw something at the TV or running for the toilet! Where to begin, well I guess with the worst. Brad and Sharon. Are you kidding me. You know I actually felt sorry for Sharon when she first found out about Nick and Phyllis. But then she just went on and on. How could anyone possibly ever even look at Phyllis again and how could they possibly think Phyllis was good enough to walk the same halls or even live in the same town as Sharon and she couldn't even hold Nick's hand at their BELOVED Cassie's benefit because of how badly he had betrayed her. Get over it already. You don't have to forgive him or take him back but good grief, enough already. I mean like everyone has said she was no saint.....and now look at her. She absolutely went after her own brother in law, after him telling her he loved Victoria and was going to marry her, after being her Maid of Honor. At least Phyllis was not family. I mean as far as I am concerned what she has done is worse than Nick or Phyllis! And Brad, he even had the nerve to attack Phyllis at Newman for sleeping with Nick when all the time he was just thinking of how he could have Sharon and a part of the Newman pie at the same time! And like you said now they are building up to make Phyllis look like such a poor pitiful person, now granted I don't see her as low as Sharon and Brad but feel pity for her, not in this lifetime! Then there is Gloria, I mean are they actually going to let her get by with all that she has done? Come on people, no one is as stupid as those people when it comes to her and she is not that smart! Now it is almost like they are going to have her and Jack BOND over their mutual love for John! Good grief, the woman is evil and looks out for no one but herself. And I was always such a fan of Michael's and was getting to be one of Kevin's but for them to risk everything to back a woman who allowed them to be raised as she did is just totally ridiculous. I mean every time Michael gets in her face about what she has done I think ok this is it, he has had it and is going to do something about it but NOOOOOO. It has just gotten to be too much. Okay and now we are suppose to believe that Victor has turned into to this sweet, stupid man. That he actually doesn't care that Brad is not really Brad? Right, because even the nicest, sweetest of fathers could not just blow off the fact that their daughter married someone that is not who they say they are, much less someone that is worth billions. And finally there is Colleen. She comes back to town as a conniving little bitch and no one notices but Mac and Kevin? All of a sudden she is the love of J.T.'s life. I can't even stand to watch when she comes on the screen! OH well, it was a fun ride, just time for me to get off. At this point I would rather watch Jerry Springer, at least everyone knows those people are idiots and have no class!

LINDSEY - Okay let's not forget Nick cheated on Sharon with her BEST friend not once but twice. Not only was Nick having an affair with Phyllis but he was falling in love with her. It was not just sex between them. Sharon was trying to do the right thing by working out her marriage but Nick ran into the "arms" of another woman. Sharon cheated twice with 2 different guys, Brad should not be included, however she did tell Nick she wanted a divorce at least Sharon waited for the papers to be filed. Nick cheated on her twice with Sharon's ex-best friend and countless times with Phyllis. So think about everything he has done before all the blame gets put on Sharon. Phyllis and Nick do belong together, THEY ARE BOTH TRASH!

JUDI - I have limited sympathy for Sharon because, as everyone talks about, her outrage at Nick for doing exactly what Nick has forgiven Sharon for multiple times is just plain stupid. And going after her brother-in-law is obscene. However, everyone deserves to be able to depend on their family to support them and Sharon has been shown how unimportant she is to everyone Newman. Nick continues to fall all over himself and drool all over Phyllis whenever she appears. Vicki supports the marriage to the extent of "oh that's too bad you can't make your marriage work with Sharon but if Phyllis makes you happy go for it." Nikki makes it obvious she really doesn't care what happens to Sharon and hasn't ever really cared. And Victor was full of indignation until he realized that Nikki needs Phyllis and suddenly Sharon has to learn to live with it. Then Brad tells her "thanks for a great out-of-towner but don't ask me for the time of day when we get back home." On the one hand, I feel sorry for Sharon because no one cares about her one way or the other, but on the other hand she has managed to backstab and double cross everyone involved at one time or another so she really shouldn't expect better, but back to the first hand, even if she had been the most perfect wife, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, friend or whatever, they probably wouldn't have treated her any better. No one in this city treats any other human being as anything but a commodity and/or consumable.

WANDA - Did Lily "dumb down" or what, after marrying Daniel?? She was a straight A student and Devon was the slacker. Now, he graduates with honors and she doesn't graduate at all. Enough already!!! I can't take much more of Victor's "mollycoddling". It is to the point that I can't watch it without getting out my barf bag. The presents to Nikki were ALMOST as weird as the snowflake scene. It is as if the writers are just winging it and making the junk up as they go along. If he turned the company back to his "back stabbing brats", how come he goes to his office every day and seems to be in charge again? Dru and Nick are going to get fed up with apologizing and tell Neil and Sharon where to head in at soon. Phyllis is beginning to hold her own with the GC finger pointers again. You go girl! Brad was hot on Sharon's tail (no pun intended) to New York. They were absolutely "giddy" when he just happened to walk past her open hotel room door. What are the chances of that "just happening" in New York anyway? He spends more time with her than he does with Victoria anyway. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE SNOWFLAKE SCENE TO ME! It didn't seem to bother or surprise Nikki at all.

ANTOINE - I still love the Y&R. I am still having problems with Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) particularly the actor. I just do not understand how he is getting so much screen time and he is not that good of an actor-of course this is my opinion. Anyway, I LOVED this week as well as I love every week of the show. I don't even know why Sharon, Dru, and Brad are all leaving Genoa City, but whatever. I am so glad Brad and Sharon had sex! I think this is pretty much over with the young Newman marriage. Don't get me wrong, I love a supercouple (Nikki and Vic, Lauren and Michael, and that's pretty much it on Y&R LOL) so I love a couple staying together forever, but its too obvious Sharon and Nick cannot commit fidelity with one another. They have LOYALTY but not FIDELITY. Both are key for a marriage. I think my favorite storylines as of today are the "Who the hell is Brad Carlton!" storyline and the "Victor turns into John Abbott but more sweeter" storyline! I really want to know who Brad is, and what happened with Vic (although I know what happened) I just want to know what happened with the snow flakes. Since I raked Joshua Morrow over the coals, I just would like to announce Christian LeBlanc, Sharon Case, Melody Scott, Greg Rikaart, Bryton McClure, Victoria Rowell, Michelle Stafford, Kristoff St. John, Peter Bergman, Eileen Davidson, Jerry Douglas, and lastly Judith Chapman as well as Gina Roma, Jill Abbott, and Katherine Chancellor as EXCELLENT, Outstanding actors and actresses. I love each and every one of them. They truly know how to act their butts off! Even Abby, Lily, and Daniel are being played excellent!

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