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by Nita
For the Week of August 7, 2006
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It was refreshing to see the focus shifted to other Genoa City citizens and situations for a change.

You know, there are certain people out there who no matter what one does, one just can't make them grin with gratitude. If you gave them a dime, they'd whine for a dollar. If you showed them warm sunshine, they'd shout we need rain. Pick a beautiful park and take them on a picnic; they'd blather about the bothersome bees. Well, if your guess is that the sometimes disagreeable person of whom I speak might be the woman who sticks her tongue out at me when I make ugly morning faces at her in the mirror, you would get a gold star pasted in your column. So what's her problem now, you might be asking yourself with extreme exasperation? She ought to be happy now, you Niphy fans might be grumbling, feeling a little disagreeable yourselves. After all, the pair she's taken such gleeful pleasure in poking fun at lately wasn't even on much, at least not in their usual goo-goo eyed, pasted together fashion, anyway.

Even if you weren't asking yourself any of those questions (quite possibly because you could care less what I think; you're going to enjoy your favorite show despite my catty criticisms), I caught myself asking me those very questions under my breath. It's not as if there isn't plenty going on in the city. In fact, in some cases, the pace has quickened so much I have to watch the show running in place just so I can keep up. And believe me, exercise is not my best friend. Though I confess it certainly wouldn't kill me to keep it a little closer.

Anyway, with such fairy tales as Niphy, Pretend Brad and the Sharon Snatch, The Mumbling Millionaire Whose Medically Misplaced his Marbles, Jack's Agenda, Neil's Marital Malfunction, Daniel and Lily's Love Train Derailment, Midday Plane to Hawaii, Are you My Father and Have PR, Make Offer, there's a treasure trove of titillating tales to keep one up late at night. So what more could I possibly be looking for? Keep reading. I'll get to the answer in a bit.

On one hand, for me, the fact that the scribes at last turned their unrelenting attention from Niphy, however momentarily that might last, made the week worth watching. It was refreshing to see the focus shifted to other Genoa City citizens and situations for a change. I was beginning to feel extremely annoyed at just a glimpse of Nick and Phyllis. The kind of annoyed that forces out of me a huge theatrical sigh, complete with eyes rolled so far upward, it's almost possible to read my mind. Of course, on the other hand, many fans might very well feel more of Niphy would have been preferable to the slab of Swiss cheese many are calling Brad's back story.

I'm choosing to overlook the gaping holes for now. Ditto for the jagged edges that don't quite line up with the fabric of what we've been told and shown about Brad's past up till now. Just to get it out of the way, I'll go ahead and stipulate to the presumed belief by all who have just learned of her existence that Mommy Kaplan Carlton is a courageous, heroic woman. When I get a minute, I'll rummage around in my cedar chest and see if I can locate a medal to pin on her chest. And just to be sure I won't inadvertently offend someone, I'm also not touching with a ten foot pole, not mine or anyone else's, anything that might even remotely touch on the whole Nazi, concentration camp, German invasion, Jewish angle. And I won't say much about that secret safe house. In Hawaii. Now, I'll have you know, I watch a few other things on TV from time to time. Things that have nothing whatsoever to do with Genoa City doings. I saw shows about running or hiding from the mob or mob types. And I've read sometimes too. Books about witness protection and such. And I must say, having a safe house in Hawaii is not one I've commonly heard before. Even Bobby and Brittany knew that hiding out from dangerous types meant moving to some medium to tiny town in the Midwest. Of course, I'm sure Brad's safe house is on some unmapped Hawaiian island surrounded on all sides by water and patrolled 24/7 by armed guards, presumably more alert than the ones working at the Newman ranch. What an enterprising middle aged man he's turned out to be. Who knew?

Okay, so after eliminating all the things I'm not going to say, what's left to talk about? Well, for me, the only thing that makes the story worth enduring. The big rescue. How are they going to pull that one off? Who is the brave man or woman who will get to hear Sharon gratefully declare "My hero" just before she throws her rescued self into their arms? And after all the hubbub has died down and there are no more welcome home hugs to dispense, how soon before Victoria demands to know which part of "Stay out of my man's life!" and by extension, though remaining unsaid, his home, did Sharon not get through the impenetrable obstruction in her skull?

Color me always complaining, but at this point, I don't much care how they spin this story and Brad's part in it. Nothing they can say or show is likely to make me think of Brad as less than an opportunistic cad. Not even the sudden appearance of his Mother, who needs only a Nun's head piece to make her angelic appearance complete. Even now, after Brad has endangered just about everyone close enough to touch him, he is still the same abrasive, combative, unlikable, untrustworthy man he's always appeared to be. So even though it will blacken the name and character of Sharon even more, if that is even humanely possible given how low she's already sunk, I live for the day the extramarital infraction Brad committed in the New York dark is unearthed in the bright Genoa City sunshine.

I can find amusement in just about anything and the recital of Brad's tale was no exception. I almost choked to death on too quickly choked down popcorn when Colleen told Grandma Becky in the most sincerest and sympathetic of tones: "I'm so sorry you guys had to live like that." Well, I can't speak for Grandma B, but from my TV side seat on the sofa, Brad's life could hardly be called a life of unrelenting suffering and hardship. A life he's lead in the very center of the spotlight, although now we know he was secretly scared nearly witless.

Victoria gave me another reason to giggle when she agreed with her brother that yes, she should have been told about the secrets in pretend Brad's past. For that matter, she went on, Ashley should have been told. Ashley? What is poor never mentioned Traci? Chopped liver? Of course, it's not surprising that the new Mrs. Carlton might not want to remind herself her loving husband jumped from one Abbott sister's bed to the other.

But there were some enjoyable moments too. Little things. Like the way Nick and Victoria's heads simultaneously lifted when Brad answered the phone and spoke Paul's name. I liked that, thought it was a nice touch. Equally enjoyable was seeing Nick show some emotion where his estranged wife was concerned. No, I didn't read anything into that, you know, like foolishly thinking the current crisis could conceivably put them on a collision course with reconciliation. When Sharon has been saved, I'm sure the divorce will resume its forward momentum while Nick and Phyllis pick up where they left off - bonding over baby. And lastly, as Sharon whipped her head back and forth as she fought futilely against her bonds, I cackled crazily when I caught myself wondering whether she wished she had wound her hair into an updo before she went galloping gaily to Brad's house. That way she would have at least been able to see her captor largely unrestricted by her curtain of hair extensions.

Michael and Lauren were like a breath of fresh air (and no I don't mean the same kind of air John inhaled when Gloria blew into his life). We've seen so little of them lately, I had forgotten how love looks and acts between grownups. Genoa City has so few of these couples. Two people whose love for each other is easy to see and feel, and neither of whom needed to shove some unsuspecting significant other out of the way to make room for themselves. And I like that they can be sexy together and still act like adults. They actually have conversations that aren't simply a repetitive rehash of how they never felt like this. I saw not a single finger nibble, nor one goofy, giggling face. To say I felt relieved was to understate things just a little.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Dru and Neil. Dru's extreme neediness is almost painful to watch. Awhile back, a fan said in her comments that Neil acts like he doesn't even like Dru. And she wasn't talking about just what she could see between the characters. Watching the two of them over the past week, however, I'm starting to see what she meant. They used to click together. It was best before she left the show for so long, but there was still a little left upon her return. Maybe, like Joshua Morrow, Kristoff St. John is also hoping to play with a new leading lady after being tied to the same one for so long. Or, maybe he's just acting up a storm and all this distaste I sense is just him staying in character. It's hard to say which way they will go next or with whom. Though they did talk a little about what has created this chasm between them, I didn't fool myself into thinking they had actually taken the first step on the road to recovery. That would be too easy and Neil has never been known to be a very unforgiving man. But while he obviously has an easy woman waiting anxiously and eagerly in the wings, her arms and a couple of other appendages already open in welcome, the same cannot be said when it comes to a man for Dru. Should Neil look to Carmen to restore his trust in womankind, in which direction should Dru look? Past the city limits and into the next town? Because there are certainly no available men left in the Genoa City pool to swim with. What few men there are still alternately treading water or paddling in aimless circles are either related to her, too young, too taken, too married or already stuck in a lovesick rut for someone hungering for someone not them. That only leaves eternally available, Paul. And I can't see that happening even if I suspended all my (and yours too) disbelief and stretched my imagination until it broke.

So, in this new tradition of speeded up storylines, Alex has presumably already become a part of the Genoa City past. Again. Talk about the right hand not having a clue as to what the left hand is messing with! While Daniel was confessing his sordid secret to his now disillusioned diminutive diva, Kevin and Gloria were taking their show on the road, or at least on the hastily erected stage of Crimson Lights. I found it amusing that Daniel barked at Kevin for not keeping him in the loop about his plans for Alex. Because had Daniel taken a moment to dial up Kevin and let him know he was about to star in his own True Confessions, Kevin and Gloria's scheme need never have taken place. I hope Alex will now shake the dust of Genoa City off his sneakers and stay the heck out of this town for good. He was lucky to escape with his life after feeling the furious fists of Damon. Now he's been smacked around but good by Kevin and Gloria's callous- free palms. Or was it Jana's? Of course, I don't particularly care whose hands were ultimately responsible for shoving him from my sight. I'm just glad he's gone. Unfortunately, Kevin has yet to learn that valuable lesson. You know, the one about secrets having a way of coming back and biting one really hard and really painfully. Now he's doubly indebted to Mommy Master Plan who easily makes a lie look like the gospel truth. And I don't imagine Jana will be standing in line to pat him approvingly on the back should she discover how completely she was duped. Not to mention she now has an IOU signed by Kevin folded up in the corner of her billfold.

Am I the only one who wants to reach through the screen and slap Victor sensible? And just because she's next to him, would it be too cruel to accidentally nudge Hope's gullible red wagon as well? She can't see, but when did she lose the rest of her senses? What did she mean? Are you keeping something from me? The man just had what appeared to be a grand mal seizure on her kitchen floor! He was groaning and floundering around like a fish hauled out of water and tossed on the dry beach. It was a nice novel idea, but I'm ready for it to move to the next level. Why is this storyline creeping so slowly when every other one is going by so fast, if my eye blinks last too long I'm going to miss what happens. Instead of simply wishing Victor Godspeed, perhaps she ought to dial up his wife and maybe ask a couple of questions.

Okay, finally, back to what I'm looking for. The answer came to me early Sunday morning as I watched some Lifetime movie I'd taped awhile ago. As the movie came to a close, I was smiling sappily at the screen, feeling like I'd been well and truly entertained and amply rewarded for my diligent attention with a little gift of goodness. I hated to see it end.

There used to be lots of time I felt that very feeling while watching my favorite show. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel many Lifetime moments these days. Why should I invest my feelings in some of these couples? There's not much in it for me. Because not only aren't they likely to live happily ever after, most of them aren't even living happily ever now. Even worse, the ones that seem so promising are sometimes killed off! And when it comes to love or the short-lived infatuation that passes for it in this town, with so many having shared so few, a lot of the innocence and sweetness of love has disappeared. No one and nothing seems to be taboo. Not mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, and every in-law in between. Again, I could be the only one, but I really miss that Lifetime moment feeling. The kind of moment when you catch yourself dabbing, a bit embarrassingly at your moist eyes, even though you're the only one in the room, 'cause you're sniffling over people who aren't even real, but you're swallowing down that lump in your throat because they sure seem like it. I miss the moments when I find myself on the edge of my sofa seat, in danger of falling on the hard floor, twisting my hanky in my hands because I'm hoping so hard that everything will come out all right in the end.

I'm not saying our favorite soap is bad or that I have any immediate plans to give up watching. And of course, I know nothing stays the same, change usually turns out to be a good thing. Still, speaking for myself and me alone, when I tune into the daily Genoa City doings, I sure wouldn't mind having a Lifetime moment or three. How about you?

I'm dismounting from my soapbox now. The box is now available for all of you to step up and have your say. Have at it!

* * * * * * *

LADONNA - I love your column. I really agree with some of the other fans that wrote in about the Brad story that he gave Colleen not making any sense. I hope that was a bunch of bull that he fed Colleen otherwise it would make the writers look like they need a history lesson.

LAVENDAR - Is is just me...I remember watching Y & R years ago and clearly remember Malcolm drugging Dru and taking advantage of me that's rape. I know Dru should have been honest with Neil about the incident but she didn't do it willingly. So why is everyone being so hard on her for this? I'm just wondering if I have the story wrong or if something else happened in between that I don't know about. Side note: I'm not a big Sharon or Phyllis fan, or really even Nick's, but I hate Phyllis and Nick together. To see them both happy and blissful together like they have done absolutely nothing wrong makes me sick to my stomach. We always hear that the cheating man never actually leaves his wife for the tramp he cheats with but looks like Phyllis has got her man. I hope this turns out to be one of those "better be careful what you ask for."

JAMIE - I love Phyllis and Nick!!!!

JANE - As always Nita your thoughts mirrored my own for the most part, however the humor injected certainly does lighten the load of trying to continue watching this drivel. I know no one is forcing me to watch, but its kind of "love to hate" thing. I am definitely in the "hate Nick and Phyllis" camp and can't wait for them both to reach the top of the "sleaze mountain and start sliding down the other side". I will never understand what so many see in them individually or as a couple. He especially is such an obvious horndog and she has the morals of an alley cat. I have always been a Nick and Sharon fan but I have to say even though I side with Sharon as being the wronged party in this whole mess, she is making it very difficult to keep rooting for her. I do believe that if she had a stronger support group around her like most people do, ie, girlfriends, mother, father, sister, etc. she wouldn't be so ready to jump into the arms of any opportunistic man who comes along when she is feeling unloved, neglected and unsure of herself. She needs to go through with this divorce, kick Brad to the curb, get a bucket full of money in the settlement, get into therapy and leave that Newman ranch and all the Newman's in her dust. Learn to stand up on her own and be a strong mother for Noah. Then she could meet someone fabulous and really find the kind of love she deserves and Nick could spend the rest of his life kicking himself for trading her for the likes of Phyllis. Sorry to rant on, and I know I'm in the minority on this issue, but that's the way I see it. Also I want the old Victor back, time for some major "ass whoopin", and nobody can do it better than him.Thanks for the laughs. You're great.

BONNIE - Why can't the writers WRITE good stories without constant couple musical chairs. I'm sick & tired of the constant changing of partners (all of them) every few months.

LINDA C - I agree with you about the Nick Phyllis ---- (whatever it is). My only hope is that Nick and Sharon are the younger version of Nikki and Victor always finding their way back to each other. I do have to mute their sex scenes. Almost ready to stop watching all together but I can't.

STACI - I have been watching this show for over 20 years and I have never seen kids grow so FAST and others not grow at all. Wasn't Noah born WAY BEFORE Abby? How are they almost the same age? I am curious to see how old they make Victor, Jr if he comes onto the show again. Noah should be high school by now.

SHELLE - I love your column and all the comments. The last part of the comment that Eve made was excellent. I am still laughing at the funniest of that soap. It has really gone down hill. Just one comment. Did anyone notice how strange it was that the Nazis which I think is a ridiculous storyline kidnapped Sharon by mistake instead of Victoria. Has anyone looked at those two lately. They look nothing alike even their hair color is different. I find it had to believe that the Nazis who went through all the work to find Brad. They even called him on his cell phone would mistake Sharon for Victoria. Do they think we are that dumb? Maybe if he was married to blond Ashley who he shares a daughter with, and why would they kidnap J.T.? If they wanted any leverage kidnap Colleen. Her scenes with Rebecca and her dad were nice to watch. The dad she was looking through the box of toys was sweet, and I actually watched a scene with her in it who was annoying me before. I don't care if J.T. comes back. Phyllis is pathetic calling Nicholas every minute to see if everything is alright. Nicholas was back where we belonged and we got to see the old Nick we like not Nick who seem to changed his personality completely from the Nick we loved when he came on the show and met Sharon, married her, and had Noah. Finally, While kidnapped Sharon will find out she is pregnant. Hopefully that will bring the Nick back that I like for good, and bring Nick and Sharon back together.

JENN - Love your column Nita! It would seem that Y&R's new scribes don't know how to count either, which makes Brad's "history" shockingly unbelievable. Brad's mother Rebecca, was allegedly in a Concentration Camp with her family during WWII. She spoke fluent German, so was spared by the Commandant and given the job of recording all the stolen art work. One would assume that Rebecca was at least in her late teens, or more, at the time. That would mean that she would be well into her mid 80's, quite possibly older, now. But "Grandma Becky" doesn't look much older than me and I was born in 1940 ... you do the math:) I don't recall any storyline in Y&R ever being so blatantly out of whack before.

ANNE - Suspending belief because this is a soap is one thing.... dragging in a time worn plot about the Nazi's at this date is another! Where has Brad's 90 year old mother been all this time? Shangri La? And a 60 year old Brad must have been taking anti aging pills .... So from the look on Victoria's face I predict Brad will soon be her ex and she will become the new exciting female enhanced Victor Newman character. But writers, please...the Nazis????

DEE -When Sharon told Nikki how glad she was to no longer have her for a mother-in-law, she proved what an ungrateful little witch she really is with the world's shortest memory. This is the same Sharon who turned to Nikki during the Cameron "mess" and Nikki crawled through filthy underground tunnels to help this snotty little wench who had abandoned Nikki's son and their children without so much as a word for months. This is the same Sharon who tried to be "Miss Society" in charge of the "Gala" and treated Nikki like dirt under her feet until the "Gala" got in trouble with the food and Nikki saved her ungrateful hide from being embarrassed before the whole town. This is the same Sharon who made Nikki knock before entering her house while she, Sharon, walked into Nikki's house whenever she pleased. This is the same Sharon who uses Nikki's housekeeper Miguel as if he were her personal 24/7 slave. Let Miguel baby sit the kids, let Miguel pick up and deliver the kids, let Miguel cook a special dinner, on and on and on as if he belonged to her. This is the same Sharon who blackmailed Nikki by threatening her when the Victor/Ashley/Abby stolen sperm, biological daddy "mess" was taking place. This is the same Sharon who "came on" to her own father-in-law, Nikki's husband. How many mother-in-laws do you know who would put up with an insolent, little snit like this? This same ungrateful, overbearing, short memory Sharon should be on her knees thanking God for Nikki and if there's any justice in the world, she's going to be very, very, sorry she said those ugly words to Nikki. Love your column Nita, keep it up!!!

CORI - i love your column...i agree with a lot of your commentary ..except of course about phyllis and nicholas..they are definitely the hottest, sexiest couple on daytime. I am a newcomer to y&r after at least 25 years of GH and Days..i find Y&R's writers to be excellent which is keeping me watching, but i tune in every day for michele and josh as nick and phyllis..they are entertaining, charismatic, sexy, they can do it all, but together. Michele probably can make any co-star look hot cause she is just fantastic. Sharon Case is a very nice actress but you cannot compare the chemistry between phyllis and nicholas, and sharon and doesn't take just beauty to have that chemistry..its just something that pops off the screen. Well, i hope they keep my couple together and i hope you post my post..i think you only post ones against them..while the ratio must be 100 for phyllis and nick for every 1 against..let sharon have brad, victoria have J.T. and brad for lunch lol..and phyllis and nick have each other and their baby!!!

BETSY - Why didn't they get the internet whiz, Phyllis, to help search the 'net for the Klaas family? Will Nick and Sharon be reminded that life is too precious and get back together again? I bet Phyllis is wondering, too. Sharon said she would do anything for Brad ... was kidnapping was included in the deal? Was Phyllis was wearing pair of baby doll pajamas? It finally dawned on us that it might be a maternity outfit. Lauren is showing a lot more than Phyll even though they are due the same time. Couldn't find 21 Vinee Street in Cleveland on in the Warehouse District. It would have to be on the west side of Ontario in the first block. Nada. But, there IS a Warehouse District. Sheesh, Nita...I'm reading Genoa City News after each show so I can see what happens next. And, STILL watch it the next day. Because, unlike well-written books, seeing it is better than reading it. This show is HOT right now! Am I the only one that picked up the link between reliquaries and the current DaVinci Code craze? Boy, that could take the SL's off in some wild directions!

JANET - Nita, your column once again had me laughing, but some of the others' comments were a little harsh. I get that not everybody has the same views(obviously), but how can you go from saying that Nick/Phyllis are despicable to wanting the baby and/or Phyllis to die! Wow! Anyway, I would just like to point out to everyone that the writers have all of us right where they want us! Whether you like Niphy or not we're all talking about it! If we didn't care, they would have dropped it like a hot potato! Now, Brad's "past" I could care less about and this whole Nazi thing, Please! Keep up the great writing, Nita!

TAD - My mom and I are sold on your theory regarding the true paternity of Phyllis' baby. Thanks to your insight, I don't believe that this baby is Nick's child. Life would be a lot easier for he and Phyllis if Jack weren't the father. If he and Phyllis weren't together, then Jack wouldn't hassle Phyllis, because he thinks the baby is Nick's. Phyllis could then raise the baby without Jack's interference. We see Jack now trying to establish some common ground with Nick, and I think their relationship will get better only to be destroyed by Nick's ultimate betrayal of keeping, or trying to keep Jack from his child. If we are expected to believe that Rebecca is at least mid seventies, then the writers have come through ok. Assuming that Rebecca was mid teens at the end of the war in 1945, she would be at least mid to late seventies today. Perhaps she just looks good for her age, and the Geritol must be working overtime. I think it's also reasonable to assume that Brad is at least 40; therefore, it wouldn't be unreasonable for this woman to be his mother. I'm thinking for this storyline to really be credible; George needed to have had reconstructive surgery to resemble his friend, Brad Carlton. Just because Brad Carlton doesn't have any living relatives doesn't automatically clear the way for George to assume Brad's identity. George supposedly killed his family, and then he was suddenly killed. That's a little too neat, and there's a Columbo in every city salivating over a case like this. What about the classmates of both students? What about the Kaplan killers? What about the baseball coach and school officials? The Kaplan killers know George, and the remaining people know both Brad and George. The premise that only the Carlton's (now deceased), and the Kaplan's (deceased except for George and Rebecca) would know the true identities of Brad and George is false. George Kaplan, a.k.a. Brad Carlton has been high profile for many years having been married to high profile women like the Abbott women, and now Victoria. He certainly hasn't been camera shy in his years as Brad Carlton, and he's had a number of National press conferences. It's hard to imagine that someone wouldn't have recognized this impostor, and his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio is not exactly an Amish community. The details of this story are a bit sketchy. The storyline is very intriguing; however, once again, it would appear that the writers have failed to dot ALL of their I's and cross all of their T's!! The only criticism I have thus far in the continuing saga of Neil and Drucilla is with Neil talking to Phyllis about Drucilla. It's a reach. Phyllis was up to her eyeballs in Dru and Malcolm's conspiracy to keep the truth of Lily's paternity concealed from Neil. Neil is not very forgiving, as we know. It's hard to imagine that he wouldn't have the slightest tinge of hostility directed at Phyllis. This seems to be more about smoothing out the rough edges of Phyllis' character. Now, Drucilla is no stranger to scheming. Directly preceding this ruse, she did her very best to bamboozle Neil and the social worker with regard to Devon; however, asking Lily to keep THE SECRET, which put Lily in the awkward position of being less than honest with daddy, was deplorable. With that said, it's time that Neil cleared the air with Dru, but that never seems to happen in the soaps. Either you tiptoe around the issue, or you have a full-blown affair. The jury is still out on this one. Neil's behavior is similar to many who are faced with a stressful or an unpleasant event in life. He would much rather stay in his comfort zone and do nothing about this ugliness in his life, which is typical behavior for those who do their very best to avoid conflict. I'm sure Carmen will be re-thinking her strategy after her sparring session with Drucilla, as she is faced with the real possibility of Drucilla opening up a can of whoop a** on her. Dru's portrayal of someone who is desperately trying to hold on to something that they see slipping away and are powerless to stop it is commendable. Being vulnerable often means sacrificing everything you have, including your dignity!! Think before you act. That is a term that appears to be elusive to both Nick and Sharon. When we are blessed with children, we are expected to make the sacrifices necessary to insure the physical and emotional soundness of our children. Sometimes that means that we just can't do what feels good to us. Nick and Sharon have done just that, and have been irresponsible for doing so. If this S/L proceeds as intimated, Noah will have to cope with his parent's divorce. Nick won't be in a position to comfort or reassure Noah, because Nick has complicated his life further by moving in with Phyllis the second that he left home. It seems that he is forcing Noah to fit into the life he has already established with Phyllis. It also appears that an adjustment period for Noah may be unlikely. Does Nick deserve happiness? Yes he does, but never at the expense of his son!!

MAUD ANN - Last weekend, Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow made an appearance together at an event in my city. And if I already didn't think they were a force to be reckoned with, seeing 200+ women in line to get a photo and autograph would have convinced me!! Now that Victor and Nikki are maturing and mellowing, I hope we will have more focus on the fireworks between Nick and Sharon - they are such a good fit - and my money is on them continuing to be a couple in one way or another, regardless of Phyllis, Brad, or anyone else. Maybe we will see them reconcile if/when Nick finds and rescues Sharon.


AMY - I managed to tune in just in time to here Brad's big secret: he's JEWISH! I immediately joked that he must be fleeing Nazis, and was a little disappointed to find out I was right. Can't the writers think of a plot involving Jews that has no Nazis or stolen treasure? It makes perfect sense for Rebecca and Brad to be their respective ages. Genoa city is a time warp.. Wasn't Nick born about 15 years ago?

RACHEL - Have to say it was pretty funny when brad, victoria, and nick first started out trying to save Sharon and jt. Victoria actually said she did an internet search and couldn't find the reliquary? Did she think she would just be able to google it? Like the criminals who broke into their house, kidnapped Sharon and jt wouldn't have thought to do a quick online search for the reliquary? And seriously, am I supposed to believe that the newman family is as wealthy and powerful as they are but have no connections that could help them in an emergency like this and are stuck relying on brad? And if I have to hear victoria say how brave brad's mother was (like that was some kind of excuse for what he did) one more time I am going to scream! What exactly does he have to do to permanently get on your bad side, victoria? Does he need a few more dangerous criminals coming after you for you to be angry for more than one episode? Having a different identity and a hidden family isn't enough? I really hope she follows through with her plan to try to get the newman stock away from brad...then at least I could start to believe that she has some backbone.

KAMAL - I'm back to your column again. Great food for thought as always. For all the Nick/Phyllis detractors who don't understand how Nick and Phyllis went from love to hate - let me break it down with how I see it. Nick and Sharon lost a child. Instead of the tragedy bringing them together, it drove them in opposite directions. While Sharon was open to try to grieve together, Nick shut down, making vengeance his way of avoiding the pain of the loss. Once he let go of the vengeance, he was finally able to start to deal with his pain. Still he couldn't reconnect with Sharon because she had since then shut down because he wasn't there emotionally for her when she really needed him. Also because he believed she blamed him for Cassie's death (obviously he blamed himself too) he couldn't feel quite himself around her anymore. In the meantime, Phyllis & Nick had put their differences aside and developed a friendship IMO. Long story short, a night of animalistic passion led to a month long affair that then morphed into a lust/love affair. Now Phyllis will never be a saint in my eyes. I'll never fully trust her because of all of her past doings. And the reason Sharon is being vilified is because she's such a hypocrite, looking down her nose at everyone else when she's doing the same thing. If she's all about her marriage vows and the sanctity of marriage, she wouldn't be coo-cooing with her sister-in-law's husband, would she? I couldn't help but chuckle as she walked-up in Brad's house with a goofy grin on her face like she lived there only to be kidnapped. Now that's good TV, lol. And speaking of Brad, I agree with one of the commentors about his mother's age. Was she two years old when she was cataloging paintings in WW2? She'd have to be at least in her late 70's. Still I'm intrigued about where this will lead to - perhaps to J.T., Colleen and Sharon never coming back again? I should be so lucky.

HEATHER - I have only just begun reading two Scoops, but I, too have been watching Y&R for many years. There have been long periods of time where I was content just tuning in a few times a year to see what's happening. Lately, I can't miss a minute of it. If I can't catch Y&R when I get home from work, I make sure I watch CBSE. If I still can't catch it, I watch it on Soapnet at 7. I love the sexy, forbidden-fruit feel of Nick & Phyllis. I don't know if I think they're the next supercouple, though. It's okay right now. I'm loving it. I like that Neil is confused and acting it out so well. he obviously cares for Dru, but definitely sees greener grass in Carmen. I don't like Brad one bit but I love the storyline, even if it's chronologically inaccurate. I like the hints that Victoria isn't as dumb as we first thought and hope she sticks it to him! I love the storylines with the kids, Lily, Daniel and Kevin. I like the better Kevin, but with the dastardly mom influence- very good, but I don't like Gloria scheming against Jack & Ashley (not that I love Ashley so much though)...When does John come back? I like good Victor, but wish to see a little more assertiveness and don't like him to seem so clueless. I would love to see Victor & Jack truly be friends with some sort of spinoff in a positive light there- There's plenty of conflict elsewhere in the show. Those two are very compatible as comrades with a deep history. I'll be tuning in as much as possible to see what's going on, no matter what happens!

WANDA - I have never been so bored with Y&R as I was this past week. Could the situation with Brad get anymore more ridiculous? These people would not still be looking for Bradley and Rebecca after all these years. They would all be dead, including Rebecca. I don't think she is Brad's mother at all. I think she is part of Brad's scheme. Maybe they are going to milk the Newman's for a lot of $$$ and then disappear. The woman would have come to see her grandchildren over the years. The "bad guys" (whoever they are) could have found Brad any time. Paul and J.T. sure didn't have any problem figuring out who he really was (supposedly). If Victoria can get on the internet and find this reliquary (?) how come the bad guys can't do it too? I have to repeat myself here and say again how utterly ridiculous this s/l turned out to be. It is like the writer's are making up the story as they go along and don't know how to end it. I think maybe they had originally intended for Brad to be bad but changed their mind and had to figure out a solution to it.

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