Old and useless?

by Nita
For the Week of August 14, 2006
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Old and useless?
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Is killing off of a core character becoming a new trend on our favorite show?

I'm referring, of course, to the scribes' decision to permanently separate John Abbott from the loving embrace of his somewhat fractured family. A decision, by the way, that gets a disagreeable thumbs down from me. Is this - the killing off of a core character - becoming a new trend on our favorite show? What are we going to have? A death a year? Every two? But is the future payoff worth the present pain? A case can be made both ways.

When Cassie's image was surprisingly scissored from the Genoa City canvas, it was supposed to create trouble and trauma, unrelated to infidelity, between Ma and Pa Newman. And the pebble of her demise also promised to create ever-radiating ripples of reaction until it encompassed the lives of practically every other resident in the city. Why, we were all predicted to be absolutely amazed at all the mileage her absence would add to the Genoa City vehicle!

Well, maybe it was just me, but I found the return on her death to be somewhat of a mixed bag. When it came to her parents, as promised, her death did indeed provide plenty of problems. Unfortunately, in the end, Nick and Sharon sought the same solution they always have when trouble disrupts their often unhappy home. Added another infidelity each to the debit columns of their respective marital charts. The way I see it: same dance, just different partners.

But on the other hand, even though I'm not completely convinced Cassie's death was the only path to proceed down, I can certainly see how disability or coma wouldn't have worked nearly so well. Sure, it could have emotionally distanced the parents, but Nick's decision to dally with Phyllis would have been looked upon with a lot more disapproval than some already do. Even its "hotness" wouldn't likely have saved it. Likewise, Sharon and Brad. Simply crying on Brad's broad shoulder might have easily been forgiven by fans; a mattress mamba while daughter was debilitated, however, definitely would not.

As to the rest of the promise, it turned out to be accurate as far as ripples radiating outward went. For instance, had Cassie not died, Daniel and Lily would have had no need to dash, nor Nick to chase after them, while being trailed in turn by Phyllis. Which laid the groundwork for Daniel and Lily's bond to deepen until it tied them together in matrimony. A marriage that, unfortunately, is currently stranded on the dry, sandy beach, having gotten stuck there when the tide of Daniel's lie of omission rolled seaward. Another ripple effect, of course, is Nick and Phyllis, whose then animosity eventually flowered into their now animalistic appetite for each other. An attraction that has many fans, both old and new, thoroughly enthralled. If you're a Nick and Phyllis fan, that's the good news. Unfortunately, the bad news is the character of Sharon was slashed so severely in the process, only time will tell if any of her future actions can possibly erase all the damage caused by her past ones. She has become the Brooke Logan of Genoa City.

But even after touching all the above lives, the ripples didn't empty finally into a tranquil pool. Because of Dru's rigid resistance to all things Phyllis and by extension, her son, Lily learned it's true what some say, you know, that eavesdroppers seldom hear things that cause them to do a jig of jubilation. And the exposure of Dru's long buried Lily daddy secret was the catalyst that eventually mired her marriage into the unmanageable mess it is today.

I'm sure there are several other situation sacks that could conceivably be laid outside Cassie's exit door, but those are enough examples for this column's purpose.

Of course, this is really more about John Abbott than Cassie Newman, so I suppose I'll stop digressing and get back to the point.

With hindsight, will we all one day see that doing away with the Abbott patriarch was the appropriate approach to take? Again, two cases can be made. I'm sure there is probably a story or three that could be constructed around John's return to the city and Jabot. Like acting as mediator in an attempt to eliminate the friction between his wife and children. Or working at Jabot in harnessed harmony with his deceptive, bigamous bride. Gloria's part in the tainted face cream caper could be uncovered, leading to disgust and divorce. John could take Jill's CEO seat, allowing Jill to drop her derriere in the big chair at CI. I'm sure all of you could think of many others.

But on the other hand, with John out of the picture, Jack could take mostly unobstructed aim at the stepmommy target he abhors. Speaking of that stepmommy, I know I've said it before, but for the benefit of those who weren't present then, I'll repeat myself. As far as I know, unless symbolic matrimonial ceremonies are now recognized as legally binding unions, Gloria is NOT Mrs. Abbott. She is Mrs. Fisher. Without John to provide defensive protection or to make the symbolic ceremony a literal and legal one, Jack is certain to center Gloria's likeness in his cross hairs in hopes of blasting her out of his family. I say Jack's aim would be mostly unobstructed because even if John is no longer around to support his breath of fresh air, I'm sure Kay and Jill, both of whom remain as hoodwinked by Gloria as John, will provide a formidable barrier to any of Jack's schemes. Standing alongside them, of course, will also be Kevin and Michael. Plus, presumably Gloria still possesses John's power of attorney, so Jack will certainly have his work cut out for him. By the way, it sounded as if Jack is concocting a plan to retake Jabot. Did I misunderstand the terms of the Gibson settlement, or was an addendum added when I wasn't looking or listening? Wasn't Jack prohibited from ever executively participating in all things Jabot? So was he just referring to somehow returning the rule of the company to an Abbott? Will Billy's return figure in that somehow?

I, for one, am sad and sorry to see John go. Just as I was when I learned of the decision to do away with Cassie. Future storyline potential, my left foot! Death should be the last not the first resort. Surely such creative minds as those that think their brains to the bone on our favorite show should be able to come up with something. For instance, just my opinion, but a comatose, temporarily out of sight, out of storyline, John would be preferable to the irrefutable finality of the ground. And don't hand me any of that gallivanting ghost garbage. I don't want to see John as a see-through spirit, no more than I wanted to see Tricia McNeal's figment or the past, present and future ghosts of Cassie Newman. If I can't have the real McCoy, don't bother me with any opaque apparitions.

Maybe it's true that mostly the good die prematurely. And that nice guys actually do finish last. Compared to what represents a so-called gentleman in our present day soap society, John stands head and shoulders above them all. When it comes to his love life, he hasn't cheated on a wife nor even a girlfriend, and would probably cut out his tongue before using it to woo more than one woman in the same family. To John, principles aren't things you set aside when it's convenient or compromise because you think no one will know that you did. He's lied only to protect a family member and has fully forgiven all who have trespassed against him or someone he loves. Sharon kissed her father-in-law and Nick buried a blade of betrayal in his Daddy's back so deep, the doctors were never able to retrieve the tip. Yet Jack was forgiven for making love to his father's then wife. Even Kevin, not even a blood relative, was given the magnanimous gift of mercy for attempting to cook Colleen.

So we lose John, the one moral man who could always be counted on to stand up for what's right. And in return, we are left with Brad past-burying, what heiress should I sleep with and/or marry next Carlton, and Nick, a wife is not enough for my needs Newman. We also have Victor, who has no more wild oats to sow, so disappears on annual self-seeking journeys instead. And then there's Neil Judgmental Winters, who has committed more sins in his lusting mind than his wife did in that one cold-medicated meander with Malcolm. And I can't leave out Jack, who has made a career of connivance and manipulation, though since his schemes usually end with self-detrimental results, perhaps he should consider taking up a new line of work.

I know it's called Young and the Restless and John no longer fits precisely in either niche, but then neither do plenty of us fans. And some of us don't mind tuning in to see what scenarios the scribes can create for those men and women long out of Pampers, carrying briefcases, not backpacks. Keeping people (and their storylines) around like John, Kay, Jill, Nikki and Victor, ensures there will always be something on the buffet table for everyone to nibble on.

But I fear the chicken scratch scribbling John Abbott out of our lives is already on the wall. All I can say is if the scribes continue along this path of arbitrarily erasing much-loved and still important to fans Genoa City citizens, a lot of fans will fall by the wayside from lack of interest.

Anyway, it wasn't exactly the kind I was referring to (which was more the 'happily ever after' than 'The End' kind), but I guess I'm going to get my Lifetime moment. I don't expect there will be a dry eye or a lump-free throat in the viewing vicinity when the time comes to bid this fine actor goodbye. And I can't say it's a moment I'm eagerly looking forward to. Heck, just the very thought of that flat line of finality on the hospital monitor and the expected pain on the faces of those closest to him, has me sniffling into my Puffs already.

Lifetime came close to paying a visit to CBS with the montages of love seen through the eyes of Daniel and Lily. Hey, I have to take what I can get, however, paltry the portion might be. It didn't hurt that they used my favorite Alicia Keys tune on one of them. Anyway, these two are sweet enough, at least when Lily isn't doing her very realistic impression of a pouting infant, enough so that they usually can count on about half my attention. Especially is the alternative is J.T. and Colleen. But I confess I haven't really cared much about whether their marriage made it or not. The look back, though, was enjoyable, and at least made me care a little more after I saw it than I did before it. Of course, since I fully believe this separation is only going to be a brief one, I couldn't get the least bit teary eyed over their break up blues. Time for Lily to stop waffling and just grow the heck up. You can't go running home to sit in Mama's lap and then suddenly jump up and claim to be a woman who doesn't have to listen to anything they have to say. And it's time she made up her mind. Does she want things to go back to the way they used to be (like she claimed) which means a return to being Mommy and Daddy's baby girl, or does she want to be a grown up and make her own decisions? One thing I can say about Lily. Faux father notwithstanding, she definitely carries the Winters family gene of extreme rudeness. I wanted to tell the ungrateful, smart mouth little miss: hey, here's your hat, what the heck's your dang hurry!

Speaking of making a decision, I was yelling so loud at the Winters, I'm surprised Dru didn't reach through the screen and turn the volume down on my mouth. Talk about being done! I am sick of Neil and his snide, snippy remarks. I'm tired of seeing him look at Dru like she has something stinky stuck to the bottom of her shoe. I want Dru to tell that brotha to hit the road, Jack. Let him go salivate over Carmen. She isn't nearly the prize he thinks she is. But then, neither is he. He's inflexible and unforgiving, a door mat every Newman has wiped their feet on. I'm sick of his blowhard bullying of Daniel. And I'm really sick of seeing that long face of disgust and disinterest. Leave. Get out. Don't let the door hit ya. Get over it or get gone. But that's just me. Obviously, Dru doesn't feel the same. Yet.

Now, to Dru. I love you, my sista, but please, can you engage the brain before unlocking your tongue and just letting any old word roll off of it? I had just settled down from my previous burst of screaming and then she opened her mouth and started me back up all over again. What was she thinking telling her daughter to leave Daniel because he lied to her and he couldn't be trusted? Even with no shovel in sight, couldn't she see she was just digging herself in deeper. I wanted to just hand her divorce papers right then and there and have her sign her Drucilla Winters on the dotted line.

And now ... it's time to utter the R word. You know the one I'm talking about. No, I can't even say it. Or I'm going to start screaming again. How so very kind of the vicious, bloodthirsty kidnappers to give J.T. a ride back to Wisconsin. And let him go just down the lane from the Carlton compound. Thankfully the 48 hour deadline is drawing near because I'm ready to have the next chapter of this docudrama read to me. Obviously, the reliquary, there, I said it just to get it out of the way, isn't what they really want. Were I them, I would take Sharon and leave her down the road just like they did J.T.. They now know who and where George/Brad resides. By now they should also have compiled a dossier on him, complete with pictures of past and present brides, bio and adopted children, and every other fact they could glean, probably with a single hit on the google search engine. Then just sit back and watch him. Without much luck, I'm sure they could get Brad, his angelic Momma and both his kids if they really wanted to. Of them all, probably the only one I'd miss would be the blonde poppet, Abby.

Seriously though, hopefully, this less than satisfactory yarn will contain a future redeeming twist or two. I certainly hope so, because I can't say I've been overly impressed with it so far. Apparently, neither have many of you.

Well, so much for what I though about the past week's events. The coming week is sure to be sad one. Have your hankies handy. I plan to.

And now, fans, what say you about the young, the restless and everybody else?

* * * * * * *

TANIKA - I loved seeing Nick act like he cares about Sharon. But I hate Phyllis calling him every minute and coming by Sharon's house. She just stands there like a knot on a log every time Nick says "They've got MY WIFE!" Why do the writers have to keep shoving the Niphy relationship down our throat. They were much better together when they were sneaking around. I don't like the Nick character. He just hopped into a full fledge relationship with Phyllis as if he hasn't been married for the last 10 years. He will regret it and soon.

SHALEAH - Some of the viewers think that Brad and his family are Jewish but they are not. According to Brad/George they were rich Italian aristocrats and their assets and money is what the Nazis wanted. I am having a heard time believing this story as well. the Holocaust happened between 1938 and 1945 and Brad said that his mother was like an Art historian or something who was fluent in many languages. So she had to go to some type of school for that. This would make her really old. Her possible age range would be from 76 to 90 depending on what year she was taken and her age at the time. I pray that this is all some ploy because this story is a little too unbelievable. On another note, I have always liked Neil and Dru as a couple and I don't understand what his problem is. He either needs to move out of the apartment and get a divorce or if he is going to stay get over it and quickly. It happened almost 20 years ago and Dru was drugged. Let's keep it moving people. Now back to the storyline that seems to be the all day topic, Niphy. i too am sick of it. Or maybe i am just sick of Nick. I don't like how with this whole kidnapping fiasco, Sharon is now "his wife". He wasn't thinking that when he and Phyllis were rolling aroud in the hay or checking into hotels. I cannot stand these wishy washy people. He needs not waste his time because I can guarantee you throughout all of this Sharon is not thinking about Nick. She is probably wondering if she will ever see Brad again. And another thing that I don't like is how everyone things that Brad should have told them that he was a wanted person by these so called "Nazis". Why? How would that benefit anyone besides the so called "Nazis" that are looking for him and his mother. All of it is just a little too much for me, i wish that i could be a writer for Y&R because there are a few questions that I have that I could answer for myself.

CINDY - I enjoy reading your column every week. Your spunk is out of this world! I SOOOOO agreed with Dee's comments from last week regarding Sharon's comment to Nikki about her not being her mother-in-law anymore. I totally agreed with every single word! I have never been a big Sharon fan. I hope Nick and Phyllis work out - their chemistry is pretty hot right now...but how long will it last???

PAT - i love phyllis and nicholas. i cannot deny that they are the sexiest couple on any daytime show. i hope they give sharon to brad or any other man for all that matter. michelle has made josh hotter than he has ever been and their scenes together steal the show. i miss them any day that they aren't on. i love phyllis and nick!!!!!!!

ANGEL - Hey Nita love the column!!! The show right now I don't love so much. I only tune in to watch Nick and Phyllis and sometimes see how desperate Dru has become. If you ask me she needs to let Neil go. If he thinks the grass is greener on the other side then he needs to go and find out. I don't agree with what Dru did but it is not the end of the world. Either let her go all the way or try to work it out. Carmen is only interested because he is forbidden fruit - ask Phyllis. The other s/l including the one about Brad is hard to swallow. I really don't care who he is or was or where he came from I only care about the things he has done since he has been in town. Daniel and Lily the marriage was doomed from the start. You can see in her eyes that she will end up back with him soon so they are wasting valuable air time on them. Back to Nick and Phyllis I love them together because it is something DIFFERENT. It may not be "ideal" but it is different because frankly I am tired of the same stuff. Honestly that is more real life than anything how many people can you count on your hands that have been married separated fathered children and then went back home? Some even divorce only to get remarried to the same woman again. We all know him and Sharon will be back but I am hoping they won't. I also read a comment from another viewer that prompted me to write. They were saying that Nick should suck up his feelings and stay with Sharon because they have a son together. Give me a break how many men stay in a relationship for the kids only to be unhappy. Kids are a blessing but they are not bestowed upon you to cause you pain. If you are not happy then GET OUT. In the long run all it does is hurt the child. Even if you wait until the child is grown and gone to separate the still act out. You do not sacrifice your happiness because you have children. Children thrive in a healthy happy household. Nick had every right to leave if he was not happy but he will soon be back. It has come to my attention that whenever the s/l includes someone to be with child if it takes that person a while to show that is clue that the baby is not going to make it. So it is obvious that Lauren's baby is going to live and the other one won't. I know we all have our own opinions and views and after all this is only t.v. Well that was my comment on the folks n Genoa City. I hope Victor comes back as his old self again, I hope victoria drops brad and I want Dru to drop Neil before he drops her.

BONNIE - my 1st time here ... so, has anyone thought that Nick may be lying about the paternity of Phyllis' baby? Did he show the results of the paternity test to anyone? I believe the baby is Jack's.

THERESA - If Nick and Sharon end up back together I am going to THROW something very LARGE at my tv! This entire sl of Brad's is absolutely stupid. And of course (as someone so brilliantly pointed out) Brad's big secret is that he's Jewish and of course he's been hunted and chased down by Nazis?! Spare me! Do the writers know what a bad stereotype is? And as others have pointed out, their math is terribly off too! Anyone want to place any bets as to who is going to rescue Sharon? My money is on Nick. I have to say that any of us could have written a better sl than this. This makes the Cameron thing look plausible. Nita I have to agree with you about Victor. He has a grand mal on the kitchen floor and all Hope can say is "have you been keeping something from me?" (Oh, maybe...)How about screaming and calling 9-11? Oh, but Hope is WAAYY too New Age for that! Like there aren't any emt's in Kansas. And while I'm complaining about the writers, why does Y&R always have to portray people with physical challenges like they're happy, mellow well adjusted people all the time? Remember Sharon's mom? Always happy and co-operative. At least she was since I've been watching- 7 years now. And lastly, Nita, I'm DYING for a lifetime moment and more cliff hangers at the end of the week. I've been waiting for these 2 things for at least a year. Like I said way back when, if Y&R would dilute the gene pool a bit, they'd have a more interesting show. And last but not least- getting rid of John Abbott- the only decent man in GC is unforgivable. I'll truly miss him. Its sad that he has to go. Yet another mistake by the powers that be. And you, Nita, thought you were a complainer!

TREY - I absolutely loved your comments this week! I, too would love to have a lifetime moment. Seriously, there are some lifetime movies that not only leave me wanting more but have deeply affected my senses and have me talking about them for days. Although, I continue to love Y&R, I haven't felt that unrelenting desire to spread the ongoing gossip of the latest happenings in Genoa City. You are so completely right about Brad's storyline. I don't know about anyone else but it seems so forced to me, so contrived and last minute. Although, I do enjoy the interactions between characters that it allows, the story itself leaves me cold. Sharon's rescue will be completely worth waiting for. I, too wonder if it will be Nick or Brad who inevitably saves her. I have to say this past week I loved Lilly's montage about Daniel, complete with Alicia Keys in the background, that was beautiful. That scene with her in the boathouse remembering their love was too sweet and almost made me love that couple. Once again, Davetta Sherwood, showed range and vulnerability with the revelation of Daniel's past indiscretions and she really made me feel her pain. It was great to see Devon again too, once again affirming his feelings for Lilly. I want to say the show is being so clever about the way they are cultivating the relationship of Lilly and Devon. Its very subtle and almost plausible given that he's her adopted brother. Whatever happens with these two there will undoubtedly be an almost unbreakable bond in the future that will be interesting to watch. Although they are one of my most favorite couples in Daytime history, Dru and Neil were painful watch. It was painful to watch the two people who were the first to bring an African American family to the forefront slowly wither away in front of our eyes. I love Dru and Neil, and watching their love shatter into a million pieces is almost unbearable to watch. Although, I would be extremely interested to see who they could couple Victoria Rowell with. She is an amazing actress and hasn't had the opportunity to stretch her sensuality on that show with many other leading men. To be honest, if he wasn't bound by two pregnant red-heads at the moment, I could see Dru and Michael together. Wow, now that would be interesting!

STACY - I find it funny that so many people are saying it is ridiculous that Brad has been in the spotlight all these years and they are just now finding him. Remember that the people that killed his family THOUGHT they killed all his family, including him. It wasn't until the investigation of Brad Carlton that led to the investigation of George Kaplan that these people tracked Brad down.

EVE - My brain hurts! No, that's not our soon to be late beloved John Abbott, that's ME, screaming in pain after struggling through this abominable Nazi-reliquary-George story. What, Victoria can whip up an antique reliquary with just a little spit and polish? (So, now I have a new hobby for my old age, faking antiques in my living room.) What, Nazis are still chasing George? (Obviously the truck sounds J.T. was hearing was really their wheelchairs) What, every day our husky voiced villain announces that time's up? (He must be working from multiple time zones) What, all the art dealers keep their stash just around the corner? (That's handy) What, they're really after George's Mom? (Hey, folks, see A Fish Called Wanda) Please! Someone get a clue, a bit of logic, and a storyline that doesn't pour sawdust out of every corner! Aaargghhhhh!

DEBI - I know they have to keep some characters that annoy you beyond endurance, but I am looking forward to Gloria's demise. And oh yeah, while we are at it, a lot less of Sharon would be wonderful too. I am enjoying her being gagged and kept in a dark place and I will be seriously disappointed when she returns to Genoa City, as sadly, she soon will. But they don't need to rush to rescue her on my behalf.

DEE - All I can say is that this Brad/Nazi/Stolen Art/Sharon delivering money/Computer Art Search/Hawaii Safe House/ Sudden "Mother" Appearance/Victor in LaLa Land/Gloria's staging an "attempted rape" storyline should get every writer who concocted this kettle of smelly stew fired on the spot. We the audience are being insulted!

RACHEL - When exactly did Phyllis go from "I can do this all on my own" to "please be careful, Nick, this baby needs a father". Oh yeah, that's right, as soon as the former phrase worked to manipulate him into leaving his wife....now she will use the latter phrase to keep him around. I used to think that phyllis/nick might not be bad together (mostly cause I figured they were going to write it that way anyways and I should get used to it), but now I just really want her back with Jack. I don't honestly care what they do with nick, sharon, brad/george, and victoria. I just want Jack to be happy for a little while with phyllis (you know, in an actual adult relationship). And, ok, are there actually people out there who CARE about what daniel and lily do? Cause I don't. I honestly only care about their story in that it may potentially affect Kevin (cause that's what is really important!). Sure, they are a little more interesting to watch than J.T./Colleen, but that isn't saying much! I am way more interested in the dru/neil story, looks like they are actually starting to confront that based on friday's episode. I really don't want Neil with Ms "I will sleep with anyone who says hi to me"-Mesta, but wouldn't mind seeing a few cat fights with her and Dru (no one is as good at cat fights as her!). At least it would be more interesting than watching lily pout all the time. And I can't wait to get the real Victor back! Hopefully he will be back to his old self soon after his trip to Germany to see the world cup...I mean "spiritual journey"...

TAD - I can appreciate your comments regarding the limited Lifetime moments on Y&R these days! There's been a subtle air of gloominess that has been lingering in GC for quite a while now. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that this dark cloud will be dissipating any time soon. I'm cringing at the possibility of what will be next for Lily in terms of romance should she and Daniel not make it. I could very well see these writers exploring the semi-incestuous angle with Devon and Lily. It's not below them to do so, and we've certainly seen worse. Another thing that concerns me is the S/L involving Victor and his Epilepsy. This is dragging on long enough. I'm quickly reminded of old episodes of Kung Fu where Cane, the fugitive wandered around the country aimlessly. We see Victor doing the same as he struggles with reconciling his illness and mortality. OLTL has a storyline dealing with a character that has a split personality disorder. They have been milking that S/L for nearly two years; I no longer have any interest in watching it. I won't watch a prolonged S/L with Victor refusing to deal with his epilepsy either. Jack has been very supportive of Daniel during his time of crisis. The advice that he has been providing Daniel with has been invaluable. I really enjoy the interaction that these two have, as we get to really see a much more benevolent side of Jack Abbott. The comments that Phyllis had for Neil regarding forgiveness were the best comments of the week. She reminded Neil that all of us are fallible, including his wife. We all make mistakes, and we all seek forgiveness. That was clearly a reminder that Neil has been long overdue for. Let's hope that he will eventually get it! You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't! That is the position that Daniel finds himself in, because of his carefully orchestrated plan to help Kevin gain some semblance of respect in GC. I actually feel sorry for Daniel. He is a character that I really like in Y&R. He's a compassionate and responsible young man that has made a few errors in judgment. One thing that is always a given in the soaps is there are always secrets kept that can't be shared, and there are always promises made that can't be kept. When the secret has been exposed, there is rarely forgiveness, at least, initial forgiveness. There is rarely initial forgiveness in soapland, but there is usually a period of contrition that will eventually reunite our favorite soap couples. The intrigue around how long it will take the injured party to commute the offender's unforgivable act to just a minor infraction, as well as the process of penance is what keeps many of us coming back for more. The key factor in whether a couple will be reunited is usually contingent on the popularity of that couple. I have come to appreciate the "Us against the world" mentality that Daniel and Lily have demonstrated, despite the lack of maturity that Lily has shown at times. Frankly, I've grown fond of their pairing. These two have displayed as much unity and commitment to one another as the most popular young couples in Y&R. As we have witnessed, there have been every bit as many acts of betrayal between some of our most storied young couples like Danny and Cricket, Ryan and Victoria, Billy and Mac as there have been between Daniel and Lily. We also see deception very prevalent among the seasoned couples, like Victor and Nikki, Nick and Sharon, and Neil and Drucilla. I thought I would choke when Drucilla had the audacity to speak on the issue of secrets and forgiveness. Drucilla showed no mercy as she started down her critical path of her son-in-law, only to be painfully reminded that she really wasn't in the position to cast any stones. The looks and the deafening silence in the room said it all. I thought I was listening to Sharon for a minute!! It's too bad that Drucilla couldn't step up the way that Daniel did. She had to wait until she was caught; there was no way out, and she still did everything imaginable to spin the truth. The underlying question is, though, do Daniel and Lily tug at your heartstrings the way that these other couples have? Unfortunately, they don't seem to according to fan input. I guess the next stop for them might be divorce court, unless they get a little help from TPTB much like J.T. and Mac did.

JENNIFER - I love your column and I agree with you wholeheartedly - Y&R needs some "Lifetime" moments! I, like many viewers, could not care less about this Brad S/L. Maybe it's horrible of me, but I was really looking forward to him being the murderer of his family! I know it's bad, but at least it would be more realistic and exciting than this whole ridiculous Nazi/Find the Missing Reliquary S/L. I was soooo incredibly disappointed when he told the story of his past to Colleen. I was hoping she would call his bluff, but it wasn't so. I also don't like the way several other storylines are headed - it's hard to care about Neil, Carmen, Daniel, Lily, Phyllis, Nick and Victor when they are all acting so incredibly selfish! Where is the love? (Not lust, LOVE?) Let's just hope the writers wrap these S/Ls up fast and move on to better (and more realistic) ones!

ROSEMARY - Nita! I'm shocked you didn't answer a question I've had since Brad's "revelation". HOW OLD IS HE?! Who's to believe Rebecca escaped being executed? Or who can believe we're now to relive WWII! How stupid can the writers be? The time line I have calculated for Brad's age would put him close to or over 45! I've stated he suddenly looked "older" recently, but not THAT old! And where is Ashley? Seems she should be worried about Abby's whereabouts. As for Victor's grand mal seizure, that was one fine piece of acting by Eric Braeden. I hope when he returns he's the same old Victor & boots Jack into tomorrow! Also, why does dear Phyllis have to be in hiding also? I have lots of questions, but no answers!

MEK - Dru will not be alone long. Malcolm is ready to come back and get to know his daughter lily. Lily and Devon are going to find they love one another and then Malcolm will discover that Devon is a son he never knew about. Bro & sis in love hasn't that happened before. Maybe Devon's Mother will enter the picture as rival of Dru.

VICTORIA - Something has been bugging me about the Brad/Nazi storyline. (Well, actually a lot bugs me about it, especially the WWII time warp they have going). Brad supposedly had a "state-of-the-art" security system, with cameras and everything, installed in he and Victoria's house. How on earth did the kidnappers manage to get through that? And did I miss it or was there no discussion about this on the show? Very strange.

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