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by Nita
For the Week of September 4, 2006
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Look at the damage that Gloria managed to do to Ashley and Jack and Jabot, all without getting a speck of payback dirt on her clean white gloves.

Beginning with the end of the week, I can't say I was as devastated as Gloria at hearing the Judge's decision in the brief will contesting court case. In fact, I was glad, glad, glad that Jack was the temporary victor. Because while presenting herself before most of the world as poor, abused, trodden upon by all Abbott's but one, Gloria, this manipulative, calculating carrion crow can hold her own and then some against any predators. Ask Tom. He thought he had her terrified and cornered in the palm of his hand and he wound up dead. And look what damage she managed to do to Ashley and Jack and Jabot, all without getting a speck of payback dirt on her clean white gloves.

But fair is fair, and I know I can't have it one way and not the other. So, just as Gloria should have to pay for what she's done, I won't cry foul when Jack is served his comeuppance papers as well.

If I hadn't been watching this show for so many years, long, long before Gloria came slinking onto the Genoa City scene, dragging her bulky, burlap bag of deception behind her, and ripped John right out of Gina's hopeful arms, I might be feeling sorry for her right now and align myself on her side against Jack. But I was there then, and I was there through all the dirt she shoveled on this family. So all her impotent spewing about all John's kids did to undermine her, when they don't even know the half of how far she went to undermine them, rings a whole lot hollow to my ears.

But just because I was thrilled to watch Gloria exit this union with exactly what she brought into it, nothing, I'm not silly enough to believe that was the end of this sometimes sordid story. Of course, I can't have it one way and not the other.

And before you bring up your email screen and dash off a quick one to me about how Jack was wrong, with no right to meddle with his father's final wishes, let me just say, you're right. He was and he didn't. I completely agree that what Jack did was low. He can be, and often is, an unfeeling cad. Like he was when he tricked Gloria into missing John's funeral. And when he purposely manipulated a drug-denied, mind-fogged, Victor. But we are talking about Jack. It's not as if sullying his hands or his conscience is a brand new, unheard of activity for him. Unfortunately, for Jack, unlike some unrepentant, misbehaving citizens in this town, he always seems to wind up the one who gets everything that he has coming, and I don't think for a second this situation will prove to be the exception. What he does in the dark almost always ends up in the bright and unforgiving light, being pawed over and talked about.

And who says Jack won't wind up doing the right thing? Later. Some of you may not agree, but I do believe deep in his heart, Jack does feel at least a little remorse for tricking his father into making that second will. To his credit, and just my opinion, although it doesn't absolve him, I don't think Jack planned to deceive his father. I think the opportunity presented itself and Jack is flawed enough to not have been able to just let it pass by. It's not as if he knew his father was going to die. But once his father died and that will came to light, I can see how it might have been a bit hard to halt what he'd put into motion. The wheels of his massive deception were already rolling wildly out of control down the hill, gaining speed and picking up more lies. Throwing himself in front of it now, in a feeble attempt to undo what he's done, could get him vilified from every direction and possibly jailed.

Of course, this rolling disaster of his can be stopped another way if he so chooses. Without his having to come clean and let everyone know how low he stooped just to keep Gloria out of his life. Helped to that decision by John's re-occurring ghost. He could, seemingly of his own free will, relent and give Gloria a portion of the inheritance John wished her to have. And yes, before you say it, I know it isn't his to give or withhold, but knowing what I know about her, I certainly can't blame him for not wanting Gloria to get her grubby, golddigging mitts on much of it.

Had Gloria been the upright, moral woman she and her deluded family members have somehow convinced themselves she has been, and the woman John thinks her to be, I would feel differently. But she wasn't, and even though Jack doesn't know the extent of her duplicity, his every instinct screams that she is more a counterfeit than the real McCoy. And in that weird way I have of mixing make believe with reality, if it were my family and I had the chance, perhaps I would go as far as Jack did to keep things in the real family. But because John didn't really know the woman he loved, and in his ignorance of her deeds, was happy to have had her in his life, I'm not saying Gloria doesn't deserve something. But 50%? That's a bit much. Jill only got 20% and he was married to her a heck of a lot longer, presumably happily. Both times. At least until each divorce.

Speaking of that ghost, come on, if you're going to give us a ghost who supposedly knows everything, his words, not mine, then don't just have him running to Jack waving a disapproving finger. Have him pay a visit to old Gloria and rattle some of the skeletons in her coat closet. If he indeed knows EVERYTHING, and still believes in her deep love for him, and by extension, his family, then I will zip my flapping mouth and never say another word against her. Of course, if the man who's always claimed he's all about family could gloss over what Gloria has done to his, then I guess he wouldn't be the John Abbott I know.

Whatever the eventual outcome, there's certainly no need to feel overly sorry for Gloria in the meantime. She's already got Kay and Jill riding regally in her breast pocket. And tucked cozily in each hip pocket are her semi-unscrupulous sons. Like the feral feline she is, she will undoubtedly land securely on all four painted paws, her claws already extended to scratch her way to prosperity. With Kay and Jill fulfilling her every employment need, her sons, plus Lauren, catering sympathetically to her emotional and basic desires, all that's left for Gloria to covet is another man with a wallet stuffed with cash and credit cards. And I don't doubt for a second that it will take her long to sniff him out.

A quick hand clap of commendation to Kevin for saying what we've all been screaming at the screen for months. At least I have. Although his talkative family was uncharacteristically quiet when he pointed out how his family had bent the rules to protect their manipulative Mommy, so why wouldn't the Abbotts, the same couldn't be said about me, who was quick to loudly agree that they bent those rules all right. Until the darn things broke in half.

As the ranks of the Fisher-Abbott-Baldwin clan huddle and bond protectively together, miles outside of town, the Nick and Sharon Newman cloth continues to unravel. The unhappy little Noah boy has found a reason to smile. But not at Mommy Sharon. Oh no, there are no grins aimed at the woman who has cared for him for eight or nine years, whichever his current age is alleged to be this month. No, all his little boy joy is reserved for Nick and Phyllis, his father's fun, cool companion. How easy he accepted the news that Daddy and Phyllis made two, but were soon to be joined by little girl three. Why that would give him a sister. And a brother. Which apparently made everything just right with his small world. Hmmm. A bit unrealistic, I think. But, hey, maybe it's just me feeling like that. I guess to a boy who just wants a real family, Niphy would seem to have all the ingredients to make the one he wants.

I do find it ironic, though, that while Noah is apparently judged old enough to hear a sanitized version of his relationship with Phyllis and the baby girl to come from it, he's apparently not capable of comprehending a watered down version of why his mother's acting so "weird." But then, that might make him feel protective and understanding of what his mother's going through, instead of constantly complaining about how much he hates living with her.

I do have to commend Nick, and not grudgingly either, but wholeheartedly and without sarcasm, for trying to make the best of a bad and painful situation. I like that he's trying to get Noah to let up on Sharon, although I doubt that rude little urchin will pay him much heed. And I also liked that he admitted to Noah Phyllis' pregnancy at least played a part in the breakup of the marriage.

How refreshing and fun to see Sharon and Dru bonding over their dislike of Phyllis. Every woman who's ever found herself in tears pouring out her pain on her girlfriend's soft, supportive shoulder could probably slip their feet into the high heels pinching Dru and Sharon's toes. I find Sharon's bitterness perfectly understandable. Yes, she wanted the divorce, but only after she discovered whose bed Nick had been finding gratification in. And Nick may as well quit uttering that you wanted the divorce sentence. He wanted the divorce even more than Sharon did. Except his way, it would have taken longer and caused even more pain while he pretended to care for Sharon, while pensively pining away for Phyllis.

Forget for a second what Sharon did in response to what Nick did first. We already know it was tawdry for her to set her sights on her sister-in-law's man. Just as we know it was shameful for Phyllis to carry on an affair with the married to Sharon Nick. We could go round and round forever about which woman did what, or whose morals and crimes were worse than the other. But that's all beside the point. There's plenty of blame to go around. The fact is the marriage is over; two and a half people are walking away hand in hand, filled with joy and anticipation over their daughter's birth. The third person stands alone, her daughter dead, her husband in love with another woman, whose carrying his baby, and to her horror, her only remaining child seems to be transferring his affection and allegiance to her successor. I'd like to meet the woman who could keep a grin free from bitterness and rage pasted on her face after all that.

Soon, Sharon may not be the only Newman woman with her mouth forming an 'O' of horrified dismay and confusion. Although allegedly back on his meds, Victor's outbursts of unexpected violence, thus far only against a poor defenseless apple and a filled with stuffing punching bag, are presumably side effects of the medication. It seems we are moving on to another level of Victor's illness. I expect his momentary memory losses and semi-violent actions will increase in the coming days, and although so far they've been against inanimate objects, can it really be much longer before he's lashing out, verbally, of course, at those caring family members and friends closest to him? While I'm not quite ready for him to turn on Jack (he will presumably have more than enough piled on his platter trying to rebuff Gloria's advances), I am all for some conflict between Victor and Brad. If anyone can push a pin into the over-inflated ego of pompous Brad and let some of his hot air out, Victor is the man who can do it. Unlike the Newman ladies who love the wooden one, Brad's sweet talk will be wasted on Victor, especially if he finds out about Brad's secret life.

With so many relationships in a sad state of disarray or near abandonment, Lily and Daniel's reconciliation provided a nice touch of lightness and joy. I'm happy they seem to have patched up their problems. On the scale of Genoa City things, Daniel's misstep really was a minor one and happened long before he had any feelings for Lily.

When it comes to Lily's parents, at least one of them, the fake one, when he learns of it, isn't likely to follow her example of quick forgiveness of the man she presumably promised to love through the sun and the rain. In fact, he's more likely to be incensed with her because of it. With Neil, if it isn't his way, it's the hard highway. Another irritating week of his flaunting his feelings for the siren he desires in his wife's face. And when Carmen goes, news I was happy to hear by the way, right now I wish Neil would be sent away with her. Let them sail off on the strains of a sexy saxophone and bring on a man with a little bend and compromise in his spine for Dru.

For some of us fans, there's perhaps been more to complain than cheer about in our favorite show lately. But I continue to hang in there, because I know there have to be plenty of surprises in store for us. One thing can be said about the faster pace of the show, even with all the changes and pieces that don't quite fit when you look at the entire puzzle, we can rest assured that what's firm now will wind up tottering on shaky legs later, sometimes as early as tomorrow or the next week. Maybe it's naïve of me, but I have to believe that what goes around comes around. Nick gets to waltz off with the woman now. But fair play says eventually Sharon should get to dance around with a boy toy of her own. Preferably not someone already being played with by another or emotionally broken. Same with Dru. It would be nice to see Neil pouting in a corner (like he did when Jack was dining with Carmen) while Dru has the time of her life playfully holding off a besotted suitor.

And when it comes to the Abbotts, it might be prudent to have your fire hoses handy because there should be plenty of flames burning between the Fisher-Baldwins, Chancellors and the Abbotts. The expected fight for alliances between these two families should make the fiercest competitions on Survivor and Big Brother look like families living in happy harmony.

Okay, fans, it's your turn now and boy did you have a whole lot to say! But before I get to them, even though I know I've said this before, I thought it a good time to repeat myself for the benefit of any new visitors to this column. I have one mind and the opinion that comes out of it is solely mine and I'm entitled to it. Just as you are entitled to yours. So when it comes to your comments, if you take the time to write them, I will post them in this space. As many as my editor lets me. And so far, he's allowed me to include every single one I get. It doesn't matter to me whether your opinions line up with mine or are completely opposite. Because you're a fan of this show too, and deserve to be heard. For those who hate my bashing of Niphy, while today, they're most often at the top of my most disliked hit list, tomorrow could be a whole 'nother story. When someone else draw my verbal fire. I'm taking my fingers off the keyboard now, and turning up the mike so everyone can hear what all of you have to say.

* * * * * * *

CORI - i used to really enjoy your commentary but it has gotten so predictable that it has lost its spark There are some obviouses [sic] that all of us would have to agree on..that Dru is too beautiful to be stalking Neil and that if Neil cant forgive her, then let him go on his merry way and stop making it as if Dru is the crazy one here...but the way you bash Phyllis and Nick with all your fast forwarding during their scenes, then obviously you aren't watching and shouldn't make any comments. With all the chosen comments that you printed, everyone who doesn't want to watch Y&R should just change the channel...have you any idea how many more viewers they have picked up because of the pairing of nick and Phyllis ...they are the hottest couple on daytime. She happens to be pregnant now and is with the man she loves so she's not her old self, i will give you that...but i would say that the moment he wrongs her from here on in, she will be a force to be reckoned with. Don't even start that he should be back with Sharon, when not only did she tell brad she would go to the end of the earth for him, but nick was imagining Phyllis' head on Sharon's and her with him at breakfast. No one even noticed nick before Phyllis lit a spark in him. Sharon needs to find someone that does that to her...i would like to see the love affair with nick and Phyllis continue for a long time, and as soon as the baby is born, keep their love alive and with just as much spark as before. While you are fast forwarding, that is why i am tuning in

JAMIE - Not that you will post this, because I am a love of the Nick and Phyllis pairing, but I have to say that you do not give Phyllis one break. I can understand where animosity towards Nick can take place, especially how he handles things with both women from time to time, but is it so incredibly unheard of that people fall out of love and in love with someone else? Is it so hard to comprehend that perhaps we are seeing, for the time being, a mellow and loving Phyllis who is pregnant and still reeling that she is actually with this man that she loves. That she isn't going to go through this pregnant alone when she had already convinced herself that she was? She hasn't manipulated, she hasn't been conniving, but she fell in love with Nick and not to hurt Sharon, things happen; marriages end. Yes, we can be empathetic towards Sharon. And I am certainly all for getting her a new guy (though to your dismay the spoilers point to Jack). Let's mix it up, but lay off the bashing, you may not like them together for reasons that are all your own, but do be so appalled at this storyline is a bit of a stretch.

ANONYMOUS - What is going on with the Y&R writing? The characters are becoming unknowns. I had to laugh at the Brad story. His mother was in WWII(over 60 years ago!) as a young woman and the actress looked to be in her 60's.It was bad drama and where did that come from? Then John's funeral....where was everyone? John was always the outstanding GC citizen and mega business man. The funeral seemed for a nobody. I have watched Y&R for years from the time it started. The characters are becoming so boring( Lilly, Colleen, Carmen, Brad...) Y&R is starting to look as hokey as the other stupid drama soaps. Bring back the old writing with strong characters.

DEBBIE - I too am fed up with the way things are going on Y&R. I have always been a faithful viewer since it began, but now it does turn my stomach. I can't stand what they have done to the family relationship of Nick and Sharon. I can't stand Phyllis, and Nick is getting as bad. I feel that when the "truth" comes out the baby will be Jack's and not Nicks! About Jack and his dad's funeral..which I can't believe they wrote Jerry Douglas off...why didn't they just let him wander off from prison, be kidnapped or something, so he could reappear one day? Why is Jack being so condemning when years ago he is the one who destroyed Jabot? He gave the company away...due to his conflict with Victor. Remember the book, "Ruthless"? What about Leanna Love? She was a psychopath, who murdered Ashley's husband, Stephen, the doctor.... but then she all of a sudden changed and is now a big "TV" talk show host? What happened to Paul's sister, Patti? His brother, Steve? His mother? Lauren & Scott's baby that was kidnapped? Nina and the baby that Rose took from her and sold....so much has happened but left with "loose ends', they have plenty to bring back and write about...but they seem to have forgotten themselves. Please bring back some "goodness" to Y&R before you lose all your ratings!

TASHA - Oh Nita! You are a woman after my own heart!! Were you near me I'd give you a great big thump on the back! Yippee!! I could not believe how accurately you captured my thoughts on Gloria getting slammed! I LOVE JACK!! Oh yes, he was cold and calculated, but can anyone knowing all the facts regarding glowing Gloria, who charmed her way into Dear John's life by sleeping with her two 'sons' to show him what a nice family she had, deny that Jack was simply BRILLIANT??? Phew! That was a good one! And while some may wish for it all to backfire on him in the usual way, because it's directed at Ghorea I'll pray that it holds! She does NOT deserve ½ of the dust off John's shoe. Let us see how her fans will cheer her when she moves on to the next potential rich 'dead man walking' as predicted in the Fall spoilers. So, what really is Nikki's position on Sharon and Phyllis? She seems comfortable seeing Nick with both...Maybe there is hope for Sharon to linking up with a single and untouched-by-her-female-in-laws man through that contact Vic gave her to get help. I hope they make Nick green with envy too! Keep up the great writing, Nita. I, too, like so many other fans, have resigned myself to just reading your column after most of my favorite people (Sharon, Jack, Nick, Dru) have been painted irredeemable or to look like Dumbo. I'll never stop loving them, though. Will the REAL Victoria PLEASE COME BACK!!!

MARY R - I don't agree with you about keeping Gloria from the funeral. I think what Jack did was insensitive and low class. After all this was a woman John look on as his wife. Even if they weren't legally married he look on as his wife. It showed little or no respect for John's wishes. Like her or not she had the right to be there. I couldn't believe that he would go that low, like Kevin said this was low even for him. I also wonder how much Jack really cared for his father since he obviously didn't respect his feelings about Gloria and tried to change the will. I am beginning to think that he only care about what he could get from him for instance being CEO of Jabot. I guess Gloria isn't the only taker. Quite frankly I am beginning to wonder if soaps are worth watching. Most of the characters are dysfunctional and do not give positive vibes about how to interact. The character push the envelope when it comes to morals. And sometimes I honesty wonder why I watch and get work up over them. Last summer I stopped watching because of the Terrible Tom and Sheila characters. Now, Jack is just as bad. One minute he is Jekyll the next minute Hyde. But he is definitely not his father's son.

SENA - you have all forgotten that Gloria screwed her son she paid a man whore to play her two sons and then had sex with one of them after Jphn had met them and gone home. that is not LOVE

SUZANNE - Thank you! Thank you! You have summed up everything I feel about Y&R. Hopefully the writers read your column and make some serious changes. I think the writers must really hate wives because no wife would love to see what is happening to Sharon or Drucilla. Every time I see Nick and Phyllis I want to throw a rock at my tv. There aren't any characters that I like anymore. Y&R is becoming more and more like an ABC soap which is definitely not a good thing!

ELLEN - I know I'm probably in the minority but I don't quite share the fan hatred of Gloria. Yes, she has done some despicable things, but what about Jack? Every time I think he can't sink any lower - he does. Bedding his stepmother and breaking John's heart, leaving Victor for dead when he had a heart attack, using Nick's naiveté to get access to the Newman computer to try to steal NE while Victor was away and the way he has been treating Victor during his epilepsy episodes is truly loathsome. While I don't absolve Gloria of her many sins, nor am I rooting for Jack. My biggest beef, however, has to do with the continued wailing that Gloria is the reason John was in prison. As I recall, John most likely could've received a much lesser sentence and possibly even probation but he was forced to throw himself on the mercy of the court to save ASHLEY'S hide. Because Ashley had committed perjury in a misguided attempt to cover for her father, John had no choice but to plead straight out guilty or risk Ashley going to jail. Sanctimonious Ashley, however, has seemed to have conveniently forgotten that little fact as has Jack. Further, like Gloria or not, to use and delude his confused, sick in the head father to write another Will that Jack knows would go against his fathers wishes is truly ugly behavior. And let's face it people, the Abbotts are pretty boring without the Baldwin/Fisher clan around to stir things up!

MORINDA - You couldn't have said it better. I agree with you. The Young and the Restless is getting hard to watch on SOAPnet during the evenings. I switch the channel everytime there's a scene with Phyllis and Nick. They are nauseating to watch. Insensitive bastard, fronting that almost old enough to be his mother mattress partner before his wife and family. She's not family. She's his HO! I am about done watching this show because of the character assassinations that is happening in Genoa City. The character of Dru was a positive image of what hard work and determination could help a strong black woman achieve; family and a career. Now they've reduced her to a shrew. Let Neil and Dru be positive role models with good Christian values. The writers should help address some of our moral values and not turn Genoa City into Sodom & Gomorrah.

DEE - Whatever Jack does to Gloria is fine with me. How can people forget what she did to the husband she professes to love so much and to his company - his "legacy" she calls it that only she, with no business experience can protect and save - never mind this was a hugely successful company for many years run by John and his children before she ever came along. How long has she been in John's life - all of one/two years?? What a joke! By tampering with the face cream she probably cost a woman her life, she cost her husband's company millions of dollars, put a question of it's integrity before the public, put a taint on Ashley's competence, and pushed her husband's son Jack out of the company which John envisioned his son running after he was gone. She brought Tom Fisher into the Abbots' life during which time she did nothing but continually lie to John and manipulate him. She's responsible for this fine man spending his last days in prison like a common criminal. Kevin has never been held responsible for what he did to Lily and Colleen, so it's clear Gloria's never going to be exposed and held accountable for the terrible things she's done. So if whatever Jack does to her is the only punishment she gets, I say right on, Jack, she deserves that and more! He has every right to hate her for what she's done to his father, his family and to him. Jack has one fan who cheers him on and says go get her!

CAROLYN - Hi, Nita. Just read your column...loved it as always! Here's my rant for this week (28-Aug). I am no fan of Gloria's and I feel that she should pay for the cold cream incident. With that being said, this week proved to be one of the lowest moments John Abbott Jr (a.k.a Jack) has ever bestowed upon us on Y&R. I understand wanting to protect your father from a woman you feel is no good (even though John Sr was a grown man and made his own decisions), but to play on his father's failing mental capacity in the name of 'protecting the family' was just sick! Not only did Jack convince John that the month was April, not May, but he played along with John thinking that he was still married to Dina instead of Gloria. Jack knew that his father's mental health was failing. I have never liked Jack and just when I thought I couldn't dislike him anymore, he pulls this stunt. I don't care what Jack's motives were...what he did was wrong! I'm in no way saying that Gloria deserves 1/3 of John's estate, less known 1/2 and I will not jump on the 'Poor Gloria' bandwagon because Jack has become so despicable, either, but for Jack to go about getting himself named sole proprietor to John's estate and getting him to write another will knowing that his father was not entirely healthy mentally is just plain cruel! Now I know that some would say that Jack did what was best for the Abbott family, but I just have a problem with the way he did what he did! Jack sure doesn't mind using another's health problems to get what he wants, does he? I know he despises Victor, so as despicable as it was for him to tell Victor that he should not take his medicine knowing that Victor has epilepsy was par for the course where Jack is concerned. Let's face it...this is the same man that stepped over Victor when Victor had a heart attack and never looked back. But, I never thought Jack would be so despicable as to play on his father's poor mental health to get his way. These actions make him no better a person than Gloria in my book! Poor John, to have a son like Jack Abbott is definitely not a compliment to the man John Abbott Sr was! I sure am glad he's not my son!

RONNEA - When does Sharon find out that she is expecting? Before or after Victoria decides to give the baby making with Brad a real try? And who will she use to cover up the truth? Will she set up Nick and crush Phyllis or will it be Jack? Lie and say she may have been raped while held hostage? Who knows, but in the world of soaps, when you knock boots with a married man, baby is soon to follow. Side note, Jack and Phyllis are not the same age. Phyllis is around the same age as Tracey. She slept with Danny (supposedly) about 3-4 after graduating from high school. Which why she was all goo-goo eyed for the man... I so agree that the characters have all had some sort of memory loss of who they really are. There was a moment, weeks ago that I saw a glimmer of question in Kay's eyes regarding Gloria, but then it just vanished. I cannot believe that both she and Jill have been buying into Gloria's bull. Of any character on the show, Kay should be able to spot the bull 20 miles away after her years of battling (her new found child), Jill. I mean come on, since when has Kay not been able to smell the truth. Even her beloved Rex was a set up that she saw through after a few weeks but she loved him anyway and he told her the whole story, then they fell in love. The Dutchess is being written completely out of character. She should also be involved in Daniel's storyline as his caring grandmother. Note to Phyllis, make a stop by Chancellor Manner, you might learn something. Next, I am waiting for Victor's meds to kick in. I so hope that once he is no longer walking a haze that he will snap both Jack and Brad into the future of chaos. Not to mention decide to investigate who hurt his little Abby. The real Victor Newman would never just let the tampering of the face cream roll under the carpet. So writers, get a clue and bring back the man we all either love to love or hate with a vengeance.

LEANNE - Jack's always been a bad boy, so it's not surprising to see what he's doing to Gloria. That said, she deserves everything she's getting. If John new everything she's pulled to hurt his kids, she WOULD be out on her but without an Abbott penny. Either way the will falls, Jack and Ashley get the house. So, I was thrilled to see her show up to her stuff on the stoop and the lock changed! At least now she has a reason for those eyes to pop out.

JOSETTE - Love your write ups as always. However, I do not like the new Billy. If he blinks his eyes one more time, I will just scream. Are we supposed to believe that this is the same Billy who was married to Mac. Noah speaks better than he does. Did you catch it last week or so ago when Dru was talking to Sharon and referred to Carmen as Carmen "Jones". I replayed it so I was sure what I heard. Glad to finally see a new face on the show - the basketball player out there at the Athletic Club with Neil. (course I had no idea he was with the Lakers).

SHALEAH - I can say that i think I have had it. I myself am a Young and the Restless baby, who was made to watch it until we got a 2nd TV in the house and by then i started taping it my self. I CAAAAANNNN't take it. I am truly sick of Nick parading around his "now showing" red-headed mistress. just because you are so head over in heels in love w/ her doesn't mean that everyone else is. And especially not Sharon. Noah gets on my nerves. I understand divorce is hard, especially after a sibling dies but come on. cut your mom some slack. she could have just left like she did before. And i don't understand why Sharon is staying at the ranch. MOVE. They are only her family by marriage and that will surely be over. Another person who needs to MOVE is Neil, since he has sooo much work to do and spends most of his billable time at the Athletic Club, why doesn't he just move there? then not only will him and Carmen be co-workers they will also be fellow tenants at the GCAC. Oooooohhhh I've had it and just to touch on one other storyline that makes me want to hurl my tv out of the window, is this Gloria, jack and Michael mess. You know what? I will not speak on Gloria because she takes up too much airplay as it is and so does Pregnant Red, but Michael. Come on Michael focus on your new family and stay out of this Glo/Jack mess. and Jack, well he is what he is. His last name shouldn't be Abbott, it should start the same but be only 3 letters. Truthfully, I have already started weaning myself off of this soap. I only watch it 3 times a week now and most of it is being fast forwarded.

JOELLE - Ditto on everything you wrote this week! I am sooooooo sick of P & N. I hate the way they belittle Sharon right in front of her face! Gloria makes me sick to my stomach, I'm glad that Jack did what he did and also for Ashley sticking up for her family's name! I would like to see some hunky new men hired on the show for the gals who have been stepped on like a doormat "Sharon and Dru"!!! I also will admit that I hope that somewhere down the line that Nick wakes up & realizes that he needs to win Sharon back no matter what it takes!(Kinda like Ridge with Brooke on B&B)! I also hope that Heather Tom returns to the show...She is by far the only Victoria Newman! Keep up the good writing, I wish the Y&R would take you on as one of their writers!

SANDI - Well, Dru and Sharon make a good pair now that they are stalking their spouses and making remarks that puts the 'other woman' in better standing with their brain dead men (Neal and Nick). Phyllis and Carmen have laid out a plan for Neal and Nick to follow into as though is was NOT planned. I did not pick up on what Phyllis was up to when Nick first decided to stay with Sharon AFTER he found out about Phyllis carrying his baby and Phyllis said "I don't want you to be any part of this baby, I will raise it by myself". Sharon knew exactly what Phyllis was up to -- by denying him, she was getting him. Now, both Dru and Sharon seem off the wall and extreme when they see their men with the other woman. But let's get on with it, Dru and Neal, either you are together or apart; same for Sharon and Nick. Kevin really drove a point home yesterday when he said about Ashley and Jack sticking it to Gloria, "we have done things not so nice for the good of the family" -- now that was a mouth and half full!!!! What's with Sharon -- does she want Nick back or not OR I want him because you have him??? Victor is thinking like a man "you must move on"; men do that, women stay stuck.

REVKA - I couldn't agree with you more about the Y&R. It sucks. I hate when Nick and Phyllis are on the screen. I am on a hiatus from Y&R until these stupid writers give many loyal fans something to come back for. I really dislike using the word hate, but this is an exception I hate Nick and Phyllis together. She is 45ish and acting like a woman in her 20's and her first pregnancy. She has been around the block to many times to convince me of her cutesy innocence. Please she gags me. So does Nick. Bring in some hunks for Sharon and Dru to be perfectly matched up with. Doctors, architects, no lawyers, CEO's (young) of huge companies. Please! What is it with Y&R all women and very few men? The women are recycling the men out of desperation not out of choice. I am going on hiatus from Y&R it is just too boring and the SL are just too ridiculous for words.

THERESA - I could not agree more with what viewer Paul had to say. We all know writing out John Abbott was a BIG mistake, but giving him a tiny disgraceful funeral was even worse. WHAT are the producers thinking?? How cheap and low down can you possibly get? Perhaps there could be a public memorial for John and MORE of the family and citizens of GC show up and pay their respects to this great character on Y&R and a great actor. He deserves so much more than what he received from the current lazy, cheap writers and producers. I also hope John left a good amount of cash to charity and I think Gloria does deserve some money because she was his legal wife and John DID love her whether anyone likes it or not. I want Gloria to stay on Y&R because she's a good actress and a great villain. We need that kind of VARIETY on this show. Poor Peter Bergman just gets worse and worse plots and venom for script lines. I wonder how he memorizes them every week! (Remember the original Gloria, Joan Van Ark, left Y&R 'cause she couldn't do her lines in a week. Go Judith!) I think it would be amazing if Judith and Peter were somehow linked together in the distant future. Perhaps they could team up against Phyllis. Sorry to gross some of you out, but I'm just trying to be creative, which is more than I can say for the current flock of writers they have on the show. I think it would be great if there was a space where fans could write in their plot and SL suggestions to the Y&R writers. They need HELP!! I know I'm a woman of faith, because I'm still watching. Thanks Nita!

TAD - In the words of Jack Abbott, "the best way to honor my father is by doing the things that he would be proud of". It seems too little, too late! Jack's mission to destroy Gloria by any means necessary brings to mind all of his miss-deeds starting with the time when Jack was found in a position of compromise with his father's wife, Jill. This is the ultimate of betrayals, in my book!!! I contend that the sins of the son are greater than the sins of the wife. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, and Jack has gotten over on John on more than a few occasions. This man has done nothing but manipulate anyone and everyone for his greater good. Is it any wonder that Jack has such an intense hatred for Gloria? These two are cut from the same cloth. In recent times we've seen Jack do his best to manipulate Victor in his vulnerable state. Now, it has come to light that he did the same to his own father. It wasn't done for the family, as Jack would insinuate. It was done for the benefit of Jack Abbott, because he is an arrogant, selfish blankity blank. I guess the fighting over John's will is supposed to prompt us to feel compassion for Jack or Gloria. Are we to pick a side? In order to choose a side, one must care, and in order to care, one must feel compassion. I feel no compassion for either; therefore, I'll refrain from aligning myself with either party. It's too bad that John wasn't wise enough to leave his fortune to his favorite charity. In the past, Neil has been a character that I have really liked. He has always been self-righteous, but he has also been principled. Nita, thanks for reminding us that Neil is troubled, because I have a hard time believing that he is reeling from any past indiscretion of Drucilla's. A storyline that started off so well has gone dreadfully wrong. I'm not feeling his pain. The pain of a man who has recently learned that his daughter, after 17 years, is actually his brother's daughter is not apparent. Neil is coming across more like a man that is just looking for an excuse to be unfaithful, and he has found it with Miss easy-does-it. His actions and behavior have been nothing less than disappointing. Now that Neil has brushed over that line of infidelity, the question that some could debate is, who is more in the wrong. We all seem to have a good time analyzing degrees of wrongness. Is it Neil for kissing Carmen, or is it Drucilla, for what she did with Malcolm many years ago? Is it Neil for disrespecting his wife and not being honest with her about his feelings for Carmen, or is it Drucilla for keeping Neil in the dark regarding Lily's paternity? Well, as they say, two wrongs don't make a right. I was in Neil's corner when the devastating news of Lily's paternity broke, but no longer. They both are acting like fools, with Neil being the supreme fool. The way this S/L has played out, any intrigue around the paring of Neil and Carmen, for me, has forever been extinguished!! Touché, Nita! I think your comments regarding Nick inviting Phyllis to join in the celebration for the return of the prodigal father was right on target. I also thought it was insensitive, and tacky, but many of the things that Nick and Phyllis do are just that. It's good to see a friendship blossom in Y&R in which there isn't always a sexual motive. I like the bond that Drucilla and Sharon have forged. The conversation over their mutual hatred for Phyllis was especially entertaining. What was even more entertaining is when Dru asked the question why Phyllis and Carmen had to go after other women's husbands. As expected, Sharon had no problem agreeing with Dru's assessment. What Sharon is failing to recognize is just how similar her behavior has been to both of the women she has pointed her critical finger at. What a magnificent performance by Christian LeBlanc at the reading of John's will on Monday's episode. He acts with such passion, and conviction. Does he leave any doubt that he is a brilliant attorney? I think he's among the very best that Daytime TV has to offer.

BETSY - Just wanted you to know, Nita, that I reach the bottom of EVERY one of your columns with a smile. Hope that's what you are going for. You are so talented! I'm in awe that fan Tad commented on my comments. I forget there's a zillion folks out there reading. Dark Shadows WAS about vampires - but like they were a part of every day life. The lifestyle of the Newmans and Abbotts is about as different from my life as if vampires invaded the neighborhood. If I'm not mistaken, Sharon Case held out on her contract talks so that her script and character would be made stronger. IMO, they have done so. She's not crying every other scene and instead of being sweet, has some angst to deal with. Wasn't yelling at Noah just like every other Mom? Made me flinch 'cuz, yes, I've been guilty, too. I think this shake-up is good. I don't know why Carmen is so highly disliked. If it were a man pursuing a married woman - or simply taking advantage of a quickie - would the fans be so up in arms? I like her. She's strong, smart, knows her own mind, won't take crap from anyone, and has a backbone for us to agree or disagree with. She's probably the strongest young character (vs. the restless characters of Victor (the old version) and Katherine) of any of the wrinkle-free actors. If I had to pick a boss, it would be Carmen. How Neil put up with Dru's shenanigans for years is beyond me. Now that the trust bond was broken, he is seeing what the rest of us could see all along. Some men make the break quick; some test the waters first. Neil's the 2nd type. If we were shown the first option, how could we ever have any empathy for the final outcome?

TRACY - Ok. I would really like to know what the writers were thinking about when they decided to wreck everything about our favorite characters for us. Sharon and Nick were going on so lovely that I admired them but now Nick is all lovey-dovey with Phyllis - it make me sick!!!! And Victor!! What the heck is up with that? Please! If I had a mother/mother-in-law/stepmother like Gloria somebody will have to die and I'm certain it wouldn't be me. Can someone please inform the writers to please bring back the Young and Restless we once knew and loved!!! Please!

SARAH - Come on, all this sympathy for Sharon? She has had numerous affairs and has been a sex fiend since she came on the show. Now it's all poor Sharon and feel her pain? No friends I'm not feeling it for a minute!

DAWN - After watching Friday's show, am I the only person that is having a hard time seeing Jack as a bad guy??!! While Jack certainly has done some shady things, are we just supposed to think that John visiting from the "other side" would have NO IDEA what Gloria has done to both Jack and Ashley, and to Jabot for that matter?? And why do we need a "basketball great" on the show?? What was the point?? I would love for Heather Tom to come back, but only if Victoria gets a backbone and David Tom comes back as Billy. This Billy has no chemistry with the rest of the actors. He has no edge with J.T. like the old Billy. It was amusing to hear the new Billy call the new Colleen "CC". Do they realize how odd that was for us long time viewers to see?? Thanks for letting me vent Nita!

TONYA - I love my YR. With these new writers constructing each story as if it were sweeps week, there is more excitement daily. I hope that Victor does decide to take his seizure meds soon. My partner has seizures and I get very uncomfortable seeing Victor in a seizure. This show is getting better everyday. And boo to Jack for not allowing Gloria to go to her husband's funeral and for being a horse's a**.

TRISH - Hi, Nita - as always a thoroughly enjoyable column - you make such awesome points - I don't know how you remember everything. Did I dream this, or was Victor sitting in Sharon's living room becoming more & more violent with an apple while Sharon & Nick looked on? This wasn't even addressed, & then Victor was allowed to pick Noah up & spend time alone with him. Huh????? I think Jack is doing everything he can to dishonor his father - he should not be allowed to call himself John Abbott Jr - he will never be anywhere close to the man John Abbott was. How could they get rid of that character? So disappointed. Even though I disagree with Jack's actions, I am so wanting Gloria to be brought down hard. How can Michael fight for her "rights" knowing she was the one who tainted the cream causing someone to die which could have ultimately destroyed the legacy of the man she supposedly loved more than anything & which would have left her with (heeheeheehee) NOTHING!!!!. When she realized Tom was back in town, she didn't even come close to doing the mean things to him that she did to Jack & Ashley. She just kept lying to John & stealing his money. If the judge awards her half the estate, I will not be a happy camper. Didn't the first will also say that the house would go to Jack & Ashley only? Therefore Jack would have been within his rights to kick her out - loved it.

JEANNIE - I have been watching Y&R since day one. I watch or tape every day. NEVER miss the show. it USED to be the best soap on. I have stopped watching Guiding Light (boring)and the B & B (same old, same old from day one), still loving ATWT for now, and am currently thinking how Y&R doesn't even resemble the show I fell in love with at the first! Why on earth kill off John Abbott? That was crazy. And I do feel sorry for Gloria, but still think they should find out what she did to the face cream. I feel she loved John, but how much, to do that to his company, just getting back at his kids. And Jack doesn't even resemble Jack anymore. I can't stand him now. And Ashley just standing there not trying to do what she knows is right. She should have at least let Gloria come in and pack her things proper, if she couldn't stop Jack from throwing it all out! And what was up with the funeral? Where was Gina and his other close friends? and why wasn't kaye allowed to speak at the will hearing, (She is by far the BEST actress on the show. GO KAY). And where was Mamie, love her, she should have been right in the middle of the funeral, etc. I like Sharon, but not so much anymore, although seeing Nick and Phyllis together (especially at Vic's party - what were the writers thinking?!) would turn anybody into the person she has become. I liked Nick and Phyllis at first, but not anymore. I just pray this baby ends up being Jacks, and Nick leaves her. (WE never saw the paternity results). And the thing with Brad was so stupid, makes Y&R look like other soaps (not fun anymore). The new Lily, I love, especially with Daniel (come on, he made a mistake). Colleen, I can't stand. And the new Billy, is he a sourpuss or what? That wasn't acting, it was standing around talking! I just hope that the writers at Y&R do something quick or I'm really scared that the show won't remain #1.

PAT P - Re Y&R: agree with what you write, Nita. The changes - 99% for the worse - are unfortunate. Agree with the people who think it was wrong to kill off John Abbott. Afraid things are going to get worse: the 9/12 issue of Soap Opera Digest says that word is Jerry Douglas (John Abbott) will not be the only senior veteran to be gone by the end of the year. Now, if we parse the phrase "senior veteran", I think it can only mean Jeanne Cooper or Eric Braeden. Since it's unlikely the show would get rid of the character of Victor, probably they'll kill off Kay Chancellor. Already that character is talking about "her legacy." I don't think the Lynn Latham (head writer and NOW newly-promoted Exec Producer, unfortunately) cares to write for elderly people. Probably Jeanne Cooper's recent complaining about storyline/lack of use of veterans (although she was of course right) didn't endear her to Lynn Latham. If this rumor is true, will be interesting to see how fans react. I hope: Unfavorably!

AMY - I have watched the Y&R for many years, I was sad to see John Abbott written off the show, especially now that he has a new wife and his kids don't like her at all. I thought he would stick around to help his family see what he sees in Gloria. As for the whole going to court over John's will, I think that Jack should not have been so cruel in tricking his father into writing a new will, to have Gloria taken out. I am not fond of all the tricks Gloria has pulled over John, but I do think there is enough money and assets in John's estate for all his kids and some for Gloria as well. Maybe she should not have the company Jabot, but they could give her a small job there just to keep her happy. I think everyone could win if they want to all learn to get along.

KRISTY - This is my first time writing in regards to the Two Scoops column. Nita, I totally agree with all of your opinions; I especially agree with those comments about Nick & Phyllis. I have been watching Y&R since the 80's & have never hated a couple so much as these two. Phyllis is not my favorite person. I don't like her whether or not she is with Nick. She is just not a good person. She ran over Paul & Chris with a car, she almost killed her friend in an effort to hide DNA results on Daniel, she ruined Christine's marriage to Danny, & a host of other evil doings. I hope she does to Nick what she did to Jack when she was married to him. Nick is no match for Phyllis. I don't think Nick knows the real Phyllis. I'm so tired of seeing her act so giddy & girlie when she is with Nick. Where is the real Phyllis? Phyllis is her own worst enemy. I hope she ruins her marriage to Nick. Also, Nick is not my favorite either. I have had no respect for him since he slept with Grace (Sharon's best friend) 3 or 4 times while he & Sharon were married; also when he turned Victor in to the Fed's. Nick is such a hypocrite to tell Brad not to have children with Vickie unless he is committed. Also, I heard that Carmen may be leaving the show. I'm so glad! I can't believe Carmen went over to Neil & Dru's house, after Dru came back to town to have another "business meeting" with Neil. That girl has some nerves. Neil is so wrong in his treatment of Dru. Why doesn't Dru get her sister Olivia to tell Neil what really happened & confirm her story about how she slept with Malcolm. I hope Malcolm comes back to town & starts hanging out with Dru again. It would be so great to see Neil get a taste of his own medicine. Thanks for the great column every week Nita!!!

SANDY - I agree with many of your comments and I was surprised you didn't comment on the pitiful portrayal of Victor Newman. In addition, I like the Nick and Phyllis story, especially since Sharon is a self-righteous and judgmental character - as we all know she really wants Brad (or whatever his name actually is). The new Victoria is lame and I would love to see Brad and Sharon go ahead and get together - spice things up a little.

KIM - Oh my Lord where do I begin with this show. Can somebody please add some spark to Nick and Phyllis. I mean really does he have any sense or a matter of fact a heart. How much can one woman take? While I cannot stand Sharon's constant nagging, I for one am tired of seeing Nick with Phyllis. Storyline is driving me to fast forward their scenes. Hey I may be one of the few that want Nick and Sharon to get back together. As for Neil and Dru - come on now. Since when does Dru take s--t from anyone? This storyline needs to end with Dru saying "Morning Neil, just wanted to let you know that you will be getting some papers to sign regarding a divorce. Ready it carefully and sign. Have a nice day!" And finally, can I just say that Peter Bergman (Jack) and Judith Chapman (Gloria) deserve Emmy nominations. This storyline is so amazing as it brings out some of the finest acting that this show has seen in some time. While it comes at the expense of Jerry Douglas' exit, I couldn't be more happier to see these two go at it. It is apparent that they bring out the best in each. Each scene that they share is so explosive to the point where I am expecting a knock-down-drag-out-fight or one of their heads to explode. I can't wait to see how low Gloria will stoop to fix Jack. Maybe join forces with Victor once he realizes what Jack has done to him.

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