Short on days, long on action

by Nita
For the Week of September 11, 2006
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Short on days, long on action
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Though it was a short week, a lot of ground was covered.

Though it was a short week, a lot of ground was covered. It was what I think of as a set up week. When everything is set up and put into place for the week to come. Usually those kinds of weeks can be somewhat slow and dry, but not this one. I enjoyed it immensely and can't wait for the week ahead when there should be so much happening, if you skip a day, you're bound to miss what truthfully could be described as an explosive shocker. I may not like everything that happens, but I certainly can't say I'm bored.

Dru and Sharon. Once upon a soap time, the former, fearing the latter's arrival might knock her from her spot in the Newman executive hierarchy, did everything in her power to thwart Sharon. Now they're the best of friends and roommates, even. In a city where friendships between two women, or even two men for that matter, are the exception rather than the norm, this is fast becoming my favorite pairing. While leaning on a supportive feminine shoulder is not new for Dru, who for a long time had sister Liv to turn to when Genoa City life became too hard to handle without help, and before Liv, dear Aunt Mamie, Sharon's confidants have almost always been male. Which, without exception, led to some form of inappropriate behavior, which in turn resulted in near irreparable damage to her character. The camaraderie between the founding members of Genoa City's First Wives Club is a welcome break amidst all the cheating, lying and double dealing happening elsewhere in the City. It should be fun to see what mischief these two can get up to and what havoc they can wreak in the lives of the two women who are currently the bane of their existence. Although Sharon hasn't quite shaken off all of her bitterness over the obvious harmony and happiness between her soon to be ex and his with child fiancÚ, as indicated by her frequent acidic barbs landing in the exact center of her once beloved's muscled chest, at least she's smiling more often than she's crying. By the way, I absolutely loved her mini meltdown of ranting rage in the office with Jack. I thought she captured exactly the emotions I imagine many women in her position might feel. Right or wrong, who among us wouldn't secretly or openly wish the same pain we're feeling would befall the man or woman we hold responsible for being the cause of it?

Now, to Jack and that kiss Sharon shared with him. Sigh. I was fervently hoping it wouldn't come to that, but it didn't take long for those hopes to be dashed to bits. Not that I was surprised to see Jack and Sharon locking lips. I mean, it's not as if there is a surplus of members of the opposite sex to choose from in this town. At least Jack is single. It could have been so much worse. She could have chosen Michael Baldwin as her attorney (his conflict of interest due to his friendship with Phyllis notwithstanding). Then her hero of the moment could have turned out to be the very married Mr. Baldwin. But no, it's to be Jack in whose consoling arms she languishes. Jack, as in discarded seconds of Phyllis'. And Nikki. Sure, he's easily old enough for her to call him Papa. But no matter. Where I did experience surprise, however, was when the kiss didn't turn out to be nearly as nauseating as I was afraid it might. It wasn't the steamiest; missing that forbidden factor, but it beat watching paint dry by miles.

Isn't Sharon moving just a little bit fast, some might wonder? Nah. This is Genoa after all. Men move out of the family home and minutes later land right into the arms of another. Others have a fight with their live-in lover and an hour later they're testing the sofa for softness with someone else. Not the mention the fellow who after professing his undying devotion to one woman, who regretfully declined to return it, had no problem moving immediately to his second, though more affluent, choice. The undeniable truth is, after a breakup or rejection, no matter how bitter, few in this town spend much time in quiet contemplation, licking their wounds in solitude until their heart has wholly healed. They've obviously taken to heart the one about how a new and different love is alleged to instantly make you forget all about that old tired one you no longer want or who doesn't want you.

Aside from whatever feelings Sharon's new relationship with Jack might bring out in Nick, it will also be interesting to see whether Brad begins to have a few wishful thoughts for what might have been as well. Especially with Victor breathing heavily down the back of his neck. And if Victoria is close enough to glimpse even the slightest look of longing momentarily crossing Brad's face, she, too, will be following Brad's every action with watchful and suspicious eyes. With Nick, that will make three Newmans glaring balefully waiting him for him to make the slightest stumble. And that's just about three Newmans too many.

It seems obvious that both Jack and Sharon are in it for something other than obvious reasons. The calculating look on Jack's face suggests he's hoping revenge might taste extremely sweet indeed. Against whom remains to be seen. It was funny listening to Nick's concern that Noah could be irreparably harmed were he to see Mommy making out with Jack. I guess it would be okay, though, for Noah to catch a glimpse of Nick and Phyllis doing whatever they do. According to Nick, when Sharon makes out with Jack, she's all over the map. But when it comes to him and Phyllis they are right on target, I guess. Anyway, while either or both of Nick and Phyllis might experience a tiny twinge of momentary jealousy at the disturbing thought that their ex's might be making mattress music with their ex's (did that make sense?) right now the two are too blissfully happy with each other for it to mar more than one moment, let alone their entire love life. As for Sharon, after the double whammy of having taken Brad up on his love offer too late and finding herself coming in second place after Phyllis, she's probably just ready to revel in the fact that someone wants her, no matter how briefly or for whatever ulterior motives.

I'm surprised Jack can find time to romance anyone with everything else he's up to. He has so many juggling balls tossed up in the air, it's likely only a matter of time before one of them comes crashing down on his head and knocks him out. Let's see, there's his alliance with half-brother Billy to monitor. The same brother who has a mother and grandmother who have themselves indicated they are firmly aligned with the gold-digging interloper, Gloria. Along with their mother, I'm sure it won't be long before he has to defend coordinated attacks made by the wily and enterprising crime committing and/or covering Fisher-Baldwin brother duo. Nikki and Phyllis, the women he's practically tried to push out of their own company, are also no allies of his and would obviously like to make him disappear. On top of all that, he's probably going to have to contend with an increasingly uncontrollable Victor, who will be less and less malleable as his outbursts grow more violent or his medication, when he begins to take it, starts to become effective. Not to mention I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Casper, I mean, John, the less than friendly ghost. Hmmm, except for the ghost part, the rest sounds like exciting, must watch soap TV to me!

Speaking of Victor What the Heck Will Happen Next Newman, I'm not a person who jumps in fear at the bark of a 'boo', but this version of Victor is getting downright spooky. I've heard him shout 'you got that' at some hapless human so many times, these days it only generates a giggle from me, but when he said it in that clenched teeth whisper, it had so much more impact and sent a shiver down my spine. And judging from the flummoxed look on Bradley Boy's face, it had the same exact effect on him. I don't know if Victor's behavior really has much of anything to do with symptoms or side affects of his particular kind of epilepsy, but I am really loving this very menacing Victor. The week to come is rumored to bring even more of the dastardly, medically challenged Victor. At the thought of the comeuppance that is surely to come for Jack when it's his turn to wiggle uneasily on Victor's hot seat, I almost feel sorry for him.

Nothing that's buried in this town ever stays that way. Not like B&B where people pop up like popcorn from the grave. (Sorry, B&B, I just couldn't stop my fingers from spelling out that jab.) Which means that Sharon and Brad aren't likely to miss their weigh in on the scales of justice for their New York mattress mamba. And these things seem to have a way of leaking out of the woodwork at the most inopportune times. Whatever is left of Brad's marriage by then, if it still exists, will likely spontaneously catch fire and burn itself to nothingness. Sharon could still wind up winning the man of her daydreams, if she still wants him by then, but it will certainly come with a hefty price tag, as she will have to suffer the scorn and a sharp and painful tongue lashing from the Newman siblings, at the very least, with their protective mother lioness, Nikki, and the by then new Mrs. Phyllis Newman, added in at the very worst. Wouldn't want to be Sharon if that happens.

Moving on to Neil Denial Winters. Although Carmen is looking quite fetching these days with her no shorter 'do', I still won't cry a river of tears when I see the back of her go through the revolving Genoa City door for the last time, cell phone pressed to her ear. Once she flip-flopped from professional PR person to 'do me, Jackie baby right here, right now', in what seemed to be the blink of an eye, or more accurately, in response to the leer in Jack's, followed too quickly by this overwhelming attachment to Neil, I pretty much quit taking her seriously. Nor am I impressed with Neil after the way he's behaved these past months. While I understand his anger, his behavior with his so-called innocent friendship with Carmen hasn't been as above reproach as he keeps insisting to Dru it has. I was rather looking forward to Dru and Edward giving him just a small sample of the disrespectful treatment he's been subjecting Dru to, but some spoilers indicate Edward may have an entirely different role to play in the Winters family drama. And while I'm pretty open minded, I admit I'm hoping this particular spoiler is completely untrue. When it comes to Dru and Neil's marital future, it does seem that there might be a light, however dim in appears from my position on the loveseat right now, at the end of the tunnel. Neil has admitted to Carmen, completely out of the blue, it seems to me, that he is in fact committed to his marriage. Could have fooled me, Mr. Winters, but I'm glad to hear this one could possibly have a happy ending.

In the spirit of moving on without too much maudlin mourning, Gloria seems poised to do exactly that. With a new job bossing around unfortunate Jabot underlings who are likely more qualified than she for the Vice President position generously granted her by mother and daughter Chancellor (MBA notwithstanding, when once wed to the Company Founder, you can bypass the mail room; that privilege is reserved for his son, one of his legal heirs) already Gloria's ears have perked up, her avaricious eyes widening to unprecedented proportions with speculation, as she mentally tabulates her possible portion of Will's inheritance. Golddigger? Gloria? Never. Okay, removing my tongue from my cheek where I had momentarily parked it. Available Genoa City men apparently being just about as scarce as hen's teeth (yeah, I heard my Mom use that one countless times growing up), it's rumored there might soon be a three way competition underway in pursuit of Will's fortune, I mean affections. I hope the poor man's heart can stand the strenuous excitement of the chase. It should be quite amusing to see Ashley actively vying for Will's attention, along with her two step-mommys. I don't know about any of you, but the thought of that is just too funny. Thankfully, he hasn't made it much past the platonic starting point with any of the ladies, so it should be a fair and relatively clean competition. Thank goodness, I'm not sure my stomach could take yet another shared man relationship. Ladies, take your marks. Get ready. Go get him!

Ahhh, Lily and Daniel. Still breathing clean, fresh air when I watch them. May they continue to be an example for those who should know better and have done so much worse. The biggest problems these two will probably face, at least in the immediate future, are likely to be more their families' than their own.

Due to his everything must be about me Mommy, could it be that trouble is about to rear its meddlesome head in the matrimonial paradise of Lauren and Michael and officially end the honeymoon period for these two? I hope not, but Michael's defensive position in the recent past for Gloria definitely make it a possibility. And if trouble saddens Lauren, Paul and his supportive shoulder will surely be at the ready. Especially since I doubt time and increased closeness has made his heart grow any fonder for Michael.

And lastly, for Nick and Phyllis, all the barriers to their future happiness have been dismantled and carted away. Well, except for one. Little Noah, the Tackyhouse decorator. I had to laugh as the happy couple came through the door and were greeted by images of Sharon's satisfied smile. I know it doesn't change anything, but it still made me chuckle. Finally, Noah is doing something a real boy might do in this situation. Most real kids I've known in a divorce situation, especially one as fresh as this one, and just about every kid in a make believe movie of the week, are not the most welcoming right off the bat of the new man or woman in mommy or daddy's life. I don't imagine, if it goes that far, that he will be any more happy to shake hands with Uncle Jack either.

There's always so much more that can be said, but I have to stop some place and this is as good a spot as any. Fans, your turn.

* * * * * * *

LADONNA - I love your column as always, but I disagree with you on one point. I have been a fan of Y&R for a long time. It was always slow and you could miss a week and not miss anything (except on Fridays). The show was extremely slow and needed to speed up without, of course compromising the writing. That is the only point I disagreed with you. I am not a fan of Gloria either, but Jack is no Mr. Innocent either. He has done a lot of dirt in his past and present. I think he should take a look in the mirror. Was he not the one who left Victor on the floor to die? Even now (before anyone else knew) he knew Victor wasn't well and took full advantage and will probably do so for as long as he can. Don't we all wish for the old Victor!

JUDY B - I am so disgusted with Jack! Gloria started out just for John's $ but for a long time now she's truly loved John. I have been watching the Y&R for 15 or more years now and I know Jack will get his.

MRS. BLAKE - I really HATE Phyllis & Nick together. Nick is such an immoral b-----d. I hate the way he throws his pregnant mistress up in the face of Sharon. I understand Sharon isn't a perfect angel, but at least when she did do her dirt, she didn't do it in public to humiliate her husband. She always came back to Nick. I hate the way Y&R is losing its morals and values. They are one of the very few soaps that have a couple like Sharon & Nick to be married over 10 years and now they are going to flush that down the drain because of Phyllis, the home-wrecking w----e! Sharon deserves better. Oh, good work Y&R on Gloria getting what she deserves, the millions she lost when Jack & Ashley where given the estate are the millions she owed to Jabot for sabotaging the cream that killed that woman.

RUTH - Thank you for being the voice of common sense and reason. How can anyone say, I don't approve of Gloria's actions but I think Jack is a rat for getting her written out of the will because John loved her. John did not know her - Jack did! Moreover there really is no fool like an old fool - the woman he loved and who supposedly loved him was willing to destroy his company and his son for her personal satisfaction. John says he loved Jack too. Would it be his wish to give the destroyer of his child half of his fortune? Get real!! How is it that John's "ghost" has not been introduced to the real skunk - Gloria - in the other world? As for liking Nick and Phyllis together, why have her fans forgotten Phyllis' multiple horrendous deeds? Seeing her simpering and girlish is revolting. Have her fans forgotten that SHE set out to plan the affair for FUN even though she knew he was married and had lost his way after Cassie's death? While she was stringing Jack along she went after Damon and she testified against her own husband in court. Please!! Your sensible comments save my sanity which is gravely endangered by the warped imaginations of the writers. Everything Jack does, he does in reaction to someone else's actions (except sleeping with Jill). When he stepped over Victor it was because Victor was trying to destroy him. Why have Victor's fans forgotten his role in causing her miscarriage and eventually destroying Jack's marriage to Nikki?

JUDY P - I seem to be in a minority, based on the responses posted after this week's "two scoops" commentary, but I feel compelled to voice my opinion. I LOVE the pairing of Nick and Phyllis. I can't STAND Sharon OR Dru (maybe they could become a lesbian couple? LOL), and am rooting for Gloria to get at least SOME share of John's estate. He DID love her (even though he didn't know about the face cream he had forgiven her for everything else), and she adored him. Jack should be disowned, fired, and thrown in the hoosegow for all the vile things he's done. Brad should also go back to gardening, and Victoria should move on to someone else (preferably with Heather Tom in the role). Neil should bend a little (with Carmen in a nice soft bed, perhaps) and rejoice that his daughter will not be a divorcee at 18. Lastly, Victor should take some medication that will bring him back to the REAL Victor, the one we love. Let him fire Jack and Brad, kick Sharon out of the ranch, help Nick and Phyllis get custody of Noah, romance the heck out of Nikki, and bring Victor, Jr. (who must be at least 15 by now) in to work in the mail room at Newman. After all, that's how Ryan started. These are, of course, only my OWN comments (and/or wishes for the show).

HEATHER - Why is that everyone in GC seems to have forgotten their own past? Sharon is walking around high and mighty, full of righteous indignation over Nick's affair, when she's had not 1, but TWO affairs of her own (only one of which Nick knows about)! Where does she get off now? That said, however, I want to puke every time I see Nick and Phyllis together; they are so syrupy sweet and giggly - UGH! I also have to admit that I like Sharon better now than I did when she was a mamby-pamby crybaby. And I LOVE that she and Dru have become best friends through their respective ordeals; that is so realistic. Finally, where do Michael and Kevin get off comforting Gloria by telling her what a wonderful, loving, and GIVING person she is? They both know what a sorry mother she was to them as children, and that she poisoned the Jabot face cream and got away with it! That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever when they spew their little heartfelt soliloquies.

T.B. - Can someone fill in the blanks for me, I must have left the room, or blinked or just switched channels, but did Kevin and Michael win a million dollars in a lottery last year? Now I know Gloria being the sweet mother did not want Kevin to tell Michael about the money, but it did come out. I know Kevin and Mac bought the coffee house, Mac got her share of the money to buy the place from Katherine, and I'm sure Kevin and Michael split the winnings, so where did Kevin's $500,000 go; I don't think his share of the coffeehouse would have been $500,000! I guess it won't be long now before Gloria or Michael come up with the knowledge that Ashley is not a true Abbott; it should be very interesting when that happens to the "little beauty" And now it looks like we have to go through a love match between Jack and Sharon, maybe Noah will get another little sister/brother. What a relationship will that be, Sharon will be the mother to him and the baby, now, what will Jack be, he was Nick's stepfather so that would make him in a way Sharon's ex-stepfather which will make him Noah's ex step grandfather but he would be Noah's sister/brother's father, and if he married Sharon then he would become Phyllis' ex-stepfather. There's got to be a law someplace.

MOPPLS - Y&R. Still the greatest soap going! The Abbotts and Fishers have a great story going (just sorry that John had to die to get it). And all involved have skeletons in their closets. All know about manipulation! I though have to totally disagree with your Carmen comments. I think she's perfect for this part and with Neil (since Olivia has fallen off the face of the Earth evidently). And it's about time Dru was a "victim". Her and Sharon make great "soul bearing" sisters. They've cheated and lied for ages. Glad that Nick & Phyllis are together (almost). Noah is a spoiled brat these days, but with Mommy and Daddy both up to other things, it's understandable. I HATE the Victor storyline. I have a daughter w/epilepsy and he is not presenting this as anything other than a "dream" disease ... grand mal seizures are awful and hard to control (unless you can afford insurance and a doctor) but those that can't, well they just let you fall in the floor and flop! I love the Y&R, as it is my side release from all my problems and the break in life that comes with TV.

ERIN - Y&R caused a huge reaction from Nick/Phyllis from both sides - they are hot, fun, and witty. Nick and Phyllis are wrong yes; if I met them in real life I would think they are monsters. But the fact is I have watched the show for years, and this has been the most interesting storyline yet. Michelle and Josh have chemistry, and that is what we watch TV for. I have always liked Sharon, but I have found her boring for Nick. They really have no chemistry. I would love to see Sharon with someone who is interesting and who she shares sparks with. If one day she shares sparks with Nick like Phyllis does, put them back together by all means.

JUNE - After so many fans had written that they hoped they would have a NEW love interest for Sharon, they pair her up with Jack? This show is turning into an incestuous love fest. It is starting to remind me of Bold and the Beautiful, every character has a relationship with someone in the cast eventually. I think Nick/Ridge has had a relationship with practically every female, mother daughter you name it. I just couldn't keep track anymore and it was so predictable. Why would they pair the two of them together? Has anyone heard of rebound? Nick and Sharon aren't even divorced yet and Nick is practically walking Phyllis down the aisle. But I must say this, I am glad it was Jack that kissed her and not Sharon. I was glad when she had her meltdown at work she didn't kiss Jack. Does she have to kiss every man who hugs her or shows her compassion? She needs to take Victor up on his offer and go get some therapy. She has some serious issues with men and I think she has "father" issues as well. Now, on to Gloria. I felt sorry for her for awhile. Although I don't think she deserves half of the estate, she deserves some small token of John's affection for her. But after yesterday's episode when she asked Kay for a raise and they laughed, how could she then take them seriously when they gave her that fake title. She really is STUPID!! Can't she see that this is all fake? Doesn't she realize Jack and Ashley will also know that this is just something to placate her? She is clueless and she needs to listen to Michael for a change.

TAD - Those who have the biggest hearts, and command the most respect are usually most susceptible for being played for the biggest fools. In Y&R, it was John Abbott. John was no doubt a fan favorite, but one of the qualities that had established this man as a fan favorite is also the quality that has created such turmoil over his estate. John was the most forgiving man that Daytime has seen. I often thought that John was too quick to give the benefit of the doubt to those who clearly hadn't earned his trust. His willingness to forgive and forget often came back to burn him, especially where Dena, Jill, and Gloria were concerned. When it came to the women he married, John really couldn't see the forest beyond the trees. It's mind-boggling how those who are born with a sense of entitlement feel they are owed. I heard Nick and Victoria speak of their family birthright when referring to Newman. It's only their birthright because Victor made it so. He built that company from the ground up, as he was so quick to enlighten those who had trouble remembering. Victor would have the right to distribute his net worth as he sees fit, as did John. It's not Jack's place to right a wrong that he feels John is responsible for. The decision to leave Gloria 50% of everything seems ludicrous given the limited time that John had actually known Gloria, and how deceptive she has proven to be. Gloria deserves to be tossed out into the streets with only the clothes she came into the marriage with. With that said, it was John's fortune and John's choice, however wacky it was. Jack didn't have to like his decision. If he truly respected his father, he should have honored his wishes. It's time that this man in his mid 50's stood on his own, and stops riding the coattails of other people's success. I'm disappointed with the decision to let Marisa Ramirez go. I am not a fan of the character, Carmen Mesta; however, I'm a big fan of Marisa Ramirez. I think the creation of the character, Carmen Mesta was done so haphazardly. If we are to believe what is written, the reasons for her release make absolutely no sense. She's not quite old enough, and she's not quite right for the part of Carmen. Please, she's 29, and has little trouble passing for 29. She also plays the part of a sophisticated, conniving temptress, with an air of unpredictability very well. She certainly leaves the impression that Neil doesn't have any idea who he's dealing with. What more are they looking for, and since when does Y&R consider the ages of their cast? The perceived age of the character is much more important than the actual age of the actor or actress, in my opinion. Nick and Phyllis, for example, appear to be separated by much more than a few years; however, Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford are less than eight years apart. It seems that it would be much easier to alter the profile of the character vs. replacing the actor or actress, especially when the actor or actress has talent like Marisa does. What galls me is when the creation of a character's profile is poorly established, or the lines of a character border on absurdity, and the actor or actress are blamed. When exactly are the writers held accountable for the asinine scripts? When Shemar Moore returned to Y&R after he was presumed dead, the talk was that his return did not have as much impact as they had anticipated. Well, it had little to do with Shemar Moore, and more to do with that goofy storyline written for him.

PAM - I think I did hear about Eric Braeden leaving the show, therefore having to pit Jack against another ENEMY. Hence the Jerry Douglas exit. Jack and Gloria do bring out some fine acting between Peter and Judith. But writers make the S/L unbelievable! Now Gloria is VP of (Somebody's) affairs at Jabot? How? Are Kay and Jill really running their corporation that way? And then getting upset at Victor for making an honest offer? Laughable. If they are drawing battle lines between three families, then the writers need to make up their minds who they want each character to be ... good Michael or bad? Newlywed, family man helping his mother and brother gain control at Jabot? Get real! He hated each of them when they came to town. Wouldn't let them live with him then! So make Michael the bad guy that he was. It makes more sense to me. Right now I am totally lost. Seems everyone got the same concussion Victor got because everyone is acting out of character. And one more thing; they need better police in Genoa City. Not only should John have been in jail, but Gloria, Kevin, Michael, Jack, Daniel, Ashley, etc. The show is due to get better though and I kind of think it will.

TOOTSIE - As a long-time Y&R viewer, I am disgusted with the current pairings - Nick & Phyllis are offensive. Getting rid of John Abbott was a really HUGE mistake. Millions of us identified with him; he is great. Can you bring him back in some fashion? Gloria is bug-eyed, too sleazy, and she should go ASAP!! While Jack is not blameless, his actions about the will and the funeral won't seem so bad when Gloria's murderous secrets come to light. Bring back more Paul; he is super. So glad Carmen is going; a very good move. Give Jill some new romance. Will would be a good choice.

T.C. - I wish Gloria would "GO!" It is truly amazing that writers could absolutely just forget about the cream tampering that forced Jabot into the situation it is in right now. After all Jack has done (and believe me he has not been one of my favs!), he has always been about family. I really don't see how Gloria claims to be about family when she all but totally destroyed her husband's "family-owned" company. Nick/Sharon/Phyllis - move on Sharon - it is over! You wanted it over! Nick wanted to work it out! But, you were too busy putting the moves on a 'married' man (not to mention your own sister-in-law's fiancÚ/husband) yourself!! And now that you are all alone - everyone is against you - NOT!! Dru - kick Neil and Carmen's butts! You keep a secret from a man you nursed back from alcohol addiction; he should be more understanding and grateful that you wanted to keep your family together. All I can say is - writers get your stuff together!

FRIEDA - I agree with most of your opinions about the characters, except for Niphy. Everyone who hates them together always seems to bring up Phyllis' past, when 90% of GC has an equal if not worse past than she. It has been a really long time since she has been REALLY bad, longer than Jack, Michael, Daniel, Kevin, even Nick! I don't agree with her going to the welcome home party for Victor (that was a little tacky & they should have written her enough sense to gracefully decline), but when they were really hot for each other, it was like dy-no-mite! Remember, at the time she was the only one to get Nick to smile "that smile". She could no more deny herself that than an ice cube could resist melting in a hot skillet! Yes, morally its wrong, but what moral soap is still on the air? As for Neil Winters, Get off your high horse! The air up there must be making you dizzy - you talk about being "committed" to your marriage, yet you treat Drucilla like something stuck on the bottom of your shoe! I don't particularly care how they have Dru responding to this situation either, the real Dru, would not be taking so much crap from Mr. Winters. I know that if you don't have something nice to say about someone, you're not supposed to say anything, so I'm not going to say anything about, Billy, Victoria, Colleen or Gloria.

JM - I found it highly inappropriate that Kay would just blurt out a million dollar figure as a sales price for Jabot in the middle of the GCAC.

CABC - Sorry folks, but I like Gloria, I know, I missed all the dirt she did, but she's a DIVA! She is a strong woman who goes after what she wants and usually gets it. I will always love Sharon and Nick together, and I think the writers are JAMMING! I'm a veteran watcher and I've seen Y&R at their best and worst, and this is the best I've ever seen it. We all know Nicky Boy will for sure get his. He's responding the way men usually act in that type of situation, idiotic!! I love Phyllis, but she's being foolishly in love right now. And my girl Dru, I love her, now let her give Mr. Neil a taste of his own medicine! BRAVO for the s/l with Sharon, she's doing great, even though she's hurting, she's still keeping it classy and mature, because she has a lot on her plate. I don't understand this unrealistic situation with Noah, hell kids aren't that accepting of divorce and mama being mistreated, let him give Phyllis and Nick a little HELL.

DAWN - I just don't understand how the writers are letting Jill and Kay become so stupid! It is aggravating to watch two highly intelligent women get so taken by Gloria. Gloria has NO experience AT ALL in the business world, has no friends in the Abbotts, and creates all kinds of controversy wherever she goes. However, the women have no problem making up a title for her ...VP to boot!! Then there is poor Billy, who is rightfully an Abbott, who they both are worrying will leave them yet again ... however, he has to start in the mail room! Hello?! For the record, I do not think Billy should be an executive. However, Gloria should be somewhere at the bottom as well! Slap in the face to Billy!!

YAN - What ever happened to Christine? Or Diane? Those are the classic characters I yearn to see again. There was a time Diane Jenkins was the most hated, scorned and shunned characters of the show. This maverick always did what she wanted regardless of who stood in her way. I thoroughly enjoyed her bitter conflicts with Nikki, as they fought over powerful Victor Newman. And when it became abundantly clear to Diane that Victor was never truly hers, she decided to settle for her second choice Jack Abbott. This time, the woman who stood firmly in her way of happiness was feisty redhead Phyllis. To me, it's so mesmerizing to watch Phyllis and Nikki on the same exact team nowadays. Sure, these two women are business partners. But NVP isn't the only venture these two have in common. They both shared an almost murderous enmity towards a certain brunette architect. These days, the hostilities are either Carmen and Dru or Jack and Gloria. I want to be entertained again. I want to tune into Y&R, my toes tingling with anticipation and giddy with excitement as sworn enemies become so blinded by rage that they forget societal ethics and exchange physical blows over matters of the heart. Or the verbal brawls between business tycoon Victor Newman and playboy Jack Abbott. I long for the day Christine discovers the woman responsible for destroying her first marriage has successfully uprooted a family that stood ten years together. It seems immaterial to the writers to have Christine's input on the dissolution of the young Newmans. Now that Sharon is a wreck, helplessly watching Phyllis steal, not only her husband but also her son, she chooses Drucilla to be her Phyllis-hating buddy. Of course, it was fun and entertaining to watch the two of them spewing venomous poison in Phyllis' direction. But what better woman to emphasize with Sharon than the bane of Phyllis' existence, the one who allegedly ripped her son away from her meddling arms. I was looking forward to witnessing some fireworks between Christine and Phyllis. Because I knew that although Phyllis could stand her own against Ashley, Brad, and even Victor, the one person that was able to rattle that woman's calculating nerves was saint and pristine Christine. Why aren't the writers loyal to the events of the past? Can't they realize that dismissing Christine not only makes Phyllis' angelic glow brighten but also cheapens the essential drama in our show?

SK - I think it's very nice of you to post the comments of people that write to you and insult you. I have a suggestion, if you don't like her opinion, then don't read the column. Read the daily recaps. Can the writers give one woman on the show a backbone? Making Dru all drunk and jealous and Sharon with Jack is just weak. There's nothing wrong with older ladies with younger men (my family is riddled with 10 yrs+ age difference, with the woman being older), BUT when that older person was married to your father/mother in-law or step-parent, that crosses the gross line. Sharon with Jack? What is he, like 55-60? She's early 30s at most and a hot model.... I think she could get anyone she wanted, not her ex's step dad and mother in law's ex? And nothing against Phyllis. I love her as an actress but she's gotten really weak and giggly and I don't like it. I am a Sharon and Nick fan, but only if it's the old Nick. He used to be sweet and call her babe and flash those dimples at her. But this insensitive pr_ck that has taken over Nick in the past year or so can fall off the face of the Earth. Talking about getting married to the reason you're getting divorced like 5 minutes after the divorce is just disgusting. And Gloria? Purring up to Will like a cat in heat what 1 week after her beloved John dies? What a witch! Jill, Sharon, Dru & Gina all need NEW MEN on the show. TPTB have to hire some new blood and if they can't act then keep trying till they find someone who can! And finally, I really hope they bring back the Tom's! (Heather & David).

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