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Yes, those words are directed at the latest odd couple, Jack and Sharon.

Yes, those words are directed at the latest odd couple, Jack and Sharon. As I mentioned last column, the kiss, while it didn't exactly make my heart pound with pleasure, neither did it make me race for the porcelain throne first and the mouthwash second.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for what came after. In this new tradition of GC folks moving on with things faster, rather than at a slower, deliciously anticipatory pace, sadly the shock a minute scribes have already tossed Sharon into the sad sack with Jack. In this particular case, I'm sure I'm not the only fan who found their quick consummation less than titillating. Even in these new days of Genoa City men and women changing bed partners nearly as often as they change their hair, this one was too fast to be believed. First, while Jack isn't at all hard on the eyes and wouldn't be the first GC gentleman to have designs on a lass half his age, this particular May December pairing left me between cool and somewhat nauseated. I would have liked them much better together as close confidants who left everyone guessing at what else might be between them. Second, though sticking her to Jack (literally) gave Sharon Case a good share of the spotlight, it didn't do her character any favors. Instead, although she's done nothing much different than break room Mesta, or video game Phyllis, somehow Sharon comes out looking considerably more sullied and tawdry. Probably, I guess because of the other more sordid parts of her too quick to give it up past and the fact that it hasn't been that long since she was longing desperately for Brad.

It's hard to say where the scribes are going with this storyline. Of course, maybe it's just me, but its getting hard to guess with any degree of accuracy where they're going with most of the other ones as well. Sometimes it seems they're going everywhere and nowhere and I've given up trying to predict which outcome they're aiming for. Like with the Brad back story, for instance. I thought it was going somewhere, but it ended with a very implausible nowhere. And now that Brad has re-hired Paul and J.T., perhaps that wasn't even the end, but only the middle. The real end could actually wind up being left as a dangling loose thread that may or may not be woven back into the GC fabric at some point in the future. Just my opinion, but if it were up to me, it would be left dangling forever.

But on the other hand, it should be interesting to see how far the ripples radiate as a result of Sharon's box spring bounce with Jack. I can see the disapproving look on Nikki's face now. Or will it wear distaste and a knowing look that Sharon turned out to be exactly the kind of woman she always suspected she was when she aimed that long look down her nose at her soon to be ex-daughter-in-law? And what about Brad? Will seeing her with Jack make him less than satisfied with second choice, Victoria? Speaking of Victoria, I wonder if she can spell jealous? How about insecure? Because she's certainly showing all the symptoms of both diseases. Yes, she has real reasons to distrust Brad, more reasons than she knows, but if you have to watch your fellow that closely for fear he may slip and fall into another woman (which admittedly happens far too often in this town), he certainly can't be worth having. On second thought, perhaps Victoria should keep her talons sunk deep into Brad's forearms, otherwise, given the scarcity of available men in this town, she too could end up sprawled indelicately across Jack's lap. Double oooh, ick. Because that would make it two for two for second sampling her mother's men. Three, if you count Cole Howard. It was a very long time ago, but I think I have a vague memory of Nikki tangled in the bed sheets with him before Victoria became Ms. Howard.

Sharon isn't the only spurned woman sweating in the hot glare of the center stage lights. Thanks to Neil's Carmen flip-flopping, Dru is fit to be shackled, I mean tied. The old Dru would have sauntered saucily in on Edward's arm, batting her eyelashes and fanning herself rapidly with a dyed to match her orange outfit fan until green with jealousy foam was dribbling through Neil's tightly clenched lips. But not this drastically altered Dru. The hair was the first clue to her disordered mental state. I'm used to Dru's many looks, but that one was just plain awful. Plus, she shows up already at least three sheets to the wind, as they say, and proceeds to drape herself in a fourth and fifth. The only other time I remember Dru inebriated was when she was stuck on the elevator with Phyllis and that bottle of booze in Phyllis' purse. But anyway, I'll assume for the sake of storyline that Dru's current out of character over-indulging is due to her frustration and fear that Ms. Mesta is sashaying away with her no longer happily married mate. Hence the public spectacle she made of herself in her drunken tirade which only managed to embarrass herself rather than her intended target, Carmen. I had to laugh, though, while she was busily cutting up all Carmen's little frocks. It was probably what many a woman in her shoes might wish they could do, though not be able to carry it out.

Though this storyline has given Dru plenty of different material to work with, and presumably more good stuff to come with the court-ordered therapy, it still hasn't been easy watching her allow this former supposed family man to completely disrespect and degrade her and I will be glad to see that part of this one wrapped up. I'm looking forward to what truths may come out of her therapy. It could be a chance to dig up the roots of why Dru behaves the way she does. Feelings stemming, of course, from her mother's clear preference for the obedient daughter, Liv, and Dru's attempts to gain her attention, love and approval, much like she's now competing with Carmen for Neil's. Okay, so maybe I'm expecting too much, but a girl can hope for something deeper than the usual quick and sometimes inexplicable wrap-up, can't she?

No more fun with the Fishers. I know many fans have never forgiven Kevin for his sins and never plan to, but I not only forgave him, I had begun to enjoy him immensely and was rooting for him to find a love of his own. Of course, it helped that I had no love for the new Colleen, the person most wronged by him. I could only partially fault him for Lily, despite her underage status, because she was determined to make him her first, unforgettable love, so at least some of what happened she invited onto herself. But that was then. Today, my Kevin support days have ended, at least for now, since he's become such an intricate part of Mommy's dubious dealings and convoluted, self-preservation plots. I would feel so much differently had Gloria been a real Mom to her baby boy. But like the user she's proven herself to be, when it comes to this gold-digger getting what she considers her just rewards, her sons are as much pawns as any stranger off the street. Blood is only thicker than water or matrimony when it suits Glo's greedy purposes. And don't get me started on Michael. I just about fell off the couch when he poked his snout in and snorted his two cents to Kay that Jack was the cause of Jabot being where it was today. What happened to him? Was he slammed over the head with an amnesia stick? I guess it's true that if one repeats a flat-out lie enough times, one begins to believe they're telling the gospel truth. I, however, ducked when that amnesia stick came my way, so I know it was Mommy, not Jack who brought Jabot to the brink of bankruptcy. Michael was once my fascinating favorite, but thanks to his easy acceptance of Gloria's misdeeds, most of my admiration has drained away. I just hope he manages to rein himself in before he strips away the socially acceptable veneer he gained when he won Lauren's heart.

I know, I know, every soap town needs a villain to stir things up. And to give us a change from the lusting and cheating. My only problem with some of the previous villains, and this one as well, is that they sometimes seem to get away with far too much. They, or one of their minions, always manage to be in an obvious position at the exact right time to hear what they shouldn't, yet still remain unseen by the eavesdropped upon. To electronically infiltrate but not be caught by even the most sophisticated of virus surveillance devices. That plus the fact that often to make the villain appear smarter than the average bear, others around them must be dumbed way down. Such is the case with the present day villain, Gloria. To believe that normally perceptive Kay and suspicious of everyone, Jill, not to mention Victor and John, have been so easily hoodwinked by Gloria is more than a mouthful of rancid baloney to swallow.

But, on the other hand, despite my virulent dislike for Gloria, even I can admit that I'd pick her feud with the Abbotts over another round of Jack vs. Victor. Unfortunately for Jack, he IS known as the man who always winds up clutching the sharp, short stick with the stinky stuff on the end he's holding. And he's got a lot of dirt to answer for, what with taking advantage of Victor's weakened, sickly state, and even worse, his father's mental confusion. It still remains to be seen how low he plans to stoop in his use of Sharon as painful pay back to Nick and Phyllis. Although, in this case, it may be difficult to pinpoint whom is using whom more, Sharon or Jack.

Though Jack has been a very bad boy of late, I'd still like to see him beat out Gloria because in my opinion, her hands are just as filthy as Jack's. Even more so, because at least Jack isn't indirectly partially responsible for someone dying. And I can't fully fault him for taking advantage of Victor. If his son and daughter weren't so busy with their love lives, and his wife more concerned with the N and P than the V in NVP, perhaps she would have seen for herself what her husband has been going through.

As for Victor, he's certainly worth tuning in for these days. I've always thought he was awesome and he hasn't disappointed this fan with his recent performances. Some GC men aren't the best at conveying a tearful, but not too, performance. Two in particular, who will remain nameless, seem to try really, really hard. Evidenced by faces frowned up so ferociously you might legitimately wonder whether something else was the problem, something that might be cured by a trip to the little boy's room, to word it as delicately as possible. But Victor, whose always been able to make that solitary tear trickle down his face, yet still remain as masculine as ever, surpassed himself with his confused emotions and tearful fear, causing me to gruffly remind myself while dabbing at my own moist eyes, that it was only a soap. I loved the part when he was picking up those plants and using them to block the door against the voices only he could hear. Where, by the way, was Miguel?

Victor's outbursts have also been equally well done and were right on the mark. I jumped just as Nikki did when Victor's rage came out of nowhere as he lit into her over her innocent remark about all she had been through during the NVP process. I can't wait until it's Brad turn to squirm uncomfortably on Victor's hot seat.

The hot seat is not going to be where Will is parking his posterior. In a city where there are definitely not enough man material to cover all the panting women, Will is going to have much more than he can comfortably handle. Like one of those reality shows proliferating the air waves these days, Will has women coming out of the woodwork vying excitedly for his attention. It certainly is his year. First an inheritance, presumably adding a comfortable surplus to his bank balance's bottom line, now he's hitting the jackpot in love as well. How ironic that not so long ago, Ashley was barely giving him the time of day. And Jill, after meeting her surprising online dating mate, decided she had to "think" about whether he was worth getting to know any better. Now both are apparently re-intrigued with his possibilities, but I doubt either is any match for Gloria's gold-digging determination. While Jill and Ashley hang back in the shadows, trying to behave with class and decorum, Gloria doesn't mind making her interest publicly plain. By the way, was I the only fan thinking about how funny it would have been to see old Gloria, as Joan Van Ark, dancing him around the floor like a demented Energizer Bunny. Knots Landing re-visited! Attention, Genoa City: The week long mourning period for the black widow spider has officially ended. Open season on all deep pocketed male citizens can immediately commence.

Well, that's the way things looked from my eyes. Here's the way some of you fans saw things.

* * * * * * *

LISA - I really agree with your commentary. But I would like to say more. I can't stand Phyllis and Nick. They gush all the time and then we never saw the paper that stated Nick was indeed the father. Why can't it be that after these two losers are married, the baby ends up being Jack's and Phyllis leaves Nick? What goes around comes around. Nick is a dirty little punk who deserves to be alone. Sharon should move on with someone new, not an old man who could be her father. Aren't there any new actors out there? Y&R used to be interesting. Now it's a dud! Writers get real and do your jobs. NO DAYTIME EMMYS FOR YOU!

CAROLYN - Just a few comments about the past week's shows. First, Jack has never 'done it' for me as a romantic lead, so his pairing with Sharon does nothing for me either. No chemistry, no excitement ... just two spurned people getting together in hopes of getting to the people that hurt them. Oh well, Jack always has an agenda and is using everyone under the sun (including his little brother), doesn't surprise me that he would hook up with Sharon. Second, Sharon's little barbs are getting tiresome. I still say that if Brad/George had decided to leave his gold mine in order to play house with Sharon, she wouldn't be half as angry as she is now. Also, that comment Sharon made to Dru when Dru told her about Carmen wanting Neil "What's wrong with people like that?" Isn't Sharon 'people like that'? How soon she forgets she publicly pursued her sister-in-law's hubby, professing her undying love to him. Third, after telling Sharon about Neil not being Lily's father, Sharon asked how Neil found out and Dru blurted out ... Phyllis ... did I miss an episode where Phyllis told Neil he was not Lily's father? The episode I saw had Neil figuring that out all on his own after he confronted Lily about the email she sent to him by mistake, and also after Lily made the comment that Neil 'would always be her father'. Phyllis can be accused of a lot of things (and rightfully so), but I do not recall Phyllis being the reason Neil found out about Lily. Lastly, some final comments. I don't like the new Billy. He's too stiff-acting to me. Maybe he will grow on me, but right now he just isn't a good fit as John Abbott's youngest son. Neil is an idiot. Either he needs to end his marriage or try to make it work, but he needs to stop deluding himself by constantly telling his fantasy woman that nothing happened between the two of them. Since when is a kiss between a married man and another woman other than his wife 'nothing'? Victor is going off the deep end and needs help soon before he hurts someone. Jack needs to get his comeuppance soon. I hope John Sr. haunts him for days to come, not so much for what he's done to Gloria (I couldn't care less about her), but the way he used his father's diminishing mental state to get what HE wanted and the way he so casually walks through the halls of NE watching Victor verbally attack innocent people, knowing that it's because of Victor's epilepsy that he (V) is acting the way he is and knowing that he (J) convinced Victor to not take his medicine. I can hardly wait for Jack to get his!

SHER - Years ago, after Ryan left Nina for Trisha, Nina disappeared and then came back to find Trisha in her apartment. She was going to shoot herself, and then thought about shooting Ryan instead. In the end, they struggled for the gun and she got shot. After that, Nina decided she had to learn to stand on her own two feet and became a stronger, more independent woman because of it. That's my wish for Sharon. I've always liked the character, but I hate her tendency to need a man a lean on, and even if this flirtation with Jack is only intended to drive Nick and Phyllis crazy, I'd much rather she get herself straightened out and then find a good man she chooses to be with and not needs to be with. I think that would be fantastic.

SB - Did you forget that Victor confessed to Phyllis the whole plot to destroy Jabot? She lied under oath and kept Victor from prison and Jabot from proceeding with the civil suit.

PRENCESS - Personally I don't like Nick and Phyllis together! Nick and Sharon have been together for a long time since I was in elementary school. I think that is really tacky! That baby should've been Jack's. I don't know what the heck the writers were thinking. I am thinking of taking a break from watching it because the storyline is wrong! Nick is moving way too fast, Barely out of his divorce and he is ready to move on and run into another, no consideration for Noah or Sharon. Phyllis is a home wrecker ... but again this is only my opinion.

ANNE - I love Gloria, the soap needs an evil bitch since Jill resigned the post. We also have an evil male pairing coming along nicely, Billy and Uncle Jackie should stir things up nicely, we are after all in need of another Big Business Pig like the ex Victor Newman who the scriptwriters don't seem to know what to do with since he retired from the executive chair. Apart from the sickening sight of Sharon in bed with Jack, whoopee, keep it up, guys.

SHIRLEY - Well, this is the third show I am quitting. Cannot stand anything about it any more. I despise Gloria so much I can't even look at her. Why can't she get what she deserves for once? What is the matter with Jill and Katherine that they can't see through her? She is the most disgusting character in the world of soaps that ever was. Sharon and Jack? Yuck! The whole show is just gone to hell. Neil is a pompous ass, making excuses for his own behavior by blaming Dru for a past mistake. She is the only thing about that show that is interesting any more. And as for Victor, what the hell? Bring back the Victor we all know and love. Get rid of the sneaky Brad and his sham of a marriage! DEE - Well, well, well! The heartbroken widow, so much in love with her husband is sniffing around for the next rich man to hook before the man is even cold. She's out and about in a sleazy leopard print, strapless dress, boozing it up and having a gay old time - just a short time later. She married John for his money and how could she not begin to love him when he forgave her for everything she did (that he knew about) AND he protected her from Jack and everyone else who saw straight through her. John Abbott was a wonderful man, but he was certainly a fool about women. This woman is an abomination and if there's any justice in the world, Will, Jack, Ashley, et al will find out what she did with the cream that almost brought down Jabot - the company her "husband" founded, that she prattled on and on about as his "legacy" that only SHE could protect! This is beyond laughable.

NUSH - Finally someone who shares the same views and analyzes the show the way it is! I can't stand Phyllis' home wrecking behind! The worst thing a woman can do is ruin a marriage and run off with the husband! Nick should be ashamed of himself, marrying his "pregnant mistress!" Gloria deserves nothing! It's funny how Michael and Kevin forgot their precious mother committed a crime and got away with it. And Ms. Perfect Carmen needs to check herself, walking around like she's so innocent! What is it with these home wreckers?

TANIKA - KUDOS to Y&R for the episode on 9/13. Victor and Nikki were awesome. The chemistry between these two can't be duplicated. Nick and Phyllis look like they are trying too hard to look like a real couple. Sharon and Dru were great. I love the friendship between these two. I hope they keep this up. Can't wait to see what happens.

LINDA - Love, love, love your commentary. I also used to love Y&R, but this week with Jack and Sharon - I could not watch their love scenes. This and what they have done to Dru is very hard to watch. When Dru was at the MVP party, all over her husband and then cutting up Carmen's clothes, this was not watchable TV! Some of the s/l on the show are good, but there is a lot to be desired on some others! I just hope the show gets back on track.

TONYA - YR rocks big time. Ever since this new head writer, it seems like each week is a sweeps week. I am so glad Carmen is leaving the show. She was a waste! Although Dru did wrong in many ways, she does love her Neil and will not let anyone take him from her. I want them back together. As for Phyllis and Nick, that engagement is too soon. I like them together as Sharon and Brad. I think Victoria needs to find someone to appreciate her for her. What about Paul Williams? He is needing someone. The Victor storyline is good but hard to watch. My roommate has seizure disorder and it is like watching her some days. Oh, and Jack needs to be shot ... not really, but his actions. Gloria did wrong but what Jack did was tacky. I like Lily and Daniel. They make me smile. JR and the old Colleen were good. I am not too thrilled with this one yet. She is growing on me, however, but I miss the old Colleen. If YR does not get best show in 2007, I pity the fool.

KAY - Oh my God, Nick & Phyllis have got to get theirs soon. I have watched the show for a good while now & I think this storyline might turn me off enough to stop watching for a couple of weeks. I have considered the possibility of Nick lying about the baby's test results just so he could be with Phyllis; the boy is not right. No one else saw the results of the paternity other than him; no one bothered to ask, unless I missed it. I would love to see flashbacks of that envelope & Nick opening it, seeing that it is negative. Think about it, it would be a great plot to get what he truly wanted. I can't say anything good about Jack & Sharon, I have to look away when they are in the same room. People, come on. Gloria, well she just freaks me out, 'nough said.

APRIL - There are too many hypocrites in Genoa City. Brad warning Sharon about "the kind of man Jack is with women". Is this a joke? Neil pretending he isn't stealing kisses and lusting for Carmen. Michael and Kevin acting like Gloria is June Cleaver. Gloria is my biggest problem. She killed a woman, and her sons just blank that out. She doesn't deserve any part of Jabot. Now, mind you, Jack is no saint, but he is still paying the price for what Gloria did. When is she going to pay for this. That witch ruined her husbands (you know, the one that she loved so much) company. When will she roast for that. She killed a woman.

SANDI - I for one can't believe how the writers are playing Dru. The Dru that I know and love would never let Neil humiliate her like this for this long. Either he forgives or he doesn't. Neil is either in denial about Carmen's feelings for him or in denial about the fact that he's a married man carrying on like he's not. I'm ready for Dru to give him an ultimatum or kick him to the curb. As for Phyllis and Nick, I love the chemistry between them. Sharon makes me want to puke. She was getting really boring. Now she's just become a bed hopper. It's sad to see that her character doesn't seem happy unless she has a man to give her life meaning. I really love the relationship between Lauren and Michael. But you have to wonder how long they can stay happy. They are both honest about their pasts and accept each other, warts and all. Finally, I can't wait for Jack to get what's coming to him. Even Victor deserves better than the way Jack has manipulated him during his illness. Also, where does Jack get off trying to take over NVP? It's only a matter of time before the tables turn on him. Oh yeah, can't stand holier than thou Ashley. I'm hoping that Will recognizes that Jill is a lot more interesting, sexy and fun than she could ever be. I miss the Jill/Larry S/L.

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