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by Nita
For the Week of September 25, 2006
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Hey fans. My apologies for the no-show on the column. Some very close friends of mine lost their mother and I just didn't have time to pen the column for the past week. Instead, this week, please enjoy what all of the fans had to say. Next week's column will include my thoughts on both the current and past week. See you then.

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DIANE - Just one question. When is GLORIA going to get it for killing the woman with the cream? Do we have to wait until next year?

MELANIE - I have watched Y&R for a very long time now. While some of the storylines are timeless some are also left unanswered. For instance, the tampering of the cream. Why haven't they figured out that Gloria was the one who tampered w/Ashley' cream? Also Sharon' storyline is getting real old. She has always played the poor pitiful me role, she needs to move on. And yes I realize she is w/Jack but come one, please send her someone new. Also, the current actress as Victoria isn't the spunky take charge kind of actor as the original Victoria. Please bring her back. Colleen is this poor little spoiled brat. Please give her some guts. I realize these suggestions will never happen but thank you for listening.

LONDA - What's up fellow Y&R watchers, so many opinions ... here's one more. Glad to see Lilniel back on the scene, I really like these two. Nita, I agree with you about Dru and therapy, it has the potential to do some great things with Victoria Rowell's character, I so want to see her back in control and being the fun, sharp Dru of old. Neil is bringing her down. If he and Carmen want to live in the World of Delusion they keep incorrectly placing Dru in, let them, she should go on with her new home girl Sharon. I'm thoroughly enjoying this friendship, but Sharon, don't try to talk hip - doesn't suit you, sorry honey. And I actually don't mind seeing Sharon with Jack. It would be better for her to be strong and independent, but hey, maybe that will happen when my theory comes into play. This is it: Jack can't get Kay to sell to any Abbotts as Michael will surely advise that it's murky since an Abbott will allow Jack to be a part of the company. She might still get sued by Gibson. So, Jack gets Sharon's name inserted in the document Victor signed and she becomes the owner, then kicks Jack to the curb when she realizes he was just using her and now she has a company of her own. She can get Dru to help out and boom, bam they sock it to their ex-spouses and everyone else that's counted them out. I can't believe how the Baldwin/Fisher brothers are behaving over their skanky mother. Sad to see their entertaining characters smeared to ugliness because of that shrew. For shame. Please let new Colleen fall for the professor; I can't stomach the sight of her and J.T.. Or maybe it's just her, but I don't think I hate her as much with this new guy. Anyway, I love this show and too bad so many others are bashing it, it's the best on daytime.

RENEE - WHOA! When did Sharon and Jack sleep together? I missed that episode? Can you tell me what day that aired? I have got to read the recap on that one. I did read they kissed, but I definitely missed the rest of it. If that is true ... ICK is right. Didn't Sharon JUST sleep with Brad? She is acting very slutty in my opinion. And for the record, I do like Nick and Phyllis together. I think they have great chemistry or maybe it's just the actors themselves that have the great chemistry. Whatever it is, I like it.

DANIELLE - I hate Phyllis! Ok, maybe that was too hard but I hate that she thinks she can just show up and be the supportive wife. She is not married to Nick nor do I think she should be. I hate it. It is like she thinks she is Sharon. Sharon is still his wife. Yes, they are getting divorced but come on. The ink is not even on the page and she is taking the lead. And everyone is letting her. How can Nikki just stand there and take that? If that was my soon to be son's baby mamma drama I would not be nice. I could not be nice. How dare she just walk in Miss I am prego by your son and I should be there and think that it is ok? I just do not get it!

JAMIE - If I hear Neil say one more time, "I'm committed to this marriage" then I'm going to have to commit myself. The goon has done everything he can to NOT commit. And is anyone else bothered by Billy's bad acting? I struggle through each forced expression and word he utters. And why not a bigger role for the only REAL hunk in GC - Paul Williams, P.I. While everyone is playing musical bed partners, he is never even in the game - except for the go nowhere chemistry with he and lab rat Ash.

DEE - I just wanted to say what is with all the HATERS out there hating on Nick and Phyllis? Nick and Phyllis are going through something that happens to people in everyday life no matter how long they have been married. Besides, Sharon is not exactly innocent and try to as might she has had deep feelings for Brad from day one. She cheated on Nick before and let's not forget people, she abandoned her family when they needed her the most ... especially Cassie. I can only imagine she must feel like crap knowing that even though Cassie is gone, that period in time was wasted because of her selfishness. Nick probably started losing faith in her from that period. Phyllis and Nick, didn't just happen ... his marriage couldn't have been that strong in the first place. Anyways, keep the commentary going, I look forward to them!

MARYANN - I am THIS CLOSE to taking a break from Y&R because of the "Nazi" storyline (implausible) and Jack and Sharon (eww!). I've read a rumor that Phyllis is really Sheila because of the timing of her pregnancy along with Lauren's. If it's true, I WILL take a break!

TRISH - I can't stand it! Michael (who in the past could barely tolerate Glor-ria) is now scheming with Kevin ( more illegal stuff) to eavesdrop on Jack. I agree that Jack has many flaws and has done some terrible things , but he should not be penalized for something that Gloria did (which of course, Michael knows about). What are the writers thinking? Our first clue that Gloria was going to be a mainstay on the show, & not get what she deserves, was when Judith Chapman's pictures were featured in the credits. Sharon's fashion sense sometimes leaves much to be desired. Remember her Elly May Clampett getup? I thought the dress she wore for the NVP opening had a matching purse attached to it. But no, it was some other hideous appendage hanging there - what on earth could it have been there for besides to make the dress look ugly? Sharon & Jack - yuck - I know there are only so many people to go around & be paired up with, unless the Soap does some major hiring, which doesn't appear to be in the cards due to budget restraints, but surely there is some other angle - how about Sharon & Neil, Dru & Jack?

MARJ - I love Sharon and Jack together because I need to see the stupid Nick and Phyllis thing get payback. I do agree the Kevin, Michael, Gloria thing needs to end. Jack and Kay are smarter then all of them. Gloria needs payback for her murdering ways that Michael has forgotten. Warn Lauren, Michael has turned. Put Nick back with Sharon, the best looking and sexiest lady on Y&R. Just don't have Dru committed.

MELISSA - Hi, my first time writing. I am writing about Colleen. She drives me bonkers! I cannot stand her whining all the time. This week, all because some guy took her coffee (I missed this episode, thank gosh) then pouting about it for days. Also I don't know about you but my husband would not be able to hug and kiss me as much as those two (J.T. and Colleen) do at work. I love Nick and Phyllis together. All the times Sharon cheated on Nick far outweighs the times he did. He forgave her when she cheated with Diego and Cameron. She left him after she was kissing Victor (gross). I do not like Jack and Sharon together, though, was hoping it was going to be Paul or someone new.

BESSIE - Please let Gloria get caught for killing a woman and let Will be the one to discover it. Please let Phyllis' baby be Jack's and let Nick suffer for what he has done to his family. Poor Noah. Please let the one black family get their act together. This show is losing its dignity when murders go unsolved, and cheating is never uncovered. No one is above the law and what's done in the dark should always come to the light.

MARY - No one seems to know much about Jenna and what her story is, except that she's suspect. Do you suppose, with her knowledge of art history, that she is somehow connected to the gang trying to take out Brad and Rebecca? Perhaps a plant to gather information? With Rebecca still in the storyline, I can't believe that Brad's past is gone forever.

JUNE - Can someone please clear something up for me? I thought originally when Brad was explaining his background he said his family was Italian and from Italy and that when they came to America they changed their last name to Kaplan. So he was not originally Jewish right? It was all pretend right? So when Colleen was talking about it to someone (can't remember who) she said I never knew my father was Jewish. He isn't really Jewish right? When he first said they were Italian aristocrats, I couldn't understand why his mother would be in a concentration camp other than because of her artistic expertise. Does anyone else remember it this way? Some of this writing is so contradictory. Now on to Carmen, can we say way too arrogant? Someone needs to take her down a notch. I can't believe she threatened to have Drucilla thrown in jail because she approached her in the club. So when Carmen is at work it's okay to be around her because suddenly she's not afraid of what she will do? Give me a break.

EVE - Rosh Hoshanah! George Kaplan! No, I'm Brad! Isn't Grandma wonderful! Her potato kugel is to die for! Oh, please. I'm sorry, writers, but no matter how many times you try to jam this story down our throats, it's impossible to believe a word of it. My father was 21 when he fought in WWII and he's DEAD now. Most WWII battle vets are. The only concentration camp survivors still around were CHILDREN, not fully-fledged art school graduates. We know our decades, kids, and it's been 60 years since WWII ended, making "Mom" 81 at least. Oh, why am I bothering? The writers are in a time warp and going to stay there. Unless Nikki will finally be the one to crack the case and prove that this is all one big, deliciously blasphemous scam on Bradski's part, which is the only way I'd buy it. As for paranoid Carmen, try locking your doors at night, honey. And don't play the innocent "I can't stand that everyone sees me as a home-wrecker" line. I remember quite clearly when you arranged to have Dru stay on in Eastern Europe for an extra couple of weeks so you could put a few more moves on Neil. Oh, but that was strictly professional. Granted, Dru shouldn't have done a ginzu dance with Carmen's clothing, but personally, a quick hit across the chops wouldn't have come amiss. Knowing that Carmen's leaving soon, I'm waiting to see if she gets bumped off; and if she does, if the writers will have the sense to make not just Dru, but Jack (who did sleep with her) both prime suspects. But considering what a complete hash they're making of Bradski and the Nazis, you just can't trust them anymore.

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