Do I expect too much?

by Nita
For the Week of October 23, 2006
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Do I expect too much?
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In these new and different days, sometimes, being a long time viewer can definitely have its drawbacks.

In these new and different days, sometimes, being a long time viewer can definitely have its drawbacks. Because if I hadn't been there to know how good this show has been and could be again, I wouldn't know what I'm missing now.

As I struggle to keep abreast of the lightning fast moving storylines these days, more and more often I find myself hitting the rewind button, trying to figure out whether I missed something. Every now and then, from one episode to the next; sometimes from one commercial break to another, I hear myself confusedly muttering the word "whaaaat?" Just to be certain, I double check whatever potion is in my glass to make sure it is indeed nonalcoholic or I pinch myself to make sure I'm still awake. Once I've determined both of the above, I sigh and punch rewind only to find I didn't somehow snooze through the chunk that seems missing from the thread of a storyline. It was never there to miss. Okay, I tell myself. I'm not a child who needs to be taken by the hand and walked through every single nuance of every single plot point. I can figure out that some things are left to me to put together for myself. But, it sure seems to me, I'm adding in a lot of things lately.

I'm sure more recent viewers probably get extremely impatient with us longer viewing fans who mournfully moan and groan about the way things used to be in the good old long ago days. They probably say, "aw, kwitcher cryin', everything changes, nothing stays the same." And I would wholeheartedly agree with them. Change is usually a good thing. But, just my opinion, when it comes to soaps, a little goes a long way. Especially when it comes to a change in a character's character. When I first started watching this show, way back when, I hadn't a clue who was who. As I watched an inebriated Katherine Chancellor slurring her way through a contentious conversation with her soon to be ex husband Phillip over his shenanigans with a very young Jill, I peppered my Mom with questions, relying on her memory to fill me in on the who, what, where and why about Kay and Jill and all the other citizens of Genoa City. It took awhile but I finally figured out who they were and how they fit with everybody else. It was like reading a thick, meaty book, or should I say, like watching it acted out, page after page. I was hooked. I cared about these people, warts and all. And I kept on tuning in, day after day, 'cause I just had to know what was going to happen to them next.

And then it all started to change. Jill, once Kay's nemesis, became her daughter. Mac and Billy, and their sweet unconsummated love, after surmounting obstacle after obstacle, were pronounced first cousins. Ashley, who once aborted her own child so as not to stand in the way of Victor's re-uniting with a thought to be dying Nikki, inexplicably became a semen stealer and impregnated herself with Victor's swimmers. Brad married his former wife's sister. Victoria married her mother's ex-lover and became a stepmother to her half-sister. Married Nick began an affair with his former stepfather's ex-wife, and is about to marry her in another state, though still not legally free of his not quite ex-wife, who has already began bouncing on the bed springs with her not quite ex-husband's wife-to-be's former husband/lover. Confusing enough? And let's not forget Sharon laying a big dry one on the lips of her then father-in-law, and much later doing a whole more to her then sis-in-law's less than two month old marital mate. It's the marriage that wasn't quite two months old, not the mate, just in case you weren't sure which was which. Anyway, all that to say, these days, I'm watching in openmouthed horror, wondering: "who are these people?" And I have to admit, I'm really beginning to have a hard time working up a modicum of caring for many of them.

In spite of all that, however, I'm trying to be patient. I watched B&B from the very beginning. But finally, that repetitive merry-go-round of regurgitated relationships, the dead coming back to walk among the living, and various and sundry other nonsensicals and I'd finally had enough and removed their name from my VCR recording schedule.

I know our favorite soap is undergoing a changing of the writing guard, so I'm trying to give them time to make their mark on things. I also know along with SoapNet came many new eyes and ears with no ties to the past to cloud their pleasurable viewing experience, and in order to keep them coming back for more, things better keep humming along as quickly as possible. But I just hope the new girl in town doesn't forget the reason this soap has been tops for so long. If you cease caring about these Genoa City characters, I guarantee you won't keep coming back for more forever. At least this fan won't.

I like that finally Neil and Dru seem to be back on track. I won't be sorry to see Carmen disappear from my small screen. But not because of what she tried to build with Neil. Because when it comes to who was chasing and who was being chased, if I was to keep score, I'd have to tally them in a dead heat. If not for what happened to Devon, Neil might still be stumbling along behind Carmen, glittering stars obstructing his vision and hiding the venom in this vixen. No, I didn't like Carmen because she seemed to have no real reason to be here. A PR person trying to minimize the bad publicity from Gloria's tainted cream caper, indeed. Well, judging by Gibson's lawsuit holding Kay and company over a financial barrel and the fact that Jabot ended up so far down the tubes, even Kay's money wasn't enough to bring it back afloat makes me think Carmen wasn't nearly as good as her credentials claimed. Then there were those two intimate encounters with Jack that further dented her credibility before she moved on to Neil. That inked an indelible 'S' for sleep-around on her forehead for me.

I don't like the Brad and Victoria coupling. Wooden Brad never once made me believe he actually loves Victoria, even now. Not when he was declaring his love to Sharon nor when he was denouncing it on his wedding day in favor of Ms. Newman. For that matter, he wasn't any more convincing at making me think he loved Sharon either. Then there was that reliquary, I'm not who I've said I am for the past 20-odd years madness. A story that began so big and wound up so disappointedly tiny. Was I the only fan who found it impossible to feel Brad's pain and anguish for what he says he and Mommy Kaplan have suffered?

Nick and Phyllis. Well, you all know how I feel about them. They annoy me though I can certainly understand why others adore them.

I now like Daniel and Lily, although that has not always been the case. That summer in California filled with old Lily's aggravating nails on a chalkboard Dan-yell whine was one of my least favorite things to watch and listen to. With the recast, those two at last began to grow on me, especially when compared to Mac #3 and J.T.. And now I'm sincerely sorry to see Davetta shoved aside to make room for Lily's previous portrayer. It will be interesting to see whether that re-recast turns out to be a mistake. Because I've learned from years of watching this show, that sometimes bringing back a former after too long away has the less than desired result. She's been away long enough for me to forget if she actually had chemistry with Daniel. The main thing I remember is her constant complaining and Valley girl twang. And how uncomfortable it was watching her fawn over Malcolm like he was a potential mate, not her Uncle/Daddy. As for Davetta, she had plenty to say about her recent dismissal from the show. A recent chat I had with Editor Dan thought she was soap opera crazy for her MySpace remarks about shoving Gayle aside to become Oprah's new sidekick/best girl. His exact words were: "She will pull a Sheila and come back all Nip/Tucked as Gayle!" Anyway, good luck Davetta. Hope you find a spot that's all yours. And who can blame her for wanting to be an Oprah pal? If you've got something to sell, one whisper from Ms. Winfrey and your phone is likely to be ringing right off the hook!

I don't like Colleen. Not with J.T., not with Professor Not So Pouty Anymore. Not with Brad, not with Grandma Kaplan, not with Victoria, nor Daniel, nor Lily. Not even with Abby. I'm with fan Chandra below. That whispery-voiced delivery is not working for me either. I thought I'd be able to stomach her with Kevin, but I can certainly understand why most fans wouldn't want to see her get cozy with her attempted murderer. Even though I occasionally poked gentle fun at the old Colleen in her pairing with J.T., I can't deny she brought a sweetness to the character that is sorely missing now. This new character is abrasive, annoying and always belligerently in your face, which does nothing to endear her to me.

I would love to see what could happen between Professor Korbel and Victoria. I definitely saw a spark that could possibly be kindled into, if not an inferno, at least a blaze that might warm my fingers if I put them right next to the screen. Of course, the Professor will probably turn out to be a villain, like that Gary guy who held Victoria captive in the tree house. I liked him, by the way, and was so disappointed when they made him a lunatic. I also absolutely loved old Victoria with Michael before he became happily married with child.

Lauren and Michael work for me almost all the time. They seem so normal (well, except when Sheila is attached to them at the hip). While I never felt any real danger to their son, despite his premature entrance to the world, I assume they played it that way so both the Mommys (Lauren and Phyllis) could get separate time for their baby's birth, with neither being eclipsed by the other. Well, that and to re-introduce the dreaded Sheila back into the Baldwin mix. Fan Eve, love your nickname for Sheila, by the way (see below). Too funny and so, so true! And I have to line up right behind fan Faith below. Fenmore was only a month or so early. It was a bit of a stretch for me too to buy that he would be in such distress delivered so close to full term.

I know, by now many have groaned aloud with dismay at the news that the Sheila specter might be about to rise and spread its venom once again. As a Phyllis look-alike, no less. I won't even bother to guess what that could mean. I could see why she might find it amusing to alter her face to look like Phyllis. As Michael's oft-declared best gal pal, next to his beloved Lauren, who better to be to get close to Lauren? But why bother? Sheila has been done to death and not very well in my cynical opinion. I had enough of her 10 years ago. Her last visit was a laughable joke and any more appearances would likely be edging into the realm of the really ridiculous. But then again, what do I know. I just watch this stuff.

The man from U.N.C.L.E., I mean K.I.M. Now this man and his potential motives has definite possibilities for a juicy storyline. He's on my short "like lots" list. Sure, he's in Jack's pants pocket now, but how long is that going to last? After all, what's in this set up for him? With Jack unable to publicly claim his family's company, Kim could have the upper hand when it comes to who's really in charge. Then there's Victor who, has recovered much more of his mental savvy than anyone yet realizes, so how much longer will Kim be playing by Jack's rules? I doubt Kim can withstand much pressure if Victor chooses to apply it. On top of that, financially, Jack has to be spread pretty thin by now, even after stealing most of Daddy's dollars. What will he do if Victor suddenly calls in that 250 mil? Especially since Jack got it under questionable circumstances. Business aside, as far as romance is concerned, there are more possibilities to use Kim. Perhaps he could help Ashley un-wedge that stick from her ... back and give her a reason to smile for a change. Or if not Ashley, there are at least a couple of other choices.

Like Sharon. Though Jack is not exactly chopped liver, pairing those two together seems more tawdry than titillating. It doesn't help that Brad was his immediate predecessor. I know the pickings are slim in this town, but surely with a little thought, the scribes could have come up with another possibility that didn't cast Sharon in such a sleazy light. What is it with the Newman women, or at least Nikki and Sharon? Talk about déjà vu. Way back in the day, Nikki too turned to Jack after getting her heart bruised by a Newman man. I was never the first to jump up and shake my pom poms in support of Sharon, but I hate to see her reduced to the punch line of so many message board jokes. I know some of my barbs aimed at her have had a little bite, but whew, some of the name calling is so bad on the boards, I have to stop reading them. Of course, to be fair, Phyllis has her haters too, and often gets hung out to dry right alongside her make-believe rival.

Speaking of rivals, rumored words whispered along the grapevine swear Jill and Kay aren't going to be all kissy-face and lovey-dovey for much longer. Many months ago, it was hinted the mother-daughter story could be heavily revised, perhaps even re-written altogether. But that was a head honcho ago, and some recent words by the current honcho says that though that's not going to happen, something equally contentious will. Of course, it was once set down in Times Roman type that the questionable paternity of Lily would never be revisited too. And we all saw where that lead to. So if the mother and daughter DNA is not to be disturbed, maybe the rift will come about because of Boastful Billy. Or will it be all about business, as in running CI?

When it comes to rivalry, it seems obvious that the one between Jack and Victor is alive and well and about to be resurrected. I've been waiting for months for the real Victor to step forward and assert himself, but I had hoped he would be setting his sights on Brad instead of Jack. I know many think Jack deserves everything he is likely to receive from Victor. Not only for the way he took advantage of Victor, but for what he did to John as well. But does their present always have to be a repeat of their past? Victor was quick to point out how Jack should redirect his focus to something other than Jabot. Well, perhaps he should take his own advice and focus his sharp eyes on someone other than Jack.

Who is Jana and what is she really doing here? The woman who always has 20 questions ready to hurl at some hapless resident. The list of those Genoa Citians indebted to her or infatuated with her continues to grow. She rescued Victoria's stolen purse, voluntarily participated in Kevin and Gloria's blackmail scheme, and has both Billy and Kevin nibbling right out of the palm of her hand. She even managed to impress Kay (though that's not as difficult as you might think, considering how easily Gloria hoodwinked her), with her thorough knowledge of expensive art. And she's shown she knows an awful lot about just about everyone. Although I'm not certain why she thought it prudent to remind Jill of her modest beginnings. It seems a stretch to consider her a part of the reliquary mystery, but stranger things have certainly happened in this town.

And finally, strange is probably not the best word to use in connection with what is to come for Carmen. Before she draws her final breath, I expect the list of suspected killers could be formidable indeed. Let's see, at the time of this writing, the entire Winters family could well have a reason to want her to disappear. Maybe even Daniel through his Winters by marriage connection. Then there's Jack and that accidentally left behind phone with its text message from Mr. Kim read by Carmen. How convenient that Kim would text and not just call the man up. Of course, regardless of how many Genoa City people who may appear they could have done it, I stand by my original guess it will be someone from outside the City. I suspect Miss Mesta has left a trail of smelly messes behind her.

All in all, though there's things I don't like, at the moment, there are more things I do like in this make believe world, and as long as that's the case, I will continue to watch.

That's all I'm saying this week. I see many of you didn't lack for things to say, so go ahead and tell us how you really feel. Thanks for writing, all!

* * * * * * *

SHIRLEY - Take Billy and Devon away! They are soooo boring and terrible, terrible actors! I think the new Lily is more like Dru, but she doesn't fit as well with Daniel as the old Lily. Danly has no purpose anyway, so it doesn't really matter. I love this show, but it's been really boring for the last few weeks. Maybe it's me, but Nick looks a little bit grossed out when kissing Phyllis. I just can't get into those two being together - another mismatch. I see nothing in common with them other than they like video games. I think Phyllis may die in childbirth leaving Nick and Sharon to raise the baby - remember how Nick and Sharon had a baby girl when Cassie came and gave Nick the ghost-of-storyline-future tour? Hard to argue with what the dead sees, but I don't want Phyllis to go. Sometimes ya love to hate her, but ya gotta admit, she's always shocking and fun. Speaking of fun, I hope Michael and Kevin will be around for a long time - sexy and funny, but Mama's got to go!

TARA - Hey Nita, really enjoy the column. Had to say something about the whole Carmen/Dru thing. I guess for me, I cannot understand for the life of me why a seemingly otherwise intelligent woman (Carmen) would be so oblivious to the fact that no wife would be accepting of the flirtation she had going on with Neil. She should have enough integrity to accept that butt whooping and move on. And ok, maybe the clothes thing was a bit much. But after having made moves like Carmen made to steal Dru's husband, I would have been too ashamed to file charges about that little assault thing in the breakroom. Now onto Sharon/Nick/Phyllis. I too love the chemistry between Nick and Phyllis. However I can remember a bit of heat between him and Sharon back in the day. I also saw something between them when they began talking about Noah's tenuous birth. I think that Sharon ought to put on her sexy lingerie and take back her man! To heck with Phyllis. She should seduce him and rub it in Phyllis' face!

BARBARA - I have to say Devon gave Carmen a piece of his, mine and everyone watching minds. He was brilliant when he told her "How the hell can you say something like that to me?" What kind of whack job are you? Dru was in Europe and where were you? Chasing Neil every chance you got ... and then you have the nerve to have a problem when the wife of the married man you've been chasing has a problem with it? You go Devon. I agree that it didn't make any sense for her to accost Carmen at work, but lest we forget from whence Dru came? An illiterate girl from the streets? I think Dru can go over the top but this woman acting as though she doesn't deserve any comeuppance for what she's been trying to do with Neil and he with her. I hope they play this little bit of tape of Devon when it's time to hand out Emmy's; he was fantastic, totally believable in this portrayal. I loved it. I tape the soaps and watch them at night and I kept rewinding this scene. Carmen got just what she deserved. She is the town tramp for sure.

JENNIFFER - Have the writers never heard of a little thing called research? There must be no female writers because they know nothing of FMLA? Dru should have been able to take up to 12 weeks off to care for her child. Dru should be taking her boss and Carmen to court for violating her rights. I have had a woman after my man before. Women like that will do anything and they are just evil!

KALY - Dru was wrong. There are no two ways about it. She put her hands on a co-worker, being fired was the only right solution. If we can have a zero tolerance policy in schools for children, we can surely have one for professional adults in the workplace. What part of restraining order did Drucilla not understand? She was given a reprieve after the first incident. Where she showed up drunk at Carmen's home and conned her way inside to destroy her property in the middle of the night. Sorry, but no matter how much you like Drucilla, that was a serious offense and a sorry from Dru didn't cut it. I'm amazed Neil thought an apology from him would be sufficient for someone who found a drunken person with scissors sitting in their bedroom. WTH? It really deeply bugs me that suddenly Dru, Neil, Devon and Lily have rewritten history to make it seem like Carmen single-handedly destroyed some happy family portrait. Puh-lease! Neil wasn't giving Drucilla the time of day when Carmen came around, and he was chasing her just as much as she was chasing him. But hey, let's just forget Neil's culpability in the destruction of his marriage, and certainly forget Dru's! I mean Carmen was not encouraged at all, right?! I'm sick of this nonsense that seems to be trying to write Carmen into the next Sheila. She absolutely took the opportunity to go after a married and separated man. But this was not a one-sided relationship, and assault is assault. In this case it's assault times 2. Devon may think Dru only talks but she put her hands on someone twice, yes jail time may be in her future but she has earned it. Period. I also don't like the idea that some have suggested if Carmen does not feel safe around Dru she should quit. How do you figure that? You have a co-worker with clear violent tendencies but they should be permitted to keep their job? It's your fault they keep assaulting you? Nonsense! If this was any sort of male-female violence, anywhere, especially in the workplace we would not even be having this discussion. Violence is intolerable. Dru had so many alternatives to handle this situation, beginning with taking it up with her husband! An inappropriate office relationship can be dealt with through human resources as well. Instead she chose the worst way possible twice. No matter how wronged or hurt or stressed Devon may think Dru is, that is not nor should it be Carmen's concern. The "I only hurt you cause I'm having a bad day argument." UGH! Dru chose this path, it's her mistake and it does not make Carmen manipulative at all to demand there be consequences for assault. That Neil and Devon don't see that only shows that they are as dysfunctional as Drucilla. Neil is completely deluded if he thinks Carmen still has any interest in him or that pressing charges is about him. Carmen clearly sees him for the weak, dysfunctional person he is. I think it's about the principle of the situation for Carmen and she is right. When Dru broke into her home she made Carmen fear for her safety and she hasn't done anything to allay that fear. Drucilla has done much more than talk, no matter what Devon believes. Carmen should demand it stops even if it takes ANOTHER court order to do it. P.S. - I really enjoy Phyllis and Nick, even though I miss the tough Phyllis. But I don't think any employee hiding proof of an assault on company property would be acceptable. Phyllis has a history yes, but in no way should that mean she needs to make amends by covering for Dru or allowing Carmen to remain exposed to Dru's assaults. The blame for Dru is with Dru.

LORI - ICAM about the firing of Davetta Sherwood in favor of bringing back Christel Khalil. I've really grown to like Davetta in the role; Christel has too much of a Valley-girl accent that detracts from her acting ability. And she's also too tall for Michael Graziadei! LOL.

FAITH - Okay, I have to say something about the premature births in GC. Why is it that every baby in Genoa City is always premature, dies, or barely makes it? I guess it is for the drama. The baby was born a month early and the baby is so small and may not live? What century do we live in? A month early is not bad, unless the mom is smoking crack or something else is going on. My twins were born 2 ½ months premature 21 years ago, yet my babies did much better than the Baldwin baby. I guess medical science hasn't improved in GC. Maybe Lauren didn't have very good prenatal care. You would think she would know better. I was allowed to hold my kids right after they were born, it doesn't seem like Michael & Lauren can. Lauren needs to see a psychiatrist for her regular panic attacks; she seems to panic over everything. I couldn't understand her overreaction to Michael when she found out about Jack's emails. When she questioned Michael, he didn't lie to her. He made a quick getaway after telling her he got them from a source. She knew he didn't tell her everything. Gloria lied to her, but she didn't jump down Gloria's throat as bad as she did Michael's. I understand why she was mad, but she really overreacted. However, I did love seeing Michael jump down Gloria's throat. That was well deserved. People can't understand why Michael & Kevin help their mother out, but I can see that happening. They have a dysfunctional family and they help their mother out even though they know they shouldn't. It always gets them into trouble when they do help her. Plus, Ashley & Jack have always been rude and condescending to Michael & Kevin. I'm sure that doesn't make them want to protect Jack & Ashley. Jack & Ashley sure have changed, they have become spoiled brats. Jack used to be a spoiled brat in the beginning, and he slowly grew up. I remember when Jack & Ashley butted heads over who was going to be CEO of Jabot cosmetics. It doesn't seem to bother Ashley that Jack is in control. I didn't understand why Ashley didn't try to buy Jabot. Nita, I am interested in hearing your comments about Billy. You always say what you think about each new character, however, you have said very little about this new Billy. I don't like him very much, although I'm trying to give him a chance. I think it's mainly because he is so different from the original Billy. He is such a spoiled brat, I do not remember Billy being a spoiled brat. Mackenzie would have never been interested in this Billy. He throws his money in everyone's face. He doesn't make himself a better person, he wants everything handed to him on a silver platter because he is an Abbott/Chancellor. I used to really like the Abbott family, not so much anymore. I can't wait for Victor to take Jabot away from Jack. On one hand, I can understand the Abbott family feeling they are entitled to Jabot since it is their father's company, but they are acting so spoiled. It would serve them right to have it snatched away. Jack has a somewhat improved disposition lately, so we know he is going to have a fall soon. I loved it when John was in bed with Jack & Sharon ... that was so funny! I don't have any sympathy for Dru. She has been acting irrationally. I have to agree with Tad and you, Dru has never cut up people's clothes or attacked someone physically before. I would have liked to see her take the high road and not need a man so much. Neil would have seen what he was losing and realized that Carmen wasn't what he thought she was. I wish Y&R wouldn't portray women so desperate & needy. I guess this creates more drama. The same goes for Sharon. I loved how she treated the situation when she found out about Nick & Phyllis then she became so vindictive, preachy, and hypocritical. Everyone knows she has no room to talk, it makes her look silly. I think Brad & Sharon should have gotten together so she could see he isn't so wonderful. I am still hoping Brad & Sharon will get together so it will fall apart. I believe Nick & Sharon will get back together someday, just like Victor & Nikki. Maybe they need to both grow up some more. I can't blame Carmen for calling the cops after being attacked physically. I would have done the same thing. I do think she is trying to fan the fire because she is angry she didn't get Neil. Dru never seems to learn to stay away from Carmen. She talks about Carmen not taking responsibility, but when has she ever taken responsibility? Never. Why do I keep hearing Carmen & Phyllis being blamed by some fans? Why isn't Neil & Nick being blamed? Since they are guys, they don't have control? Women need to realize this give men permission to cheat if we only blame women. Carmen & Phyllis are not blameless, but the men are the attached ones. These men have taken wedding vows to be faithful. They do know right from wrong. Nobody put a gun to their head and forced them. I remember Neil chasing Carmen. Many times Carmen turned him down for dinner & lunch. Every chance he got, he tried to be with Carmen and neglected to work on his marriage with Dru. I felt sorry for Dru at the time; he shouldn't have treated her that way. The paternity of Lily was never Dru's fault, only lying about it was. I recall Malcolm & Olivia swearing her into keeping quiet about the paternity of Lily. Whatever happened to Olivia? She disappeared from GC; some characters seem to disappear without explanation. Neil should have been working on the issues he had with Dru, not chasing another woman. Maybe he wanted a divorce but didn't have the guts to do it, so he wanted to take up with another woman to drive Dru crazy and therefore Dru would leave him? Is Neil that gutless?

NAT - I am absolutely sick of Nick and Phyllis! Nick feels it absolutely necessary to throw it in Sharon's face every chance he gets! Was it a MUST that he tell her about his surprise party plans for Phyllis? Heck No! I think there's some reason Nick is so desperate to get married before the baby is born. He knows that the child will legally be his if he's married to the mother at the time of birth. Remember ... Nick is the only one who actually saw the paternity results. It's Jack's girl! Jana is too sneaky. She claims to be from the other side of the tracks, but I think she's loaded ... with money and BS. She knows way too much about art. Both Jana and the mysterious professor are bad news. Are we supposed to forget that she somehow ended up with Victoria's purse after Brad's house was trashed? Just when I start to feel sorry for Gloria, she gets sneakier...playing "match-breaker" between Jill, Ashley, and the very eligible DA. The fact that she's more interested after learning of his inheritance makes her appear as the gold-digger Ashley makes her out to be! I can't wait until the old Victor is back in full action, and figures out exactly what Jack is up to. Jack completely manipulated Victor's epilepsy. I wish the writers would make Victor and Nikki figure this out together somehow. Please, please put Nick and Sharon back together! Phyllis does not fit in with the Newman clan.

CHANDRA - I love Two Scoops column. I am a loyal fan of Y&R, very passionate about all the characters. Viewers love to hate villains. That's part of the fun. So I don't know why Michelle Stafford had a problem w/ that! Come on! What a shame Davetta Sherwood is leaving. I can't stand the previous Lily - Ms. Khalil. Besides, Davetta is much more convincing. Ms. Khalil has a whiny voice. Y&R needs to get a better casting director ... someone who is more sensitive and aware about family ties, race, nationality and culture. Davetta resembled the actors who portray her parents. There is much more chemistry between Daniel and the present Lily (Sherwood). Daniel seems to enjoy his role thoroughly, especially when kissing his wife. With Ms. Khalil, there was no chemistry! Also, how did they cast that young child to play Noah? There is zip, zero, zilch talent in him for acting. Sharon knows how to play a mother, doting and nurturing her child. Nick does not -- there is no chemistry between Nick & Noah. It's as if Noah is just reciting his lines. Come on, get an actor who looks like a cross between Nick & Sharon. Also I like the present Victoria. She has a fiery presence (her eyes) and looks like she could be related to Victor. Heather Tom could not act! It's about time these soaps had more brunettes on the show. Tired of seeing blonde, blue-eyed faces all over the soaps. America is multicultural, and the soaps need to reflect that. Too bad that there are only 4 African-American actors left on Y&R. What happened to that handsome African-American detective with dark skin, broad shoulders and handsome face when Daniel & Lily were missing? I love Dru & Neil. Neil was so mean while he flirted with Carmen. Carmen cannot act very well. All of a sudden, now Neil sees the light? How come the issue with the cream & Gloria is on the back burner? Why isn't Sharon getting counseling after her horrific ordeal? Why is that issue pushed to the back? The actor who plays Colleen half-whispers her lines. Is that supposed to be sexy? I turn the volume on Mute when she is speaking. I laughed hard when I read your blurb about Phyllis & Nick. So true! Whatever happened to Gina? She needs a storyline, not just hostessing with a few exit and entry lines. She is a great singer & once sang on the show! I'm tired of the Sheila issue. Leave it alone already. What is up with the writing team? Fresh out of ideas? Hashing & rehashing old tired storylines is safer and doesn't require thinking & creativity? Keep up the good work, Two Scoops. I will keep reading! Love your comments.

EVE - I have to admit I am looking forward to the Carmen Mesta murder mystery - as long as they don't bring in a ringer to be the murderer. If nothing else, I'm having fun trying to figure out who is expendable? Dru? No. Neil? No way. Jack? Unfortunately, no. The whole Fisher-Abbott clan? Ashley steals sperm, but she doesn't kill people. I think it's going to be Devon, whose never been that integral to the plot line and besides, they can probably tie it into his being deaf -- he didn't hear her and was swinging at a big cat or something and accidentally hit her. On the other hand, my skin is crawling at the thought of yet another round of the Witch Who Would Not Die, Sheila. Please, writers, you're getting soft and tired! This has been done to death, especially since Sheila never changes (except in appearance). I am sick of Sheila for so many reasons, from the fact that all can she can think of is stealing Lauren's child, to the fact that we're somehow supposed to accept that she just magically can conjure bucks out of the air - for plastic surgery, trips to Rio, trips here, trips there, and nary a credit card trail in sight. To be perfectly honest, I'll just tape Y&R and fast-forward through any further Sheila shenanigans because I can't take it anymore.

CATHIE - Seymour never fit the profile of Billy Abbott and his acting was to say the very least, awful ... spend the bucks and bring Thom back! His acting was great, he's extremely good looking, which the Y & R is missing in the over young men in the show ... he is sexy ... all the great qualities to give the show a big boost. I still can't understand why you people had to write off John Abbott and replace Lily with the old one, doesn't make sense to me or others. The new Lily is far more attractive than the last one! Why is Kevin being written out? Have the writers run out of ideas or is the cash flow that bad!

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