Carmen Mesta's murder

by Nita
For the Week of November 13, 2006
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Carmen Mesta's murder
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How many ways can one unfortunate person perish?

I think you get the idea. How many ways can one unfortunate person perish? Well, as we all saw for ourselves, quite a lot of them. It was sort of like stumbling into a macabre game of Clue. With at least 13 suspects. Let's see, Drucilla by metal pipe, Victoria by tire iron, Jana by flashlight, Professor by tire jack, Kevin by coffeepot, Devon by baseball bat, Neil by sleeve-shrouded wrench, JiMin by hammer, and Michael, Brad, Lily, Jack, and Paul all by impetuous pushes into conveniently close and inconveniently (for Carmen) unyielding objects.

Since I was no fan of Carmen Mesta, the various possible murder scenarios were quite entertaining and seeing her collapse for the count over and over and over again didn't upset my digestion a bit. Mindless entertainment, however, was all that came out of Friday's show. Because I think we can all be just about 100% certain none of the shown suspects actually committed the crime.

In fact, after re-watching my tape of the day before the Indigo opening, the most obvious suspect, Dru, was one of the few people who appeared to have had no comment whatsoever with Carmen on that fateful day. The same cannot be said, unfortunately, for her son and husband. While we already know none of the Winters family members had a thing to do with Mesta's murder, given the way Genoa City badge carriers sworn to serve and protect inevitably pursue the wrong perpetrator, Drucilla is right to suffer soul searing, spine tingling terror at the thought of herself or one of her family being wrongly railroaded to lockup. Especially since that same re-watch showed me Devon was the last to see Carmen alive (at least that we know of at the time of this writing), but as she flounced off the elevator with his notepad in hand; you know the one with "meet me" on one side and "Hell nah" on the other, the black widow was clearly alive and breathing fire.

But until more clues are sprinkled onto the ground during the coming week or two, we and the grand jury have to make do with what we now know.

Speaking of those secretive Grand Jury hearings, Will Bardwell appeared to be having the absolute time of his life, as some of the most moneyed icons of Genoa City's high society traipsed before him, forced by law to recite the truth and nothing but, or at least to tell a truthful sounding fabrication. And since none of those subpoenaed seemed willing to come clean about what was actually asked and answered, I guess we'll never know exactly what went on behind those closed and heavily guarded doors.

"I did what I had to do and I'm not gonna apologize for that," Phyllis was heard to say to her son as she stalked off, belly leading the way. No surprise there. We've heard that line before. That feral feline is never sorry for anything she's done or destroyed yet still manages to land on all four painted, claw-extended paws. "Under the right circumstances people are capable of anything" was the other pearl of wisdom that rolled off her forked tongue. Well, she, more than almost anyone, can testify to the truth of that statement. Given the anythings she's done under many different circumstances.

Not that I was surprised Phyllis could so clearly see Dru's faults but continue to give Carmen an 'ahh pshaw' free pass. Had Neil been willing, she and Carmen might be sharing more than just their tendency to hunt on other women's clearly marked grounds; they could be comparing burgeoning bellies too. Had Carmen not met an untimely end and those two poachers had become better buds, couldn't you just hear their possible conversation on a girls only sleepover after Phyllis has belted back a few? "Carmen," Phyllis giggles, I have to tell you about the way I tricked a married rock star into believing he'd fathered my baby. And after that," she slurs, "I got a tale about a two ton auto and two people at the top of my then most hated list that would curl your hair, or straighten it."

Then there was Brad, who proved he is also quite adept at speaking out of both sides of his mouth. "If no one has anything to hide, then no one has anything to worry about," he stated to his wife, causing me to mutter "whaaat?" at his likeness. Doesn't that mean then that he should worry since he definitely has things he wants to keep well hidden? Of course, why should he worry? He's proven over the years to be such an expert at lying, he'd probably beat a lie detector test without breaking a sweat or without even the slightest telltale elevating of his pulse.

Grand jury questioning over, Will and his pesky bit pull, Miss Maggie Go-gettem, continued to investigate the murder mystery, waylaying those deemed not quite important enough to subpoena, but presumably still believed to be in possible possession of some obscure detail having bearing on the case. He found one of those persons in Jill, and immediately began to pepper her with Carmen Mesta questions, despite the fact she appeared to be standing in the hallway, in plain sight and sound of any passing Jabot employee. Inexplicably, moments later, after encountering Ashley in another in plain view hallways, his trusty sidekick wondered whether there might be somewhere less public to conduct their inquisition. Oh, and where they were was exactly how less public than where they questioned Jill?

Okay, what was with Michael's blow-up? Was I the only fan who wondered where the heck that came from? Was that supposed to indicate his own level of stress due to the new baby? He's been defending wrongfully accused suspects for years now and has always easily taken it in stride with barely a raising of his inside voice. So what brought on that tirade against Will for doing his job, albeit, ineptly? I found it just a trifle hard to believe he's developed such a liking for the Winters family, especially since he doesn't appear convinced of their innocence. Maybe it was just me, but that outburst felt like the scribes forcing a square peg into a round hole just to make the story work, regardless of how ridiculous and out of the blue it came across.

And by the way, before I abandon the murder for other Genoa City matters, was I the only fan who thought Neil was looking mighty hot in his see the grand jury suit?

Okay, moving on. Aside from worrying over whether he could possibly be fingered for Mesta's murder, Jack has plenty of other problematic portions on his overpiled platter. Though he hasn't yet tumbled to it, the day of discovery of his behind the scenes ownership piece of the Jabot pie is creeping ever closer. And the two people in his innermost circle, Sharon and JiMin, who both hold incriminating pieces of the puzzle, are unwittingly supplying them to his enemy. Sharon can't be completely blamed for spilling the Belize beans since she hasn't a clue what she knows has any importance. But Jack has warned JiMin time and time again to beware of the Black Knight and his insidious questioning that makes Bardwell look like an inexperienced interrogator.

I know Jack went about getting what he wanted the wrong way, but as much as I've always adored Victor, this is one time I really wish he would lose. If for no other reason than so I'd never have to see Nikki's gloating countenance as she watches Victor hold Jack's head under for the third and final time.

So what, Jack used less than ethical ways to get back the family company? What skin is that off of Victor's nose? It isn't as if the 250 mil was given to Jack out of the goodness of Victor's black heart. It was a loan that Jack will eventually have to repay, with plenty of interest I'm sure. And so what, he's running NVP? Wasn't the reason Victor was so eager to unload it was so he and Nikki could enjoy their golden years together, gallivanting off at a moment's notice on the jet, sailing themselves off onto deep blue seas in various locations all over the world, while baking their bodies into a burnished brown? It's not as if Victor wouldn't do as much and more to get something he's set his sights on.

Besides that, I'm not presently too impressed with Victor, whose pretended concern for Sharon's welfare just didn't ring true to my doubting ears. He could have cared less for Sharon's heart when he was beaming paternally, patting Phyllis' belly and cooing to the baby bundle inside. From his usual double and triple standard viewpoint, it's too soon after the divorce for Sharon to find somewhat caring companionship with Jack, but it's apparently perfectly okay for M'boy to move on to lifelong love with his prancing Philly. I guess the way Victor sees things, moving on is good for the Nick mongoose, but heaven forbid the Sharon gander should get to bebop around the barnyard and preen her feathers as well.

So, the old has become new. Lily has officially returned. Already, it's as if she never left. Considering the seriousness of all that is going on; like Mom, brother or perhaps even Daddy in name if not in actual deed, possibly charged with a capital crime, she sure seemed lighthearted and more than a little amused as she was disregarding adult advice (that hasn't changed) not to discuss the case with Colleen who has never been able to swallow so much as a mouthful of water without letting most of it dribble out. I eventually came to enjoy watching Davetta as Lily, but truthfully, whoever is playing it, it still seems like little more than a filler role to me. It's too early to tell if any chemistry remains between Lily and Daniel if indeed it was ever there; their scenes together were too few and brief, but I did notice when they met for the first time, they seemed more like casual friends than devoted husband and wife. I guess I'll have to reserve judgment on the re-recast until I have more to judge them by.

While I'm sort of on the subject of pairings with potential, could the fact that Ashley and JiMan are still nipping gently at one another's throats be a sign they could one day be a compatible (or not) couple? Truthfully, it's hard to root for romance for Ashley since she herself doesn't seem to feel any such longing for same. She seems content to bicker with her brother and putter around the laboratory with no detected desire to live anything but a spinsterish, solitary existence. I know she's been in and out of many marriages, but has there ever really been anyone for her but Victor, a ship that sailed majestically out of her harbor a long, long time ago? Maybe a new relationship with JiMin would help obliterate the noxious memory of her siphoning of Victor's little swimmers. Otherwise, all she will have to look forward to are monotonous moments of contentious catfights with Gloria over her diminutive decanters of Perfume on the Glo.

Kevin and Jana. When I wasn't busy being mad at Kevin for falling in with Mommy's madcap schemes of destruction, I wanted him to find a love of his own. And it appears that finally he has. Too bad for him his new lady love probably has a lot more sinister motives than he could even imagine. I guess he better enjoy it while it lasts.

Will and Jill. Too funny, Jill attempting to conquer Will's hill on, wonder of wonders, yet another Genoa City couch! What is with these people and their undeniable need to consummate their romantic deeds in their living rooms? Whatever happened to flickering, flattering candlelight in the bedroom, soft get busy music on a Serta or Sealy encased in Oprah-recommended whatever count sheets?

Colleen and Professor why use a one syllable word, when a five syllable one would work better and have me racing for my dictionary for elucidation besides? This, in my opinion, is not a pairing with potential. A moment's eavesdropping on any of their many conversations has only left me sarcastically asking, "and you want how much cheese with that annoying whine?" And I swear if I have to see that dumb kiss one more time, my shrill screech is liable to shatter all the glass in my immediate vicinity. It was torture seeing it the first time, I can assure anyone who wants to know that seeing it another 100 times did not make it any more endearing to me. Fan Kendra below hit the nail on its shiny round head on this particular subject (and a few more besides) and got the point across much funnier than I did. Any chance the scribes are trying for a mother daughter repeat of past history by having Colleen infatuated with her professor?

On the other hand, Victoria and Adrian have much more potential for possibilities. She seems very relaxed with him and is comfortable enough to reach out and touch him without even thinking about it. No wonder both Colleen and Brad are already feeling the nip of the green-eyed monster at the back of their heels. With Victoria, the Prof. loses a lot of his stiffness. And it's much easier to imagine him falling for Victoria then becoming a besotted fan of Colleen's immature act.

Nick and Phyllis will probably never be my favorite couple, but at least they were bearable this week. They didn't paw each other even once, and for this fan, if for no one else, that was a very welcome non-occurrence. And finally, she's temporarily stowed that infernal giggling and if she stuck her digits in her maw, I missed it. Now if she'd just dial down the volume on her mouth and stop shouting at everyone I would be happy as a piglet in a mud-filled pen. I thought Devon was the one who couldn't hear.

Gloria and Will. You know, I probably could stomach these two together if she had just drawn his interest the normal way. Why does everything for this woman have to be part of a big convoluted plot? Where Jill is concerned, you get the sense she's genuinely interested in the man. By contrast, Gloria could barely stand to be in the same room with him until she discovered the recent infusion of cash in his bank account. Just as she probably would have passed poor John Abbott by, writing him off as just another retired, elderly gent, had her big ears not picked up the mention of his name and her eyes immediately become blinded by the blinking dollar signs dancing above his head.

But back to Will. I won't deny a pairing between them could have some sparks. But with Gloria and her constant recreation of herself, you never know if what you're seeing is real. After last week's heartwarming moments, she has reverted to form. Her brief spurt of mothering need satisfied by nuzzling her nose in the baby powder scent of young Master Fenmore's neck, it is back to business. And for her, that means the business of hoodwinking some unsuspecting man. And back she went into chameleon mode. To remake herself into whatever she thinks her current man prey of the moment might be seeking. So who will she be this time - a carbon copy of Will's late wife? With John, the card she whipped out of her sleeve and slapped on the dinner table, was the alleged bitter bone of contention between her sons and herself as the reason she was fending for herself in a cold, cruel world, practically homeless and definitely penniless. This time she's using a card plucked from her bosom, the death of her beloved spouse, a situation only Will can comprehend, to wedge her toe in his romantic door. Yes, I know, Gloria came from nothing, and has supposedly always had to scratch and fight for everything she's gotten. But does that mean she should get a free pass and be forgiven for all that she has gotten or is trying to get by hook or by crook? Just my opinion, but despite the pretty, expensively put together package on the outside, it's not enough to hide the fact that this calculating gold-digger hasn't really traveled very far from her low and tawdry roots.

By the way, just who is the real Glo? The barhopping bimbo who giggled while her hubby beat and berated her boys? The breath of fresh air who hired some sons then slept with one; and before all was done and John was buried, wound up leaving a scent more foul than fresh? Or is she the professional gardenia wearing woman whose face wears a brave smile turned upside down?

So long Master William Abbott. He was here and now he's gone and scarcely a ripple did the young man make in Genoa City life. Except to pit Mommy and Grandmommy against each other once again. I know Jill didn't want to hear anything bad about her darling Billy Boy, but like so many say, always listen to Mommy, because Daddy's not the only one who knows best. Kay was right to belabor the point and badger Jill about Billy's possible addictive traits. After all, addictive behavior does run in the blood.

Well, that's all from me. I'll let you fans, and your well-thought out opinions, take it from here. I enjoyed the guesses about who killed Carmen. Especially the ones guessing Will Bardwell wielded the murder weapon. Wouldn't that be a kick out of nowhere? And a twist unforeseen? Of course, I still put my penny on the square marked: man from Carmen's past. Or perhaps, man hired by wife of man from Carmen's past. See you next week!

* * * * * * *

LATOYA - First of all last week (10/30) I was like "Wake me up when it is over!" It was a serious snooze-fest. But in typical Y&R fashion, they will probably drag everything out until the last week in November when they will reveal everything. (Why else is Amber coming on November 29?) Kudos to the actors who play Michael and Lauren. The new parent scenes were awesome and so believable. The reference to Jana's allergy to roses was interesting, so I went to other fan sites to find a connection to something. Someone stated that they remembered Sheila was allergic to roses. But, they didn't believe that Jana is Sheila, but they did believe that Jana was Sheila's daughter. (Sheila had three children, two which died (boy and girl) and one which is technically still out there (Massimo's child.) Is this Jana? We shall see! Also, I heard a rumor that a longtime Y&R actor is leaving the show. Is this true? If so, I hope it is Brad! He is awful and expendable!

CAROLYN - I just wanted to let someone know about the person I think killed Carmen. I think it was Bardwell the DA!

HENRI - I enjoy reading your column every chance I get. I have to comment on Phyllis. She is like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Who is she to talk about Dru's behavior? If I recall correctly, Phyllis has broken up several marriages, had numerous affairs, attempted murder, may have killed her friend Sasha, blackmailed her therapist after having sex with him and has lied and schemed too many times to count. Yet she has the temerity to call Dru crazy and say that she is capable of anything. Have the powers that be and the viewers that are loving Phyllis forgotten her shady past? I also don't get how readily Phyllis and Nick's affair is so easily accepted by Victor and Nikki. The mind boggles.

JM - While I know many people are happy about the Dru/Neil reunion, I still cringe at both of them. Dru makes me ill with her stupid outbursts and it's hard to forget that Neil and his Mesta-tongue waggin' is what started all this. His sudden I want my wife back attitude leaves me with no sympathy for him and his roving eye. Bring back Malcolm and put him with Sharon. And is anyone else annoyed by the little Bardwell sidekick, detective Sullivan? She reminds me of a little puppy that follows him around with her bad-Farrah hairdo.

TREY - I was so excited about this new idea I had to let you know it. Ok, what if Will Bardwell killed Carmen? Think about it. Maybe Carmen had an affair with him in the past, forcing his wife to kill herself and for some reason he had to kill Carmen so the truth about the wife's death wouldn't come out. I mean didn't he come into a lot of money from her death? I don't know all the details but let me know what you think about this idea.

S.A. - On one episode of The Young and the Restless I heard the young lady say something about having a fundraiser to get recycled cans in a school. I work for the Public Works Department which also is in charge of the recyling program for Virginia and for the National Recycling program, and I know for a fact that recycled cans are put in the schools, residences and other public buildings for free. There is a fee for solid waste (trash) that is added to a resident's water bill, but no charge for schools. Please correct this. We need more people to recycle but not if they feel they have to pay for the carts.

ANGIE - Ok, now correct me if I am wrong, I remember years ago when Brad was married to Tracy Abbot, and it was revealed that he was married to some psycho chick and was kidnaped by her and held hostage in a cage! And now he has this secret identity? The writers are either very young and did not keep up with Y&R or the old timers failed to leave detailed notes!

SHERRI - Why has reading the opinions online about Y&R become better than the actual show? The internet fans seem to put more story in the show than the actual writers do. I've been watching Y&R for years and they have definitely hit a dull patch. The only interesting story is the Carmen Mesta murder and Carmen wasn't on the show long enough for anybody to really care that she got killed. Lauren and Sheila is a non-story. Lauren may be freaked out but what has really happened? Not much. On other more action filled soaps, the writers would at least give some teasers, some dark figure lurking, some threatening letters, something. I guess the intent is for the viewers to insert the actual action but I am tired of having to read between the lines just to make the show seem halfway interesting.

BETSY - Fan Allison (last week) did say it perfectly - "savoring" is a most excellent word for how we used to appreciate each day's show. And, your follow-up with stopping everything to watch uninterrupted dovetailed nicely into the overall "letdown" feeling. As it happens, before reading your column, I was watching today's show, decided I was hungry, paused my PCTV recording, and jumped right up to fix dinner. Never, ever have I done that before. Hmmm. However, the murder SL has me watching everyday. I keep thinking there is some valuable clue I must be missing. Why did Dru and Neil need a cover story? They were preparing for Indigo's opening, so of course they would be very busy. But then, maybe Dru really did do it! I'd like the writers to write some scenes making fun of the fact that "important news" seems to only occur during Y&R broadcasts. Why does CBS News then think I wasn't smart enough to get it in the first minute and further comment for another 30 or 45 minutes? 3 minutes tops for today's news about Rumsfeld would have been fine - not the whole rest of my favorite show! And local news is just as bad. I've been trapped at livecasts of explosions, train wrecks, house fires, and political announcements. 1 minute tops for that. To quote John Stossel, "Gimme a break!"

NAN - I started watching Y&R when it started in the '70's. I have to say I am sick and tired of the Victor/Jack feud. I want Jack to win! It was Victor who started this when he and Nikki invited Jack and Ashley to their house years ago for nefarious reasons. And what's with Nikki? She was a troubled teenager who loved to strip! They have ruined her character by taking away anything fun and believable about her - she's nothing more than a young, sober Mrs. Chancellor. I play solitaire on the computer while the show is on. It's more enjoyable and colorful.

JOANNE- This week has been so boooring! Sick of the Colleen/Professor story. They make as good a couple as Nick and Phyllis! Eeewww. Hopefully Victoria will get involved with him and have some sort of cat fight with her stepdaughter. That might make things interesting. Glad Billy is gone - not going to miss him a bit. Everyone is so right, the storylines are not following at all. The writers must think we do not have a memory as there are so many inconsistencies (the jet being sold, etc.) I guess the Newmans don't research all of their employees' backgrounds because somehow Carmen's messy past did not come up in her file. Another example of inconsistency with storylines. I wish Gloria would get caught and go away. Her whining about losing John is so aggravating especially since she is salivating all over the chance to be with Will. Speaking of Will, interesting how the DA talks to everyone about the case, Gloria included, and she is on his side, not her son's just to get him to like her. Nice. They are making so many of the characters huge sleazeballs and it is so unrealistic. I agree that no one in the Winters family killed Carmen and that it may be Mr. Kim. The cops and the DA are pretty silly to think the Winters would drop her body behind their club, another dumb storyline. I think Sheila is alive and around in some form. Still thinking it's Phyllis (okay, I'm hoping it's Phyllis!) Like someone else said, I enjoy reading your comments more than watching the show right now. I think the writers are insulting the viewers and will lose many loyal fans if they do not clear up some things fast. I have found I do other things while watching the show now and just watch out of habit. I hang on to the hope that when the spawn of Nick and Phyllis is born we will see it has two heads and there will finally be an end to their storyline.

WANDA - I'll keep this short, sweet, and simple by saying: One, I miss the Sherwood Lily already, two, yes, Lauren, it's harder having a newborn in the house when you are older, and three, I'm glad they aren't mentioning Sheila, Sheila, Sheila all the time. And now I'll close with an old fashioned sing-a-long: Bye bye, Billy, bye bye. This Y&R fan won't cry. To Hong Kong you did fly. 'Cause your big brother's so sly.

SHEILA - Carmen Mesta suspense. I believe the murderer(s) were not the Winters, not the Newmans, not Jack and/or his side kick (Ji) and last but not least not even Jana, but that new guy that we only saw one episode that was hitting on everyone at the Winters club. The bartender, so brief I really didn't catch his name. He hit on a couple of the ladies and then was gone. This makes perfect soap opera sense. What do you think?

MARYANN - I love reading your column. I find myself nodding in agreement constantly! I'm glad readers commented on Neil and wanting the jet (that he supposedly sold) being gassed up. On that note, don't you think Indigo opened awfully quickly? One week it's still an empty building, the next it's all pretty! I wonder if someone can clear something up for me. Neil and Drucilla keep talking about their alibis together on the night before Carmen was found. Did we see where they were or do we know what they really did? In a real world wouldn't they be at their new club getting things ready?

KENDRA - I think the writers are really stretching these storylines to unbelievable heights! Billy - he has a problem with gambling so let's ship him off to Hong Kong TODAY! No notice. No goodbye. Nothing. Jill - my son is a gambler and I'm angry that my mother treated him like any parent/grandmother should act towards an immature brat. So instead of getting angry with him, I'll just blame everything on my mother! Phyllis - It's okay that I've had a dubious and conniving past. But the new writers want my character to go in another direction, so I'll just giggle like a 12 year old, talk in an amplified tone, and have everyone but Sharon and Jack think my slutty ways were okay. She's got her man, a baby, the support of her man's family, so nothing could be better. Funny how she doesn't interact with her son Daniel as often anymore. And let me not forget Colleen - hmmm...this man makes me sick. But oops. I'll just kiss him out of the blue one day and now I won't be able to stop thinking about that kiss and the writers will insert that flashback in every one of my scenes so I won't forget it. So out of character for her! And while she's at it, she'll just get jealous of the relationship between the professor and her stepmommy. I have been a Y&R fan for over 20 years and these stories are getting ridiculous. Yes, I still am glued to my TV whenever it's on, but I will find other things to do when Phyllis and Nick's scenes are on. They just disgust me. So writers - bring this foolishness to an end. And please stop making Dru out to be this crazed, uncontrollable, weak woman! You have totally re-written her character! And it is so unbelievable!

VERONICA - First let me say, I am also tired of the Sheila storyline. I can remember as far back as when she was to have died in a fire with her mom, how many plastic surgeries can one person have? Where does she get the money to perform all these surgeries? Oh, I forgot she kills the doctors afterward. Anyway, get rid of the Sheila stories please! Next, although Khalil originated the role of Lily, in my opinion Davetta gave the role more life and it was more believable that Neal and Dru (Malcolm) were her parents. Khalil is too dramatic, she overacts and there is no chemistry between her and Danny at all. Even when they were on the run, she seemed so whiny and now she's back. On to the murder, first of all I applaud Dru, she acted just like a jealous wife would, but she's no killer, nobody in that family is. I don't have a clue as to who did it, but I will be very interested to see where they will take this storyline. Gloria needs to go, I'm sick of her and her whiny self, her schemes and so forth! Kevin I hate, he never paid for any of his crimes! Brad, George or whoever he is, drop that storyline; it's stupid and makes no sense. My favorite couple is Nick and Phyllis. Although she's much older than he is I like their chemistry and their whole attitude in general, Nick needed someone older to help him to grow up, Sharon was too whiny and dramatic! Although, her and Jack, corny! Well, last but not least, thank God they are bringing Victor back to his senses, I understand the epilepsy storyline, but I like the business savvy Victor, the one who goes toe to toe with Jack, the fights and the control freak who has to control his family, let them know he's the smart one in the family. I look forward to seeing him bust Jack; that's a scene I look forward to seeing! Anyway Y&R is my favorite soap with great characters, some I love, some I hate, but on the whole it's a soap that's real and it deserves all the Emmys it has won over the years! I look forward to seeing more great storylines!

LETHA - This is my first time on this site. My DVR broke this week, and I just wanted to see if I could catch up for next Monday. I only want to comment about Jana and if anyone remembers back when she slipped up and told Kevin how hard it must be to be half-brothers or something to that effect. I think she is looking out for Sheila (eyes and ears) & that Sheila is planning to take over Lauren's life. Sheila has always had some kooky accomplice: that security guard in B&B and her prison girlfriend that had plastic surgery, etc. I think Jana is one of her pawns (or maybe even her daughter went under the knife too). The possibilities are endless, but Jana is not innocent. I just find it exhausting how many times she keeps coming back, especially since she and Lauren "bonded" during their captivity in that cellar, bomb-shelter storyline. I think the Nick and Phyllis stuff is HOT because they're just shaping him into Victor's image.

KAREN - Just a quick comment about the Brad/George storyline. George Kaplan was also the name of the non-existent government agent in the Cary Grant movie North by Northwest. Do you think this is one of those writer tricks or just a coincidence?

PAT P - Hi, Nita. LOVE your column! You really point out well, with great humor, all the good and unfortunately, the increasing bad things about the idiotic storylines, character and plot inconsistencies, etc., that are unfortunately part of Y&R these days. Obviously Lynn Latham is not up to the job; it will be interesting to see how many months/years it takes her great friend, VP Barbara Bloom, to figure this out. In my personal opinion, the directors are saving the show; of course this all does come from Ms. Latham so I will give her "props" for being a pretty good executive producer. Now that Kay Alden is out (this has been published in soap mags), look for probably even more changes from the Y&R we used to know. But change can be good. As regards the Carmen mystery - and we all love a good mystery! - I'm thinking that a REALLY out-of-left-field killer would be: Nick or Phyllis! Remember, even though Nick and Phyllis were having a romantic interlude on the night of Indigo's opening, it's been established that Carmen was killed the day/night before. Probably no one would want to see this as a plotline, since there's all this love for the Nick/Phyllis combo, but it would be a twist, plot-wise. Could turn out to be an accident and no one go to jail. Or, another twist would be: Gloria! And since so very, very many viewers, at least on-line, seem to despise this character, it could be an interesting twist; perhaps she could go to prison for a (relatively) short time and Michael help get her out! Just a thought; thanks for listening.

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