All about balance

by Nita
For the Week of December 4, 2006
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These days, getting through the week is definitely getting to be a tough and somewhat grueling journey.

I have always considered myself a half-full glass kind of gal. A person who could gaze hard at a pitch black cloud and manage to glimpse the faint gleam of the silver lining. To see in the most negative situation a positive or two. But I have to confess that these days when it comes to getting through the week's doings of Genoa City life, it is definitely getting to be a tough and somewhat grueling journey. Now, despite my increasing complaints, I'm really not trying to bash what was once my favorite pastime. But I'm a little too long in the tooth to start sugar coating my acidic opinions, much like makers of children's medicine add some sweet flavor to make its bad taste bearable. So even though some weeks I kind of feel like I'm beating a horse that expired long ago, I've always called things the way I see them and feel them, and I have no plans to discontinue that practice.

This is the part where I would normally preface my coming point with a question like, "am I the only fan who feels this way?" But a lot of fan mail and many message boards tell me the answer is, no, I am not. Obviously there are others like me who feel like a stranger in an even stranger land. Which is rather sad, because I still fondly recall the days when the people who populated this make believe town felt more like friends and family than actors simply playing their parts. I laughed with them and cried with them and hoped right along with them that they be granted their wishes, realize their dreams and live happily ever after, for awhile anyway. It was fun watching the dastardly deeds of the villains and villainesses, because you knew their payback day would come and at that time they would get at least some of what karma said they had coming. There was a certain balance to things that's harder to detect now. You know, most people had a little bad, tempered with a measure of redeeming good, however minute that amount might be.

Take for instance, Ms. Nikki Newman, whose occasional nose in the air snootiness was balanced by a barely discernable air of vulnerability. Vulnerability that convinced me at least that, despite the grand estate on the outskirts of town, the closets filled with the most expensive designer duds, more jewels than she could count, deep inside, she often still felt like Victor's unpolished diamond in the rough. Now, she comes across all hard, bitchy edges, a vicious pit bull, snarling and snapping at Jack and Sharon every chance she gets. All I want to know is, who wiped away her many transgressions and proclaimed her pure as freshly fallen, untrodden on snow?

Then there is Victor. a.k.a Ruthless, the Black Knight and Mr. Mustache, just to name a few, the man whose motto should have been, "if I can't beat, you, then by golly, I'm going to buy your butt and throw you out in the street." I know many deeply despised him, but I was always in his corner, because when it came right down to the nitty and the gritty, Victor was a man all about his family and that caring clearly came through and made him human. Now, though I concede he has a reason to want to mount Jack's head on the cabin wall, the hateful, humiliating way he plans to do so is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Certainly Jack's been no angel and many would say he deserves everything Victor's planning to deliver to him, but I'm not having any fun watching him do it. With Victor and his ever-growing entourage, now including, Nikki, Phyllis, Michael, Kevin and Gloria, and by extension, Victoria, Brad and Nick, who although not yet officially a part of the fray, would undoubtedly cast their votes with their family, if necessary, all against Jack, it seems like overkill and makes me want Jack to triumph. But that's just me; no one else may feel the same.

And I can't leave out Mrs. Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman. Although they were few and very, very widely spaced, she had her vulnerable, human moments too. I haven't forgotten her heartbreak at losing baby Daniel, her determination to give Jack the baby they both desperately desired, her desolation at the resulting miscarriage. Few would ever accuse Phyllis of being overly soft, but these days she often seems to go out of her way to be as rude, loud and uncaring as possible. Her slate refurbished to a state equally as pristine as the one carried by her new best bud, Nikki, for someone who has seemingly been rewarded with everything she ever wanted and then some, despite the illicit road she traveled to obtain them, why does she not seem satisfied? Considering the wide margin by which she has bested the competition, winning not only the husband, but the son and entire Newman clan, including the pampered pet, Zapato as well, one would think she could afford to be a bit more gracious about her victory and not feel the need to attempt to draw blood at every Sharon sighting. She makes me begrudge her long-awaited happiness.

As for Phyllis' Nick, who in my eyes, will forever remain a tad bit tarnished for the way he back-daggered his Daddy and seemed to wish not simply to draw a little blood, but apparently wouldn't be content until it gushed from his veins until there wasn't a drop left to cushion his bones, lately he's been reduced to little more than muted, murmuring background noise for Phyllis. His Co-CEO duties long-ago forgotten, he's little more than Phyllis' ever-grinning shadow, her silently nodding yes-man, like Zapato, ready to sit up or fetch at his wife's bidding. I know they're still in the honeymoon stage and his wife is pregnant, but come on, can we have a little starch put back into the man? Can he not be given something, anything, of substance to say or act out?

Gloria Fisher Abbott. A scheming, manipulating, dishonest liar, top to bottom and apparently through and through. And a lousy mother to boot, not even close to being above using her willing sons as just two more tools in her formidable arsenal. I find it kind of hard to root for her, no matter what she's trying to get. Does she deserve love? Of course, but is it really so much to ask that just once she go about it the normal way? Does she have one spontaneous bone in her body? The grieving widows group, googling the DA to turn herself into a reincarnated version of his dead wife, complete with her scent, her clothes, even her pearls. What's next, plastic surgery to turn herself into the former Mrs. Bardwell's twin? I guess I have to give her points for her unrelenting determination to get who and what she wants by any means necessary.

I guess what I'm trying to say, in my usual roundabout manner, is I'm really missing the balance here. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with things changing. Things are definitely different now, and I'm not saying that's a completely bad thing. After all, I also haven't forgotten the many complaints that our show had become way too predictable; that one could often see the outcome of a storyline coming ten miles away. That's certainly not the case now! Who would have predicted that Cassie, John and Ashley Abbot, faces we assumed we'd see as long as they lived or the show was on the air, would be unexpectedly done away with. That being the case, this fan can't help but wonder, who will be the next to disappear? Jack? Jill? Katherine? Sharon?

But back to my wish for balance. Why must every single Newman be all for Phyllis? Why couldn't we have Noah balking at total acceptance of his new stepmother? Why doesn't Nikki, considering her first hand experience at being constantly slapped in the face with the other woman's presence, show even a slight amount of sympathy for her former daughter-in-law? No one will ever recall Nikki and Sharon as giggling girlfriends together, but she is the mother of Nikki's only grandson. That ought to count for a little something. And then there's Nick. I understand that Phyllis doesn't give a flying fig about Sharon, after all, the way she recalls it, the marriage was irreparably broken before she began playing with one of the participants, but I find it unrealistic that Nick would be so completely unaffected by the end of his ten year union. That's one thing I do like about Sharon and Jack. The fact that like real people would, they occasionally admit that even mutually agreed upon partings just ain't that easy to get over.

Next up is Kevin Fisher. You all know he's been a particular favorite of mine for a long time. One look at little Kevin crying in the closet and I was a goner. But now, I'm the one crying. About the lack of balance, what else? I get that he loves his Mother. Though I don't think she deserves it, that doesn't matter because I didn't have to grow up with her. I also understand that he hates Jack and why. But this business about Kevin and his unerring ability to hack into computers is getting a bit tiresome. I can buy the Newman back-door entry, but the bag of goods that was a lot harder for me to carry home from the market was the one that just happened to contain not only Jack's user name, but his password as well. I suppose that too was conveniently listed in an email. And did you notice Kevin never, ever gets caught? Balance, fellow fans, balance.

Michael. You're a helluva hubby and a daddy to die for, but can you spell hypocrisy? Like certain others in Genoa City, which I will considerately catalog in the very next paragraph, Michael has perfected the art of condemning others for the very things he forgives himself and any of his allies for. For instance, apparently Michael believes the end, bringing about the downfall of the diabolical Jack Abbott, is fully justified by whatever means, no matter how underhanded, unethical or outright illegal, he Kevin and Victor deem necessary, in order to accomplish their mission. For each of the aforementioned three, a bar of soap to clean their filthy hands. Then they can pass it to Jack.

Equally hypocritical in speech, and for some, in past deeds as well, is the threesome made up of Victoria, Nikki and Phyllis. Tsk, tsk, tsk, ladies, it's not good to throw stones at passersby when you live in glass castles. How quick those feral felines were to unsheathe their claws and rake bloody furrows across Dru's name. Who was Victoria to offer her opinion on what Dru might or might not have done to Carmen? Is she not the woman who watched in open mouthed horror as her hubby quickly dispatched two men, yet has no problem catching 40 winks at night. And Nikki, accidental or not, her professionally manicured hands weren't always free of blood. And last, but certainly not the least murderous minded, the only reason the word attempted comes before murderess in relation to Phyllis has nothing to do with her intent and everything to do with Paul's quick reflexes. Had he been just a scant second slower, both he and Christine would likely be long buried, and their deaths would not be on Phyllis' conscience, because in my opinion, she has never possessed one of those cumbersome, inhibiting things.

Ahhh, the to-do continues about Brad's alleged past and the ever-growing line of evildoers he is sure are hot on his icy cold trail. Adding the name of Adrian as a possible part of the pack of supposed people who have apparently made apprehension of George/Brad their life's mission, he's paying the usual PI's to do what they do to turn over and look under all the rocks in his suspect's past. So, if his suspicion about Adrian is true, then what the heck does he think the Professor is waiting for? If Brad and Rebecca are the prey he's been hunting, why are they still alive and breathing? Does he think they have the reliquary hidden somewhere on the Carlton compound? In the Newman collection? And is just waiting for the right moment to steal it?

I laughed till tears of mirth rolled down my cheeks when Paul told Michael he couldn't question Brad for him because of a conflict of interest. Since when has anyone in this town of tightly interwoven relationships worried about interest overlapping? Heck, the way they bounce from sofa to sofa with partners their ex spouses, mothers, daughters, friends and sisters, etc. have also bounced with at one time or another, I can think of a couple of other things they could more realistically concern themselves with than a conflicting interest.

Well, Ambrosia Moore has officially entered the city. And without even trying, she managed to stir things up. Colleen immediately became ill, apparently from a stinging bite from the green-eyed jealousy bug as Adrian repeatedly waved her away like a bothersome housefly. And because of his behavior, I actually came close to feeling a little pang of sympathy on her behalf. Of course, I'm just sure the fact that I wasn't the first in line, okay, I admit it, I wasn't even in the line, to welcome Amber to GC had nothing to do with it. The rest of Genoa City, however, made up for my breach of good manners. Because, not only did they lay out the welcome mat, they opened doors, bought her drinks, offered her a job, even let her serenade the Indigo crowd.

Continuing to proceed exactly like every other investigation conducted by what passes for law enforcement in this town, meaning, down the wrong path in pursuit of the wrong person, Will makes the same mistake as his predecessors, erecting a rickety case of circumstantial evidence against an innocent person. I'm still completely in the dark and won't even hazard a guess as to the identity of the real murderer, but will admit I'm not overly impressed so far. Despite all the possible perpetrators available, Will's single-minded pursuit of Devon just seems like "been there, done that too many times before" to me. Come on writers, scatter some real red herrings, challenge me, give me something substantial to sink my teeth into. Absent that, wake me just before someone other than GC law rushes in, dragging the trussed up real murderer behind them.

By the way, fans, Dan Kroll, Soap Central's owner and operator, has created a special discussion thread for fans wishing to dish Carmen Mesta murder stuff. Just click on the link below and be magically transported to the scene of the crime. Okay, so it's not exactly the scene of the crime, but it is a place you can speculate, if you'd like, about exactly where that might have been. And anything else about the murder you care to talk about. Here's the link:

And now, fans, let me step aside, because boy did you all have a lot to say! And I have to tell you, many of you made me laugh until I fell on the floor. Obviously, I'm not the only one unafraid of telling it just the way you see it and feel it. So my fellow columnists, have at it. Reading fans, have your Puffs ready to wipe away your tears of laughter!

* * * * * * *

BILLY - My wife has me hooked on the Y&R, so being a newbie (year or so) bear with me. Has a celebrity performer ever been responsible for a heinous crime? Hell, Aaron Neville is the only person that could be strong enough to carry Carmen to her resting place behind Indigo; what is his alibi? He had apparently been there doing sound checks and possibly saw Carmen as she looked in on the club that was her initial idea. With her affinity for black men and her penchant for suggestive outerwear they could have engaged in conversation briefly, him misinterpreting her mixed signals, making a pass at her and to disarm him she very well could have made a comment about the 'mole' setting him off. Think about it, he sang "Stand by me" to encourage the defense subliminally and all but confesses with "Ain't no Sunshine when she's gone". A few more of my theories: Sheila has come back as Noah. The first thing Devon will hear is the new Jay-Z album. Korbel breaks J.T. (not to be confused with Jay-Z) and Colleen up so he can pursue his love for J.T.. Brad kills 12 more people before Valentine's day. Grandma Kaplan is a klepto. I love your writing, please excuse mine.

SK - Hey Nita, do you think that they are making Jill and Katherine not related just to bring Billy and Mac back together? I read David Tom is coming back (yippee!) have stopped watching the show ... it's too boring. I don't care who killed Carmen. I hate Sharon and Jack ... sooooo unbelievable! Phick makes me sick, Colleen and Lily ... not friends anymore? Too busy whining? What is this? Round 32 for Jack and Victor? Yawn! Gloria is terrible anyway you look at her (so I don't). Please let Jill get her man! When's the last time she got to hook up and get that itch scratched? Larry Warton, the out-of -work stripper? (That's what he looked like with that ponytail). John's ghost needs to clue in to everyone's actions or fly away, and last ... the reliquary. Boring, boring, boring. I can see why Eileen wants to go back to Days ... now there's a show that has improved 110% in the last couple of months. This new writer has to stop insulting their longtime viewers' intelligence and think about and research their storylines! This dream thing where Cassie ends up being alive will be the only thing that brings me back and doesn't sound so crazy anymore. I'll check it out when Billy comes back, but I am really scared they are going to mess up that good memory/SL too.

CORI - Love them or not, and of course I do, Nick and Phyllis were the hottest thing for Y&R in 2006. What was meant to be another problem in the already 10 year horrible marriage called Nick and Sharon turned out to be undeniable, off the charts, chemistry between two actors, Michelle Stafford and Josh Morrow. Their scenes together blew everyone away, whether they were enemies, friends and especially lovers. After they made the screen sizzle, there was no way they could put Nick back together with the bland Sharon. Nick actually became an interesting character because of Phyllis and the pairing of Nick and Phyllis brought Y&R many new viewers. The good boy/bad girl and tremendous chemistry between these two can produce a lot of good storylines, as long as the writers start writing for them. I understand they have been on the back burner since she is 10 months pregnant, but I am hoping that they give these two a good juicy storyline after the baby is born. There is no other on Y&R or any other daytime show, and I have been watching for 30 years, like MS and JM and I hope TPTB are smart enough to write for them and keep them together for a long time to come. I know they are not your personal choice, but I think you at least can admit that they gave all the fans lots to talk about this year!

EVELYN - I found SoapNet and started watching Y&R when Victor got sick. It was a great storyline, but the ones following seem to go nowhere. The better actors/actresses are let go - John, Ashley, Lily. Gloria gets off with her crime (the creme fiasco). Phyllis gets off with her crime (adultery) and so on. I realize not every crime is solved in one hour or less, but not every one goes unsolved either. I agree with the fan who said to fire the new writers and get the old back.

SHERRI - I think the writers are actually trying to make good on all the mess they've been doing this year to Sharon. Sharon has been catching a lot of flack and has not been a very sympathetic character. However, both Nikki and Phyllis have been rude bitches to her for very little reason lately. This makes Sharon a more sympathetic character and hopefully will lead to Phyllis being discovered as the rude conniving shrew that she is (or that Sheila is). The writers have to realize Sharon does have fans and we don't like her being dragged through the mud so Phyllis can have the limelight. I might be in the minority but I find Nick and Phyllis to be dull as oversexed doorknobs. It was disappointing for the one surviving couple to bite the dust so we can watch Phick make moo eyes and maul each other. On another subject, the Abbott family and next year, probably Jack seem to be on their way out. Without the Newman-Abbott rivalry the show seems rather lopsided. The Baldwin- Fishers and the nobodies (J.T., Jana) just don't have the pull to keep Y&R afloat.

JUDY - I enjoy your column and some of the comments, but decided it was time to make my own. I am absolutely in favor of Victor triumphing over all, Especially "Smilin' Jack." Eric Braeden is the main reason I watch the show. Sharon is the tramp, not Phyllis; I was sorry they renewed her contract a few years ago. I was actually rooting for Neil to get with Carmen (can't stand Dru either) until she became so nasty. I have no idea who murdered her unless it was Ashley, since she has just been fired. Otherwise it could be either Jana or the professor; she is too "helpful" and he's too good looking. I hope Kevin can find happiness, but I don't think it will be with Jana. Pity; he deserves someone to really love and not just use him. That's all I have now.

WANDA - Okay, Dru ... what's with the hair? You look like a Cocker Spaniel all groomed and trying for "Best in Show" at the Westminster Dog Show. Another question for the Winter's family ... it took my hubby two years to earn his Masters Degree in Deaf Education - how did the Winters all learn it in just a matter of days?

TONDA - Can they please wrap up one of these crazy storylines?! Is seems like groundhog day with every episode. Phyllis having contractions and going toe to toe with Jack over sexy pictures. Victor lurking around trying to figure out what Jack is doing. Jack and Ji Min trying to fake their true relationship. Dru going on and on about her son not killing anyone and their fake typing everything to him. Will arresting the Winters' family member of the day for murder and Neil or Dru speed dialing Michael to get them out. It just goes on and on. I too was sick of hearing Gloria whine all day about John not being around and burning dinner. I think you hit the nail on the head ... people with no money have to cook what little they can afford for dinner and I don't buy it that she is such a horrible cook. Will was very insensitive not calling Jill to at least say he couldn't make it to dinner. It was nice he came over to comfort Gloria but why not go the extra mile and make that phone call? He came off as a real jerk by doing that. Jana and Kevin are cute but there's that "she's too good to be true" thought about Jana I can't get out of my mind. She is everything to everybody ... Good cook, nanny, coffee house manager, fashion consultant, art historian, Dr, Lawyer ... well you get what I mean. There's just nothing she can't do. Yeah right. I can't wait till she shows her true colors. In "The Amazing Race to the Reliquary" storyline ... now stupid lil' Colleen with her big mouth has professor dreamy all hot and anxious to find out what grand ma-ma knows. Exactly why does he have to make Rebecca tell him what she knows? And why is she still camped out at Brad's if she is still wanted by the bad people? Shouldn't she lay low and not be seen as she continues to help people find their lost artwork? I just don't get it. Lastly ... all the scenes with nu old Lilly and Daniel seem fake. They come off as good friends and not young newlyweds. Keep up the great work Nita!

ROBIN - What is going on in your studio? I have completely stopped watching or checking the scoop regarding YR. This happened when you guys put trouble in Nick and Sharon's marriage. I love them together and hate Phyllis and Nick. They look awful as a couple. My neighbors and I used to watch all the time; now we hate the show. Seeing Nick and Phyllis is really horrible and unrealistic. How could anyone enjoy seeing Phyllis break up yet another marriage - do they think fans forget? Also, I used to love Phyllis until this happened. I thought she had guts and was ready to stop her back stabbing ways of ruining others lives. Also, since the new writers, the storylines are silly and not entertaining. Please consider this feedback on my behalf, my neighbors here in Orlando and most everyone I know who has watched YR for decades. Even my mother who has been a fan since the onset, doesn't bother to watch - because of Nick and Phyllis. What are you guys doing? Bring back the other writers and lose the new ones. The last straw is the firing of Eileen Davidson - I loved when you brought her back - what are you guys doing over there? Get it together because people are truly tired of watching these stupid storylines. Sorry; but this is how we feel. Thank you for listening.

LUCY - I started watching this show when it first aired in 1972, but honestly have lost interest. Storylines and characters are annoying. I keep up with the storyline by reading your column and if I think an episode is worthy of watching I do. I Tivo every show, but usually delete them. This is addressed to a fellow fan (Jenn). Girl you have a twisted imagination. (fake) Phyllis really being Sheila and Jen really being Erika (Sheila's daughter). But I have to admit, you got me thinking.

JOYCE - I am very disappointed that one of my favorite characters in daytime has been let go. I was sad when I learned Eileen has been fired. I am sure they will fire more and more people. You've got to be kidding me! You can't even speak up without getting fired, that's what happened to Davetta Sherwood too. I hope people will stop watching the show. It sucks anyway and has no moral values.

SUE - I have never seen the character of Amber Moore before yesterday and was surprised at how creepy looking she is! Too much surgery maybe - the show is too boring and badly written to watch anymore! My favorite thing about Y and R is reading this hilarious column!

TASHA - Nita, thank you for posting my opinions every week - I noticed you usually sign your name under it so it appears genuine! Just kidding, but really you say just what I always voice. The difference is I say this after reading the spoilers, etc, but you have to actually stomach all that crap by watching it. I kept to my word and stopped watching Y&R a few months back and just read what you, the spoilers, and other viewers say now. How can they destroy the Abbott family like this? And indeed, why would Jack be wrong to use any means necessary to fight for his family company? I am firmly behind those who want to see Jack come out the 'victor' in this one. Who is Phyllis to tell Sharon to revert to her old surname? What audacity! I am thrilled to see Glorious Gloria living up to Jill's high opinion of her. After realizing how scheming she has been (and will continue to be) for Willy affections, maybe she will make her CEO of either Chancellors or Jabot. After all, when she schemed with her sons against Jack and Ashley they made her VP of Making-up Things, didn't they?! While making John's son the mail-room boy, remember? I would not even comment on the murder storyline as firstly, I do not care about what's her name so good riddance, and secondly, it is just plain stupid - as viewer Vette pointed out "let's kill her and put her body behind our brand new club ... on opening night ... when all of GC is there." Oh, and viewer Vette, don't even utter those words too hard re: the possibility of Nick and Phyllis naming their baby Cassie - I would stop even so much as reading about the Young & Restless should they go there! Until then, keep up the good work, Nita. I am depending on you.

CABC - Once again Nita, your thoughts are my thoughts, except for Gloria, I like her with her boys, I think they're funny, especially Kevin. Other than Phyllis, we have to have another wicked witch on the show. I was misunderstood, I like Davetta as Lily. The old one does not do well in this role. I agree with fan Suzanne, that voice irritates me soooo bad. Neil and Dru both are of mixed race, however they both possess the much needed flavor and attitude in order to portray a black family, which is needed. I think the writers need to go back to the drawing board with the s/l on N/P/S. They have missed their mark with that one because they're disgusting. V/N/J is just as bad! I sure hope the writers have something up their sleeve with that s/l, because I'm holding on by a thread! Nikki should be brought down a notch or two real fast, she needs her memory jogged a bit to remind her of how marital affairs feel, since she was so accepting of Phyllis.

FRIEDA - After being a die hard Nick/Phyllis fan, they are finally getting on my nerves and I have to say that I have been FFW through more of these shows lately than ever before. I never wanted to miss a word, now just the sight of some characters (Lily, Gloria, Nick/Phyl, sometimes Dru) have me going through half the show sometimes. The show is not honoring the memory of Bill Bell at all - I wish he would do a John Abbott on the writing and casting staff and scare them straight. They started off pretty good - things were happening at a pretty good clip - the whole Tom/Sheila thing came and went without dragging on forever and it was rather exciting to watch everyday. Now -WTF? I basically watch out of habit. Even if I'm home in time to watch the regular broadcast, I DVR it to watch later, so I won't have to be forced to watch any parts I find cringeworthy. Last thought: Reliquary-schmeliquary! Jeez!

MARYANN - Where are all of the family members? Where are Esther's daughter, Paul's children, Brock, Lauren's son, Scott, etc.? Also, in response to reader Jenn: you have way too much time on your hands to come up with that Sheila/Phyllis storyline!

DEBORAH - I think it stinks that Eileen Davidson is being fired. I think she was a vital character to Y&R. The writers on the other hand are creating very poor storylines for everyone. The integrity of this show is greatly compromised. I can no longer count on Y&R to be entertaining. It is a shame because I have watched it for over 20 years. The writers need to really get their act together. They are the ones who need to be fired. I record the show and now fast forward through most of it.

TRISH - As others have mentioned, so many of your comments are right in alignment with what I am thinking. What is Nikki's problem regarding Ashley? Ash hasn't even been around enough lately to be a thorn in anyone's side, certainly not Nikki's. I know a lot of people are happy she's leaving, but I personally, have always liked her, despite her stupid sperm stealing trick. She's had to put up with a lot from other people. Isn't Jack's little act with Ji Min too late? After all the cozying up they did with each other, Jack can't figure out that people might suspect he may be the owner of Jabot? Well, duh! "Let's go to Indigo, Lauren - we need to get away from the baby." So off they went to do what? Listen to nothing. I thought this was supposed to be a jazz club & I know the band cancelled, but one song? Couldn't the piano player have continued playing for background noise at least? I sure hope there wasn't a cover charge. I know if I went to a nightclub that was as brightly lit as Indigo & then there was no music, I would not be a happy camper. And to leave Fen with the woman who was never voted "Mother of the Year"? The woman can't even watch something in the oven without ruining it & they're leaving the baby with her? I shuddered when I saw that one. No wonder Lauren was continually calling & then decided they should leave.

JUDY H -This week I decided to do a "B&B-ectomy"! I can't take it anymore! Bradley Bell has rewritten history one too many times for me - if I have to see Brooke and Ridge together again I believe I will be physically ill! I'm now on the verge of a second operation - a "Y&R-ectomy". I enjoy Nita's observations and comments more than actually watching the show. The storylines are dragged out until I lose interest and just don't care anymore. I am sickened by the pairing of Nick and Phyllis; I am no longer enthralled with hateful/vindictive Victor; I am so fed up with John haunting Jack and not having the ability to see what Gloria did to destroy his company; and the final straw was moving Amber Moore to Genoa City!! I would appreciate the story of Brad's mother to be enhanced as I feel she has a more interesting story to tell than anyone else at this time. It seems like the only people I like anymore on Y&R are Abby & Noah. At least the writers haven't corrupted their characters yet.

ERICKA - I think Devon's mom murdered Carmen. The reason I think this is because of the DNA and now he is trying to reach her to no avail. She might have murdered Carmen because she saw that Carmen was hurting her son. Also I hate the fact that Davetta was let go. I wonder if Khalil came back and Y&R booted Davetta because they thought we wanted her back. Davetta made Lily a lot more fun to watch. I think that Davetta showed a softer side, and her portrayal of Lily was great. I will miss her.

SHIRLEY - You are dead on yet again! I don't watch on a regular basis anymore. I am so tired of the Sheila thing done over and over! Let it die for God's sake. I cannot stand to look at the Gloria character either. I just hate her! And where did that Amber creature come from? Ewww! John Abbott is dead! Let him go! Colleen is an idiot, of course Korbel is up to something with the grandmother. Where has my favorite show gone? More Katherine and Jill might save it (and less Nikki and Sharon). Bardwell needs to get a clue about the greedy rotten Gloria, but then he can't get a decent murder suspect either. Oh well, I can always turn it off.

CAROL - I have been watching Y&R since the very first episode! It has been my favorite soap ever since ... until now. To watch Nick and Phyllis makes me sick to my stomach, but not quite as much as watching Sharon and Jack (but I have never been a Sharon fan anyway). Victor and Nikki have totally lost their acting skills. All the storylines are lame right now except the only two characters and only 1 actress left that has been part of Y&R from day one ... Katherine and Jill. The Jack owns Jabot still story is the dumbest story yet, the Carmen death story is a dead story. I am going to jump for joy when it comes out Jack is the father of Phyliss' baby and he kills Nick for lying. But good ole Catherine is finally getting another storyline. I am hoping the writers don't screw this story up and kill off the only character anyone really cares about anymore. If they kill off Mrs. C, that will be the last day I watch this failing soap.

MARIBA - I don't watch Y&R much since you started letting the Baldwin-Fisher clan get away with murder. Which actually is the only thing they have not done and gotten away with. If Jacko, goes, I won't watch anymore, but I will read and update, mainly because of the Winters family. Phyllis and Nick, Yuck! The Carlton's, boring. Nikki and Vic, sickening. Come on ya'll. I have been watching since the beginning of Y&R and have never been more disappointed. Bring back Brittany, for some spice. Give Jack his company back. Nick and Sharon back together. Let Phyllis be Sheila and then let Sheila die! Find the real Phyllis and let her still be madly in love with Jack. Then let them be in charge of Jabot and part owners of NVP with Vic and Nikki. Ooooh! Let the Winters go with the Abbotts, and the Fishers with the Newmans'. Then let Gloria go after Vic to keep Nikki busy since Ashley will be gone. And lastly, ghetto, toughen, spunk up, or do something with Khalil. Please. I liked Davetta. I am done. I don't want to stop watching after 30 loyal years.

WANDA - I guess the ultimate soap opera twist would be to have Sheila come back as Michael.

JAMIE - Nick and Phyllis Newman are the hottest couple on daytime television. We are so thrilled that their friendship that turned into an affair became the biggest love story on Y&R. Nick and Phyllis were very unhappy in their relationships and once they got together, the sparks flew, the chemistry was undeniable and the passion was incomparable. There was no turning back because MS and JM just are so great together. I can't remember in the last 30 years of watching television when a couple has captivated the audience more and has taken over a show. We are giddy with anticipation of their baby finally being born and the three of them (plus Noah and Daniel) being a family. I can't wait for future storylines together, of which there should be a lot since the good boy/bad girl potential can go anywhere. We love Nick and Phyllis and just hope that soon we can get storylines that don't include their ex-mates. Please get Sharon a guy that is interested in her, and a girl that Jack is interested in. They need to move on. Nick and Phyllis are too hot, too charismatic to ever look back. Their love can last forever!

TREY - I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Amber Moore coming to town and running into Lauren was a great nod to B&B. Amber's immediate attraction and flirtation with the professor was a little surprising but I'm enjoying how she's been thrown into the mix. I have to say I'm rather intrigued about Kay's nightmares and what they mean. I've heard Mr. Tom will be resuming the character of Billy and I'm interested to see where it goes.

BONNIE - Agreeing with you on pregnant smug lady. Used to get a kick out of her, now her and Ms. Mean Nikki can be FF'd. Hope Ashley wasn't booted for Scamber, gosh one glimpse of her and the irritation I got from her on B&B was BACK! Who's doing the casting anyhow? They had a great replacement for Dru's daughter and boy did they blow that! Thanks for the great column.

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