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by Nita
For the Week of December 25, 2006
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When it comes to the pairing of Nick and Phyllis, whether you are a fan who abhors or adores, it's clear that putting this duo together has been like a pickax striking a wide vein of rich gold.

As I sit here staring blankly at my monitor screen, I have to admit picking something good and fragrant from the smelly pile of situations that sometimes seemed haphazardly and illogically tossed together presents quite a daunting task. But the clock is ticking, so I have no choice but to hold my nose and just dive right in. So here's what I think about things, in no particular order and without any discernable rhyme or reason.

It seems appropriate to begin with the couple who seem to be at the top of everyone's list. True, some have them on their hate list, but many others love their every sweating second. But, when it comes to the pairing of Nick and Phyllis, whether you are a fan who abhors or adores, I think all would agree that putting this duo together has been like a pickax striking a wide vein of rich gold. Lurking unashamedly just outside the half-ajar door of the message board rooms, eavesdropping on other people's cyberspace conversations, the fan debate about this couple is hot and often vicious, the likes of which has not been seen since the bad old days of Sheila round whatever. It seems there's not much room for standing in the middle neutral ground with these two. I don't hate them, but they don't do much of anything for me either. Chemistry aside (and as I've commented before, this is Phyllis we're talking about - she could probably stand next to a wooden fence post and you'd see sparks), I still find them a bit of a mismatch. On the scale of confusing Genoa City ages things, I know there's not supposed to be that much of an age span between them (or at least we are to pretend there isn't), but in my opinion Phyllis always appears older and much more world worn, despite the giggling and finger nibbling, perhaps designed to diminish her age, while Nick seems little more than her peppy cheerleader, flashing his ear to ear grin on command but providing little substance beyond that. Although I don't see it in the cards for the future, I still prefer Phyllis and Jack over Phyllis and Nick. Maybe I was only one of a few fans who felt that way, but watching Jack and Phyllis in their elevator delivery was a nice reminder of why I always loved these two together. The word that comes to my mind when trying to describe them together is layers. Caring, tension, competition, anger, frustration, even trust. When I look at Nick and Phyllis, I think high school senior with a crush on his hot Interpersonal Relationships teacher. But, despite my contrary opinion, obviously, Nick and Phyllis are going to remain front and center, probably for some time to come.

Like a Virgin, oooh, in love for the very first time. Well, that would be Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman, the 2006 Winner of the Etch-A-Sketch Whitewash Award. Shake Phyllis and just like that, her past is erased and she gets to start from scratch with a clean screen. We may as well just go ahead and hand this angel her halo now, even before she ascends to Heaven. When Phyllis appears, you know the pure and plaintive plinking of piano keys is not going to be far behind. That has been annoying enough, but when I heard Away in the Manger playing for Mary, I mean Phyllis' new baby, I couldn't help but giggle. Okay, I understand that she's currently the darling of the show, but can we please draw the line somewhere? And soon. Despite her many bad deeds, Phyllis has gotten to waltz away with the dream job, the other woman's man and her son, along with the complete and utter adoration of the rest of his entire Newman clan, and in the end, Jack's friendship and awe at her bravery at delivering her breech baby. Obviously, Phyllis' slate has been wiped clean and she is never going to get any of what she has coming, but I could character would go down much more palatably if the scripters quit trying to convince me she's suddenly perfect. A perfect employee, friend, mother, wife, stepmother. Not to mention the hottest, sex-hungriest, woman in Genoa City.

Also known as Operation Clean Slate. When it comes to drawing from the well of pity, no one fills those buckets faster and more efficiently than Mrs. Gloria Fisher Abbott. Blowing into town on a blast of air that smelled fetid to my nose, but was apparently fruitily fragrant by the time it wafted past long without love John Abbott's nostrils, this was a woman who hired male escorts to play her sons, than romped racily with one of them. Lying through her teeth, even when the truth would have served her much better, as well as having the possibility of setting her completely free, Gloria's self-preserving manipulation of any and everyone has never ceased. Going completely unpunished for her behind the scenes cream tainting, in the process bringing about the near total destruction of the company of the husband she claimed to have loved to the point of distraction, was enough to make her unlikable in my eyes. And watching her remain undetected by her husband's ghost for her obvious pursuit of the driver of the gravy train she's trotting after in her low, sensible heels, though he seems able to clearly see every wrong act Jack commits, pushed me more solidly into the camp of Gloria detractors. But while I detest the wide-eyed one, I am still forced to give her props. Because despite her poor parenting, her single-minded devotion to around the clock maintenance of the pedestal she's built for herself, she has managed to win the loyalty and law-breaking devotion of the sons whose abuse she silently cosigned and the beyond the grave worship of the man whose children she systematically tried to destroyed. But I still don't have to like her.

Yep, that would be Sharon Newman. Sucked to be her in 2006 didn't it? How much more could possibly be heaped on this woman? Her husband had an affair, often flaunting it right beneath her completely unaware eyes, managed to do what was thought to be impossible, impregnate his mistress, then made her Mrs. Newman, at least in New Mexico. Oh, but that was only the beginning. Despite the fact that kids are often a troublesome fly in the ointment in these situations, not Sharon's son, who after a spurt of resistance so brief, one blink and you would have missed it, Noah moved immediately to near ecstatic euphoria at the thought of his baby sister to be and fell almost as in love with his new, cool stepmommy as his Daddy. Ma and Pa Newman did everything but wiggle their hips in a happy little jig at the thought of being Grandparents again, and have nearly knocked each other over in their effusive attempt to welcome Miss Phyllis into the family.

But that was still only part of Sharon's story. In a move that made her name mud and many other much more derogatory things, on message boards clear across cyberspace, she decided to have a two-night stand. With her sister-in-law's brand spanking new husband! And then she got caught by her own husband in hand to-breast contact with Brad in her car in the company parking garage! The End? Not even. Next, she cast her lot in with Jack, a man who could literally be her birth father. For awhile I detested the broad for her bimbo-like decisions, but I've since come around. I can't help but admire anyone able to keep their head up and a smile pasted on her lips despite being the punch line of every water cooler joke and the subject of break room banter company wide. I certainly don't condone her Brad agenda, but for her apparent vulnerability and very human rage at the very public Phyllis-gate, she's my girl.

Jana of the multi-hued hair. I still don't know what to make of this world-traveling mistress of many trades. It seems there's nothing she can't do. High society struck, knowledgeable art student, morgue shutterbug, nanny, obsessed with serial killers, in all this time, she's still a total mystery.

Not far behind her is Professor Korbel, an alleged upstanding stickler for all things right, except, I guess, when he's the one doing the wrong. How do you go from feeling so strongly about inappropriate professor/student mingling you risk your career, then immediately after relating the story, proceed to do exactly what you supposedly so despise?

Last name first, Summer Ann Newman. Peter (Jack) and Michelle (Phyllis) are often superb in heart-tugging moments and the birth of baby Summer was one of their best. I had been dreading Phyllis' expected over the top shrieking in the delivery room shadowed by a furry faced Nick, so was relieved by the elevator scene birthing instead. It was played just right and I found it enjoyable. Long tired of the fighting between these two, it was nice to see a truce called, however temporary that might remain. And little Summer is a beautiful baby.

Colleen Carlton deserved outstanding recognition in many categories. For instance, she's my choice for President of the Whine with Me Club. Also the uncontested winner of the Can't Hold Water Award. Although I noticed recently she's suddenly become quite proficient at working the lock on her complaining tongue. After months of tiresome and often whispery whining about the secrets J.T. is keeping from her, apparently that whole honesty among lovers thing doesn't apply to her telling J.T. what she and Professor Korbel was really doing during the ice storm.

Okay, I know many fans hated the sign language stage of Devon's story. The tap, tap, tapping of typewriter keys, the explanatory sentences, the instant sign language proficiency of the Winters family. But fans, would you really have wanted to watch entire scenes of them silently and painstakingly, oh and did I mention, very, very, slowly spelling out c-a-t (insert appropriate sign language hand signals here)? I didn't so much mind the sign language stuff as I did the whole the deaf guy did it murder mystery. More on that next week. If anyone had to go deaf and sign their way through their days, I'm glad it was the Winterses. Could you see Nick signing: "you are hot, do you wanna go do it" to a deaf, but still willing Phyllis? Of would he just use the universal language of love, a leering grin and a head jerk toward the sofa?

Another vote for the Winters from me. While I hated Neil with pent-up passion while he was panting after Carmen, I like the Winters family dynamic. No, they're not perfect, but they're as close to normal as can be found in a soap city. The Mom has bad hair days (note to Dru, au natural is all good, but can someone in your family please help you find the comb now? There's a very thin line between natural and unkempt, and just my opinion, you crossed it some time ago. Still love you, though).

SoapNet. No explanation necessary.

It's a tie here. Nick Newman and finally, Devon Winters.


John Abbott's passing. The Winters Adoption with a sniffling Michael Baldwin.

The 100-watt light coming on for Sharon as piece by piece, she assembled the puzzle depicting Nick and Phyllis' illicit affair. The lovers caught in the act by Daniel. Jack's total devastation at learning of Phyllis' (to his mind) betrayal.

The punches heard round the town. Brad and Nick. Jack and Nick as each dealt in their own ways with the fallout of the Nick and Phyllis affair.

Phyllis and Nick, not my personal favorite, but a favorite of many fans. Lauren and Michael. So fast if you blinked you probably missed them coming together: Jana and Kevin. But they do seem like a normal couple. No one is trying to kill them or kidnap their closest kin. They didn't cheat on anyone to get together nor is anyone walking around heartbroken because of their pairing.


A nose to nose tie. Nikki and Ashley for their propensity to aim their snouts skyward so as not to catch a whiff of the stench of their lesser Genoa City inhabitants.

Nikki Newman for her willingness to side with her children and son-in-law against the man whose labor has been buttering her bread for decades.

BEST MOM - Drucilla Winters

BEST HUSBAND - Michael Baldwin





To Neil Winters for almost convincing his wife she couldn't see exactly what was going on between him and Carmen.

These, of course, are only SOME of the best of the year's offerings. Feel free to share your own with me. In the meantime, here are your thoughts on the year and the past week. For all of you, I wish you the best during the holidays. May your lives be filled with all the joy, peace and wonderful blessings you can hold.

* * * * * * *

VETTE - As far as what I liked about 2006 and dislikes, my liked list is extremely short. As much as it angered me to see Casey die, it was well acted and unfortunately the death of a child often does drive a married couple apart. Well, that my list! The rest of the stories didn't do much for me. Nothing was exciting to the point where I couldn't wait to see the next episode. They even managed to screw up John's death!

LATOYA - Well, let's start with Colleen and the Professor. The storyline with the love quadrangle is interesting, but I can't stand Colleen. So, I'm torn, because I want to watch to see what happens next, but I quickly switch to another channel anytime Colleen enters the screen because of her whining. I mean, girl, get a grip, catch a clue, and get with the program. J.T. is a PI. I heard someone say, well, if he were an OB-GYN, would you demand to hear the Pap Smear results of your closest friends and comrades, I mean really! Please do something about her character, because at 18, she should have some sort of maturity about her, her character is killing the storyline. I'm so glad that the Winters are back on the right track again. I can stomach their lovemaking scenes, as oppose to Phick. You can feel the love, with Phick it is just the romp of the day. Thank God Devon can hear again. I was getting tired of how unrealistic the story had become. Everyone else became sign masters in 2 weeks, and he never had to sign. Plus all the palm pilot messages by Daniel and frantic scribbling by Michael were killing me. Amber just looks so dirty and skanky to me, why? I can't put my finger on it, but it is just not fun to look at her. I wish they will hurry up with this Sheila storyline. I still think that Phyllis is Sheila. Like I said before, the woman we are looking at now is actually Sheila, the whole pregnancy thing just really gets me, because she couldn't get pregnant before, and she is acting totally different. The real Phyllis is off somewhere with the witch doctor that did Sheila's surgery. I love Mrs. Chancellor. She is the queen of the bling! Around my family and friends, we use the term "Mrs. Chancellor" to describe a woman who really has it going on, dressed to the nines, with all the nice bling accenting her wardrobe. Lastly, as every week goes by, I think about how is brings us closer to Ashley leaving. I can't believe she is leaving. I didn't like where her character was going, but I liked the actress, and the potential of where it could go. I really hope this sets off a lot of good storylines. Merry Christmas to all!

TINA - I would like to say that I think Gloria should be exposed for who she really is. She has never been found out about the sabotage she did to the Jabot cream. I am sick of her whining about how much Jack and Ashley hate her when she doesn't like them either. She has done some things that she should be exposed for as well as Michael and Kevin. They were helping her and for Michael to be an attorney, is unethical. Mother or not, she was wrong in what she did and he helped her hide it and go after Jack and Ashley. If Lauren ever finds out, that will be the end of that marriage and I say good enough for him. He is so busy trying to bring Jack down and uphold his mother like she is a saint. I think the writers need to add a twist to Gloria's character and expose not only her but Michael and Kevin as well.

CANDY - I have watched Y&R since 1978. I was 18. When I look back at the storylines of the past and the way they have tried to incorporate children into the story, and realistic illnesses and keeping up with the times for the younger crowd, I am amazed. I have no complaints, and I happen to love Gloria! She is a contrast to the same old rich and famous people. After all these years of watching I guess I enjoy some off-the-wall changes. Hate is a strong word and I wish people would not use it quite so often. I think that all of the actors and actresses who get up every morning and make this show, are wonderful. They work very hard. I love to relax on my lunch break and wait with baited breath, to see what will happen next. Isn't that really what it is all about? I hope Phyllis does not die, I love her and Nick together. They have a powerful chemistry. I always found Sharon boring. I never liked Ashley, but I don't want to see anyone lose their job. I hope Lauren can be rid of the shadow of Sheila once and for all and she can get back to her strong, beautiful self again, a role model for career women everywhere. I love Lauren and Michael together. I hope they keep them going in a storyline that is not always just chaos. Maybe they can give those two some real happiness for a while? Nikki has played the mean old mother-in-law to death. I was really excited to see her with her own company with Phyllis and hoping for good things there, but alas, no such luck. Well, everyone just please remember, without people who are colorful and different like Gloria, the world would be a very boring place. LOVE TO ALL!

CABC - As the year comes to a disappointing end, I'd like to thank you for keeping it real. Love your column more than the show itself in 2006. Let's hope for a better year to come, or once again I may have to put the once all time favorite, favorite show of all time, back on the shelf until the writers come up with a little more balance with its characters. I sure hope they have s/l's that will be a little more realistic then slick Vic reining over poor Jack, Nick the trick, w/ Phyllis and another Newman heir! And please get rid of that whining Colleen before I scream! Old/new Lily, character completely over exaggerated by this actress. Can we have Davetta back or end role please, it's no longer a joy to watch this character. Like Brad, but can we end this crap of a s/l? Victoria, BORING. Nikki somebody just please, kick her ass. Merry Christmas and hopes of a Happy New Year (kisses).

LINDA B - I wish someone would tell Lauren about postpartum depression. I suffered from it for 9 months after my last 2 babies were born (twins). I had 5 and had a mild case with number 3 but the last 2 were really an eye-opener. I only hope the writers take into consideration the benefits that would help other moms. Why not be realistic about this? I only hope that Sharon gets hers with the deceitful way Jack is doing things. I cannot wait for him to melt down.

GLORIA - Wow, I am so glad to hear I'm not the only one that can't stand Amber, I absolutely love and adore Colleen and watch the show faithfully just waiting to see her and the Professor together, wow, its like fireworks when those two kiss. I just hate to see Amber trying to get Korbel, he is way too good looking for her, she should go back to where she came from, I was not impressed with her singing and even I could've done better, and as for J.T., he should hook up with Amber, and let Cutie Colleen be with cutie Korbel.

ANTOINE - I have been MIA for a while but try to catch up with the show when I can. You are hilarious! I just read your column and the line "giving my recent disenchantment with Y&R writing the Good of it will be hard to craft, wish me luck!" LOL! I hope you enjoy the show as much as I love reading your column!

JAN - I agree about the current status of Y&R. The storylines are killing the show - I rarely watch anymore. At this point, I am only looking for Jack; I could care less about the rest of them. I too am tired of Nikki's snootiness and her being a busybody (why doesn't she ever go to work), Victor beating Jack (I want Jack to outwit Victor and for Victor to get a life which doesn't involve going after Jack. Grow up Victor!), I totally despise Gloria and her getting away with her crimes, I hate the elimination of Ashley, the whitewashing of the Nick & Phyllis relationship (I don't care how much chemistry they have), the Baldwin/Fishers, esp. Gloria, and the teen stories. Who cares? If it weren't for the phenomenal acting of Peter Bergman, I would drop Y&R completely! The minute he is gone, I'm completely gone!

TIANNE - Young & Restless is still my favorite soap. I have been watching on & off since 1973. I don't like the most recent actresses for Colleen or Victoria. I think Professor Korbel is sexy, hot and wordly. He is an interesting new addition. I think Lauren is pushing that baby panic thing a little too far. Keep up the surprises.

LINDA K - Nita, love, love your column. It makes my week! I don't know why Phyllis is with Nick. Monday and Tuesday's episodes with Phyllis and Jack were the best. They have so much chemistry together. Peter Bergman should get an Emmy nomination for his work in 2006. The best ever! As for the rest of Y&R it has its moments of being great - but too many moments of being awful. Colleen is the worst ever! Why she is still on the show is mind boggling to me.

WANDA - Oh WOW. I was wondering when Joanna was gonna rear her evil head and start butting in. We all know what a great Mom she is. Jana, your character used to be kinda cute in a quirky sense, but now, you're just plain weird. Wanting to place false evidence/clues? Run Kevin, RUN! I agree, solve the murder already. And Catherine's problem too. Get on with some interesting storylines and answer some troubling questions. Like, why doesn't Neil ever go to work anymore? He's always at the club or home. Will Lily get pregnant? How long will it be before the 2 infants come back as 5 year olds (soap time)? Will Miss Colleen come up pregnant? Whose baby will it be? I'm so disappointed. Did only 3 of the families celebrate Christmas this year? And why wasn't Colleen at Brad's? I guess the Chancellor and Winters households will just have to do without presents.

ANNE - So Kay's storyline looks promising, but surely there were 3 Phillips? Her husband, her grandson and Nina's son. Where is Nina and will she ever come back to us? Or will Phillip III come back instead? To hear Jill calling Kay Mother reminds me of the party where they attempted seriously to strangle each other. Wish I was a script writer, I could make my strangest dreams come true.

JM - Is it water or is it ice? If you have an actual ice storm, wouldn't ice need to hit the windows instead of buckets of water? I have to admit the storylines within the storm were a welcome jumpstart to the recent Y & R string of boredom but a little more realism to the weather would have been nice. Also have to admit Jack's character shined in the delivery scene - almost had me in tears for him.

SUSIE - What has happened to this show? Has everyone forgotten all of the things Phyllis did? What a slut! The Newman's all need to be shot! Nick was the only half decent one and now he is an absolute moron! How cruel can this storyline be? Nick was sooooo grief stricken and needed someone to talk to (whoops, sleep with)?! He wasn't even Cassie's real father! How about the mother who lost her daughter?! Not only did she lose her daughter, she fought for Daniel so he would not be convicted, only to find out that Daniel's egg donor was sleeping with her husband who wouldn't open up to his own wife! I mean really! Then she finds someone as wonderful as Brad and the spoiled brat Victoria gets him! As far as I'm concerned, Sharon has been royally shafted! I wish she would just punch the smirk off of Phyllis's face! Could they push their relationship in Sharon's face any more? Nick treats Sharon like dirt (along with the rest of the spoiled Newman's, aside from Victor). How horrible that they made the baby a girl, can you imagine how something like that would actually feel? I am done!

MISTY - I am so sick of Gloria, I cannot even stand to hear her speak. Phyllis and Nick make me sick. Sharon and Jack do not look like a couple, at all. She needs to be with Brad. Bring back the old Lily; she was believable.

ANN - Nikki Newman always looks like she's in terrible pain. Colleen and Korbel need to be taken off the show. Their story goes nowhere only that he's so stinking arrogant and she thinks she's so hot. Lauren always looks like she needs a shower, shampoo and mouthwash. What's the thing with Dru and those stupid pigtails and caps? Sylvia Brown was refreshing to the show. Who killed Carmen is being dragged out way too long. And I agree the cell phone deal is getting pathetic especially when the scene shows two people talking to two different parties at the same time. Ugh!

EMMA - Am I the only one who cannot understand why Y&R writers would not allow Sylvia Browne to help solve the Carmen Mesta messy murder case? I mean, gee, she is a Psychic! And since she's playing herself in the show, she is very well known for assisting police on difficult or cold cases. But no, instead we see her helping further mystify some old dream of Kay Chancellor. What a waste.

DEE DEE - Young and Restless is the only soap I watch and that may soon be coming to an end. It is so annoying to watch everyone answering and talking on their cell phones all the time! Also, the storylines leave much to be desired. Y&R's writers had better get on the ball, this soap is going downhill fast!

CHANDRA - My fave soap, Y&R is sooo boring & shallow. Lots of shallow writers who seem to have no respect for elders because the older characters are portrayed negatively, especially the women. I will continue to read Two Scoops to gain insight & will stop wasting time watching Y&R. Bring back the previous actors, Jin Wu and Davetta Sherwood. Hire gifted, intelligent writers. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year.

ANGELINA - Ok so enough with who killed Carmen. It took less time to find out who shot JR and we had to wait for the next season. I am thinking the writers from Ghost Whisperer are moonlighting, Y&R seems to be giving a lot of air time to dead people, I am totally waiting for Fisher to come back to blackmail Gloria and Kevin from his grave. The Fisher's have brought nothing but bad news to the Abbott Family. I think it was justified that Kevin and Gloria got tossed out of the Abbott house, why should Ashley and Jack welcome them with open arms after what they have done? Gloria and John's entire relationship was surrounded with lies and manipulation. Jack would not have had to resort to such measures if it were not for Gloria and hopefully even Victor would have empathy for Jack when the truth comes out. I am also having trouble with the "Bradley"/George & Victoria storylines, I mean really this to is taking way too long to get over and done. I do like Colleen, I think she is great as Tracey's daughter, I also think she is beautiful, it is possible for a woman to be beautiful and not be a size 2! Her character like Tracey has a lot of insecurities because of this but J.T. loves her, I think her character's insecurities have allowed her to become involved with Korbel, who is just using her to get to her Grandmother and Father if you ask me, I mean he tells her he had to leave his last job because of an affair between a student and a professor, then he goes and sleeps with her, if she breaks it off with J.T. it will come out why and Korbel will have to be on his way to another job. And Amber why oh why do we have to put up with her, the ultimate picture of White Trash! Now I am feeling pretty sorry for Lauren and I expect that like she did with Scotty she will send Fen away in order to protect him from Sheila. I bet she is pretty overwhelmed and not getting much help from Michael who is too busy, plotting against Jack with Victor, finding other suspects for Carmen's murder and taking care of his mother's messes. I can see the storylines moving ahead, Fen will return from his home away from home grown up and Michael will be cross examining Dru in Devon's murder trial. I think Nick and Phyllis make a great couple, I just feel bad for Nick when it comes out Phyllis is really Sheila, and that the real Phyllis was actually killed in the surgeon's office after being brought there in a dramatic plan of Sheila's. Sheila is like "Freddie" she is invincible; no one can beat her, she always comes back with more vengeance. Lauren's character has no other purpose other than to be tormented by her. I think Y&R is delving a little much into the supernatural and making the storylines a little unbelievable, what happened to the old fashioned love triangles, long lost children and everyday life ups and downs? I used to watch Days until they started to control the weather and I am almost ready to stop with Y&R, lets do away with Sheila once and for all, let's let Lauren actually get to parent her child, have Gloria spend some time in the big house for her actions, I think Brad and Sharon should just let go and have an affair. Let's let Victor and Jack duke it out but I would like to see Jack come out on top. And Nick, well since Phyllis is going to be dead, and Sharon is going to be busy with Brad, he should take care of his two children and Newman Enterprises. And Nikki and Vicky well maybe they could have an accident on their way to a spa to relax, which they are in need of after dealing with all of those beneath them, and in the accident they both lose their memories and are lead to believe they are escorts. That would bring them back to earth a little bit.

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