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by Nita
For the Week of January 14, 2008
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What a difference a new scribe or two can make!

Wow! What a difference a new scribe or two can make! All in all it was a surprisingly enjoyable week. The changes I thought I noticed right around Christmas week seem to be more than just a fluke. Maybe I'm looking at our show through rose colored spectacles, seeing only what I want to see, but it certainly appears there has been a definite shift in direction in Genoa City. And this fan considers it a change for the better.

Finally, we are getting exactly what many of us have been crying out for. Less outlandish and unbelievable storylines and more romance. Any fan with a longing to witness a little love and affection should have found just what they needed. Because Cupid's pink-tipped arrows were criss-crossing each other in the Genoa City skies and piercing just about every pair currently coupled. Whether you like young, untested love or married, more mature love, it was there. Love, lust or both abounded in Nick and Phyllis, Jack and Sharon, Neil and Karen, Lily and Cane, Lauren and Michael, Heather and Daniel and Brad and Sharon.

But it wasn't all sprinkled hearts and dewy flowers for everyone in Genoa City. For the great and once powerful Oz, I mean Victor Newman, love has proven enormously elusive. With Victoria still slumbering her life away and Ashley looking for love on B&B, Victor can't buy a box of loyalty or love. Though his family has for years been direct beneficiaries of his business acumen, when the chips are down for the Newman patriarch, his heirs are leaping like rats from his listing liner. Color me biased, but I don't blame Victor one bit for his bitter rage. Sure, Victor called in Nikki's loan, but so what? Why should he give her a break? There's a price that must be paid for that independent woman card she keeps brandishing beneath Victor's flaring nostrils, while leaning heavily on a no assets to his name David Chow. Let David support her in the style to which Victor's money has caused her to become accustomed. As for Nick, while protesting that he doesn't want to play mediator in the middle of his warring parents or take the side of one or the other, he has, for all intents and purposes, taken up Cassie's old pom poms and been shaking them on his mother's behalf. Who, by the way, hasn't missed a single opportunity to regale all she meets with the details of Victor's unfairness in a soft and sweet butter wouldn't melt in my mouth tone. I'm sorry I treated you like stinky stuff on my shoe, Phyllis. I need you now, though, so can we please just let bygones be bygones and by the way, can I read a bedtime story to Summer, the grandchild I've pretty much ignored up to now? Poor, poor Nikki they all murmur in commiseration. Shame on that big bad Victor wolf for terrorizing you, Red Riding Hood, they mutter, shaking their heads as they pat, pat, pat her sympathetically on the shoulder.

Nikki lets out a long-suffering sigh. Yes, she breathes. He's treating me abominably, but nonetheless, we must all stand together and present a strong public familial front. Privately, however, it seems two of the Newmans are of one doubting accord. Both apparently believe the man they've known for about half and all their lives, respectively, could have murdered JiMin and stood back silently while another originally was blamed for it. And therein lies my big problem with Nick and Nikki. When Nick was accused of a heinous crime, Victor was his biggest cheerleader, never entertaining for a single second the thought that his boy could have committed it. But where is Nick's loyalty and steadfast belief in return? Not that Victor should be a bit surprised by the behaviour of the only Newman son we ever see. This is, after all, the same son who unhesitantly thrust that jewelled blade of betrayal in his father's broad back. Just as Nikki, when Victor stood in the way of what she wanted to do with HIS company, didn't hesitate to rally the family troops to try to oust him by whatever means might prove necessary. I'm with Victor on this one, because with fickle family members like the ones he's cursed with, who needs an outside enemy? He IS better off alone. It would be interesting to see just how the Newmans would fare if they didn't have Daddy's money, Daddy's property and Daddy's company to rely on. I'm sure it must burn like bitter bile in Victor's belly to know he's innocent but would have to work hard to convince his so-called loved ones of that fact.

Now I know many fans will completely disagree with me when it comes to Victor and I respect their right to do so. I do admit he is being particularly vindictive and inordinately nasty, but when has Victor not been that way? So why is the family acting as if he's behaving completely out of character? And another thing. A lot of fans have made much of the fact that Nick posted bail for his father and should snatch it back and let Victor rot in jail. But come on, does any fan really believe Nick just happened to have an extra million lolling around unneeded in his bank account? The man who lives like a leech on Daddy's land in Daddy's tackhouse? More than likely, Nick bailed his Daddy out with his Daddy's own pocket change.

One might almost be tempted to feel a pang of sympathy for Victor at the way he's alienating himself from everyone who doesn't immediately shout how high when he barks at them to leap in the air, but he makes it tough to feel his pain. He's already banished Nikki, Nick and J.T. and if he isn't careful, he may cause Michael to wash his hands of the demanding despot, then he really will be alone. After all, it's not as if there's more than one legal beagle with a license to practice law in this town. Maybe he'll have to summon John Silva; remember him? The way Victor is behaving, though, has one question reverberating in my mind: Is the tumour making him do it?

So, who is setting up Victor? I don't buy that Jack is behind the planting of the circumstantial evidence. Which leaves Nikki's lap puppy as the most obvious choice. David has proven to be a man who leaves no stone unturned when digging up dirt on a potential victim (remember his persecution of Drucilla, and the intimate details he painstakingly gathered about Sharon from practically birth to present day). So it stands to reason, that when he set his materialistic sight on Nikki, more than likely he did his homework well. Then there is Nikki's blind and unwavering support for a man she literally knows nothing substantial about. A support that almost guarantees he'll probably turn out to be as dirty as the day is long and filthy with fleas. What has he promised to the unknown person demanding he pay up? And where does Nikki fit in that big picture? Again, I'm with Victor. There's something about that Chow man that stinks to the high heavens. Everyone might be pointing an accusatory finger at Victor now. But he may very well have the longest, last and very best laugh should his instincts about David Chow prove to be right on the mark.

But, enough about Victor, onward and downward to someone else. Like Gloria. Turnabout really is fair play for this fan. I don't have a shred of sympathy for the predicament Gloria has found herself in. I love watching Jeffrey hold her buns to the hot seat. After all she's done in her determination to force her way into Jabot and the Abbott fortune by every hook and crook at her disposal, she deserves everything Jeffrey is trying to give her. It has been just as entertaining as I hoped it would be to watch Jeffrey nudge her further and further into a corner. Of course, he should be very careful because like a cornered coon, when there's no place else to turn, Gloria will probably whirl around and rip him to shreds with those dangerously sharpened claws. Funny, Gloria has gotten on my last nerve for so long, but now that Jeffrey, rather than Jack, is the main target of her ire, I can sit back and enjoy her antics. She and Jeffrey together are turning out to be a comedian's dream. She was hilarious as a drunk and completely believable. And I found myself laughing myself sick right along with Jeffrey at his half-drunken wisecracks with Michael as the put upon straight man. While I'm still holding tightly to some of my hopes that Jeffrey will get the best of Gloria, I have my doubts, though it has been pure pleasure watching the wicked woman sweat just a little. Despite Jeffrey's blackmail scheme, I'm also beginning to believe that he is honestly falling for the woman. And I have to agree wholeheartedly with him, he and Gloria are probably made for one another and are so much alike, it's scary. So I won't bother to cry a river of tears for Gloria's distress. Because if he doesn't continue to keep each and every one of his wits around him, Jeffrey is liable to be dead or imprisoned before he can spend much of Gloria's ill-gotten gains. So what, Jeffrey wants it all. Didn't she want all of the Abbott assets?

By the way, was I the only fan practically prostrate on the carpet with hysteria when Gloria finally confessed to the clan that Jeff was blackmailing her? With the elaborate and prolonged contorting of her mouth, she brought real meaning to the phrase chewing the scenery. Another thing. Why would the family worry overmuch about Gloria or any of them for that matter, doing time for their illegal deeds? That would be a first. And even if by some unheard of fluke they should actually make it to jail, it isn't as if they would stay for any real amount of time. Just ask Jana, who, I'm guessing will soon be taking a big breath of freedom. Free Jana Hawkes indeed!

Where Jack is concerned, it seems as if I might get my wish. That he will give Gloria most of what she feels she deserves from John's demise. I don't care if the only reason he might be doing it is to bind Sharon closer. I'm past ready to be done with Gloria's continuing animosity toward the man she's done more wrong to than he has to her. Having said that, however, it's always enjoyable to witness an encounter between Jack and Gloria. Jack was too funny with his smart remark about the quickness of Gloria's engagement to Jeffrey and his warning advice to Jeffrey. Given her history, what Gloria could have retorted is something along the lines of: well, Jack, we all know how quickly the men in my life expire. I thought I better get engaged while the getting was good.

Speaking of warning, Jack could have saved the breath it took to issue one to Brad about keeping his distance from his flip-flopping bride. Like Jack, Brad has often been more bark than bite, so he easily recognized an empty threat when he heard one. With nothing and no one else in his life, Brad is more than willing to offer Sharon his love now. When measured against the Newman power and fortune, however, Sharon was a poor, unwanted second choice, but obviously she has forgotten the sting of that long ago rejection. Sharon, of course, got a black checkmark in her column because after all her histrionics over Jack's lack of honesty, I listened hard but failed to hear her confess her kissing crime to Jack. She just looked on with nonchalant interest and eagerly inhaled breath as Brad locked the door. What did she think he was planning to do? Whisper a secret to her? And that was after he totally invaded her personal space and practically climbed in her lap during their meeting and she never so much as opened her lips in protest. Shame on you, Sharon. And didn't Brad, the scorched skillet, have his nerve, calling Jack burned pot names. Jack is an egomaniac, and all the rest. Funny, those words Brad used about Jack could have described him equally well. Likewise, Victor's advice to Sharon that Jack was a selfish man who might take Sharon down with her. Hmmm, uhh, Victor, recognize yourself in those words?

Boy, who knew Paul still had those scruples he suddenly found when he refused to help Jack? Now he won't work with Victor because Maggie is his friend and he thinks Victor ought to just let the police do their work. I don't ever remember Paul being concerned about that in the past. And when did Victor become his enemy anyway?

Ahhh, romance. Sweet romance. And plenty of it too. I have no real complaints about any of it. Okay, so the whole we just left home, but we're so hot for each other, we have to do it in Daddy's office was a little more information than I would have requested. But other than the Newman rabbits, everyone else's little interludes was nicely done. Lauren and Michael were fun to watch from start to finish. As I mentioned before, Michael playing straight man to his mother and her blackmailer was particularly hilarious. And Lauren's seduction of her beleaguered husband in lingerie and high heeled boots was something different, even though, as seems to be the trend in GC, the fun took place on the couch.

For those of us rooting for Lily and Cane, we got everything we could have asked for and more. I know, Mom, you don't see them like I do, but I love these two. Sure, she's young, but it's not as if Cane, at 31 is an old man of 31. Up until he found out the truth about lying Amber, as much as he hung out with the youngsters, Colleen, Daniel, and Lily, you would have thought he was their age. Besides, for those pointing to their ages in protest, what's the difference between Adrian and Colleen, J.T. and Victoria, Jack and Sharon, Nikki and Victor, Phyllis and Nick. Heck, as I've mentioned before, in GC age ain't nothin' but a meaningless number.

Speaking of Amber, can that woman not do anything the right way? Must every single thing she does be some kind of a scam? Obviously she learned nothing from the folly of fabrication, though it cost her the man she still claims to love. Otherwise, she would realize pretending (again) to be someone she definitely is not is a sure way to earn Cane's continued dislike. As usual, Amber is her own worst enemy.

There's a lot to look forward to in 2008's Genoa City. Once the current storylines have been resolved, it's anyone guess as to what might happen next. But so far, I'm definitely loving the returned emphasis on the intimate interplay between the men and woman of Genoa City over a bunch of explosive plots that bear little resemblance to anything even remotely interesting. The pace has slowed appreciably, the dialogue seemed improved and the show is once again enjoyable to sit back and watch. I hope many of you find it the same. I literally can't wait to see what happens next!

Fan, Jeanene (below), in answer to your question about Lily and Cane's song. It was done by one of the Y&R musicians and isn't for sale. Too bad. I liked it too and would have loved to add it to my music collection.

Well, this is where I'm going to draw the line in the sand to make room for you fans to have your say. Hopefully, I've included all those comments sent to me over the last couple of weeks and if I missed yours, please charge it to my bad eyes and not my heart. See you in a week!

* * * * * * *

LEI - I really enjoyed 12/17 week, for the most part. Admittedly, I fast forward through any parts involving Amber, Gloria, or Jeffrey. My heart fell a little after seeing that great almost-kiss between Cane and Lily, only to be disappointed with his fear-induced monologue about being too old. I do have faith that it is only to add to the great chemistry between these two. I did enjoy Lily's attitude in the following episodes. She didn't whine like I was expecting but got angry at least to his face. I have to believe that it is not over between these two. It is really one of the only reasons I still watch the show. I really enjoyed watching the scenes between Daniel and Heather. He's calling her on all her crap and she had to shrink back. I did appreciate the writers giving her a little more heart when she agreed to spend Christmas Eve with Paul. I am hoping that they will give her more sensitive moments like that in the future. Baring in mind that they wrote her childhood as being as traumatic as it was, her harsh attitude is pretty understandable. Hearing Daniel's experience will positively influence her (maybe?) Now, I may be in the minority here but I love Phyllis and Nick together. They have great chemistry and enjoy their flaws with humor and passion. The Christmas get together was sweet and touching. I am grateful that they seem to be letting Daniel go back to the person he was before Amber burst onto the scene. I thought that the scenes at the hospital with J.T. were great. When he excitedly came out to announce that little Reed had gained 2 ounces, you couldn't help but feel joy. Also, when he was talking about next Christmas and how he would be hosting dinner with Victoria and the baby, it was really touching. As for the lawsuit and the calling in of the loan, it's just annoying. The only thought that comes to mind is Victor is an ass. My reasoning for this stems from flashing back to him talking to his comatose daughter about how he regrets his lack of support for the Clear Springs project and how he would support her in the future. This action really doesn't follow up with that "touching" sentiment. I am rather surprised that there haven't been lawsuits already filed against Victor since he was named the very day of the explosion. I really can't stomach Nikki and David together so I am really not rooting for them so much either. I do want Victor to get over himself though. For once I would like to see that money can't get him everything. He needs a little humility. He is not infallible and his unwavering belief that he is is becoming unpalatable. I can't stand Sharon. I am not sure when she became the moral compass of the show but it irritates me to no end that the writers are doing this. I saw from the other posts that I am not the only one who remembers her running off and forgetting about her children. Or her sleeping with her brother-in-law. She is a full-fledged hypocrite so standing in such staunch judgment of Jack is laughable. I am not defending Jack because what he did (prior to even have a romantic inkling for Sharon) was absolutely and unquestionably wrong but he has paid and continues to pay for his sins. He has had to publicly have all his misdeeds displayed for all to see. Anyway, I think I am going to stop here with this long run-on sentence. Happy Holidays and keep up the awesome column.

DEE - Victor is behaving just as any man would in real life, never mind that this is a soap. Why is every one so appalled that he wants his loan paid back? This man's wife told one and all that he was walking all over her and she could not live with him. She left him, immediately took a lover, bad mouthed Victor every chance she got (so did this tacky lover), brought the lover to family gatherings right up under Victor's nose. Yet, somehow she and everyone else calls him a bad guy for calling in her loan. What man would cut this woman some slack and wait patiently so that she and her lover can find a way to get back on their financial feet. She said she wanted to be independent, well so she is. Except she's depending on Victor she's still depending on Victor to help her by not calling in his loan as any bank would have done long since. And now she's living on Victor's property (Sharon's house is on land owned by Victor) where she entertains her lover. How much can this man stand? I'm with Victor - no man going through a divorce like this with his replacement right up under his nose is going to be "cooperative and nice". Nikki needs to get real. Also, get Victor a woman - why should he be so alone? Wonder how Miss Independent would react to that?

JEANENE - I love, love your commentaries. I'm writing because I really like Cane and Lily, they are so beautiful together. I think that it's not just the age thing. It's something to do with the mysterious uncle of Cane's and he doesn't want to put Lily in the middle. I think he used the excuse of age, because he didn't want to tell her the real reason. I don't think Cane expected to fall this hard, I think he loved Amber, but not in the same way he loves and respects Lily. This will be an obstacle, but Cane will be redeemed, I just hope that after LML leaves they will continue this great potential romance. I also, like the song "All I think about is you". Do you know who made the song? Thank you so much.

SAM - Looking at the current storylines, I want to know why, if Gloria has so much money, she hasn't moved into her own place; did I miss something....is Victoria's character really pregnant and off the show until after the birth of her baby? What's up with Kane? Does he still have eyes for Amber or is he blind? I know Lily's brother loves her, but he needs to butt out of her life and her Daddy needs to get a grip! Heather needs to grow up and poor Victor. He's just a lost cause.

LINNIE - I've been watching Y&R for Jill was a Foster and Kaye a drunk. It's amazing to me how the history of the show changes through the years. First, the Newman ranch was held in trust for Jill's son by Victor. He died before he turned 21, which was the age he was to get the ranch. After that, the writers made it the Newman Ranch. Another thing, didn't Nikki get the ranch in a divorce settlement from Victor? Now she's out of the house! Inconsistencies! Second, I'm so close to no longer watching the show. I don't understand how Jack is made to suffer continuously, while Gloria and her criminal brood continue to get away with murder, literally. Jack would not be in the situation he's in if not for Gloria. Yet she struts around (Queen of the Mall) like she's been done a disservice. Y&R has until February sweeps to resolve the Gloria fiasco before I stop watching forever. Of course, there's a rumor that Gloria will end up in the Abbott mansion over the new-found will. How can this be when she was not given the house, only 50% of HIS money. John has 4 other children. There's no way she should be able to pull this off. One final mention...I'm am so disappointed at Lauren's character. I really thought that she would reel that low-life bunch in when she found out that Gloria had tainted the cream. I thought she would have at least made them back off Jack. Well, thanks for letting me vent.

TRAVIS - Best part of this year was watching Dru tangle with Phyllis in the days leading up to her horrendous fall. Other than that..can't think of much else. Thanks as always for this column!

CHANDRA - I love Two Scoops commentary. Y&R has become dead and boring. Too many characters, no consistency, boring plot lines, overused plots and themes, no creativity. Almost all actors of color are gone; characters living in glass houses, the dead coming to life! When will Jerry Douglas be let go? Enough already. Lynne Marie Latham better get some veteran writers and casting directors on her side and give the older characters decent plot lines. I rarely watch Y&R any more due to its shallow plots and boring acting performances.

LONDA - So, a lot of changes in 2007. Nick loves Red, he doesn't, he does, oh whatever! Dru, oh Dru, how I miss thee...now that you're gone, and even before, people wanted your family wiped off the face of GC, the shame, the horror should that actually happen. Leave the Winters alone, they're no more difficult to watch than any other soap family. Bring back Devon and give him a juicy story. For God's sake not the 'I love my sister' thing...yeecchhh. Cane and Lily, nice really nice, just mature her a little and don't let him be her next dweeb-in-line, can the girl have a decent, lasting, normal(as normal as soaps can be anyway) relationship? Can Daniel wise up, his devotion to Amber the skank sickens me, his BFF cares nothing about lying to him and using him for her own selfish purposes, he is such a nitwit. Just waiting for Red to muck up again, can't be long, she ain't the domestic type, not sure how long Nick's gonna be able to keep her reigned in. Wake up Vicki, I'm ready to see some bliss with you, J.T. and the baby. I don't care if people think you two are boring, I think you're cute and it's refreshing to see love, beside Michael and Lauren who have gotten on my last nerve catering to Glo-hag. Speaking of the devil, I will boycott this show if she ends up with the Abbott mansion, she does NOT DESERVE ANYTHING from John. Aachh! Jack's no saint, but I do not want him to lose to her! I also don't want Sharon to leave him. I supported their marriage and think things can work out for them, he just has to stop being so underhanded, he'll tell her a lie in a minute. In truth, he was the same way with Phyllis, she just saw through it and always got him to fess up. Sharon needs to be less naive. Does she really think Brad will be better? GMAB! Victor, he can be such a bad guy, and I love it! I hope he tramples over all of them! Take 'em on Victor, I love it when you're RUTHLESS! I just love it. Karen and Neil, sweet. David and Nikki, what a waste...no chemistry, and he's a scumbag. I hate what he did to Dru and he probably did kill JiMin and is setting Victor up, he's dirty. Wish List for 2008: Ashley comes back and Nikki sees green! No Brad & Sharon, kill it already! They are snoozeville. Nasty Jeffrey gives Glo hers and everyone finds out about her! The cancellation of the Phyllis Show.

ELLEN - I agree with you Nita, there is nothing "personal" about Victor wanting repayment of the loan. Nikki states that she wants to be considered an independent businesswoman held to the same standard as any other businessperson. However when Victor treated her like one she went ballistic. "You made this personal when you called in the loan" she bellowed. No Nikki, you made it personal when you asked for special favors from Victor based on your history. As any of the many people facing foreclosures on their homes right now could tell you, when you don't pay your loan, your debt gets called in. And, Nikki defaulted well before the Clear Springs explosion so I really don't see the connection. I don't understand the logic behind this at all and I, for one, am hoping that Victor prevails. David Chow needs to be revealed for the dirtbag he is, but I suppose that won't happen until he finishes setting up Victor for Ji Minh Kim's death and swindles cash out of Nikki. David's comeuppance can't come too soon for me!

CAROLYN - I am in total agreement with you on the subject of one David 'Purina Dog' Chow! I stated previously that I thought that he killed JiMin Kim and was framing Victor and now it looks like I might be right! Also, I was thinking all this week what if David isn't as in love with Nikki as he would have her (and us) believe? Now I know it's the Newman money David is in love with, and he's using Nikki to get some of it! Well, I'm glad the two-timing lowlife is being exposed and I can't wait until Nicole Reed Newman finds out that the new love of her life is a scumbag! Why everyone is harping on Victor making amends with Nikki when she is blatantly having an affair right under Victor's nose is beyond me! Victor's caveman ideals about Nikki's role as his wife are barbaric, but that's no excuse for Nikki to shack up with her Chow Chow on Victor's property! What happened to the room David had at the club? Why can't Nikki shack up with David there? Also, if Nicholas can't stand his father's ways so much, why is he living in his father's house, on his father's property and still working as co-CEO of his father's company? It never ceases to amaze me how the rest of the Newman clan can't seem to stand Victor's ways, but will sure spend his money, live in his houses and work at his company. Victor's evil ways are not acceptable unless they are of some use to Nikki, Nicholas and Victoria. Speaking of Victoria, when is she going to wake up? I'm not trying to be insensitive, but this coma SL is boring! I'm sick to death of gold-digging Gloria! Now it looks like she will get half of John's inheritance. How many rewards for her evil deeds is Gloria going to get? Freedom, $50 million and now John's money? Ridiculous! I wish Amber would go away! As Daniel so eloquently stated, Cane's just not into her, so give it a rest already! Lily and Cane would be a great couple, if Lily acted more mature! Right now, she acts too young for Cane! As Sharon didn't love Jack all that much anyway, I'm sure she's just chomping at the bit to be with Brad 'my real name is George' Carlton again...I know he is. I wonder how long Ashley is staying in GC, now that she is no longer engaged to that slimeball Ridge Forrester on B&B? Will she run to Victor once she finds out that Nikki is shacking up with David? I guess we will just have to wait and see! Well, that's all for now!

JAMIE - I have been watching they show since around 76 or 78, about the time Paul and Nikki were getting it on or before, and I have to say this was interesting this year, but I never ever thought Brad and Victoria were ever a couple, Sharon deserves someone like Jack or Brad, Jack and Victor both need to meet someone new, I think Jill would be good for Victor, Nick and Phyllis need to have a another baby and Daniel and heather need to get together, I am not crazy for David at all-he is crooked, and whatever happened to Colleen and Lily's best friend sierra? I hope if Victoria and J.T. get married that we will finally see his parents, and will Mary Williams get to meet her granddaughter? what ever happened to Olivia and Nate, and Lauren's son Scott, I think Colleen and Kevin should hook up and get married and give Jack a fit about that!

PAM - The most memorable scene for me was the birth of Summer in the elevator during a power failure. Jack (Peter Bergman) definitely gave an Emmy Award-winning performance.

ALMA - I think David is setting up Victor. Hope Victor cans him.

KIM - Thanks for your great column! I think (I know) it is time and overdue for Gloria to get her punishment! If she doesn't soon I am out of here!

FEMMEBLEU - Happy 2008 everyone! What an amazing start to the New Year it has been for the citizens of Genoa City. First, Victor's about to take a trip to the GC lock-up for a murder we are all pretty certain he did not commit, Amber is finally catching a clue about the fact that Cane does not want anymore of her goodies or anything else she has to offer. This appeared quite obvious to her insensitive sidekick Daniel the Dweeb who I truly do not see being the perfect match for the GC DA despite the fact that the writers seem committed to taking us along that horrifically painful journey. Apparently, Cane could barely exchange a full sentence with Amber during her pitiful babbling episode in Crimson. I cannot imagine that much having anything at all to do with reality goes on inside of that skankaroo's cranium. Well onto another one of GC's notable blockhead residents, Sharon who has surprisingly after a conversation with the man who left her for another woman decided that Jack's unforgivable sins are no longer enough reason to give up wearing the last name Abbott. Such a decision that still makes little sense to me after the ruckus this character caused after finding out the way her hubby had scammed his Daddy, a disgusting piece of work I would agree but at least he never cheated on the woman he committed to legally. As another fan pointed out, Sharon¡|s closet is so full of skeletons and carcasses of those she has directly or indirectly wronged she has no room for being the self-righteous schmuck she consistently ends up being whenever any dirt is thrown in her direction. Honestly, I think this hypocrite and Jack deserve each other after all neither one of them knows a thing about being loyal to anyone but their own self-interests. At least this decision of maintaining their mockery of a marriage resulted in granting Y&R's most tasteless character his Christmas wish of not receiving yet another divorce request from yet another unhappy missus. How can any man be that incredibly dishonest and insensitive yet still come up looking like Babe Ruth when he hit the promised homer for that ever-hopeful fan? The child with far too little respect for his elders seems to think that Jack is the best thing since the XBox. Well enough with the entertainment references, what is to be done with the gluttonous whore with the heart of gold Gloria who looks like she has hit the jack pot once again, a fact that her dear ex-step son is doing everything possible to prevent? I think I would just give this creep the money to avoid having to deal with her ever again, if I were in Jack's shoes. Although Jack is right about this lady's tawdry ways of working her way into the hearts of unsuspecting, lonely, wealthy widowers, he would simply come out better by just giving her the rightful inheritance, to shut the harpy up for good. The Gluttonous Glo is sadly just another atypical gold-digger who now has more money than most individuals with her background would know what to do with, no offense to those who inherit windfalls without having a clue about investments and other such matters of importance when one's assets far exceed the six figure territory. I simply loathe the fact that a scheming, deceitful wench like this woman the Baldwin boys call their mom, has been so fortunate in marrying well. Well undeserving sorts receiving excessive funds is a bridge that has certainly already been crossed and I think that Nita summed it up quite nicely the week before last. On that closing note, I must dash but I was thrilled to learn of J.T.'s being the Daddy, Chow's proposal to the under-appreciated Nicky (I'm sorry David Chow haters, but I think this guy is delectably dreamy and sweet as a Georgia Peach without all the fuzz) and Lily giving Cane, much like the 60's hippies gave peace, a chance. I do believe however, that her brother Devon is going to do everything he can to curse what appears to be the most promising match-up in Genoa City since I cannot remember. I cannot wait to see how the scribes that be choose to handle this prospective coupling for clearly Daddy Winters is not onboard with the Aussie with the Mostest, wooing his little girl. Yet if Victor's personal lap dog outside of Zapato could consider the alternative of his adopted son being the prospective paramour, I do not think he would balk about Cane as a possibility, half as much.

TRICIA - Do the writers even watch the show? As you pointed out, so many of the storylines are forgotten about, Lord knows I can remember way back when, why can't the writers?

COLLEEN - My wish for 2008. That someone would knock Brad's big square head right off his square body. He is evil. I am sick of his feeling of entitlement for which ever woman or child he wants at any given moment. He redefines the word slime.

HENRI - Agree with you on what ails the Y&r. I hope that there is a new head writer, one who will end the Gloria storyline pronto! She and her family (including Lauren) needs to be exposed for the criminals they are. Gloria needs to go to prison as well as Kevin for all of the computer hacking that he's done. Michael needs to loose his license - bring Christine or John back as GC legal eagles. Lauren needs to be exposed as an accessory before, during and after the fact. Deep six Amber, Jana and David the murdering Chow. Give Jack his company back and let him have Glo Worms ill gotten gains, including the Abbott inheritance. Love Lily and Cane. Give Devon a SL. DO NOT let Brad/George and Sharon get together. End Phick please! Like the idea of Nick tampering with the paternity tests. That should send Sharon a huge message. Have Victor lighten up and end his god complex. Those are some of my wishes for 2008. Keep up the great work. You are more fun to read that watching the show!

TONI - For the past year the thing I have looked forward to the most is your Two Scoops. I have watched Y&R since Kay was a baby, well almost, and now that we are rid of LML, thank heaven for that, we can hopefully get back to the Y&R of yesteryear! I have stuck with it in 2007, not a fast forward even once, because I love the show. Deep down in my Genoa City soul knew the end of LML was coming and our show would be back to the great one it once was. I do wish the old Colleen would come back, this one is nothing compared to her. Can't act and is not nearly as adorable as the old Colleen. Also Gloria the crone would dry up and blow away. Thanks for a great Two Scoops!

ANGELA - Amen, sister! I thought it was only me that's been disappointed with the Y&R.

JAN - Let me say again, you rock! You always get it right on target about what's wrong and what's right with the show. My wish list for 2008 would be to see Jack and Victor work together to solve JiMin's death and deal with the Chow-hound. I want more Lily/Cane and Heather/Daniel. I think there is even potential for Kevin with Amber. I can hear the euwwwww's already, but Kev gave her a kiss on the cheek the other day and I could see it going further...The actress that portrays Amber isn't without talent. The writers have just destroyed the character of Amber, completely, and left nothing for us to latch on to. I think she and Kevin could be fun if they gave her a few redeeming qualities. And my last pretty-please for 2008 is for the Glo-pig to get tarred and feathered. I want her to go down in great, galumphing flames, shunned by every single citizen of GC. I want to see a week of her getting lambasted by a line of people that wraps from Crimson Lights to the GCAC and possibly around Newman Towers. I want it to be TiVO worthy moments allowing me to smoke the device because of all the replays. I know....I want too much. I'm already seeing that this is going to play out trying to make us feel sorry for the tramp because of what Jeffrey is doing to her. And we all know that unless he exposes her completely it won't be nearly enough. Writers! Pull up your big girl panties and deal with Gloria. We're tired of waiting! Thanks again, Nita. I'm looking forward to Two Scoops in 2008. Have a Grand Year!

DIANNE - I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who lost interest in Y&R this past year. I've watched since it late 80's and can't remember being so uninterested that I would check out the daily scoops and spoilers to see if I even wanted to bother watching my tape. Let's hope 2008 is a more watchable year. Thanks for your updates and insights - it sure saved me viewing time.

WJROSE - First, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and thanks for the many laughs you gave me while discussing our favorite soap. I just had to write, because something happened today (while watching Thursday's episode) that has not happened in a long time - I rewound my tape of Y&R (I didn't count the numerous times I had to rewind due to mumbled lines, usually by Victor). I guess our cheers for the change in writing staff are starting to payoff. Call me a sucker for romance, but the scenes with Cane and Lily were great. If a fine man smiled at me the way Cane does at Lily, I wouldn't care if he was 1 year or 20 years older! After rewinding that last kiss several times, I had to freshen up with a cold shower! I definitely feel the heat with them, and it's not overt or near X-rated. I also enjoyed the last romantic scenes with Michael & Lauren, Nick & Phyllis and especially Neil & Karen done over her singing. Then - the closing scene with Victor & Nikki when he boldly proclaims he doesn't need anyone and never did. Classic Y&R! I loved it all! I hope things continue to improve, since I would hate to give up a soap I've loved for over 30 years!

LINDA K - Nita, I just love your column and look forward to it every week. I best thing to come out of the writer's strike is the new and improved Y&R. I love the New Year's episode with Ashley. I do miss her. I feel some of the old Y&R is coming back along with the music they are now using. I am even starting to feel bad for Jack! Nikki and Victor have really gotten my attention. I do hope in the end they end up together again. David Chow is just awful and has become a bad guy. Keep up the great work, even when Y&R is awful I always have your column to read!

Heather just has to STOP eating and talking with her mouth full. It is so disgusting. I love the new Nikki. She is so much softer and sweeter these days (like old days). Her clothes (especially the gray dress) looked so tight and uncomfortable though. She could barely walk in it. PLEASE do something with Sharon's long stringy mess of hair. If she is doing it herself, she sure is making the hair stylist look bad. I am so sick of her slinging those long things around. It makes her look like she is trying to be a teen-bopper too. I am sure her own hair would look much better. Those sex couches sure got a work out this week. What did everyone think of Lauren wearing her boots while seducing Michael? She looked like a dominatrix. Since when did Globag not like a man's (any man's) attention? She can't have that much against Jeffrey Bardwell. I got so very sick of her this week. It was the Phyllis Show and now it is the Glo Show. If I have to see the Victoria phony coma one more time I am going to scream. There is nothing even remotely believable about her lying in that bed looking so good.

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