Who killed Ji Min Kim?

by Nita
For the Week of January 28, 2008
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Once again, it looks like Genoa City's residents will soon be turning to one another and asking who killed Ji Min?

Once again, it looks like Genoa Citians will soon be turning to one another and asking who killed JiMin? Of course, I doubt there was a single fan who, even with Victor's arrest, actually believed the proper perpetrator had been pinpointed. Because while it's true that over the years, Victor has often raged angrily about like a blustering bull in a china shop, to my recollection, he's yet to dispatch a single unfortunate soul to the land of the living dead. Including the man he once bricked up in his basement. But while fans knew Victor was innocent, at least of murder, that was obviously not the case for his so-called solicitor. Speaking of Vic's disbelieving legal eagle, I don't know about any other fan, but I just about stood up and applauded with approval when Victor told Michael he was through as his lawyer.

I know many fans might think Victor was wrong for telling Michael not to let the doorknob hit him in his lazy behind on his way out the door, but I agreed wholeheartedly with his decision. Michael wasn't doing his job. So distracted by Gloria's silly shenanigans, he hasn't been doing even the minimum for Victor's case. Why did he know so little about the witness the DA claimed witnessed Victor stuffing a bloody towel in his gym bag? I guess it's only Paul who has a man in the DA's office from whom to glean information. Speaking of that towel, where did all the alleged blood come from anyway? I was there when JiMin was found lying cold on the carpet, and I don't recall so much as a single speck of blood in or around JiMin. But now, we're supposed to buy that there was so much it was easily visible on a towel being stuffed in a bag. And what the heck was Carol doing in the men's locker room anyway?

I realize that due to Paul's recently excavated ethics, he's no longer selling his PI services to the highest bidder, and we all know J.T. is too busy snapping pics every hour on the hour of Reed to bother with something so pedestrian as working for a living, but surely Michael could have consulted the yellow pages of an adjacent bedroom burg to hire a private investigator. Had Michael been doing his job, he should have already known which restaurant ran a tab for Victor's meal on the night in question. Victor is undoubtedly paying Michael an unusually exorbitant amount of money to defend him, yet all Michael seemed to do was rant and rave to Lauren about how much he had to do, in the few spare moments he wasn't ranting and raving about what Gloria was up to. And though Victor repeatedly pronounced his innocence, Michael plainly didn't believe him, preferring instead to listen to Lauren prattling stupidly about how Victor was capable of anything. Like she has a corner to squat in and point a finger at someone else what with all the illegal activities she and her felonious family have been up to for too long to talk about. Hmmm. Had Victor actually done what GCPD accuses him of, you would think Lauren of all people could empathize. After all, with the killing of Sheila under her belt, she knows exactly how it feels to kill someone in the heat of the moment.

But back to Michael. When he had the gall to form his lips around a sentence essentially suggesting Victor plead guilty to a crime he hadn't committed, like I said before, I was right with Victor thinking it was time to hurl walking papers at Michael's empty head. With a defense attorney like that, there's no need for a prosecutor.

Of course, as we all know, Michael did eventually redeem himself, once he stopped listening to his lawbreaking bride and turned his attention instead to the words his brother was whispering about the man who wound up providing Victor with what should amount to an airtight alibi. Speaking of that alibi, let me take a second to shout Shame on Heather, who for the sake of winning, seemed fully prepared to feed Victor piece by piece to the jackals of justice, whether he deserved it or not. It appears Miss I'm So Moral It Stings Stevens isn't above bending the truth to a shape that more readily fits her version of the facts when it suits her. The witness wasn't credible because he's had a scrape or two with the law at some point in his past! Yet, she knew next to nothing about the witness she thought, wrongly, was too credible to be discounted. Michael had Carol singing the truth like a canary in no time.

So, now that it's practically been proven Victor didn't deliver a killing karate chop to JiMin's windpipe, who did do away with the debonair entrepreneur? As many of you know, I thoroughly despise David Dog Chow, so of course it would please me immensely to know he would eventually fry for the murderous crime, but, I'm beginning to fear the muck on his mitts comes from something substantially less than murder. David may have just been the red herring to trick us into getting off the real trail. For one thing, now that we know about David's debt, it seems unlikely he would have been able to scrape up the funds to pay Carol to lie so fluently on Victor. Unless he borrowed the money to do exactly that. Two, while hounding him for a definite payment date, David's mysterious debt collector mentioned a 'race'. Leading a fan to believe one of two things. One, that David has a problem with betting on the wrong races, or two, it was just a bit of witticism referring to David's ill luck in backing the losing filly in the race for the Senate seat.

But, now that we've learned about Jeffrey's Korea connection, the plot has thickened a bit. Was Jeffrey connected to JiMin? Did the two men know each other? Is it possible they were in business cahoots together? Jeff's room was right next to JiMin's. Was there a connecting door that JiMin unlocked to admit his guest only to find himself gasping for breath that never came when he refused to do as his partner bid and keep his mouth zipped tight about the under the table deal he had made with Jack. Or was Jeffrey sent by JiMin's family to dispatch him before he besmirched the family name with disgrace and dishonour? I, of course, in this particular instance, would welcome being way off the mark about Jeffrey and hope his sole reason for relocating to Genoa City was to get and spend his brother's inheritance, even if he has to do it one wrinkled dollar bill at a time.

While I'm sort of on the subject of digging for gold, I might as well get my vent on about Gloria. Yes, fans, I am feeling every one of you who want to see Gloria get it so bad, you'd gladly come on the set and deliver her comeuppance in person. Even though I should know better than to get my hopes up, I confess I've once again crossed my fingers, my toes and my eyes that she might be being set up to take a painfully punishing sprawl.

Gloria has come a long way from the days she wordlessly watched her youngest boy be bullied, beaten and banished to the closet. Remember how she quivered and quaked when Tom tracked her to GC and began to badger her with blackmail? Where was that spine of steel so much in evidence now back then? These days, Gloria bears not a shred of similarity to that weak-willed woman anymore. What a difference a bunch of zeros in her bank balance can make.

Is there anyone more horrid than this hag? Like just about every other fan, I continue to be thoroughly sick and tired of watching this twisted mouth murderer mug for the cameras and get everything she wants. She got all of William's money, an executive position at Jabot for which she's presumably highly paid, yet does not a single thing to earn a penny of it. She's lived rent free, like a leech on her son and his wife for far too long, even after she had more than enough money to pay her own way. And now she's been awarded half of John's estate. I had hoped getting her greedy, dirt-caked claws on most of John's fortune would finally result in her moving on to things that had nothing to do with Jack, but alas, obviously that is not going to be the case. Nothing is ever enough for this grasping gremlin. She's already left a bloody trail of carnage in her wake, yet she still wants more. The Abbott home. And, the way things have been going, I'm assuming she will get that too. I was just beginning to enjoy watching her and Jeffrey bait each other, but with her resumed obsession of all things Jack, that enjoyment quickly waned. And now, all I wish is that she and Kevin would miscalculate their poisonous proportions and they would accidentally kill her. Yes, I know that's a bit harsh, but I am thoroughly tired of her never-ending demands and hatred. Of course, I don't really want her dead; just obsessed with something else.

Yes, fan Anne Marie (below), with the carefully placed, frosted strands along with the cruel, uncaring attitude, I definitely spotted Cruella DeVille in Gloria this week. In fact, Gloria often reminds me of some of the great female actresses of yesteryear and I've wondered before if she perhaps shapes the evil side of her GC character by watching old movies starring actresses like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis or Vivien Leigh, among others. Because sometimes her mannerisms and exaggerated expressions bear more than a passing resemblances to some of the old greats. Add one of the corset cinched waist dresses of those long gone days, purse her lips around an elongated cigarette holder and, Voila, the channelling would likely be complete.

So, although all my aforementioned body parts are twisted together in hopeful anticipation, I'm not foolish enough to hold my breath that Gloria will be made to pay a penalty. If I was, the only thing that would probably happen is I'd turn blue and die. So, while I wait for the reward that may never be deposited into my account, I'll just have to settle for what I can get. Which is hopefully that the Abbotts and Bardwells living unhappily and dysfunctionally together should be good for at least a couple of belly laughs.

And, of course, there is the poisoning. I presume that in between hurling daggers of cutting comments at Jack's broad back, Gloria will be busy poisoning herself, allegedly at Jeffrey's hands. Hopefully, Jeff will remain poised at all times on his tippy toes, the better to anticipate and block Gloria and Kevin's every move. Because these two, eagerly assisted by the rest of their criminally minded clan, have become way too casual about repeatedly breaking the law. It's become quite amusing listening to the hypocritical words that tumble from the mouths of this family. They've become the biggest lawbreakers in town. Wrongdoing has become so commonplace to them, they can decide to hack into people's personal accounts without so much as a telltale flicker of shame. They toss about ways of further breaking the law as easily as you and I might suggest an outing to the closest Supercenter. Sure, some would say both Jack and Jeffrey deserve everything they've gotten or are to get from the hands and manipulative minds of the Baldwin-Fishers, but did Jill? Kay? William? When it comes to what one of them want, no one is safe. And I doubt I'm the only fan that longs for some payback for these people.

Moving on to someone else. Jana. Ugh. Not so very long ago, I remember I used to kind of like her and Kevin together, but those days are distant now. Over the months of watching her pant like a chastened puppy at Phyllis's round heels, in that laughable excuse for a holding facility, I grew to despise that accent of hers and the very sound of her voice, for that matter. Now, every time she say "Amba", I want to reach through the screen and knock some consonants into her mouth. It's Amber, you goofball, not Amba. I don't even know exactly what it is that so irritates me about Jana. I haven't forgotten that she claimed to have been on her own for practically forever, a worldly, near fearless Jill of All Trades, so to speak. Yet now she behaves more like a timid, unworldly country girl seeing the big, bad City for the very first time. All that gushing animation and wide-eyed wonder is just not believable after all the dirt she's done. When they cut out the tumor, is it possible they excised some important brain matter as well? All I know is she's become annoying as all get out. But one thing you can say about Jana, she certainly hit the jackpot when she wandered into Kevin's life. Because with her propensity for breaking the law, she fits right in with her new family of felons. But, she better watch her step. The tumor made me do it defense might have worked before, but what will her excuse be next time? Oh, what am I talking about, once she tossed her hat in the ring with the Fisher-Baldwin's she was given an honorary coat of Teflon, so like the rest of her family, nothing is likely to stick to her hide either.

The latest legal split between the Roses, I mean the Newmans was a little bit funny. Only in Genoa City would someone bring their lover to their divorce hearing. And was I the only fan whose head was whirling the way they were talking about their marriage. I started getting confused about which marriage they were talking about. Because if I hadn't been there the whole time, I might have thought this marriage had been going on for decades instead of just a few years, the way Nikki was talking about charity events, raising the children, and all of that. Those children were fully raised two or three divorces ago. In the end, though she lost NVP, she got a hefty settlement that presumably will continue to keep her in the manner to which she's been accustomed and one which Chow is obviously chafing at the bit to experience for himself. She got most of what she wanted. You would think she'd be on top of the world. Seriously though, I understand that a divorce between the Newman was the only option, being that they had both painted themselves into opposite corners, and I would have had something catty to say had Nikki or Victor felt like going out on the town and celebrating.

I see, despite Nikki's bravado about how she just wants to be an independent woman, if only Victor would let her, she is still allowing a man to lead her around and do most of the work. How darn many times have we heard her moan and groan about how Victor was treating her like a child, an imbecile? Yet, David, for all intents and purposes seems to constantly be patting her on the head, and telling her, in a roundabout kind of way, to not worry her pretty little head about the details. I'll see this finance guy and tell you all about it later. After all, you're so emotional after all you've been through with Victor, he said, to ensure she's stay far from his meeting with his debt collector. And the independent Miss Nikki was quick to swallow down the bait. Though mere seconds before, Chow apparently didn't think her emotions so fragile that they should stop her from setting a date and time for Nikki to hitch her little red wagon to the back of his sleazy behind so he could get his grubby little mitts on the money Victor hasn't even had a chance to transfer to her account.

So what is Mr. Sleazy up to anyway? I don't even know what to call him anymore. Obviously, his name isn't David Chow, but Clark, though I don't know if that's a first name or last. How old is this alleged debt? Hasn't he been David Chow for a very long time? If not, then how could he be so well known as a campaign manager? Wouldn't GC's only PI's have noticed if the man had no past to speak of? When did he re-invent himself? While I wanted to believe his debt was due to sinister and murderous ends, it sounds more his debt might be do to something much more banal, like he might just be a man who should stay away from blackjack tables and snorting steeds. Obviously, David won't treat her as cavalierly as Victor so often has, but Nikki is by no means getting any kind of prize. What kind of a real man lives off a woman the way David has and plans to continue? And on the ex-husband's land at that. Sleaze, sleaze, sleaze.

By the way, I had to giggle a little at Nikki's prim, purse-lipped reaction to finding her junk stuffed willy-nilly in cardboard boxes and dropped in the middle of Sharon's living room floor. What did she expect, especially since she's contemplating marriage to that slimy leech? She made it clear that David was her dependent boy toy of choice. Besides, didn't she flippantly tell Victor she would send for her things one of the previous occasions she flounced out of the big house? I remember that smart-behind remark even if now she appears to have forgotten she tossed that barb.

The Fresh Face of Jabot. Thank goodness we weren't tortured any longer with that ridiculous Marina charade. And in case you were wondering, no I didn't feel an ounce of sympathy when Cane whipped off that wig and let the world see the instantly sniveling face of Amber, the Extreme Catwalk spectacle. True to form, Amber didn't miss so much as a single beat before she dissolved into this mascara-dripping teary eyed thing. And what did she mumble? Why, what else. I'm soooooo sorry. Yeah, yeah, been there, have heard you recite that same refrain time after time. Okay, so the cameras endlessly snapping, preserving for prosperity Amber's shameful unveiling perhaps went on just a tad too long, but we know that was to give us plenty of time to dredge up some sympathy for poor, little, I grew up in a trailer in Furnace Creek and never felt I was pretty, blah and blah.

Well, obviously, Amber's humiliating scene for sympathy didn't work on me, but it sure worked for Katherine. A sure sign Katherine is getting old. She's lost that once sharp, intuitive sixth sense she used to have about people. Gloria pulled the wool over her cloudy eyes without even getting out of breath and now Amber is doing the same. Amber Moore - vulnerable? Ha, pardon me for a few moments while I roll around the living room carpet, cackling like a crazed hyena. Now, had she mumbled manipulative, liar, cheater, thief, or several other, I might have agreed. But that's just my opinion, and its worth, oh I don't know, about a handful of Jack's beans, perhaps. Obviously, Kay sees a good deal of her long ago self in Amber's antics and the two have become the best of buddies.

So, Daniel was bored so did up his do. Believe it or not, I actually like it. With his preference for odd looking shirts, bed head and ripped jeans that look fine on the campus, but way out of place in the office, I never thought he was quite the right fit for Newman. Now that he's about to embark on his new career of a shutterbug, I think his new do and his old look will be perfect.

What is to become of Bradley the Cad? He thinks he's holding all the high cards in his hands but Victor's feeling pretty vindictive these days and is not likely to be in any mood to be held face down over Brad's barrel. Hasn't Brad been instructed never to ask a question you don't already know the answer to? Yeah, I know, that's for lawyers, but has Brad forgotten how much Victor hates him? I really can't see Victor promoting Brad, especially under duress. So I hope Neil isn't hoping for an abundance of free time to spend with Karen, because as Victor has been known to retort in an arrogantly elevated voice accompanied by the Victor Newman sneer and stare: it ain't happening.

I still say, bring on Brad and Heather and see what happens. If nothing else, a relationship between these two would certainly rile Paul to no end.

Whoa fans, hold on to the safety bars of your roller coaster car, because rumors of what could be to come are running rampant. Some currently grinding themselves to dust through the rumor mill:

That Jeanne Cooper, Kay's portrayer, has vowed to call it a Genoa City day by her 80th birthday. Truth or not? Well, a case could be made that it could be. Let's look at what's going on. First, a few weeks back, there was a scene between Amber and Kay when Kay offered to reinstate Amber's AC gym membership in exchange for Amber becoming her workout coach. Something about a shoulder that still hadn't healed. Then, last week, we all witnessed her stumble at Crimson Lights, though she waved away any concern by her mother and grandson. And lastly, we have her fainting with only Amber in attendance. The bonding between Amber and Mrs. C. begun in the Clear Springs parking garage has continued. Kay seems to see her younger self in Amber, though I'm not convinced there is any real similarity. Yes, Kay was a great manipulator in her day, trying to keep Phillip in her life, for instance, and later his son, but to this fan at least, Amber's obsession with Cane bears no similarity. Yes, Amber claims to have this all-consuming love for Cane, but I'm not quick to buy a bag of that bull. From the beginning, she set her sights on Cane for one reason only. The Chancellor fortune. But, I could forgive her for that. All is supposedly fair in love and war. But all that porn stuff with Daniel, while on the surface, pretending to be his wife's friend, that was tawdry and so Amber. But again, in the spirit of generosity, that too I can easily overlook. Not so easy to brush aside, however, is what she did to her so-called friends. Though Daniel and Kevin have repeatedly proved they are both fair and foul weather friends to Amber, she doesn't return their loyalty. After dragging them into the mess she made with Plum and the stolen money, she then kept all that booty for herself.

There has also been a rumor recently about undoing the tie that binds Chancellor mother and daughter. Oh, not, not again. Is this another case of tampered DNA results? Where will this growing relationship between Kay and Amber lead? Is there anything to yet another rumor; that Amber could somehow wind up related to Kay, or Jill. What next? Amber was stolen at birth and her Furnace Creek family and dead cousin Becky are not really her own? Will it turn out that Jill was completely mistaken, and she gave birth not to a son, but a daughter who grew up to be Amber? Heck, maybe the baby was switched with another while still in the womb? Yeah, that's stupid, but so are some of these past rewritings.

Victor Jr's imminent arrival has moved from rumor to fact. How will he enter Genoa City? With Victor, who is himself rumored to be on the threshold of another trip out of the City? Will he go in search of himself after banishing his entire family from his side and then being unable to stand the isolation? Or will Jr. come in from the cold under his own power, having heard of his father's search for him in out of the way places.

And lastly, the rumor mongers are hinting about a tie, perhaps of the romantic kind, between Amber and Daniel. For those who detest Cane and Lily (not me!), and hope instead for Cane and Amber, part two, there's nothing like seeing some other mutt trying to trot off with the bone you claim you no longer want to reawaken any dormant feelings that may still exist. Of course, being a fan of Cane and Lily, I'm hoping the only thing Cane feels at the thought of a pairing between Amber and Daniel will be relief.

Okay, that's it, that's all, though there's still more commenting words that could be typed, my brain is beginning to feel a bit mushy, so I'll see you all next week with my (and your) take on the coming week's events. Enjoy your week and may you receive in it at least one thing you really, really want. Step up fans. Have your say.

* * * * * * *

EVE - Ahhh, Lily and Cane: Thank God for them, because theirs is the only romance on Y&R these days. Or at least the only one that has any chemistry. I don't buy Heather & Daniel for a minute, mainly because the real life Daniel-type I know would never go for a sourpuss like her, no matter how hard she chased him, and, in real life, we've all been watching her chase him pretty hard. Nikki and David Chow - when has that ever been romantic? He's all hat and no cattle, which is why he's out there on the phone arranging a rustling of some kind. And for Nikki to fall for David - well, that was the previous Reign of Terror under LML, who trashed just about everybody's personalities. The Nikki I've watched over the years is indeed very often self-centered, needy, insecure, and fairly horny, but she always had better taste than this. Nor did she ever cheat on Victor right in his face - he had to be off on some wing-ding of his own before she trotted off with Jack, or Brad, or Cole, or the gynecologist. She was always careful to make sure she wasn't out on that adulterous limb alone. That's why Nikki & Victor could be saved over and over and over again. But now, how's that going to happen? As for others - I'm enjoying Jeffrey blackmailing Gloria: I hope they get married, and he cheats on her with Jill. Big time. Jill needs a romance, folks - there's very few in GC that can put on the passion like Jess Walton. I hope that Amber simply vanishes - she is the most irritating character I've ever seen. No, I'll take that back - Jana is. I pity the poor actress playing Jana. LML's ROT had no idea how to deal with her - first she's guilty! Then she's not! Then she's got a brain tumor! Now she's fine! Look, writers, let her go. If you want to keep Amber, bring back the bad old Kevin - let him find out about the money and blackmail Amber into an affair, following Jeffrey's move every step of the way - who knows? Maybe he could cheat with Jill, too.

LUCIE - I think Victor Jr. coming to GC is FANTASTIC NEWS! Bring things back from the past storylines that we love! Maybe bring Hope back a bit. That could be fun for her to pass a little judgment on Victor's actions!

BARBARA - Nita, I love your two scoops! I agree with you and everyone else on the site, 2007 was the worst year in Y&R history. it turned into one big freak show! The introduction of Amber and her silly schemes, the death scene of Dru that just seemed so unreal, the out of the ashes storyline. No one died! Not like I would want anyone to anyway but if you make that much of a big deal about it, at least make it juicy, right?! And come on, what about that porn storyline. That was just boring! And that Plum kid who died in the apartment and the stolen money? What the heck?! That was boring. I'm just waiting for Y&R to get its camp back. The love, the drama, the intrigue, the passion, the action, the stories. Where's my THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS? and last but not least, LYNN MARIE LATHAM (I cringe even saying that name) she came and ruined the show. She has trashed it and turned it into a mess. Why did she even get hired? I am writing this during the end of January and now that we have a new head writer, the show is getting back to normal, even though it will take a little while. I just want LML fired and to keep the new head writers. Nita, thanks for your brilliance!

CABC - Thanks Nita, you always nail it with every word. Victor Naaaa, what goes around comes around, it doesn't matter if its been years ago, he should taste a bit of his own medicine! Now when Victor Jr. comes to town, I'll bet an arm or leg that he'll be a chip off the old block. Nick's a mama's boy, so Jr. will be ruthless like dear ole dad, along with some hatred for Victor for staying away all these years. I'm so glad someone saw fit to allow Sharon to dump Brad once and for all. Now let's get rid of disgusting Phick, find a real women for Cane, and let Jill have a man she can keep; then we'll be rolling. The only problem I face now is not knowing if they have finally gotten rid of LML and her unskilled writing crew! Please let them be gone. I'm loving the new pace and all that goes with it.

CHAZ - I agree, Nikki and Nick are hypocrites. Nikki was the one who jumped into having an affair and flaunting her lover in front of Victor. Nick's always quick to jump to Nikki's side even if she is wrong. Not to mention that he was also the one who had Victor convicted in the past. I'm looking forward to Victor Jr. coming in the picture and going head to head with Nick and become Victor's protégé. I hope Victoria wakes up soon and joins her father. Also, the writers really need to give Amber a break. Get rid of Daniel, Lily, Colleen, Heather and Adrian.

SYLRETHA - We here are wondering why Gloria gets to get half of the Abbott mansion. She doesn't deserve it. I wish they would find out about her tampering with the cream without involving Lauren and Michael. Like we all here at the office have been saying, she needs to get her punishment. Everyone else did. Phyllis and Jack got theirs and so did Jana. Gloria should not be made to look like she can get away with anything. It's sickening and we are tired of her getting away with everything.

JOANNE - Nita, I have just read what happens in Thursday's show and I cannot believe Gloria is getting the Abbott mansion! Why is this shrew getting everything?! I think it is despicable that the writers have done this to Jack's character and I will no longer watch the show because I am completely disgusted. I know John is supposed to be Jack's conscience but somehow I don't think he would think this! I think John, in death, is an even bigger sap as far as Gloria is concerned. Jeffrey seems even worse than Gloria and he seemed even more interested in taking the house away from Jack. I have not really watched for several weeks, preferring to read the web for updates. The only way I will go back to watching regularly is if Gloria is finally caught for every reprehensible thing she has done and punished appropriately. Enough is enough!

TPS - With regards to Victor, isn't he the one who is always saying it is only business, it has nothing to do with personal feelings, yet here is a man who makes most of his decisions on personal feelings. Calling in Nikki's loan, firing his son, etc. He is the biggest hypocrite in the whole town. No one can disagree with him, because if they do, then they are against him, betraying him or something like that. Talk about a man who must have absolute power over everyone. As for Jack, they have taken everything away from him, even a pound a flesh, but that is still not enough. Isn't it about time someone else got their comeuppance, like Gloria?

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