An unlikely pair

by Nita
For the Week of February 4, 2008
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Amber is already reaping the benefits of being Kay's current charitable cause.

Accustomed as we've all become to the odd couples of Genoa City, no one should be much amazed by the latest link-up: Ambrosia Moore and Katherine Chancellor. Although I've long found Amber extremely annoying (first on B&B and now on Y&R), mostly because she is often presented as a one-note nutcase, a scheming manipulator, I'm hoping we are about to watch a new and improved Amber blossom. There were moments on B&B, when in the midst of all Amber's manipulations, we were given a rare glimpse of her vulnerability, which went a long way toward making her more palatable. It now appears we may get a few of those moments in Genoa City as well. No, I'm not referring to the blubbering, face awash in tears, high pitched, near hysterical I'm so, so, so, sorry and I'll never do it again please forgive me moments that only make this fan scream shut up, shut up, as I clap my hands over my assaulted ears. Instead, I'm talking about Cane and Amber's clear the air conversation. I had to do a double take when I spotted Amber sitting sedately in a wingback chair at the AC. In a dress that didn't end just barely below her buttocks. Imagine that! I loved that dress, by the way. Although her adoration for Cane obviously hasn't abated, she let her vulnerable side peek through as she vowed to become someone both she and he could be proud of. Of course, we know Amber, she's always quite contrite, filled with the best of intentions, just after she's gotten caught in one of her many faux pas. Unfortunately, her resolve to rehabilitate seldom lasts long enough to prevent her committing another one. As an excuse for her bad behaviour, she's always blamed her dusty Furnace Creek roots and the fact that she allegedly had no one ever believe in her before. But now that she has Kay in her corner, perhaps this time really will be different.

I suspect Kay won't be the only Genoa Citian looking at Amber with interested or admiring eyes. Clearly, her designs will play a part in not only her own re-creation, but will also likely be a part of the new venture being tentatively considered by the four-way collaboration of Jack, Sharon, Nick and Phyllis.

But that's for a little bit later. For now, as Katherine's inspiration and reason for rising on a cold and drafty winter morn, Amber is already reaping the benefits of being Kay's current charitable cause. Hers for the taking, had she so desired, thanks to Kay, Amber could have kept in close and cozy company with Cane, as Jabot's newly appointed CEO's assistant. By the way, was I the only fan murmuring 'whaaaat' when Kay suggested Nikki's first act as CEO be the hiring of Amber as her assistant? I mean, hadn't we just meandered with Kay down her memory lane as she pointed out the many perils of hot pursuit of an unrequited love object? Oh, right, Kay. Take one out of reach man and place his fatal attraction in a position where she'll see the one thing she cannot have day after day, and as a bonus, get to watch him make flirty moo cow eyes at the new love in his life. Talk about gorging yourself on a daily diet of pain and punishment! It made me wonder if, despite the doc's assertion to the contrary, there was at least a little damage done to Kay's cognitive cells in that mini stroke. Thank goodness Amber was smart enough to decline Kay's brainless offer.

Speaking of Kay's parting of the gauzy curtains of the past, I know some fans hate flashbacks, see them as a poor substitute for snappy dialogue, but I don't mind the occasional flashback, provided it's not a second look at something I just saw the day or week before, which may not have much impressed me the first time around. Kay has always been one of my favorite characters and hasn't really had anything substantial that showcased her acting chops since playing a mute stroke victim and learning Jill was the daughter she'd long ago deserted. I don't really count her takeover of Jabot since it caused her to appear the fool at being so easily hoodwinked by that wild-eyed harridan, Gloria. Anyway, I was just beginning to watch bits and pieces of Y&R back in the days when she drove poor Phillip over the cliff, and it was a treat to see again that flawed and tormented Katherine Chancellor. And it was a pleasure to get another gander at another of my former favorites, Rex Sterling. Ahh, those were the good old days. But these are the good new days, and while things are not ever going to meet with every fan's approval at the same time, the present contains much to like and look forward to.

Like Kay retiring and placing the reins of Chancellor in Jill's capable hands. Chancellor hasn't figured in any storylines to any great extent, other than the time its CEO swept a starry-eyed Jill off her feet and took her for a ride on his golden chariot in hopes of hiding the fact that he was trying to clean out Chancellor's coffers. With Jill in charge, will Chancellor become even more a force to be reckoned with? Will Cane, as the only heir to the Chancellor throne interested in sitting on it since undoubtedly Brock will forever be off somewhere caring for those less fortunate, follow Jill there or remain at Jabot?

And then there is Nikki running Jabot. Okay, so some might point out that Nikki hardly has enough business sense to run Jabot, but she did get her feet wet with NVP and Clear Springs. Sure, at the time she was more than a bit preoccupied in pursuit of that Senate seat, but presumably she did pay at least some attention to her NVP duties. On top of that, she bought her way into Jabot with 35 million of the settlement money she got from Victor in the divorce before this one and spent years as one of Jabot's top executives until Jack reduced her investment by half when he sold Jabot to Chancellor. And lastly, it isn't as if Nikki is going to be running the place by her lonesome. Not only is she sure to appoint her lap puppy Chow to a second in command position, I'm guessing Brad will also get a chance to plump his portfolio as well. Because although he considered himself indispensable to Newman, hence his attempt to bend Neil over the proverbial barrel and force a promotion from him, Brad failed to consider in his calculations Victor's intense hatred of him. To quote the Big Man on Genoa City Campus: It ain't gonna happen! With Nikki at Jabot's helm, especially with a bitter, revenge-seeking Brad and supplicating sidekick, David, aligned beside her, it could be a bit of a battle between the Titans as Victor sets out to prove his prediction that Nikki's Jabot appointment was indeed a bad joke.

It may not be much of a family affair at Newman, with Phyllis, Nikki and Nick all off the Newman or NVP payroll, but it can still be a dysfunctional family affair in the new GC venture currently being contemplated by the Abbotts and Newmans, there are more than enough potent possibilities contained in this four way coupling. For instance, as the former exes work practically in each other's pockets, will either of their current relationships be endangered? It's probably a fifty-fifty split between fans who give a flying fig as to who they'd like see together. Today's pairings or yesterday's. Although I acknowledge Nick and Phyllis work on a physical level (I often wonder how Mrs. Morrow feels watching a tongue hockey scene between the cast mates), and I can't quite picture a scenario where dissention would suddenly tear them apart, at the same time, something is still much off for me and I continue to miss Jack and Phyllis' interaction. Just my opinion, but their union seemed more between equals beyond the bedchamber, while once the heat of the Newman's intimate moments has dissipated, she seems so much more Nick's elder. As for Jack and Sharon, like other fans, they have grown on me, though I still fail to feel their passion. Their love seems more like a deep liking, especially on Sharon's part, and Jack sometimes appears too needy or overly grateful that she's with him. Not to say that putting the former loves back together would work after so much water has flowed beneath the splintery bridge. Still, no GC couple stays together forever, so I'm looking forward to seeing what might happen next.

So where will Amber fit in either of these new business scenarios? Just because she initially declined Kay's generous offer of employment with Nikki, doesn't mean she can't or won't change her mind should the notion strike her. If she chooses Jabot, she will likely become a thorn in Lily's side if Cane begins to be drawn to his work in recreated progress ex-wife. And what about Daniel? As Amber's staunch supporter and number one fan, and his new career as a photographer, will his be the eye recording Amber's designs for the Abbott-Newman venture in print and online, or will he be snapping pics of his own ex-wife at Jabot? If that happens, could feelings eventually be rekindled between them? Well it could happen that way, but rumours are circulating that Amber and Daniel's vertical friendship is about to turn horizontal? Looks like Daniel may finally get to act out all those fantasies you know were running rampant through his aroused head while perusing Amber's soft porn site. Maybe she'll be wearing that lingerie he loved so much, he rushed out and bought it for his then bride, Lily?

Okay, is it just me or do other fans think Neil is going a bit overboard with the concerned father bit? Sure, Lily married young, against her parent's wishes, but I don't know that I would exactly call her relationship a terribly bad lapse in judgment. I mean, their marriage was going like gangbusters until Amber introduced Daniel to her boobs and her tawdry website. So, it really wasn't Lily's lack of good judgment that ruined her marriage. Likewise, I'm sure I wasn't the only fan with a furrowed line of confusion creasing my brow when Neil then pointed to Cane's battered baggage as a reason Lily should retreat. For heaven's sake, the man has been married one time, to a woman who drugged him and tricked him into believing it was real. That hardly amounts to a man with a pitch black past. And he unharnessed himself from that filly the moment he discovered she was a fraud. Plus, he's allegedly a Chancellor. At least for now. Who is Neil to turn his nose up at that?

Over at Newman, at the moment, it's all pretty much up in the air as to who will be calling the shots. Though Sleeping Beauty has now finally blinked three times and awakened to find herself safe in her childhood bed, it's doubtful she will feel like putting footpads to the polished corporate floor and going back to business as usual any time soon. There's a brand new wee baby to coo over, a marriage to plan, a recovery to be gotten through. She's likely to be wearing hearts and flowers above her head and gazing lovingly at J.T. for still some time to come. As for Nick, he's not about to come begging his Papa's pardon, especially since Jack is offering him a payback plan. By the way, I had a good laugh at Nick's expense for his statement that Daddy never forgets and forgives. Oh yeah? Then how did M'boy end up Co-CEO after burying a blade in his father's broad back? And Daddy? Just because the DA was forced to drop those murder charges, don't think old Vic will feel like putting his nose to the Newman grindstone. We've all heard the rumors by now about ex-wife Hope and the son they share leaving the farm for good and relocating to the City. I could be wrong but I'm guessing he will be just a wee bit preoccupied. So, of course, that leaves good old Neil to pick up whatever executive burden is not already riding on his broad shoulders. Heck, even if Victor didn't have to deal with the coming family crisis, he would likely be too busy figuring out how to get Jack charged with JiMin's murder to handle his Newman business. Like the DA's office is apparently destined to frequently do, Victor too, continues to bay at the bottom of the wrong oak tree.

Speaking of those dropped charges, Heather sure wound up with a big, gooey wad of egg on her face. I can't really say that I felt much of her pain. She can be kind of an arrogant know-it-all and needed to learn this lesson from those more experienced than she. Not that she should feel too bad for the way her weak case quickly unraveled, as soon as Michael pulled on one of the poorly stitched strings. She hasn't done any worse than any of her predecessors. I guess none of her co-workers told her it was a tradition in the GC DAs office to blunder blindly about after the wrong perpetrator, while the real culprit skips away. Funny, somehow I doubt that she has learned any valuable lessons from her folly. Because I have a feeling Victor will soon convince her to return her attention to trying to fit Jack's round head in the square box with JiMin's name on it. Sending her off on yet another's wild goose chase that will further mar her reputation as a discerning DA's assistant.

By the way, if Maggie ever has the need to begin another career, I hope she will steer clear of one giving advice to the lovelorn or anyone else, especially when it comes to any matter concerning Pa Paul and his reluctant daughter. Because every time she advises Paul to come and comfort Heather, all he gets for his effort is another hard bump from Heather's cold shoulder.

Well, if the Newman family estrangement is not enough to titillate you, if you could care less what Jack and Sharon and Nick and Phyllis get up to, if you'd rather gaze at drying paint than watch Victoria, J.T. and baby makes a family, and if you really could care less who killed JiMin, then perhaps what Jeffrey and Gloria do next is what you tune in for.

I add my outraged, top of the lungs protests to every other fan who's yelling about Gloria's gall in forcing herself into the Abbott manse. Do you suppose she had the same judge as the one who put Kay and Jill under the same roof and told them to draw a line down the middle and made the best of it? On the other hand, even though I hate that it gives Gloria the victory yet again, at the same time I can't wait to see how they'll all aggravate and annoy each other. It's the Abbotts against the Bardwell's, GC's version of the Hatfields and the McCoys.

I'm also looking forward to the great poisoning attempt. Okay, did anyone else spell out c-o-n-t-r-i-v-e-d when it came to the way Gloria obtained Jeff's credit card digits? I mean this is a man who has been spending Gloria's money like he thought it would disappear into thin air, yet this one time he hauls out his own piece of plastic to pay. But in this particular instance, I don't care if it was a tiny bit contrived. Because if the way he proved Kevin and Gloria are not nearly as clever as they give themselves credit for when he effortlessly spotting the grimy paw prints Kevin left on his electronic records is anything to go by, this is not a man as oblivious as all the others have been to Gloria's scams. Business manager or not, will he really miss that charge for poison on his credit card. I guess we will see.

And lastly, is the head writer switch-over a done deal? I noticed with great glee and gratitude Josh Griffith as Head Writer with Maria Bell as his co. If you place your ear quite close to your speakers, you can probably hear me cheering. See ya in a week.

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TANYA - I find it funny that everyone is so at odds with Victor but want to continue to live on his property, spend his money, work for his company and throw the Newman name around like the clout that it carries is their God given right! You may not agree with him, but as a family, you should present a united front at all times. Nikki, Victoria and Nick have each stabbed Victor in the back at one time and now it's time for them all to pay. Victor needs to throw his snot nosed ex-wife and her boy-toy off his property. How did property that belongs to Victor end up belonging to Sharon just because she and Nick divorced?

STEPHANIE - The only reason I have been watching Y&R lately is Cane and Lily. They are by far the most romantic couple. There may be an age difference, but the way they interact and look at each other - who cares about the age. Amber has got to go. I didn't like her on B&B and especially don't like her on Y&R. As for Nick, Phyllis, Sharon and Jack? Well, let's get them with the right people: Nick & Sharon, Jack & Phyllis.

DEB - My sister and I think David Chow paid the waitress to say she saw Victor put the bloody towel in his bag. That's why the guy wants his money.

KAMAL - 2007 was a horrible year for Y&R. Never in all the years I've been watching have I screamed, cursed, kicked, thrown things and talked back to my TV screen with such conviction while watching Y&R. The unbalanced and hypocritical characters ruined just about everything. Making Jack the town pariah hurt me to my core. Still, great performances by the actors despite the lunacy of the stories and the ridiculous dialogue. My utter detest for the Lily character has ruined Cane for me. I loved Cane; even his marriage to Amber didn't take away my fondness for him. But now whenever he's on screen with her I get nauseated. I'm hoping against the odds that Gloria will get what she so, so, so richly deserves. I hope Kevin, Lauren and Michael go down with her. I've never seen a family so certifiably criminal on a soap. And what makes it worse is that they have no moral high ground to stand on! Going on about Jack's misdeeds and acting like Gloria hasn't done dirt to just about everyone in town. Finally, I wish ghost John would disappear forever. I know he's supposed to be Jack's conscience, but they totally wrecked that scenario when Gloria felt his presence at those Senate hearings. It was one slap in the face to have John leave that gold digger half his estate but for him to encourage Jack to sell her his portion of the house? And for her to think that she deserves to live in the Abbott homestead just as much as Jack takes the cake and then some. I really hope Jeffery didn't have anything to do with JiMin's death. Someone has to bring Gloria down and he seems like just the guy to do it.

BLUEPAINT - I, too, am sick, sick, sick of Gloria getting away with everything. I don't usually like the character resurrected as an evil twin plot, but if Jeff can make Gloria suffer, all the better. My bet is, however, that Gloria will actually fall for the guy. Let's hope he doesn't return the affection, but runs off with all her money. I thought the dead Plum storyline was actually kind of funny, but now Amber is simply pathetic. I am also really sick of Jana, and Kevin, who also used to be clever and funny, has turned into a sap. I hope Jana's tumor comes back and she offs Kevin or at least knocks some sense into him. If Kay dies, I pray they let her rest in peace. I can't stand the resurrection of John Abbott stuff, even if he is just Jack's conscience. And as for Jack, he's turned into a wimp, but Sharon's better off with him than Brad the Cad.

HOLLY - Go Nikki, go Nick! I swear every time Victor has a few bad days he runs off. I thought he was the tough guy who could handle anything? But no, when things get tough Victor packs it in and gets going - away from GC that is. Finally Victoria wakes up & Cane figures out Amber is Marina. I can't wait, another one of Gloria's plans goes haywire - really? When is she going to get a life and knock all this revenge stuff off? I want Jack to find out she tainted the cream. Now there's a story. I think it would be pretty comical watching her in jail. Ashley & Tracy should move back into the mansion also - one big happy family.

VIVIEN - I always thought the character of Gloria was fascinating. She never missed an opportunity to advance herself. All's fair in love and war, etc. But this week, Gloria finally repulsed even me with her revolting behavior regarding the Abbott mansion. She morphed from fascinating to Dickensonian. This action wasn't even vengeance which I always believed she had every right to since Jack and his adored sister Ashley treated Gloria so shabbily even as it was clear Gloria was making their father so happy. This was sick and so mean spirited I'm now beginning to think Gloria will become the victim of her own plot. But her death won't be an accident. This time there really will be a murder and a mystery: who killed Gloria whateverherlastnameisnow.

COLLEEN - Gloria and Kevin remind me of Sante Kimes and her son Kenneth. I sincerely hope that between Jack and Sharon, they can come up with some way to keep that awful woman out of the Abbott house. And, they need to do it before Gloria and Kevin's scheme to get Jeffrey out of her life takes place in the manse and Jack gets blamed for that, too.

CABC - Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with this Gloria garbage! As much as I hated Phlick, I tolerated it, and I used to like Gloria a little bit, but this is a huge problem. She gets the mansion? Based on what grounds? Wake me when this nightmare is over!

LUANNE - I hate Lily and Cane. She needs to grow up! By the way, we have a Furnace Creek here in Missouri!

KIM - Is it just me or did Y&R make a mistake replacing Colleen? If you ask me, she needs to practice speaking American English or tell the viewers she stayed in Australia for a couple of months! And what's with Daniel's hair? It's distracting me from his acting. Jana needs to stop being so happy and lovey-dovey. Bring back the criminal! Dying for Nikki to realize how foolish she is and come crawling to Victor for help when the truth about David comes out. I'm sure Gloria will get what she deserves. Overall, Y&R is heading in a good direction and I hope it remains that way.

DL - Wouldn't it be nice if the writers decided to allow about 10 seconds of reality to intrude, and have Nikki (whom I've detested since she was a teen giving Paul his first case of the clap) slap the living crap out of Victor. Ratings would surge. They appear to be trying to project Victor as the most despicable character in soaps (hard to do with Gloria having a dressing room just down the hall) but having someone have an honest reaction to his nasty ways would be refreshing.

SANDY - l think Jack should get a break . Nothing seems to go his way. I would really like Gloria to get what's coming to her. She has gotten away with so much crap.

JOAN - Just a note to say how disappointed I am in the Y&R. I see they are trying to move people around in different companies, however, that just doesn't make up for the outrageous antics of Gloria. We expect Michael and Kevin to be just as sick as their mother since one is a rapist and the other an attempted murderer and arsonist but I thought Lauren was different. She's so protective of Fen from Sheila but condones all these crimes of his father, uncle and grandmother. Of course Lauren has pulled some pretty rotten tricks in her time so I guess the poor kid will get it from both sides. Anyway thanks to taping it just takes me about ten minutes to watch Victoria and J.T.'s baby but I'm sure you'll find a way to screw that up too. I used to really like the nice love stories on the show. I wish Ashley or Traci would come back and make this the nice family show it used to be. What happened to crime doesn't pay?

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