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For the Week of February 18, 2008
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It's always rather sad to see a character take that long ride down the road of no return, but in Hope's case, as she takes her leave, Victor Jr. makes his debut.

It was a good mix of the old and the new as we traveled back and forth between Genoa City and Kansas during the week. While it's doubtful Hope would ever be recalled by fans as one of the most exciting women ever to cross paths with Victor, she was definitely the most different, and it was nice to see her again, although her stay will be extremely brief. It's always rather sad to see a character take that long ride down the road of no return, but in Hope's case, as she takes her leave, Victor Jr. makes his debut.

First impressions of young Vic are positive. He reminds me just a bit of Ryan McNeal. By the way, when exactly did he start working at a New York investment firm? Wasn't he supposed to have vanished without a trace somewhere in Sri Lanka or some such place after being led astray by bad boy companions? But, hey, I'll go along willingly with the change of storyline direction. I much prefer this new background scenario anyway.

Okay, I must say, for such a stickler for the virtuous traits of honesty and fair play, Hope has been more than a bit of a liar. I've never agreed with her request that Victor remain a stranger to his son, and always thought her selfish for declaring her way of life on the farm as being so much more superior to life in Victor's big, bad, moneyed world. Not only did she lie to Vic about his true father, she obviously also neglected to include her brief marriage to Mr. Ruthless when she was filling her boy in on the facts of his childhood life. Now she wants to shed croc tears about her regrets and boo hoo because Vic didn't welcome his newfound father with open and loving arms. As for Victor, he's owed a few spanks from the switch torn from the bush of shame too. Because he never should have agreed to Hope's request and should have made a fatherly appearance in Vic's life a long time ago. Just as he eventually did with Abby Carlton.

I don't blame Vic for feeling a little out of sorts and standoffish toward Victor. However, I hope he gets over his rancour sooner rather than later. Because we already have one belligerent Newman boy harbouring dislike for daddy, we don't need another. There are so many storyline possibilities his presence could precipitate, I can't wait for his likeness to be painted on the Genoa City canvas. Unlike the brother we've just recently learned has no real passion for the boring day-to-day basics of the stuffy old business world, not only does Vic apparently adore it, he actually has a college degree to prove he knows what he's doing. Unfortunately, it may mean Neil won't get to hold on to that co-CEO title until his retirement. With Nick aligning himself with his father's public enemy number one, it's likely to be Vic and Vicky fighting for their father's grudgingly grunted gratitude. Which means Neil is probably going to wind up being the corporate exec standing outside, peering wistfully in through the window. And while Nick keeps expressing his disdain for Daddy to anyone willing to listen, I can't help but think he's going to be looking a little green about the gills as his brother carves out a cushy spot for himself at Newman. And the business pool isn't likely to be the only one showing ripples once Vic arrives. He could be the monkey wrench gumming of the works of several existing or potential personal relationships as well. Like any containing Amber, Sharon, Phyllis, Colleen or Heather, just to name a handful off the top of my head.

One relationship I personally wish someone would ruin is the one between Nikki and David. Or Clark, as we've been informed. Just how long has he owed this man money anyway? Up until his recent question as to whether Chow had changed his name to avoid discovery, I was under the impression he'd been David Chow for a very long time. Long enough apparently to meet and marry at least two wives and have hopes of marrying his mistress, poor murdered Carmen Mesta. Observing Chow the last couple of weeks, I've finally decided why I detest him so. He's like one of those simpering salespersons who hover uncomfortably close from the moment you step through their revolving door, pestering you with irritating may I help you's. If he could, I bet David would trail Nikki right into the ladies lounge and respectfully offer her torn off squares of toilet tissue under the bathroom door. Like her shadow, he's always there, doing everything but breathing for her. He couldn't even let the woman have a moment to complete her sentimental journey of days of Victor past.

Over at Comedy Central, also known as the Abbott manse, the plot pot on the stove is continually being stirred, with another pinch or two of intrigue tossed in intermittently. Jeffrey is everything I once hoped he be, seeming to stay a move or two ahead of Gloria's and Kevin's every stealthy step. Spending heaping helpings of John and William's money on whatever his greedy little heart desires that particular day, I laugh just as diabolically as he does every time he spends another dime of Gloria's easily gotten gains. With his handy-dandy video cam, Jeff is presumably privy to Gloria and Kevin's poisonous plan and the toxin Gloria's ingesting is likely no more lethal than lemonade. I can't wait to see her bug-eyed look of disbelief when she's pronounced poison-free. Okay, so Jeff's run of one upmanship isn't likely to last forever, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as it does.

Equally enjoyable is the taunting tug of war between the Abbotts and the Bardwells. Too bad Gloria insists on stooping to the low level of tormenting a child, but if she had so little regard for her very own boy who she let get abused and banished to a dark and scary closet, what cares she about any psychological damage she might do to Noah? Tom wasn't the only good for nothing Fisher mutt living in that household. She was an unconscionable cur herself.

The Hellstrom newlyweds continue to coo and bill at each other, though I can't help but wonder what conflicting thoughts might be chasing each other around Victoria's skull now that she's heard the bare bones story about the now resolved battle that once raged over her comatose form. Even though she assured Mommy dearest she'd done the right thing by refusing to sacrifice her daughter's wee little Reed lad, some part of her might harbour just a bit of hurt that Mommy would have let her die. And what about her feelings for J.T.'s actions? Even though he would have picked the lady he loved over the baby that could have been Brad's, will Victoria secretly wonder if he'd have felt the same had he known for sure it wasn't?

Much to many fan's delight, consummation has officially been completed between Cane and Lily. And on the annual day set aside for lovers, at that. It was all rose petals and Parisian influences as they crossed the line between platonic and passion. Neil has finally decided to accept the olive branch of friendship Cane has kept offering and seems resigned to the fact that she's not just his little girl anymore. Unfortunately, I don't know that Lily is going to get to flourish long and peacefully in her lover's arms. Not if Chloe has anything to do with it. The so-called fashion guru Jill has hung around Lily's neck like an albatross is obviously going to do more harm than good to Lily. First of all, Chloe's idea of cutting edge fashion leaves a lot to be desired, at least to this particular fan, judging by that too snug frock of horror she forced Lily to don and model. And I thought her comment that Lily needed to watch the snacking was funny since Chloe looks like the one who might benefit from skipping those afternoon Milky Way bars. But that comment hinted that the eating disorder many fans thought was once upon a time planned for old Colleen is probably going to strike Lily instead. Which would place the Fresh Face girl already only a size or two above anorexic on the virtual verge of starvation. Because when she whipped off her Valentine's Day dress to reveal her consummation lingerie, there wasn't a spare ounce to be found on that frame. Yes, I know, the camera is said to pack on 10 pounds, but those extra pounds still wouldn't make little Lily look pudgy.

I never thought I'd say it, but I felt a little pinprick of pity for Amber. The one-night stand with Daniel obviously meant more to her than she's letting on to Daniel. Even before that fateful night, it was clear she had begun to view Daniel with newly opened eyes of infatuation, especially when she had to watch him practically perform back flips trying to gain Heather's attention. And how could Daniel have missed the raw hope in her eyes when he suggested they start dating - other people? Of course, I see Daniel and Amber making their roundabout way to each other eventually. Perhaps it will take Daniel seeing someone else (Vic Jr.?) in hot pursuit of Amber to make him realize he feels a bit more than best friendship for her. Of course, that is only likely to happen if he never figures out where she's getting all this cash she's tossing around.

And lastly, scene stealer of the week goes to Summer Newman. That was just too cute, father and daughter having a moment with an orange, an apple and gurgling ad libs by Summer.

Oh where or where have Michael and Lauren gone?

That's all for this fan. Turning it over to my fellow soapers. See ya in seven.

* * * * * * *

LINDA - JiMin's murderer is Cane. I do not think Cane is who we believe him to be. I think he is pulling off the biggest con to ever hit Genoa City.

BEATRICE - Nick can't be trusted? He's got more scruples in his pinky finger than Victor has in his whole body! Next time Victor wants to talk betrayal, he should look in the mirror at the man who perfected the meaning of the word. As for Daniel and Amber - ewwww! Daniel was almost redeeming himself trying to get Heather's attentions, but to sink into the black hole that is Amber?

DEE - It is beginning to be totally exasperating to hear Nikki and Nick talking about being out from under Victor's shadow, being independent and doing something on their own. How can this be when everything they've done has been done with Victor's money? If they really wanted to be independent, they would move off Victor's property, throw all the money back in Victor's face, and start with nothing, just as Victor did, and found multi-billion dollar companies! Now that would be true independence!

THERESA - Please do not get rid of Jack Abbot! It's so unfair that he does not have a family (Abbott) now. His main role is town pariah. I wish I had a convenient scapegoat to blame whenever something didn't go my way. So Hope is finally dying and we get to see Vic Jr. as a young college grad. I cannot wait for his half-brother and sis to meet him back in GC. The possibilities are endless.

LINDA B - I wish that Jeff turns out to be Will and he does know what she is up to. I hope Sharon and Jack find out about Gloria soon. I hope Jeff/Will torments her until she caves in. I hope Cane's dark side shows up soon. I want Neil to be able to say to Lily the thing that every parent says at least once: I told you so.

POPPYCOCK - I truly am enjoying every bit of the new writer's hand in these recent sl's! About the fearless foursome, are Sharon and Jack touched in the head or are they that forgiving? I wonder just how cozy this foursome will get before a certain paternity sl will creep into the mix? As for Glohag, Jeffrey so has her number! Who doesn't love the way he sticks it to her all with an evil laugh, a la Boris Karloff, when her heels go a clickin' away! They are priceless to watch! Bravo for the new direction in writing!

HOLLY - I can't wait for the scheduled time in the common areas of the Abbott Mansion. I think Victor Jr. (you'd think he'd be curious where the Jr. came from, not a real sharp cookie if you ask me) is a cutie and maybe he'll loosen up Heather while he's in town.

MARY - What is going on? Isn't this paragon of virtue, my sweet, wonderful boy who is working on Wall Street the same guy, who, last spring required Victor to leave his grieving family to track him down? It was great to see Signy Coleman again (albeit for the last time). She's a wonderful actress.

JANET - I have been watching this show since its inception. When Nikki was pregnant with Nicholas, Victor wanted nothing to do with it. When Nicholas came home on holidays, Victor had very little time for him. All his attention was centered around Victoria. Nikki was the one who was always there for Nicholas. Is it any wonder Nicholas seems to be firmly in his mother's corner? When will the writers just get rid of that money grubbing Gloria and her evil son? No matter how much Kevin seems to have changed, he seems to forget the wicked things he did to Colleen, Lily and anyone else who did not agree with him. After watching Y&R for so long, I might just quit watching if Gloria doesn't start paying for some of her crimes.

LINDA - I loved Glo until yesterday when she deliberately hurt Noah by letting his dog loose. I don't know why everyone wants Sharon and Nick to get back together. Sharon is so affected and such a cold fish. Phyllis is a hot spitfire and I see Nick and her eyes light up whenever they get together, getting a little dull lately though. Can't get over J.T. and Victoria. I don't see any chemistry there. Nikki needs to get a little self-confidence and quit being so whiny and dependent.

VETTE - OMG! Did my eyes deceive me? Did I actually see two incredibly hot people make love in a bed? Okay, I'm not a big Lily fan but I love her with Cane. I love the way he looks at her. Dare I say he might just be the smoothest man on daytime television right now? It was so refreshing to see a beautiful seduction instead of two people ripping their clothes off like they are rehearsing for a low budget soft porn movie! Jeffery is a hot mess! I love the fact that he is driving Gloria crazy. Can they please do something with Jill? She has worn me out with the bitter old shrew routine. She should know Jack did not kill JiMin. If Jack was going to kill someone he would have killed Victor a long time ago!

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