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by Nita
For the Week of March 3, 2008
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When it comes to villainy, Gloria and Jeffrey have it in spades.

Yes, it's another 100-watt moment in Gloria's conniving cranium. Since attempted murder by poison didn't turn out to be the key to her freedom, she's now hoping Jeff's ex-lover can unlock the door to her confining marital cell, and is trying to summon her to the City in Jeffrey's name. Of course, despite what everyone assumes, and Jeffrey confirms, I'm not completely convinced the tie between the two is romantic. What if what links them together is not amour but a murder? Ji Min's murder, of course. And if Jeff did kill JiMin and Ms. Korea knows all about it, wouldn't it be a hoot if the blackmailer was himself being blackmailed?

Speaking of Jeffrey, while I have thoroughly enjoyed his tormenting of the wide-eyed one by raiding her riches and making her daily life abominably hard to bear, it won't produce nearly so much pleasure if his attacks turn physical. Just this fan's opinion, but loosening the banister goes a couple of steps too far, and changes his antics from amusing to alarming. Sure, he claimed the only bruises would have been to her ego, but there's no way he could have known that for sure. And what of his phone call re their imminent move to Magnolia Road? Into a house that would revert to him upon Gloria's unexpected demise? It sure seems to indicate he might have malice in mind. When it comes to villainy, these two have it in spades, and it's been fun watching them struggle for supremacy in a different take on War of the Roses, but I don't really want to see either of them permanently silenced.

Not that Jeff's the only evil mind engaged in eradication. Thanks to her bungled debacle with the tainted crème, Gloria's no stranger to death either, even if it was inadvertent. But if recent rumors are true about her latest plot to remove Jeff's mitts from her money; unlike the first death, this death would be entirely intended. Of course, should she pull it off, she doesn't plan to take responsibility for that death either. Rumor has it, that just as she did the first time, she already has a scapegoat in mind, and his name is Jack Abbott. So, for Jack's sake, I hope Jeff doesn't let his lust supplant his suspicion of the venomous viper he blackmailed into marriage. I know Jack's been a bit preoccupied with filling Restless Style's pages with the products of deep-pocketed entrepreneurs, but he might want to focus his vision on things just a little closer to home before it's too late.

As for Gloria, thankfully, she never listens to anything but the devilish murmurs in her own malevolent mind, so she's rejected out of hand Jeff's offer of a partnership conceived in the halls of the hot place. And she obviously doesn't give any merit to the one about catching more bees with honey then hell, so Jack still has time to open his eyes and see what's in front of him. So while Gloria concocts elaborate and convoluted scenarios, Jeffrey's schemes are much more pragmatic. If Gloria refuses to play by his rules, maybe Jack will be much more amendable.

The air between J.T. and Victoria may not be charged with chemistry when these two come on camera, but they are definitely beginning to grow on me and their real-life caring for each other is coming through loud and clear. Even though I sometimes miss elements of the bad boy J.T. used to be, he's all grown up now and I'm liking what he's become. More and more his is the voice of reason heard above the others. Last week he spoke his mind with Nick. This week he gently encouraged Victoria to give her half-brother a chance. With time, perhaps he'll even be able to reform his inflexible father-in-law.

I can't help but feel a little sympathy for Victoria though. For years, she's toiled tirelessly trying to prove to Daddy that though she's a daughter, she's as good or better than the son who's repeatedly tested him. But, before she even got a chance to revel in the luxuriating lack of sibling rivalry, new son Adam drops into the picture, literally into her lap, almost, and exits the starting gate almost level with her, though she's been working her way steadily upward for years.

Of all the many entities in Newman's vast toy box Adam could have picked, as bad luck would have it, he wants the Beauty of Nature one Victoria's already playing with. But Victor's decision to order them to play nicely together in the Beauty of Nature sandbox may backfire on him. With both brother and sister agreeing BON's flagging line needs an infusion of something, it seems clear they'll both agree that something might be found through the print and online pages of Restless Style. Could it be that Victor will actually reverse his veto and let them do as they desire? Victor has to realize that to alienate Adam this early in the game with an unreasonable, autocratic and un-businesslike stance, could disillusion him and send him running right back to New York, never to return. So he may weigh his pleasure at thwarting Nick and Jack against losing his only other son and give in. Retaining, of course, the right to gleefully grunt I told you so at the appropriate time in the future.

I know Victor acts as if he was the author of the only book about business. Yes, he built an empire, yes, he's shrewd and savvy, but I'm sure every fan remembers his prediction of Crimson Lights' abject failure and how wrong he was about that. Sure, it's true new mags are hard to get off the ground, but that was in the days before cyberspace. And despite Nick having to borrow against his trust fund, it's not as if this venture is being financed with the coins saved up in their collective sock drawers. Victor might derive a distinct delight in seeing the upstarts go under, but thanks to their latest divorce, Nikki has plenty to spare, not to mention what she can do in the name of Jabot, and it's not as it Jack is a derelict living in destitution. And while Eric Forrester didn't have the backbone to ignore Victor's biased advice and jump on the bandwagon for Restless Style, Lauren and Fenmore won't likely have the same qualms. I have a feeling this is one dish of cold-served revenge Victor might not get to savor.

In spite of perhaps winning the first round with Father, I wonder how long it'll be before Adam gets a glimmer of what it really means to be the son of Victor Newman. After witnessing first hand, the tension and antipathy between father and first born son, Victor delivered a veiled threat to Adam that he couldn't have missed. Yes, you, too, could end up walking in shoes that feel just like the one's Nick's wearing if you play your cards incorrectly. At least this time the problems between furious father and sulky son have nothing to do with back-stabbing betrayal. Just two strong men butting heads over business and personal.

So far, I'm enjoying the injection of Adam to the cloistered coupling of Nick and Victoria. I think Adam can show his brother a slightly more positive picture of Victor, at least for now, though Nick will probably be inclined to occasionally scribble on it with his black crayon. Victoria may find herself in the unenviable position of peacemaker, but that could change in the blink of an eye, depending upon how ambitious Adam's career aspirations turn out to be. I presume she won't be so amendable to acquainting herself with her new brother should he wind up being the reason the executive ground is eroding beneath her high heels.

With that remark about Nick's trust fund, Adam's already revealed at least a remnant of resentment toward his half-brother and I don't doubt he sees his half-sis in a similar light. Not that Adam need worry his future financial will be less bright than the others. Because despite whatever he might say about his desire to do everything on his own, it's not likely Victor will abide by that declaration and will undoubtedly provide him with enough of a financial dowry to ensure he'll never need fear going without anything his heart should so desire.

Speaking of heart, did the mysterious phone call Adam took have anything to do with such matters? Or, could it perhaps have had something to do with the period Adam was so well hidden, even Victor and all his money couldn't find him? Adam has been quite closemouthed about his whereabouts during that time. Or course, that was during the reign of the former scribes, so it could be something that will be treated as if it never happened. What has occurred already, though, is Adam's interest in Phyllis, an attraction that doesn't seem to have disappeared just because he learned she's wed to his brother. Yes, there is much to learn about the mysterious Adam and even more he has to learn about the others. And I'm looking forward to watching every minute of it.

Daniel and Amber continue to keep my interest. I never thought much of the pairing between Lily and Daniel, partly because Daniel seemed to act more like the person he thought naïve Lily would like instead of his free-spirited, somewhat disreputable self. By contrast, he and Amber seem more like act-alike peas in the same pod who have been around the block more than once. Of course, I've always been partial to couples who know where most of the other's dirty linen is hidden, but like each other anyway.

On the subject of dirty linen, there's a rumor out there indicating that the stained coat once destined to be wrapped around Cane's character has now been laundered, the stain bleached away. If that's true, then instead of Cane one day being declared the heartless fraud that long ago one sided phone conversation hinted he might be, he is indeed the real heir to the Chancellor throne. So Lily need not fear she's become enamored of a wolf in sheep's wool. For the third time. Since I'm a fan of Lily and Cane, that makes me happy.

Okay, I can't be a fan of everyone, and for now, the one I can't stand most is newcomer Chloe. First of all, judging by what I can see with my very own eyes, with that hair and that wardrobe, I have a hard time believing her an expert in anything, especially matters of fashion. And I know when it comes to modeling, most think less is better, but if there is any less of Lily, we'd need a magnifying glass to watch her scenes. Unfortunately, maybe it's just that way for me, but the only thing Chloe seems to be expert in is jealousy. Because she made it clear two seconds into their first meeting that she was more interested in Cane's availability than in the job Jill had hired her to do.

So David Chow has come clean. Well, partly, anyway. He claimed to be so in love with Nikki he couldn't bear to keep the truth from her any longer. But obviously he wasn't talking about the truth, the whole truth, and nothing else but. First of all, if his problems dated only as far back as his meeting of Nikki, when did the name change occur and why? And why was that part left out of his abbreviated tale? I don't know if he's addicted to gambling or owes a debt to Walter for something entirely different, but regardless, I doubt anyone thinks Nikki, after a momentary period of feeling betrayed, will balk at paying his overdue bill in full. Thanks to a previous divorce from Victor, Nikki, and 35 million of the dollars she got from it, was able to help pull Jabot out of the red. And now once again, due to the latest divorce, the magnate's money indirectly saves the day for another of his enemies. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Does Sabrina mean romance for Victor? As much as I'd like to see Victor mellowed by desire, I haven't seen enough to form an opinion as to whether Sabrina can be the object of Victor's. Bringing her on as a presumably like-age contemporary of Victoria makes her seem much too young for Victor. I wouldn't call it robbing the cradle, but it doesn't seem like an especially good fit either. But I am reserving judgment on this one. She's only been on a couple of times. Perhaps there will prove to be some fire beneath that rather bland demeanor. I guess we shall see.

Finally, for the fan who wondered whether the littlest Newman was the real life tot of Amelia and Thad, the answer is no, Reed is not their real child.

Okay, I think I've done pretty much what I came here to do. Here's what you fans had to offer about the week.

* * * * * * *

STEPHANIE - Cane and Lily are by far the most romantic couple on the show. I hope they don't make Cane out to be a bad guy. The show on the whole has been so good lately. I'm very interested to see Victor Jr's interaction with the rest of the family.

COLLEEN - Maybe with this new writing team, someone will finally slap Victor right across his mouth. He is a brute, not at all a nice person. And maybe Gloria will get the comeuppance she so deserves.

JUDY - Am I the only one rooting for Gloria to win out over slimy Jeff? Judith Chapman is such a fantastic actress that I don't want to see her banished to prison or even out of town. I love the bonding between mother and quirky son Kevin, with Michael as the referee. I really like the appearance of Victor, Jr. in Genoa City; it makes for a whole new crop of storyline possibilities.

MYRA - I would just like to say that I cannot stand Gloria. I wish her off the show. Her character is so obnoxious. I used to love Kevin but I can't stand him now - he does everything that Gloria wants. I just hope that with the new writers this show gets better. I've been watching it for over 23 years now.

BETSY - Am I the only one that sees a Rhett Butler/Scarlet O'Hara relationship between Jeff and Gloria? Also, if he is siphoning off money, why can't she? I love that Sharon has finally come down to everyone else's duke-it-out level. Michael is so right - every time Gloria and Kevin try another plan, it fails, and worse, they don't seem to learn. But then, stirring the pot is what makes it fun to watch. Adam sure adds some spice to the pot - I can't wait to see what happens. Scoops this week was one of your best - your revived pleasure at watching the show shines through!

JON - Adam got a mysterious phone call, I think it was from a boyfriend in New York, and Adam is probably gay. What would Victor do if true?

CABC - Thank Goodness for bringing class back to our beloved soap! The dark, murderous, kindergarten writing is over! I now have time to pay attention to details, we see more than just one character at a time. But most of all; all fans can enjoy all of their favorite characters. Would love to see Michael and Lauren with a storyline without lowGlo. I really like Kevin and even Jana. Phlick is even more tolerable now that they're not fighting. Amber is even beginning to act normal. Loving my show again.

APRIL - I haven't looked at Y&R since Gloria has been getting away with murder. Maybe, now things will change with the former head writer gone.

ALICE - Doesn't anyone remember Sharon getting the ranch in the divorce settlement and Nikki asking Sharon's permission to stay there? So why is it now that J.T. must buy the place from Victor? Also one other continuity flaw, since when does J.T. come from a different background from Victoria? Sure he worked his way up, but I thought he had quite well to do parents, but he screwed up the relationship. By the way, love Jeff Bardwell, he is really doing a great job of evil and conniving - way to go!

TRACY - I am so glad Ms. Gloria is getting just what she deserves and what I have been waiting for. Gloria is being boxed from both sides. I love it! Jack and Jeffery are a perfect dirty duet she might win against one, more then likely Jeff. But she can never win against Smiling Jack; just watch him in motion; she has not seen nothing yet. Phyllis needs to be given back some of her fire, she sucks as the little woman. We miss her underhanded schemes.

MARYANN - I can tell the writing is better because now it takes me almost a full hour to watch it, rather than the 20-30 minutes it was taking me during the last year, since I was fast-forwarding so much.

* * * * * * *

Thanks for all your comments, fans! See ya in seven.

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