What a tangled web he weaved

by Nita
For the Week of March 10, 2008
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While David's partial confession culminated in Nikki arranging for his quarter of a million dollar debt to Walter to be stamped 'paid in full,' he can't really breathe a full sigh of relief just yet.

You know the rest. Perhaps David Chow should have listened to Sir Walter Scott. Probably realizing that the truth, the whole truth and nothing else but, was likely more than his fiancÚ would forgive, David's confession story omitted one important item from the table of contents. The name change! Like many a lied-to Genoa Citian before her, after hearing the tale of woe, Nikki's next question was the age old: is there any other secret you haven't told me about? And like all the other GC liars who've heard this or a very similar question, David's sincerity-soaked reply was: Oh no, I've told you EVERYTHING! Well, as we all know, David has only told Nikki part of his tall tale. If the only skeleton in his closet is one whose bones are clattering together with gambling addiction withdrawal, why did he have to change his name? Despite his assurance to Nikki that there are no more Walter-like collectors in his past or present, does he also owe someone money under that other name? Even if he doesn't and he never gambles again, what will Nikki do when she learns she knows even less about the man she finally admits she knows very little about? I suspect it could turn out to be the straw that finally levels the camel and will end with David being sent packing. If it happens that way, all I can say is good riddance to rotten rubbish.

While David's partial confession culminated in Nikki arranging for his quarter of a million dollar debt to Walter to be stamped "Paid in Full," he can't really breathe a full sigh of relief just yet. His past might be taken care of, well, at least the part he's admitted to anyway, but now that Nikki's taken their wedding plans off the table, into Chow's sunny picture of a man one day living it the lap of luxury, a dozen dark clouds have been painted in. But it's not Mother Nature who is likely to ruin his happy life parade with torrential rain. It's Brad.

David is probably going to regret flexing his Co-CEO muscles in front of Brad so early in their business relationship. The chain of command goes through me, he boasted. If you don't like it, hit the road, Jack, he didn't actually say, but clearly meant. But Brad appeared both unafraid and unimpressed with David's attempts to mark the boundaries of his territory. And that was before he overheard Nikki arranging to have a bunch of zeros added to David's personal account balance. Perhaps proving the truth of the adage that when it rains, it positively pours, Brad has also just made Walter's acquaintance. Now, Walter doesn't strike me as a particularly closemouthed kind of guy, nor does he appear to have much loyalty to or even liking for Chow, so I have every reason to believe his incriminating words can be Brad's for the buying. What Brad will do with his paid for information should make for some very interesting scenes between the two top Jabot men. For once, I'm rooting for Brad, though already feeling a tiny pinprick of sympathy for what Chow may be about to experience.

Experience seems to be the word of the day at Newman. But which Newman's experience is worth more? Is it Victoria, who has literally learned on the job, or is it Adam whose knowledge of corporate wheeling and dealing comes mostly from the sharp minds of Harvard professors and through diligent study of the pages of his college books? The sibling business rivalry between the two should be interesting, contrasting Victoria's more emotional approach and insecurity when it comes to proving herself to Daddy with Adam's more detached, all work, with little time for play attitude. He, too, wants to please Victor, but it will be awhile before he admits it. I'm enjoying this character's internal war, the fierce determination to earn everything himself, accepting only the help he feels he's earned, but yet, every now and then, the envy he keeps denying forces itself to the fore. And Adam's not completely off the mark about Victoria with his occasional underhanded cutting comment about his sister and her priorities. I understand she's a new mother who loves her little lad to distraction, but am I the only fan who thinks she's going just a little bit overboard in lugging baby about? Lots of mothers out there, myself included, but conducting daily business in the office while baby fusses in his bassinet? While it's true, you can sometimes have it all, you know, career, motherhood and a happy marriage, especially if you're a Newman in the family company, Victoria is going to have to set some priorities. Newman or BON business can't be expected to come to a screeching halt every time Reed gets a little tickle in his throat and Victoria decides she has to call it a day to take care of it.

As for Adam, though right now Victor is enthralled with his newest Newman soldier toy, this is the Victor we all know very well, even if Adam doesn't yet have much of a clue, and it probably won't be too long before Adam realizes he'd best step carefully so as not to end up walking on Victor's bad side. He does seem to be a quick study, though, since it didn't take him long to figure out Victor's unexpected about face on BON advertising in Restless Style had nothing at all to do with respect for Adam and Victor's business judgment, and everything to do with eventually proving he was right and they were not. But I guess we will see which of them is actually taught a lesson. Maybe an old dog like Victor can learn a new trick, at least when it comes to picking which of his sons' endeavours are destined for failure. Remember Crimson Lights?

And what of Adam's love experience? Did not his moral mother teach him that if coveting his neighbor's wife is a not to be done, even in thought, deed, surely harbouring a secret yen for his half-brother's bride is even more of a no-no? By the way, I'm with you fans Dee and Lucie. I know some men are drawn to older women, but believing Adam has so quickly become infatuated with rather long in the tooth Phyllis is a bit of a stretch for me. Having said that, however, once I suspend said belief, I can easily buy this as a way to provide a bone of contention for the brothers to tug back and forth. Not that I expect it to amount to much of a struggle because I really can't imagine Phyllis crossing any moral lines with Adam and risking what she has with Nick.

Well, it looks like Gloria's 100 watt bulb idea of last week has already burned out. Did Gloria and Kevin really think that the Korean ex-lover who allegedly phones Jeff multiple times a day wouldn't mention in passing she was paying him a visit? To no one surprise (except Kevin and Gloria) the mystery woman never arrived, so yet another of their cockeyed schemes has collapsed. As for this week's idea, killing Jeff in his sleep and blaming it on Jack, it too is probably destined for disaster now that Jana was inadvertently let into the loop. She must have been thinking, oh-oh, been there, tried that, didn't get away with it. Which is exactly what Kevin should have been thinking, since he was one wearing the same pair of shoes Gloria would like to force on Jack's narrow feet.

Of course, Gloria isn't the only Bardwell whose mind is consumed concocting complicated criminal scenarios. Her Mr. has been equally busy. After confessing he's wearied of the marital war, he's promised to set the one he allegedly loves free in hopes of having her fly back to him filled with gratitude and mutual adoration. But while I don't doubt he's become enamoured of Gloria, I'm guessing the divorce papers he's offering for signature will grant him something all right, but it probably won't be a divorce. More than likely, what she'll be signing away are her rights to half the Abbott mansion.

Okay, there's one couple who ought to just forget about scheming and conniving. The Abbotts. The nannycam clock was a smart idea in theory. But what wasn't so bright was them talking about it in the living room while searching for a place to hide it. Aren't these the same two people who discovered Jeffrey's spycam? Okay, I thought so. So, did I miss something, or did something happen one day when I wasn't looking that would make them believe he didn't still have a spying eye in the sky, so to speak? Somehow I doubt they'll be a thing on that clock cam worth watching.

So, Amber is all moved into her new place. I don't know about any other fan, but I've made or helped with many a move. And not one of them has ever ended the way Amber's did. At the end of it, all I and anyone else involved wanted was a hot shower and a soft couch. But not so with Daniel and Amber. For Daniel, all that lugging of Amber's possession left him longing for something hot all right, it just wasn't a shower. I know every fan doesn't agree with me, but I continue to like these two. And even after Daniel discovered the reason Amber was able to afford six months advance penthouse payments, as expected, it wasn't enough to scare him away. Sure he yelled and screamed and she begged and pleaded, but in the end he wound up right back in her arms.

Speaking of arms, any guesses as to whose Sabrina might one day be clasped in? Not Adam's I'm guessing, since neither seemed to be much impressed with the other. Not to mention Sabrina looked to be a full foot taller. She hasn't made much of an impression on this fan, yet. Her manner of speaking is a bit annoying, but I can get used to that. I don't know that she's a good match for Victor. It's been so long since anyone other than Nikki has been linked with Victor, I've forgotten what it's like to see him happy and infatuated. Does Victor even remember what those emotions feel like? He's been glowering at everyone long enough. It's past time for a little lighthearted fun for him. Plus, a pairing between young Sabrina and Victor should make Nikki see the world through a slight tint of green. Which should be rather fun to watch. It's been a long time since Victor has had anyone in his life to inspire Nikki's jealousy. Of course, we all know that despite Victor's harsh treatment of Nikki, he loves her just as much as he always has.

In the wasn't that odd category, was I the only fan with a furrowed forehead when Jack and Adam met for the first time and Jack made no mention of Hope? These two were good friends once, right? I didn't imagine that, did I? Weren't you expected a gee, so sorry about your Mother, or a she was a wonderful woman, I really liked her kind of comment?


Several Genoa Citians continue to be keeping such a low profile, they can't even be seen. Lauren and Michael, for two. Crumbs from the rumor mill, however, indicate they will soon be back on the canvas. No such rumor trails have been spotted when it comes to the Professor, though. Has he left the City? If you were watching closely and didn't happen to blink at the wrong time, you would have caught a quick couple of glimpses of Colleen, in support of her pal, Lily, though I don't remember her mentioning her live-in lover. Also marked absent this week was Maggie. Unfortunately, more rumors indicate her absence may become permanent, due to the dreaded lack of storyline statement. Too bad. I kind of liked her, especially with Paul.

Daniel Romalotti Sr. is reportedly on his way back home for a GC visit. Perhaps having to do with BON as a celebrity spokesperson. Can we look forward, with dread or anticipation, depending on your standpoint, to a mini-concert at Indigo? I could do without the song, but I would like another look at his interaction with son Daniel.

Coming back from the grave - again - is said to be John Abbott. But this time Jack won't be the only one able to see him. Let's see just how much Gloria loves her dearly departed when he starts popping unexpectedly into view. Of course, I've also read that ghostly John won't be pleased with his son's attempt to unnerve and presumably eject his former wife from the Abbott home. Humph! What's new about that? John has already proven he's deaf, blind and stupid when it comes to Gloria. I suppose he approves of all the tricks she's tried to evict Jack, Sharon and Noah. Oh well, whoever said John had so much as a single grain of sense when it came to picking his mates?

And finally, looking forward to more interaction with Adam and the rest of the town. I wonder what he'll think of his brother and his current bride when he hears the more tawdry parts of their love history? And since he isn't going to win the tarnished lady from Nick, who else might catch his interest. Can't wait to find out that and much more.

Okay, ladies, turning over the Mic so you all can have your say.

* * * * * * *

DEE - Phyllis is hot looking, yeah, for a 45+ year old woman, but it is ludicrous to have a young man only a few years older than her son hitting on her. She's already robbed the cradle with Nick (and it's beginning to show) but Adam? Puleeze! I hope the writers don't take us down that road!

SHELLY - I think under any other circumstances, Jeff would be an intolerable character, but because he is up against the unwatchable Gloria, we are all rooting for him. Unfortunately, since he has a good storyline, the writers may think we actually like Gloria. We don't, we just want to see her get hers.

LUCIE - I think it's interesting that the writers have Adam interested in someone who's as off the market as Phyllis (being his brother's wife). I think having Adam smitten with Sharon would have been a million times better. Don't get me wrong. I like Phyllis and Nick together, for now, but we all know the love of his life is Sharon. I think the sparks would fly from all over the place if Nick would become insanely jealous at the prospect of his half-brother with his sweetheart Sharon.

JUDY - Finally we can see humor that Gloria is getting back some of what she's dishing out; and Amber is becoming more human. I have to admit that both the actresses who play these roles are excellent or we wouldn't dislike the characters so vehemently.

SILVIA - While no one could be happier than I about the demise of LML's career at Y&R, it ain't quite perfect yet. Why are we seeing Amber almost every day? She is as boring and annoying as she ever was. Could there be a more boring group than Nick/Phyllis and Jack/Sharon? Get on with the damn magazine and shut up already. Why is David (the bland and boring) getting big storylines, while Brad (evil, but sexy and interesting) has no woman and no SL to speak of. The good news is that Gloria and Bardwell are really fun and funny to watch. And the new hire Sabrina is fabulous. What a classy, beautiful woman. She would be great with anyone on the show: Victor, Neil, Nick, Brad, J.T.. And best of all, the rumors that Drucilla and Ashley may return. Just bring John back from the dead (not his ghost) and life in GC would be almost perfect again.

MARY - Finally we have an interesting character! I think Adam/Victor is just great. I find myself looking forward to watching the show, if only to see him plant his size 10's in his mouth once again. For a show that has all but destroyed its primary characters by making them so predictable, it's great to have someone who is arrogant, obnoxious and vulnerable all at the same time. You never know which one you're gonna get.

JANICE - Please, please, please, take the hat off the baby. Unless they are taking him outside, he doesn't need a hat on in the house.

* * * * * * *

Thanks for your comments everyone! See ya in a week.

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