Who is that masked marauder?

by Nita
For the Week of March 17, 2008
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It just might be easier to get close and cozy with an angry cornered porcupine than Victor.

Yes, I'm referring to Adam. I really wanted to like this new Newman son because I felt he could add so much to so many storylines. But he's certainly making it difficult for fondness to flourish. It just might be easier to get close and cozy with an angry cornered porcupine than Victor. I know. He made it clear from the start that his only interest was in ascending the corporate ladder, claimed a complete disinterest in falling in love with his newfound father and family. And his behavior toward his half siblings certainly seems to back up that assertion. Because except for his initial pleased reaction to having a nephew, he's treated Victoria much like I'd image he'd treat any other business rival holding a job he'd perhaps like for himself. I wasn't surprised at that. I didn't really expect him to meet his siblings and suddenly be filled with love and loyalty toward them. But I didn't think he'd be quite so sneakily underhanded. In his quest to best Victoria, we've already seen he isn't just above fudging on some of the details. He will stoop to outright lying. Unfortunately, his comments about Victoria and her preoccupation with Reed are transparently self-serving, and ill-advised especially when he's making such remarks to her father. And then there's his whole I got to the office before you competition with Victor. Am I the lone fan who thinks that makes him sound silly?

And then we have his infatuation with Phyllis. Already competing with his sister in business, there had to be some way to cause conflict between the brothers and I guess this was it. And even though I get why we're going down this crush on her path, it still feels very contrived. I know GC has become known as an incestuous type town where age is nothing but a meaningless number, but the romantic pairings with huge age gaps are getting a little out of hand here. At 27, Adam is nearly 20 years younger than Phyllis. But for the sake of the storyline, I could ignore that. Pretend Adam's upbringing and experiences have made him sophisticated and mature beyond his relatively young years, attracted to successful, mature women. Except for the fact that his behavior doesn't reflect such maturity. But the main reason I'm having difficulty with this is because despite Adam's somewhat effusive compliments, flirty remarks, caustic comments about Nick, and that little daydream he had of kissing Phyllis, Adam just hasn't convinced me of his infatuation. As a matter of fact, Adam hasn't convinced me he feels much of anything, about anything. In fact, in many ways, the man often comes across rather deadpan. I understand he's all about his career, but he needs some softness and vulnerability to balance that. And if he has a sense of humor, it's not being displayed very well. His smiles, when they come, are usually at the expense of others, after some rude or insensitive remark he's made to them. Hope's generous and moral influence doesn't seem to have been instilled in him. Sure, his tendency to draw a bit of blood from his family members and their friends could just be a fašade he wears to hide his inner insecurity, and to avoid caring about people he feels may not accept him, but we need to see at least some flashes of humanity. Because his badmouthing remarks about Victoria and Nick are getting a little tiresome.

I will continue to cut Adam a little slack since I'm guessing his character is still being fleshed out. Does he want to be loved by Victor or not? Will he reveal he does have a little fair play in him after all, once he feels more at home, or is being a donkey's behind the real Adam? Once he gets over coveting Nick's wife (hopefully this infatuation will be fleeting) will he wind up being a bridge between father and first born son? That would be nice.

And while I'm on the subject of behaving maturely, what is going on with Nick? Nick was kind enough to establish his age this week at 30 with the remark that he doesn't come into his trust fund for another 10 years. So why has he seemed to have regressed to about the age and mentality of a high school senior? Enough with the dude this and dude that, peace signs, juvenile slang and I don't do ties remarks. Sure, he's stepped away from Daddy's big shadow, at least partially, which presumably makes him more carefree, but perhaps if he really wants to be taken seriously by the business world, his conversation should reflect his age. Oh, one more thing. Was I the only fan falling on the floor with laughter when Nick whipped around to warn Adam that Victor eats his young? Was Nick really crammed up practically under that big flowery tree thing? Did he think if he turned his back, no one could see him? I doubt it was meant to be funny, but it I found it hilarious.

Okay, is it just me, or is any other fan feeling like some of our favorite Genoa Citians are trying too hard? There seems to be this weird awkwardness between Nick and Phyllis these days. Phyllis is always so wound up; as if she's had two cups of caffeine too many every day, and if she enthusiastically bursts out with too many more definitelys or absolutelys, I just may absolutely and definitely shove her silent. I'm a little tired of her armchair therapy as well. She's done it with Adam several times and with Nick I keep waiting for her to intone, and how did that make you feel, Nick? Stop acting like his Mom, Phyllis!

New flavor of the month, Sabrina. I'm still firmly on the fence about her. On one hand, I don't dislike her. Her friendship with Victoria seems natural and believable, although her careful word enunciation and delivery takes a little getting used to. And although I can't quite say I see chemistry between her and Victor, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Or maybe I just want Victor to have something or someone else to focus on besides the crushing of one of his family member's dreams. Sabrina's definitely a mature woman of the world, but still, 30 years is a heck of a gap. Can you really picture Sabrina as Stepmommy Newman?

Over at the Abbott mansion, the clash of the titans continues. Far from being labeled a wrap, just like that darn bunny, this one just keeps going on and on and on. The John Ghost stuff is bad, very bad, but the haunting of Gloria will probably be even worse. First, does anyone really believe anyone but Gloria will triumph? In the past and present, she and her criminal family have handily vanquished Jack at his diabolical best. And if he was no match for Gloria and the rest, he certainly won't stand a chance if Jeffrey throws his lot in with those felons. Yeah, I know, Jeffrey is working with Jack, but come on, he's already admitted to being in love with that louse masquerading as a lady. If Gloria begins to love him back, or at least both lies and lays with him well enough to convince him she does, his agreement with Jack won't amount to a hill of beans. Can't you just see Jeff and Gloria's tousled heads lying together on the pillow, Jeffrey confessing all to his bride in John's bed? Then the two of them concocting a plan to give Jack was he supposedly deserves? On top of that, Michael and Lauren are about to re-enter the fray, so is the outcome of this one really in doubt? I think Jack should have followed his instinct and just sold the greedy biddy the house at an inflated price and called it a day. No one can beat Gloria. Both he and I are only going to wind up frustrated when she wins yet again. Besides all that, Jeffrey seems to already be making mistakes. Did he actually stick his to-do list under the pillow where Gloria might be sure to find it?

Of course, Jack has proven over and over that he doesn't always fully engage his brain before he opens his mouth. How else to explain why he would understand that someone took the drive out of his spycam, after already knowing that perhaps that same someone had been bugging the place, yet he still didn't hesitate to talk freely about his plans? No wonder he always loses. Considering his track record, perhaps he ought to just give up doing diabolical altogether.

When it comes to diabolical, Brad is probably a lot better at it than Jack. As David Chow is likely to soon discover. So far Brad hasn't found out anything Nikki hasn't already learned about and paid to make go away, but that remaining the case will depend on just how greedy Walter gets. Or how addicted to gambling David really is. I couldn't help but notice David showed no interest in the list of therapists Nikki provided. So does that mean he's the kind of addict who thinks he can just bet on one race and quit? Even if he never gambles again, how long will Walter keep quiet about David's left behind name? Somehow I doubt Nikki will be amendable to forgiving a second lie. As for Brad, he wasn't content being second or third banana at Newman, so there's no reason to believe he will be satisfied for long having to answer to David, Nikki and Jill at Jabot.

That Chloe! No wonder she was available for Jill to hire. She can't have been much in demand. What was her role in her previous place of employment? Drill Sergeant? Assistant Warden at a strict rich girls school? Too much time with that abrasive woman and one might be tempted to kill oneself. Or her. Is she a model wannabe who had the drive but not the height or weight (for modeling, anyway), so secretly hates those she feels have what she wants but don't appreciate it? I understand she wants to succeed at the job Jill hired her for, but does she really think cruel taunts and vicious insults will really wring the best performance from Lily? And what of the other Faces models? Why doesn't the witch ride off on her broom to go browbeat them?

Ahh, Amber and Daniel. Amber's tolerable as long as she doesn't mewl. Unfortunately there was a whole lotta mewling coming from her mouth this week. Please don't tell, sniff, sniff, Daniel, please don't tell, sob sob, please let me keep my money, my dream, blah and blah. I don't care what age you are, or how hot you might be, whining is annoying. The stolen, marked money is a storyline whose time has come. The time for it to be over and done with. Give it to me, I'll burn it. That's how tired I am of hearing about it. Kay has already promised to give her latest pet project anything her greedy little heart desires. So let Kay buy her an ad so she can sell all her little dresses that even as shirts are nearly too short. Maybe she can sell one to Chloe since that blouse she wore last week was just a little too revealing. Was that really her very plain, serviceable black bra we were looking at through that gaping hole in the middle of her blouse?

Well, the coming week will be a short one, so let's hope it's packed with excitement. In the meantime, enjoy reading what your fellow fans thought about the week just past. See ya in the City.

* * * * * * *

BARB - I couldn't agree with you more Nita. You were right on with everything you said. From David Chow to Victor and Adam. I am not into a storyline where Adam and Phyllis hook up. I don't think Phyllis will ever go for Adam. But I think he might try to it might get dangerous for Phyllis. That kind of storyline could spark my interest but Adam and Phyllis is a real gag for me so I hope they don't go there directly.

LYNNETTE - I think Phyllis will eventually bed Adam Victor Jr. because she is a slut and she usually sleeps with the new person in town as when she was married to Jack and slept with Damon. This slut will not change her colors. She is also old enough to be his mother as she is to Nick. I hope Drucilla does come back to the show and knocks Phyllis out for causing her fall. I hope Gloria and Kevin and the rest of the criminal family gets jail time for all their crimes. I love the way Jeff knows their every move. I hope it is revealed one day how they taped the Jabot offices and the matter of the face cream. I think Gloria will eventually tell on herself because Jeff has her freaking out and I enjoy it. I hope he tortures the entire family.

JOANNE - This Gloria storyline has to end! She has to pay for what she has done to Jack once and for all. I am fed up with the games back and forth between her and Jeff. It is beyond ridiculous. John's ghost apparently can see her but he doesn't know what she is up to?! Come on! Now Jeff is falling in love with her - what does this awful woman have to attract men? She is like a black widow spider pulling them in with her web of lies and then when she is just about to get caught - she kills them! The rest of the couples on the show are dull as dishwater and the newcomers are boring as well. If Adam is going to have a thing for Phyllis couldn't they make him appear older than her son? It is too disgusting for words and extremely creepy. Is Adam going to think less of her when he finds out she got Nick through an affair or is he going to think his chances are better? I can't bear to watch. It is even worse than her pairing with Nick which I am still not over. At least we don't have to see them at play so much anymore. I was hoping with the ousting of Latham the show would improve vastly but I see the writers are still going with the same storylines. Too bad. I barely watch the show anymore and just read the boards to find out what happened. Hopefully the rumors are true and Dru will return. That may shake things up a bit. I don't think Danny Romalotti's return will do anything and I can't believe he would come at the request of Phyllis! Doesn't he detest her? The whole magazine idea is dumb and far-fetched so far and I am not buying any of it. Amber and Daniel starting a new fashion line? Please! Sadly, I think the show is too far gone to improve.

MANUELA - I love Lily and Cane together but the writers do a poor job with their story. One week Lane is on next we do not see them. Lily and Cane need more airtime. Lane is the main reason I watch Young & Restless. Please get rid of Chloe, she sucks! I want the romance to continue between Lily and for them to move in together. Please writers, be consistent with writing.

LUCIE - I completely agree with your column this week! Daniel and Amber are twistedly adorable! I love it! Cane and Lily's romance falls flat for me. I think it's exciting that Danny Romalotti Sr. is coming for a visit. It's like a breath of fresh air to see someone from the past like that. A reminder of the history we have with Y&R and why we stick by it through the who killed JiMin murder mysteries. Good for Y&R for starting to pick up this beloved soap.

CLAIRE - Gloria is becoming a real pain. She has done more wrong but seems to think she is the victim. Kevin, what is wrong with him, a mamma's boy. Give him some backbone and get him out from under his mother's thumb. It is time for Gloria to pay for her crimes. Jail sounds good. And Michael, for goodness sakes, he is a lawyer and he was not stupid until his mother came on the scene. She is not capable of loving her sons. She is too self-centered and selfish. Please get rid of Gloria. She is not interesting, gorgeous or smart.

SHANNON - Were the writers bored or what? The whole Victor/Hope/Vic Jr. back story was a mess and I could care less. I sat through two weeks of Y&R with my index finger permanently glued to the FF button. After all the FF-ing I realized that little fiasco took all the air time. One word: Next! I'm so glad Daniel's hair has returned to normal. He looked like a sweaty pig with that blonde hair. So the truth comes out about Mr. Chow Cow. Gambling, I guess I'm sold on it, however, I think they could have gotten a little more creative in that department. I was beginning to like Nikki and David together but now as I suspected it's all foul play. And where did Miss Ex Newman get that kind of cash to pay off lover boy's debt? She must be getting a hefty allowance from Victor the Great. So our two young couples have finally done a flip flop. I was so happy when Cane and Lily finally got it on but I still don't want to invest any time into it until we find out if Cane is a fraud or not and where did that storyline disappear to anyway? As for Amber and Daniel, I like them together as well. Hopefully Daniel doesn't get cold feet about the money thing. I think they have a certain chemistry together so why not let them have the money to start a new life? Adam is rubbing me the wrong way. I've never cared for him anyway but all his rude comments and ambition is making me hate him more. I would love to see Sabrina and Victor get together. Gradually of course but I think it would add some happiness to his life. Sabrina is also a nice addition she brings much needed air to the stuffy cast. Please don't let Victoria get the Lauren baby syndrome where she starts overacting about every little thing. I don't think it's a good look for her character! And last but certainly not least, Gloria and Jeff! What a funny pair. I'm enjoying the plots and schemes these two seem to throw at each other. It would be a nice twist if she actually fell in love with Jeff but I have a feeling I better not hold my breath.

* * * * * * *

Thanks for your comments everyone! Have a great week.

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