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by Nita
For the Week of April 21, 2008
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For so long, Gloria has been all hard angles and hissing hatred, but at long last, her character has been imbued with softness, humility and vulnerability.

Who would have thought it would be so easy to make me perform a perfect flip flop? After despising the wide-eyed one so long I can't even remember when my animosity began, I actually liked her this week. Like most fans, I love to hate a vile villain or villainess, but there's got to be more to the scoundrel than just their scandalous nature. For so long, Gloria has been all hard angles and hissing hatred, but at long last, her character has been imbued with softness, humility and vulnerability.

The week before, we saw a softening of her poisonous personality, and caught a glimpse of a much more interesting Gloria, when she revealed her pain at what she believed was her hubby's betrayal, a hubby she'd unexpectedly developed feelings for. Then, last week, after finally having the things she'd so long desired grasped securely within her painted talons - the Abbott mansion, a generous chunk of the Abbott fortune, and respectability, both personally and professionally, in the end the long-awaited meal tasted much like sawdust.

Without John to chase her around within its walls, the mansion, empty of all humans save her, wound up being nothing more than a shelter from the elements. So, with naught to keep her company but her likeness smirking down at her from the living room wall, and her family standing their ground to keep her at a safe and distant four arm's length, Gloria decided something had to be done to change her bad karma.

Her first order of business was to rid herself of the mansion. So, in the face of both her family's disbelief and Jack's wary stance, that was indeed what Gloria did. And I must say that in this latest not nearly so contentious as usual confrontation between Jack and Gloria over the mansion, this time it was Gloria who walked away wearing the Classy sign, while the placard around Jack's neck read J-e-r-k. After tearing up the courtroom agreement, it would have been nice to see Jack accept victory with less sniping sarcasm and more grace. But, I suppose his reaction was understandable. In his mind, the mansion should never have been up for Gloria's grab in the first place, despite what his ghostly father had to say about things. And I guess I can't blame Jack for suspecting a sneaky sleight of hand in the cards Gloria dealt him. Even her family figured it was probably just another Gloria scam. But still, my chest would have puffed with pride to see Jack tread at least a couple of steps on higher ground. It's not too late for Jack to prove at least a little of his father's high standards live somewhere within him, though. Perhaps he'll croon a more conciliatory tune to Gloria after overhearing her plead with Michael to drop his frivolous liability lawsuit against Jack. Yeah, I know, we may never hear sing such a song, but a fan can hope just the same, can't she?

You have to admit, Gloria did look a tiny bit pitiful arriving at her new home at the AC. Abandoned by family and not having a single friend to call her own, seeing her standing there clutching that giant G almost made a fan wanna go awwww, while dabbing at a moist eye. Almost. Anyway, it's a soap, so that means mini happily ever after endings can be put wherever you like. And they don't even have to make any sense. So, if it was up to me to choose one of those happily ever afters, I would make Gloria and Jack be not best friends, but at least amicable acquaintances. It's time for both of them to move on to pick fights with other adversaries.

And for Gloria, for now, with Jack pushed out of the picture, she can wage war with Jeffrey. It should be hilarious watching her cuddle with Alistair, while Jeffrey cozies up to Jill, both with high hopes of making the other see the world through a garish glow of green. Which will likely work, except it's probably a given the fly in the soup of that scenario will be that one or the other will begin having fond feelings for the very person they're using.

Speaking of jealousy, is Felicia not rather pitiable in her persistent pursuit of Nick? Is the pick of available men for a rich and successful Forrester woman that sparse? Felicia is a pretty woman, but my goodness, how desperate can she be? Repeatedly throwing herself at Nick's bed head in such an obvious, and not at all attractive way. Nick is no more interested in Felicia than he is in me. And it's hard to imagine that changing any time soon. Of course, we all know Nick. This is the man who wound up sleeping with his wife's best friend, and one of those times was unable to tell the difference between Grace's sharp angles and Sharon's curves. Thank goodness Y&R's former Grace is now B&B's current Donna, or else there's no telling what salacious bits of usable dirt Felicia might uncover about Nick during a tipsy girls' night out. Like I said, things don't look very hopeful for Felicia, but if Adam has anything to do with it, that may not always be the case.

What a heartwarming moment between doting Daddy Winters and his darling baby girl as Lily shared her with child news. Since most of the time such a conversation takes place between mother and daughter, having to tell Daddy instead was a nice switch. I found the scene quite realistic and probably pretty close to what would happen if one had to face one's father with proof that his little girl was definitely no longer that. And, despite Lily's unfortunate long ago entanglement with Kevin and her marriage to Daniel, Neil continues to treat Lily as if she's barely out of Pull-Ups.

However, Neil's reaction to Lily's news was understandable and very believable right up to the second he suggested he and Karen raise the little lad or lass. Where the heck did that come from? And what would lead him to think that Karen, having not deigned to add a little child of her own to her life thus far, might be amendable to such an undertaking? After their conversation, I have a sneaking suspicion Karen might not ever get around to unpacking those boxes she just moved in. At least not in Neil's apartment.

I thought the whole idea was rather funny. I mean, if Neil thinks Lily's life is too full to allow room for modeling, college, and motherhood, where in their 24-hour day of corporate and Indigo responsibilities does he imagine he and Karen could fit time to be the proud parents of a catnapping newborn?

As for Lily, who by the way, never said she would even consider turning her child over to Daddy and his live-in lover, it's not as if she'd be some edge of poverty single mother, taking pennies from Peter each month to pay Paul a pittance. We're talking about the eventual heir to both the Chancellor and Jill Abbott fortunes. Not to mention that Cane is no penniless pauper himself. Cane and Lily can easily afford a live in nanny, or if they didn't want to hire one of their own, could simply move into the Mausoleum and share Esther.

For I don't know how many weeks in a row, a whiny, wimpy Victoria continued to make me long to shake her even more senseless than she's already acting, as she once again proved she's a child crying and complaining from within a grown woman's body. Upon learning Daddy was dating her now former best gal pal behind her back and right in front of her, Victoria was so incensed she immediately severed the line of friendship, which leaves her pretty much friendless. Of course, just my biased opinion, but Sabrina shouldn't mourn the loss of Victoria's fickle friendship too much. Because though Sabrina was good enough to listen to Victoria's never-ending Adam-related rants and complaints, along with whatever else had ticked her off that day, and was willing to give up an evening at the Restless Style launch party just to sit with Vicky's son, how easily and swiftly she was kicked to the concrete curb when she fell from Victoria's favor. With a friend like her, why even make someone else mad enough to declare themself your enemy?

And what's with all this affair nonsense Victoria is spouting anyway? It's a relationship between two consenting, unmarried adults. Victoria's one nighter and beyond with J.T. while she was a Mrs Carlton? Now that's much closer to what I'd consider an affair. And who is she to point her crooked finger at someone else in the first place? So Daddy is kicking up his heels with her friend. And before you point it out, yes, if it was my father and my friend, I too would likely turn up my nose at the icky stench of it all, but when it comes right down to it, come on, these Newmans excel at ick. I think the fact that mother and daughter have made the bedsprings bounce with the very same man (twice, for that matter) smells a wee bit more stinky than what Daddy and Sabrina are doing. Yes, that's right. I forget nothing. Let she whom is without sin cast the first hard stone. And another thing, how funny that Victoria's nose is twisted all out of joint over what Daddy's done, yet she barely blinked her red eyes at the news Nikki was flopping about with David. Again, now that was an affair.

Then, further proving her immaturity, when Nick refused to fall into hundreds of shattered splinters over the Sabrina news, Victoria about burned her tongue to cinders, hurrying the hot, hurtful words out of her mouth telling Nick what Daddy had done to him. But when Nick's rage still didn't rise to the height of hers, she then turned to Nikki with her affair announcement. And yes, if you imagined me cackling like a crazed hyena as those two hypocritical hens commiserated with each other, your imaginings would be right on target. According to them, though Victor's been alone for what, better than a year, his relationship is probably a rebound. Yet Victoria and Nikki, who both moved on to other beds almost before the scent of their perfume had faded from the sheets of their current ones, apparently didn't consider what they did as racing into rebound relationships.

The only good thing I can say about Victoria this week is that slowly but surely her hair appears to be returning to its former rich and beautiful hue. Thank goodness for rinses!

Anyway, given Victoria's disillusionment, I guess it won't be long before she leaps off the Newman luxury liner and lands on the deck of either Jabot or Restless Style. Jabot would probably be a better fit for her, but Restless Style would give her repeated opportunities to inadvertently cross Sabrina's path and subsequently snub her.

And lastly, where the heck is Amber and why is she never at work to answer the phones?

Okay, fans, that's all I have to say for the moment. Here's your take on things.

* * * * * * *

MARY - Victor may be too old for Sabrina, but he sure impressed me when he grabbed her in his arms and carried her up the stairs! She's not a tiny woman - there must be something to all of those boxing workouts! I can stand Gloria, it's just that it seems to be all Gloria all the time and it gets boring after a while. Is Neil Winters nuts? He has the only interesting woman in GC and he's blowing it. Why in the world would he think Karen would be interested in raising Lily's child? Karen is smart, career-oriented, actually has a life that doesn't revolve around a man and I assume if she wanted a child she would have one of her own. And then we have Neil, co-CEO of a multinational conglomerate, plus owner of a night club - just when is he going to have time to raise a baby? In one episode it looked as if this might be the end of Karen and Neil - I hope that doesn't mean she's leaving the show - I think she's great.

COLLEEN - So Gloria is actually giving up the Abbott manse. Where will she go? To the trailer park where she belongs and never be heard from again? One can only hope. Maybe she can take Adam with her. He's almost as oily as Brad the snake.

GIOVANNA - Every single time I turn on Y&R and see Gloria and her wretched son, Kevin, I turn it off.

CAROLE - There are some interesting storylines on Y&R right now, however, I agree with those who find the relationship between Victor and Sabrina disgusting. I can just hear the hue and cry if it were Katherine and, say, Kevin Fisher; or someone his age. As far as Victoria being upset with her dad and her same age friend being involved - it's very hard to deal with - just ask my daughter!

STEPHANIE - I keep reading that people think Lily is childish. What exactly is so childish about her? What I see is someone who is sincere, well-spoken, and excited to be in love. Her storyline is one of the most real on this soap. If anyone acts childish it's Chloe, Gloria, Michael, Kevin, Lauren, Jack. Should I go on? Lily has found love with a great guy, going to school, trying a new career that she's unsure of, lost her mom and is now pregnant. Talk about being overwhelmed. Please, all of you that think she's childish. Give her a break!

BAJANGIRL - Lily often gets accused of being immature and too much of a child but I think she's handling this unexpected pregnancy with a surprising amount of maturity. She is freaked out but she really isn't freaking out, although there have been a few of those moments, which I think any woman, especially a young one would have. She's taken the time to look at how this will affect her life, she seems to understand the responsibility it will entail, and despite it all, she has managed to have a little humor about it. The overgrown baby in the show right now is Victoria. I have no issue at all with her reaction to her father and best friend being together. I'd have the same reaction, if not more vitriolic. But she's been so clingy with Sabrina. I laughed at that scene where she was in Victor's office in between him and Sabrina hugging them like she was 10. It's ridiculous that a woman whose parents have 10 marriages between them would be so upset that they're getting divorced for the third time, not to mention she's on her fourth marriage herself. But what makes her seem even more the child was her reaction to Nick's less than shocked reception of the news. She even annoys me with her treatment of Adam, not that he doesn't deserve most of it, but from the time she first met him as a child, she's been bitter and resentful, and it showed again the first day she saw him in Victor's office. As for Adam, he is a jerk, no question, but while I don't enjoy watching him blatantly disregarding orders, I find myself laughing at his barbs.

ELLEN - For goodness sake, how old is Victoria, 12? While I agree it would be a bit icky to find out your father is dating your friend it hardly warranted her reaction. Frankly, I always assumed Sabrina was about 10 years older than Victoria anyway. Maybe because her maturity level is that much higher! Victoria really has to get over the whole I want my mommy and daddy to be together fantasy. They may find their way back to each other, they may not. Only time will tell and hysterics aren't going to help anything. Goodness, we didn't have this big of a reaction when Nick and Victoria found out Nikki was cheating on their father. Speaking of Nick, he needs to grow up too. As I listened to the two of them moan about their father and his controlling ways I couldn't help but think what a pair of spoiled, ungrateful, whiney brats they were. And by the way, what is so odd about the age difference between Sabrina and Victor? Older, rich, powerful men hooking up with young beautiful women is a story as old as time. Donald Trump anyone? Just think of all the fun we will have when Nikki dumps David over his gambling and Victor is besotted with Sabrina. Nikki at her green-eyed best is great entertainment!

STARR - My husband and I have truly enjoyed the plot driven storylines of Y&R over the past couple years. They are fresh, interesting and keep us glued to our set and on the edge of our seats wondering what will happen next. We hope Y&R continues this fascinating style. Any regression to the former way of Y&R shows would be a grave mistake.

* * * * * * *

As always, fans, thank for your input. See you next week!

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