The mind really is the first to go

by Nita
For the Week of May 26, 2008
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How else to explain Nikki's frequent flip-flopping? Wasn't it just last week she held an olive branch toward Victor, indicating her sincere desire to call a halt to the hostility between them?

How else to explain Nikki's frequent flip-flopping? Wasn't it only last week she held an olive branch toward Victor, indicating her sincere desire to call a halt to the hostility between them? Well she must have had one of those senior moments during which the memory sailed completely out of her mind. Because it took only two seconds facing Vic and his beautiful betrothed in a stalled elevator car for her to snatch it back and break it into tiny pieces. What did it take to haul in that rock on your finger she questioned snidely, her down-turned mouth forming an unbecoming sneer. A forklift? I don't know, Nikki, 34% of his age Sabrina should have answered, but was too polite to do so. At least the size of that behemoth it must have taken for David to drag that boulder onto your finger. I guess Nikki just can't help herself. Because despite her insistence that she's happily glided past Victor on to someone so much better, she still can't quench that green light of jealousy in her eyes every time she has to look at Victor with Sabrina clinging to his side.

Poor Nikki, a fan almost feels sorry for what's ahead for the deluded damsel. Because it's clear there will come a time, probably sooner rather than later, when she will likely regret all those cutting comments she made at Sabrina and Victor's expense. After all, it's not as if she came home from the relationship fair with anything other than the booby prize. Unless we are all being severely misled, clearly David doesn't plan to let so much as a blade of green grass brown beneath his boots while figuring out how to pull the plug and divert Nikki's assets into a private pool only he can access. And if Victor chants I told you so in that insufferable manner of his, well, for Nikki's stupidity, he's earned the right. Of course, Nikki may fool us all and turn out shrewd enough to keep David from draining her bank accounts dry.

When it comes to seeing things that may or may not be there, Nikki's daughter has developed a rather distorted view of Victor-related things as well. Did she really believe Nikki looked like she'd just left a mostly civilized tea party when she marched off that elevator, her nose pushed so far out of joint it was a wonder she was able to draw a breath through it? Maybe I'm the only one who disagreed, but to me, Nikki just might have been able to fry an egg on her forehead, she was that hot under the collar. Victoria has become so jealous of anyone she perceives has supplanted her in her father's affection, she can hardly think straight, let alone see any situation which includes him with any degree of accuracy. She just about bursts into a torrent of tears at just a glimpse of Sabrina, whether she's latched on to Victor's arm or not. So what Victor bought Sabrina a bag whose price tag numbered in the thousands? Victoria and Nikki acted as if that was something out of the norm for Victor. When hasn't he spent a large fortune on his madam of the moment? The price of that bag, monumental as it might have been, wasn't even a drop in the bucket for the man. And though I wracked my brain, I couldn't recall a single occasion Nikki or Victoria said no to the many gifts Victor has showered their now ungrateful behinds with over the years. By the way, and nothing really to do with anything else, but am I crazy or did I really see Sabrina wearing the very blue dress she supposedly refused to let Victor buy? I thought so.

Victoria's mind is also a bit cloudy when it comes to Mommy's misdeeds concerning her too. It might be refreshing answering to Nikki as opposed to Victor at the office now, but there was a not so distant time in the past when Nikki didn't hesitate to knock her daughter to the ground in order to climb on her back and boost herself into a Senate seat. Obviously that's all rancid water under the bridge and in Victoria's eyes, Mommy can now do not a single thing wrong.

If revenge is a delicious dish best served after it has cooled a bit, then Victoria must be thoroughly enjoying the scrumptious meal made from Adam's acquisition error. Even though this fan couldn't help but flinch a little at the force of Victor's rage aimed at Adam, I had to admit he's long deserved being dragged down a peg or two. Adam now realizes that despite what he thought, he really doesn't know all there is to know about being in business. Adam, I'd like to introduce you to the ruthless side of Daddy. Although I doubt you're all that pleased to make his acquaintance. And I doubt Victoria and I were the sole people somewhat enjoying Adam's discomfort. Along with I'm sure a great number of giggling fans, Neil must be having a hearty laugh at Adam's expense as well. There's a price to be paid for all those gleefully condescending remarks Adam's being hurling since he arrived. Can't be easy having to choke down all that tough, stringy crow meat everyone keeps shoving on his plate. Though he probably wouldn't appreciate it, even if he acknowledged it, Sabrina seems to be the only Genoa Citian not rubbing salt in his wounds. And all in all, though she had a good giggle privately, Victoria was surprisingly more gracious to Adam than she could have been.

Okay, what is Mrs. Hellstrom's major malfunction? Does she think only she, her Mommy and her brother have the right to have a happy life? Doesn't she have enough servings of resentment on her plate, what with the plentiful portions plopped there for Victor, Sabrina and Adam? Can there possibly be a corner left to pile on some against her ex-husband too? Why the heck would she think it was any of her business or her duty to preach to Heather and Brad about the pitfalls of mixing business and pleasure? Just because it didn't work for her is no reason to go around pouring muddy buckets of water on Heather's parade. I asked it last week, but I'll repeat myself. Doesn't she have the care of a husband and a baby to busy herself with?

Tell me, what is the difference? Remember when J.T. was delving deeply in David's past at Victor's request? I can still recall J.T. self-righteously pointing to his ethics and honor, refusing to continue out of respect for his new mother-in-law. Gee, where did those ethics go? Wasn't it just a week or so ago, when he pledged his loyalty to his Newman boss, insisting he could be discreet and trustworthy even though his wife had gone to toil for the competition? So what's he doing pawing through the Newman files for Paul? I guess when it comes to scruples and honesty, and the granting of small or large favors, it all depends on whose doing the asking.

I'm rather disappointed in Cane this week. Maybe it just looked that way from my seat on the sofa, but I would have sworn there was more than a little flirtatiousness in his manner with Chloe over that wet and sloppy drunken kiss. Don't you dare say a word to Lily, he threatened, while proceeding to make obscure comments of his own that Lily immediately picked up on. Has he already forgotten the wounds on Lily from the marital mess left behind when Daniel and Amber conspired to cloak their sordid connection? Hasn't Lily been deceived enough by men who professed to love her with all their heart and soul? We already know nothing good ever comes from co-conspirators concealing their supposedly innocent secrets. And since Chloe has already openly admitted she covets everything Lily currently possesses, I doubt this time will be the exception. Given the litany of lies he lived through with Amber, Cane ought to know better.

This whole David Chow thing is still thoroughly confusing to me. Not the part about him being a gold-digging gigolo. That part is crystal clear. But I'm still having a hard time making sense of when he moved from Clarke, or whatever his personal loan shark Walter said his name used to be once upon some time or other, to David. How can Paul and J.T. have investigated him and not run into a brick wall that stopped at that name change? Was he once in the witness protection program and given a whole new identity too competently concocted for a couple of somewhat incompetent GC PIs to penetrate?

What with the three year anniversary of Cassie's premature passing, the end of the week ended on a rather sad and melancholy note as Cassie's survivors sifted through their memories of her short life. It was all realistically done, though I know some fans have wearied of yet another rehash. Obviously, its purpose this year, along with Nick's end of the week car crash was likely to provide the prelude to Nick's returned memories. It also provided a chance for Victor and Nikki to momentarily come together in something other than conflict. Although I couldn't help but giggle a little uncontrollably when Nikki reminded Victor they'd live through nearly 30 years of memories. Nearly? Who is Nikki kidding? Aren't both of the Newman children already older than those 30 years she's talking about? And weren't they already building memories long before those children came? Like way back when Nikki was shaking her stuff on the Bayou Stage? But, who am I to quibble over a handful of years.

For Gloria Bardwell, that hard rock bottom has not yet been hit. Half of her money irrevocably lost to her, the blinders having fallen from the eyes of the once adoring men in her life, the worst is rumored to still be yet to come. Alistair is definitely no gentlemen John Abbott, but he didn't have to kiss and tell because Gloria's entire family burst into their AC room and witnessed the aftermath of the drunken deed for themselves. What Alistair did repeat, however, was the information he'd overheard about Gloria's diamonds. Sold her for the price of a roof over his head and the chance to gulp down another hundred half pints. So much for his affection for the beautiful creature called Gloria. As for Jeffrey, like so many others before him, he was just the latest to wind up that eavesdropper at the door who didn't hear anything good about himself. Because unfortunately he had already flounced away in a snit before Gloria got a chance to utter the good part about him. So, save for some last minute Perry Mason moment in the courtroom, it looks like all systems are go for the Bardwell divorce. But as I said, according to that rumor, there is still one final act ahead that will probably return Gloria pretty much to the state she was in when she first stepped a tattered tennis shoe on GC soil. Broke and single. Oh well, at least she'll still have her loving fractured family to hold tight to.

* * * * * * *

GENE - Nita, I feel sorry for you for watching this mess of a show that I just tune in and out every so often. The soap is still the plot-driven mess it was under LML's term and needs to get back to it roots. OLTL is killing them in the writing department. But I feel the soap can get back to what OLTL is now by getting back to history, characters acting like themselves, and character-driven romance. Not boring characters like Sabrina and Adam and Jana. I wish I was excited about the character of Sabrina, but the actress is dull. Find a stronger actress to play her or get rid of the character. Something needs to spice up on the show or its ratings will fall lower than the President's.

CATHERINA - OMG! Is anyone else just waiting on pins and needles to see Nikki's face when she finds out the truth about sleazy David? I want to see her nose come down off its high horse! I really like Adam and hope he turns out to be good. I know a lot of people don't like Victor with Sabrina but I must say that to me Victor is just as sexy now as he was when he first came to Y&R! You go Victor!

SK - I want to remind people how much they complained about the old Colleen. Adrienne drove me nuts. Her soft whispering of every word was annoying and she whined poor me at every turn. The only reason people want her back is because they believe she got fired for her weight issues. If you want to bring someone back, bring back Lyndsy!

DEB - I loved the way Neil put Adam in his place. Where does the newbie get off being so condescending to a senior member of the company? He may be the newest Newman on the payroll but when it comes to business Victor is the top dog and has a lot of respect for Neil's business sense. I think Junior has met his match. It was awesome when Neil went over his head to Victor and now with this foolproof acquisition Jr. made has a huge lawsuit against it. I can't wait to see how this plays out! I agree with the fans that say enough already with Vicky Boo Hoo, grow up already! I can't believe Vicky and Sabrina would have been friends. Sabrina is so mature and sophisticated and Vicky is immature beyond belief. She's just a whiny spiteful little girl. Also who is Vicky to be telling Heather who she should associate with? Was the green monster rearing its ugly head? David is getting pretty desperate to get his hands on some of Nikki's money and seems to be getting shut down at every turn. It's only a matter of time before he starts defrauding Jabot and his house of cards comes tumbling down around his ears. When it happens, will Kay still be so supportive of Nikki's judgment? Brad will be taking over her seat before it has a chance to cool off!

CHANDRA - I love your observations. I catch up on Y&R by going online and reading your column. The writers on Y&R are so shallow. None of the characters interest me. I liked Karen. Sorry to see the present Colleen leave. Adrianne Leon whines and whispers too much.

JAMIE - I hope this yearly Cassie fest is over. It's getting tiresome and boring. I wish Phyllis and Nick would just run the magazine on their own and move on from the never ending quad storyline. Do these writers think this is interesting? Give cane a real woman. He and Lily are the most ridiculous and chemistry-less pairing. But they all are. Except Nick and Phyllis and Michael and Lauren. All the others (Nikki/David, Victor/Sabrina, Lily/Cane, Victoria/J.T., Adam/Heather are forced and lacking. Gloria and Jeffrey are better than those.

* * * * * * *

As always, I appreciate everyone's comments! Back in a week.

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