Dangerous curves ahead!

by Nita
For the Week of July 7, 2008
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It was another great week in Genoa City...one that left fans wishing for more.

It was another great week in Genoa City. Like fan Shannon below, by the time the last episode had run, I, too, found myself wishing for more.

For Nikki and David, things are definitely heating up. On the surface, the disintegration of the Chow marriage appears fairly straightforward. After all, David's seems to be trying to do the right thing, easing Nikki out of the way so that she doesn't go down in flames with him. And while Nikki seems willing to cling to the marriage until her fingernails are worn to nubs, if David continues to resist, there's not much more she can do other than cry a river of heartbreaking tears. But, as we all well know, nothing in Genoa City is ever really straightforward. Especially since it's now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that David is everything but a straight shooter. Pun intended. I almost felt sorry for Nikki as she pre-empted everyone who might have had the words "I told you so" on the tip of their tongues, by acknowledging it herself. I had to laugh when Nikki mumbled "did I rush into this marriage" like there was even a doubt, and Kay let her have it in the affirmative with both barrels blazing.

So, as I and other fans suspected from the moment JiMin was found dead on the floor, David is indeed the cold-blooded man who murdered him. That explains those missing minutes when he was nowhere to be found. What I hadn't guessed, though, was that he'd murdered at Walter's command. So what's Walter's connection to JiMin and why did he want him dead? This inquiring mind certainly would like those questions addressed when all the details of this contract killing finally come out.

But that big reveal is likely still a distance in the future. Heather has only just begun to tend to the banked fire under this cold case. But, if done right, this storyline has plenty of explosive possibilities. First of all, I don't imagine Walter will be one bit pleased to learn she's trying to breathe new life into JiMin's poor dead body. And you know it won't be long before he finds out since no one in GC is ever able to keep their lips sealed around anything for long. Jill will probably do everything but take out a full page ad to spread the news that the hunt is back on for her late lover's killer. And Heather is just one part of Walter and David's looming problem. Her PI Pa will likely be a thorn in their sides as well. In fact, before it's solved, just about everyone in Genoa City could wind up in the line of fire on this one. Victor's bones didn't know the half of it when they whispered to him that David was a very dangerous man. What isn't this man capable of? Just off the top of my head, he's a gambling addict, a liar and a cheater. He marries for money, then maybe murders his mates to get his hand on her fortune. And now we know he's a hired hit man. I'm guessing Nikki might not be the only one Victor needs to fear for. Since he's pretty free with his threats, he might want to guard his own back. And, as Heather's beau, Adam could easily be drawn into the fray. Along with fellow PI, J.T., and by extension, Victoria, Nick, perhaps even Sabrina. For once, the oft-heralded hype about that explosive something that "could change Genoa City forever" might actually be true this time.

Over at RSM things could also get interesting. Not the part about Phyllis trying to come between Amber and Daniel, though. Phyllis' behavior these days is immature and silly, but in an annoying, not amusing way. It might make more sense if Amber was this really objectionable person who had perhaps topped Phyllis' past misdeeds, but that's not the case. And, it's not as if Daniel is some inexperienced innocent in need of Mama's protection. The underage drinker, liar and reformed porn addict has a black check mark or two on his card of life. But I guess there isn't much for Phyllis to do right now other than interfere in her son's love life and snipe at Sharon.

No, the interesting part about RSM will be the big blow-up to come between the partners, and the discord may not just be between Jack and Nick. Jack, like several others in Genoa City, is often his own worst enemy. Jack has never been a man able to march in tandem with any other man, even when the other alpha male was his father. Sooner or later, usually sooner, inevitably Jack will start tossing his mane and champing at the bit, trying to figure out a way to get the harness off the other stallion so he can pull the wagon by himself. Such has obviously become the case at RSM. Proving that once again, life experience trumps hard-headedness, it seems Victor will have another reason to tell his son "I told you so". Nick will probably indeed rue the day he shook hands with Jack Abbott in a cooperative business venture. Because, though he's able to suppress the propensity for varying periods, one of Jack's reasons for arising in the morning is to somehow one-up Victor Newman. Unfortunately, in getting to Victor, Jack often has to ride roughshod over a few others first. In a roundabout way, his grudge against Victor cost him his marriage to Phyllis. And by the time the dirt swirls and settles, it just may wind up costing him his current one with Sharon. But that's for later, and if the marriage does dissolve, it may be as much about Jack's alpha male highhandness surrounding household decisions as those concerning RSM. For now, though, with the dirt he's managed to dig up on her, it appears that Sabrina may be the sacrificial lamb Jack uses to lambast Victor. Poor Adrian, he just can't catch a break when it comes to any of his written words, can he? If Jack has anything to do with it, he's going to take Adrian's serious literary piece and turn it into grist for the grinding gossip mill. Is that Jack's idea to up the circulation numbers for RSM? Anyway, I can't imagine Nick or the other two partners will be thrilled at Jack's latest end run around them.

The show's comedic couple, Gloria and Jeff, were very much in evidence this week. It's nothing but giggles and glee between GC's newest newlyweds. While I love these two together, by week's end Gloria, especially, was coming in a few decibels too loud for my comfort level. I am enjoying Gloria's interaction with Jack, though. She's got him so wrapped around her pinky finger, all it takes is the mere mention of John and he heels and obeys like an obedient puppy. Once Jack tires of or is forced (or bought) out of RSM, I'm hoping his new tolerance of Gloria will result in a collaboration to take Jabot from the Chancellor and Newman interlopers and return it to the Abbotts.

Boy, that Victor sure makes it difficult to like him. I so enjoyed his conversation with Nick. His impatience with hearing yet again the Control CD Nick insists on putting on every time Victor shows his face was perfectly done. Victor's concern for the mother of "two of my children" (was I the only fan who found that statement hilarious?), really had nothing to do with control. With my skewed way of thinking, I couldn't help but picture Victor saying that same sentence about the other mothers of his children, changing the name and number as it so fit. Anyway, while at first Nick was skeptical, by the end, the seriousness and utter conviction in Victor's voice seemed to finally convince him. "Don't ever say I didn't warn you" sounded particularly chilling and Nick looked decidedly apprehensive.

But, getting back to my original statement, while I liked Victor in that scene, I absolutely loathed him for the way he later treated Adam and Heather. Okay, I get that Heather isn't his favorite person. I dispute his claim that she tried to frame him, although after thinking about it, I do remember that she was prepared to ignore what turned out to be pertinent information, so on second thought, maybe he has a right to feel she made a mad rush to judgment. But he was so nasty and public about it. To me, the public ridicule was cruel and unnecessary punishment, but perhaps he felt justified since he has just told them the night before she wasn't welcome. But that was nothing compared to the way he let Adam have it when he returned alone. If you didn't know better, you would swear Victor was addressing an enemy instead of his own son. After that dressing down, I guess any remnants of blinders still stubbornly clinging to Adam's eyes have now fallen off and been trampled underfoot.

In the man-eating woman category, Chloe remains in a class all by her lonesome. I'm already feeling pangs of sympathy for Lily. She's no match for this flesh-devouring piranha and won't even see her coming until she's standing manless and alone. As for Cane, he's almost too stupid for even my cutting words. Didn't he learn anything from his starring role in Amber's tall tales? Did he think Devon was just talking to hear if his cochlear implant was functioning when he warned Cane Chloe had her fish eye on him? Except for the heartache Lily will suffers because of the stupidity of yet another fellow allegedly in love with her, I would say that Cane well deserves everything Chloe plans to dish out to his gullible behind. And if the rumors running rampart are right, what she has planned for him is a doozy!

Okay, what's with Colleen? She made it clear she wants no part of Professor Pontification. Here's your key, where's my hat, I'm in a damn hurry, she may as well have told him. She's already dating and for all intents and purposes has moved on. So why did she go all pouty-mouthed and scowling when she got a gander at Amber and Adrian? I actually like these two together, although I don't know if I like them better than I do Daniel and Amber. Adrian had his chance with Amber, but he picked Colleen instead. Be that as it may, the two just may end up a pair once Daniel finds out about the deed it appears they did at the magazine after the RSM advertiser party. If Daniel decides it was an unforgivable sin, will he turn toward Colleen for mutual consolation or back to Lily if Chloe has waltzed away with her beau by then?

Was there perhaps something toxic in the Genoa City water tanks this week? Sabrina, Phyllis and Jill all wound up under the weather. Just don't tell me it means the latter two could be with child? Speaking of the one woman we know is with child, the future doesn't look very bright for her. If Jack has his way, her somewhat embarrassing past is probably about to become her present. Victor's probably preoccupation with Nikki will likely provide a second reason for sadness and lastly, if the rumors surrounding her are true, her troubles have only just begun and those that follow could end her Genoa City run.

As always, there's always plenty more that could be said, but I've got to quit some place and I've picked here. Here's what you all had to say.

* * * * * * *

PAT - Did anyone observe Sabrina's face when Victor gave her the key to the chateau? The look on her face was very suspicious. I do believe she is her mother's daughter.

ANNE MARIE - Am I the only one who thought Zara looked like Ashley Abbott with dark hair?

JULIE - Whenever I think of Sabrina, I visualize Alicia Coppola (she played Lorna Devon on Another World in the early 90's) as Sabrina. She would be awesome in that role. She has the right snobbiness, but beauty to deal with Victor and especially Victoria. I know she is older than the person playing Sabrina but she has that same sort of look, only with more panache. I am with you; the show is getting better, and I actually love Gloria and Jeffrey together now that they have actually decided to be themselves with each other and do away the game playing. It's time to bring Billy Abbott back. Time to stir the pot a bit, give Jill something to focus on other than revenge on Jeffrey. He is so below her. While you're at it, bring back Larry Warton! Those two just steamed up the TV!

MARY - Oh Happy Day! Gloria and Jeffrey together again in one of the funniest most delightful sequences Y&R has had in a long time. I am so looking forward to the wonderful mischief these two will create, and a marvelous change of pace comedic touch this show can certainly use. Love it, love it, love it. Congrats to Chapman & Shackelford for this terrible (& delightful) twosome! Best chemistry in ages on this show!

YOLANDA - Y&R is definitely on the way back to glory. The addition of Eva Marcille and the young girl who plays her daughter is a step forward. I've missed seeing blacks on the Y&R canvas besides Neil, and the ever annoying Lily and Devon. Instead of putting Tyra with Neil, what about Cane? He and Lily have the chemistry of nails and chalkboard. Plus they would look really good together.

KEVIN - Is it just me, or has Phyllis taken the position as the most annoying person in town? She has been picking fights where there is no reason to. She actually annoys me like Amber used to. Speaking of Amber, it is amazing how good writing can make a character seem so much more palatable. The same goes for Gloria. They have both gone from annoying and one-dimensional to interesting. The writing has improved 100%. Kudos to whoever fired Lynn Marie Latham and her crew of dime-store writers. The show has done a complete 180 and is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. They have gone from shallow storylines to getting beneath the surface of the characters and showing what makes them tick. One more thing: Devon's niece. If Y&R is going to have a showcase for the cute little girl who can sing, I am going to puke. Let's please stick with adult storylines. This isn't star search.

VIVIEN - Hooray for Gloria & Jeff, the sexiest couple on TV. Dare I say they are a little older than the nymphs and studs that normally flail themselves at us each day. But that's what makes it so exciting. Passion at any age. These two are hot, hot, hot. Now, of course, comes the part where Jill finds out about the face cream and Gloria thinks Jeff spilled the beans. I don't expect the honeymoon to last much longer than Las Vegas. But for now, the screen is sizzling.

KARROW - I agree with quite a few points you and other fans made, especially regarding Sabrina, Victor, and also wanting Heather Tom back as Victoria. I do like Heather Tom on B&B but, not as much as I enjoyed her character on Y&R. There is a long overdue return - Christine. She was one of my all time favorites. I absolutely loved her and Paul together.

TONI - Well, well, well, the Chow Hound is about to end up in the doghouse! Not only is the wrath of Nikki on his back but the wrath of Paul's little darling daughter. Hell hath no wrath like an attorney scorned! Now if Ms. Vicky would just grow up and acquire some manners. But look who she has as her teacher. The ever loving Nikki. What a team! I now hate to miss one single minute of the happenings in GC! PS: Vicky, your big girl bloomers are on the way!

SELMA - I got so disgusted at being treated as a total idiot with the storyline of Sabrina being pregnant by Victor I barely watch the show anymore. Maybe the new writers aren't aware and the old ones totally forgot that Victor got snipped during his marriage to Diane Hence the storyline regarding the big caper of stealing his sperm tag game between Diane, Nikki and Ashley, where the precious cargo ended up in Ashley's hot little hands resulting in Abby's birth!

JERALD - I wish everyone would stop downing Victoria. As much as the writers try to downplay it, she was indeed lied to by two people who were supposed to be in her corner. If you can't count on honesty from your father and your best friend, who can you count on? However, I do agree that she needs to stop whining about it. In my opinion she needs to pop Sabrina in the mouth and put everything in the past. Next, she needs to disown Victor. He berates everyone in his family about their loyalty to him. It's his way or the highway. I don't see how he can justify his blatant disregard for his children's feelings in all of these situations. In Victor's world, you love and support your children as long as they do as they are told. Victoria just needs to move on with her life and get over this stuff. I just wish people would stop saying she's not justified in her feelings, because she is!

SHANNON - Has Y&R been electric or what?! The last two weeks have be pure fire! I find myself trying to save episodes so I can watch two at a time and it's still not enough. Phyllis was awful to Amber. To kick her while she's down, that's the old Red I thought was gone! Victoria, get over yourself! She's getting on my last nerve with this victim crap. The scenes between Nikki and David have been priceless! I love Nikki for sticking with "For better or Worse". Don't you love to hate Chow? I'm torn. I hate him for leaving Nikki but love him for it, it shows his love for her as well as his addiction. And the whole flashback to Ji'Min's murder was classic. Thank you Y&R for bringing the fire. Keep it coming!

CAROLYN - There are a few characters I am disappointed in as late. Cane: I was hoping he'd be more than just another pretty face, but he is as dumb as a box of rocks! How many times is he going to keep 'saving' skanky Chloe? He knows she is after him, me thinks he enjoys the attention! Lily: whoever said 'with age comes wisdom' was not referring to Lily! Just because a Chloe gives Lily a present for her birthday, Lily invites Chloe to her birthday party, knowing full well Chloe previously put the moves on her boyfriend? When will Lily grow up? Jeffrey: I am growing weary of his idle threats of putting gold-digging Gloria behind bars for her part in the Jabot cream-tampering caper! Enough already! If TPTB never intend on Gloria paying for what she did, then they should just drop the SL altogether! I still can't stand whiny, all-about-me Victoria or disrespectful, I'm-so-perfect Nicholas! Amber and Adrian getting it on? Gee, so much for Amber loving Daniel! What's up with Colleen getting jealous over Adrian laughing with and running after Amber? She said she didn't want Adrian anymore. She is such a child! I for one am glad they are no more! Jack Abbott is obsessed with all things Victor Newman! He really believes that he had absolutely nothing to do with his father losing Jabot to Victor! If Jack keeps up his obsessed-with-getting-back-at-Victor, all-about-me ways, he is going to lose Sharon, Noah and Restless Style! Still loving the power struggle going on between Phick and Shack! About time TPTB kept it real between these two couples. All that acting nicey-nice between them was making me ill and so totally unbelievable! Lastly, I was surprised you didn't mention anything about David being the killer of JiMin! I guessed that from the beginning and looks like I was right! If only Nikki knew how much David is really 'so not like Victor'! She sure picked a real winner this time!

* * * * * * *

As always, I appreciate everyone's comments! Back in a week.

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