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by Nita
For the Week of August 25, 2008
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According to the soap magazines, The Young and the Restless is going to be changing forever.

Yes, that's right. The Young and the Restless is going to be changing forever. Again. How do we know? Because the soap mags are shouting it in three inch high block lettering. With exclamation points! And just in case you typically look right past all the soap mags silently screaming while you wait impatiently for your turn in the checkout line, you usually can't so easily ignore that TV voice excitedly promising the very same thing. That some mysterious, exciting, never before seen exactly this way, explosively cataclysmic Genoa City event will soon be unfolding before your very eyes and once it has finished unfolding, look out fans, because the face of Y and R will have been changed forever.

Actually, this time it seems there are so many fireworks stands set up all over town, you hopefully will find yourself held spellbound by at least one of the ear-pounding, eye popping displays, depending upon which direction you face your lawn chair. For instance, if you're in the mood for sudden bursts of wine and silver and gold and blue, you might want to face the east. There you'll see Victor, nearly invisible in his black T and denims, face grim, eyes glinting with impotent rage, hands clenching the wheel of the boat, while Walter lolls on a boat cushion, his lip lifted in that partial sneer, eyeing Victor's stiff back with distrust and superiority. Add some night black clouds, pierced intermittently by jagged shards of coming storm lightning, some shrieking winds, waves of roiling water, and a half-plastered Nikki on the shore, her hair pulling free of her plastic clip, wailing Viiiiiccctor, and that should about set that scene. Oh yeah, we have to stick in a little Nick in the distance too, racing to his mother's rescue.

In the west you can't miss Chloe, but if you're like me, you'll wish you could, because she'll be babbling as usual about that baby she's pinned like a donkey's tale on Cane's derriere. I can guarantee the only emotion her pack of lies will pull out of me is a stifled yawn. For now. Lots of rumors circulating about this one, so it could definitely take a turn for the better. It has to; it couldn't possibly take a turn toward anything worse. Is Chloe pregnant by Billy, who shares a mother with his half-brother, Cane? Is Chloe Esther's daughter? Yeah, that's what I typed. Hey, I'm not saying it's true, just that it's being said. Actually, the thought of Jill's son, the heir to the Chancellor fortune, or Jill's son, an heir to the Abbott fortune, wed to the daughter of Esther and Tiny is rather delicious, when you think about it. Oh wouldn't that fry snotty Jill's potatoes! Either way, she's stuck with Chloe and she may have to start being nicer to Esther.

While Tyra cries and Ana pouts, those in the south side of town will be yawning or fast-forwarding, although in all fairness I'm sure there must be some fans appreciating this unfolding fable. I'm trying, but I'm really having a hard time feeling the family's pain. I mean, I don't even know these people. I still say, the scribes should have done so much better for the Winters. I think it's a disgrace.

And lastly, on the North side of town, multiple mini explosions are going off everywhere. At Newman, Jabot and RSM it's all about business and a cutthroat game of King of the Hill, fought by adults knocking each other aside so they can race up and claim all the power. While a few blocks away, children's sparklers pinprick the darkness, waved about by Amber, Daniel, Colleen and I guess, Liam, if he actually exists.

So, pull up a lawn chair and let's dish about what's going on where. I guess the Victor Newman story is as good a place as any to start with. The teasers keep talking about this big romance story. Obviously, they mean GC's Romeo and Juliet. Or the billionaire and his diamond in the rough. As I've mentioned before, I really wasn't looking forward to another yarn designed to knit Victor and Nikki back together. I know it's water under the bridge now, but I was excited by the addition of Sabrina, not so much because she was married to Victor, but more by all that could have happened with other GC residents when the marriage went under, which it inevitably would have. Because that's just what Genoa Citians do. But, since Sabrina is no more and will never be again, I had to look for other ways to satisfy my GC appetite.

Like toward all the angst and anger broiling between the Newman siblings. I had a feeling I would be able to count on Victoria to continue to annoy and send my blood pressure soaring, and by George, she definitely did not disappoint. In fact, by the end of the second day of the week, my disrespect for her had risen to dangerous and unprecedented levels. Since there was no one else around to do it, I had to keep patting myself on my own hand, murmuring, there, there dear, calm down now, calm down. Where was Katherine with her wise words? She could have been saying something like, umm, Victoria, dear. Did you not retain anything at all from your recent experience with Sabrina, you little twit? Okay, so had such a sentence actually been uttered, the little twit part would have been more my words than Kay's. Of course, Katherine had no words anything like that to say, so I simply started shouting my own whenever I felt the situation called for them. Things like, are you really, truly as stupid as you often look, you self-righteous, sanctimonious, phony, flip-flopping, hateful ... right at the point when the b sound exited my mouth, I grabbed my riled self, started hauling it back to reality and begin patting myself on the hand again.

Yes, she's the eldest Newman and Victor is her Daddy and NE is his company, but she didn't want the Daddy or the Company. No, she flipped her snooty nose toward the sky, in imitation of the brood mare who bore her, and stomped out of the NE sandbox. She would have stormed off with all the toys too, so Adam had nothing to play with, except that none of them actually belonged to her. Then she had the NERVE, yes I was shouting by then, to come in, grab Adam's head and start rubbing his nose in the mess she was about to start making, not just at the office, but at home too. She knew Victor invited Adam to live with him. Who was she to come in with that supercilious look on her face, with security, no less, to tell him to get out of his home, not so much because NE owned it, but just because she could. And to immediately begin shooting down his every idea, not because it was necessarily bad, but because it was him who had made it. Changing the name back to Beauty of Nature even though Victor wanted to change the name. Yet, she wants to stand there and keep mewling about I'm doing what Daddy would have done. No, self-absorbed one, you're undoing what Daddy has already done. So, don't stand there with that self-serving smirk on your mealy mouth talking about how much you love your daddy. You don't even know the damn man. And she did all that knowing Daddy could have just been off doing a little grieving and healing.

As always, Nick is never quite as hateful as his near devoured by jealousy sis, but I'm not handing out any medals for him to hang on his hypocritical chest either. Nice to see you're worried about our father were words he was actually able to get out without choking to death on all the hypocrisy that saturated them. Just because Adam was enjoying a moment with his girl. Oh, I see, only selected Newmans are allowed a little love play while Daddy is missing. I guess Adam was looking for love and Daddy in all the wrong places. He should have looked for Daddy in Phyllis' clutches, like Nick did.

And then there is Nikki. Immediate problem for me. Even though I plan to throw a double handful of belief suspension at this presumed future pairing to help me choke it down, right now I'm still feeling mostly like smacking Nikki, all the way back to her own life. Without Victor. Because like her suddenly attentive, there is no meaningful life without Daddy children, I'm supposed to buy that suddenly Nikki can't function until she has her old controlling man's hands on the reins directing every aspect of her life? Did he somehow become less domineering, stubborn, and rude and we just haven't been told yet? This is the same man Nikki has been treating as if she hated with every breath that inflated her chest, right? Did we see even a moment in quiet contemplation before, during or after Chow when she was spotted longing for the touch of her taciturn tyrant? No! And even after Victor found his way to love after Nikki, she still refused to be happy for him, though she allegedly had all she joy she claimed Victor never gave her, in Chow. In fact, she always had a snide and snippy remark at the ready to razor him with should she happen to cross his path. Maybe it's just me, but it's going to take a little time for this fan to believe that she gives a hopping hoot for Victor. But since I'm a sucker for a charismatic coupling, even if it has to be this one, I plan to give her a fair chance to use every theatrical weapon in her considerable arsenal to convince me she now does care.

Okay, now that I've gotten that long rant out of the way, back to Victor. Yes, the whole Victor goes to Mexico storyline is a bit threadbare in parts. For example, the part of the picture showing Walter's glowering face. Obviously the mob doesn't ever want too much light trained on its shadowy organization, and killing the wife of Victor Newman, any of them, was bound to make that happen. So Walter may have been on a limb by his lonesome when he ordered the Chow hit. And now the mob simply wants to close Walter's yap permanently before it starts flapping about all their secrets to save himself. But, there should have been no way Walter wouldn't have recognized Victor. He wouldn't have talked to the brim of Victor's hat forever. Of course, it's going to be a while before we know what actually happened on that boat and whether Victor managed to revenge Sabrina's death personally or had it revenged for him by the mob. I'm sitting back with my feet up for this one, because it should have something for everyone. Despite whatever evidence is coughed up by the sea, we know Victor's not dead. But judging from the way people are already choosing sides and stabbing their brother or sister in the back, there will likely be a whole lot of damage done before Victor returns from the dead.

By the way, who needs the FBI when you've got Paul Williams? What are they doing? Why are Laurelette and Hardy gallivanting around Mexico looking for Victor? Did they even tell the FBI what was going on? I don't know about anyone, but I had quite an enjoyable chuckle watching Nikki and Paul running around pushing Victor's picture beneath every bar patron's nose. I kept picturing the FBI sitting around at the ranch chasing down futile leads while Paul and his band of deputy PI's followed the real trail.

Who will wind up in power at Newman? Victoria struck first, but I expect Adam will strike back and perhaps even the score. Because as long as Victor remains dead, Nick and Victoria should be on the outside looking in. And Neil and Nikki will likely be right next to them glaring angrily through the window. I expect Michael will wish to re-write history and undo that damming will, but if he is successful, I doubt that will happen right away. Now I'm not saying Adam is right in what he's done, especially the rumor I heard just today having to do with bringing Brad aboard. Uh-oh Adam. If that's what he does, I guess I'll be forced to add his name to the list of those who don't know Victor. I would imagine the only thing that would enrage Daddy more would be to come back and find Jack in charge. So I hope Adam wrings every bit of joy and satisfaction from what he does. Because he's definitely going to be in the doghouse when Daddy comes back.

At RSM, the sniping, stabbing and bickering continued. By the time the mag hits the six month issue, there will likely be no one left in Genoa City whose dirty laundry hasn't been hung on the line for all readers to snicker at. Jack drags out Jill's laundry basket while Phyllis has emptied his and Sharon's on the floor. Jack knows an awful lot about Phyllis. If he starts hanging up her sheets, they'll likely set a new record for sales.

At Jabot, I say bring it on. I'm gleefully anticipating this one even with Jeff and Gloria running as part of the pack. I know Jill's supposed to be quite the businesswoman, but it's been a long time since she has made me believe that. When she told Kay she was keeping Cane as CEO because he had good instincts, I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the bed. Cane? Good Instincts? Right. I'm supposed to believe Cane could successfully CEO a company like Jabot when he can't even figure out a simple DNA letter. Poor John Abbott. First Nikki and Chow, then Jill and now Cane. All taking their turn at destroying his company. Surely he's twirling like a top in his grave. Yes, it's time for Billy and Jack to come back and kick out all the interlopers. It's not as if Chancellor's doesn't have plenty of toys of their own to play with.

Does anyone else wish they could wave a magic wand and make Colleen go poof? She just had to know why Lily was so hooked on Daniel for all those years, didn't she? What happened to we're both on the rebound and shouldn't be together? From that to love in the middle of the dang Ashram? I've said it before, but can't help repeating myself. And she had the nerve to call Amber trampy names? And she's a bobble head doll at that. Remember when Colleen was so smart she was tutoring her few years older boyfriend? Yet when Danny tried to talk to her about New York, all she could do was giggle and babble nonsensically about shopping and food? Daniel was looking at her like she or he was insane. Even Noah after a few moments observation, wisely told Daniel: dump Colleen, keep Amber. By the way, speaking of Noah, remember when he and Abby were close enough in age that they were constantly getting hustled off to the kitchen for ice cream back when Sharon was hooked on Brad? How time flies. I don't know whether Liam's a real hot body, or a real man only in Amber's head, but I'd sure like to know. While I'm sure Daniel and Amber will eventually reconnect, Daniel's having way too much fun thinking no one else wants Amber. I'd like to see if he'd still be able to keep that mocking grin on his mouth after a good hard bite from the green eyed monster.

Well, I can't wait for the new arrival, Billy. It would be rather nice to see him bond and join his big brother in the battle for Jabot. Of course, Jill being his mother and Cane being his other brother, albeit a half one, should complicate matters considerably? Either way he jumps he's going to wind up fighting family. But please just don't tell me he'll wind up in a tug of war with Cane with both loving Chloe and no one loving Lily. That would so bring a pout to my mouth.

I know there's always more that could have been said, but I'm going to stop here just the same. Enjoy some of what your fellow fans had to offer.

* * * * * * *

Barbara - What in the world is going on with the writers of Y&R? I have been a devoted watcher since the days of the Fosters and Brooks. It is so hard to sit back and watch these ridiculous storylines. I'm finding myself fast forwarding through half the show. What happened to the good writers? Why didn't we get to see Victor torturing Walter to his death like Victor Newman would have. Come on where's the excitement? Who wants to see Nikki talking drunk on the phone and staggering around Mexico? My opinion is the writers are bringing in actors and storylines that are not needed and so unreal they are stupid like Chloe's paternity test being can't rule you out and now Cane is marring her. Is Cane that stupid that he could be tricked 2 times since he came onto the show? Devon's sister Ana, Billy Abbott coming back, Victor's secret reverse vasectomy, Phyllis and Nick's daughter talking all ready, Noah leaving for camp a kid and coming back a teenager, how ridiculous do you think the viewers don't remember how old these kids should be or storylines from the past? I hate to say this but if things don't start getting good I'm going to stop watching the show altogether.

Pamela - The more I read about Chloe and her being pregnant, I think I understand making Cane a part of a matching group. Yes, he's not the father of Chloe's baby. We all know that. But it does tell me she did it with someone related to Cane. Won't people be surprised to find out how that is? I think there are going to be a lot of surprises for everyone when the truth is known. Chloe told Amber she knew all the trust fund kids. So she knows about Billy Abbott. But that doesn't mean Billy knows who Chloe really is. Chloe is about to get busted when Billy hits town.

Angela - I can't stand the storyline of Chloe and Cane. Please end this sooner than later. Lily and Cane needs to be together and Chloe needs to wreak havoc in a man that does not have a significant other on the show, i.e., Brad. Don't get Daniel and Colleen together either. She would be with her best friend ex. That is just wrong in every since of the word.

angelfiremp - I also have a problem with the writers of this Chloe scenario. In a more practical vein, when we hear how the morals of the young are going down the drain, how can you show viewers of all ages (and in this instance I am thinking of younger viewers) that doing the right things don't pay off. Lily has done most things the right way, albeit getting married too young, but she now loses two loves. I have been a faithful fan of Y&R and I hate to see how much the minority stars get shafted. Come on, writers, can't we just find some other way to make the show exciting and give the two lovers who showed some chemistry a fair chance. I liked watching Lily and Cane together. They were mushy sometimes, but they also displayed a certain amount of chemistry. I don't like seeing people hurting, even on a soap, when it is not necessary. I think the writers should do better. They have enough characters who are due for some comeuppance.

Heather - Adam is acting like a complete donkey's *ss since Victor disappeared. He's been snarky and acting superior to Nick and Victoria (as well as everyone at NE), playing Lord of the Manor. He has no right to take over the company; Neil is the second in command, as dictated by Victor. Also, he's known Victor for about 5 minutes and he thinks he knows him better than the rest of the town and Victor's family? What a wad this guy is!

Tracey - One would think Victoria would have learned her lesson about alienating someone Victor loved from the Sabrina disaster. The way she is treating Adam (although he can be annoying too) is absolutely awful. I am glad I don't have a sister like that. I can only hope she gets what is coming to her when Victor comes back, although I am sure she will not. Also, I thought that Amber was the most obnoxious character on this soap, but Chloe takes the cake.

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