Ups, downs, and all arounds

by Nita
For the Week of September 1, 2008
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One minute, the storyline future of The Young and the Restless looks bright and shiny and filled with promise. The next, darkness descends, chaos commences and insanity ensues.

One minute Y&R's storyline future looks bright and shiny and filled with promise. The next, darkness descends, chaos commences and insanity ensues. As you can see from the majority of fan feedback, the Chloe and Cane soundtrack has struck a chord in the hearts and minds of many faithful fans. Unfortunately, the notes coming from the CD are stridently sour and obviously off key. Poor, poor Chloe, Mommy threw her giraffe away. Did your heart just bleed buckets for her? Well, color me uncaring, but mine definitely did not.

Like others in GC who had a silver spoon forced into their mouths at too early an age, Chloe implies she would have preferred Mommy's love over the Chancellor cash which presumably kept her captive in the very best of boarding schools. Darn that good life. It made her a lying manipulative mini monster looking for love in only the places populated by the prosperous. Here is my problem with poor, neglected Chloe. She keeps claiming she wants her baby to grow up sheltered in the loving arms of both its parents. But, if that were true, she'd be hanging the baby around the neck of its real father. I could probably cut her a little slack if I bought that she really, truly cared about Cane. But at the time she set her cap for Cane, she hardly knew him, in fact, doesn't know him still, so she couldn't possibly have done all of this out of love. And it has nothing to do with the baby bun in her oven, because she was setting Cane up for the slaughter long before the unprotected sex act that put her in the expectant parent way. I guess I've grown a little weary of the neglected childhood defense as the oft-touted excuse to explain growing up to be a horrid, hateful person who destroys anyone in the way of what they have selfishly decided they deserve to have, no matter the cost to some usually innocent party.

As for Cane, there's no sympathy stuck to the bottom of my satchel for his gullible behind either. I was shipped off to live with my uncle, he complained, and grew up with nothing but lies. Well, guess what Cane? Unless the truth somehow slaps you sensible, the legacy of lies will continue with the son or daughter that isn't yours. I'm beginning to wonder if Cane is capable of an original thought. The DNA letter says can't be excluded, and he apparently reads that as definitely is. Lily says marry Chloe (a statement which, by the way, earned her exactly the amount of sympathy allotted to Cane) and he trots off to do exactly that, breaking all previous GC records for mad dashes to the justice of the peace. Jill says here's the guest list and the day we'll celebrate and Cane simply nods his silly head in agreement. Is he a man or a puppet with strings for anyone to pick up and jerk him around?

The only bright spot in this reeking mess of rottenness is the hopeful thought of Chloe's comeuppance. Now, I'm not quite gullible enough to believe Cane and company learning Chloe is Esther's lying daughter, who has known from the beginning all the players on the Chancellor game board, will be enough to make Cane turn his back on her. Even though it will prove yet again she's a liar and a sneak, there is still a baby to be born, and as long as Cane thinks it's his, it isn't likely he'll be leaving her side. So, until the true father surfaces and hopefully stakes his claim, I guess I'll have to get my joyful jollies from the dismay on Jill's face. Somehow, I doubt she'll be so willing to welcome Chloe to the family now that she knows from which maid she came. And even more delicious, if the baby is Billy's, Jill will be stuck with Chloe and Esther either way.

Of course, the way comeuppance things have been written lately, you know, with some Genoa Citians never ending up with the short, dirty end of the stick, while others never wind up with anything but, I'm not counting the eggs from the comeuppance chickens until I can hold them in my hot little hands. Because for all I know, Chloe will lose the baby before the truth comes out and Cane and Lily will never know the drunken deed was nothing more than an elaborately arranged undressed rehearsal.

Okay, I tried and tried to remain in Adam's corner, but finally, his inexplicable actions forced me to tuck my tail behind me and try to slink unnoticed from the Newman boardroom. If ever a situation called for me to face the screen and scream: What are you thinking!? This was it. But before I threw up my hands in despair and confusion, I tried rationalization first. Neil already proved where his loyalty lay, at the feet of Victoria and Nick. Which made sense, first because he knew them longest and best and also because though Victor supposedly put him in charge, Adam made it clear he was ignoring that directive. So I didn't really blame Neil for siding with the original Newmans against the newest upstart Newman. And, by that same token, I didn't really blame Adam for firing Neil, although I thought it was a 'bite off your nose to spite your face' kind of decision. Clearly, Adam knew he was never going to be able to trust Neil to work with him instead of leading the opposition against him. But, on the other hand, it's likely Adam really has bitten off much more than he is going to be able to safely chew and swallow, even with his Harvard degree. For much of the same reason, I could even understand his supreme enjoyment while booting Victoria's smug behind to the curb. Turnabout is fair play and Victoria thoroughly enjoyed kicking him off the Newman range.

But, eventually, after bonehead decision followed bonehead decision, I had to reluctantly release my rationalization and face reality. I understand Adam thought Victor had gone on to the great beyond, although I thought moving on after two minutes of mourning was a bit quick. But, hiring Brad? There isn't enough rationalization in the world to choke that one down. Sure, he didn't know Brad stole Newman company secrets and would have used them for Jabot had Nikki agreed. Because Victoria decided she would give him a free pass without the knowledge of both Daddy and brother dear. Now, of course, she wants to point a finger at that transgression. How typically hypocritical of her. And had he known Brad's determination to destroy David played more than a bit part in the melodrama that eventually led to Skye's death, I'd like to think he wouldn't have been so eager to invite the coyote to live in the hen house, but who knows. Adam claims an ability to keep business from personal, so perhaps, even forewarned and forearmed, he still might have offered Brad the key to the executive suite. But when it comes to Brad, he obviously isn't nearly as smart as he believes that Harvard degree makes him, because had he done even a little bit of his homework on Brad, he would have known that to give him an inch was to guarantee Brad would be helping himself to so much more.

Unfortunately, now that we know Victor is alive and literally none the worse for wear, Adam's current sweet triumph from the contents of the Will will undoubtedly be short-lived and is going to sour on his stomach. For what Victor will surely consider betrayal of the worst kind, both at the office and in inviting Heather to live as Lady of the Newman Land, Adam is surely going to be solidly swatted down and booted aside. I'm already preparing the bandages to bind Adam's near mortal injuries from the severe lashing he's likely to receive from Victor's raging tongue and all the little painful paper cuts Victoria will likely gloatingly inflict as well. When the time comes, I'm sure I will feel some of Adam's pain, but I can't honestly say he doesn't deserve at least some of what he's got coming.

Oh, Nikki, get up off your damp, sand-covered knees. You're making quite the spectacle of yourself. Now, while I understood every slurred word she said, try though I did, I confess I remained mostly unmoved. After so many months of her hate-filled spewing, I was unable to flip the switch and suddenly buy into this great and incomparable love she has for Victor. And then there was that one night fall from the wagon. Who knew one could clamber back aboard so easily, with nary a craving to torment you? She didn't even have a headache or a hangover. But that's beside the point, maybe there's still a stiff drink or three in her future should Victor not immediately return her adoration.

Speaking of Victor, did he even get on the boat that crumbled to bits beneath that pounding, stormy sea? How else to explain how he wound up without so much as a wrinkle or a salt water stain on his immaculate jeans and black T. Even his shoes appeared they'd never even been touched by a raindrop. And that black ball cap was still wedged firmly on his graying head. I couldn't help it. I laughed my head off when he magically appeared in answer to Nikki's despairing Viiictooor summons. Once Nikki returns to her cell phone and spreads the good news to her family, I guess there will be plenty of champagne corks popping in Genoa City.

Now that he's been found by all those he'd originally run from, I don't imagine Victor will cool his tennis shoed heels much longer in Mexico. Since Daddy wasn't dead, does that make any action initiated by Adam null and void? Is Newman stuck with Brad or can his contract simply be stamped invalid and thrust in his hands as he's escorted off the premises? If so, I guess Jill will be the one laughing last and longest at Brad's expense. Oh well, if that happens, with Adam also presumably heading for the unemployment line, perhaps two of them can start their own business together.

Thinking of monkey business can't help but bring Restless Style to my mind. Another issue filled with truths, both half and whole, and reputation-smearing innuendos hits the stands. As repayment for his Sabrina article, Nick reveals Jack's flaws, while behind his back, a jealous, obviously insecure Phyllis slashes a few furrows in Sharon's back for her hair chewing support of him. Maybe I'm remembering things wrong, but I didn't think Sharon exactly condoned Jack's article? I thought she found out what he'd done after the fact. At any rate, doesn't Phyllis support Nick? What's the diff between Sharon supporting Jack after he re-wrote the article and Phyllis supporting Nick before, during and after?

The initial uproar over who's my momma has subsided now and after a going away bash, Devon's little sister is heading to New Hampshire, her pseudo-mother trailing behind. It's terrible to admit, but I can't say I'll miss either of them or that out of nowhere storyline. But now that they're gone, what's next for Neil and Karen. I couldn't help but notice has vehemently Karen jumped to Neil's defense even losing her own job in the process, though he's shown he's not nearly so supportive of her. Will he now pine for Tyra (who it's said is reportedly going to return someway, somehow) and continue to rebuff Karen?

And what's to be done with Lily? If this Chloe insanity continues to the nine month mark, by the time it's done, Cane is likely to be madly in love with his lying bride, leaving Lily once again to mourn a lost love. Or will she, in the meantime, find a new love to fall for, like, say, Billy?

A thing that made me go hmmmmm. Fresh from their honeymoon, Jana was her usual unpredictable persona, this time determined to rid their lives of dark forces, evil spirits, bad karma and the like. One of the best parts of the week was the gleeful, satisfied look on Kevin's face as the flickering flames devoured the Ouija board. Apparently, Kevin's fascination with things hot and fiery aren't completely out of his system.

Rumor has it Michael's long missing father has signed a contract, so obviously, though he's reportedly scurried from the Ashram, we haven't seen the last of him. After all, there's still that clearing of his name to be done, along with some father son bonding, and perhaps a little disruption in the marriage of Jeff and Gloria. After the little I saw of River, I can't say I'm exactly on pins and needles on the edge of my sofa seat in bated breath anticipation, but who knows?

Well, that's all I have to say on the goings on of this week. Here's what you all had to say.

* * * * * * *

Cheryl - The writing has been getting worse for a very long time. They are all over the map with their random storylines. They don't develop characters anymore. I am tired of hearing cell phones snap shut, and seeing people pointing forks at each other while they talk with their mouths full. Do the writers think this is cool? The entire scenario that Cane would leave the woman he dearly loves and marry Chloe is preposterous; and Lily supporting him in this ridiculous situation is even worse. They should know Chloe is capable of anything to trap Cane. You don't marry someone you loathe and leave the love of your life behind, for any reason. Sabrina leaving was a travesty. Noah grows 5+ years older over the summer. My fast fwd buttons are worn. I watch because I think the writers might wake up and realize what a terrible job they are doing, and think about what they are writing, instead of throwing random ideas onto the page and calling it good.

Brenda - I really am disappointed about the storyline you are going with Cane. I have been watching Y&R for over 30 yrs. What has happened to good writing? The storyline should be Cane and Lily make it work. How could Y&R make Lily look so dumb to tell Cane he has to marry Chloe. Why not wait and prove he is or isn't the father? Please make stupid Chloe go away. Please make the viewers somewhat happy. I record the show and believe me I fast forward most of the time Chloe comes on the scene.

Henry - Y&R has gone mad crazy! I have watched for many years and am a dedicated fan but it's getting stupid. Brad needs to be off the show. He thinks he can get through life with just a smile. Adam is just a pain. Do not put Daniel with Colleen. He and Amber were great together. I'm like others - about to ditch the show. I have a huge family and we are all disgusted in the way this has turned into more stupidity then a soap opera. Yes, there is supposed to be drama but the show is going about it in a dumb way like with Cane and Chloe. He and Lily are today's best couples and they show so much love. Y&R get your heads together or you're going to lose your ratings and more viewers!

JM - Just when I thought Y&R had turned a corner and improved, we are suddenly thrust into bad storyline land yet again. The whole Cane has to marry Chloe thing is ridiculous and why wouldn't he demand a second DNA test? Nikki babbling on the phone was one of the longest, most boring scenes I've ever witnessed on this show and Noah returning from summer camp as a teen just insults viewers' intelligence. I hope the writers get a clue soon!

Monica - I'm glad someone agrees Cane should not be married to that barracuda named Chloe. I hope he has enough sense to ask for a real DNA test after the baby is born. Adam needs to be put in his place. I don't like his self righteous behind. As for the show, after Cane married Chloe, my mother and I decided to stop watching the show. Another dissatisfied viewer, but CBS doesn't care. How do they stay number one with these types of storylines?

Barbara - I have been a devoted watcher since the days of the Fosters and Brooks. It is so hard to watch these ridiculous storylines. What happened to the good writers? Why didn't we see Victor torturing Walter to his death like Victor Newman would have? Where's the excitement? Who wants to see Nikki talking drunk on the phone and staggering around Mexico? The writers are bringing in actors and storylines that are not needed and so unreal they are stupid, like Chloe's paternity test being 'can't rule you out' and now Cane is marrying her. If things don't improve I'm going to stop watching the show altogether.

Kamal - I think I may need to take a break from Y&R because it is bad for my health. Last week really did shoot my pressure up through the roof several times. Victoria actually caused me to smack the wall on two occasions. I just don't get it. What is up with Y&R? Victoria has learned nothing from Sabrina's death and her treatment of her "best friend" prior to her death. Nick is becoming almost as big of a hypocrite as his wife by coming down on Adam about enjoying time with Heather when he himself found the time to do the sofa-mambo with his wife the day before. Speaking of.Phyllis, of all people to act all judgmental and self-righteous when it comes to Jack and Sharon so much so that she puts Jack and Sharon's business in RS and gloats about it. Nikki is drunk dialing Katherine so I can watch a 20 minute scene of her boo-hooing the loss of the love of her life at whom she spent months spitting venomous vile. Colleen can't seem to connect with anyone as evidenced by this lack-luster pairing with Daniel. Chloe, while annoyingly funny, is just too nuts for anyone to give a hoot what she does. Cane and Lily are stuck on stupid over this DNA/break-up/marry the woman you despise and create a healthy environment for your soon-to-be child debacle. I just don't know who I should be rooting for anymore. I feel like a ping-pong ball. I go back and forth from enjoying to not enjoying a character so often - sometimes with the course of one episode - that I don't know what to do. I'm holding out hope that perhaps Billy's return and Victor's inevitable return will keep me interested.

Maryann - The character of Colleen would not be hitting on her best friend's ex. Why are they making her out to be easy? Also, the idea that Chloe is Esther's daughter is really stupid. I'm not sure who dreamt up that thought.

Heather - Does anyone else want to slap that smirk right off Colleen's face? This actress is a fine person, I'm sure, but I can't stand her in this role.

Colleen - Karen's assessment of Adam was spot on. There are a few words I'd like to call him but they wouldn't be printable! And, while Adam's treatment of Neil was rather bad, Neil's treatment of Cane was deplorable. Thus, the saying; what goes around, comes around. As for Ana, she should be grateful her Auntie cared enough to take her and raise her as her own. Did she want to stay with her drug addicted mother and end up on the streets? When it comes to respect, the children on soaps need to learn a hard lesson.

Nina - I am thinking Amber's Liam could actually be Billy Abbott! The name Billy is short for William and Liam is also short for William, so they may be one and the same. That'll be interesting!

Eve - Now that was a fast Victor's dead storyline. I always assumed if something was going to change GC forever, it should take at least a month of being gone. Silly me. I forgot how old Victor is. He doesn't have that kind of time to waste any more. And what is all this with Nikki sobbing her heart out in the sand, like she's doing a remake of Beau Geste? I thought she'd had it with the manipulative moustache! Seriously, all this has done is confirm Nikki really can't survive without a man in her life, and as soon as one goes missing, another has to come on board, even if it means some heavy duty recycling. Meanwhile Chloe is Esther's daughter? Okay. As long as someone finally catches on that we're in the 21st century, and bags the we've got to get married because I'm pregnant storyline, I can get into it. Especially if the baby is really Billy Abbott's, which means no matter how much Jill squirms, her grandson is going to have Esther as the other granny. That will be fun.

Kevin - I can't believe that in a few short weeks, Y&R has become horrible. The writing is childish and the scenes are boring and choppy. I have fast forwarded so much it takes only about 20 minutes to watch an entire episode. I guess the new writer is interested in making the show more camp than serious. How sad.

Wanda - Does anyone think Billy will show up at the wedding reception?

Betty - Boy did you slip one in on us about Chloe. Usually I can see a plot coming a month ahead of time. But having Chloe being Kate is so great I'll forgive your fooling me. That's just great!

Carolyn - Nick, Victoria and Nikki. These 3 had no problem trying to oust Victor from the very company he built, with Victoria leading the betrayal. Yet now we're supposed to believe Victoria is so concerned with the future of NE and that Nick, Victoria and Nikki love Victor so? GMAB! I really detest Victoria and Nick, and no amount of turning Adam into a money-hungry, all-about-business cad will change that for this Y&R fan. Why would TPTB have Adam hire snake-in-the-grass Brad a/k/a George when he knows how Brad used Skye to con David Chow? How silly is that? I'm sick to death of the Chloe/Cane SL. Cane is as dumb as a box of rocks! Chloe is too skanky for words and I feel for that baby she's carrying! It's a good thing Neil has his jazz club. He really should be tired of being reminded that he's not a Newman every time a Newman child decides to take over NE! RSM isn't so restless or stylish anymore, is it? What's the difference between RSM and The National Enquirer? We should have known that with these 4 involved, the word style wouldn't last long when describing their magazine or themselves for that matter! I'm so glad Phick and Shack are at odds. They can't blame the demise of RSM on Victor! Serves Nick right for going into business with a man that loathes his father, just out of spite. I wonder what will happen now that Nick has been willed the building that houses RSM! Lastly, what's up with Michael acting as if Adam isn't Victor's son and shouldn't be entitled to a piece of the Newman pie? We all know J.T. is just following his spouse's lead, can't very well bite the hand that feeds you. Michael needs to worry about his own messed up life and stop taking the sides of two backstabbing, vindictive, lying rugrats! Victor has more children than Nick and Victoria. Michael needs to get over it already!

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