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by Nita
For the Week of October 13, 2008
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Adam's beginning to look a lot like that kid everybody picked on in school, the one some bully thought would be the perfect boy to sidle up to and slap on the back, his hand depositing a sign saying 'Kick me.'

Adam's beginning to look a lot like that kid everybody picked on in school, the one some bully thought would be the perfect boy to sidle up to and slap on the back, his hand depositing a sign saying Kick Me. When I first learned that at long last Victor's other son was coming to town, I was elated. There seemed to be so much storyline potential for the youngest Newman son. And while I envisioned a rocky start, I hoped eventually the Newman siblings would find a common bond. Boy, was I ever way off the mark! Perhaps my mistake was in assuming the Adam character would be a permanent addition to the City. Well, as permanent as any new casting can be, that is. And though I have read or heard nothing saying Adam is temporary, the way things are going, I'm beginning to wonder.

So far, most of what I hoped for Adam has not materialized, and although I'm still hoping things will change, making him Jack's pawn does not bode well for his prospects of ever becoming a finally accepted Newman. What Adam has effortlessly managed to do, however, is bring out the rabid hatefulness of this close-knit, near incestuous clan as they kick him and kick him and kick him again. Not so much Nick, but certainly the rest of his family. Victor has been particularly unpleasant to the son he was so quick to disown after practically dropping to his knees begging the boy to become a part of his life. I can understand Victor was angered at what appeared to be Adam's less than doleful demeanor upon learning of his alleged expiration. Besides, Victor is indiscriminately detestable to everyone, foes, friends and family alike, if the feeling so suits him, so his turning on Adam wasn't that much of a surprise. Even stripping Adam of the Newman name, if only symbolically, was still within the realm of Victor-type vindictiveness. But fixing it so Adam can't even earn a decent living was a bit much, even for Victor. I still say, if other ghosts can look down (or up) and come a haunting their former family members still tethered to Earth, why can't Hope come floating by? Because Victor is definitely due a good, stern talking to for his un-fatherly-like behavior.

I know what some of you are probably saying. Adam deserves everything he's getting for what he did, but I don't happen to agree. So he fired mealy-mouthed Neil, vinegar Vick and brought Brad's bogus behind aboard. It's not as if Adam was the first Newman to do those very things. Because not only did Vicky move Brad and his baggage into Newman, she, too, slapped Neil aside in order to better prop up her dearly beloved. And for that Victor gave her a nice pat on the head and Brad a bushel of Newman stock. And yes, Adam was too quick to move Heather to the ranch, a woman Victor hated like the plague. But Victor was supposed to be dead; it wasn't as if he was going to have to glare at Heather from across the dinner table. Victoria married a man he hated and a married Nick brought home a pregnant mistress. How did Victor handle that? Well, by welcoming them to the family. Not to mention the whole go to Jail, do not pass go, do not dole out any more Newman bribery dollars trick Nick pulled. Yet he not only still got to keep wearing the Newman nametag on his puffed up chest, Victor practically prostrated himself daily until he'd groveled his way back into Nick's grudging good graces.

But, whether or not I think Victor over-reacted, especially since he never heard the entire tale of why Adam acted the way he did, he at least had a reason for his rage. Not so, Victoria and Nikki, whose names remain on my least liked list. Maybe I'm the only fan who thinks so, but these two have to be the most hateful hens ever to slither through the Genoa City dirt. Watching them this week was dangerous to my health, because I swear I could almost see the blood boiling in the veins beneath my overheated skin as my pressure shot to unprecedented levels and my eyes became red with unbridled rage. And had there been a way to thrust my talons through the TV, I would have happily throttled these sanctimonious strumpets into total unconsciousness and then banged their empty heads together for good measure. Phew, yes I went out that far. Thanks for letting me get that rabid rant out of my system. Seriously, though, I don't know why I get so upset. Because even though Victoria often proudly trumpets the fact that she's her father's ruthless little seedling, in my book, she's much more like Mommy than Dad. I still remember how coldly and jealously she treated Abby when she learned she was a product of Victor Newman's gene pool rather than Brad Carlton's. As did Nikki, who was constantly snuffling in distaste through her snooty turned up snout every time Abby's name came up in conversation. So, the fact that they would so wholeheartedly reject any Newman generated from non-Nikki genes should not find me flat on the floor with shock. For Victoria, though, it wasn't enough that she and Neil completely humiliated Adam when he came, hat in hand, a-begging for a Newman job. Although I must interrupt myself here to shout, what the hay was he thinking anyway? Every time he takes Heather's advice to seek out one of those Newmans for assistance, or to beg their royal forgiveness, whatever the case may be, they gleefully kick him in the teeth and laugh uproariously at him while doing so. But private humiliation wasn't enough for that self-righteous wench. No, she had to follow him into the much more public hallway to warn she'd have him thrown out by the neck if he dared darken their doors again. For Adam, obviously he hadn't felt he'd been kicked hard enough. How else to explain why he would waste both his breath and his time by turning to the Queen of the B's, Nikki Newman, on the off chance she might be secreting a little mercy in her coal-black soul. Then she had the gall to throw Hope's pristine character in his face. Your mother was a fine woman, she had the brass ones to taunt. Like she hadn't always hated the woman with a passion. You should be glad she isn't here to see what a disgrace her son has become, she went on to slash and wound. On the contrary, I bet if Hope was here, she'd have plenty to say, all right, but I bet most of her scornful words would be directed not at her son, but at his fickle father and the bimbo who bore his other brats. Nikki's been at her nasty best lately, and her behavior has not been a good sight for these disillusioned eyes.

Now, to Adam. As I mentioned above, I hope there is more in store for him, but for a change, something more positive then negative. As things stand right now, though, judging from the bright green glowing from behind his youthful ears, Adam's clearly not using much of the brain that kept him at the top of the Dean's List at Harvard. Maybe it's because he's so distraught over what has happened to his once promising future, but I can't believe Jack is so easily leading him around by the nose. Adam might talk a good, strong game, but his Hope characteristics are clearly showing and Jack is tricking him as easily as he could snatch a sucker from Summer. When the stinky stuff smashes into the fan blades (and you know it eventually will because it's an ill-thought out Jack Abbott plan, and they always do), the butt on the hot seat will be Adam's, not Jack's. And give Victor and company yet another reason to howl with hilarity while piling on another layer of hatred. Of course, I totally understand Adam's reason for wanting revenge. Unfortunately, given Jack's involvement, not to mention the sheer stupidity of the so-called forging plot, Adam's laughter is likely to die a quick death long before he reaches the bank. But, what else is a black-balled former executive to do?

And speaking of Jack, whose black soul is the identical shade of the Newman knight he calls by that hue, am I the only fan with crossed fingers and toes hoping he receives in spades all that he's unashamedly dished out to others? In his older age, he's become quite the unlikable one, seemingly having lost every spark of humanity he once retained. All the while spewing accusatory words when someone else delivers what he considers an unethical low blow, he's a flim flam man of smoke and mirrors, with not a single ethic to his totally tarnished name. Not only will he unhesitantly strike below the belt, he doesn't think twice about lying through those perfect teeth, whether the tall tale he's spinning is to his wife, his siblings, his ex-stepmommy, his cohorts in crime, or anyone else who crosses his path and can be used in his plot to overthrow, well, everyone. I live for the day Sharon and Noah walk out the Abbott front door without a look back, leaving him to contemplate his reeking dish of unfulfilled revenge in his empty mansion alone.

Is this just a red herring or are we sauntering slowly toward a Sharon and Nick reunion? Fans of the fiery Phyllis would vehemently veto this possibility, while long-time Sharon fans are likely hopping with hope. I'm straddling the fence on this one. On the one hand, I have never been a fan of Phyllis and Nick. He's mostly Mr. Nice Guy who actually cares about people while Phyllis is often fake and annoyingly abrasive. Other than Michael and Lauren, there's not many in GC she likes, with Sharon, Amber, Brad, the late Dru, sometimes Jack, and often Nikki numbered on her dislike list. Plus, for a woman who has everything she supposedly ever wanted, she's still not content, and finds it necessary to constantly malign the woman whose marriage she helped murder. Given the fact that she won, her jealousy and constant bad-mouthing of Sharon is tiresome and unpleasant to watch. When Nick asked her if she ever thought of Noah before publicly painting his mother as a brainless, hair twisting twit, she honestly admitted she had not. Of course she didn't. Phyllis cares for Phyllis. Always has, likely always will. Now, before you Phyllis fans start tapping at your keys to rake me over the coals, I'm not saying Sharon is a saint. Never has been, likely won't ever be called by that name. I won't bother to tally a list of what one's done compared to the other. Because we all know the moral, ethical or illegal transgressions that would show under each woman's name. On the other hand, I liked her with Jack. With no one in his life she had to be jealous of (Diane didn't count, because Phyllis knew he didn't want her, just the son he now never mentions), Jack managed to bring out a softness in Phyllis and a lowering of her guard that was refreshingly endearing, and she, in turn, somehow made him less scheming and despicable and a whole lot more human and likable. By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed Jack's diva act with Phyllis over the Editor's article she wrote about him and Sharon. As he always has, Jack sees Phyllis with eyes completely free of blinders and in my opinion hit the nail right on its round, rusty head, multiple times, in fact, when he told her she's been faking and fronting and he was waiting for the day her rosy little Nick world came tumbling down when the blinders dropped from Nick's baby browns, or blues, or whatever color they are. I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go find a picture that shows their true color. Me, I'm waiting for that day right alongside Jack. Of course, that's not to say either of us will ever realize our fondest dream.

Now, the reason I'm straddling the fence is because I used to enjoy Sharon and Nick, except for those times when she'd mount her very high horse and subject him to a regimen of self-righteously inflicted punishment for whatever transgression she thought he'd committed. And I remember feeling very sorry for Nick the time he was working hard at his marriage and all the while Sharon was carrying that torch for Diego for their one time romp in the stable. After all the mucky water under the bridge, I don't know if they can ever be again (although I'd be willing to watch them try). But on the other hand, I'm disgusted with Jack right now so I wouldn't mind seeing him wallowing in self-pity woman-less for awhile. The only problem is, if Sharon is not put back with Nick, who then could she turn to that wouldn't cause a been there, no, not again sense of déjà vu. Brad? I found that pairing completely without heat. I wouldn't have minded a link up with the Professor, but alas, those with the pens kicked his promising rear curbside long ago. Everyone else not related is too young, too old or already has more than one woman to pick from.

So, Ana and Tyra are on the lam again, huh? Guess we know where they'll soon be turning up. The question is, why?? Why here and why us? We haven't seen the Indigo since those two left and haven't had to listen to a single song. Yes, that was mean, but I'd be lying through my teeth like Jack if I pretended I've missed them. Besides, there's already an abundance of souls here with not enough to do and no one to do it with. And if they're bringing Tyra back so Neil can go all indecisive again, I say boooo! I don't know where he and Karen might be going, if they're going anywhere at all, but I definitely don't want to see him with Tyra. We've already got Olivia coming back and she's probably going to be setting her sights on someone. Hopefully it will be Brad and not Neil, but who knows?

So, I see Chloe's stalker tendencies aren't just limited to all things Cane. So that's what they taught her in those expensive boarding schools. How to stalk and marry money. Any money. The more I learn about this lying little leprechaun the more I detest her. Since she obviously knew who Billy was, it stands to reason she also knew his relationship to Cane and that Jill was his Mommy. Did she intentionally get pregnant or was that all accidental? And did she single out Cane to get back at Billy or was Cane just the closest boy without a brain she could find on such short notice?

And so it continues, whatever it is, with River, Eden and Michael. Just as we suspected, legal eagle Michael, with Gloria's help, has already found a way to lift the heavy weight of a life behind bars from Rivers frail shoulders. Unfortunately, their discovery was just a little too late, as River has already figured out a way to fly the Genoa City coop. The pill in the sock almost made me sick from laughing so hard. But then again, we're talking about Genoa City jails where inmates get face to face, across the table visits and oblivious guards where things like pills to make you fall on the floor, empty your belly and be rushed to the hospital are easily smuggled to the captives. I'm with Jeffrey on this one. I too wish the aging hippie would disappear from town. Because I fear that if he stays we are going to be subjected to flashbacks and history fill-ins portraying this wonderful all-compassing love between a young Gloria and River that may make me long for a pill to knock me out. Much like those signs posted on mountainous highways, I can almost see them now. They might say something like: Watch Out for Further Whitewashing of Gloria. Her tainted cream debacle recedes further into the distance. In anticipation of this massive re-write, shall I just go ahead and order up her angel's wings and halo now?

Ahh, Billy, finally a man with a working brain. It's not taking him very long to get the measure of every man and woman in Genoa City, is it? After witnessing Cane and Lily's tender elevator embrace, he has to realize the performance put on by Cane and Chloe was simply that. And though he hasn't said so out loud, he probably knows somewhere inside himself the babe Chloe's carrying is probably his not his brother's. As for Agreeing Lovers and Jack's never silent partner, he seems to have figured that one out too. It will be interesting to see which Abbott brother winds up controlling Jabot. At this point, I'm rooting more for Billy than Jack.

Of course, the way things have gone for Gloria and her family, it may be neither Jack nor Billy who end up running things. Hoping Gloria would be too busy reliving her spotted past to have time for Jabot is just an empty pipe dream, I know, and with Kevin signing on to help or hinder, she may win as she usually does. Does Kay even stand a chance against these two? And what is behind these forgetful moments of hers. The onset of Alzheimers or another stroke? And how does these mental blank spots tie in to the rumor about the appearance of her long ago double, Marge? Will the two women be switching places again, this time with Kay's blessing? Or will Gloria meet Marge and hatch a diabolical plot to get those shares she's been badgering Kay about?

Poor Heather. Is she ever going to get it right? Before this one wraps, she's liable to wind up fired from the DA's office for the second time. Because like every other GC law and order minion before her, it appears she's barking down the wrong trail. Again. If Victor is guilty of anything, it will probably turn out to be that he tried and failed to save a fallen overboard Walter. Because I'm guessing the Victor of today is not the same Victor who once imprisoned his wife's lover behind a bricked up basement wall and I doubt he murdered anyone, however deserving they might have been.

Which brings me finally, to Nikki. And what I presume to be the beginning of the big romance starring her and Victor. How supportive and protective she's suddenly become of Victor. Like a lioness she's fighting off all predators, trying to protect her ex from possible prosecution. I guess that means she believes him to be a murder, just as she did when Heather though he murdered Jill's fiancé. Of course, Nikki's so on my nerve with her eternal nastiness, I really could care less what she does or for whom. And apparently, neither does Victor at the moment, who has done everything he can think of to keep his loved ones out of his life. I'm sure, though, that by the time this all plays out, Victor will eventually be grudgingly grateful for all that Nikki has done on his behalf.

Oh well, there's always a lot more that can be speculated about, such as Lily's prospects, Amber's unrequited affection for Daniel, Billy and Chloe, Cane and Chloe, and anyone else I left out this week, but this seems like as good a place as any to leap off my soap box and bid you adieu. Until next time, enjoy reading what your fellow fans thought about things.

One more thing before I go, just wanted you all to know I'm taking a little break so my opinionated words about Genoa City things will be missing from this page for the next two weeks. See you when I get back!

* * * * * * *

lmfan - I see Michael as a decent man with a good heart who breaks the rules to protect his family. Just like characters like Jack, Brad, Victor and others do. But unlike Jack, Brad and Victor, when Michael schemes it is not to get himself money and power. He bends the law for his family because of his guilt of abandoning them and unfortunately he has an extremely dysfunctional family. We have often heard Michael beating himself up for his past actions when he talks to Lauren which explains why he seems willing to sacrifice himself for his family. I think overall Michael gets along with most people and accepts them. He hates Jack but Jack hates him so I don't get bothered by the hypocrisy between the two of them. And finally, Michael and Lauren portray the most mature and realistic couple on this show. They are not off looking for the next thrill and are in it together, for better or worse, which is pretty refreshing in daytime.

Carolyn - I like the new Billy. He brings something to Billy Y&R needs as the other young males are so boring! I still can't stand Jack Abbott! I hope he loses everyone he claims to care about! I also wish he would get over his obsession with all things Victor Newman! Jack needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and quit blaming Victor for everything that has gone wrong in his miserable life! I'm bored with Amber, Daniel, Lily and Cane! Colleen has become quite the skank, hasn't she? Although Colleen needed to hear those words, who is Chloe to lecture anyone about friendship and stabbing someone in the back? Talk about hypocrisy to the nth degree! I so dislike Chloe, and can't wait until Billy bursts Chloe's bubble and the truth finally comes out about the baby she's carrying! Red (Phyllis) is grating on my last nerves with her petty jealousy routine! I guess that's what happens when you go after another woman's husband. You're always looking over your shoulder wondering when it will happen to you! Lastly, why can't the rest of the Newman clan see Victor is in mourning? Others can mourn, but not Victor? Nick mourned the loss of Cassie (if that's what you can call his affair with Red), Victoria mourned the loss of her and Brad a.k.a George's baby, yet neither seem to understand why Victor won't just snap out of his sadness and depression!

Cheryl - I wonder how many months it will take for the truth to come out that Billy is the father of Chloe's baby. She got what she wanted - a cash Abbott baby. So let's reunite Lily and Cane. I would like to see Cane have a backbone again. Colleen is not even the least endearing. Elitist Colleen is quick to criticize, especially Amber, and she only does it because she knows Amber is her competition. Amber has plenty of tricky and not-so-nice history, but Colleen is quickly creating a nasty little nest of her own. I would like to see Amber wise up for real and become a force to be reckoned with. Amber needs to stop letting Phyllis treat her like trash. Phyllis has quite the history - what she conveniently for gets when she continually humiliates Amber in front of everyone. Daniel should be dumped and actually have to work at a relationship. Sharon should stop rolling over and realize Jack will never stop lying to her. Eden and River need to go away. I would think Michael would want a home for his wife and son, not a half-way house for crime and misery. How many long lost GC relatives are we going to have to deal with on a weekly basis? Writers, please, trim the many loose ends and make the show worth watching again. You have great actors - give them back great storylines.

SickofChloe - I am so sick of Chloe and how she gets away with everything. How much suffering are they going to make Lily do? I don't know why the TPTB keep using the same storyline over and over and over again. Let the truth come out already.

JoAnne - Hate the Eden character. Love Billy! He has caught on to Gloria quick and I hope he is finally the solution to the whole tainted cream storyline so she finally gets hers! Glad to see Jana is onto Kevin and Gloria with Mrs. Chancellor as well. I so looked forward to Nick and Phyllis getting into it over Sharon but, alas, it was short-lived and ended up with them in bed which thoroughly grosses me out every time. Why can't Phyllis leave Sharon alone?! She has taken everything away from her - when will it be enough for her?! Phyllis' comment to Nick that she is an adult and understands there are consequences was too funny. When has she ever paid for her sins! One time maybe and even then Sharon tried to help her. Phyllis is one character I would not miss leaving the show for good. I have not liked her from day one and when she appears on my screen I either turn the station or look away.

Londa - I really do like NuBilly, he's cute and kinda bad. I hope he can put a smile on Lily's face while she keeps him out of her heart; he'll just break it. Hated the Chloe/Esther chat scene. It felt forced and was not believable to me in the least. I too, would like to know the point of the whole, let's set up Cane as baby daddy. In this day and age, a mother does not need marriage to guarantee her child a good life, especially when the father's rich and you have inroads with his family. I mean, Kay would pay for an exorbitant education for her, but see her destitute while pregnant with her great-grandchild? Puhleez! This whole SL is so bogus and a real snore. We know how it will play out because bad girls like Chloe rarely get the short end of the stick, though they may not end up with what they set their sights on, their consolation prizes are usually even better! Lily should change her ways, become a selfish, manipulative, scheming bed-hopper and she's bound to find happiness lasting longer than a commercial break. Just look at Phyllis. Who, by the way, is a world-class hypocrite. Strong women don't run to their exes she assures Nick, leaving out, except me when I thought you were dead and lay on Jack's couch for weeks.

Cathy - Aaaack! I absolutely cannot tolerate Eden. More reason to use the FF button. What a scenery chewer. She is so unbelievable and I hate the hold storyline with her and River. It is so tedious as is the resurgence of the Anna/Tyra show.

Catherina - Words can't describe the loathing I feel for the Victoria character. What gives her the right to treat Adam the way she does, and Nick and Nikki are not far behind. This guy has tried to prove himself and granted he may have gone a little overboard in the beginning but his siblings have done far worse. I want to see Adam redeemed and I want him to better his bro and sis. And don't even get me started on righteous Nikki. These people don't think Adam deserves to be a Newman just because she didn't pop him out. Adam deserves better than this. Who the heck does V-ICK-toria think she is telling Adam if he comes to Newman she will have him thrown out by the neck!

Nina - I love the new Billy. In the past, I hated this character because it was portrayed so boring and blah, but this new actor is much more interesting with many facets. He seems to be basically a good guy but also has an edge. He seems to care about his family and confronted Chloe; he made it clear he won't let her walk all over Cane. However, he stands up for himself, too. He isn't going to go along with Jack's plan to get Jabot back by working with Gloria. The disdainful way he acted toward her was just great! He isn't going to let Jill pigeonhole him at work, but at the same time he does care about Jabot. He seems to be the only character with a brain in his head (unlike Cane blindly marrying Chloe, Colleen always sampling her best friend's leftovers and Lily just giving up on Cane entirely) and was able to notice the amount of Jabot stock owned by Agreeing Lovers and even connect the dots to Glo and Jeffery. He seems to be a player, but I'd like to see him and Lily pretend to get together just to make Cane jealous, then have Billy realize he actually loves Lily and that she has made him a better man. Hopefully, they'll stay together so Lily can finally be happy and we'll actually have a fresh couple to root for. Or, just have Lily go completely nuts and turn into a major B and kill Chloe because she is sick of always giving up what she wants for others - no more Miss Nice Girl!

Cheryl - I wish Sharon would wake up and smell the real Jack. She is so gullible. Then there's Michael. His apartment is a nut house, and he continues to blindly welcome all of these family members coming out of the walls. His sister is truly annoying, with her ranting and raving and curled lip. Michael claims he wants to be a good father, yet he allows constant family chaos in his home and never stops teetering on that legal fence. Send River and Eden packing, for good. Gloria and Jeffery lend enough misery to everyone's lives. Things could get interesting with Billy back, if the writers realize it. Bottom line is, he's a Daddy and he knows it. I would like to see the moment when he has to hand over the bucks he been throwing away, to care for his child. Please writers, set Cane free. I'd like to see Cane and Lily back together, even though they were stupid enough to fall for Chloe's so obvious manipulations and lies. I hope for better storylines ahead.

Poppycock - After a brief hiatus, I come back to my dream come true! Does anyone else feelthe love flowing between Sharon & Nick? Will their veiled feelings finally break through only to unleash the real Phyllis as Jack so eloquently put it? GC has their fill of devious and dastardly men, but no women! Gloworm doesn't count. She's gone comedy on me. A jealous, dumped, cheated-on, or scorned Phyllis is just what GC needs! Nick and Sharon belong together, kinda like the 'nu-Victor & Nikki. Phyllis has been wasting away in a dull marriage to Nick and boring partnership at RS and it's time for her to break away with a vengeance! A big hand to MAB and her scribes for bringing back some character driven stories to Y&R!

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