Cowards and cads

by Nita
For the Week of April 13, 2009
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This past week on The Young and the Restless, one man proved to be a coward, and another acted like a cad.

This week, I'll begin with the two men who most disappointed me this week. One I thought a coward, the other a Cad.

I mentioned a column or two ago how I so looked forward to the coming interaction between Kevin and Michael. Well, I guess I have to keep waiting because their first encounter failed to reach my elevated expectations. When Michael entered the boxcar, all wild-eyed and disheveled, he appeared more in need of expert psychiatric care than his poor, mind-muddled brother. Though I had a hint of what was to come because I'd inadvertently stumbled upon a stray spoiler, I was more appalled than I expected to be when I saw it for myself. Yes, I'm talking about Michael's overexcited urging for Kevin to beat the bound Jeffrey, whom he mistakenly believed was Terrible Tom returned to torment him. First of all, in mere minutes, Michael carelessly wrecked the rickety bridge to sanity Amber had so carefully constructed in Kevin's unstable mind, using gentle patience and soft syllables. Practically galloping with glee around the boxcar, Michael looked as crazy as a loon as he took out his frustration on Jeffrey's astonished face. For a few moments, it seemed to be less about Kevin and more about Michael, who played both judge and jury when delivering a beating sentence on Jeffrey for the crimes Michael felt he had committed against Gloria.

Why do I call Michael a coward, some of you might be wondering? Perhaps even feeling Jeffrey had every blow coming and deserved no sympathy. Because despite Jeffrey's deeds, he wasn't Terrible Tom, nor was he Clint, and Michael's actions, though presumably eminently satisfying to him, only served to obliterate the thin line of reality for Kevin. Yes, I know, supposedly we are to believe Michael took that circuitous route to force the gun from Kevin's shaking fingers before he accidentally or on purpose took Jeffrey's life. But Michael's insistence that Kevin attack Jeffrey didn't begin in earnest until that gun was safely out of the picture. So, I had to ask, where was all Michael's outrage and violence when the real Terrible Tom came to Genoa City to poke at his former family members with a sharp, pointy stick? When Michael was long past the defenseless 18-or so year old he claimed could do nothing to help his tormented little brother, except leave him to fend for himself while Michael ran off to live his own life. Except for one occasion, the only thing Michael hit Tom with then were a string of biting words. Which is why I now call him Coward!

Not that Jeffrey needs my defense or staunch support. Though he's sporting two black eyes and presumably a sore and tender stomach, he's completely okay with what happened, apparently glad to have served as a stand-in punching bag in hopes of helping to chase the demons from Kevin's shattered mind. Unfortunately, it didn't work and now Kevin is practically catatonic. But, I'm an optimistic fan, so even though my hopes have been dashed once, I'm confident Michael's future performance will prove gratifying.

Moving on to the cad of this week's column brings me face to face with Neil's cheating countenance. Boy, did my palm ever itch to smack him into faithfulness. It's bad enough he cheated on his bride of only a few months with the eye rolling, head tipping Tyra, who in my opinion, is one of the most annoying women in town, and boring to boot. But, he's wasn't even man enough to take full responsibility for it and tried to make Karen feel as if she was somehow in the wrong for daring to call him on his marital misstep. I know Karen is brokenhearted, probably mostly because of how if affects her desire to adopt Ana, but she deserves someone so much better than the pompous donkey's behind Neil has become. The former Mr. Morality, always on the stick quick to lecture someone else about the right and wrong thing to do, has proven he's utterly unable to practice what he piously preaches. I thought I despised this cad when he was neck deep in the Carmen Mesta mess, but he has surpassed himself with this latest treachery. Oh how far the mighty once moral one has fallen!

Other than the coward and the cad, though, the week was supremely satisfying. Now that Mac has entered the picture, though she will presumably do the right thing by trying to stay as far as possible from Billy, I expect it won't be easy for him to follow her example. As for Chloe, like the Canadian Mounties who boast they always get their man, Chloe has gotten hers lassoed but the only way she's likely to keep him close is by hogtying him and knotting the rope to the bed post. Not that I can blame Billy one bit for feeling a bit suffocated. Chloe is a lovely young lady, but a little of her relentless stalking goes a very long way and is bound to become unbearable for Billy. Unfortunately, he should have thought hard and long about how life with Chloe would be because like a wad of sticky bubblegum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, Chloe is going to be nigh impossible to peel off. She's gone to extreme and unprecedented lengths to worm her way into his life and now that she's got him, nothing short of death is likely to separate them. And I don't see that happening.

On another front and in another marriage - the Winters - I also don't hold out much hope for their long and happy future together. After practically dropping down to one knee and begging Karen to be his, it seems Neil is no longer so sure she's the woman of his dreams after all. And he clearly has no intention of becoming Ana's adoptive father. Of course, I have to reluctantly admit, he was never very enthusiastic about that in the first place. After his talk with Cane as well as what he said to Tyra, obviously Neil is going to withdraw his support for Ana's adoption from Karen and transfer it to Karen. As for Karen, I really tried hard to feel her pain, but I honestly couldn't dredge up much support for her plan. First of all, unlike Devon, Ana was never in need of a mother. And despite the many times she's expressed a deep and abiding love for Tyra, it fails to come across on screen, at least for this fan. Maybe that's not the case for others, but I have a very hard time feeling their alleged love. Tyra says all the right words, and rolls her eyes often in a manner I suppose is meant to convey distress, but she appears more into Neil than she is Ana. But, back to Karen. Why in the world would anyone want to adopt a girl with near unbreakable ties to a woman who only wants to shove you aside so she could take your place in your man's arms? If Karen is that determined to have a child to love, there are hundreds of children in foster care she could lavish her love and attention on. In my Midwest town, I know lots of single ladies who have done exactly that. And some of those same single gals have gone on to adopt one or more of their charges. So if it's a mother Karen wants to be, she can do that without harnessing herself to a cheating man like Neil. Unfortunately, although I haven't heard so much as a whisper about this, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn Neil was already on his way to being a father via "it only happened one time" ride with Tyra.

Cane continues to annoy with his dogged determination to take Delia for himself. I'm tired of listening to that donkey bray about what bad parents Billy and Chloe will be. Okay, so he's probably right about Chloe using Delia like a pawn in her high stakes game to keep Billy, but how is he the better choice? Ordinarily, I would say he would have about as much chance winning custody as a snowball has not melting after being in the hot place for two seconds, but this is Genoa City where we've learned to expect the unexpected and accept the completely implausible.

When it comes to Nick, Sharon and Phyllis, three continues to be a crowd. Nick can't make up his mind who he loves more. Which is causing Phyllis to feel more and more threatened by Sharon. And we all know Phyllis, she is nothing nice when she gets this way. At this point, I doubt it matters what Sharon does or doesn't do. Phyllis is going to get her no matter what. Like fan Gail below says, for Phyllis the past has become the present, except she's the one hobbling around in the cheated on high heels. And I can't help but love every minute of it. Sharon was no match for Phyllis' fierceness when all her marbles were where they were supposed to be. In her present state, she won't even know what hit her when Phyllis finally lowers the boom. Of course, it will probably wind up pushing the two of them even closer, but oh well. It's soap opera justice time, something Phyllis has long had coming.

I loved Jack's soul baring moment with Nick at the bar. Both men drowning their particular drama in strong drink. One thing about Jack, he doesn't stay melancholy for long. Not long after signing the divorce papers, he was alrready cheering himself up with Mary Jane Benson. No long nights of weeping in his pillow for our Smilin' Jack. I guess he better smile until his jaws ache while he can, because Victor and his diabolical plan will make sure that devilish grin is wiped right off his face.

If Adam has anything to do with it, Jack won't be the only man struggling to keep a smile on his face. Adam's behavior becomes more and more peculiar as the days go by. Far from being grateful that Victor relented and engineered his release, Adam seems a man on a diabolical mission. Is it his aim to destroy everything or everyone in Victor's life. Like Abby, Ashley, the Newman to come, Victoria? Unfortunately, obviously Adam hasn't learned a thing about the Ruthless Man he occasionally addresses as Dad nor has he derived any benefit from the errors of his past. When Victor finds out what Adam is up to, whatever that might be, he will indeed make good on a past threat and crush Adam like a cockroach.

That's about all for this week. Next up are the opinions of your fellow fans. I hope you enjoy what they have to say.

Lastly, a big thank you in advance to Allison, who will be sharing her opinions with you in this space for the next couple of weeks. I'm sure you will enjoy her. See you all in May.

* * * * * * *

Leslie - So is Mac Browning supposed to have been SORAS'ed to age 40? Because that's how old she looks!

Julia - I really want Sharon and Nick to get back together. Phyllis told Sharon, "you're stealing Summer's daddy". Sharon should have said, You did the same to Noah. If she and Nick have a sexual encounter again, she should get pregnant, that would be a juicy storyline. Ashley should get a clue and help her brother, she's not going to stay pregnant that long.

Del - I don't think the mystery woman who had the surgery will be Diane. When this person first came into the show, she told Victor "I have never been on a private jet before". This does not sound like someone who is affluent or is used to a lifestyle of luxury. Please, please get rid of Neil, and all his lovers, family or family-to-be. This part of the show really ticks me off and is very boring.

Pam - Why did Mac come back to town looking old enough to be Billy's mother? I think the writers made their intentions clear: Jill made it a point to say Cane is not Katherine's grandson but is still a Chancellor. Mackenzie and Cane are not related and Cane looks older than Billy. On screen they make a better-looking couple.

Kamal - My top pick as Victor's mystery woman after a bit of digging into Jack's past is Patty Williams. There is an obvious connection with the similar sounding names of Mary Jane Benson/Mari Jo Mason. I think that's just a red herring. The mystery woman said something to Victor about never having been on a private jet yet. Patty came from humble beginnings so that would make sense. She shot Jack before so she might still have an axe to grind. I'm looking to see if there is a weird vibe from Mary Jane if she runs into Paul. As far as Phyllis goes, Nita, you've said everything that I've been saying and then some. How am I supposed to feel any sympathy for her situation (largely of her own making) when she unapologetically went after Sharon's then-husband Nick? How can she call Sharon all these names in the book when she's behaved in similar ways? According to Phyllis Nick ruined their marriage by sleeping with Sharon? What? What about the marriage to Sharon that he ruined by sleeping - no wait, it was more than that - by having an ongoing affair with her? She can't control what's in Nick's mind or heart. That's what's really eating her. Tearing Sharon down won't erase the feelings he has for her.

Kidi - I am so glad Jill finally got her comeuppance; she deserves to finally get a piece of the crow she's been feeding Jack, Gloria, and Billy. As for Sharon, I believe she really has a meaty storyline so I wish everyone would stop bashing her, The character really hasn't had a good storyline of her own in years besides the whole Phyllis, Nick, Brad, Victoria, Sharon quadrangle or whatever its called. I also wish that the should would increase Afro-American presence on the show, rarely do the Winters interact with anyone outside of their clan. Bring back Dru!

Melissa - I agree Noah is a little too loose with his lips, but I can't completely bash him, he is a kid after all and think about how confusing it is for him to not know where he's going to sleep from one minute to the next. . He's frustrated and angry, so he does what a lot of teenagers who were raised not to expect a pop to the chops every time they opened their mouths without being spoken to first, he's lashing out verbally. Can't wait to see Chloe left to the wreckage of her own web of lies after Billy dumps her and maybe takes her daughter to boot. Phyllis is a fool and a menace to herself, she never, ever learns.

JM - Having watched Y&R my whole life, I have to give kudos to the writers for showing real depth in these characters. We have been given more insight lately into both Kevin and Sharon, which not only makes the stories more interesting, but also shows respect to the viewer. However, I have to say I'm completely disappointed in the casting of the actress playing Mac, she is not attractive at all and looks much older than her character. I also see no chemistry between her and Billy. No offense to the actress, but hopefully the viewers will speak out and request a more interesting Mac.

JoAnne - Thank God Katherine is finally back and we know Jill is not her daughter! That storyline went on far too long for my liking. Jill deserves what she is getting as she has been so nasty to everyone, especially Katherine. Not loving the new Mac and I do not see any chemistry between her and Billy so far. What was up with the wedding?! The roaring twenties seemed to be the theme and that music was just too weird for a wedding. Phyllis is just getting too pathetic and desperate for words. I am glad Nick is finally seeing her for the psychopath she really is but he keeps going back to her! Phyllis has been trying to destroy Sharon's life ever since she hooked up with Nick. I wish someone would remind her that her son would be in jail if it weren't for Sharon making Nick hand over Cassie's clothes; that she ate a meal cooked by Sharon at her table when she was boinking Nick; that Sharon took her sorry butt to the hospital when they were in the accident and she was concerned about her baby; that Sharon was the one who turned Nick away when he admitted he loved Phyllis and she keeps pushing him away but he keeps coming back; that Sharon keeps telling Nick he has a wife and to go back to her and leave her alone! Why do the writer's keep stringing us along? Phyllis has been given everything for the past several years and it looks like she will not be satisfied until Sharon is either dead or residing in a mental institution! Nick sees how she is obsessed with Sharon yet he stays with her. Noah is still extremely disrespectful and rude to his mother and treats Phyllis like she is a queen. Noah should be reminded that Phyllis stole Nick away from him and Sharon just as Phyllis is accusing Sharon of trying to take Nick away from her and precious Summer. What about Sharon and Noah when Cassie died and Nick left them for Phyllis? Can the writers please have someone remind these people of this!

Cheryl - Who is Jill's mother? I am quite anxious to find out who is related to who, now that the DNA tests are back. For Amber's dedication to Mrs. C, I wouldn't mind that she would turn out to be her granddaughter. I would love to see the look on Jill's face if Amber moved into the mansion as a Chancellor. Too bad Jill couldn't accept the olive branch Katherine extended. Cane needs to drop this custody battle. He won't win, and he shouldn't. He is too violence prone for one thing. There is plenty of payback coming Chloe's way, I am sure, and deservedly so. Let her bask in the Abbott light for awhile; I am sure it will be short-lived. As for the self-righteous Neil, he is absolutely disgusting. He preaches morality to his kids, yet commits any wrong-doing he feels like when it suits him. If I were Karen, I would happily kick him to the curb and find myself a good man who wasn't so completely self-centered and selfish.

Ellen - Nick is a world class jerk. Oh boo hoo he is in love with two women, are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Forgive him when he sleeps with both of him? I think not. In my soap fantasy, Sharon decides she needs to be alone and deal with her mental issues and Nick comes home to find Phyllis and Summer gone. I don't know why the writers leave him unpunished. For once I'd like to see the man have to pay for his actions. The way this storyline is going, Nick will win no matter what and too bad so sad for whichever woman gets left out in the cold.

Nicola - Enough is enough. Get rid of Sharon. Keep Nick with Phyllis. They were a perfect couple. I have watched Y&R forever and it seems to me the same thing over and over again.

Geri - I have lost most of my interest in Y&R lately due to lack of moral storylines. I know most people seem to like the character Sharon, but I find it hard to do because I remember when and how she cheated on Nick time and time again. Nick isn't an angel either, not by a long shot. As far as Phyllis stealing Nick from Sharon, I remember a different version. Sharon was busy wooing her sister-in husband, while Nick acted as the aggressor in pursuing Phyllis. Once he won Phyllis heart and a child later, which I think he used Phyllis to soothe his pain over losing Sharon and his daughter. Now after all this, Phyllis is supposed to be the bad one while Nick and Sharon play soul mates. I could go on, but choosing not to watch is better.

Gail - Wow this week was great. Can you say payback is a *, Karma, and like the saying goes, be careful how you get a man because the way you get him, will be the way you lose him. I am so enjoying seeing Phyllis getting some of what she deserves and do not feel sorry for her at all. I am 34 and have been watching Y&R for 29 years and Phyllis is one of the characters who has never seemed to pay for any of the many crimes and devious plots she has done. So it is good to see her (if she has one) heart breaking over Nick. And if she thinks Sharon is a tramp, then what does she think of herself because she has been with more men than Sharon has and at least Sharon never slept with a man in hopes of getting pregnant to pass off as another Married man's baby. I love Nick and Sharon together and can't wait for them to get back together where they belong. They always seemed so real as a family and I loved how they interacted with the kids, they were one of the only families that actually spent time with their kids and didn't ship them off to boarding school, even though with Noah attitude maybe he needs to go to one. What is up with Noah's disrespect to Sharon, I do not like it at all and what kid is more loyal to the "other woman" who broke up his parent's marriage and would rather seem them together than his own parents? Nice loyalty Noah; that is something he could learn from his aunt Vicky who still no matter what wants her parents back together. But Noah and Eden, I'm sorry I do not like this girl at all and do not care for her and Noah, I just FF through all their scenes and why oh why does she have to talk like that? Their high school romance is nothing like Nick and Sharon, Billy and Mac, and even Lily and Daniel were better.

* * * * * * *

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