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There was a new cast member on The Young and the Restless this past week. Humphrey, the Yorkshire terrier!

There was a new cast member on The Young and the Restless this week, did you see him? He was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. His name is Humphrey. Humphrey, the Yorkshire Terrier! In fact, little Humphrey was quite an addition to the cast because at least he represents the happiness that Cane and Lily are finally able to enjoy. These two are nearly as adorable as their little puppy, and amid all the troubles and fights and raging chipmunks, goodness knows there needs to be some happy times on this show. And after being a really good guy and ending the custody fight for Cordelia, Cane earned that good karma of getting Lily to say yes to his fourth wedding proposal! These two - three with Humphrey - were sweet as they planned a happy future including a new profession for Cane at Jimmy's Bar.

Neil isn't happy. His actions in court were right and just and true. Ana belongs with Tyra and Neil and Karen's marriage was a sham. He did the right thing by speaking out, but at what cost? You could call it a "Sophie's choice," but I don't see it that way. Neil is a very smart man. He went into his marriage to Karen with his eyes wide open. It wasn't a true love match, but they were committed to making it work. After his indiscretion(s) with Tyra, Karen was not so sure of Neil, understandably so. Therefore, maybe if Neil had thought it through before he was in the courtroom, he could have talked it out with Karen and explained why he was going to do what he did. She still may have left him, but at least she wouldn't have been waylaid like she was. Neil's mourning the end of his marriage, however, was completely unconvincing. I don't think he cared that much. Give him a month or so and he'll be shacked up with Tyra and Ana.

I can also see Heather and Adam reuniting real soon, much to Victor's displeasure. Adam may be hooking up with her again just to tick the old man off, because if you think Adam's a changed man, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn! Adam is definitely up to no good. He's got anger issues that go way back and if Victor is wise, he should be installing security cameras all over the ranch. Adam is definitely a threat.

Victor is such a complicated character; that's what makes him so much fun to watch. You can't predict what he's going to do. This past week, for instance, he was wonderful with Sharon and horrible with Heather. He gave Heather the Darth Vader gaze and uninvited her to his home. On the other hand, he couldn't have been more supportive and understanding to Sharon, completely the opposite of what Phyllis hoped he would be to her nemesis when she told him about Sharon stealing Sabrina's art eggs. I loved the way Phyllis re-thought her actions after the fact and tried to make Victor think that she was just telling him for Sharon's sake. Yeah, he really believed that one, Phyl.

Poor Phyllis. I really feel for her. I know she was lunatic with her Sharon-obsession, but the lady is desperate to keep Nick. And Nick is not interested in being kept. He's got definite issues when it comes to keeping away from his former wife. He's like a bad dog; no matter how many times you hit him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, he keeps jumping up on your guests. In Nick's case, he keeps jumping Sharon. I appreciate that they are soul mates and would have never separated if not for some major situations that were beyond their control, but he's also in love with Phyllis. This isn't polygamy time, Nick. You can only have one wife at a time. Make a choice and stick with it.

While I feel for Phyllis, in many ways she's her own worst enemy. She doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "keeping it cool." The lady would be so much more interesting and attractive to Nick if she simply had more self-confidence and faith in their union. Her insecurities are making him nuts. That said, my true sympathies right now are with Michael and Kevin. Kevin needs some serious psychiatric help. A straight jacket is an overreaction to his response to being left alone in the padded room. Have any of these doctors considered medication to calm him down? Has he even been seeing a shrink regularly? It seems like the court just threw him in the asylum and left him there, with Heather determined to make him pay for... yeah, what are they holding him for? Those bank robberies. Did they actually steal anything? The case against Kevin is falling apart now that the truth about Clint's death has been revealed. Michael is really motivated, so I don't think Heather has a chance of getting Amber or Kevin convicted. Of course Kevin's escape hasn't helped his cause, but Michael will succeed. I'm sure of it.

Looking back on the week, there were a few other thoughts I had:

• What's the deal with Victoria? She was really weird with Colleen, as if J.T. couldn't be trusted. That kind of mistrust is too much like Daddy.

• Kay wants to cater her wedding with sliders and milkshakes? Why not just get Steak 'n Shake to sponsor the whole thing?

• Will Devon ever get a storyline? All he had to do this week was buy a chocolate crème pie and criticize Neil.

• Is Ashley going nuts or is Adam behind the crying baby? I vote for the latter. Adam's not to be trusted.

• I loved the scene when Michael told Lauren that the way he keeps it all together is thanks to her. Really nice. They may be the most normal couple in Genoa City.

That's all for now, Y&R lovers. Send me your comments and don't forget to check out the Soap Central blog Lathered Up for my daily thoughts, such as they are! Thanks for reading.


Allison J. Waldman
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