Some girls have all the luck!

by Nita
For the Week of July 27, 2009
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Some girls have all the luck!
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Will Lily ever be able to enjoy more than five minutes of happiness?

Bad, that is. After watching events unfold this week, I have to wonder if the Happiness Fairy is ever going to pour some joyful juice in Lily's goblet. Can this woman be happy for more than 5 minutes? If there is a bad boy in the vicinity, you can be sure Lily will somehow manage to stumble across his path. From Kevin, the cradle snatcher to Daniel the porn peruser and finally to Cane, the reciter of the tallest of tales, the fellas have tromped all over her naive heart. Then there's the fact that the only Daddy she knew is actually her Uncle and she managed to wind up cliffside, watching in helpless horror as her mother tumbled off a cliff and lost her life in the raging waters below. She had her fiancÚ snatched from her grasp by a manipulative minx who was determined to get a devoted daddy for her daughter by whatever means necessary. And once Lily finally had her honey back, happily ever after still eluded her when Nina ripped away the Phillip suit Cane had been hiding inside. You would think Lady Bad Luck would have been satisfied with her pound and a half of Lily's soft and tender flesh, but no, now the poor woman has cancer and will never get to carry that little Dru she so desperately desired to bring into being. The one light glowing dimly in all this darkness; however is that Lily's eggs might still be harvested so they can one day flourish in a surrogate womb. With Lily's luck, though, whatever woman chosen for this all-important duty will probably end up wanting Lily's child for herself. Like I said, some girls have all the luck.

But that, as they say, is far in the future, if it ever even happens. For now, Lily has been excellent in her devastation. I know a lot of fans don't feel Lily's portrayer is of front-burner caliber, but I don't agree. I couldn't have been the only fan who found herself near tears watching her despair and helplessness. Especially when she realized the statistics indicated she was more likely to die than to live. Nor do I think I was the sole fan screeching at the TV for Neil to shut up, shut up, as he badmouthed Cane every chance he got. His daughter could die on the operating table, and there he was denying her the man she clearly needed. Oh, don't get me wrong. I understand a father's need to protect his daughter, but sometimes that man can behave like a donkey's behind. Thankfully, despite Neil's disapproval, Lily and Cane managed to connect, though it took Lily sneaking out of the hospital to find him, and it was a sweetly touching moment when she leapt into his arms. Now that he has been unmasked, Cane is so much more interesting than he used to be and I have no doubt these two will live to love each other another day. I'm looking forward to watching their revised future unfold.

Speaking of looking forward, Chance is like a brisk wind blowing through a stale and stifling room. Not only is he a tall and handsome hunk, his innocence and straightforward demeanor is so refreshing, after all the scheming and dishonesty of most of the residents of this town. I know Chloe's about the only choice available to him out of the extremely sparse ranks of Genoa City womanhood, but I kind of feel sorry for him. I know she's since been whitewashed nearly to unrecognizability, but in my head I can still see the distasteful picture of her taking the clothes off a passed off Cane and clambering aboard. Sure, she's adorable and all that (although she didn't need those dangly and untidy looking extensions), is presumably a new and improved woman now that she's a Mom, and is at least close to Chance's age, watching her slobbering all over the virginal Chance didn't seem quite right. Not that Chance seemed to mind in the slightest. Chloe is quite forceful when she sees something she wants. I can only hope that although young and unused to the manipulative wiles of a woman like Chloe, Chance will be able to hold his own.

While his nephew receives a sample of what could be, Chloe's still legal husband is hoping to finally consummate the relationship with Mac so rudely interrupted six long years ago. Okay, I've tried to get into this duo, but I'm still not feeling much of anything. I don't know what it is, the fact that I saw the magic and chemistry between their former portrayers perhaps. Or, maybe it's simply because Mac has failed to convince me she feels much of anything about anything. Least of all that she might have been pining away for Billy's love. I remember Raul talking about all their nights of passion in a sweltering tent, but for the life of me, I didn't even come close to imagining that picture. By the way, those long sleeves of hers hanging over her hands are making me crazy. I don't know about Wisconsin, but its 80+ degrees here in Iowa most days. Looking at her in a sweater makes me itch. Anyway, it appears the long-awaiting deed is about to be done. I hope it's been worth the wait and that it will at long last bring a smile to Mac's lip and some bounce and joy to her stride. Another by the way. Does anyone in this town ever legally end one relationship before they leap naked into the next?

Hmmm, relationships. Quite a convoluted one going on between Jack and Sharon don't you think? I still feel like delivering five smacks with a pillow to Sharon's head for that ridiculous decision she made to play with people's lives by lying to Jack's about her baby. How can she listen to Jack go on and on about this baby girl he always wanted and is so looking forward to without squirming in discomfort? Faith should have kicked her as hard as she could to show her disapproval when she told her she was sure she had done the right thing by pronouncing Jack Papa. I know it will never happen, but just once, I'd like to see soap people have all the facts before they make a decision. Instead of making it based on someone's need to take the noble road because they've decided they're more qualified to shape the future instead of leaving things in the knowledgeable hands of fate. It would have been interesting to see Nick have to agonize over a real decision, Phyllis or Sharon, sick Summer or newborn Faith instead of the tried and true soap staple of sacrificial martyrdom. Nick might have still decided his place was with Phyllis and Summer, but at least it would have been his decision, not Sharon's. Of course, once Jack finds out, and you know he's going to, I expect he will be one unhappy camper at first, but since he swears he's so in love with Sharon, it won't take too much to convince him he's doing the right thing for Phyllis, Nick and Summer by going along with the lie.

Is anyone else dying to see Victor go down for all his dirty doings? No wonder he decided to turn over the running of Newman Enterprises to Victoria. He has no time to focus on the mundane matters of NE business when he's up to his bloodshot eyeballs in sordid shenanigans. As if he hadn't made enough of a mess bringing Mary Jane Benson to town, making himself indirectly responsible for his own granddaughter's mental setback, his scheme will also devastate the Williams family as well. Mary Jane, clearly only partly sane to begin with, thanks to Victor, has lost whatever marbles were still rolling around in her poor, misfiring cranium. It's hard to feel sorry for someone deranged enough to deliver a peanut butter laced kiss to a toddler with no real concern as to what she might have set in motion, but I came close when she picked up that dirty, naked doll from the garbage can and cuddled it close. Not that Victor is likely to acknowledge his part in this disaster. I can just see him staring up toward the ceiling, hands in his pockets, that Grinch scowl twisting his lips as Nick berates him for the pain he caused. I expect his stance will be identical when it's Paul's turn to point an accusing finger. Then there is his decision to humiliate Colleen just to get her off the board. I realize Victor probably feels like Colleen made herself fair game when she dared to pit her puny wits against an experienced player like Victor, but using sleaze like Gloria and Jeff to do his dirty work to ruin his own niece by marriage is a new low, even for Victor. Does he really think Ashley will be pleased with him for attaching both her brother and her niece?

When it comes to Adam, impossible is the first word that pops in my mind when it comes to feeling any sorrow for this piece of low life scum. He doesn't appear to have a single redeeming quality or a remorseful bone in his body. What does he want? Like the ill-thought out murder diary, Adam's current plan makes little sense. He's already caused Ashley to lose her baby and denied Victor another child. So you could say he's killed two birds, Jack and Victor, with one miscarriage. But, because it's hard to believe Ashley isn't getting to him with her unconditional support, naming her baby after his mother and naming him Godfather, he might give Victor back his child (by stealing Sharon's and to his knowledge, also Jack's), thereby making it up to Ashley and devastating Jack. Even if he discovers after the fact that Faith was Nick's, he hates Nick too, so taking something from him would just be a pleasure bonus.

Who wouldn't want to be Ambrosia Moore, the most desirable woman in the world? Where men will devise complicated, elaborate, not to mention expensive and murderous plots just to savor the sweet taste of your special brand of treats. Yes, I'm practically falling off the sofa with hysterical laughter at the idea. Not that I think Amber is something the cat would turn its nose up at, but because it's so preposterous to believe someone would go to such lengths to blackmail her into bed. Clearly, when Deacon pulled the phone in the water glass trick (exactly what he did on B&B to let Bridget's parents know he was deflowering their little girl), he's wanting more from Amber than a one night stand. Now, I was watching B&B back then and I do remember part of their story (more than a bit unbelievable then too), but I remember him more for his heated pursuit of Brooke than Amber. But, be that as it may, we are now to believe that Amber is the one he so hated to see get away that he would have a man murdered just to get her back. Unfortunately, since Daniel was the ear pressed against the receiver while Deacon moaned in simulated ecstasy, Amber's relationship with Daniel is about to end. Again. And in true soap fashion, Deacon pulls this off just as Daniel comes to realize his diamond in the rough is so valuable he's ready to make an honest woman of her.

I confess I did have to giggle at Amber donning her Supergirl cape and trying to fly off to Daniel's rescue. What made it so funny is that I don't recall Amber doing anything in her past was so horrible Daniel would have dropped her on the spot because of it. But, this is so Amber, why opt for true confessions, when you can pile on lie after lie and make things so much worse?

Okay, what's going on with all this inner chipmunk stuff? Is this just filler stuff to give Kevin and Jana something to do, or is there a meaning to this madness? Since the scribes tend to do few things just for the heck of it, this all must be heading somewhere, but I'm darned if I can figure out where. Since Jana isn't at all keen on Kevin's new venture, maybe it's designed to drive a wedge between Kevin and Jana so she'll have a reason to turn to Daniel, who is definitely going to be seeking a soft shoulder to soak up his tears of rage and hurt over Amber.

Oh well, such is the messy, convoluted lives of Genoa City society. And thank goodness for their messes, or I might have to rely on my real life for excitement. Until next time, enjoy what fan Bajangirl has to say.

* * * * * * *

Bajangirl - When I first heard Y&R was going to make Cane an imposter I wasn't pleased. Couldn't Lily and Cane have two weeks of happiness without something looming in the background? But because of Daniel Goddard's and Christel Khalil's acting and then Lily's diagnosis, I've found myself rooting for this couple more than I have since before the whole Chloe debacle (and I've always been a big fan, even when the Chloe SL dragged on and on). But I have two big problems with the SL. The first is the cop out that Cane knew he wasn't Delia's father. If that were the case, then why would he have married Chloe so soon when he could have pressed for definitive results that would have excluded Phillip's blood? And why was he angry with Lily for not telling him immediately when the truth came out? It would've made so much more sense to say that Chloe bribed the lab tech. That would've explained why she was so cool about the results and why Cane was so convinced she would be a bad mother (he would have realized what she had done even if he couldn't tell anyone). But I suppose placing the blame for that on Chloe would hurt the whitewashing she's received. My second problem is Neil. I understand and like that he's very protective of Lily, but this is overboard. If Lily had said she didn't want Cane around, I could understand Neil's treatment of him, but she went to Cane not the other way around, and now she is sick and wants him and Neil can't put his anger aside to do what will make his cancer-stricken daughter happy? Cane lied about who he was; Tyra did too, and he has forgiven her. And one last thing: Phillip III has been acting like such a self-pitying jerk that Cane looks better every time the real Phillip III opens his mouth.

* * * * * * *

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