Is there anyone left to root for?

by Nita
For the Week of August 24, 2009
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Is there anyone left to root for?
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As the current batch of storylines continue to drag on, just who the heck are the fans supposed to be rooting for?

As the current batch of storylines continue to drag on ... and on ... and on ... I've often caught myself scratching my head in confusion, asking myself just who the heck can I root for?

Take for instance, Lily and Cane. It seemed to take forever and many, many rotations around the mulberry bush before these two finally got together. But we barely got a chance to curl up cozily on the couch in anticipation of a deep and juicy romance before Chloe whirled in like a miniature tornado and sent debris from this destroyed romance flying in every direction. Long months limped by, filled with days of Chloe using the baby in her belly to keep the lovers apart, but when at last the wee one was ushered into the world, I thought it was finally safe to allow my hopes to rise again. And rise they did. For about two weeks until Phillip showed up in town, toting a copy of his 'faked my death' fable under his arm. And before I had a chance to take more than a big breath or two, the brand new marriage was over and cancer was growing in Lily instead of a tiny Cane or Lily. So, as you might imagine, when chemo-facing Lily defied her disapproving Papa and vowed to pick up the pieces of her life with Cane, no one was happier than I. This time I didn't even get a chance to inhale before yet another problem reared its ugly head. Yes, I'm referring to what seems to be another secret Cane is still not confessing to his embattled bride. What has Cane done that's so terrible he can't ever return to Australia? And after seeing how much damage his previous prevarication caused between he and Lily, what in the world would possess him to keep quiet about it? Does this mean that one day in the distant, or perhaps not so distant, future, I'm going to be irritatingly flinging unpopped Old Maids at the TV image of a pompous Neil as he pronounces that dreaded sentence: I told you so. So, nope, for now, I'm not investing any more of my emotions in these two. 'Cause I'm only going to get my high hopes snatched from the air and stomped to slinters on the hard, unyielding dirt.

All I have to do is think of Nick and Phyllis and Sharon and Jack, and my head starts pounding with displeasure. By now, this foursome has flipped and flopped and intermingled so many times, I don't even care who ends up with who and now know better than to invest even a smidgen of emotion in any of them. I mean, what is the point? If you were pumping your pom poms for Nick and Sharon, thanks to Sharon sacrificing her own future joy by lying about Faith's paternity and the scribes regressing Summer practically to a pacifier sucking newborn, you had only about a week or two of joy before Nick executed an abrupt and awkward do-si-do and went trotting back to Phyllis. And if you're a fan who thinks it's now safe to come out of the water and jump up and down on the beach in support of Nick and Phyllis, well good luck with that. Do you even dare? Because just about the time you relax, Nick will learn he's Faith's father after all and then this waffling square dance could start all over again.

Then there's Billy and Mac. I don't dare hang my emotional overcoat on their coat rack either. And not just because I don't detect enough heat between them to start a flickering fire even if both were armed with brand new Bics. But, my inner alarms started screeching alarmingly and I had a very bad feeling when I listened to Mac telling Chloe all about the love she and Billy had been hiding from her. I know she wasn't exactly boasting. As she said, she only blurted it out because Chloe practically twisted her arm and forced her to yell Uncle Billy. But still, you know how it goes on soaps. Might as well haul out the hankies now. Because something tells me all those self-confident, we're meant to be together words will more likely than not come back and bite Mackenzie Browning right on her ... well you know the place she'll probably feel the pain. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find Billy is like that proverbial dog who was already gnawing on a bone, but still wanted the one he could see lying in some other dog's yard.

Well, let's see. Who else do we have to root for? I know. Daniel and Amber. Well ... not. Because until the whole Deacon buys a bride with blackmail banality has limped to some type of closure, there is no Daniel and Amber. Speaking of Deacon, I'm not saying Amber is the worst that ever walked the earth, because, of course, she isn't. In fact, this particular rant isn't really about Amber. Even though outside of the Pretty Woman set, who agrees to let someone help themselves to their party treats to save their guy? Anyway, my problem has more to do with Deacon's so called Amber devotion. Because if he's so into Amber that he'd kill to have her, then why was he pawing all over and being pawed in turn by Victoria? All that aside, though, there does seem to be a little more light being shed on this dark storyline. Perhaps Amber is just a bonus Deacon decided to award himself while putting his plan into play to get the painting Terrible Tom presumably pilfered. Although I disliked this storyline at first, now that its outline is expanding to include more than just possessing Amber, it is becoming more interesting. It would seem since Deacon indicated Kevin is the key to the whole kit and caboodle, we may at last finally discover what is hidden in the safe deposit box, the key to which Kevin has probably tossed into his dresser drawer and forgotten about. Is Ryder really Kevin's brother? When he quickly agreed to Kevin's demand for DNA, I was almost convinced he had to be. Else, why would Ryder agree? But then I remembered Deacon is calling the shots. For a man who could put incriminating evidence in a wall of a place you return to every night with you being none the wiser, fiddling with a DNA test has to be child's play.

According to the message boards, almost no one is rooting for Neil and Tyra. Good thing as it turns out because it seems she's gone for good or, if she isn't, will be soon. Even if by some miracle, she lived to love another day, it's doubtful she'd ever be spending a sleepless, love-filled night with Neil. Not after she took a big nibble out of his son. Now, that was truly a rather 'yuck' moment. I do get that Devon might have a lil burning desire for Auntie Tyra, who really isn't. Because there was a little foreshadowing of that when he had that mental meander imagined her in his arms on the basketball court that day. But the ick factor is that Tyra would go for him in return, given her supposed adoration of Neil. What, she's so hot to trot that every time a man looks deep into her eyes she's a goner. And could those big boo-hoos after Devon told her off have been any more fake sounding? She couldn't even scare up a tear trickle. The best of the whole caboodle was Roxanne's reaction. Now that was a woman scorned and enraged. Devon can be so self-righteous sometimes. It was great to see him making a mistake instead of always passing judgment on someone else's.

While I'm on the subject of the Winters', rumors are once again circulating that Victoria Rowell may soon reprise her Drucilla role. Again, I know many fans weren't crying inconsolably in their Kleenex when poor Dru went sailing over that cliff, but I wouldn't mind having her back. Tyra seemed to be almost universally disliked, and Karen while liked by most, never seemed a good fit for the family, and the scribes apparently never found a niche for her in someone else's family. I liked Dru, even when she drifted into over the top mode, both as a part of the Winters family but also as a friend to Sharon. Fans often slice Sharon to pieces for leaning too heavily on some fellow's sturdy forearm, but where else had she had to turn for tea and sympathy? The scribes had no real use for poor wheel-chair ridden Doris, judgmental Noah was out of the question, not only because of his propensity to side with Phyllis, Eden or just about anyone other than the mother who bore him and loved him dearly for so many years, but as Sharon's son, didn't need to be pulled into his parent's messes. Of course, the rumor of Dru's return has raced through the rumor mill more than a few times, but my fingers are crossed that maybe this time it contains more than a grain of truth.

One thing I'm loving is the cancer story with Lily. Now, maybe I'm in the minority, but this is the kind of story I tune into my soap in hopes of seeing. Don't get me wrong. I sometimes like to amuse myself watching outlandish and unbelievable plots. And when I'm seeking that, I can surf through countless channels to find exactly that. But it would really be nice if I didn't have to see them all the time on my favorite soap. I agree with fan Carol below. Enough really is enough of the dishonesty and character assassination. Where are the feel good stories I can relate to? The characters I can enjoy watching as they stumble and fall and get back up again? Lily's cancer story is make believe life in GC, but in many people's real world, it's a reality they or someone they love has faced or is facing now. This is the human type of story that hooked me on Y&R so many years ago. I know it's make believe, but the Winters' family has me believing it as if it weren't. Fan Shelley below said all I felt about Lily's story, and very nicely, so read what she has to say. My two cents: Oh, to still look so lovely in spite of a smoothly shaven skull.

Continuing on the positive side, although it would be nice to see Ashley written another way, I must admit Eileen Davidson is doing a bang up job as a woman going mad. With her lightning quick switches between calm and complete hysteria, she's hitting the baseball waay out of the park. Poor woman, I just want her to get well, because right now, well she's living in hell. An unexpected bonus has been getting to see the Abbotts bond together. This is the side of Jack I have always enjoyed. His concern about his family. So much better than his endless mooning around Sharon. More, more, more of this, is my request.

There is so much going on in Genoa City, I'd be writing till midnight to try and comment on all the many situations, so I think I'll end with Mrs. Victoria Newman I'm a Hypocrite But Don't Tell Anyone Hellstrom. Okay, J.T. might think it has to do with that bump on the head he keeps referring to, but to me, her actions are trademark Victoria. Remember, that's how little Reed came to be. Because she was paying Brad back for his infidelity with Sharon. She ripped J.T. up one side and down the other for that rather chaste kiss he barely participated in with Colleen, but too bad the cameraman wasn't filming the goings on in Deacon's suite. Because Victoria was climbing all over him, like she hadn't been loved in weeks. And then she went back for more. Tsk, tsk, and shame, shame, shame on you, Miss Vicky. If there is any soap justice at all, J.T. will one day find out she doesn't practice what she preaches.

That's it for me. Until my next offering, read on for what your fellow fans hate or applaud about Genoa City things. Have a great and wonderful week, all!

* * * * * * *

Fred - I have no idea what the writers' thought process is, but there is a very rare medical condition called lithopedion, or stone baby, where a woman may have a miscarriage and the fetus calcifies in the abdomen to protect the body from infection. Could this be the explanation for Ashley's lack of medical complications?

Carol - Y&R Producers: I have been watching the Young and the Restless since it began in 1973. Even though I am a loyal fan, I must admit it is becoming difficult to continue. It appears there is not one single person on the show who isn't lying about something. Are all of your writers impressed with dishonesty? I just wish there was a happy continuous storyline for a change. I have hope for Devon and for sure, Cane. But you have even managed to change them into deceitful cast members. Is this the way you expect the show to continue? If so, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give it up after 36 years of being a loyal fan. Please, give us something to feel good about when the show is over at the end of a week. Enough is enough.

Lenore - I have always felt Amber was so right for Daniel. Daniel's not the easiest person to win over! And poor Amber has had nothing but bad luck and bad breaks! To see her lying on the bed with this Deacon jerk by Daniel really tore me to pieces. I had to swallow watching that redhead Phyllis and handsome (Sharon's) Nick redo their wedding vows. Then seeing Amber back in trouble, I decided to write. So Red gets Nick back only because Sharon announced the baby isn't his! But the good part of all of this is the baby is Nick's! I'm so happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. .

Shelley - I just watched as Lily chose to cut off her hair before the cancer treatments made it fall out. I did the same thing in 1999 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This particular storyline was done so well with tenderness and caring. Also, showing the importance of taking that step into a woman's own hands and making it so much easier. I'm impressed with the writers and actors/actresses. As usual, you guys have outdone yourselves

Linda - Storylines usually drag on during the summer but this has been the worst. Neil needs to get a life. He's hurt plenty of women and he's judging Cane for one mistake. This crap with the artist mess has dragged on too long. Let Daniel free. The crap with Sharon and Nick - too long again. Save the worst for last. Adam! Totally enough. No one can get away with that much. Some things happening with him are beyond reality. Please get the writers off vacation and get this show going again.

Cincigal -If Victor is so smart he would have known by now that he has a monster living in his house. What will it take to wake him up to the fact that Adam is responsible for all of this? I have watched this show for many years and have never seen it so contrived and phony. For instance, the idiocy with Daniel/Amber/Kevin/Jana. I turn off the sound when these people are on. Same with Gloria and Jeff. What a waste of time. I predict if they don't find some new writers, Y&R will be the next show to be canceled.

Susan - I can't believe no one has come to the same conclusion about Ashley that I have. I think Ashley will end up going to the same hospital as Sharon. She will find out she is not pregnant, steal Sharon's baby and think it is hers. Even though she is supposed to be the brilliant scientist that used to create new perfume for Jabot, she has totally lost it and I wouldn't put it past the new crazy Ashley.

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