Where's the justice?

For the Week of September 14, 2009
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Where's the justice?
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Will the good intentions of Victor and Jack erase the evil that results from their actions?

There's a lot to be said about soap operas being morality plays. You know, the evil are punished, the good are rewarded. However, what's going on these days on The Young and the Restless is that it's not clear who's good and who's evil. Take our two top dogs, the preeminent alpha males on the show - Jack and Victor. Are either of these guys good? Are they evil? From my viewpoint, they cross the line over and over and over again. Do good intentions erase the evil that results from their actions?

Jack is paying for the sins of the past in a big way with Patty back on the scene and wreaking havoc. She's so batty that I'm afraid for the real live kitty she's dragging around. I can see that poor pussycat becoming a victim of taxidermy, just like the stiff she was attached to when Adam found her. Jack's actions years and years before contributed to Patty's insanity. He hurt her and, apparently, never looked back. But if Victor had not worked his wicked ways, would Patty even be in Genoa City now? What were the Williams family doing to keep tabs on Patty? I don't want to blame Paul and the clan, but did they have a clue about Patty's disposition for the past ten years? It makes you wonder.

But Victor is the direct culprit here, even if you want to give him a pass because he has a reason for revenge on Jack - the diary, the Mexican adventure. I think Jack was right when he confronted Victor this past week and read him the riot act. Neither guy has clean hands, so it's a matter of degrees. Jack's sins are less that Victor's in this instance. Still, I expect them both to pay dearly for their crimes. Patty is a loose cannon and she's going to go off and kill again. Don't you think so?

To be honest, it's hard to feel good about either Jack or Victor. They are like two mythic characters who are intent upon destroying each other - and everyone in their way. Let's call them Godzilla and Reptilicus! Before they're through with their war, will there be any Newmans or Abbotts still standing? I have serious concerns about Ashley. I've gone on and on about her medical condition; you all know that I think she's dying from that unattended miscarriage. And did you notice this week how pregnant Sharon looks compares to Ashley. Sharon was practically carrying her belly when she got off the bed to go to group therapy, but Ashley has barely a baby bump. Okay, I know, we can see the difference, but Ashley can't. However, she must know something about her body. She's been pregnant before; she knows what it's like to feel a baby move inside your body.

I was ready to smack her upside the head the way she acted with Billy and Traci this week. Really, folks, if you were Ashley and had grown up in a family as close-knit as the Abbotts, wouldn't you listen to your brothers and sister? I know that my siblings have a big, big influence on me. If my sister warns me that I'm acting crazy or endangering my health, I listen to her. She's my sister! Why would Ashley suspect Traci of anything but wanting what's best for Ashley? That's a sure sign that Ashley is out of wack. And for Victor to not see it is even wackier!

On the subject of the weird and the wacky, what is going on with Kevin? Did he spend too much time in that chipmunk head or what? Can he really be so dumb that he has embraced this kid Ryder as his brother with so little proof? You know, Jana's background as a con artist is useful and she's warned Kevin that Deacon and Ryder are playing him, but Kevin won't listen. Maybe he's got too much of those demented Gloria genes in his DNA.

While Kevin is a nitwit, what can I say about the nuttiness that is Daniel Romalotti? Watching him going back and forth with Amber then without Amber has given me a case of emotional whiplash! This entire Terroni story, including Deacon, Amber, the black wedding dress, Kay and Murphy getting involved, the safe deposit key and now Ryder's "mystery" mom has me scratching my head in wonder. When will it ever make sense?

Oh, and didn't mention Victoria's involvement. How could she jump into bed with Deacon? Why? Even if she's jealous of Colleen and mistrusts J.T., what about Reed? She's a wife and mother. She's a Newman - and remember how snooty Victor and Victoria were with Colleen when she sinned by flashing her boobs at Jimmy's Bar! What would the Newman board think of Victoria bed hopping on her husband with a grifter like Deacon Sharpe? Maybe there should be a vote taken to determine if she's "fit" to serve on the Board of Directors.

Another Newman made a wrong-headed decision this week as well. Nick went to see Sharon and actually listened to her suggest to Nick keep secrets from Phyllis. Nick, really, is that best course of action? Seriously, are those group therapy sessions doing Sharon any good at all? Why would lying ever be the best thing for everyone involved? Nick needs to hold onto Phyllis' trust if they are going to stay together for Summer's sake. That's what he said he wanted. Sharon may be carrying his child, but his other child - Summer - needs him just as much. Nick should consider complete transparency, if you ask me. He should get on the Newman jet, fly to Switzerland to see Phyllis and check on Summer, then tell Phyllis the truth about Sharon. If Nick turns into Honest Abe, he'll be a better man in the long run.

Were you rolling on the floor laughing when Gloria and Jeffrey got their just desserts? I was. They are the world's worst criminals. The exploding ransoms, courtesy of double-crossers Victor and Jack, was the perfect metaphor for these two boobs - they were done in by booby traps!

I'm really, really afraid for Colleen. I have the same feeling about her survival as I did for Brad, and you know how badly that turned out. (Are the producers trying to wipe out the Carlton line?) I hope I'm wrong, but in the soap world, you have to worry when a character starts losing all links and seems expendable. Of course, I could be wrong and J.T. could come to her rescue. That would muck up his marriage a bit more, but then Victoria's already done a good job of doing that with Deacon, hasn't she?

By the way, have I mentioned to you all that I've had it with Adam! I still don't understand how he's getting away with all his shenanigans. Remember, he's supposed to really be going blind. He should be worrying about that and not how much pain he can inflict on his father. If you were losing your eyesight, how important would revenge be to you?

Well, I guess that's it till next time. Please keep reading and commenting; you guys write great letters. Here's a few comments from the past couple of weeks:

o I absolutely agree with everything in Allison's latest column and I like the way she writes it! Especially the part about two-faced Victoria. So true! And this business about Ashley's psychiatric evaluation and Adam searching the Internet to provide the answers, how insanely ridiculous. It's getting to the point I don't want to watch anymore, but I've been watching Y&R since 1981 and can't stop now! - Karen F.

o I agree with you 100 percent. It is about time to do something with these storylines. The Amber/Daniel Jana/Kevin story is so boring. No one knows where it is going or why. And if Ashley lost her baby, wouldn't she have needed a D & C done or wouldn't she have gotten sick without medical attention? For God's sake if she thought she was pregnant wouldn't she have gained just a little more weight? Wouldn't she feel the baby move? This is getting too unbelievable? And Adam, for a blind person, he sure can get around. He can rig up cameras, read books, read and research everything on line, by just squinting his eyes so that we all know what a handicap he has. It is time to move on with these stories. Let the villains finally get theirs! - Joan

o It is all well and good to blame Victor for the feud between him and Jack but don't forget the Jack was the responsible one for the diary, and has gotten off scot-free over it. - Gailan

o I am so feeling your Two Scoops. Victor is way off his game. The Sharon/Nick/Phyllis storyline is getting old. Ashley and Adam are also moving way too slow; especially now, when it seems that Ashley is more in danger health-wise than mentally. I'm still feeling an "ick" factor with Devon and Tyra. I know they're not related, but she was still an aunt to him. Actually, I can't believe that out of all the Genoa-ites, I'm miraculously rooting for Mary Jane/Patty. Maybe I just want the Mustache to get his for a change. How can everyone blame Adam for being none other than Victor's son? Or was that another Victor Newman who locked Julia's lover in the cage? ...I still see a baby switch in the future. Once Patty and Ashley join Sharon in the nut house, let the switching begin. At least, with Sharon believing Victor and Ashley's child is hers and Nick's, and vice-versa, it would give Phyllis and Nick time to re-build their marriage, after Sharon and Nick have their grieving moment, of course. Also, it's good to see Gloria, Jeff and Jill in their respective comedic elements. But note to Y&R: give it to us in moderation. For a while there, back in the Glo-days, it seemed as if the show was titled, 'The Young and The Restless...and Gloria'! - Curtis


Allison J. Waldman
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