A darn good tale

by Nita
For the Week of September 21, 2009
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A darn good tale
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During one of the best weeks of the year, fans were reminded of why they keep tuning in.

When it comes to the week's offering, just color me captivated. In my opinion, ranking as one of the best weeks of the year, by the time Wednesday rolled around, I was glued, eyes and ears, to the goings on. Reminding me once again why I keep tuning in, year in and year out, to see what fare will be served up next.

Sure, there is a weak tale or two told from time to time. Among them the silver chipmunk silliness, the still unfolding real/fake Torrino foolishness, and the occasional Amber obsession miniseries. And there is also the small problem of storyline things which prove impossible to buy, even after choking down a heaping helping of disbelief suspension. But I'm willing to sift through the rotting refuse if it means that when it's all been swept away, I'll discover a gleaming nugget of pure gold.

Maybe I'm the sole fan who thought the past week was of the golden variety. Or perhaps over the years, I've lowered my expectations and will now be satisfied with whatever storyline slop is ladled onto my plate. All I know is that I found myself salivating over most of the events and longing for much, much more.

After months of watching and impatiently waiting, we're finally coming to the part of the storytelling I like best. When the scribes start painstakingly pinning all the multi-colored pieces together and many of the fabricated fables begin closing in on their climaxes.

For instance, the walls around the great and powerful Victor Newman are cracking and crumbling so fast, it's a wonder he can breathe amid all the choking cement dust. And while we know it's doubtful he would ever lose his Victor-cool by bursting into a torrent of contrite tears, you can clearly see the truth of what he's done is hitting home hard, as all the chickens from his machinations come home to roost on the Newman ranch roof.

In his inability to let go of his hatred for all things Jack Abbott, Victor has tromped all over the people he allegedly loves. Thanks in large part to his stubborn refusal to admit Jack might be right about anything at all, Ashley has been a-bed for months, spending her time in a cell, albeit a luxurious one, slowly losing her marbles, one at a time. Two of his bewildered children look at him, their faces set in lines of stunned and disillusioned disbelief as their father admits by his grim-faced silence that it was indeed he who put the plot in motion that culminated in his grand-daughter's mental regression and near death. Also courtesy of Victor, saving the sanity of one Abbott is not going to be the only sorrow the Abbotts will have to bear in the coming days. Somehow I doubt there's an expensive clinic in Switzerland or anywhere else for that matter that will be able to do anything to save poor Colleen Abbott Carlton from the fate she seemed to have met at 6:26 that early morning.

It was an epic-style Clash of the Towering Titans when Jack and Victor finally faced off, bitter taunts and accusations clanging like steel swords as each tried to draw a bead or a bucket of blood from the other. I count it as one of the best confrontations in their long, contentious history, well done enough to make me almost forget I was watching a make believe feud in a made up world.

Like his father, son Adam too seems to be at long last showing the telltale signs of remorse for his heartless handling of Stepmommy dearest. No, Ashley doesn't deserve any of what he's coldly dished out to her solely to get back at the man he once hated so wholeheartedly. I say 'once' because I think that over the long months of Ranch incarceration, Adam's hatred of Victor has dissipated. Because his face seemed to wear of look of what appeared to be near sympathy as he listened to Victor's children have their say then leave their disheartened daddy to his own devices. Perhaps it was because, he, given what he's done, could well understand how the need for revenge can quickly spiral completely out of control.

Speaking of Ashley, now that her confession she accidentally sent Nikki, by way or Victor's vehicle, into the next world has convinced Victor she is indeed in dire need of psychiatric care, the next twist to come in her convoluted hysterical pregnancy tale seems obvious. Where else is an unstable woman to go but, yep, you guessed it, to the very same hospital housing Sharon and her ballooning belly? So even though I had my fingers crossed so hard against a baby switch, I'm not sure the digits will ever function properly again, that possible seems almost inevitable. How else can Adam ever be able to look at himself in the mirror if he doesn't somehow fix what he destroyed? Which could mean stealing Sharon's daughter and placing her in Ashley's arms.

Just once it would be nice to have an intriguing tale told about Ashley that didn't involve a mental meltdown with Victor smack dab at its center. But, on the other hand, we fans are always moaning and groaning about how the scribes' writing should remain true to our characters. Which, when it comes to Ashley, is exactly what they're doing. Because for almost at long as I've been watching this show, I've seen Ashley go into a tailspin and go out of her head every time she has a baby bun in the oven. This is what Ashley always does. Falls apart whenever she's with child. Which is one of the main reasons I'm so against any baby switch. Because if a baby switch is done, can you imagine the wailing, hand wringing and tearing of the hair that will occur when Ashley learns her baby girl actually belongs to Sharon. I shudder at the very thought of the hysterics to come.

While I hate to see another character permanently painted off the Genoa City canvas, Colleen's seeming exit has been both heartbreaking and well done. As each individual resident seemed to feel her distress at exactly 6:26, their scenes actually caused goose bumps to cover my flesh. A very eerie feeling which had my eyes pricking with tears. I want to believe she won't actually die, but like many of you, I've read all the rumors and none of them bode well for her continued future in Genoa City. Of course, being the optimist that I am, I will continue to hope until the beeping line on her hospital monitor goes and remains an undeniable flat line. I'm saving my tears and my sad so longs for then. But if her fate was indeed sealed at 6:26, how sad and ironic that both father and daughter tragically met their untimely end in the same body of water.

As for Patty, that poor woman has gone so far around the bend she's just a speck in the distance. I know she had mental issues which Victor manipulated and took advantage of, so I don't exactly hold her accountable for all the damage she's done. Still, I won't be sorry to see her go and if she is ever rehabilitated, I hope I only hear about her via her brother's conversation. As far as I'm concerned, she and Kitty Kitty can disappear to parts unknown forever.

Once one of the characters I liked the least, I confess I am ready to croon a different tune about Chloe. While I still miss her adorable short locks, I don't miss her acerbic, cutting comments and am actually growing rather fond of the diminutive diva. Of course, it helps that Delia is so adorable, but I like this softer, much less desperate Chloe. But what to do with her? Chance seems to be a sweetie, though a bit sober for the fun-loving Chloe. Kind of like comparing a cold beer with bubbly champagne. I know Mac and Billy are supposed to be star-crossed lovers from way back, but I'm still having a hard time feeling the heat between this latest Mac incarnation and Billy and wouldn't be too terribly disappointed if they eventually put Chloe and Billy back together. Who knows, now that Victoria has confessed her infidelity, perhaps there could be a reunion between Mac and J.T. in the cards. Because I haven't forgotten how quickly J.T. turned from Mac mostly because she confided in Kevin first instead of him.

Now those that read me know I like Lily, but I have to admit she's wearing on my last nerves with her can't be pleased attitude. Now, don't get me wrong. Anyone facing cancer can behave any way they like, given what they have to deal with, but she seems to be going a bit overboard. Cane has to have the patience of a saint not to snap back at her. Scribes, can we have a little balance with the mood and attitude? Because she's really coming across more like a ever-complaining, whiny brat than a woman in need of our sympathy and empathy because of her medical travails. I hope her disposition improves after Colleen assured her she has a long and happy life, complete with at least one child, ahead of her. Which is more than poor Colleen seems to have in her future.

And finally, moving on to the less interesting parts of Genoa City, Daniel has finally decided he wants Amber as part of his life after all and took steps to snatch her literally from Deacon's tight grip. In the end, it didn't really take much persuading; clearly the Torrino meant much more to Deacon than daily dollops of Amber's charms.

As they say, what will happen next, on the next exciting episode? Well, with the sound of the three gunshots still ringing in my ears, it's clear more thrills and chills to come. What with wondering who got shot (as if we didn't already know given all the rumors running rampant out there), Colleen's death or continued life up in the air, where next Ashley will call home, who will mother baby Faith, what's to be done with Patty, Nikki returning to the family fold, and, of course, the elusive Torrino, there should be something for every fan to enjoy. I don't know about anyone else, but you couldn't pay me not to watch.

I know from reading many message boards that a lot of fans are dissatisfied with their once favorite show. But, I'm curious. How many fans still find some things worth watching? If you feel like it, drop Soapcentral a line and let us know.

Okay, I'm returning to my real life now. See you when my turn rolls around again. In the meantime, here's a little something from the minds and the keyboards of a few of your fellow fans.

* * * * * * *

Ann - I am really unhappy about the way the show is going lately. Some characters have been so deliberately evil that there can be no redemption - Victor and Adam in particular. There is too much reliance on madness as a legitimate storyline (Ashley, Sharon, Patty). The stories are silly beyond belief (the forged art, Patty's "escape", the pregnancy that isn't, to name just a few of many insultingly silly plots). But the really depressing part is the writers' decision to write characters out by killing them off, the latest to go being Colleen. There was such promise in the potential storyline of a smart and underestimated Colleen outsmarting Victor on the Newman board, and stealing J.T. right out from under whiny, snobby Victoria. Even if the actress is moving on to other things, this character has already survived 2 re-casts - why not another? Instead, we have to watch more grieving from all the people that loved her - and the writers don't seem to care that as viewers we are also emotionally invested in the characters, it simply isn't fair to play with peoples' feelings that way.

Charlotte - I will be glad when Adam gets caught. I am tired of him. Victor can't do any wrong in my eyesight. He is the main man. I just love him.

DC- I am disappointed with the ridiculous and unbelievable stuff that has gone on with the Y&R. I started watching it when it first started and always enjoyed it because it was more like actual life and had some realistic situations like life to it. It is obvious the only things planned to happen on the show now is unbelievable situations and storylines, the trashier and immoral the better, no one can be faithful or stay together and it doesn't matter how young or how old! Example, Sharon married to Jack who used to be Nick's stepfather! What kind of age difference would be there! It is always interesting how people are let off the hook for the stupid and many time vindictive acts they pull such as Phyllis and then turn all goody, goody. Lily dealing with cancer could be real but striking out at the "Love of her life" when they are so newly married is not real practical. Again, I guess it gives another storyline because the writers don't know how to write positive relationships. How long will it be before they break up Lauren and Michael? It is sad that the show has deteriorated to the point it has. I think if Mr. Bell were still living, he'd be furious with all the ridiculous storylines!

* * * * * * *

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