The promise of 2010

by Nita
For the Week of January 11, 2010
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The promise of 2010
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Many of us greet each new year filled with hope of what the future might hold for us. So it is in Genoa City, as we look forward to 2010.

Many of us greet each new year filled with hope of what the future might hold for us. So it is in Genoa City, where this fan hopes 2010 will prove to be a year chock-full of intriguing, edge-of-the-sofa-seat storylines. I'm longing for a return to romance between couples with chemistry, couples that we can care about. I love a good villain, but here's hoping they actually have to pay for their crimes. Before things drag on so long I've completely lost interest. And just for something different, I'd like good things to happen to good people, at least every once in a while.

No, I don't expect every storyline to keep me chewing off all my fingernails, even though I sincerely believe our scribes have it in them to script them all that way. But I would like to see some less outlandish tales. Do the scribes really think there is a legion of fans out here just holding our collective breath in anticipation of a kooky, makes-no-sense-whatsoever storyline. Maybe they are out there, but I can't say I know any of them.

Anyway, although it's early yet, in my opinion, 2010 got off to a rather interesting start. There seems to be a lot of plot pots bubbling on the burners and many have the potential to be quite explosive.

For starters: J.T. and Victoria. After years of yawning though just about anything having to do with the ho-hum Hellstroms, I felt more emotion about them as they broke apart then I ever did while they were allegedly in love. With Victoria heading off to Dubai (or maternity leave) and leaving little Reed and J.T. alone to fend for themselves, anything seems possible. Is the separation the beginning of the end for them? If it is, where might their respective romantic paths lead to next?

For Victoria, is it possible a romance with Billy could be in her future? I don't know about anyone else, but I loved them together last week. Billy's epiphany has seemingly made him determined to be a new and improved man, at least for now, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed Billy and Victoria. I thought Billy was blue ribbon good during his Wonderful Life journey, but the past week proved the best was yet to come. Watching his interaction with Victoria via flashbacks was pure dynamite and proved there's much more to him then a cheeky grin and impertinent grimace. In fact, I found him nothing less than outstanding with each Genoa Citian who crossed his apologetic path after he'd been shown his future. And if these two were to join forces, could you imagine the fireworks when Daddy learned his darling daughter had fallen for one of the enemy Abbotts?

Mac and J.T. were another surprise. It was a nice nod to the past as the two finally talked about the baby they'd lost. Since Mac's return, I've only thought of her in connection with Billy, but now I can also see a glimmer of possibility between her and J.T.. If, for some reason, Billy and Mac don't work out, it's nice to know there might be love in her future after all.

But if there is to be any musical chair reshuffling between the foursome of J.T., Victoria, Billy, and Mac, it would likely happen much, much later rather than anytime too soon. After all, Mac has nine months of child-carrying to go through, and while Billy is supportive now, that might change before the nine months is up. Likewise, the Hellstroms have a lot to sort out, as well, and it may prove that absence has indeed made their hearts grow fonder toward one another.

Emily, Patty, and Jack are another bubbling pot that is, for sure, going to boil over and burn everyone concerned. Poor Patty, that woman has gone so far around the bend, I don't think she's ever coming home again. Kudos to Stacy Haiduk for a stupendous job playing this dual role. I really do think of them as two separate people and actually have to repeatedly remind myself one woman is playing both roles. As ordinary Emily in love, Stacy is okay, but as a crazed Patty, she's knocking it out of the ballpark every time.

But, speaking of crazy, is she really? Some days I'm sure she is; others, I'm not at all certain. If you know enough to play crazy when you're really cognizant of everything going on around you, can you really be crazy? Is she faking insanity so she won't have to face kidnapping and attempted murder charges? Or is it her seeming sanity that's all make believe? When I saw her reaction to reading about Jack and Emily's engagement, I thought, oh yeah, she's crazy all right. It was creepy, chilling, and extremely believable. Along with that chant featuring Jack. But when I saw her not taking those pills and joyfully leaping into Emily's visiting arms, I thought, oh yeah, crazy and cunning like a darn fox! What isn't it at all believable that Patty could have all that stuff shoved between the wall and her mattress and no one be the wiser?

Then there is the three-way dynamic made up of Lily, Malcolm, and Neil. Yes, 2010's Malcolm is not the same Malcolm of yesteryear. Obviously, Darius McCrary looks nothing like Shemar Moore. But the new Adam looked nothing like the old. Same with the old and new Macs or the old and new Colleens. Yes, I admit it's somewhat jarring when he greets people he's supposed to know well, when to our eyes they've never met. And although right now I still see Eddie Winslow when he comes on my screen (let's face it, for an actor, sometimes they play a role that follows them nearly to the grave), I'm willing to give him a chance. Neil has long needed a storyline that didn't involve shoring up his baby girl, and a clear-the-air confrontation between the brothers is long, long overdue. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Speaking of Lily, I sure hope we don't have to go much further into the new year before she turns a corner health-wise. For me, this particular storyline was a good idea that fell far short of my expectations. In fact, I'm as tired of watching Lily careen from one calamity to another as I am of seeing Daniel wrongfully accused. Like Sharon, is Lily going to spend her life as a pitiful victim? With Neil, Devon, Cane, and now Malcolm all hovering solicitously over Lily, will she ever get to grow up? Or is she always going to be this hothouse bloom that must be tended carefully around the clock by all the men in her life?

Someone who is surely going to need tending to before this is all over is Sharon Newman Abbott Newman. Sharon is like a deer caught in the blindingly bright headlights of an oncoming 18-wheeler, unable to see what's coming right at her. By the time Adam's dirty laundry is dragged out into the center of the Athletic Club floor, there are going to be so many people standing in line to tell her "I told you so," they're going to have to take a number.

Not that I think the jig will be up soon for Adam. A worm like him always manages to wriggle into the underbrush before he can be stomped on. But, until that day comes, if it ever does, is it possible that in the meantime I might get one of my wishes from a handful of columns ago? Now that fire has likely made the Carlton home uninhabitable for a while, will the newly hitched Newmans be taking Ashley up on her offer to live together? If I can't have Adam exposed and Faith returned to her rightful mother right now, I can be content with them living together as one happy family. At least Sharon won't keep missing out completely on her little girl's very early life. And that will put Adam on uncomfortably pricking pins and needles as he wonders how long before his manipulated lifestyle comes tumbling down around his cowardly ears.

Speaking of that fire, who did it and why? Daisy seems the most likely culprit, as payback for Eden refusing to fall for her charade and jump on the bandwagon like the rest of the Baldwins. Too bad Lauren doesn't have a few of Eden's instincts. When you keep inviting a viper into your home, you can't complain when their venom causes you harm.

While I'm on the subject of Sharon, I'm sure I wasn't the only fan who was practically on my feet cheering as she publicly called Jack out on his hypocrisy. Okay, I could have done without the private slap that added Sharon's name to the growing list of women who has walloped the man who said something they didn't like. But other than the slap heard in the house next door, I loved Sharon giving both Jack and Emily a piece of her mind. And yes, for those who are undoubtedly thinking it, she still had some mind left after that conversation.

I like the fact that the loose end labeled Katherine's adopted baby is finally being tied up. But did it really have to be in the form of another buffoon character? Of course, I don't believe for one single second that Jo-Jo is actually Kay's child. Did she and the real Joanne Glover switch identities for some reason? And where does Tucker McCall fit in all this? Does his presence in Genoa City and in Katherine's company have to do with the mysterious child she gave up for adoption? Is Katherine's child really a girl? Or could Tucker be that child? He's certainly up to something, and while it simply might be that he wants to add another notch on his corporate belt by taking over Chancellor Industries, I sense it's much more than that.

Even as one frame-up resolves itself, another rears its ugly head. Daniel can finally breathe a sigh of relief as his trumped-up charges disappear, but the ordeal is only beginning for Chance. Who could be after him and why? Is it the Australian cattle rustlers? Or is the person a lot closer, like in the form of Syd, a clearly crooked fellow cop?

Oh no. Not another bumbling blue line storyline. I know I've said it before, but it definitely bears repeating. Heather really, really, really needs to find a new line of work. Because she has absolutely no instincts whatsoever for the one she's being paid for. No matter how large and legible the writing on the wall, this woman is never going to be able to read it right. Off she goes on yet another fruitless race down the wrong trail. Fire her already!

The week contained a lot of good moments (too many to cover in this column) and laid the groundwork for some really good stuff to come. I'm looking forward to Victor's return, which should be during the coming week. I'm also eager to see more of what Tucker McCall has up his sleeve when it comes, not only to Chancellor Industries, but also to whether or not he and Victor will create their own clash of the titans.

The one thing I'm not much looking forward to is the possible return of Sheila, whatever face or form she might be hidden behind this time around. Nor can I muster up much enthusiasm at the moment for anything to do with Amber's mother, Little D, Daisy, or Ryder. But that's okay, because it looks like there will be plenty of other things to occupy my short attention span.

Until my next time rolls around, hope your New Year started off happy and continues that way. Hope you enjoy the following selections from the e-bag as much as I did. See ya!

* * * * * * *

John - The episode similar to It's a Wonderful Life was, in my opinion, exceptionally good. The actor who plays Billy Abbott was just great! I've seen some good acting on soaps for many years. This guy's performance was very moving and his emotional acting ability was very evident.

Carole - Once again Y&R is managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of success. Everyone was apparently enjoying the new character of Tucker. Witty, mysterious and intriguing; it was also a nice turn of events for Jill who has had no romance for some time. If there had been more than one brain cell working at Y&R they actually could have had a great storyline. Judging from the last year, this storyline was too good for Y&R and they will proceed to have another "skunk head" storyline. For heavens sake, when your viewers, aka buyers of the products that the show advertises, say enough with the baby story already, here's a thought. Move on or the viewers will take their eyeballs elsewhere.

Deborah J - The show has taken its storylines from business and intrigue situations straight to the trailer park. There is too much slime and deceit. Amber, Deacon, JoJo, Emily, Adam - all not good additions to the show. There are too many children being abducted today for the show to use that situation to move the story along.

Diana - So disgusted with the situation with Sharon being with that evil Adam! It is beyond me, though fiction, why Sharon wouldn't have a gut instinct on this horrific, evil jerk! This doesn't play well with me, that Sharon blindly goes off and marries this creep with no moral compass.

Deb - Like they say in Texas: if someone calls you a jackass, ignore it. If two people call you a jackass, again, let it slide. If more than two people call you a jackass, get the saddle! How many people have warned Sharon about Adam? Also, what kind of psych ward puts a patient in a padded cell, then gives them scissors to make paper dolls with? Please.

Anita - The cancer story is a sham. My husband died of cancer and he did not look beautiful lying in the hospital bed and his bed was only big enough for him. It was an awful thing to watch. Seeing Lily in full makeup, nails done, hair hidden under a cap is not good. I can't stand to watch any of that. Make it real or drop it all together.

* * * * * * *

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